Herald of Truth Obituaries - July, 1870

HERALD OF TRUTH - Volume VII, Number 7 - July, 1870, page 111


On the 20th of April, in Kent county, Mich., of dropsy, MENNO, son of Isaac DETWEILER, aged 11 years, 10 months and 20 days. He was buried on the 1st of May, on which occasion, Henry Wismer and Samuel Sherk preached funeral discourses. Before he died, he told his mother not to feel so sad over him; he bade the family farewell, and said to his father he should pray and sing, and then died. Let us remember his advice.

On the 19th of May, in Branch county, Mich., ALICE, daughter of T. J. and M. M. LINK, aged 1 year and 20 days. She was buried on the 21st at Pleasant Hill burying ground, on which occasion discourses were delivered by Bro. C. D. Beery and Bro. A. S. Friesner, from Luke 12th and part of the 40th verse, "Be ye therefore ready also." It was hard for the parents to part with the dear child. They are the parents of three children, two of whom have now, as we hope, fallen asleep in Jesus, for he says of such is the kingdom of heaven. Therefore they need not mourn as those who have no hope.
Alice and Frankey have gone to rest;
They are numbered with the blest.

Parents, do prepare to meet,
There your little lambs to greet;
There will be no parting hand,
In that happy, happy land.

Where you can together be,
Ever in eternity,
And with those who've gone before,
Praise the Lord for evermore.

On the 21st of May, in Tazewell county, Illinois, BARBARA, wife of Joseph KINDIG, deceased, and daughter of Tobias Kreider of Lancaster county, Pa., deceased many years ago, aged 73 years and 17 days. For the many years she has been a faithful member of the Mennonite church, and no doubt rests from her labours. She was the mother of ten children, six sons and four daughters, of whom eight are still living. She was buried on the 23rd. Funeral discourses were delivered by Bro. Hirstein and the writer in German from Job 19:25, 27, and by Pre. Connelson in English.

On the 9th of May, in Lee county, Iowa, of consumption, MAGDALENA, wife of John GOLDSCHMIDT, aged 37 years. She was buried on the 11th. Funeral discourses were delivered by Peter Schantz from Jn. 5:21--29, and by Christian Gravill, from 2 Sam. 22:47, in German, and by Samuel Pickard from 1 Cor. 5:13, in English. She leaves a husband and four children. She was a member of the Omish Mennonite church upwards of twenty years.

Transcribed by: James Yoder, British Columbia

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