Gospel Herald Obituaries - February, 1909

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Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 45 - February 6, 1909, page 719

Troyer - Bro. Peter Troyer was born April 28, 1826; died near Woodburn, Oreg., Jan. 17, 1909; aged 82 y. 8 m. 19 d. Buried in Zion Cemetery, Jan. 18, 1909. Services conducted by D. J. Kropf in German and Daniel Roth in English from II Tim. 4:7,8. Bro. Troyed [sic] leaves his wife, one son and three daughters and many grandchildren to mourn his departure. May God give us all grace to live the plain godly life to which Bro. Troyer's example and words often admonished us.

Bender - Sister Sarah Bender, wife of Ezra Bender and only daughter of Bish. Valentine Hostetler, died at her home at Ramona, Mich., Jan. 20, 1909; aged 30 y. 10 d. Sister Bender was a member of the Amish Mennonite Church. She leaves to mourn their loss a sorrowing husband, one daughter and one son, father, mother, one brother and a host of friends. Funeral at Ramona, where a large audience assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to one they loved. They mourn not without hope. Services were conducted by Jacob P. Miller in English and Jacob H. Miller in German from I Cor. 15:21.

Bixler - Levi A. L. Bixler was born in Allen Co., Ind., Oct. 5, 1864; died Jan. 14, 1909; aged 44y. 3m. 7d. In 1897 he was married to Mary Kochlin, and to this union were born three children. On the morning of the 14, he started to work as usual and while walking on the railroad track he accidently stepped in front of an approaching engine and his body was mangled. He united with the Mennonite Church several years ago, and we mourn not for him as those who have no hope. Funeral services were held at his home Sunday, Jan. 17, by Ben B. King. A large concourse of friends gathered to show their last respect to our departed brother.

Bock - Sister Rachel Bock (nee Rosenberger) was born June 16, 1828, and died at Dundee, Ont., Dec. 29, 1908, aged 80 y. 6 m. 13 d. Her husband, the late Levi Bock, preceded her to the sprit world over 28 years ago. She was the mother of twelve children, of whom seven, three sons and four daughters, survive. Although she was partly helpless during the last five or six years of her life, owing to partial paralysis of her lower limbs, yet she seemed to be contented and happy in her trust in the Lord, and she fell gently asleep, to awake, as we hope, in His likeness. The interment took place in the Blenheim Mennonite Cemetery, on which occasion Pre. Peifer preached in German from John 17:24, and Bro. N. Stauffer in English from Psa. 16:11, to a well filled house.

Hess - Sister Barbara M. Hess, wife of Bro. Henry Hess, died of pneumonia at her home in Marticville, PA., on Jan 20, 1909; aged 45 y. 7 m. 15 d. She was united in marriage with Bro. Hess only a little over two years, being his second wife. Besides her husband there are left to mourn her death, eight children of the husband, who could truly call her mother, which they did. Two of them could call her sister, for we believe she was the means of their conversion. She also leaves to four sisters and a host of friends. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church and a noble worker in the Sunday School. Her body was laid to rest in the graveyard at Byerland, Jan. 24, where services were conducted by Bish. Abram Herr and Pre. Jacob Thomas from Rev. 14:12.

Yoder - Barbara Miller, wife of Samuel C. Yoder, was born in Lagrange Co., Ind., Mar. 2, 1868; died at her home in Iowa Co., Iowa, Jan. 11, 1909; aged 40 y. 9 m. 10 d. She was married to Samuel Yoder, Oct. 13, 1893. She leaves her husband, three children, four brothers and three sisters to mourn their loss. Sister Yoder had been ill for several weeks after her father died about three weeks ago, but was seemingly on the way to recovery when the end came suddenly. She was a consistent member of the Amish Mennonite Church. The funeral services took place Jan. 13, and were conducted by P. P. Swartzendruber, Wm. K. Miller, and G. A. Yoder. Text, I Peter 1:24, 25. Interment in the Upper Deer Creek Cemetery. A large concourse of friends were in attendance.

Benner - Lawrence A. Benner youngest son of A. L. and Alice Benner, of Thompsontown, Pa., died Jan. 9, 1909; aged 20 y. 11m. Bro. Benner was kicked by his horse on Friday evening, Jan. 8, and was unconscious for thirteen hours till death came. He had been living with Bro. Samuel Shelley's where the accident occurred. The corpse was brought home where sorrowing friends and relatives gathered to mourn the loss of one whom we all loved. He was baptized two weeks before his death, in the Mennonite church. He leaves father and mother and two brothers to mourn the departure of a loving son and brother. He will be sadly missed at home as he was a faithful and obedient son. God grant that we may be ready to meet him. Funeral services were held in the Delaware Church by Samuel Leiter and William Graybill. Text, I Thess. 4:13.
"A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home,
That never can be filled."

Heise - Died, at Victoria Square, Ont., Dec. 19, 1908, Bro. Christopher Heise, aged 79 y. 3 m. Bro. Heise was born Sept. 12, 1829, and spent his long life on part of the old farm on which he was born. Many years ago he united with the Brethren, serving the church in the office of deacon for about thirty years. Being a man of energy and business ability the temporal affairs of the church were well cared for, and the sick and suffering visited. About fifty-seven years ago he was married to sister Leah Rodes, of Clarence Center, N. Y., who survives him. Of their seven children six survive him. About twenty years ago Bro. Heise began to lose his eye-sight, one eye being removed. As time went on the remaining eye failed and his last years were spent in comparative darkness. Now the curtain is lifted, the weary years of gloom are past, and he can "see the King in his beauty and behold the land that (once) seemed far off." Funeral services were held at the Brethren Church, Gormley, Ont., a large congregation attending. Bro. F. Elliot, assisted by the brethren A. Winger and J. Snider, conducted the services. - Evangelical Visitor.

King - Anna Rebecca King was born in Logan Co., Ohio, May 18, 1882; died at her home near Bellefontaine, Ohio, Jan. 20, 1909; aged 26y. 8m. 2d. At the age of 15 she united with the South Union Mennonite Church and lived a consistent life until death. Sister Anna took her bed on New Year's Day with typhoid fever. She bore her intense suffering with an entire submission to God's will. While she realized the necessity of remaining in her earthly home to in part fill the place of her mother, yet when the Father called she was ready to go, speaking to her father and sister about the bright home above. She called each of her brothers and sisters by name and told them to live noble lives. She said she would soon be with her mother and sister who had recently gone before. After kissing her relatives good-by she said, "I am going. Now I am ready." And with this she closed her eyes in a deep sleep to awaken in heaven. Funeral services were held at the South Union Church on Friday, Jan. 22, conducted by C. H. Yoder and John Y. King. Interment in the Ludlow graveyard.
"A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled."

Harshbarger - John Alpha Harshbarger, son of Charles D. and Salina Harshbarger, was born in Logan Co., Ohio, April 25, 1900, and died at the home of his parents in Champaign Co., Ohio, Jan. 16, 1909; aged 8 y. 8 m. 21 d., after an illness of ten days from inflammatory rheumatism. During the last five days he suffered intense pain almost incessantly. Several times during his sickness he spoke to his mother and grandmother of a beautiful white city to which he longed to go and wondered whether his mother would minister to his needs over there. He leaves to mourn his early departure the grief-stricken parents and one sister, with relatives and friends whose sorrow is not without hope for it hath been said: "Of such is the kingdom of heaven."
Thou wast but a tender bud
Opening thy petals fair,
Whom a loving Father plucked
To bloom in His garden there;
There sorrow and pain never come,
There thy blossom ne'er shall fade,
There thou canst beckon loved ones
"Come, the Father leads, be not afraid."
Funeral services were held at South Union Church, conducted by C. K. Yoder and John Y. King. Interment in the cemetery near the church.
M. M. Y.

Cressman - Bishop Amos Cressman died at his home near New Hamburg, Ont., on Sunday morning, Jan. 17, 1909; aged 74 y. 4 m. 13 d. He had been a patient sufferer from neuralgia in the face for several years, which gradually became worse, affecting other parts of the body and finally settled on his heart, causing death. He suffered great pain at times but was patient through it all, having a desire to depart and be with the Lord. The end came very peacefully. He passed away without a struggle. A few weeks before his death he assisted in the funeral services of Bro. John Cassel and also attended the funeral of Bro. Joshua Nahrgang at the home church. Bro. Cressman was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years, uniting with the church when a young man. On June 19, 1864, he was ordained deacon at the Blenheim Church by Bish. Henry Shantz. He served the church as deacon for three years, and on June 30, 1867, he was ordained to the ministry at the Schantz M. H. by Bish. Henry Schantz.[sic] Seven years later, Jan. 24, 1875, he was ordained bishop, serving the church in this capacity for 34 years, holding the office up to the time of his death. As deacon, minister and bishop he was faithful in the discharge of his duties, having the welfare of the church at heart, faithfully upholding the doctrines according to his views of what the Bible teaches, warning much against pride and exhorting to humility. He is survived by a loving companion, four sons and four daughters, all being members of the same household of faith. One of the sons, Moses, is a deacon in the church, and another one, Osiah, is a minister. Funeral services were held at the Geiger Church, Jan. 20, where a large number of friends had gathered to pay their last tribute of respect. Services at the house were conducted by Orphen Wismer and at the church by M. C. Bowman in English; text, Phil. 1:20, and in German by Bish. Jonas Snyder from Heb. 13:7. After the burial, many returned to the house for refreshments after which the brethren J. S. Gerig in English and D. J. Wyse in German, gave short exhortations. These brethren are from Ohio.
M. C. C.

Freed - Aaron Freed, one of the oldest members of the Franconia Mennonite congregation died at his home at Franconia Square, Pa., aged 88 y. The funeral was held Jan. 24. Interment took place at the Franconia Mennonite burial grounds.

Alderfer - Bro. Isaac D. Alderfer died at his home near Mainland, Pa., after a short illness of congestion of the lungs; aged 75 y. 4 m. 1 d. He is survived by his widow, six sons and three daughters, all married. Funeral was held on Jan. 13, 1909. Interment in the Salford burial ground. The brethren Christian Allebach, Jacob C. Moyer and Michael Moyer conducted the services.

Holdeman - Sister Leah, widow of Charles Holdeman, died at her home in Harleysville, Pa., on Monday, Jan. 18, 1909; aged 73 y. 6 m. 22 d. She is survived by two sons. Funeral was held Jan. 23. Interment took place at the Towamencin Mennonite burial grounds. Sister Leah was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. The brethren Jacob C. Moyer, Christian Allebach, James Schisler and Jos. Ruth conducted the services.

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Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 46 - February 13, 1909, page 735

Yoder - Jonathan Yoder was born June 19, 1838; died at his home near Churchtown, Pa., Jan. 23, 1909, from a stroke of paralysis; aged 70 y. 4 m. 7 d. He was a deacon in the A. M. church for over twenty years. Services were conducted in the Conestoga A. M. Church by J. S. Mast and Gideon Stoltzfus. Interment at the Pine Grove Cemetery, Elverson, Pa.

Fisher - Bro. Gideon Fisher of Gap, Pa., was born April 17, 1866; died Jan. 18, 1909; aged 42 y. 9 m. 1 d. He had been in failing health for about 18 months, death being due to a complication of diseases. He had much pain but bore it with patience till the summons finally came. He leaves a wife, five children, and a host of friends to mourn their loss. He was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite Church.

Mast - Christiana Mast was born April 10, 1836, at Binkley's Bridge, Lancaster Co., Pa.; died at her home near Morgantown, Pa., Jan. 27, 1909; aged 72 y. 9 m. 17 d. She was the last to survive of a family of nine children. Funeral services were conducted at the Conestoga A. M. Church by J. S. Mast and Gideon Stoltzfus. She is survived by a sorrowing husband, one daughter and three grandchildren. Interment in the Pine Grove Cemetery, Elverson, Pa.

Weber - Andrew Weber died Jan. 8, 1909, of apoplexy, in Didsbury, Alta.; aged 70 y. 5 m. 5 d. Bro. Weber was in his son's mill when he was stricken down. He was apparently well a few minutes before. He never spoke again, and after a few days passed away. Services conducted by Israel R. Schantz in English and Pre. Fongbein in German. Buried in Didsbury cemetery.

Kauffman - Bro. Christian Kauffman was born in Juniata Co., Pa., April 2, 1839; died Jan. 22, 1909, at his home in Garden City, Mo., aged 69 y. 9 m. 1 d. He was married Oct. 19, 1863, to Barbara Hooley. To this union were born ten children, five of whom with the mother survive Bro Kauffman. Three of his brothers have passed from this world within the last year; while three sisters still remain to mourn. The last words of the departed brother were, "Oh, how great it is to be on the way to glory." What a comfort to the bereaved ones.
Funeral services were held on Jan. 23, at the Bethel Church, conducted by L. J. Miller and C. S. Hauder in the presence of a very large audience. The text chosen was, II Tim. 4:7. Burial in the Clearfork Cemetery. Peace to his ashes.

Bender - Ella Bender, daughter of Samuel and Saloma Bender, was born Sept. 12, 1887, in Johnson Co., Iowa; died Jan. 25, 1909 at her home near Clariton, Iowa; aged 21 y. 4 m. 13 d. She leaves to mourn her early departure father, mother, three sisters, one brother and a host of relatives and friends. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church when 17 years old and always lived as a true sister in the church. She took sick with cold and la Grippe, Jan. 19, 1908, which developed into consumption. She was sick for one year and five days and was confined to her bed during this time, but she bore it patiently. She was anxious to depart and be with her Savior. Funeral services were conducted Jan. 28, by J. K. Yoder of Wellman, Iowa, assisted by David Zehr of Manson, Iowa, and Eli Swartzendruber of this place. Interment in the cemetery near the A. M. Church of this place. Text, Psalm 16:5,6.
"Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep,
From which none ever wake to weep;
A calm and undisturbed repose,
Unbroken by the last of foes."

Eby - Martha Nissley Eby, widow of Elias Eby, died Jan. 31, 1909; aged 75 y. 10 m. 5 d. She was buried at Krabill's on Feb. 3, where funeral services were conducted by Peter Nissley, Jacob Brubacher and Amos Hottenstein. Text, Rev. 14:13. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord," etc. Her husband died nearly six years ago. She was a devout member of the Mennonite Church for many years. She leaves to mourn their loss, four sons, four daughters, twenty grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren, five sisters, and two brothers. She will be greatly missed, especially by her youngest daughter, wife of Samuel Garber, with whom she has made her home for more than ten years.
"There is a happy land,
Far, far away;
Where saints immortal dwell,
Bright, bright as day."
A Granddaughter.

Weldy - Abraham Weldy was born in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, Jan. 3, 1827. He was married to Nancy Yoder of Columbiana Co., Ohio, June 21, 1849. In 1851 they moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., and were pioneer settlers. On this farm they resided until 1900, when they moved to Wakarusa, Ind. To this union were born 7 sons, 6 daughters, 85 grandchildren and 44 great-grandchildren. He united with the Mennonite Church soon after his marriage and remained a faithful member until death. His place at the Holdeman Church, of which he was one of the first members, was rarely vacant. He died Jan. 29, 1909; aged 82 y. 26 d. He leaves to mourn their loss his bosom companion, 6 sons, 2 daughters, 71 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren and two brothers. Funeral services were held in the German Baptist M. H. Wakarusa, Ind., on Feb. 1, conducted by David Burkholder and Jacob K. Bixler from his favorite texts, II Cor. 5:1 and II Tim. 4:7,8. Numbers 143, 144, 162, and 399 in church hymnal being his favorites, were sung. Interment at North Union Cemetery.

Kilmer - Leslie Grant, infant son of Odessa and Orva M. Kilmer of Reedley, Calif., was born on Dec. 19, 1908; died Jan. 19, 1909, of croup and pneumonia. Services were conducted at the house by Pre. Buckner. Text, Job 1:21. Interment in the Reedley cemetery.

Pletcher - Israel Pletcher died at his home near Goshen, Ind., Jan. 29, 1909; aged 37 y. 4 m. 7 d. He was married to Salome Gehman March 22, 1884. He is survived by his wife, three sons and one daughter. The oldest child is a boy aged 13 years. He also leaves aged parents, three brothers and five sisters. Bro. Pletcher was sick only about five days with impaction of the bowels. His suffering was intense. When it became evident that he could not recover he called his family and relatives to his bedside and bade them farewell. He told his children to give their hearts to Jesus and be kind and obedient to their mother. His friends and neighbors who are unsaved he admonished to not neglect the salvation of their souls. He also gave instructions about the disposal of his property. He expressed a desire to get well and remain with his loved ones, but was willing that God's will be done. He also requested to be anointed with oil in the name of the Lord, which request was granted. The funeral was held at the Yellow Creek Church, Feb. 1, and was largely attended. Services were conducted by Jonas Loucks, J. W. Christophel and J. S. Hartzler. Text, Matt. 24:44. In the death of Bro. Pletcher, the church loses a beloved brother and the Sunday school a faithful worker and teacher.

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Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 47 - February 20, 1909, page 751, 752

Faulkner - On Feb. 7, 1909, the infant daughter of Sanders and Viola Faulkner died; aged 1 m. 5 d. Another bud has gone from this earth to bloom in heaven. Funeral conducted by John Brubaker at Berea Church, Birch Tree, Mo.

Maust - Clifford Will, infant son of Bro. N. S. and Sister Mayme Maust of Springs, Pa., died Jan. 27, 1909; aged 17 d. Funeral Jan. 29, conducted by Ed Miller. Another little flower was plucked by the Savior that just budded on earth to blossom in heaven. God comfort the bereaved parents.

Ringler - Andy Ringler died Feb. 3, 1909; aged 68 y. 13 d. Funeral at Springs, Pa., Feb. 5, conducted by G. D. Miller. He united with the Mennonite Church about two years ago, but his health never permitted him to attend public service. He leaves a number of brothers and sisters to mourn their loss which we trust is his gain.

Turel - Clara Viola Turel died near Guernsey, Sask., aged 2 y. 4 d. "The Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken, blessed be the name of the Lord." Services were conducted at the house by " Kennedy and at the Waterloo school house by E. S. Hallman, Text, Isa. 40:11. Laid to rest in the Sharon Mennonite cemetery.

Miller - Lyman Earnest, son of Bro. Lloyd and Sister Jemima Miller of Springs, Pa., died Dec. 31, 1908; 6 y. 3 m. 16 d. Funeral Jan. 2, 1909, services by G. D. Miller. On Jan. 31, Orpha May, aged 3 m. 17 d. followed her little brother to the beautiful home beyond. She was buried Feb. 2. Funeral conducted by G. D. Miller. May the parents be comforted by the thought that they can again meet their little ones when their life on earth is done, if they are faithful unto the Lord.

Summer - Florence Summer, infant daughter of Joseph and Ida Summer, of Milford, Nebr., was born Nov. 28, 1908; died Feb. 6, 1909; aged 2 m. 9 d. She leaves to mourn, father, mother and two brothers. Funeral services were held in the East Fairview Church by L. J. Miller of Garden City, Mo., text, II Kings 4:26, and S. H. Miller of Shanesville, Ohio, from Matt. 18:1-8.

Blough - Anna (Hostetler) Blough was born in Wayne Co., O., July 5, 1831; died Jan. 30, 1909, in the same county; aged 77 y. 6 m. 25 d. She lived in the state of matrimony with her husband, Joseph Blough, for nearly 56 years. To this union were born six children, who with their father mourn the loss of a loving companion, a kind and affectionate mother. Burial in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Funeral Services conducted by Ben Gerig, C. Z. Yoder and D. Z. Yoder.

Longenecker - Mary Frances (Johnson) Longenecker was born Sept. 26, 1861; died near Masontown, Pa., Feb. 2, 1909; aged 47 y. 4 m. 6 d. She was married to David Longenecker Dec. 31, 1882. When young she was an active member of the Mennonite Church but for some years had not been connected with the church, but seemingly of late years she longed to be received back again into fellowship with the people of God. Her last request was to be reinstated again with the church, but before the minister arrived she passed away. Funeral services were conducted by J. A. Brilhart. Text. Matt. 6:33.

Gehman - Leta, daughter of Benj. F. and Lydia Gehman of Olathe, Kans., was born July 11, 1905; died Feb. 2, 1909; aged 3 y. 5 m. 21 d. She leaves the sorrowing parents, an infant sister, and many relatives and friends to mourn her early departure. She suffered four weeks with scarlet fever and other complications. She was very patient through it all, and in her life was an exceptionally sunny and sweet tempered child. The parents have our deepest sympathy in this sad trial. A vacant place is left in their home and hearts that cannot soon be filled. May they find comfort in the words of the Savior, "Of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Harshbarger - After an illness of several weeks of typhoid-pneumonia, Jonas Harshbarger of near McVeytown, Pa., died Feb. 3, 1909; 73 y. 1 m. 16 d. Bro. Harshbarger was born and raised not far from where he lived and was widely known and respected by many who lived to share the joys and toils of this life with him. He leaves to mourn his departure three brothers and one sister, a kind and faithful wife, seven sons and one daughter, and a number of grandchildren; two daughters preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral on Feb. 6, at the A. M. Church of which he was a member for many years, the house being crowded far beyond its sitting room. Services were conducted by Michael Yoder in German from Isa. 38:1, and in English by John E. Kauffman from Rev. 14:13. While the body has returned to the earth from whence it came may the soul rest with God who gave it.

Rohrer - Sister Elizabeth Strycker was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., April 27, 1853; died at the old homestead, Feb. 3, 1909; aged 55 y. 9 m. 6 d. On April 28, 1872, she was married to John D. Rohrer. To this union were born 8 children. She leaves to mourn, husband, 6 daughters, 1 son and 1 stepson, 8 grandchildren, 1 sister and 2 brothers. One son and one grandchild preceded her. The children were all at her bedside when she died except one, who lives near Lake City, Mich. Funeral services were held on the 5, [sic] at the brick Church; interment in the adjoining cemetery. Services were conducted by Bish. John Blosser and Bish. David Burkholder. Text, Phil. 1:21 and Amos 4:12. About five months ago she united with the Mennonite Church. Peace to her ashes.

Miller - Mary Miller, wife of Aaron Miller, deceased, was born July 27, 1838; died near Emma, Ind., Jan. 11, 1909; aged 70 y. 7 m. 14 d. She was a member of the Townline Amish church for a number of years. Funeral, Jan. 16, at the Emma Church. Services in German by Jonathan Troyer and in English by A. S. Cripe.

Miller - Elizabeth A. Miller was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Aug. 5, 1842; died at the home of Joseph Short, Fulton Co., Ohio, Jan. 17, 1909; aged 66 y. 5 m. 12 d. Father, mother and two brothers preceded her to the spirit world; three brothers and many other relatives remain to mourn their loss, which we trust is her eternal gain. She was a faithful sister in the Mennonite Church for many years. Funeral was held at the old church, Jan. 19, services by Bro. Freyenberger in German and A. S. Cripe in English.

Whitby - Shelden Ray Whitby was born Feb. 26, 1885; died near Ottawa, Ohio, of consumption, Feb. 9, 1909; aged 23 y. 11 m. 14 d. On Feb. 6, a few days previous to his death, having made peace with God, he expressed a desire to be baptized, and accordingly received water baptism on the following day, a Mennonite minister officiating. He leaves his bereaved parents, brothers and sisters, and a host of friends to mourn his early departure. He bore his suffering patiently and was looking to the end as only a change to a much better home where there is no sorrow. We trust our loss is his eternal gain, one brother preceded him to the spirit world. He was buried on Feb. 11, near the Mennonite Church at Blanchard River. Funeral services were conducted by Moses Brenneman and Henry Smith. Text, Job 16:22. May the sorrowing friends prepare to meet their son and brother in that beautiful land on high.

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Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 48 - February 27, 1909, page 767, 768


Brunk - Bro. Noah Brunk, who for some time suffered with chronic asthma, passed into the spirit world on Dec. 23, 1908; aged 80 y. 11 m. 9 d. His son, who is a physician, had arranged to be there over Christmas but the father died before his arrival. The funeral was held from [sic] the Methodist Church, conducted by H. G. Birchby of the Presbyterian Church. He was born in Rockingham Co., Va., Dec. 14, 1828. He moved to Illinois in 1855 where he was married to Amelia Parr. To them were born three children, two of whom survive him. About ten years ago they moved to Austell, Ga., but later moved to Peabody, Kan., in order to live near their daughter, at which place they have since resided. He was a kind and loving man, ever willing to do something for someone and as such we think of his life as one which will never die.

Hershey - Bro. Tobias K. Hershey of Lampeter, Lancaster Co., Pa., was taken suddenly ill on Feb. 3, from an attack of acute indigestion, which later developed into congestion of the brain superinduced by appoplexy. [sic] He suffered intense pain until the next day when he became unconscious and remained in that state, until the following morning when the Lord saw fit to call him home. Although we miss him here and mourn his departure, yet we have that blessed hope that we shall some day meet again, and looking through our tears, we calmly say, Thy will, O Lord, be done. He was a faithful and active member of the Mennonite Church for 42 years. He was a kind and loving father and is survived by his wife, five sons and four daughters. One son preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral services were held Feb. 8 at the home by Frank M. Herr, and at Hersheys Church by Elias Groff and Isaac Eby. Text, Mark 13:37, also Psa. 102:15, which words he quoted several hours before his death. Interment in the cemetery adjoining. He was aged 63 y. 4 m. 5 d.

"We miss you when the morning dawns,
We miss you when the night returns;
We miss you here, we miss you there,
Dear father, we miss you everywhere.

Fly - Magdalena (Gross) Fly was born Dec. 24, 1830, near Doylestown, Pa.; died Jan. 1, 1909; aged 78 y. 8 d. She was married to Henry Fly Nov. 7, 1850. To this union were born one son and two daughters. Her husband and one daughter preceded her to the spirit world. She united with the Mennonite Church in her early years and was a devoted Christian to the end. She had a kind dispositions, always ready to administer to the wants of those whom she met, and often lent a helping hand to some distressed one. The things of this world had no charms for her; her only pleasure was to do the will of her heavenly Father. She suffered for about six weeks, when the Master bade her "come". During her sickness she expressed her desire to depart and be with Christ, and wished that she might go before the dawn of another year. Her spirit took its flight on New Year Day, which must have been a happy one for her. Her funeral was held Jan. 6, at the home of her son-in-law, with whom she had been staying. Her body was laid to rest beside that of her husband in the Doylestown burying grounds. The services at the house were conducted by H. B. Rosenberger and A. F. Swartz, and at the meeting house by D. L. Gehman, Jos. Ruth and Peter Loux. A son and a daughter, eleven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren are mourning the loss of a mother and grandmother who had been a comfort in time of trouble. May we all heed the warnings and words of admonition she gave us.
M. M. D.

Lehman - Elizabeth, widow of George Lehman, was born in Cocalico township, Lancaster Co., Penn., Oct. 9, 1804; died at Mount Joy, Pa., Feb. 9, 1909; aged 104 y. 4 m. Up to the first of the year Sister Lehman had enjoyed exceptionally good health when she contracted a cold that confined her to bed, gradually becoming weaker until death ensued. She is survived by three daughters. Funeral services were held on Feb. 12, conducted by Bishops Jacob N. Brubacher, Isaac Eby and Pre. Peter R. Nissley; Bishop Eby preaching the sermon from Rev. 21:6, "It is done, I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end." Interment was made at the Kraybill M. H. by the side of her husband, who preceded her about 20 years, at the age of 84. "Grandmother" Lehman, as she was fondly called by her many friends, was of a cheerful, even-tempered disposition, always looking on the bright side of life, taking things as they came and seldom if ever worrying over the things that people do, claiming that "it did no good after all." She delighted to meet the many friends that came to visit her. She was fond of recalling incidents that occurred long ago, almost, or quite a hundred years, when she was a child. Her memory, as well as her other faculties, were remarkable. She encouraged young people by precept and example, to be industrious and she almost constantly engaged in needlework of some kind, making pin-cushions, wall-pockets, etc. for friends. Some of these momentoes [sic] were very beautiful and certainly highly prized by those who received them. She loved young people and was highly pleased to have the young sisters come in a body and sing for her. She claimed that children a hundred years ago were not better than those of today, even though they suffered a great deal more coporal [sic] punishment; but that the Sunday School deserved the credit for a greatly improved order of things. She and her husband united with the church many years ago, and her seat in the meeting was seldom vacant. She looked with pleasure toward the completion of the new meeting house at Mount Joy, and hoped if she were spared, to worship in it with the brotherhood; but as it was, her funeral proved to be the first service held in it, just the day before the dedication. She also had a desire to depart, and a bright anticipation of meeting with those who have gone before.
P. R. N.

Hershberger - Katy Anne (Blough) Hershberger, beloved wife of J. D. Hershberger, and mother of Pre. Wm. C. Hershberger of near Johnstown, Pa., died Feb. 15, 1909; aged 55 y. 1 m. 11 d. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for nearly 31 years. She was a kind neighbor, a good counselor and an affectionate mother. She is survived by a sorrowing husband, eight children, and ten grandchildren. Two children and two grandchildren preceded her to eternity. Funeral services on the 17, in the Weaver M. H., by James Saylor, S. D. Yoder and S. Gindlesperger. Text, Psa. 39:4. Burial in the cemetery nearby.

Transcribed by Mona M. Mann, Arizona

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