Gospel Herald Obituaries - May, 1913

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Gospel Herald - Volume VI, Number 5 - May 1, 1913 - page 79

Riehl.-Bro. John Riehl died at his home near Milford, Nebr., April 7, 1913, of typhoid pneumonia, aged 84 years, less 3 days. He leaves to mourn his departure his aged widow, 7 children, and 26 grandchildren.

Blough.-Anna Troyer was born in Holmes Co., O., June 21, 1833; died at the home of Aaron Blough April 14, 1913; aged 79 y. 9 m. 23 d. She was united in marriage to Jacob Blough. This union was blessed with 6 sons and 3 daughters. She reared all these children to manhood and womanhood and also took a grandchild when but a child and cared for her as one of her own children. She united with the church in early years and clung to the hand of her loving Savior all through life. Her husband preceded her to the spirit world about 7 years ago. She leaves 2 brothers, all her children, 37 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends to mourn her departure.

Plank.-Christian J., son of Christian and Elizabeth Plank, was born in Wayne Co., O., Sept. 13, 1833; died at the home of his son, Samuel E., near Middlebury, Ind., April 4, 1913; aged 79 y. 6 m. 21 d. His sickness was of but short duration, and the news of his death came as a shock to the entire community. He united with the Amish Mennonite Church when a young man, and remained a faithful member until death. He leaves to mourn their loss 4 sons and 6 daughters, an aged sister, 34 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. Services were conducted at the home by S. S. Yoder from II Tim. 4:7, and at the Pretty Prairie Church by D. D. Miller from Isa. 38:1. A large concourse of friends assembled to pay their tribute of respect.

Swartz.-Jacob Swartz was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Aug. 13, 1835; died in Mifflin Co., Pa., April 12, 1913; aged 77 y. 7 m. 29 d. He had been failing from the infirmities of old age, not being confined to his bed but for a short time before his death. He united with the A. M. Church in his youth and lived faithful until the end. On Jan. 29, 1857, he was united in marriage to Mattie Stoltzfus. To this union were born 7 children. Three sons survive; namely, Isaac and Christ of Virginia, and Jacob of Indiana. His wife died in 1879. Later he was married to Rebecca Stucky, who survives him; also the following stepchildren: William, John and Lizzie, all of Barr, Pa. Funeral services were conducted April 16, at the Locust Grove Church by the Bros. Jonas D. and Samuel T. Yoder. Text, 1 Pet. 1:8, 9. Interment in cemetery near by.
S. F. Y.

Burkhardt.-Sarah Burkhardt (nee Sitler) was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., Jan. 2, 1837; died at the home of her son-in-law, Noah Shoemaker, Floradale, Ont., March 27, 1913; aged 76 y. 2 m. 25 d. On April 8, 1856, she was married to Joseph Burkhardt, who preceded her to the world beyond about 18 years ago. This union was blessed with 11 children, 6 of whom survive. One of her daughters, Susannah (Mrs. J. P. Martin), died on March 16, 1913, exactly one week before her mother's death. She suffered a stroke of paralysis, pneumonia developing after a short time and five days from the beginning of her illness death ensued. The funeral was held on March 30, from the residence of her son-in-law to the Mennonite cemetery nearby.
Beloved mother, oh, how we miss thee,
Thy smiling face no more to see;
In heaven again we hope to meet thee,
Where parting never more shall be.
By a daughter.

Moran.-Hattie Vergie, oldest daughter of Manuel and Anna Plank, was born Aug. 14, 1892; died Apr. 11, 1913; aged 20 y. 7 m. 27 d. She confessed Christ and was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church in the fall of 1906. On Aug. 29, 1912, she was married to T. W. Moran of Kansas City, Mo. She leaves a sorrowing husband, father, mother, 4 brothers, and 2 sisters to mourn her departure, 2 brothers having preceded her to the spirit world. Funeral was held at the Brethren Church in Olathe, Kans., on Sunday, Apr. 13, conducted by Bro. Joe C. Driver, assisted by Bro. ___ Christ, of the Brethren Church. Text, Isa. 40:6-8.

Mishler.-Lydia, daughter of Valentine and Katie Yoder, was born May 28, 1863, in La Grange Co., Ind., died Apr. 16, 1913, in the same county; aged 49 y. 10 m. 18 d. Oct. 10, 1880, she was united in marriage to Enos Hooley, who died Oct. 3, 1891. To this union were born 3 sons and 1 daughter: namely, William, Milo, Katie, and Henry. William was called away in 1905. On Feb. 28, 1896, she was married to Edward P. Mishler, who died July 20, 1910. To this union were born 2 sons, Harvey and Roy, and 1 daughter, Alta. She leaves to mourn her departure, 6 children, 2 step-sons, Carl and Earl, 9 grandchildren, mother, 7 brothers and 1 sister. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church in her early years and remained faithful until death. She was patient in all her suffering and often expressed a desire to go home and be at rest. She was a kind and loving mother.
"We miss thee from our home, dear mother,
We miss thee from thy place,
A shadow o'er our life is cast,
We miss the sunshine of thy face."

Bontrager.-Martha, daughter of Levi and Nancy Yoder, was born in Huntingdon Co., Pa., Feb. 18, 1844, and died at her home in West Liberty, O., Apr. 14, 1913; aged 69 y. 1 m. 26 d. At the age of six years she, with her parents, came to Ohio, locating in Logan county, in which place she spent the remainder of her life. She was converted in her youth, uniting with the Amish Mennonite Church, and remained a faithful and devoted Christian. She was married to Jonathan B. Hartzler, Jan. 28, 1864. To this union was given 4 sons and 6 daughters. One son and 2 daughters, with the husband, preceded her in death. Jan. 2, 1910, she was married to Christian Bontrager, they coming to West Liberty to make their home. In January last she contracted a cold, resulting in pneumonia with other complications. She suffered greatly, but bore her suffering patiently. Her case became critical and she was advised by her phyhicians to have an operation performed as a chance of saving her life, this being the last means. She stood the operation well and rallied nicely, but her system was so exhausted by the previous illness that she was not able to wholly regain her strength, and she passed away about six hours afterward. She leaves to mourn their loss a husband, 7 children, 29 grandchildren and a host of friends. She will be missed in the home, where she was faithful to her duties as a wife, among her neighbors, where she was ever ready to lend a helping hand in time of need or sorrow. We believe this world is better for her having lived in it. We call it death to leave this world, but were we once out of it, and in the happiness of the next, we should think it were dying indeed to come back to this again. Funeral services April 16 at the South Union Church in charge of Bros. S. E. Allgyer and Levi Plank. Interment in the Alexander Cemetery.

Transcriber's note: In Bontrager obit the word "phyhicians" appears; I think it should be "physicians" - error not mine.



Gospel Herald - Volume VI, Number 6 - May 8, 1913 - page 95

Thomas.-Pollie Thomas died at her sister's home in Johnstown, Pa., and was buried April 24, 1913; aged 34 y. 8 m. 23 d. Funeral services were conducted by L. A. Blough at the Stahl Church. Interment in the cemetery near the church. May we live so that we may meet those who live in the glory world.

Schrock.-Laura, daughter of Levi and Mattie Schrock, was born in Hall Co., Nebr., Nov. 30, 1911; died April 24, 1913; aged 1 y. 4 m. 24 d. She leaves father, mother, a brother, 3 grandparents, and a number of uncles and aunts to mourn her early departure. Funeral services held at the Wood River A. M. Church by the brethren Jos. Zimmerman and A. E. Stoltzfus. Interment in the cemetery near by.

Croyle.-Katie Elizabeth, only child of Bro. Levi and Sister Minnie Croyle, was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Apr. 15, 1913; died Apr. 16. She leaves sorrowing parents, grandparent and many friends to mourn her early deaprture. Little Katie has only budded on earth to bloom in heaven. Funeral Apr. 17 at the Thomas Mennonite Church. Services conducted by Bro. James Saylor. Text, Job 14:1, 2.

Transcriber's note: In Croyle obit, the word "deaprture" appears; it should be "departure." Not my error.

Livingston.-Jacob K. Livingston was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Mar. 20, 1847; died Mar. 23, 1913; aged 66 y. 3 d. He was survived by his wife and 13 children, 3 dead, 23 grandchildren, 5 dead. He was a member of the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were conducted by S. G. Shetler and James Saylor in the Stahl Church near Johnstown, Pa. He was buried in the Livingston Cemetery. May God bless the mourning friends.

Rohrer.-Benj. F., infant son of Peter L. and Bertha Wenger Rohrer, entered into rest at the home of his parents in Lancaster, April 18, 1913. Benjamin was a twin brother of John Rohrer, who survives him. He was born Nov. 6, 1912; aged 5 m. 12 d. The funeral services were conducted April 20, 1913, at the Lancaster Mennonite Church by D. H. Mosemann and John H. Mosemann. Text, Job 1:31. Burial at Mellinger's. How true the words of the poet:
"There is a reaper whose name is death
And with his sickle keen
He reaps the bearded grain at a breath,
And the flowers that grow between."

Whetstine.-Amos Whetstine was born in Decatur Co., Ind., April 14, 1832; died at his home near Wellman, Iowa, April 19, 1913; aged 81 y. 5 d. Bro. Whetstine spent nearly his whole life in sin and only in his last days did he realize that he was lost. He confessed Christ as his Savior and was received into church fellowship at Daytonville on Mar. 6, 1913. He leaves to mourn his loss an aged wife and 2 sons. Several children preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral services were held at the Daytonville Church Sunday afternoon, April 20, conducted by J. K. Yoder, assisted by W. S. Guengerich from Eccl. 12:5: "Man goeth to his long home."

Bauers.-Annie Bauers was born in Chicago April 7, 1853; died at her home in the Gospel Mission district on April 17, 1913; aged 60 y. 10 d. She is survived by a mother, several brothers and sisters and 4 daughters and 4 sons. On Dec. 14, 1911, she was baptized and received into the congregation at the Mennonite Gospel Mission and lived a true consistent Christian life until her death. Her sickness was of short duration, she being stricken with paralysis at about 9 in the morning and passing away at noon without regaining consciousness. The funeral was held from her home by A. M. Eash on the 10th. Text, Ecc. 12:5 (R. V.), "Man goeth to his everlasting home."

Stoltzfus.-Ira, son of Bro. Rufus and Sister Tillie Stoltzfus of near Gap, Lancaster Co., Pa., was born April 28, 1906; died April 12, 1913; aged 6 y. 11 m. 16 d. He was a patient little sufferer, being ill with croup and for several years with falling fits, which gradually weakened his mind. But through all his trials he was a little missionary on earth, for what he knew he would not forget the time for prayer and a reminder to others about him. He will be greatly missed by his parents and 6 sisters and 2 brothers and his grandparents who live in the same house. Funeral at the Millwood A. M. Church, April 15. Church services by J. M. Stoltzfus and J. S. Mast.
"Our son has crossed the river of death,
He is with the angels now,
He has laid aside earth's crosses,
And the crown is on his brow."

Rediger.-Peter Rediger was born near Meitz, France; died at the residence of Daniel Erb near Hubbard, Oreg., April 12, 1913; aged 77 y. 10 d. About 40 years ago he came to America, spent a number of years in Illinois and in Arkansas. In the spring of 1892 he came to Oregon where he lived a hermit's life for the past 21 years. In early life he united with the Amish Mennonite (Old Order) Church. While during the last ten and declining years of his life was idly misspent, and fell away from all church connections, until one month before he died, he professed repentance and requested to be restored in peace and fellowship, after which his mind rapidly failed him, in which condition he passed away. Very sad that man should waste any part of this life. Funeral services conducted at the Zion A. M. Church by the brethren, Dan Roth and Edward Z. Yoder. Text, Heb. 13:14. Laid to rest in cemetery near by.

Kauffman.-Mary Alice, daughter of Bro. Amos and Sister Delilah Kauffman, was born Aug. 21, 1910; died April 21, 1913; aged 2 y. 8 m. Pearl Lorene, sister of Mary Alice, was born March 9, 1912; died April 21, 1913; aged 1 y. 1 m. 12 d. These precious jewels died in the home of Bro. and Sister Kauffman which was totally destroyed by fire on Monday, April 21, 1913. They leave to mourn a sorrowing father and mother, 5 young brothers, a host of sympathetic friends and neighbors. Funeral services conducted by Bros. C.. C. Steckley and A. P. Troyer from the Zion A. M.Church. The former preached in English, the latter in German, from the text, Matt. 26:39, latter clause. Laid to rest within the cemetery near the church. A very large concourse of people met to pay their last tribute of respect. We need not mourn as those who have no hope. Jesus had need of them in His sweet embrace.

Hoover.-Noah S. Hoover was born in Mahoning Co., O., Feb. 15, 1855; died Apr. 22, 1913; aged 58 y. 2 m. 7 d. In the summer of 1855 he moved with his parents to Elkhart Co., Ind., where he resided until his death. On March 19, 1882, he was united in marriage to Sarah A. Kreider of Medina Co., Ohio. To this union were born 3 children-Anna, William, and Ada-all of whom survive him. In 1883 he united with the Mennonite Church, and about 4 years later was ordained to the office of deacon. He was zealous and active in the discharge of his duties, having the welfare of the Church always before him. He was very self-sacrificing, spending much time and thought for the welfare of others. He was always grateful for the prayers and sympathies of the Church in his behalf. During his sickness of nearly a year he suffered much but bore it with patience and trust in his heavenly Father. His family and friends were always greeted with an affectionate smile even amid his suffering. Besides his family he leaves a step-mother, 7 brothers, 2 sisters, and many friends to mourn their loss. He was a good husband, a kind father, and a helpful brother and he will be greatly missed in the family, the church and the whole community. Funeral services were conducted at the Yellow Creek Church by Jonas Loucks, J. K. Bixler, and J. S. Hartzler. Text, I Thes. 4:13, 14.

Myers.-Barbara (Ebersole) Myers was born in Conoy Township, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sept 19, 1853; died at the home of her son-in-law, T. S. Schwanger, near Elizabethtown, Pa., April 2, 1913; aged 59 y. 6 m. 13 d. Mother always enjoyed remarkably good health until about six months before her departure, when she complained of stomach trouble. This trouble seemed to become more aggravating until we all, as well as the doctor, feared, what we in the end had to realize, that mother was afflicted with that dreaded disease, cancer of the stomach. The last month of her life here she sank very rapidly, becoming totally blind, which fact coupled with the fact that she was partially deaf made her condition sad indeed. Through all her suffering she was so resigned and patient. Indeed her patience was a lesson that will never be forgotten by any one who saw her, especially her children, all of whom were present, or near by, save one who is laboring in India. She is survived by the following children (her husband and 4 children having preceded her): Barbara Alice, wife of T. S. Schwanger, Amos of Hummelstown, Tillman of Middletown, Christian of Downingtown, Aaron, missionary to India, East Bengal District, Gabriel of Gilbertville, Mass., Elizabeth of East Vine Street Mennonite Mission, Lancaster, Mary, wife of Hen Whissler, Elizabethtown, Robert of Ryder, N. Dak., Bertha, wife of Andrew Landis, Oxford, Kathryn of Lancaster city. Services at Risser's Mennonite Church. She was a member of the Church for many years. Text, II Cor. 5:1.



Gospel Herald - Volume VI, Number 7 - May 15, 1913 - page 111

Stutsman.-Mirrel, son of Sanford and Laura Stutsman, was born near Aurora, O., April 4, 1912; died April 24, 1913; aged 1 y. 20 d. The few days that he was here on earth were full of pain and suffering. Now how peacefully he sleeps, the little hands folded upon his innocent breast, the lovely eyes closed in that long, long sleep that knows no waking till the dawning of the resurrection morning. "The Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." Interment in the cemetery by the church. Text, Psa. 37:5.

Woolner.-Nancy Reist was born Aug. 18, 1839; died April 23, 1913; aged 73 y. 8 m. 5 d. She was married to Daniel Kramp, Oct. 1, 1861. They lived together in matrimony nearly 9 years when her husband died. To this union were born 5 children. She lived a widow nearly 29 years, when she was united in matrimony with Pre. Jacob Woolner, Sr. They lived together in matrimony nearly 14 years. She leaves behind to mourn their loss a bereaved husband, 2 sons, 3 daughters, 26 grandchildren and many other relatives. Peace to her ashes. Funeral April 25. Interment in the Cressman Cemetery, Breslau, Ont. Services at the house by A. B. Snyder, at the church by Enoch S. Bauman in German and Manasseh Hallman in English.

Pletcher.-Henry L. Pletcher was born in Wood Co., O., Sept. 10, 1861; died May 1, 1913; aged 51 y. 7 m. 21 d. In 1882 he with his parents moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., where he resided ever since. Through an accident and complication of other diseases he was confined to his bed for nearly five months. He leaves an aged father and mother; also 5 sisters and 2 brothers, all of Elkhart Co., and many relatives. He was unmarried and lived with his parents. Funeral services May 4 at the home by J. H. Bare and at the Yellow Creek Church by J. S. Hartzler. Buried in the adjoining cemetery.

Coyle.-Sister Fanny (Camp) Coyle was born July 24, 1848, in Seneca Co., O.; died at her home in Middlebury, Ind., April 24, 1913. She is survived by her husband, 3 brothers and 2 sisters. In 1873 she was married to Emanuel Coyle in DeKalb Co., Ind., but for the last twenty years Middlebury has been their home. In early life she accepted Christ as her Savior and united with the Brethren Church, but later made her home with the Mennonite Church of which she has been a consistent member until her demise. She has suffered much during the past four months, but bore it patiently, longing to meet her Savior in the home beyond. The funeral services were held in the Mennonite Church on Sunday, April 27, by A. J. Hostetler and S. S. Yoder and the remains laid to rest in the Grace Lawn Cemetery.

Schertz.-Mary Y. Zook was born near Allensville, Pa., Feb. 7, 1853; died at Trousdale, Kans., April 29, 1913; aged 60 y. 2 m. 22 d. She was united in marriage with David M. Schertz on Feb. 11, 1875. To this union were born 6 sons and 4 daughters. All attended the funeral except one daughter, Lydia Ellen, who is a missionary at Dhamtari, India. She leaves, besides a sorrowing companion, 1 brother, a few sisters and 7 grandchildren. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church in her young days and remained a faithful Christian to the time of her death. She suffered from the effect of paralysis for a number of years, and while she was practically helpless for a few years, she always desired to attend the services of the house of God. Just a few weeks before her death she attended the communion services at the Pennsylvania Church and seemed happy in the Lord. Funeral services on May 1, conducted by J. M. Brunk and D. H. Bender. Text, II Cor. 5:1. Interment in the cemetery adjoining the Pennsylvania Church.



Gospel Herald - Volume VI, Number 8 - May 22, 1913 - page 126, 127

Mast.-Mary, twin daughter of Pre. Corson and Cora Mast, Shanesville, Ohio, was born Feb. 4, 1913; died April 8, 1913; aged 2 m. 4 d. She leaves to mourn her early departure father, mother, 3 brothers, 4 sisters, 1 brother preceding he to the spirit world. She was buried at the Walnut Amish Mennonite Cemetery. Services by S. H. Miller. Text, Matt. 19:14.

Elza.-Solomon Elza of Randolph Co., W. Va., was born July 18, 1830; died April 3, 1913; aged 82 y. 9 m. 15 d. Bro. Elza was one of a family of large stature and robust health and great strength of whom very few profess religion, he having been received into church fellowship only in recent years. Funeral services were held at the family residence with many friends and relatives present in tribute to one held in high esteem. Interment made in family graveyard nearby. Services conducted by Jos. W. Coffman, from Jno. 11:28: "The Master is come, and calleth for thee."

Genaria.-Hannah (Hallman) Genaria, beloved wife of Charles Genaria, died Apr. 10, 1913; aged 63 y. She leaves a husband and 6 children to mourn her loss, 2 children having preceded her to the spirit world. She was an estimable woman and a beloved sister in the Church. She bore her sufferings with a resigned will and great patience and love. The funeral was held on Tuesday at the Mennonite Cemetery near Yerkes, Pa. Brethren Warren Bean, Irvin Landis officiating. She is mourned by a large circle of relatives and friends.
"Sister thou wast mild and lovely,
Gentle as the summer breeze,
Pleasant as the air of evening,
When it floats among the trees."

Myers.-Samuel H. Myers of Rawlinsville, Pa., died on Friday evening of strangulated hernia, in his 54th year. His wife and three children survive, Paul, Jacob and John, all at home. He was a son of Pre. Samuel Myers of Hanover, who died several years ago, very suddenly at the dedication of the Mennonite Church near Hanover. Bro. Myers was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church. He was buried at New Providence Cemetery. Services by J. H. Mosemann and John B. Myer. Text, Job 14:14.

Swisher.-James Swisher of Lancaster Co., Pa., a stone-mason, died at his home near Quarryville; aged 61 y. 2 m. 2 d. Deceased was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church and is survived by his wife, 2 sons, 3 daughters, 3 sisters, and 1 brother in the West. Twenty-five years ago when engaged in building St. John's Lutheran Church in Lancaster, he with two others by the breaking of the scaffold dropped to the ground and his companions were killed. He had both legs broken and was otherwise hurt, and was a cripple ever since. He was buried at New Provdence Cemetery. Services by J. H. Mosemann and A. H. Brubaker. Text, Job 14:14.

Transcriber's note: In Swisher obit, "He was buried at New Provdence Cemetery." I do not know if "Provdence" is a misspelling, but I did not change it.

Reed.-Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Newcomer, was born Jan. 30, 1832; died May 1, 1913; aged 81 y. 3 m. 1 d. She was married to James Reed in 1854 and resided with him on the farm on which she was born until his death, 6 years ago. She was the last of a family of 10 children and is survived by her 5 sons and 2 daughters, and a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was a kind and devoted sister in the Mennonite Church. She will be especially missed by her daughter, Mrs. C. W. Crist, with whom she was making her home at Alliance, Ohio. Her remains were laid to rest in the Moltrie Cemetery followed by a large concourse of friends. Services conducted by David Hostetler of Smithville at the Moltrie Chapel, from the text, "Let me die the death of the righteous" (Num. 23:4).

Knopp.-Sarah Anna Knopp was born March 31, 1869; died April 30, 1913; aged 44 y. 29 d. The cause of her early departure was a goiter from which she suffered for some time and gradually grew weaker until the evening of April 30, when the sun was setting in the West and the crimson fading away, she quietly and peacefully fell asleep in Jesus. She accepted Christ and united with the Mennonite Church seventeen years ago. She was faithful in the Church and home and will be missed at both places. She is survived by her mother, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, her father having preceded her in death a number of years ago. Funeral took place at the home of her mother, Barbara Knopp, and at Midway Church, near Columbiana, Ohio, Friday afternoon, May 2, in the presence of a large congregation, conducted by A. J. Steiner, assisted by E. M. Detweiler. Text, Jno. 14:23. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Mishler.-Mary Mishler, nee Hostetler, was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Oct. 11, 1843; died at Hubbard, Oreg., Apr. 29, 1913; aged 69 y. 6 m. 14 d. She was married to J. D. .Mishler, Sept. 15, 1867. To this union were born 5 sons and 6 daughters. Two sons and 6 daughters preceded her to the spirit world. She leaves to mourn her departure, husband, 3 sons, 12 grandchildren, besides a host of friends and relatives. Sister Mishler united with the Mennonite Church in early life and was a faithful member until death. She will be missed in the home, by her husband and also her son James, with whom they made their home. Her seat in the church was seldom vacant. Funeral services May 1, 1913, in the presence of a large company of friends. Services by Bro. J. P Bontrager of Albany, Oreg., assisted by Bro. N. L. Hershberger. Text, II Cor. 5:1. Buried in the Hopewell Cemetery near Hubbard, Oreg.

Ross.-Breta Margaret, daughter of Walter and Fanny Ross, was born March 20, 1911; died May 9, 1913; aged 2 y.1 m.19 d. Breta was the only living daughter of the family, and much loved by all of them. Her sudden and very unexpected death was a severe shock to the family and community. It is hard to part with one so young, so tender and lovely; yet we have the blessed assurance that she has gone to be with Jesus. An infant sister preceded her to the spirit world. She leaves father, mother, 5 brothers and many relatives and friends to mourn her early departure.
"Gone to the land of bliss above,
Where all is joy and peace and love,
To dwell with Jesus on that shore,
Where pain and sorrow come no more."
Buried at the Pike Meeting house near Elida, O., May 11. Funeral services were conducted by Moses Brenneman, J. M. Shenk, and P. E. Brunk. Text, Jas. 4:14.

Witmer.-Harry Nelson, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Witmer, was born March 6, 1890, in Carroll Co., Iowa; died May 9, 1913; aged 23 y. 2 m. 3 d. He moved with his father and family to Illinois in 1902. The cause of his death was meningitis and brain fever, from which he suffered about a month. He was taken to the hospital in Sterling where loving hands and medical skill did all that could be done for him, but death claimed him. He was a bright, moral young man with bright prospects before him and while he was sick he yet realized the need of a Savior and there made peace with his God and was baptized. He leaves father, step-mother, 3 brothers and 1 sister, Joseph, Allen, Samuel, and Maria, all living near Morrison, Ill. His mother died Aug. 15, 1903. Funeral services were held at the Mennonite Church near Morrison, May 11, where a large concourse of people had gathered to show their last tribute of respect. Funeral services were conducted by A. C. Good and John Nice from the text selected by the father of the deceased; Eph. 5:15-17.

Erb.-Pre. John Erb was born in Cumberland Co., Pa., Oct. 13, 1839; died May 6, 1913, at his home near Harrisburg, Pa.; aged 73 y. 6 m. 22 d. Bro. Erb was a son of Pre. John Erb who died when Bro. Erb was 5 years of age. His father had charge of the Churchtown congregation, Cumberland Co. He was ordained to the ministry in 1877, and for 36 years has had charge of Swope's and Strickler's churches. Bro. Erb was active in the ministry until he was stricken with paralysis on Jan. 10 last. Since then he has been a patient sufferer. He longed to be at rest, but was satisfied as God would make it. Bro. Erb's wife died on May 2, 1912, just a few days over a year ago. Eleven children survive as follows: Mrs. Frank Nissley, Mrs. Abram Lutz, Mrs. Benj Brubaker, Mrs. Ephraim Shearer, Mrs. L. B. Nye, Mrs. A. N. Ulrich, Samuel, J. M., David, Barbara, and Emma. Eight of Bro. Erb's children are members of the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were conducted May 8 in the afternoon at Shope's Mennonite Church where a large number of people gathered, Bishops Jacob N. Brubacher and John G. Ebersole officiating. Text, Heb. 14:17.

Kolb.-Elizabeth Kolb, daughter of the late Jacob and Anna (Hiestand) Funk, was born Dec. 2, 1827; married to the late Deacon Jonathan Kolb Feb. 7, 1850. They lived together in holy wedlock 48 years. Her husband preceded her 15 years. This union was blessed with 2 sons and 1 daughter. She died April 30, 1913; aged 85 y. 4 m. 28 d. She is survived by 1 son, John F. Kolb, 13 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, and a number of friends. She united with the Mennonite Church in early life and remained faithful until the end. She was of a kind and peaceful disposition, had a smile for all she met, especially the children. Her eye-sight failed in her declining years, so that she was unable to read. She often expressed her thankfulness in this that she read and committed to memory scripture passages years ago, so she could meditate therein now. She often expressed a desire to depart and be with Christ and loved ones gone before. Funeral on Saturday, May 3, services conducted in Vincent Mennonite Church by Bros. A. S. Mack, Warren Bean and J. B. Hunsberger. Text, Rev. 14:13. Buried in graveyard adjoining. Peace to her soul.
Grandmother has gone to her resting place,
How she longed for her home above,
To meet her Savior and loved ones there
Whom on earth she so dearly loved.
Her admonitions all the brighter seem
Since she crossed to the other shore;
May we all live humble and holy lives,
So we dwell there forever more.
The grandchildren.

Miller.-Sarah E. Hensler was born in Howard Co., Ind., Aug. 15, 1859; died in Amboy, Ind., May 9, 1913; aged 53 y. 8 m. 24 d. She was united in marriage to Eli J. B. Miller on Dec. 28, 1878. To this union were born 5 sons and 2 daughters. She leaves to mourn her departure a husband, 7 children, 3 brothers, a sister, 9 grandchildren, and a host of relatives and friends. Seven months previous to her death Sister Miller took to her bed afflicted with cancer of the stomach. Quite often she suffered intense pain, while her life slowly ebbed away until after the message came and summoned her to come up higher. She bore her sufferings with much patience, never murmuring but always greeting her loved ones with a pleasant smile. She fully realized that her end was near and gave some directions about her temporal affairs and also had a great desire that her spiritual house should be set in order. She often requested the prayers of the Church in her behalf, and also asked forgiveness for any wrong she might have done. She expressed herself as being resigned to the will of the Master. Sister Miller united with the Mennonite Church in her younger years and remained a faithful and devoted sister in the Church, always ready to do her share of the work in the church. We may say of her:
"Thy day has come, not gone;
The sun has risen, not set;
Thy life is now beyond the reach of death or change,
Not ended, but begun."
Funeral on Sunday, May 11, when a very large crowd of people gathered at the Menonite Church to pay the last tribute of respect to the departed sister. Services conducted by E. A. Mast and D. D. Miller from Jno. 16:33. Buried in the Mast Cemetery.



Gospel Herald - Volume VI, Number 9 - May 29, 1913 - page 143

Aigler.-William Aigler of Locust Run, Pa., was born Sept. 15, 1832; died Mar. 24, 1913; aged 80 y. 6 m. 9 d. Survived by 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Deceased had been a good moral man but had never united with God's people till Mar. 16, 1913, when he desired baptism and was accordingly baptized and received into church fellowship. Funeral services conducted by Jno. F. Bressler. Buried at Locust Run Cemetery.

Zook.-Barbara Kauffman Zook was born in Mifflin County, Pa., April 12, 1832; died May 2, 1913, at Greeley, Colo.; aged 81 y. 20 d. Father dropped dead at Omaha, April 9, 1902. One sister survives-Mrs. Nancy Byler of Hesston, Kans. Ten children, Rachel Rutherford, Thos, J., Abia D., John M., Sarah Watt, Lina Leamon, Mary Yoder, Ulysses G., Mrs. Emma Randall, and Henry B., 35 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren survive. Mother has been feeble for some time and paralysis caused her death.
John M. Zook.

Jones.-Elmer Jones died at his home near Sunbeam, Franklin Co., Pa., May 16, 1913; aged 38 y. 9 m. Death came to him very suddenly and unexpectedly-another warning to us that life is uncertain. Sad to say, he never gave his heart to God; but it is believed that at one time he was almost persuaded to be a Christian. This should awaken those who have entered the service of the Lord, that we sleep not but work earnestly for souls; for when one leaves this world he will never return. Therefore all opportunity of doing good to them is past. This also is a loud call to those who are out of Christ. May they take heed to it. Services at the Pleasant View Mennonite Church were largely attended and were conducted by D. E. Kuhns and W. W. Hege. Text, Rev. 6:8. Interment in cemetery adjoining.

Miller.-Daniel M. Miller died at his home in Millersburg, Ohio, May 10, after a lingering illness of several months' duration. Over a year ago his health began to fail, and the family spent the greater part of the last winter in Florida in the hope of benefiting his health; but he gradually grew weaker and they returned home, realizing that it would be impossible for his health to be again restored. Daniel M. Miller was born Oct. 15, 1855, and spent all his life in Holmes county. In 1879 he was married to Susannah Mast. To this union 3 children were born, all of them together with their mother and 3 brothers surviving. For many years he has been a member of the Walnutcreek Mennonite Church, and although living a considerable distance away went frequently to his church for worship. Funeral services on Monday, May 12, conducted by Bros. Fred Mast and S. H. Miller, after which interment was made in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Loucks.-Charles Loucks was born Nov. 6, 1894; died May 11, 1913; aged 18 y. 6 m. 5 d. Nearly a year ago he began complaining with headaches and sometimes lost control of his muscular strength. The case was a peculiar one, and from time to time different physicians were employed. He also spent some time in a hospital at Goessel, Kans. Specialists finally pronounced the ailment a tumor on the brain. Two weeks before his death he grew worse and it was finally decided to take him to Kansas City for an operation, but three days after his arrival he passed to the world beyond without an operation. The body was brought back to his home near Canton, Kans., and laid to rest in the church yard adjoining the Spring Valley Mennonite Church, of which congregation he had been a faithful member since early boyhood. Services were conducted by D. S. Brunk and D. H. Bender. Text, I Cor. 15:54. Bro. Charles was a son of Bro. Henry Loucks. His parents and family have the sympathy of the neighborhood.


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