Gospel Herald Obituaries - October, 1914

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Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 27 - October 1, 1914, page 438, 439

Mishler.-Virginia Margaret Mishler was born Jan. 27, 1909; died Sept. 1, 1914; aged 5 y. 7 m. 4 d. Virginia was adopted daughter of Bro. Josiah and Sister Susan Mishler of near Johnstown, Pa. Virginia had been sick for some time. In the spring she had diphtheria, and from then on she was not well, though at times she could go away. She attended the Sunday school several times this summer till she got so she could not come.
Virginia is missed in the home and by her friends and she is missed in Sunday school. Funeral servce was conducted by Bros. W. C. Hershberger and James Saylor at the Stahl Church near Johnstown, Pa., and was buried in the cemetery near the church. May God bless the bereaved family.

Culp.-Lydia Culp was born July 30, 1830; died Sept. 7, 1914; aged 84 y. 1 m. 7 d. She is survived by 6 children, 2 brothers, 4 sisters, 17 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren to mourn their loss. She has been a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Interment in the Midway Cemetery. Text was taken from Psa. 116:16, by E. M. Detwiler and A. J. Steiner.

Stauffer.-Elizabeth, beloved wife of Norman B. Stauffer, who died at her late home near Aldersyde, Alta., on Aug. 25, 1914, was aged 42 y. 2 m. She leaves to mourn, besides many friends and relatives, a companion, 4 girls and 5 boys. But they need not mourn as those having no hope. May we all so live so as to meet those gone before who are over yonder beckoning us to come when we pass from this life into eternity. Buried at the Mennonite Church, Mount View. Services conducted at the house by Bro. Noah Weber of Carstairs, and at the church by N. E. Roth of Round Hill, text, II Tim. 4:6, followed by Isaac Miller. May God comfort the sorrowing ones.

Lauver.-Joseph A. Lauver of Juniata Co., Pa., near the Lauver Church, was born Feb. 21, 1829; died Sept. 11, 1914; aged 85 y. 6 m. 21 d. He was united in marriage to Mary Moyer, Sept. 15, 1853. To this union were born 12 children, 8 of whom are still living, 63 grandchildren, 56 of whom are living, and 25 great-grandchildren. The widow also survives to mourn the loss of a devoted husband, father and grandfather. He was loved by all who came in contact with him, as he was of a kind disposition, always ready to help those who needed his help. He did not turn the stranger from his door without supplying his needs. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years and his seat was never vacant as long as health permitted him to come to Church. He will be missed by all for we always enjoyed to visit the home. Many were the visits made by the children and grandchildren to grandfather's home and many were the kind admonitions they received from him. Long may they live in our memories. He served the Church as deacon for 28 years always doing what he could. Funeral was held from his home on the 15th, being the 61st anniversary of their marriage. Interment at the Lauver Cemetery where a large crowd gathered to show their respects. May our dear Father in heaven comfort the aged widow and all connected with the family. Funeral services were conducted by Wm. Craybill, Samuel Leiter, and the writer. Peace to his ashes. Text, II Tim. 2.
Wm. G. Sieber.

Landis.-On the 17th of Sept., 1914, died in the Lancaster, Pa., General Hospital, Sister Lydia Landis, daughter of Levi L. and Mary Landis; aged 48 y. 4 m. 13 d . She was taken very sick on the 2nd of July and grew worse until the 29th of Aug. when she was taken to the hospital by Dr. Hostetter. The physicians could not tell what was wrong and everything was done that could be, yet she got no relief. She finally gave her consent to an operation, when they found gall stones and a complication of diseases. She lived a little over 10 days after she was operated on. During her sickness she suffered much and was very patient. Oh, how she longed to go home, but was willing to wait until her kind heavenly Father saw fit to relieve her from all pain. She made some arrangements for her funeral and told her sister how she would like to have things fixed saying, "I do not expect to get home again." Her sister went to see her once or twice a day and had just left with the intention of seeing her in the afternoon, not knowing death was so near. She passed away two hours after. She leaves 1 brother and 3 sisters to mourn her death, which we trust is her eternal gain. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church, always present when health permitted. Services by the brethren, C. M. Brackbill and J. B. Senger. Text, Rev. 14:13. Services were held at Hershey's Church near Kinzer, Lancaster Co., Pa. on the 20th.

"Death has visited our circle,
Robbed us of a sister dear;
In the depth of our affliction
Can we help but shed a tear?"

Baughman.-Catharine Nafziger was born in Butler Co., Ohio, Jan. 9, 1836; died Sept. 11, 1914; aged 78 y. 8 m. 26 d. She was united in marriage to John Baughman Jan. 14, 1859. To this union were born 3 girls and 9 boys, all but one survive her. Lena died July 7, 1875. The family resided in central Illinois until 1896, when they moved to Manson, Ia., where they have resided since. Besides the 11 children who survive her, are her aged husband, a twin sister, 33 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, and many relatives and frends. We mourn not as those who have no hope, for we are assured that she has made her "calling and election sure." Sister Baughman was sick only a short time, but her feeble condition rendered her unable to cope with the disease. Her death was due to stomach trouble. She was conscious until the end and told her loved ones who were with her that she was going to leave them and was ready to go. Sister Baughman was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church since her girlhood and remained faithful until the end.
While we feel her work was done, she will be greatly missed in her home where she was such a comfort, also in the church, where her place was never vacant when health permitted her to be there, and in the communty where she resided. She was ever ready to lend a helping hand at any time. Her kind and cheerful disposition was an incentive to all to live a nobler life. She was borne from her home to the last resting place in Rose Hill Cemetery by six of her sons Sept. 14, 1914. All except two of her children were present at the funeral. Funeral services were conducted by Peter Schantz of Normal, Ill. Peace to her ashes.


Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 28 - October 8, 1914, page 455

Cockley.-Sister Sarah Frances Cockley died at the home of her father near Dale Enterprise, Va., Aug. 13, 1914; aged 36 y. 10 d. She had been a member of the Mennonite Church for a few years. Appropriate services were held at the Bank Church on the 14th, conducted by the brethren Jos. W. Coffman and M. J. Heatwole, from Jno. 14:1. Her body was laid to rest in the cemetery near by.

Mishler.-Harvey Mishler was born in La Grange Co., Ind., Sept. 19, 1899; died Sept. 13, 1914; aged 14 y. 11 m. 24 d. He leaves 1 brother, Roy, and 1 sister, Alta, 4 half-brothers and 1 half-sister and many friends to mourn his early departure. He is preceded by father and mother. He was received into the church by baptism a week ago. Funeral at Shore Church, conducted by Y. C. Miller and D. D. Miller.

Heatwole.-H. A. Heatwole died of trouble of the stomach at his home at Mt. Clinton, Va., Sept. 17; aged 79 y. 1 m. He had been a faithful member of the Presbyterian Church for many years and the greater part of the time a deacon. He possessed many admirable qualities of a quiet, unassuming disposition. Honest in business, holding the respect of those who knew him and will be greatly missed in his church, family and community. He leaves a widow and son to mourn his departure. Funeral services were held at the New Erection Church on the 19, conducted by H. A. Young, his pastor. His body was laid to rest in the cemetery near by.

Brenner.-Bro. David Brenner was born at Millersville, Pa., Jan. 28, 1837; died at his home near East Greenville, O., Sept. 15, 1914; aged 77 y. 7 m. 17 d. He was married to Hettie Furgeson Aug. 25, 1859. Their wedded life numbered 55 years. This union was blessed with 8 sons and 5 daughters. In 1879 he came to Stark Co., Ohio, where he resided until death. He was a member of the Pleasant View Mennonite Church. His loving wife, 13 children, 26 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, and a large number of relatives and friends remain to mourn the loss of their loved one. Funeral services were held at the residence, Sept. 18, by W. S. Adams, Chas. Petty, and I. J. Buchwalter. Interment in Pleasant View Cemetery. I. J. B.

Adams.-Bro. Wm. Adams was born in Frederick Co., Va., Aug. 27, 1865; died at his home near Massilon, Stark Co., O., Sept. 18, 1914; aged 49 y. 22 d. In 1889 he was married to Margaret Catharine Lewis. The fruit of this union is 6 sons and 3 daughters who, with their mother, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters, remain to mourn the departure of one to whom they were all endeared. He emigrated from his native state to Stark Co., O., in 1889, where he made his home until death. For the past 18 years he has been a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held Sept. 21, at the Pleasant View Church by I. J. Buchwalter, assisted by Aaron Eberly. Text, "Ye are bought with a price" (I Cor. 6:20).

Dunham.-Margaret Carpenter was born at Rockport, N. Y., Nov. 29, 1831; died near White Cloud, Mich., Sept. 24, 1914; aged 82 y. 9 m. 25 d. She came to Michigan in 1850, was married to Philip Dunham in 1872, who preceded her to the great beyond 25 years. She leaves to mourn two step-sons, 1 sister, and 1 brother. Funeral the 27th at the Big Prairie Church where a large concourse met to pay the last tribute of respect. Funeral conducted by Jacob P. Miller of Clarksville, Mich. Text, I Cor. 15:55. Mother Dunham united with the Congregational Church in her young years but for the last ten years did not have the privilege of attending church services, but still clung to her faith. She was highly respected by her neighbors and friends.

Frey.-Martin M. Frey was born in Adams Co., Pa., Dec. 3, 1857; died in Hanover, Pa., Sept. 11, 1914; aged 56 y. 9 m. 8 d. He was ill of a complicaton of diseases for several months. His entire life was spent in farming in Adams Co., retiring this spring when he moved to Hanover. He was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Dec. 2, 1884, he was united in marriage to Mary H. Longenecker, who survives with the following children: Mrs. John Bair, Martin, Raymond, Samuel, Allen, and Helen of Hanover, Pa.; Clarence of York, Pa., and Mrs. George Martin of Baltimore, Md. Also 4 brothers and 2 sisters of Hanover, and 4 grandchildren.

Funeral was held at Hanover Church Sept. 15. Services by Bro. Daniel Stump and Peter Shank, and Pre. S. A. Diehl, Lutheran minister. Interment at the Hostetler Church in Adams County.

Lantz.-Levi L., son of Levi and Katie Lantz, was born Sept. 21, 1862, in McLean Co., Ill.; died Sept. 15, 1914, at his home 10 miles east of Hubbard, Oreg.; aged 51 y. 11 m. 24 d. He leaves to mourn his departure a wife, 6 sons and 2 daughters, also his aged father, 5 brothers, 2 sisters, and 5 grandchildren and a host of friends. While still a young man he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior, was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church and lived a consistent Christian life until his death.

Bro. Lantz suffered with a broken leg for 9 weeks. About one week before his death it was necessary to amputate the limb. At times he suffered intensely but he bore it all in a Christian fortitude.

In 1887 he was married to Sister Clara Krewson, in Douglas Co., Oreg.

Funeral services as the Zion A. M. Church conducted by A. P. Troyer and Edward Z. Yoder, from Rev. 13:14. The remains were laid away in cemetery near by.


Transcribed by Nancy Regan, Washington


Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 29 - October 15, 1914, page 472, 473

Stutzman.-Raymond Stutzman was born near Woodriver, Nebr., April 2, 1912; died at the same place Sept. 20, 1914; aged 1 y. 7 m. 18 d. Leaves to mourn his untimely departure his father and mother, 6 brothers and 5 sisters. One brother preceded him to the great beyond. Peace to his ashes, and the spirit is committed into the hands of an Almighty God.

Westgate.-Mary E. Westgate was born Sept. 19, 1840, in Iona Co., Mich.; died near White Cloud, Mich., Sept. 20, 1914; aged 74 y. 1 d. She leaves to mourn their loss 2 sons, 1 brother and a host of friends. Mother Westgate was a very pleasant woman, a good neighbor, but never made any confession of religion. Funeral on the 22nd at the Union Church, Jacob P. Miller of Clarksville officiating. Text, Job 5:26.

Rohrer.-Aug. 30, 1914, near Leaman Place, Lancaster Co., Pa., Charles Henry, son of Isaac H. and Frances Rohrer, died after four days illness of intestinal trouble; aged 7 m. 5 d. Little Charles leaves his parents, 4 brothers and 4 sisters to mourn their loss but we do not want to call it a loss, for he has only gone on before, and while we feel sad and lonely without our darling, and we may not see him for a long while, we are glad to know he is still our baby and we can love him just the same. Funeral services were held Sept. 2 at the Paradise Mennonite Church by Bro. C. M. Brackbill.

Brubaker.-Alta H., daughter of Bro. Aaron and Sister Ada Brubaker of New Danville, Pa., was born July 3, 1914; died Sept. 13, 1914; aged 2 m. 10 d. Funeral services at the house only on Sept. 16, conducted by Bishop Abram Herr and Bro. Jacob Thomas of New Danville district, using as a text the latter clause of II Kings 4:26: "It is well with the child," assisted by Bro. Daniel Gish of Millersville district. May God's sustaining grace be with the wounded hearts of the young parents.
Little Alta, so loving and dear,
Was only 10 weeks with us here,
But thank Jesus, the blessing He gives,
In heaven with Jesus Alta now lives.
By her uncle, A. M. B.

Frank.-Leonard Frank was born in Westenburg, Germany, Feb. 7, 1829, and came to this country in 1854, locating in New Jersey. He was married to Eva Mary Zanfinger, Oct. 15, 1855. In the year 1856 he moved to Upper Sandusky, Ohio where he resided until 1868, when he came to St. Joseph Co., Ind. In Jan., 1880, he moved to Elkhart Co., and lived on the farm where he died. He departed this life Oct. 1, 1914, at the advanced age of 85 y. 7 m. 24 d. He leaves an aged companion and 8 children, 4 sons and 4 daughters. Also 20 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. He suffered some two weeks from a complication of diseases. He was a member of the Lutheran Church but for some years was not identified with any congregation. In his death his family has lost a devoted husband and father and the community a faithful friend and neighbor. Funeral services were conducted at the home on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 4, by John F. Funk of Elkhart, Ind., from Rev. 2:10. Buried at the Osceola Chapel. Funeral was largely attended.

Warey.-Christian Warey was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., Aug. 5, 1832; died at his home in Kalona, Ia., Sept. 3, 1914; aged 82 y. 1 m. 25 d. Lived in matrimony 59 y. 11 m. 15 d. To this union were born 2 sons and 1 daughter, John and Cris, and Mrs. J. B. Yoder, all living in and near Kalona, Ia. These with their aged mother, 12 grandchildren, and 23 great-grandchildren, and a host of friends, mourn his departure.

Funeral services were held at the East Union Mennonite Church near Kalona, Ia., Oct. 4, 1914, conducted by D. J. Fisher and S. C. Yoder of the home congregation and S. E. Allgyer of West Liberty, Ohio.

This was one of the most largely attended services in the history of the community. Remains were interred in the cemetery near by. Fifty years ago he was ordained as minister in the Mennonite Church and twenty-one years later was ordained as bishop in which capacity he served twenty-nine years and began a work that has since grown into the East and West Union congregations with a membership of more than 500 souls.

His long life was one of usefulness and activity, and his strong personality endeared him to all who knew him. Death which was caused by the infirmities of old age came as a welcome relief to him. He had on a number of occasions expressed a desire "to depart and be with Christ which is far better."


Transcribed by Nancy Regan, Washington


Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 30 - October 22, 1914, page 478

Ramer.-Bro. David Ramer died at the home of his son, Cedar Grove, Ont., Sept. 27, 1914, in the 85th year of his life. He had been in usual health until about 10 days before his death when he was taken with paralysis. He was received into the Mennonite Church in early life and remained a faithful member until death. Buried on the 29th at the Wideman Church. The services were conducted by Bros. Langford, I. A. Wambold, and L. J. Burkholder.

Moyer.-Bro. Jacob N. Moyer was born Feb. 7, 1863; died Sept. 27, 1914; aged 78 y. 7 m. 20 d. The deceased was a member of the Mennonite Church for about 48 years and for many years was janitor of the Leetonia, Ohio, Mennonite Church near his home. He was of a quiet, peaceable, and unassuming nature, and well spoken of by all who knew him. He had undergone an operation for gall stones in the Youngstown Hospital and seemed to be recovering nicely but suddenly became worse and soon died. Was buried in the Midway Cemetery. Services by E. M. Detwiler, assisted by Rev. H. C. Brilhart of Leetonia. Text was taken from Psa. 61:2.

Smith.-Susannah Smith, nee Myers, was born in Putnam Co., Ohio, July 11, 1847; died Oct. 7, 1914; aged 67 y. 2 m. 27 d. She was the daughter of John and Katheryn Myers and one of 10 children. She was united in marriage to Daniel B. Smith April 11, 1866. To this union were born 6 boys and 6 girls, 1 girl dying at the age of 2 years. The rest of the children are left to mourn the loss of a mother. Bro. Smith preceded her to the spirit world 19 years ago, Sept. 11. She with her husband united with the Mennonite Church in their early married life and lived loyal members till death, he was also a minister of the same. They moved to Indiana 30 years ago and have lived there since. The funeral services were conducted by Bro. A. J. Yontz of Topeka, Ind., assisted by Bro. Eli Stofer of Waterloo. Interment in the Fairfield Cemetery near Hudson, Ind.

Brackbill.-Annie Brackbill, widow of Benjamin Brackbill, deceased, was born at Soudersburg, Pa., Nov. 5, 1831; died Sept. 23, 1914; aged 82 y. 1 m. 12 d. She was married to Benjamin Brackbill, to which union were born 8 children. Four children and her husband preceded her to the spirit world, leaving 3 sons and 1 daughter and 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren to mourn her departure. She united with the Mennonite Church early in life and remained faithful till the end, giving evidence to those around her that she was ready to depart and be with Jesus, which is far better. Funeral services were held in the Lancaster Mennonite M. H., Bro. Abram Herr having the main service, assisted by Elias Groff and John and David Mosemann. Interment at the Mennonite Cemetery at Strasburg.
"Oh, mother, thy gentle voice is hushed,
Thy warm, true heart is stilled;
And on thy pale and peaceful brow,
Is resting death's cold chill."

Selzer.-Henry Selzer was born Dec. 7, 1856, in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio; died May 4, 1914; aged 57 y. 4 m. 29 d. Nov. 27, 1879, he was married to Anna Bitikofer of Holmes Co., Ohio. They lived in Ohio until the year 1884 when they moved to McPherson Co., Kans.

The cause of his death was due to a fall. He lived only six days after the fall but suffered intensely during most of this time. The deceased was anxious to leave this world of sorrow and go to yonder world to again meet his companion who preceded him 2 y. 6 m. He is survived by 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 4 sons, 3 daughters, and 11 grandchildren.

Funeral services were held at the Spring Valley, Kans., Church, May 6. Services by Bros. D. A. Diener and Jno. Brunk. Text, "If a man die shall he live again." The remains were laid away in the cemetery near by, aside of the remains of his wife.

Kendig.-Bro. Martin D. Kendig was born near Creswell, Pa., Feb. 5, 1833; died at his home in Millersville, Pa., Oct. 15, 1914; aged 81 y. 8 m. 5 d. He was united in marriage to Fannie H. Dambach, Nov. 19, 1885, who survives to mourn the departure of a loving husband. In early life he taught school and later took up the study of medicine. His health not allowing him to continue in that work he went back to farming. He took great pleasure in the study of birds and animals and had a large collection mounted. He also took quite pleasure in trees and shrubbery. These besides the many books he read gave him much pleasure while not being physically strong that he could do manual labor. After not being able to attend to matters on the farm he moved to Millersville, at which place he spent the remainder of his life. In September, 1901, he accepted Christ, being 68 years of age, from which time he had been a consistent member of the Masonville and Millersville Mennonite congregations. His sight beginning to fail a number of years ago, he was not able to read; and would often call others to read to him from the Word of God or some book treating upon a religious subject. His greatest regret was that he neglected accepting Christ until old age, also that he did not spend more time in reading the Bible while younger, as now his sight being taken from him he no longer had that privilege and oftimes would admonish us as younger ones that we should in our young years spend much time in studying the Word that should we in later years be in a condition as he was we would have something to meditate upon and feed thereon. Two years ago he suffered a stroke of paralysis, from which he never fully recovered, but lingered on until a complication of diseases set in from which death relieved him. He was a very patient sufferer, was always satisfied with his condition, leaving all to Him who doeth all things well. Funeral services were conducted Oct. 13, at the house by Bro. D. N. Gish and at the Millersville Mennonite Church by Bro. Abram B. Herr and Bro. D. N. Lehman. Text, I Pet. 1:3-9. His body was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery. Peace to his ashes.
M. D. M.


Transcribed by Nancy Regan, Washington


Gospel Herald - Volume VII, Number 31 - October 29, 1914, page 504

Hooley.-Minnie M. Hooley (nee Berkey) was born in Wayne Co., O., Jan. 7, 1884; died Oct. 14, 1914; aged 30 y. 9. m. 7 d. She confessed Christ as her personal Savior in her youth, and remained faithful until death. She was united in marriage to Samuel Hooley Dec. 10, 1908. This union was blessed with two darling jewels, both of whom preceded the mother to the spirit world. Thus ended the short life of our beloved sister and mother, while here on earth.

Nahrgang.-- John Nahrgang, fourth son of the late Joseph Nahrgang, died July 29, 1914; aged 45 y. 5 m. 19 d. He leaves his aged mother, 4 brothers, and 2 sisters. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. He died very suddenly and unexpectedly in a fit of epilepsy to which he was subject for many years. The funeral was held Aug. 1, at the old home. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Osias Cressman at the house and Bros. Noah Stauffer and Manasseh Hallman, from Rev. 20:6, and Jno. 11:28. Interment at Geyer's Cemetery, Waterloo Co., Ont.

Yoder.-Mary, wife of Rudy Yoder, was born near Belleville, Pa., Aug. 28, 1892; died near Allensville, Pa., Oct. 12, 1914; aged 22 y. 1 m.14 d. She was a daughter of Solomon D. and Katie Beechy, and is the first among 13 children to pass to eternity. She had been married nearly a year. She leaves husband, a son three days old, her father, mother, and a great number of relatives to mourn her sad departure. But they mourn not as those who have no hope. She was an obedient child and a faithful member of the Church. Funeral services at her late home, Oct. 14, by Bros. John Peachy and Samuel W. Peachy, in the presence of a large concourse of people.

Ferguson.-Eileta Frances, daughter of Martin and Della Ferguson of Wakarusa, Ind., was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Dec. 15, 1909; died Aug. 31, 1914; aged 4 y. 8 m. 16 d. She leaves to mourn her departure father, mother, 2 brothers, Darwin Ray and John Clayton, 4 grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Ferguson and Mr. and Mrs. John Weldy, and many other relatives. On Aug. 22 she took sick with diphtheria, which resulted in her death. Because of the nature of the disease it became necessary to have the burial immediately. Euleta was fond of music, and although young could sing such songs as "Little Reapers" and "Going Down the Valley" very sweetly. She was a bright and cheery child and is now missed in the home, Sunday school, and wherever her acquaintance was made. Funeral services were held Sunday at the Holdeman M. H., Oct. 11, 1914, by J. H. McGowen. Text, "Heaven."

Transcriber's note: the little girls' name is Eileta in one place and Euleta in another.

Shantz.-Leah Christner, beloved wife of David S. Shantz, died in Waterloo Co., Ont., Sept. 15, 1914; aged 55 y. 11 m. 17 d. She was the mother of 10 children and leaves to mourn a loving husband, 6 sons and 2 daughters, 2 sons having preceded her. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. She was of a kind and loving disposition. Her place in the church is vacant, but much more in the home. "What is home without a mother?" We feel to sympathize with the bereaved family, but we believe that our loss is her eternal gain. According to our views this mother could not have been spared, but the Bible teaches us, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord." "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." Funeral was held Sept. 19 and was perhaps the largest ever held at this place. Services at the house by Orphen Wismer and at the church by Bish. Jonas Snyder and Manasseh Hallman. Text. Matt. 25:6; Phil. 1:23. Interment in Shantz's Cemetery. May God comfort the bereaved.

Bowers.--Jacob S. Bowers was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Mar. 16, 1850; died at White Horse, Chester Co., Pa., Aug. 28, 1914; aged 64 y. 5 m. 12 d. He was a patient sufferer with heart trouble and other complications. A bereaved companion and the following children are left to mourn their loss: Dr. B. Frank, of St. Benedict, Pa., Daniel at home, Mrs. E. Sager, Mt. Joy, Pa., Anna Kemp, near Baltimore, Md., Ella Pierce, near home, Susan and an invalid daughter Joyce, also 4 grandsons. The oldest son, Enos, preceded him to the spirit world 16 years ago. He united with the Mennonite Church at Kernstown, Va., in 1883, and was a resident of Frederick Co., Va., for 25 years. He was united in marriage to Susan G. Mellinger in 1874, whose father still lives at Winchester, Va. Funeral services were held at the house on Monday evening. Text, "I am the way," and at Salunga, Pa., where interment was made on Tuesday forenoon, Bro. C. M. Brackbill and others officiating.
"Peaceful be thy silent slumber,
Peaceful in thy grave so low;
Thou no more wilt join our number,
Thou no more our song shall know
Yet again we hope to meet thee,
When the toils of life have fled,
Then in heaven we hope to greet thee,
Where no farewell tears are shed."


Transcribed by Nancy Regan, Washington

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