Gospel Herald Obituaries - February, 1912

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Gospel Herald - Volume IV, Number 44 - February 1, 1912 - page 708

Petersheim.- Gideon Petersheim of Intercourse, Pa., departed this life Jan. 18, 1912, and was buried on the 20th. He was a devoted member of the Amish Mennonite Church from youth. A son who is married and a daughter survive and live on the home place. Services were conducted by Bro. Amos Esh and John Zook of Talmage.

Buchwalter.- Barbara Buchwalter was born in Lancaster, Pa., Sept. 2, 1832; died at the home of her daughter near Warren, O., Jan. 1, 1912; aged 79 y. 3 m. 29 d. She united with the Mennonite Church many years ago and remained a faithful member to the end.
Mar. 13, 1862, she was united in marriage with Henry Buchwalter, he having preceded her to the better home 11 years ago. This union was blessed with 9 children, 7 of whom survive to mourn the loss of a mother, beside 9 grandchildren, 2 brothers and 2 sisters and many friends.

Otto.- Jacob D. Otto was born in Germany, Feb. 5, 1827; died at Springs, Pa., Jan. 18, 1912; aged 84 y. 11 m. 13 d. He was married to Anna Bender. To this union were born 9 children. His companion and 2 children preceded him to the spirit world. He is survived by 7 children, 26 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. He was for many years a member of the Amish Mennonite Church and died happy in the faith. Funeral on Jan. 20, at the Casselman Church near Grantsville, Md., after which the body was laid to rest beside that of his wife in the cemetery nearby. Services at the house by J. B. Miller and at the church by Joel Miller, J. S. Miller and D. H. Bender.

Schrock.- Franklin Schrock was born in Howard Co., Ind., Apr. 13, 1887; died in Manistee Co., Mich., Jan. 13, 1912; aged 24 y. 9 m. He accepted the Lord Jesus at 16 and lived a consistent life until the death angel called him home. He was always willing to do what he could for the Lord. He was cheerful and had a smile for everyone. He was hurt when he was nine years old, and was crippled ever afterward. He suffered much pain but took it patiently, never complaining. He is missed in home, Sunday school and church. His death was easy. Funeral services conducted by George Deardarff. Text, Job 14:1, 2. Remains buried in cemetery near the Mennonite Church. Bro. and Sister Schrock have the sympathy of the all the neighbors and friends.
E. A. Bontrager.

Bender.- John Bender, Sr., was born near Marburg, Hesse Cassel, Germany, Oct. 12, 1831; died at Grantsville, Md., Jan. 16, 1912; aged 80 y. 3 m. 4 d. He came to this country in the early fifties and lived all his life near the place of his death. He was twice married. He is survived by 8 sons, J. J. and C. A. of Grantsville, Md., C. E., Oakland, Md., F. W. and J. H., Springs, Pa., S. O., Trafford, Pa., G. L., Elkhart, Ind., and D. H., Hesston, Kans. He also leaves behind 46 grandchildren. He was a lifelong member of the Amish Mennonite Church. He was always a zealous Christian and ready for the great change. Funeral on Jan. 20 at the Maple Glen Church. Services by J. S. Miller in German and J. B. Miller in English. Interment in the cemetery adjoining. All his sons were present at the funeral.

Oswald.--Joseph, son of Peter and Mary Oswald, was born near Fulda, Minn., Nov. 3, 1891; died at his home near Beemer, Nebr., Jan. 14, 1912; aged 20 y. 2 m. 11 d. Bro. Joseph was taken sick about 4 weeks before his death with throat trouble which soon terminated into diptheria. His condition was very serious for a time, after which there was a change for the better and it appeared as though he was recovering nicely. A few days previous to his death, when he suffered a relapse which proved to be fatal.
Bro. Joseph united with the A. M. Church of Beemer at the age of 16 years and was a member at the time of his death. He spent much of his time during his illness in reading the Word of God, and from evidence available we have the confidence that all is well with his soul. He leaves to mourn his departure his father, mother, 2 brothers, 5 sisters and many relatives and friends.
May his early departure be a loud call for us all, especially young people, that we be "also ready, for in such hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh."
The family being under quarantine at the time of his death, no funeral services could be held. Interment at Beemer Cemetery.
Transcriber's note: Diptheria is not a typo, that is the way it was spelled on the page.

Peachy.- Nancy, oldest daughter of Christian and Elizabeth Peachy, was born in Logan Co., O., Oct. 28, 1885; died at her home in West Liberty, O., Jan. 6, 1912; aged 26 y. 2 m. 8 d.
Nannie was a young lady with a beautiful character. She was of a very quiet, gentle, loving disposition, and won the high esteem and friendship of all who knew her. She was ever ready to help those who needed her, and it can be well said of her, "she lived a life of service for others." But her work here on earth is finished, her Lord had need of her, and while her friends lay wrapt in slumber He summoned her to "Come up higher," and be with him and her loved ones gone before.
Nannie united with the Amish Mennonite Church at the age of 24, and was a faithful member until death.
During her illness she was always patient, kind, and gentle, never wanting anyone to wait on her, or in any way to be a care to them. She leaves to mourn their loss a widowed mother, 4 brothers, 3 sisters, and a host of friends. A brother preceded her in death 3 years ago, and her father but 6 months. Shall we mourn? Ah, no! Though the parting may seem hard to bear, we feel that our loss is her eternal gain.
"Her place in the home is vacant,
Her voice is heard no more,
Yet we hope again to meet her,
On the blissful, evergreen shore."
Funeral services at South Union Church, Monday afternoon, conducted by Bro. S. E. Allgyer, assisted by Bro. J. P. Bontrager. Interment in South Union Cemetery.

Lehman.- Elizabeth Lehman, (nee Christophel), wife of Samuel Lehman, deceased, was born in Bavaria, Germany, Mar. 18, 1832; died at the home of her son, Noah C. Lehman, near Pettisville, O., Jan. 16, 1912; aged 79 y. 9 m. 28 d. Sister Lehman came to America with her parents when she was about 11 years old. They settled in Mahoning Co., O., for several years, after which they moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., where she united in marriage with Samuel Lehman and moved near West Liberty, O., where they made their home until about 17 years ago; when Bro. Lehman's health began to fail, after which they made their home with their son, Noah C. Lehman, near Pettisville, O., with the exception of about three years, when they made their home with Abram C. Lehman near Wakarusa, Ind. Sister Lehman came to her death by accidentally falling down the cellar stairs, dying about 11 hours thereafter, never regaining consciousness. Her husband preceded her in death by a little over 5 years. She was the mother of 3 sons and 1 daughter. One son and the daughter preceded her in death. She leaves to mourn their loss 2 sons, 10 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. Sister Lehman became a member of the Amish Mennonite Church (Old Order) in her young days, of which body she remained a faithful member until her death.
Funeral services were held Jan. 18, by E. L. Frey and H. Rychner. Text, Psa. 39:4 and Jas. 4:14.

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume IV, Number 45 - February 8, 1912 - page 723, 724

Conrad.- Peter Conrad was born in Butler Co., O., Apr. 29, 1849; died in Henry Co., Ia., Jan. 23, 1912. In 1876 he was united in marriage to Josephine Gerig. To this union were born 3 sons and 1 daughter, the daughter preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves 3 sons, 1 brother, and 1 sister. Services were conducted by Bro. S. Gerig and Bro. D. Graber in the Sugar Creek Cemetery.

Redcay.- Clyde M, son of Bro. Edwin G. and Sister Lizzie (Myer) Redcay, was born Mar. 8, 1911; died Jan. 19, 1912; aged 10 m. 11 d. Clyde was sick 5 days, suffering with meningitis. This precious flower has budded on earth to blossom in heaven. May the Lord comfort the bereaved parents who are mourning the loss of an only child. Funeral services were held Mellinger,s Church, Jan. 22, conducted by Bro. Sanford Landis.

Stouffer.- Susanna Stouffer died Jan. 24, 1912; aged 79 y. 2 m. 13 d. She was the wife of Christian Stouffer, who died several years ago. Since then she lived most of the time with her son Joel near Columbiana, O. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. She was buried on the 26th. Services were held at the Midway Church, conducted by the brethren, E. M. Detwiler and Allen Rickert. Text, Heb. 11:13; Rev. 2:10.

King.- Clara Mae, daughter of Bro. Ephriam and sister Bessie King, was born Dec. 4, 1910; died near Wellman, Ia., Jan. 1, 1912. Funeral was held at the East Union Church. Services were conducted by Bro. J. S. Shoemaker and Bro. Wm. Guengerich in English and Bro. Levi Miller in German. Text, Isa. 40:11. Interment in the cemetery near by. Little Clara,s well days were few, but now she is safe in the arms of Jesus where there is no pain or sorrow. The Lord comfort the bereaved parents.

Charles.- Harry, only son of Jacob Z. and Annie E. Charles, was born Aug. 31, 1880; died in La Junta, Colo., Dec. 27, 1912; aged 31 y. 3 m. 27 d. He was united with the Reformed Church early in life and was confirmed by J. L. Roush of the old Goshen-happen Church of Pennsylvania. He came to Colorado Dec. 7, 1910, for the benefit of his health, having consumption, and for a time seemed to be getting along well, until several weeks before his death he began growing worse until the morning of Dec. 27 when he quietly fell asleep in Jesus. He was united in marriage to Hannah Allebach Oct. 29, 1906. After coming in touch with the Mennonite people at the Sanitarium in Colorado he united with that Church and lived a consistent Christian life until death. Funeral services by Geo. Ross in La Junta, Colo., from John 14:2, which he had written in his own hand and framed it and hung it in his room where he and his friends could see it. After the funeral in La Junta his remains were shipped to Schwenksville, Pa., where they were laid away to await the coming of the Lord. May the Lord comfort the sorrowing friends.

Transcriber's note: The obituary states that Harry died Dec. 27, 1912, the obituary is in the Feb. 8, 1912 issue of Gospel Herald, so I presume that he died Dec. 27, 1911.

Miller.- Barbara S. Miller (nee Christner) was born in Holmes Co., O., Jan. 10, 1834; died Jan. 22, 1912; aged 78 y. 12 d. She was married to Solomon S. Miller Mar. 18, 1860. To this union were born 1 son and 7 daughters. Husband, 3 sons and 2 daughters preceded her to the spirit world. She lived as widow 31 y. 8 m. 17 d. She leaves 1 sister, 5 daughters, 1 step-son, 1 step daughter, 25 grandchildren and a host of friends. She was buried at the Walnut Creek A. M. Church, of which she was a faithful member. Services by M. A. Mast (Heb. 11:24) and S. H. Miller (Psa. 39:4, 5).

Birky.- Emma Katherine Birky, daughter of C. H. and Barbara Birky, was born June 23, 1883; died Dec. 25, 1911; aged 28 y. 6 m. 2 d., after an illness of one year of consumption. She was in bed and almost helpless for about six months. Although she suffered very much she was very patient and longed for the time she could go home to her Savior in whom she trusted. She was a member of the A. M. Church since quite young, and lived an earnest Christian life. She leaves her parents, 5 brothers and 3 sisters. She was buried on the 27th. Funeral sermon by Samuel Gerber, Tremont, Ill., and J. C. Birky and Dan Nafziger of Hopedale, Ill.

Wittrig.- Anna Wittrig (Maiden name Gascho), widow of Joseph Wittrig, died at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, C. H. Birkey, near Hopedale, Ill., Jan. 7, 1912, of pneumonia. Sh was taken sick on the day of the funeral of her grand-daughter, Emma Birky, and after an illness of two weeks she also went home; aged 87 y. 6 m. She was a member of the A. M. Church since her youth and remained faithful to the end. She leaves 5 sons, 4 daughters, and a large number of grandchildren, to mourn their loss, which is her gain. She was buried Jan. 9. Funeral sermons by J. C. Birky, Simon Litwiller and Dan Nafziger, all of Hopedale, Ill.

Transcriber's note: " Sh is not a typo, that is the way is was written on the page, it should be she. Birky is spelled two different ways, as Birky and Birkey.

Moseman.- Maria Moseman (nee Herr) was born in Bavaria, Germany, Feb. 25, 1831; died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. B. B. Lehman, at Lititz, Pa., Jan. 22, 1912; aged 80 y. 10 m. 27 d. She came to America at the age of 18 years and in the year 1855 was united in matrimony with Michael Moseman, who preceded her to the spiritual world 25 years. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth and was a faithful member until death. She leaves to mourn her departure 5 daughters, 1 son, 29 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon, with services at the Warwick Mennonite Church and interment in the Hammer Creek Cemetery.

High.- Bro. Joseph High, probably the oldest resident of South Cayuga Twp., passed away at his late residence one mile west of Wismer,s Corner on Dec. 28, 1911; aged 93 yrs. He died of heart failure. He was born in South Cayuga Twp., Lincoln Co., and was married in 1844 to Barbara Houser of Clinton Twp., moving at once to South Cayuga, where he resided 67 years. His wife died over 17 years ago. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for quite a number of years. He leaves to mourn their loss 3 daughters, 2 sons, 12 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. The funeral sermon was preached by A. B. Snyder of Waterloo. Text, Isa. 35:10. Lesson read from Rev. 7:9-17.

Engel.- Christian Engel was born in Rhinepraltz, Germany, July 16, 1818; died Jan. 17, 1912; aged 93 y. 6 m. 1 d. He emigrated to this country in 1846 and arrived at Monroe, Butler Co., O., and lived there till 1854, when he moved to Illinois and settled near Bloomington and has lived there ever since. He was married to Susan Miller Oct. 15, 1854. To this union were born 4 children. He leaves 3 sons and 17 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren to mourn his death. His wife died Jan. 17, 1861. In 1862 he was married again to Magdalene Ehrisman of near Morton. She died in May, 1880, and since then he lived with his son, John. He united with the Mennonite Church in his younger days and has been a faithful member ever since, very seldom missing his place in church when health permitted him to be present. He was blessed with remarkable health until the last few months when he was failing of old age. He was down in bed only a few hours before he was called away. It had been his desire that after his time to depart was here, he need not linger long. When the call came he quietly fell asleep in Jesus. The motto of his life always was to live right and live in peace.

Yoder.- Elizabeth Yoder was born Aug. 6, 1830; died at her home in Belleville, Pa., Jan. 20, 1912, at the ripe old age of 81 y. 5 m. 14 d. She was the widow of Bishop Samuel Yoder who died May 19, 1884, and will be remembered by many of our people as a man of more than ordinary power in his time. Of him it may be well said, "being dead yet he speaketh. This dear old mother in Israel seemed to enjoy good health until about a week before her death, which was caused by a severe cold developing into pneumonia. She usually filled her place in church and Sunday school in which she was much interested. As one would think it natural for one of her age, her mind seemed to be centered on heaven and heavenly things of which she would frequently speak. She was the mother of 7 children. Of these 2 preceded her to the spirit world. Five survive her, 3 from this place, and 2 living in North Dakota. Only one of these two were present at the funeral, which took place on Jan. 25, conducted by the home ministers who used as a basis for their remarks 23 Psalm in German and John 14:1, 2 in English. She was then laid to rest beside her husband where they are now only waiting for the trumpet to sound when they will be raised incorruptible never to die again.

Mother's Grave

Amid these quiet church yard shades,
I wander all alone;
While through the rustling leaves above,
The south winds sigh and morn.
One lonely grave from all the rest,
I seek among the trees,
And there with eyes bedimmed with tears
I sing upon my knees.

Zook.- Marvel P. Zook (Manbeck) died Jan. 19, 1912, at the home of Bro. Elam Kauffman in Lancaster Co., Pa., where she had gone about six months ago, and was employed as forelady in a shirt factory. Her death was caused by typhoid fever. Marvel had many friends in her home church and vicinity, whose hearts were saddened by her early and unexpected death, yet on the other hand all rejoice to know that her life gave a foundation for the hope that the peace that passes all understanding was her greatest joy. For some reason that her attendants could not account for the day before she died she was unusually happy. O what comfort to the bereaved. It seems like taking away the sting of death altogether. A few years ago Marvel, in company with another sister went to Scottsdale, Pa., spending about six months there. While there she was received by baptism into the Mennonite Church and remained a faithful worker until called away. Her tenderness of conscience and obedient, consistent life may well be remembered as points pointing out to others the pathway to heaven.
Aug. 10, 1910, she was married to Bro. L. E. Zook, who died just three months later. Her body was brought to her former home, Belleville, Pa., where funeral services were conducted which were largely attended. Her age was 23 y. 8 m. 21 d.

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume IV, Number 46 - February 15, 1912 - page 739, 740

Miller.- Peter M. Miller was born Aug. 15, 1870, near Mt. Hope, Ohio; died from the effects of an operation for appendicitis the day following the operation, Jan. 26, at Canton, Ohio; aged 21 y. 5 m. 11 d. He was a member of the A. M. Church. Funeral Jan. 29. Sermon in the German language by Bro. Abe Yoder and Bro. Sol Slabach.

Snyder.- Orpha Mae, daughter of Bro. Christian U. and Sister Mary E. Snyder, was born Oct. 5, 1911; died Jan. 10, 1912; aged 3 m. 5 d. She leaves to mourn her departure father, mother and two brothers. Services conducted by Albrecht Schiffler at the Mennonite Church near Roseland, Neb. "Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Brackbill.- Bro. Amaziah Brackbill of Vintage, Pa., fell asleep in Jesus on Saturday morning, Jan. 20, 1912; aged 64 y. 4 m. 18 d. He bore his sufferings patiently to the end. He was satisfied as God directed, and fully resigned to His will. He leaves to mourn his departure a widow, 4 sons and 3 daughters. Bro. Amos Hoover spoke at the house and Bro. C. M. Brackbill and Bro. John Senger at the church. Text, I Tim. 2:1-5.

Mast.- Mary Mast was born Feb. 15, 1905; died Jan. 28, 1912; aged 6 y. 11 m. 13 d. She leaves father, mother, a younger sister, an adopted brother and a host of relatives and friends. She was sick only about a day and a night. In the last hours she pointed to heaven. She was buried Jan. 30 at the A. M. Church of Walnut Creek. Services by M. A. Mast in German and J. P. Bontrager of Oregon, and S. H. Miller in English. Text, Rev. 22:20.

Helmuth.- Catherine Helmuth (nee Stutzman) was born Oct. 15, 1885, near Farmertown, Ohio; died near Sugarcreek, Ohio, Jan. 30, 1912; aged 56 y. 3 m. 15 d. She was united in marriage to Samuel Helmuth, Dec. 23, 1875. To them were born three sons and 3 daughters. One son preceded her to the spirit world in his youth. She united with the Mennonite Church (Old Order) in early life and remained a faithful member until the end of her earthly career.
Funeral services were conducted by the house minister, M. A. Coblentz, and J. A. Miller of Oklahoma, on Friday, Feb. 2, at the residence of C. H. Yoder, and buried at a private cemetery on the farm of Robert Yoder about one mile north of Shanesville.
J. M. H.

Good.- Fannie (Musser) Good was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Sept. 13, 1865; died Jan. 30, 1912; aged 46 y. 4 m. 17 d. On Dec. 23, 1883, she was united in marriage with Isaac S. Good, to which union were born three children, Elsie, Milo and Amy. She united with the Mennonite Church about 23 years ago. She was of a quiet and gentle disposition and lived a consistent Christian life to the end. Sister Good was a regular attendant in church services until her health failed her about three years ago. On Jan. 18 she had a stroke of paralysis, from which she did not recover. During her sickness she expressed her readiness to go. Her life was such that she is much missed in the home, in the church, and in the community. She leaves a sorrowing husband, one son and 2 daughters and an aged father. She was buried Feb. 2, in the Yellow Creek cemetery. Services conducted by David S. Yoder and J. W. Christophel. Texts, Num. 23:10; Phil. 1:21.

Sherman.- Myrtle, oldest daughter of Frank and Amanda Sherman, Briersburg, Va., died of croup, Jan. 17, 1912; aged 4 y. 10 m. 2 d. She was a very bright child and will be missed in the home, especially so since the family is yet limited in acquaintance in their new home in Fauquier County.
Text, Matt. 2:18.
"If He holds the keys of death and of the unseen world sees fit to remove these dear ones from us in their early days, let the remembrance of the story of Christ taking them up in His arms and blessing them comfort us; let it teach us that He has not forgotten ours. They have sweetly fallen asleep in Him, and will be the objects of His everlasting care and love, "for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
Elam Horst.

Ebersole.- Christian Ebersole was born in Franklin Co., Pa., Nov. 11, 1843; died from the effects of a paralytic stroke at his home in Strasburg, Va., Feb. 5, 1912; aged 68 y. 2 m. 23 d.
Bro. Ebersole united with the Mennonite Church in early life, and on Oct. 16, 1898, was ordained to the office of deacon in the Winchester district of the Virginia Conference- a sacred trust that he faithfully kept to the end of his life.
He leaves a sorrowing wife, one daughter, Mrs. P. C. Petry and her two little boys- only grandchildren of the deceased, one son, George, of Oklahoma City, Okla., and two brothers, Levi Ebersole of Tonawanda, N. Y. and Henry Ebersole, Clarence, N. Y.
Funeral services were held at the home of the deceased in Strasburg, Va., Feb. 7, by L. J. Heatwole, and J. M. Ryman. Text, Zech. 14:7. Interment in the cemetery at Stephen City, Va.

Herr.- Daniel D. Herr, of Lancaster Co., Pa., died shortly before noon, Jan. 29, 1912, from a stroke of paralysis. He was a member of the Mennonite Church since 1872. Aged 66 y. 11 m. 1 d. The deceased conducted the Fairview nurseries for many years and was an authority on matters horticultural. He is survived by his widow (maiden name, Adaline S. Harnish), 4 daughters, 12 grandchildren, a sister and a brother.
Funeral was held Thursday, Feb. 1, at 9 o,clock at the house which was conducted by Bro. Abram Herr and 10 o,clock the Millersville Mennonite Church which was conducted by Bro. Abram Herr, assisted by Bro. Daniel Lehman and Daniel Gish. Text, I Cor. 1:1-5. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.
Our father has gone home to the regions above,
So far from sorrow and pain;
To the land of the blest- the city of love,
Where he,ll never suffer again,
His wearied brow is now cold in death,
His gentle eyelids are closed,
His languid tongue is fore,er to us hushed:
We miss him, yes, we miss him so much.
By a close friend.

Shank.- Isaac S. Shank was born in Rockingham Co., Va., Feb. 23, 1863; died in Allen Co., Ohio, Feb. 2, 1912; aged 48 y. 11 m. 9 d. He was united in marriage with Rebecca J. Smith, April 12, 1883. To this union was born one son who was soon left without a mother. He married his second wife, Sophia E. Brenneman, daughter of Pre. C. B. Brenneman, Feb. 4, 1886. To this union were born 7 sons and 4 daughters, all living. He leaves to mourn his beloved wife, 12 children, 4 grandchildren, father and mother-in-law, 3 brothers, 2 sisters and many other relatives and friends. He was fully resigned to God,s will, though he had a desire to remain with his family where he was so much needed. At the same time he expressed a desire to depart and be with Christ, and gave good evidence that he had peace with God. A short time before he passed away, he said that he saw the angels. He had for many years been a faithful member of the Mennonite Church.
He came to Allen Co. soon after the death of his first wife, and this has been his home until he was taken to his reward. Though many hearts have been made sad by his death and he will be missed in the church, in the community and especially in his family, we are glad for the blessed hope of meeting again on the other shore. May we all prepare to go when the call comes. He was followed to his last resting place by many sympathizing friends. Buried at Salem, Feb. 6. Services conducted by Christian Good and Moses Brennneman from Phil. 1:23, 24.

Hunsberger.- Sister Catharine, wife of Jacob A. Hunsberger, of near Dublin, Pa., passed away suddenly, Jan. 30, 1912, at the age of 51 y. 8 m. 11 d. She is survived by her husband, one daughter, aged father and mother-in-law in the home, three sisters and two brothers. She was a sister in the Blooming Glen Mennonite Church. She was a good neighbor, and friend, highly esteemed by all who knew her. The sudden catastrophe that caused her death caused a severe shock to the community. While rendering lard her clothing caught fire and the whole room was soon ablaze. It was a miracle that the house was saved. Husband, father, and mother-in-law were there and made every effort to put out the flames by wrapping carpet and clothing around her, but to no avail. She was burned beyond recognition, making a heartrendering scene. Seven hours ended her suffering, being conscious to the end, conversing, instructing the family gathered around her bedside, and praying Jesus to take her home. Funeral service Feb. 3, conducted at the house by Bro. Peter Loux in German and Bro. Frank Swartz in English; at the Blooming Glen Church by Bish. Henry Rosenberger in German and Bro. Abraham O. Histand in English. Text, Amos 3:6.
"Our Kate has gone to the regions above,
So free from all sorrow and pain;
To the land of the blest, the city of love,
Where she never will suffer again.

"Her wearied brow is cold in death,
Her eyelids gently closed,
Her loving voice is forever hushed,
Her form is in sweet repose."
A sister.

Weldy.- John K. Weldy was born at Winesburg, Holmes Co., Ohio, March 7th, 1847, and died at Wakarusa, Ind., Feb. 4, 1912; aged 64 y. 10 m. 27 d. The immediate cause of his death was paralysis following heart trouble. He had been failing for some time, and was confined to his bed three weeks. He bore his affliction with patience.
He came with his parents to St. Joseph Co., Ind., in 1851. On Feb. 18, 1869, he was united in matrimony with Susanna Mumaw, of Winesburg, Ohio. To this union were born eleven children- George, Jacob S., Daniel S., Amos B., Silas, Martin, Ira, Homer, Walter, Elmer, and Ruth, all living in Elkhart Co., Ind. His companion also survives him.
Bro. Weldy accepted Christ and united with the Mennonite Church in May, 1870. He lived to see the desire of his heart- the acceptance of Christ by all of his children.
Funeral services were held at the Olive Church, Feb. 7, conducted by Brethren S. G. Shetler and David Yoder. Text, Job 14:14, 15.

Brenneman.- Waldo Emerson, son of William C. and Nancy Brenneman, was born in Johnson Co., Iowa, Apr. 7, 1908, and died Jan. 28, 1912; aged 3 y 9 m. 21 d. The cause of his death was pneumonia and complications. Those left to mourn his early departure are father, mother, one brother and one sister. It is hard for the parents to part with the dear little jewels, but as they realize that they now have two children beyond this vale of tears they can not help thanking God. Funeral services were held Jan. 30 at the East Union Church and were conducted by Bro. Christian Werey in German and Bro. D. J. Fisher in English. Text, II Kings 4:6. Interment in the cemetery near by.

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume IV, Number 47 - February 22, 1912 - page 754, 755

Bare.- Infant son of Bro. and Sister Mahlon Bare was born Jan. 15, 1912; died Feb. 5, 1912. Funeral services at the Pleasant Valley Church conducted by Bro. J. P. Berkey. Interment in Pleasant Valley Cemetery.

Ruppert.- Edna, daughter of Bro. Isaac Ruppert, died of brain fever Jan. 19, 1912, in Hallman Twp., York Co., Pa.; aged 9 m. 6 d. Funeral was held at Stony Brook, Pa. Services by Theo. B. and Joseph S. Forry and John W. Weaver.

Gehman.- Jennie, child of Garson and Emma Gehman died Feb. 9, 1912; aged 28 d. Services on the 11th by Henry Good in German and N. B. Bowman in English. Interment in the Bowmansville graveyard. Peace to her ashes.

Horst.- Sister Mary, widow of David Horst, near Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., died Feb. 7, 1912; aged 86 y. 4 m. 6 d. The funeral was held the Crossroads M. H. on Sunday, Feb. 11, by Bish. Henry Hoffer and Eli Engle from Isa. 10:11. Her death was caused by the infirmities of old age.

Roth.- Clayton, infant son of Bro. and sister Emma Roth was born July 13, 1912; died Feb. 8, 1912; aged 6 m. 26 d. He leaves to mourn his departure, father and mother. He has budded on earth to blossom in heaven. Services were conducted by the brethren Jacob Stauffer and Wm. Schlegel at the East Fairview Church near Milford, Nebr.

Transcriber's note: Obituary says born July of 1912. Age is not correct for dates given.

Baker.- Bro. Mathias Baker died Feb. 3, 1912, in Manchester, York Co., Pa., of a complication of diseases. He had heart, stomach and kidney trouble, also dropsy, then gangrene set in before he died. He suffered intense pain. He was baptized and received into church fellowship Dec. 13, 1911, by Bish. Abram B. Herr. He lingered until Feb. 3, when he calmly fell asleep in Jesus. Funeral text, Rev. 14:13. He was buried in the Union Cemetery. Services by Theo. B. Forry and S. L. Stauffer.

Kauffman.- Elizabeth (Auker) Kauffman, widow of the late Enoch Kauffman, died Jan. 27, 1912; aged 77 y. 4 m. 2 d. She was formerly of Millerstown, Pa., but of late years made her home with her son Jos. E. Kauffman of Chambersburg, Pa. She was a faithful sister in the Old German Baptist Church. On Tuesday they took her remains to Thompsontown, Juniata Co., and thence to the old Auker family graveyard. She was a sister of Bish. Wm. Auker and is survived by one sister, Susanna Weaver of Lancaster Co., Pa., and one brother, Isaiah Auker at Blosserville, Cumberland Co., Pa.

Bachman.- Elizabeth Bachman died Jan. 12, 1912, near Fontana, Pa., aged 83 y. 11 m. 14 d. She was the last of the family and was "Aunt Betsy" to a large circle of friends. She had dropsy for some years but was able to attend to her household duties and died suddenly while sitting in her chair. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. She leaves 2 sons. Her husband, a son and a daughter preceded her many years ago. Funeral services on the 15th at Gingerich,s Church, conducted by the home ministers. Text, in English, II Tim. 4:6-8; in German, John 17:24.

Allan.- Jane Allen was born May 12, 1854, in Pennsylvania; died Feb. 10, 192; aged 57 y. 8 m. 28 d. In the year 1873 she married Hiram Allen who preceded her to the spirit world Nov. 10, 1893. To this union 10 children were born, 4 of whom are living. Besides the children she leaves 5 grandchildren, 1 brother and 3 sisters to mourn her departure. In Dec. 1911, she saw the need of a Savior, was received into the Mennonite Church and from then on she awaited her call to a better land where she would be free from suffering and sorrow.
Funeral at the Olive Church near Elkhart, Ind. Text, John 14:1-3.
D. A. Yoder.
Transcriber's note: Allen is spelled as Allan and Allen in the obituary.

Hershey.- Elmer, son of Bro. and Sister Amos Hershey of Intercourse, Pa., was instantly killed by a fast train on the Penna. R. R. He was coming home from the Paradise Mennonite Church where a series of meetings are bring held. As he crossed the tracks of the P. R. R. his horse shied at an approaching train and before he had cleared the tracks, the train struck his horse and carriage, killing him and the horse.
The funeral took place Feb. 14, at the Hershey Church. Father, mother, 5 sisters and 1 brother survive to mourn his early death. Elmer was an applicant for baptism and church membership at the time of his death.
Noah H. Mack.

Ebersole.- Kate, wife of Pre. Jacob Ebersole, died Jan. 22, 1912, near Annville, Pa., aged 47 y. 4 m. 14 d. She was sick six weeks of a complication of diseases and suffered much, but was resigned to God,s will and bore it patiently. She was faithful and her place was never vacant in church if health would permit. She will be sadly missed in the church and home. She leaves her husband, 3 sons and 3 daughters. Three of them have confessed their Savior and her wish and prayer was that the others would be willing to live for their Master. She had selected her text, Matt. 5:3, also hymn 144, "My heavenly home." Funeral on the 25th. Services and burial at Dohner,s Church. Sermon in German by Bro. John Ebersole, and English by Bro. Hiram Kauffman.

Clapp.- Mrs. Mary S. Clapp died at the Old People,s Home near Rittman, O., Feb. 8, 1912; aged 77 y. 9 m. 6 d. She came to the Home Apr. 19, 1907, and during her short stay at the Home she made many friends. Although she was weak in body not being able to walk for many years, yet she was strong in mind and in faith in a living Savior. At an early hour on Sunday morning the inmates of the Home and a few others gathered in the meeting rooms of the home, where a short service was held by Bish. Amstutz, using the text found in II Tim. 4:7, after which the superintendent accompanied the body to Chatham, Medina Co., Ohio, where funeral services were held in the Congregational Church by her former pastor, from Eccl. 12:7, after which she was buried beside her husband.

Hershey.- Barbara Hostetter was born near Manheim, Pa., Aug. 28, 1811; died at Millersville, Pa., Jan. 27, 1912; aged 100 y 4 m. 29 d. She was a daughter of Bishop Jacob Hostetter and the last surviving member of a family of 12 children. She was married to Joseph Hershey, who died 57 years ago. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church many years.
There remain to mourn their loss, 2 sons: Ephriam and Joseph, and one daughter, Esther, wife of R. M. Kauffman with whom she resided 24 years previous to her death. One son and one daughter preceded her to the spirit world.
The funeral was held Jan. 30 at the Millersville Mennonite Church by Daniel Gish at the home and Daniel Lehman, Jacob Brubacher and Abram Herr at the Church. Interment in cemetery adjoining.

Bowman.- On Feb. 9, 1912, Katie, child of Joseph and Isabella Bowman, died of prolonged illness due to a tumor; aged 3 y. 6 m. 15 d. She was operated upon last summer and it gave a little relief, but she grew worse and on Feb. 9 fell asleep without a struggle. Katie was a very bright child and fond of singing, "We are going down the valley" and "Safe in the arms of Jesus" were some of her favorites and these she sang the evening before she died. The funeral was held on Feb. 12. Services conducted by N. B. Bowman in English and Bish. Benj. Weaver in German. Interment in the Bowmansville graveyard. She is survived by 2 sisters, parents, many friends who miss dear Katie, yet would not wish her back. She had a desire to depart this life and meet her Savior. Rest to her soul.

Sutter.- Magdalena Sutter, nee Murer, wife of John Sutter deceased, was born Dec. 29, 1867; died Feb. 5, 1912; aged 14 y. 1 m. 7 d. She lived in matrimony 23 years and 2 days. To this union were born 15 children, 3 preceded her to the spirit world beyond. She leaves a sorrowing husband, 6 sons, 6 daughters, father, 5 brothers, 4 sisters, friends and neighbors to mourn her early departure, but not as such who have no hope. She was a kind and loving mother, always faithful and true. Death resulted from apoplexy, her sudden death being quite a shock to the community. May her death be a loud call for us that we may also be ready, for in such an hour as we think not the Son of man will come. Funeral services at the Fairview Church, Feb. 6, by Bros. Jos. Schrock and C. R. Gerig. Text, Rev. 7:9-12 and Isa. 3:10.

Transcriber's note: Arithmetic incorrect - The age is probably 44, instead of "aged 14".

Clemens.- Samuel, son of Bro. and Sister John Clemens, died Jan. 25, 1912, at their home near Mainland, Pa., aged 2 m. 25 d. The child was unusually happy the day previous and at midnight fell into spasms and lingered only about 4 hours. This is the fourth child the young parents have buried, having four children remaining. Funeral services were conducted by Christian Allebach at the home and at the Mennonite Church at Towamencin by Jos. Ruth. Text, Luke 18:17. Interment was made in the adjoining graveyard.

Samuel in God's Temple
"Young Samuel, in his infant day,
Was carried to the house of God;
Early he learned his Maker,s praise,
While in his holy courts he trod.
To him, while in his childish years,
The Lord, his God, Himself made known,
And told in little Samuel,s ear,
The thing that shortly should be done,
That Samuel (highly favored child)
Would be a prophet, Israel knew,
For all his sayings were fulfilled,
And every word he spake was true.
Then let us be like Samuel, still,
Ready to listen to the Lord;
For God can yet Himself reveal,
To children in His Holy Word."
By a Friend.

Grant.- James B. Grant was born Jan. 6, 1847. He was taken, when 18 months old, as a helpless waif and adopted by Sister Nancy Christner, who died in Elkhart about 7 years ago. For a time he lived with his foster-mother on a farm but not being adapted to that kind of work, the farm was sold and they took up their residence in Nappanee, Ind., where he turned cobbler and tried to make his living by mending shoes and harness. About 12 years ago they came to Elkhart, where "Jimmy," as he was familiarly called, spent his days to the time of his death. When they came to Elkhart Sister Christner invested her little means in a house and lot and "Jimmy" continued to work at mending shoes until he had paid in full the mortgage amounting to about a thousand dollars, and at the time of his death he had the home clear, a small balance in bank with several hundred dollars on interest. He was converted during a revival service in the Mennonite Church and united with that Church, but through an unfortunate marriage alliance he became separated from the Church. He possessed many noble traits of character. He was a man of few words, but his words were prompted by sincerity and truth, and his promise was as good as his bond. He was of a peaceable disposition, never laid a straw in any one,s way, and his kind, unassuming life gained for him many friends. On Feb. 1st he was found in his home, where he had been living alone since the death of his foster-mother, sick, and was at once removed to Clarke Hospital, where every attention was given him until the Lord called him, and he died the same evening, Feb. 1, 1912; aged 65 y. 24 d. Funeral services were conducted at the Mennonite meeting house in Elkhart on Sunday, Feb. 4, by John F. Funk from Rev. 14:13. A large number of friends were present to pay the last tribute of respect to his memory. Peace to his ashes.
J. F. F.

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume IV, Number 48 - February 29, 1912 - page 771

Leichty.- Mary Esther, infant daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Leichty, of Drake, Sask., Can., was born Jan. 6, 1912; died Jan. 15; aged 9 days. The brother and sister have our heartfelt sympathy. Funeral services were held at the North Star Mennonite Church, in German by John Gehrbrandt, text, I Sam. 20:3; in English by E. S. Hallman. Text at house Job 1:21, at the church, Job. 14:12.

Miller.- Philip Miller was born in the village of Necobishofhaim, Germany, Dec. 12, 1821, and came to America in March, 1852; died Jan. 15, 1912. In 1860 he and his wife, Margaret Miller, united with the Mennonite congregation at Dolyestown, Pa., and he remained a faithful member until he was removed by death. He was an esteemed and beloved brother in the congregation whereof he was a member, and was respected by all who knew him for his uprightness and industrious life. His remains were laid to rest Jan. 19 in the Doylestown Mennonite burying ground. His age was 90 y. 1 m. 3 d. The funeral services were conducted by David L. Gehman in German and Abraham O. Histand in English. Text, Rev. 14:3. He leaves an aged widow and 2 sons and 2 daughters. To mourn the loss of a kind husband and father, but they sorrow not as those that have no hope. He died in peace. Peace be to his ashes.
A brother.

Barnes.- Henry Barnes was born in England, Jan. 26, 1828, died at his home, 602 Covington St., Youngstown, Ohio, Feb. 9, 1912; aged 84 y. 14 d. Bro. Barnes came to this country in 1871. He became a member of the Mennonite Church at the age of 82, in which church he was a faithful member till death. While the departed was totally blind and almost deaf, he neverless grew stronger and stronger spiritually. His life was a source of inspiration to all who met him, and especially to the mission workers. The Sunday just prior to his death he told his wife that is growing sweeter and sweeter all along the way. He is survived by his wife who is 78 and also very deaf and nearly blind. Also 4 sons and 2 daughters.
The funeral was held Feb. 12, at the home of the deceased and was conducted by Bro. A. J. Steiner, who used the text selected by Sister Barnes, Matt. 24:44: "Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh."
T. K. Hershey.

Halcraft.- Tobias B. Halcraft was born in Switzerland Co., Ind., Mar. 28, 1843; died Feb. 14. 1912; aged 68 y. 10 m. 16 d. He has been a resident of Camden Co., Mo., since 1886. He was married on Sept. 2, 1887, To Rhoda J. Solon. To this union were born 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls, of which all except 1 daughter survive him.
He was converted in his 40th year, uniting with the Primative Baptist Church in which he was brought up. He later united with the Missionary Baptists where he held his membership until some months before his death. Being an earnest, sincere follower of the Word, he has for several years been wrestling with the doctrine of separation from the world which he found to his sorrow was not seriously considered in the church of his choice. After earnest appeal to his home congregation to separate themselves from secret orders and declaring his purpose to stand by the Word, he was compelled to sever his relation with the Church. About 10 days before his death he united with the Mennonite Church at Carver, Mo., expressing himself, that after prayerful consideration, he was one in faith and desired to labor for the cause with those at this place. But the Lord saw fit to call our dear brother home. He was taken with pneumonia, and passed away Feb. 14. He seemed to have often looked forward to the time of his departure and had expressed some of his desires with regard to funeral arrangements.
He leaves many friends and a record of piety which beckons others to follow. Funeral services at the home Feb. 15, conducted by the writer from the text, Psa. 17:15. Buried in the cemetery in the community.
J. R. Shank.

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana

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