Gospel Herald Obituaries - December, 1909

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GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. II, No. 36 - Dec. 2, 1909, pages 575, 576.

Funk. - Horace, son of Bro. John Funk of Hatfield, Pa., while crossing the railroad at that place with a two-horse team on Saturday, Nov. 20, was suddenly hurled to eternity by a fast express train. He was aged about 13 years and is survived by his sorrowing parents and 3 sisters. The funeral was held on Thursday, Nov. 25. Interment took place at the Plain Mennonite burial grounds near Lansdale, Pa.

Frederick. - Sister Mary, wife of Bro. John Frederick, died at her home in Kulpsville, Pa., aged 70 y. 10 m. She is survived by her husband, 2 sons and 2 daughters. The funeral was held on Monday, Nov. 8. Interment took place at the Towamencin Mennonite burial grounds near Kulpsville, Pa. Jacob Stover and Jacob C. Clemens conducted the service.

Kefaber. - Chancy Kefaber, infant son of Bro. and Sister Kefaber, passed from this life into the great beyond, at his home in Clinton Township., Elkhart Co., Ind., Nov. 5, 1909; aged 14 d. He leaves father, mother, two brothers and five sisters to mourn his early departure, but they mourn not as those who have no hope. Funeral services at the house conducted by Silas Yoder and Daniel Troyer. Interment in Clinton Brick Cemetery.

Wenger. - Catherine Schrock Wenger was born June 17, 1854; died Nov. 14, 1909; aged 55 y. 4 m. 27 d. In 1872 she joined the Mennonite Church and in 1875 was married to Frederick Wenger, to which union were born two daughters and two sons. One son died in infancy. She has left her husband, 2 daughters, 8 grandchildren, 1 son, and 3 brothers to mourn her departure. 3 brothers preceded her to the spirit world.

Williamson. - Rudolph Mervin Williamson was born May 19, 1909; died Nov. 9, 1909; aged 5 m. 21 d. He leaves father, mother, one brother and a host of relatives to mourn his death. Little Rudy only budded on earth to bloom in heaven.

'Ere sin had seared the breast,
Or sorrow woke the tear,
Rise to thy throne of changeless rest,
In yon celestial sphere.
Because thy smile was fair,
Thy lip and eye so bright,
Because thy loving cradle's care
Was such a dear delight,
Shall love with weak embrace
Thy upward wing detain?
No gentle angel seek thy place,
Amid the cherub train.
Though today we're filled with mourning,
Mercy still is on the throne;
With God's smiles of love returning
We can say, His will be done.
His mother.

Martin. - George Lewis Martin of Camden, N. J., died at the Mennonite Sanitarium, La Junta, Colo., Nov. 16, 1909, of dropsy. He was brought to the Sanitarium about May 1, 1909, in a pitiful condition, both physically and spiritually, but by carful nursing became well enough to be about again and did considerable work. He also made the wise choice and accepted Christ as his Savior, and during the few remaining months of his life was a bright and shining light for his Master, and died rejoicing in his Lord and Savior. He was buried in the Holbrook Cemetery. Services by J. A. Heatwole, assisted by D. S. Brunk and J. M. Nunemaker.

Yoder. - Sister Mary Yoder was born at Leetonia, Ohio, June 16, 1862; died of pneumonia near Columbiana, Ohio; aged 47 y. 5 m. 7 d. She was united in marriage with John L. Yoder. To this union were born eight children, 3 sons and 5 daughters. All were present at the funeral service excepting one daughter, Sister Lizzie, who is stricken ill with pneumonia at North Lima where she is attending school. In 1887 she with her husband united with the Mennonite Church and in 1894 Bro. Yoder was called to the office of deacon in which Sister Yoder faithfully helped him to discharge the duties resting on him. She is survived by her husband, eight children, an aged father, Bro. John Nold, two brothers and two sisters and a host of friends. In mourning her heath (sic) her husband loses a faithful companion, her children a kind and affectionate mother, and the church a faithful pillar. Funeral services were conducted at the Midway Church Nov. 19, 1909, by E. M. Detweiler. Text, Phil 1:23. He was assisted by Allen Rickert, David Lehman and Albert Steiner. She was laid to rest in the cemetery nearby.

Niswander. - Died at South English, Ia., Nov 17, 1909, James O. Niswander, aged 23 y. 9 m. 29 d. He was born in Augusta Co., Va., and came with his parents, Dewit and Barbara Niswander, to Iowa about 11 years ago. Jim, as he was usually called, was of a quiet and kind-hearted disposition, loved and respected by all who knew him. Uulike (sic) many young men and boys, he loved home and when he became of age he preferred to stay at home and help his widowed mother with the cares and burdens of her life. Mother, two brothers, three sisters and many friends mourn his early departure. He bore his afflictions without a murmur and although he waited till the evening of his short life to make the choice of salvation, he deliberately accepted Christ as his Redeemer, was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church on confession of his faith. He died trusting in Jesus as his Savior. We should praise God for a salvation that saves people at any station in life, but warn against waiting till life's journey is nearing the close, a fact which was forcibly impressed in an appropriate funeral sermon by S. G. Lapp and Peter Brower from the text, "So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

Musser. - Elizabeth Musser (nee Eshleman) was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., June 5, 1820. She was stricken with paralysis one year ago last June. Since that time she has been a helpless condition and calmly fell asleep in Jesus in Montgomery Co., Ohio, at the home of her son-in-law, Tobias Greider, Nov. 17, 1909; aged 89 y. 5 m. 12 d. At the age of 18 years she was united in marriage to Joseph Musser, who died 32 years ago. To this union were born 12 children of whom 9 are still living and all were present at the funeral except one son. She has also left 47 grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren. The deceased was for about 32 years a faithful sister in the Mennonite Church, having a firm faith in her Redeemer and remained steadfast unto the end. During her sickness she often expressed a desire to be taken home to her eternal rest, and yet she was fully resigned to God's will and patiently looked forward to the time of her departure. Having a living hope that there was laid up for her a crown of righteousness she was deeply concerned about her children and grandchildren and often admonished them to make their peace with God and her last request was that they should all meet her in heaven. May her kind admonitions and prayers not be passed by unheeded, but may all prepare to meet her in that land of rest where we have reason to believe that she is now sweetly resting from all her labors "and her works do follow her." During her sickness Sister Musser made some arrangements for her funeral, requesting who should preach her funeral and selected the 12th chapter of Romans to be read as the Scripture lesson. Funeral services were conducted by Moses Brenneman from Luke 23:28, at the Mennonite Church near Medway, (sic) Ohio, after which the remains were laid to rest in the cemetery near Carlisle, Ohio. Peace to her ashes.

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GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. II, No. 37 - Dec. 9, 1909, page 591.

Hamilton. - Infant son of Jesse and Laura Hamilton died near North Topeka, Kans., Nov. 21, 1909.
Go to thy rest, fair child,
Go to thy dreamless bed,
While yet so gentle, undefiled,
With blessings on thy head.

Ferry. - Clarence, only son of William and Emma Ferry, was born Dec. 31, 1899; died Nov. 25, 1909; 9 y. 10 m. 24 d. He leaves to mourn his early departure father, mother and three little sisters. Clarence was a kind, obedient boy, ever willing to do what he could to make home life pleasant. He was well-liked by his schoolmates, because they found him a true little friend. Funeral services were held at the Science Ridge Mennonite Church, Ill.

Schaaf. - Henrietta, wife of Frederick Schaaf, was born in Tucscarawas Co., Ohio, Oct. 15, 1844; died near Plevna, Howard Co., Ind., Nov. 24, 1909; 65 y. 1 m. 9 d. She was of a very quiet and peaceful nature, a loving mother, a kindhearted neighbor and beloved by all. She was converted and admitted into the Christian Church in which faith she was faithful until death. She was the mother of five children, one daughter preceding her to the spirit world. She leaves to mourn their loss a husband, two sons and two daughters, three brothers and two sisters; but their loss is her eternal gain. Funeral services in the Dunkard Church at Plevna on the 28th, where a very large crowd of people gathered to pay their tribute of respect. Services conducted by Pre. Barker from Prov. 31:27, 28.

Lund. - August Lund was born in Stockholm, Sweden, Sept. 30, 1833; died at his home near Beemer, Nebr., Nov. 18, 1909, at the age of 76 y. 1 m. 18 d. At the age of 17 he emigrated to Pekin, Ill., where he grew to manhood. In 1858 he united in marriage to Barbara King. To this union were born five children, two having preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves to mourn his departure a sorrowing wife and three children, besides many friends. Bro. Lund was a member of the A. M. Church for many years. Funeral services were held at the Plumcreek A. M. Church by Peter Oswald, J. D. Berky in German and J. H. Birky in English from I Cor. 15:51-55, and Rom. 8:1-3. Interment in the Beemer cemetery.

Erb. - Mary G., daughter of Daniel B. and Anna L. Erb, died Nov. 22, 1909; aged 6 y. 11 m. 16 d. She was sick of slow typhoid fever for six weeks. She bore her affliction with patience and never complained, but would say, "Oh, yea!" also that she did not wish to get well. Before her sickness she used to sing Hymn No. 159 in our Hymnal, "There's a beautiful land on high." She would sing the whole hymn, which was read at the funeral and one verse sung in an undertone. She was beloved by all who knew her and was a bright child. She leaves father, mother and one brother, uncles, aunts and grandparents to mourn their loss which is her gain. Services held at Salunga by Henry E. Longenecker, Hiram Kauffman, Bish. Jacob N. Brubacher and Oliver King. Text, Job 1:21 (last clause). She was laid to rest in the Salunga Mennonite graveyard, Nov. 24, 1909.

Dierdorff. - On Nov. 12, 1909, near Goshen, Ind., of dropsy, Jonas Dierdorff, aged 73 y. 1 m. 27 d. He was born in York Co., Pa., and came to Goshen with his parents when 20 years old. In 1865 he was married to Catharine Stutzman and a year later moved on the farm where he died. He is survived by his wife, four sons and three daughters who mourn the loss of an affectionate husband and father. He was respected as an honest man, and a useful neighbor, and was blessed with earthly store. But with all this a lingering sickness of over a year's duration, when apparently God was knocking at the door of his heart and giving warning he failed to confess Christ as his personal Savior. Thus he passed over to meet the just and eternal Judge in the great day when the final separation will take place, and impenitent will find mercy no more. The funeral was held at the home by D. J. Johns and Silas Yoder and was largely attended.

Reesor. - Noah Reesor died at his home near Cedar Grove, Ont., Nov. 24, 1909; aged 78 y. 3 m. 28 d. The deceased was enjoying good health for a man of his age, until about two weeks before his death when several ailments set in, but the chief cause of death was a weakened heart. He had extraordinary memory and exercised the right use of his faculties at the last. Bro. Reesor, with his wife, was received into the Mennonite Church over fifty years ago and was ever staunch in defending the cause which they accepted early in life. He was married to Elizabeth Barkey; they lived happily together for over 55 years. A Daughter preceded him to the spirit world. Four sons and their mother survive him. Funeral was held on the 27th, from the late residence and the Reesor Mennonite Church where burial took place. A large gathering of people assembled. Christian Burkholder spoke in German from Rev. 3:20, 21, and L. J. Burkholder in English from Heb. 12:22.

Miller. - Riley Miller was born in Miami Co., Ind., Feb. 12, 1884; died Nov 24, 1909, in Amboy, Ind., at the home of his uncle Noah W. King; aged 25 y. 9 m. 12 d. The departed was a son of Silas and Emma Miller, who have both preceded him to the spirit world. Bro. Riley was left an orphan early in life, yet he grew to manhood, lived to see the dawn of a useful life, choosing as a vocation in life the teaching profession. He taught school in Macy, Ind., during the terms of 1907-08 and 1908-09. Near the close of the term of 1909 sickness obliged him to resign his position and battle with that dreaded disease, consumption. The love for his profession and the desire to benefit others through the same caused him to cling to his life until the last ray of hope vanished, after which he expressed a willingness and a readiness to die, and prayed his heavenly Father to send the death messenger early. Nine months of suffering he bore with Christian fervency, his suffering being more intense during the night; he said that he was glad there was no night in heaven, and that he could go where all is peace, joy and happiness. He united with the Mennonite Church in 1904 and proved himself a true and worthy member until death. He leaves one brother, one half-brother and one half-sister, one grandfather, eleven uncles and seven aunts, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his death. Their loss is his eternal gain. Funeral services were conducted by N. M. Slabaugh from Rev. 14:13 and E. A. Mast from Job 14:1. Interment in the Mast cemetery. Peace to his ashes.

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GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. II, No. 38 - Dec. 16, 1909, page 607.

Womer. - Elma Leora Womer, of near Johnstown, Pa., died Nov. 21, 1909; aged 4 m. 21 d. Funeral services were conducted at the Thomas Mennonite Church, on Nov 23, by brethren J. S. Shoemaker and James Saylor. Text, II Sam 12:19.

Rife. - Bro. David Rife died at the County Home, Gettysburg, Pa., Dec 3, 1909, of dropsy; aged 87 y. 10 m. 20 d. Services were held at the Chapel of the Home by Jacob F. Bucher on Dec 5, taking for his text II Cor. 5:1. He was laid to rest beside his parents at the Rife burying ground near Hanover, Pa. Bro. Rife was baptized into the Mennonite Church some time ago and left evidence of being fully resigned to God's will. He leaves a wife and six children. Peace to his ashes.

Hooley. - Emanuel J. Hooley was born Jan. 24, 1887, near Smithville, O.; died at Wayland, Ia., Nov, 28, 1909; aged 22 y. 10 m. 4 d. Bro Hooley left for Iowa on Nov. 19, seemingly in the flush of health. His death was caused by peritonitis. He was ready, saying, "The Lord's will be done." Father and mother and one brother preceded him to the spirit world. Six brothers and one sister remain to mourn the loss. He united with the Amish Mennonite Church and remained faithful until he died. Funeral services were conducted at the Oak Grove Church on Dec. 1, by Ben Gerig and J. A. Ressler. The text, Matt. 7:24, had been selected by Bro. Hooley.

Hostetler. - Mary Hostetler, nee Weaver, was born Sept. 11, 1866; died Dec. 4, 1909; aged 43 y. 3 m. 23 d. She died five hours after undergoing an operation. She was married to Emanuel Hostetler, Dec. 20, 1888. She leaves to mourn her departure husband, 10 children, father, mother, 6 brothers, 4 sisters, and a host of friends. In mourning her heath (sic) her husband loses a faithful companion, her children a kind an affectionate mother, and the Church a faithful pillar. Funeral services were conducted at the Martin's Creek Church, Dec 6, 1909, by Fred Mast and Moses Mast. Interment made in the church cemetery

Driver. - Menno, son of Joe C. and Anna Driver, was born in Morgan Co., Mo., Sept. 19, 1899; died near Larned, Kans., Nov. 24, 1909; aged 10 y. 25 d. He had been in fairly good health until within 24 hours of his death, when he took suddenly ill, lasting only a short time, probably dying of heart failure. Though young in years, he had already given his heart to his Savior. His sudden death was a great shock to his fond parents, but their grief is assuaged in the thought that his spirit has gone to God and in the hope of meeting their little Menno in a better world. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. J. M. Brunk of Hesston, Kans., after which his body was laid away to respond to the voice of God at the resurrection of the just.

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GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. II, No. 39 - Dec. 23, 1909, pages 622, 623.

Mast. - Mary Hilta, Daughter of B. F. and Amanda Mast, died Nov. 29, aged 1 m. 16 d. Funeral at the Mennonite Church, Dec 1. Services conducted by Amos Kendall and N. M. Slabaugh. Interment in Schrock cemetery.

Zook. - Erwin, only son of Enoch and Mary Zook, was born Feb. 27, 1909; died Nov 6, 1909; aged 8 m. 9 d. He leaves to mourn his early departure father, mother and two sisters. The mother was sick of typhoid fever but is improving. Funeral was held at church, Nov 8, Lawrence Co., Pa.
"Go to thy rest fair child,
Go to thy dreamless bed;
While yet so gentle, undefiled,
With blessings on thy head."

Fretz. - Magdalene Reesor, widow of the late Michael Fretz, was born in Markham, Ont., in 1834, and departed this life at the home of Bro. Tillman McDowell near Mt. Joy, Ont., in the 76th year of her life. Sister Fretz had been failing in health for a few years, and gradually became weaker until death relieved her, Dec. 6, 1909. She was a member of the Mennonite Church for over 50 years, and was faithful in the service of her Redeemer. Four sons and two daughters survive, while her husband and a son preceded her to the spirit world. Burial at the Wideman Church, Dec 8. Services conducted by S. F. Coffman assisted by L. J. Burkholder.

Harter. - Clara Edna Harter was born Aug. 9, 1900; died Nov. 28, 1909, aged 9 y. 3 m. 19 d. She leaves to mourn their loss father, mother, one brother, four sisters and an aged grandmother. On Nov. 26, as they were butchering the little girl played near the kettle and her clothes caught fire, burning her so badly that it resulted in her death on the 28th. She did not complain, and said that she would not go near the fire again. May this prove a blessing to the parents to live for God so that they may meet Clara again. Burial at Olive Church near Elkhart, Ind., where a large number of people had gathered to pay a tribute of respect. Services were conducted by Henry Weldy. Text, Mark 10:13-16.

Kilmer. - Jacob Kilmer was born in Pennsylvania, June 12, 1819; died at Clay City, Ind., Nov. 19, 1909; aged 90 y. 5 m. 7 d. His wife, Elizabeth (Moyer) Kilmer was born in Pennsylvania, Sept 18, 1826; died Oct. 7, 1909; aged 83 y. 19 d. They were united in marriage, Aug. 15, 1844. To them were born 4 sons and 2 daughters; one son and one daughter are left to mourn the loss of father and mother. After the death of his companion his one desire was to join her in the spirit world. During their early married life they united with the Mennonite Church, to which they were faithful until the call came. To them were also given 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted at the home by D. Kinsport, after which they were laid to rest in the Mennonite cemetery.

Roth. - Emma, daughter of Joel and Nancy Roth, was born in Perth Co., Ont., and died at her parental home near Elkton, Mich., Dec. 9, 1909; aged 16 y. 6 m. 21 d. She was taken sick quite suddenly with pneumonia and other diseases, and was sick only about a week. During her short illness she often said she would not get well, but longed to depart; and at last smiled and fell asleep in Jesus. She also was concerned about the unconverted people and backsliders in the Church. Should this not be a loud call for us all to work and be prepared when God calls? She confessed Christ as her Savior a few years ago and remained steadfast to the end. She is survived by sorrowing parents, and five brothers. A sister preceded her to the spirit world. But they need not mourn as those who have no hope. Funeral services were held at the A. M. Church, Dec 11, by S. J. Swartzendruber and M. S. Zehr from I Cor. 15: 42-58. Interment in the cemetery nearby. The bereaved ones have the sympathy of the entire community.

Stutzman. - Nancy Beery was born in Perry Co., O., Dec 21, 1840. She was one of a family of twelve children. When quite young she accepted Christ as her Savior. She was married to Henry Stutzman Dec. 15, 1872. He departed this life Nov. 25, 1881, leaving her a widow for 28 years. She was the mother of six children, one preceding her to the spirit world. Had she lived until Dec 21, she would have been 69 years old. She leaves 4 daughters, 1 son, 1 step-daughter, 4 sisters and many friends. Funeral services were conducted by John Blosser at the Chapel Church. Text, Phil. 1:21.

Shank. - Monroe, son of B. F. and Mary Shank, was born in Howard Co., Ind., Apr. 24, 1882; died Dec, 8, 1909; aged 27 y. 7 m. 14 d. When a little boy, he fell off a wagon, and the wagon running over him across the hip, caused him to suffer for over twenty years. His suffering at times was intense. He leaves father, mother, 3 brothers and 3 sisters to mourn his departure. We have reasons to believe that he made preparations to meet his God in peace, as he expressed a desire to go where there is no pain and suffering and wanted to be baptized. He called for Bish. Mast to come and baptize him, which desire was granted. Funeral at the Mennonite Church conducted by Amos Kendall from II Cor. 5:1, and E. A. Mast from Heb. 4:9-12. Interment in the Mast cemetery.

Detweiler. - Paul Benjamin Detweiler was born Feb. 5, 1909; died Dec 9, 1909; aged 10 m. 4 d. We brought him from the Orphans' Home when we returned from General Conference. During the forty days he was in our home he brought blessing and sunshine. Though he suffered intensely a times (having had some form of spinal trouble not fully understood by physicians) the last hours of his little life were calm and peaceful. A number of neighbors who had helped to care for him were impressed that we should have special prayer for him. Though his stay with us was short, he has led us to a more definite understanding of faith in God and a greater appreciation of heaven, and we are thankful for the privilege of having cared for him. Funeral service was conducted at our home, Friday, Dec 10, by Bro I. W. Royer. Text, "And whoso receiveth one such little child in my name receiveth me," and "A little child shall lead them." I. R. and Bertha Detweiler.

Yoder. - Annie (Swartzendruber) Yoder, wife of Bro. J. Y. Yoder, died of diabetes at her home near Wellman, Ia., Oct, 28, 1909. She was born July 16, 1861. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church in her youth and remained faithful until death, always a bright and shining example wherever she went, and especially the last year was greatly concerned about the welfare of the Church. Just four days before her departure she said if she could only do something to bring the Church closer together. She suffered from her sickness for seven years, and bore her afflictions with Christian fortitude, thanking God that it was no worse. She was only laid on her bed for two days, till the Lord gently took her home, as was her desire when the Lord was done with her here. Her last word with her family was to the effect that they should not worry about her, as her soul was sweetly resting. They are comforting words, but it is so painful to part with a loving mother. She was the mother of 7 daughters, 2 of whom preceded her to the better land. She often thanked God that her children were all in the fold. She leaves a lonely husband, 5 daughters, 4 grandchildren, 5 sisters and 7 brothers. Funeral was held at West Union Church by Bro. C. Werey in German and Bro Abner G. Yoder in English, Text, Prov 14:32.

Bullard. - Elizabeth Bullard was born in Potten, Province of Quebec, May 2, 1817; died at the residence of her son, 4 miles east of Elkhart, Dec 5, 1909; aged 92 y. 7 m. 3 d. She united in marriage with Willard Bullard. To this union were born one son and four daughters. At the age of sixteen years she united with the Wesleyan Methodist Church. In later years she united with the U. B. Church. Her husband and four daughters preceded her to the spirit world many years ago. She leaves one son, three grandchildren and one great-grandchild to mourn her death. She lived a devoted Christian life and was spared to live far beyond the allotted three score and ten. She was buried Dec 7. Services were conducted at the Mennonite Church in Elkhart by John F. Funk, assisted by Samuel Yoder. She was buried in the Prairie Street Cemetery. May God comfort the bereaved children and grandchildren, and may we all live to meet her again in the better home above. John F. Funk.

Hug. - Lena Hege was born near the city of Carlsruhe, in Baden, Germany, March 14, 1841. She died in the family home, Elkhart, Ind., Nov 30, 1909. She lived with her parents in the village of Reihen, Baden, for a period of 20 years, came to America in 1866, and for a time resided in Pittsburg, Pa., where she was married to George Hug-who was also from her native place in Germany-May 9, 1867. They resided in Pittsburg until the spring of 1873, when they came to Elkhart, Ind., and for six years lived on a small farm, after which they moved to Elkhart, and lived there to the close of their lives. She was the mother of seven children, three daughters and four sons, of whom three sons and two daughters, also ten grandchildren, survive. The family seemingly had an overshare of trying afflictions, there being a total of six deaths within the space of a little over two years. On Friday, Nov. 26, while for a few minutes she had left her ironing and gone into the front yard, where her son-in-law, Mr. Kesler, was attending to some repairs, she suddenly dropped her head and became helpless. She was assisted into the house, a physician was called and all that kind hands and loving hearts could do was done, but all to no avail. She lingered until Tuesday morning, Nov. 30, when the Lord called her to her eternal home Sister Hug had a full measure of life's trials, afflictions and sorrows, but the hope of her life was to please and serve her heavenly Father. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth and remained faithful to her covenant vows to the end. Her father, Bish. Ulrich Hege, was a prominent minister in the Mennonite Church in Germany, and the founder and editor of the German church paper, widely known in Europe and America, "Das Gemindeblat." Sister Hug was of a quiet, forbearing disposition, patient to the last degree, a kind, faithful and devoted wife and mother, and as one trial after another came, she leaned on the strong arm of Jesus and His Word. She has finished her course, gone over the river. She is not lost, but has only gone before us to the better land beyond. God bless her memory, and may we all seek to meet her again in the bright, blessed home above. Funeral services were held at the family residence and at the Mennonite M. H. Dec. 3. J. F. Funk officiating assisted by Herman Schwartzkopf of the Methodist Protestant Church. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8. Interment in Grace Lawn Cemetery, Elkhart. J. F. F.

Transcribed by David W. Mann, Arizona


GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. II, No. 40 - Dec. 30, 1909, pages 639, 640.

Musselman. - David Musselman a resident of Fairfield, Adams Co., Pa., died very suddenly while sitting at his desk transacting business with his minister, Dec. 15, 1909, aged 67 y. He was a kind husband and earnest Christian worker in the Lutheran Church. He leaves a deeply bereaved wife and one married son. He was laid to rest in the Fairfield cemetery. A large number of relatives and friends paid the last tribute of respect to one that was loved by all that knew him. Peace to his ashes.

Wilderson. - Washington Wilderson died at his home near East Lewistown, Mahoning Co., O., aged 62 y. 2 m. 22 d. He was sick for several months. He seemingly lived an unconcerned life until Sunday morning, when his condition suddenly became worse, and he saw that he had to die; then he at once called for a minister and was baptized and was received into the Mennonite Church. This is a loud call to those who put off accepting Christ. Funeral services were held Dec 21, by David Lehman and E. M. Detwiler in the Brethren Church near Columbiana, O.

Shank. - Nov 11, 1909, Jacob W. Shank died in Knox Co., Tenn., aged 65 y. 1 m. 19 d. He was received into the Mennonite Church on Blanchard River, Putnam Co., O., in 1873; marred to Sarah A. Myers May 1, 1870, in Putnam Co., O. Bro Shank leaves wife, seven daughters, one son, 25 grandchildren, two sisters and many friends to mourn his departure. Sometime before his decease he expressed a great longing for home and we are comforted with the thought that he has reached the heavenly home, where separations are unknown.
J. M. Shenk

Fry. - Florence Fry was born in Calhoon Co., Mich., Feb. 10 1859, and died at the home of her parents in Newaygo Co., Mich., Dec 9, 1909; aged 50 y. 10 m. She was united in marriage to Emmet Cole, Sept. 23, 1883. This union was blessed with two children, one of whom survives. She gave her heart to Christ, united with the M. E. Church in her early girlhood days. She was a faithful Sunday school worker as long as her health permitted, but has been a great sufferer for many years. She leaves an aged father and mother, one daughter, 3 grandchildren, 1 brother and 2 sisters, besides a host of relatives and friends, to mourn their loss. Funeral was held the 11th at the Union church by Jacob P. Miller from I Cor. 15:21, 22.

Musselman. - On Dec. 8, 1909, at her residence, near Fentress, Va., of typhoid fever, Sister Lizzie May, wife of Bro. Ed. Musselman and daughter of I. W. and Mary H. Eby; aged 35 y. 10 d. She was sick about ten days. Surviving are her husband, four children, parents and two brothers. It was a sad thing to lay away in the tomb one who was so much needed in her family. We miss her everywhere, in the home, in the church, in the Sunday school and in the community. But with the dark clouds that hang over us we have this blessed assurance that we need not sorrow as those who have no hope. Funeral services were well attended, relatives and friends being here from Pennsylvania, Maryland and the Shenandoah Valley as well as Warwick Co., Va., and our own congregation here. Services at the house by Bro. J. D. Wert and Bro A. D. Wenger. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8. Bro J. C. Clemens of Lansdale, Pa., assisted in the services. Burial at the Mt. Pleasant graveyard. Peace to her ashes.
I. W. Eby.

Klopfenstein. - Joseph Klopfenstein was born in Upper Alsace, City of Belfort, France, on July 31, 1829; died on July 31, 1909; aged 80 y. 4 m. 8 d. In 1847 he emigrated with his parents to America, settling in Stark Co., O. In 1850 he came to Illinois, locating in Woodford Co. On Feb 26, 1856, he was united in marriage to Mary Yordy. In 1864 they moved to Eureka, where, with the exception of two years spent in Peoria, he has since lived and conducted a butcher shop until of late years. He was the father of five children, Kate, Annie, and Christian preceded him to the great beyond. His daughter, Josephine Carney of Chicago, and son Joseph of Eureka, remain to mourn his departure with their mother. He united with the Mennonite Church at the age of fourteen years and has lived an upright, honest life. Funeral services were held at the Methodist church in Eureka, on Dec. 11, by Bro Andrew Schrock, using as his text, Heb. 9:27, 28.

Transcribed by Mona M. Mann, Arizona

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