Gospel Herald Obituaries - September, 1911

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Gospel Herald - Volume IV, Number 23 - September 7, 1911 - pages 367, 368

Burkholder - Howard Burkholder, little son of Bro. and Sister Joseph A. Burkholder, died at their home in Harrisonburg, Va. of cholera infantum, July 25, 1911; aged 2 years. Funeral services were conducted by S.H. Rhodes and L. J. Heatwole. Interred in the cemetery adjoining the church.

Johnson - Mary Frances Johnson was born Oct. 10, 1867; died Aug. 19, 1911; aged 43 y. 10 m. 9 d. She lived near Masontown, Fayette Co., Pa., with her mother, her father having preceded her to the spirit world. Two sisters and 5 brothers are left to mourn her departure. Funeral services were conducted at the home by Daniel Kauffman, also at the Masontown Mennonite Church. Internment in Mennonite cemetery.

Martin - On Aug. 21, 1911 near Muddy Creek, Pa., Benjamin Martin died at the home of his parents; aged 15 y. 11 m. 29 d. He was an invalid from his infancy, being deprived of the power of speech and also of moving around and his intellectual powers were not perfect. His remains were laid to rest on the 24 in the Bowmansville graveyard. Services were conducted by John Sauder in German and Benj. Weaver in English. Rest to his soul. Peace to his ashes.

Wease - Aaron Wease died at his home near Spring Creek, Va., Aug. 24, 1911; aged 74 y. 4 m. 16 d. he had been a member of the Church of the Brethren for some years, but possibly five or six years ago he was received into the Mennonite Church to which he remained loyal to his death. He is survived by his widow and a number of children. Funeral services were held at the Branch Church, conducted by S. H. Rhodes, George Wine and Jos. W.Coffman, on Aug. 26. Text Amos 1:12. His body was laid to rest in the cemetery near by.

Brubaker - Sister Lizzie (Risser) Brubaker was born May __, 1861; died Aug. 27, 1911, at her home in Elizabeth Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., near the Hammer Creek M. H.; aged 50 y. 3 m. 9 d. She was married to Peter Brubaker in September, 1861. To this union were born 2 daughters, who survive her, with the sorrowing husband, as do also 6 grandchildren, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. She died very suddenly from a nervous attack, having been subject to these for about a year. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held at the Hammer Creek Mennonite Church on Aug. 31, by Bro. Noah Landis in English and Bro. J. N. Brubacher in German. Text, II Cor. 5:1.

Gehman - Pre. Abraham Gehman was born Sept. 15, 1848, in Breckneck twp. Lancaster Co., Pa., died Aug. 23, 1911; aged 62 y. 11 m. 8 d. He was raised in Berks Co., Pa. He united with the Church of his fathers in his youth and remained faithful to the end. He was married twice, the last wife survives him as does 1 daughter, 5 sons, and 10 grandchildren. In 1874 he was ordained to the ministry, in which capacity he labored faithfully though he was not a ready speaker yet he did what he could. Many a time with tears in his eyes he admonished the brethren and sisters to train their children in the fear and nurture of the Lord while he himself laid the example. His disease was of short duration. The family thought little that the end would be so sudden till a few hours before his death. He was in the ministry 37 years. Services were conducted at the house by John, Sauder, Benj. Weaver and John W. Weaver; at the meeting house by Benj. Weaver in German and I. B. Good in English and the home ministers also taking part. Text, Psa. 37:37. Rest to his soul and peace to his ashes.

Mellinger - Martin D. Mellinger was born Apr. 14, 1895; died at his home in Greenland, Lancaster Co., Pa., July 30, 1911; aged 16 y. 3. m. 16 d. He is survived by his parents, John H. and Barbara K. Mellinger, 4 brothers and 1 sister. He was the youngest of the family of seven children. 1 brother having preceded him nearly a year ago at the early age of 21. He was in apparent good health till about two weeks before his death, when he was stricken with a complication of the disease caused by extreme heat. We often wonder why that one in the bloom life was snatched away so suddenly and whose future life we looked upon to be a useful one. Yet we wish to submit to His will and know that sometime we'll understand why. He was a member of Mellinger's Sunday school and was always present when health permitted him to go. Funeral services were conducted at the home Aug. 3 by John L. Landis and at Mellinger's Church by John W. Weaver, Sandford Landis and John H. Mosemann and singing, "Shall we meet beyond the river?"

Transcribed by Linda Hartman, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume IV, Number 24 - September 14, 1911 - pages 383

Leichty - Bro. John Leichty of Sterling, Ohio, was born mear Belfort, France, July 7, 1826; died Aug. 30, 1911; aged 85 y. 1 m. 23 d. He emigrated to this country in 1854. He was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Fammie Mongey in 1864. They were blessed with 6 daughters and 1 son. The oldest daughter died in infancy. The beloved wife, 6 children and 10 grandchildren are left to mourn his departure. He joined the Amish Mennonite Church in his youth and was faithful member of said church to the end. There are also a host of friends and neighbors who mourn his departure.

Biehn - At Guernsey, Sask. , Olive, Viola, daughter of Milton and Sarah Biehn; aged 7 y. 8 m. 9 d. She was sick only three days and died from the effects of a fall. At first she seemed hurt only slightly on the arm. This affliction is great, but the grace of God is sustaining. Although young in years she desired to be with Jesus. Funeral services held at the Sharon place of worship by Bro. E. S. Hallman. Text, Job 1:21.

Rupert - Martha (Langly) Rupert died at West Cairo, Allen Co., Ohio, Aug. 11, 1911; aged 80 y. 6 m. 4 d. She leaves to mourn her departure 4 sons, 2 daughters, 24 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren. She united with the Mennonite Church in 1897 in which faith she continued loyal to the end. She selected her funeral text, II Tim. 4:6-8. Buried at West Cairo, Ohio, Aug. 13, 1911. Funeral services by the writer assisted by Moses Brenneman and P. E. Brunk.
J. M. Shenk

Millhouse - Hannah R. Millhouse was born Aug. 10, 1841; died Aug. 31, 1911; aged 69y. 21 d. She leaves to mourn her departure her husband, 3 children, and 1 grandchild. She was an invalid for many years and at times suffered intense pain; but in all her suffering she was patient and willing that the Lord's will be done. Sister Millhouse was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years and while she suffered she had a great longing to " depart and be with Christ." Funeral services conducted Sept. 2 at the Science Ridge Mennonite Church near Sterling, Ill., by A.C. Good, from the text she had chosen, Rom. 8:17, 18.

Hershey - Fannie H. Hershey, widow of Samuel F. Hershey, entered into rest Aug. 28, 1911, at her home on the Hershey road, near Lancaster, Pa., freom a complication of diseases, following a fracture of the hip by falling two weeks ago. Her parents were the late Daniel and Mary Herr Lintner. She was aged 81 y. 5 d. being born Aug. 23, 1830. Her husband has been dead since 1873. Three sons and one daughter survive. She was a member of the Millersville Mennonite Church. Funeral services were conducted at the home by Bro. Abram Herr, Daniel Gish and Daniel Lehman. Interment was made in the family burying plot, on the Hershey farm.

Moyer - Aaron, son of Moses and Rachel Moyer near St. Agatha, Waterloo, Co., Ont. was born Oct. 10, 1903; died Aug. 5, 1911; aged 7 . 9 m. 26 d. He was confined to his bed only two days. The immediate cause of his death was lockjaw. His sufferings were pitiful to see. He leaves his parents, 3 brothers, 1 sister and a host of friends to mourn his early departure. Funeral services were conducted by Christian Zehr (text. John 5:21) and Christian Litwiller ( Matt. 5:8) at the A. M. Church. Burial in adjoining cemetery.
"Aaron, thou are sweetly resting,
Here thy toils and cares are o'er;
Pain and sickness, death and sorrow,
Never can distress thee more."

Hochstetler - Benjamin Hochstetler was born Feb. 15, 1858; died near White Cloud, Mich., Sept. 1, 1911; aged 53 y. 6 m. 16 d. He was united in marriage to Mary Kline, Nov. 9, 1876. To them were born 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls. One of these sons preceded him to the spirit world. Bro. Hochstetler came to his death by and accident. He attended an auction sale three miles from his home where he bought a mower. In the evening when he started for home he hitched his team, a pair of three year old colts, to the mower and tied his doubly buggy behind the mower. Before he had gone twenty rod his team became frightened, starting to run and running against a large stone with one mower wheel threw him from the mower, falling upon his head and neck and his neck was broken. He died instantly. His sudden taking off was a great shock to his family, and also the neighborhood and vicinity feel "a great loss as he was a representative man in the community. Funeral services were held at the home, Sept. 4, by Valentine Hochstetler and Jacob Stutzman in the German language and T. U. Nelson in English. Text, Matt. 24: 42-44. He was buried in the Miller Cemetery.

Mayhousen - Wilhelmina, widow of the late Garrett Mayhousen. ( who died 20 years ago) was born in the province of Groningen, Holland, Oct. 11, 1849 and with her husband and 4 children came to America in 1881; died Aug. 312, 1911; aged 61 y. 10 m. 20 d. They settled at Olyphant, Lackwanna Co., Pa., where husband and son found employment in the coal mines. In 1891, by the help of brethren in Chester and Montgomery Counties, Pa., they came to Elkhart, Ind., where five months later Bro. Mayhousen took sick and in there days Sister Mayhousen with her surviving children was left a sorrowing widow.
Sister Mayhousen experienced many trials and afflictions, having buried eight children at Olyphant and one in Holland, and her son Samuel accidently cutting his knee with an axe, was left a cripple for life because of maltreatment of an intemperate physician. She was a devote Christian and in all her trials she put her trust in God, who never failed her. Having brought up her three remaining sons in the fear of the Lord they stood by her to the end of her journey. She died of dropsy, from which she had suffered a number of years. Funeral services were conducted Sept. 2., by John F. Funk from Heb. 4:9. She was laid to rest in the Grace Lawn cemetery beside her husband.

Transcribed by Linda Hartman, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume IV, Number 25 - September 21, 1911

Smoker - Barbara (Renno) wife of Bro. Joshua Smoker of near Ronks, Pa. was born Sept. 18, 1830; died Aug. 29, 1911; aged 80 y. 11m. 11 d. She had benn a consistent member of the Amish Mennonite Church for many years. She leaves a sorrowing husband, 3 sons, and 2 daughters to mourn their loss. Funeral services Sept. 1, conducted by Bro. Samuel Peachy of Mittlin Co., Pa. Buried in Beiler cemetery near Ronks, Pa. May God comfort the bereaved.

Yoder - Sister Carrie E., daughter of Bro. Jonathan and Sister Lydia Yoder of Hollsopple, Pa. was born Aug. 9, 1890; died of typhoid fever Sept. 1, 1911; aged 21 y. 22d. She was baptized and received into the Church during her sickness. Although she left a good consolation to her friends that she found peace with God she thanked God that He yet accepted her, yet she regretted that she spent so much of her time not in His service. The hand of affliction was heavy on Bro. Yoder's family; there were two others sick at the same time of the same disease. Funeral services were conducted Sept. 3 at the Blough Church by L.A. Blough, James Saylor, Joshua B. Zook and Simon Layman. Text, II Kings 20:1. The funeral was very largely attended. She is survived by her father and mother, 6 brothers and 5 sisters. May God richly bless the friends in their sole bereavement.

Hershey - Peter E. Hershey was born in Lancaster Co., Pa. Feb. 5, 1826; died Aug. 31, 1911; aged 85 y. 6 m. 26 d. A short service was held at the home of his daughter, where he passed away, conducted by Bros. John B. Senger and Jacob H. Mellinger. Services and interment at Hershey's Church by Amos Hoover and c. M. Brackbill. He leaves a lonely compaion and 3 children; Henry of Intercourse, Mary, wife of Esaias Denlinger of Leaman Place, and Landis of New Milton. He was a consistent member of he Mennonite Church for many years. He was seldom absent from services until health would not permit his being there. His mental faculties failed him in his last years. We are thankful the preparation for a future life had been made long before. We believe he is now where his sightless eyes will see and he shall be able to enjoy the fruits of a righteous life. A granddaughter

Hunsicker - Bro. Abram Hunsicker was born July 24, 1851; died Aug. 25, 1911; aged 60 y. 1 m. 1 d. He was married to Anna Overholt in 1876. To this union were born 8 children, the mother, and 3 children having preceded him to the future world. Bro. Hunsicker's death came as a shock to the brotherhood as well as to the community in that he met his death in a railroad accident, while returning from a visit to Canada. His loss is keenly felt in that he was an active member of the Blooming Glen congregation for many years, serving as a trustee and chorister both of the Blooming Glen and Perkasie Churches. Funeral services were conducted by the brethren Jacob Clemens, S.G. Shelter, Daniel Kauffman and Henry Rosenberger, from Psa. 39:4 and II Kings 20:1. May the dear brother be numbered among those who return to Zion with song and everlasting joy upon their heads and where sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

Bishop - Sister Susanna (Shaddinger) Bishop, wife of Bro. Wm. Bishop of Blooming Glen, Pa., was born Feb. 22, 1859; died Sept. 5, 1911; aged 52 y. 6 m. 7d. Death was caused by typhoid fever, after an illness of only eleven days. She is survived by her husband, 2 daughters, and 1 son. Sister Bishop was a good mother in Israel and is greatly missed in her home by her friends and in the Sunday School where she took and active part for many years. Shortly before she died she said, " I am in the hands of the Lord." "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them." The dear brother and children have the heartfelt sympathy of the brethren and sisters and friends. May the good Lord keep us faithful until we meet again. Funeral services were conducted by the brethren, Christian Allebach, D. Kauffman, S. G. Shetler, and Jacob Clements. Text, Heb. 4:9.

Miller - Fanny (Riehl) Miller was born May 22, 1830; died near Newton, Kans. , Sept. 7, 1911; aged 81 y. 3 m. 16 d. She was married to Andrew Miller in Lancaster Co., Pa., Jan. 16, 1853. To this union were born 3 sons and 1 daughter; 2 sons preceded her to the spirit world. She leaves to mourn her departure, 1 son and 1 daughter and 9 grandchildren. She was sick six weeks and bore everything patiently, often asking to be taken away. She peacefully fell asleep on the morning of Sept. 7. A few days before she died she asked those around her to sing and she joined in singing her favorite song , "I will sing you a song of that beautiful land." In 1885 they moved from Union Co., Pa. to Lyon Co., Kans., and five years later moved to Missouri and three years ago they with their son Joe moved to Harvey Co., Kans., at which place she died. Her daughter, Mrs. Ezra King of DeGraff, O., was by her bedside when she died. Funeral services were conducted at the Pennsylvania Church by John W. Weaver and T.M. Erb. Text, I Cor. 15:53.

Brenneman - John L. Brenneman was born near Edom, Va., Oct. 24, 1821; died near Elida, O., Sept. 4, 1911; aged 89 y. 10 m. 11 d. Elizabeth Kellar, his first wife, died Feb. 27, 1886, at the age of 57. They were married Oct. 16, 1845. To this union were born 11 children, 10 of whom survive. There are 45 grandchildren living and 7 dead; 3 great-grandchildren living and 2 dead; 1 brother and 4 half-brothers and 2 half-sisters living. He moved with his parents from Virginia to Fairfield Co, O., in 1828. After his marriage he moved in June 1848, to the farm occupied at the time of his death. At that time the farm was a dense forest, but hard labor and industry and the faithful co-operation of his family it has been converted into a pleasant home. He united with the Mennonite Church in early life and has been loyal to the Church and firmly established in her faith and doctrines to the end. In Jan., 1893 he married his second wife, Sister Elizabeth (Shank) Brenneman, who survives him. Thus ends another long and eventful life, and while Bro. Brenneman's life was not entirely faultless, yet through the grace of God in which he trusted we mourn not as those who have no hope, but can sing with grateful hearts.
Oh, the hope , the blissful hope,
Which Jesus' grace has given,
The hope when days and years are past,
We all may meet in heaven.
Buried Sept. 13, in the Salem cemetery in the presence of a large concourse of relatives and friends. Services by Christian Good and J. M. Shenk.

Transcribed by Linda Hartman, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume IV, Number 26 - September 28, 1911, p. 415, 416

Wideman - Magdalena Wideman, widow of the late Christian Wideman was born Apr. 2, 1828 in Dun Twp., Haldiman Co., Ont.; died Aug. 16, 1911; aged 83 y. 4 m. 14 d. She was a patient suffferer for a considerable length of time, keeping her bed always for eight months or more. She bore all with Christian patience, longing to depart this life and be with Christ, which is far better, and when the Lord's appointed time came he called her to her eternal rest.
Mother, mother, how we miss thee,
Now thy place is vacant here;
But we will ever bear in memory,
That thou art happy over there.

Sperdgel - George L. Sperdgel was born in Swartz in faltz, Kurhesen, Germany, Apr. 18, 1849; died near Churchtown, Lancaster, Co., Pa., Sept. 11, 1911; aged 62 y. 4 m. 26 d. He arrived in New York May, 1858, in company with his parents, brothers, and sisters, who were affiliated with the Lutheran denomination. They immediately settled in Baltimore, Co. Md., where young George grew to manhood, then he settled in Berks Co., Pa, where he was married to Sister Nancy Hertzler, who preceded him to the spirit world nearly ten years ago. Several years after the death of his first wife he married a widow by the name of Sister Catherine Clymer who still survives to mourn his departure. He was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church, being seldom absent from services.
Funeral services were held at the Conestoga Church, conducted by J. W. Weaver and J. S. Mast. Interment at the Old Amish Mennonite cemetery located on the Smucker farm.

Kinsinger - Barbara E., daughter of Bro. Ananias and Sister Katie Kinsinger,was born May 10, 1895; died Sept. 15, 1911; aged 16 y. 4 m. 5 d. Barbara was sick only a few weeks, her sickness being peritonitis. She was dangerously ill, then later seemed to be on the road to recovery, but not long in that state till she grew worse and the death angel came and released her from pain, sickness, sorrow, trials, and temptations. She bore her sickness patiently and longed to to go home to glory, even waited for the time to come when she could go, realizing that her home with parents was very dear, but heaven far more precious. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church when 13 years old and rejoice to say that she was an obedient member. Hers was indeed a beautiful life. Her Christian warfare had merely begun, but God had something better for her than to remain a sinful world like this. But she being dead her life yet speaketh. She leaves to mourn her departure, father, mother, 2 brothers and 1 sister, also grandparents on both sides still living, and a large number of uncles, aunts and cousins.
Funeral services were held on Sunday, Sept. 17, at the West Union Church, where a very large concourse of friends had gathered to pay their last respects. Opening lesson for services were read by Bro. A. G. Yoder and sermon in German by Bro. Daniel Orendorf of Flanagan, Ill., from Psa. 92" 13, and in English by Bro. J. K. Yoder from Rom. 8:28, which was chosen by the departed one. Brial in cemetery 1 mile east of church. Peace to her ashes.


Transcribed by Linda Hartman, Indiana

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