Gospel Herald Obituaries - August, 1913

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Gospel Herald - Volume VI, Number 19 - August 7, 1913 - page 303

Thomas. On the 19th of July, near Holsopple, Pa., Ruth, infant daughter of Bro. Amos and Sister Fannie Thomas. Funeral services were conducted at the home by Bro. L. A. Blough. Buried in the cemetery near the Blough Church.

Raw. - Fredericka Raw was born Feb. 9, 1836; died July 29, 1913; aged 77 y. 5 m. 20 d. She had been an inmate of the Old People's Home, Ohio, for about eight years, also a member of the Mennonite Church, and had a strong desire to go to her heavenly home for a number of weeks. Her death was caused by dropsy and at times her sufferings were intense. We trust she is sweetly resting in that beautiful place "not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." Funeral by D. C. Amstutz.

Burkholder. - Elizabeth Hoover, relict of the late Christian Burkholder, died at the home of her son, Noah, near Cherrywood. Ont., July 22, 1913, at the ripe old age of 84 years. She was for many years a staunch member of the Mennonite Church. Several months ago she broke her arm, from which she partially recovered, and about a week before her death she was taken with a stroke and gradually sank until death relievd [sic] her. This sister lived to be great, great, great aunt to a number of children. The funeral took place on July 25 at the Reesor Church, where a large number of relatives and friends assembled. The service was conducted by Bishop Christian Reesor in German and Pre. J. A Moir in English. Texts, Psa. 39:5, 6, and II Cor. 5:1.

Yoder. - Sister Barbara Yoder, wife of Bro. Alpheus Yoder, died at the home of her parents, Bro and Sister H. P. Pletcher, five miles west of New Paris, Ind., July 23, 1913. She was born in Wood Co., Ohio, Mrach [sic] 7, 1866. She came with her parents to Elkhart Co., Ind., in 1882, where she united with the Mennonite Church in 1891 and lived true to her Christian faith to the close of her earthly life. In 1893 she was united in marriage with Bro. Alpheus Yoder. To this union were born 4 children-two of whom have preceded her in death. She leaves her husband, 2 children, Eva and Glen, father, mother, 4 sisters and 2 brothers to mourn their loss. Funeral was held on the afternoon of July 25, conducted by Bro. John Bare at the home and Bro. Paul E. Whitmer at the Yellow Creek Church.

Schultz. - Joseph Schultz was born Sept. 19, 1838, in Waterloo Co., Can. He was married May 27, 1860, to Fannie Littwiller, who survives him. To this union were born 5 sons and 6 daughters, 2 having preceded him to the spirit world. He had 56 grandchildren, 17 having gone on before, and 5 great-grandchildren. He died July 18, 1913, at the home of his daughter, Lizzie, after a lingering illness of about 4 months. His age was 74 y. 9 m. 29 d. Funeral services were held Sunday, July 20, at the Pigeon River Church by Bro. Peter Ropp of the Berne Church in German assisted by Bro. J. N. Pannebacker of Elkton, Mich., in English. Texts, Phil. 1:21, 23; II Cor. 5:1. Internment in the cemetery near by. He was a member of the Mennonite Church at Berne and was faithful to the end. May we all be found faithful as this brother was that when the Lord calls us we may be ready to go. "For in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh." May God comfort the bereaved ones.

Transcribed by Betty Ann Tyson, Massachusetts


Gospel Herald - Volume VI, Number 20 - August 14, 1913 - page 319

Hochstetler. - Daniel J. Hochstetler was born March 21, 1842, in Elkhart Co., Ind.; died May 3, 1913, in Lagrange Co., Ind.; aged 71 y. 1 m. 12 d. On March 14, 1867, he was united in matrimony with Barbara C. Miller. In 1874 he was ordained to the ministry; in this office he served God and the Church faithfully to the end. Funeral services were conducted by William Yoder, Eli Bontrager, and Manasses Bontrager.

Becher. - Jonas Becher was born Sept. 12, 1840; died July 9, 1913; aged 72 y. 9 m. 3 d. He was married to Mary Graber in the year 1863, which union was blessed with 12 children. His companion died 9 years ago and 2 children also died in infancy and preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves to mourn his departure 1 sister, 5 sons, 5 daughters, 6 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. Bro. Becher was a consistent member of the Amish Mennonite church until called to his reward. Funeral services at the Beach Church by J. A. Liechty in English and J. Sommer in German. Texts, Job 14:10-12; Heb. 11:10.

Detweiler. - Abigail Bechtel, relict of the late Enoch R. Detweiler, was born near Pottstown, Montgomery Co., Pa., Oct. 8, 1821. At the age of 7 years she came with her parents to Waterloo Co., Ont. In the year 1842 she entered the bonds of holy matrimony and lived 32 years in that state. In 1874 her husband died, after which she raised her family alone, living in widowhood for 39 years. She had 5 sons and 5 daughters. Her husband and 1 daughter preceded her to the spirit world. She was a devoted Christian and a faithful member of the Mennonite church. She died in the city of Berlin on July 23, 1913. Funeral on the 26th. Short service at the home of her son-in-law, D. S Huber, thence to the Detweiler Church, Roseville, for service and interment. Service by Noah Stauffer from Joh 5:26. Aged 91 y. 9 m 15 d.

Berkey. - Daniel C. Berkey was born in Starke Co., O., June 2, 1841; died at his home in Middlebury, Ind., July 27, 1913; aged 72 y. 1 m. 25 d. He came to Indiana with his parents when 15 years of age. In 1867 he was married to Lydia Kauffman, to which union were born 2 children, all of them having passed to the beyond. In 1910 he was united in matrimony to Sister Anna Mary Eash with whom he lived until his death. He has been a faithful member of the Mennonite church for many years. His seat in church was seldom vacant. On Sunday, July 27, he attended both morning and evening services, returned home and in less than an hour was found dead, supposedly from heart failure. The news of his death was a great shock to his many friends and neighbors. But we feel that our loss is his gain. Funeral services were conducted from the Mennonite Church in Middlebury on July 20 by Bros. D. J. Johns and S. S. Yoder from II Tim. 4:6-8.

Lantz. - Rufus S., son of David and Sarah Lantz, ws born in Champaign Co., O., July 5, 1853; died July 14, 1913; aged 60 y. 9 d. When a child he moved with his parents to St. Joe Co., Mich. When a young man he went west living in different localities. Of late years his home was in Nevada. About a year ago, on account of failing health he went to southern California, and about two months before his death he came back to Indiana, where he died at the home of his brother near Middlebury, as a result of heart trouble and complications. At the age of twenty, he united with the Amish Mennonite Church. Although living away from his home church, he read and cherished his Bible, wherein he had faith and full confidence in the salvation of his soul. His kind and noble character won him friends wherever he went. He always shunned evil companions, preferring rather to be alone, than in company of questionable characters. He leaves 2 brothers, 3 sisters, and other relatives to mourn his departure, his parents having preceded him a few years ago. The funeral was preached at the Forks Church by S. S. Yoder and D. D. Miller. Interment in the Maple Grove Cemetery near Topeka, Ind.

Knechtel. - At his home in Berlin, Ont., July 10, 1913, Daniel L. Knechtel, aged 67 y. 8 m. The funeral took place on Sunday July 13. A short service was held at the house by Urias Weber, after which the funeral proceeded to the Latchar Church and burying place near Mannheim for services and interment. The services at the church were conducted by Moses C. Bowman in German (Text, Psa. 39:4: "Lord make me to know my end") and in English by Manasseh Hallman (Text, Eccl. 12:5, 7: "Man goeth to his long home. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.") Bro. Knechtel leaves to mourn their loss a wife, 5 children, and 20 grandchildren. He has been a faithful member of the Church for many years, taking a great interest in all branches of church work, and seldom being absent from the services until failing health compelled him to remain at home.

"A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled:
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled.
God in His wisdom has recalled,
The boon His love had given;
And though the body moulders here
The soul is safe in heaven."

Umble. - Benjamin Franklin Umble was born Feb. 16, 1856, near Gap, Pa.; died July 30, 1913; aged 57 y. 5 m. 14 d. He was the second son of Jacob and Barbara Umble On Dec. 11, 1879, he was married to Nancy B., daughter of Christian and Lydia Stoltzfus, residing near Kelly Point, Pa. Here they lived until 1885 and then moved to Lyon Co., Kans. After a six years' residence in the West they returned to Champaign Co., O., and have lived in the vicinity of Mt. Tabor and West Liberty for the past 22 years.
Eight children were born to their union. Five are still living: John, Glen, Myrtle, Floyd and Fern. Three preceded their father to the other side and are buried at Hartford, Kans: Christie, Frankie, and an infant son. He leaves 3 brothers and 2 sisters: John A. and Isaac, Bird-in-Hand, Pa.; Mrs. E. E. Allgyer and Jacob, West Liberty, O., and Mrs. Jacob Mellinger, Ronks, Pa.
It is unnecessary to say much of Bro. Frank's life to his neighbors and friends. It has spoken for itself and it has spoken well. He had a rare faculty for making friends and was a friend of everyone. There are very few but remember some act of cheerful and unselfish kindness that he did. We shall all miss his valuable advice, his helpful hand and kindly smile.
His life in his home, too, was particularly beautiful and sweet, and never showed to better advantage than when with members of the family gathered about in the evening, he discussed the events of the day or planned the work of the morrow, or when in the morning the family assembled for worship he prayed an especial blessing upon his helpmate and each of the children in turn.
He took an almost passionate interest in the work of the church, especially of the Sabbath school and one of his greatest cares as well as one of his greatest joys was teaching a class of boys, "his boys," he always called them.
Funeral services were held at the Oak Grove Church, Friday, at 3 o'clock, where a very large concourse of people assembled. Services by Bro. S. E. Allgyer, assisted by Bros. C. H. Byler and J. J. Warye. Interment in the Hooley Cemetery.

Transcribed by Betty Ann Tyson, Massachusetts


Gospel Herald - Volume VI, Number 21 - August 21, 1913 - page 335

Gehman. Samuel G. Gehman was born Sept. 7, 1860, in Berks Co., Pa.; died Aug. 6, 1913, in Berks Co., Pa.; aged 52 y. 10 m. 9 d. Funeral, Aug. 10, at Allegheny, Pa. His widow, 2 sons and 1 daughter survive him. Services by Bro. Benjamin Weaver and Jonas Martin. He was a member of the Wisler branch of Mennonites, a man of a quiet, unassuming disposition and had many warm friends. His funeral was largely attended by all classes of people and it showed that he was held in high esteem.

Lehman. Sister Elizabeth Lehman died at the home of her son-in-law, Frank Orris, of Windber, Pa.; aged 88 y. 9 m. 4 d. She leaves a brother, David Weaver of Indiana, 2 daughters in Michigan and 1 in Pennsylvania to mourn her departure. She was for many years a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. The funeral took place at the Weaver Church where a large number of relatives and friends assembled. The services were in charge of Bro. S. G. Shetler. Text, Acts 9:37.

Miller. George E. Miller was born Nov. 24, 1894; died at the home of his parents near Wellman, Ia., Aug. 2, 1913; aged 18 y. 10 m. 8 d. George united with the West Union Amish Mennonite congregation at the age of 16 years and remained faithful until death. Funeral services were held Monday, Aug. 4, at the West Union Church conducted by Sanford C. Yoder (Text, Eccl. 12:1), assisted by W. S Guengerich and J. K. Yoder in English and Jacob S. Yoder of the Lower Deer Creek congregation in German. Text, Jno. 5:24-30. Buried in the cemetery one mile east of the church.

Zook. Catharine (Oswald) Zook was born Sept. 9, 1836; died July 25, 1913; aged 76 y. 10 m 16 d. She was married to Eli Zook March 25, 1862, and lived in matrimony 57 y 4 m. To this union 3 boys were born One preceded her to the heavenly home. They lived for a while in Fairfield Co., O. She was not so well for the last few years. She leaves to mourn her departure, husband, 2 sons; and a host of friends. She was a faithful member of the Walnut Creek Amish Mennonite Church and was buried at Walnut Creek A. M. Cemetery. Services by S. H. Miller of the home church and C. Z. Yoder of Wayne, Co., O. Text, Isa. 66:13.

Zook. Nona E., daughter of Willis and Emma Funk, was born near Creston, O., July 11, 1886. On Christmas Day, 1912 she was wedded to Abner D. Zook for whom she was an efficient help-meet, encouraging and assisting him in his work. But in seven short months typhoid fever claimed her as one of its victims and on the morning of Aug. 4, 1913, her spirit went home to God.
Nona was a conscientious Christian, a member of the Church of the Brethren since early youth. We feel that she has but gone before and is waiting for us in the better land. Funeral services were held Aug. 6, conducted by - Henderson and I. W. Royer.

Gerig. Benjamin Gerig was born in Frostett, France, Nov. 11, 1842; died at his late residence near Smithville, Ohio, Aug. 4, 1913; aged 70 y. 9 m. 3 d. He emigrated to this country in 1860 at the age of 17. On June 12, 1862, he united in wedlock with Lydia Schrock who was born and reared on the farm of said residence where they lived together for nearly 50 years, when mother died Apr. 4, 1911. To this union were born 5 sons and 5 daughters, all of whom survive their parents, save one, Caroline, who died in November, 1897. There have been 26 grandchildren born, all of which are yet alive.
In his youth he accepted his Savior and united with the A. M Church before coming to America. On May 6, 1895, he was ordained minister by the church of his choice and on May 3, 1896, he was ordained to the office of bishop, in which capacity he served faithfully until God called him higher and he quietly and peacefully passed into the great beyond. He was very sympathetic and much interested in the welfare of his members.
He was a kind and loving husband and affectionate father, and as a neighbor he was always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. He was generous and kind to the poor who sought his advice and counsel, always sociable and hospitable to strangers, and during his affliction he so very much appreciated the many visits of friends and neighbors who came to see him. On Aug. 7 his remains were laid away in the Oak Grove Cemetery, his funeral being unusually large.

Transcribed by Betty Ann Tyson, Massachusetts


Gospel Herald - Volume VI, Number 22 - August 28, 1913 - page 351

Habecker. Allen B. Habecker was born May 5, 1913, near Mountville, Pa.; died Aug. 15, 1913; aged 3 m. 10 d. He was a son of Bro. Amos C and Sister Barbara M. Habecker. Funeral services held Aug. 17 at Habecker's Church. Interment in cemetery adjoining. Services conducted by Bros. John K. Charles and D. N. Lehman. Text, II Kings 4:26, last clause.

Blough. Daisy Elizabeth Blough was born in Kent Co., Mich., Feb. 26, 1912; died Aug. 15, 1913; aged 1 y. 5 m. 20 d. Daisy was the youngest child of Harvey and Emma blough. She was sick only 5 days with cholera infantum. Funeral the 17th at the Bowne Mennonite Church by Jacob P. Miller. Text, II Kings 4:26. A large concourse of people were present to pay the last tribute of love to one whom they loved.

Reesor. Samuel G. Reesor was born in Markham Twp., York Co., Ont., Dec. 15, 1831; died in the Cedar Grove Mennonite Church on Sunday, Aug. 10, 1913, in the 82nd year of his life. Deceased was in good health, for a man of his age, except that a few days before his death he was slightly indisposed. He united with the Mennonite Church in early life where he served for many years in the office of deacon. In his first marriage he was united to Elizabeth Hunsberger of Jordan. Ont. She died about 30 years ago. He was afterwards married to Mrs. Esther Naine, who survives him. On the morning of his death he with Sister Reesor came to the meeting "as their custom was" and in conversation with a few of the brethren before the meeting gave a very ringing testimony to his willingness to live or to die. It was arranged that he should open the meeting and Bro. I. A. Wambold would preach. Bro. Reesor announced and helped to sing Hymn No. 136, "That Heavenly Home," read a portion of Rom. 3 and led in prayer. After several petitions were uttered he continued on his knees and with the words, "O Lord, thou knowest how weak we are," on his lips, he sank to the floor and almost immediately expired. We thought we could hardly give him up but the Lord took him and it was such a beautiful way to go. For 20 years or more he has lived in Whitevale, Ont., and during this time was faithful in the Master's work. He and his wife were always at their regular place of worship when possible and often at the other meeting houses also. He felt that the Lord had a work for him to do and he worked. He would frequently take a text and preach when there was no preacher present or when asked to do so. The funeral was held at Cedar Grove on the 12th and was very largely attended. The service was conducted by L. J. Burkholder, assisted by ____ Langford of Whitevale. Text, Job 5:26.

Transcribed by Betty Ann Tyson, Massachusetts

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