Gospel Herald Obituaries - November, 1915

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Gospel Herald - Volume VIII, Number 32 - November 4 , 1915 - Page 527

Miller. - Yost B. Miller was born March 2, 1837; died of apoplexy Oct. 12, 1915; aged 78 y. 7 m. 10 d. He leaves 5 sons, 5 daughters, 32 grandchildren, and 22 great-grandchildren. He was a member of the Amish Mennonite Church from his youth, and had a longing to depart this life with strong faith that the change would be for the better. He was buried at the Martin's Creek Church near Millersburg, Ohio, Oct. 15 where a large concourse of people had assembled to pay tribute to the departed. Services conducted by Bros. S. H. Miller and Joe F. Mast.

Conrad. - Jacob E., son of Jacob and Katie Conrad, was born July 7, 1876; died at his home near Wayland, Iowa, Oct. 16, 1915; aged 39 y. 3 m. 7 d. He was a member of the Amish Mennonite Church from his early youth. The young brother had been laboring under a nervous strain for some time, and the sad deed of shooting himself was probably done while mentally unbalanced. He leaves to mourn his untimely death his aged mother, 2 brothers, 3 nieces, 1 nephew and a large circle of relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted at the Eicher Church near Noble, Iowa, by Bros., S. M. Musselman and Daniel Graber. The body was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.

Bridge. - Hazel, daughter of Junie and Lonie Bridge, was born in Augusta Co., Va., Dec. 30 1913; died Oct. 6, 1915. She was a bright and playful child. She was not so well all summer but took sick Oct. 4, only sick two days, She leaves a grandmother, father, mother, and one sister to mourn her departure. Funeral was held at the Mennonite Church at Mountain View on the 7th, where a very large concourse of people had gathered to pay their last tribute of respect. Services conducted by A. P. Heatwole.
We have lost our darling cousin,
She has bidden us all adieu,
She is going to live in heaven,
And her person is lost to view.

Boyer. - Abraham M. Boyer was born June 23, 1830, in Butler Co., Pa.; died Sept. 29, 1915; aged 85 y 3 m. 6 d. When he was 9 years old, he with his parents emigrated to Ashland Co., Ohio. He was united in marriage to Barbara Nusbaum Mar. 20, 1851. To this union were born 8 children (Peter O., Geo. W., Anna, Sarah, Abram N., Joseph Z., Maria, Alice and an infant twin). Four children preceded him to the spirit world. He with his wife united with the Mennonite Church of which he has since been a faithful member. Funeral services were conducted from the home of his daughter, Alice, where he last resided, and buried at the Mennonite Cemetery.

Musser. - John Musser was born near West Salem., Ohio, Oct. 16, 1839. In 1852 he with his brother Solomon and his two sisters, Catharine and Margaret, moved with their parents, Martin and Anna Musser to Elkhart Co., Ind., and located in Harrison Tp., 5 miles west of Goshen. In 1881, he moved on a farm of his own. He owned different farms on which he resided until four years ago, since which time he resided in Goshen, where he died suddenly of heart failure, Oct. 15, 1915; aged 75 y. 11 m. 29 d. while sitting in a chair. He was never married. He is survived by 3 nieces; Mrs. Anna Witmer of Harrison Tp., Mrs. Joseph Heatwole and Mrs. Perry Smith of Lima, Ohio, and 2 nephews; Dr. E. M. Hoover of Elkhart, and Wm. A. Hoover of Harrison Tp., besides a large circle of relatives and friends. He possessed many good qualities and enjoyed the esteem and respect of all who knew him. His remains were brought to the home of his nephew, Wm. A. Hoover, from which place the funeral was held on Oct. 18. Services were held at the Old yellow Creek Mennonite M. H. by John F. Funk of Elkhart, assisted by Martin Ramer and Chr. L. Ressler, from Matt. 24:44.

Egli. - Joseph Egli was born in Huron Co., Canada, Feb 2 1852; died Oct 10, 1915 at his home in Manson, Ia; aged 63 y. 9 m. 10 d. He united with the Mennonite Church at the age of eighteen; was ordained to the ministry in 1891, in which capacity he labored faithfully till called to higher service. He was married to Sister Barbara Sutter at Hopedale, Ill., Jan. 29. 1874. To this union were born 1 son and 4 daughters, of whom 1 daughter died in infancy. His companion died April 2, 1885. On Jan 2. 1886, he was married to Sister Mary Birkey of Hopedale, Ill. To this union were born 3 sons and 4 daughters. He leaves his companion, 11 children, 39 grandchildren, 5 brothers, 4 sisters, and a large circle of friends to mourn his departure. He moved to Manson, Iowa, from Hopedale, Ill, 5 years ago. Funeral was held Tuesday, Oct. 12, from the Mennonite Church where often his voice had been heard in earnest, loving effective service. There was an unusually large attendance, the church being filled with friends from all denominations, showing the confidence and esteem in which the brother was held in the community, and the sympathy felt for his bereaved family. Bro. E. J. Berkey of Waynesboro, Va., conducted the services, taking for his text Amos 4:12. Interment was made in Rose Hill Cemetery. Bro. Egli was a friend to all and will be greatly missed in the home, the church and the community.

Transcribed by: Marie Fogelsinger, Michigan

Gospel Herald - Volume VIII, Number 33 - November 11, 1915 - Page 543

Roth. - Elmer J., son of Joseph and Lena Roth, was born near Eureka, Ill., Aug 9, 1909; died with a peaceful smile after a week of constant suffering, Oct. 9, 1915; aged 6 y. 2 m. Besides his twin sister, Alma, he leaves 4 other sisters and 3 brothers to mourn his early departure - but to meet his baby brother, Jacob, who went on before, aged 2 m. He was a loving child, always ready to join with his brothers and sisters singing their Sunday school songs. The ones he loved were; "More about Jesus", and "Happy Day, When Jesus Washed My Sins Away".

Eberly. - Isaac B. Eberly was born in Pennsylvania July 28, 1850; died at his home near Garden City, Mo., Oct 26, 1915; aged 65 y. 2 m. 28 d. He was married to Katie Least. Their union was blessed with 7 children. Four died in infancy; the other 3 and wife mourn the loss of a father and husband. He early in life united with the church. He first united with the Brethren Church. When they came to Cass Co., Mo., he united with the Mennonite Church and was a faithful member until death. Funeral Oct. 27. Services conducted by Bros. W. E. Helmuth, L. J. Miller, and Joe C. Drive. Text Phil. 1:21. He left a bright example of blessed assurance. He talked calmly of that change with full assurance up until just before his death. And was anxious to meet and be with Christ. To him to live was Christ and death was gain.

Schertz. - Joseph Schertz was born at Peoria, Ill., Feb 3, 1846; died of apoplexy at his late home in Woodford Co., Ill., Oct 24, 1915; aged 69 y. 8 m. 1 d. He leaves to mourn their loss his loving companion, 3 sons - Henry G., Andrew P., and Amos A. - 3 daughters - Bertha Imhoff, Emma Steider, and Elizabeth Ulrich - 4 brothers, and 2 sisters; also 25 grandchildren. All of the above relatives live in his home community. He also leaves a very large circle of friends and neighbors who are saddened by his departure. He united with the Amish Mennonite Church in his youth, and has ever since been a faithful member, a regular attendant at church and Sunday school until called to his home beyond. He will be remembered as a good citizen, a devoted father and husband, and a neighbor of the highest quality.

Burkholder. - Sister Elizabeth Burkholder of near Newville, Pa., died Sept. 29, 1915; aged 65 y. 11 m. 12 d. She is survived by 2 brothers, Abraham, with whom she made her home, John W. of West Hill, and Mrs. Amos Zimmerman of Eberlys Mills. Funeral was held Oct. 2, by J. B. Senger of Kinzer, Pa., and her pastor, W. F. Charlton. Interment was made at the Diller Mennonite Church, at which place she was a faithful and consistent member. Her deep concern was that her nieces and nephews might be true and faithful followers of the Lord Jesus. We feel our loss is her eternal gain. She was loved by all who knew her.
We miss you, dear aunt,
From thy familiar place
We do not hear your footsteps,
Nor see your smiling face.
E.L.B. and Wife

Stutzman. - Anna (Petersheim) Stutzman was born in Cambria Co., Pa., June 22, 1857; died at her home in Kalona, Ia., Oct. 22, 1915; aged 58 y. 4 m. In her early childhood she moved with her parents to Marshall Co., Ind., and later (in 1868) to Johnson Co., Ia. Feb 1, 1874, she was united in marriage to Yost Stutzman, to which union were born 2 sons - John and Alvin and 5 daughters - Mrs. D. B. Hochstetler, Mrs. J. G. Yoder, Mrs. W. H. Plank, Mrs. Milton Slabaugh. One son preceded her to the spirit world. She also leaves 15 grandchildren and 2 brothers and a host of friends. Early in life she united with the Amish Mennonite Church and was faithful to the end. Funeral services Oct. 25 at the house by S. C. Yoder and at the East Union Church by D. J. Fisher and D. D. Miller in English and by Jacob S. Yoder in German. Text, 1 Cor. 15:35.
Dear mother, thou hast left us,
Here our loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.

Yoder. - Pauline May, daughter of Amos and Lydia Yoder, Orrville, Ohio; born May 8, 1914; died Oct. 19, 1915; aged 17 m. 11 d. Her short stay with her devoted father and mother and her loving brother and sisters was clouded with much suffering and pain, but in her childlike manner she appreciated the kind attentions given and manifested a beautiful, patient spirit. Her fatal illness was an obstruction of the bowels which caused intense suffering. Little Pauline loved singing and often asked her mother in her, child language that mothers so well understand, to sing for her in her sleepless hours. The song that was frequently sung during the last days and nights for her was, "Safe in the arms of Jesus", and while tenderly held in her mother's arms, she passed yonder and was received into the never-failing and safe arms of Jesus, who said "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven:". Funeral services at the home and burial at the Oak Grove burying grounds. Ministers, J. S. Gerig and I. W. Royer.

Sensenig. - Henry S. Sensenig, died at the home of his son-in-law, Moses W. Good, near Churchtown, Pa., Oct. 15, 1915, after a short illness. Death was due to dysentery. Age 77 y. 10 m. 3 d. He was a member of the Weaverland Mennonite Church for about 50 years. His first wife died 37 years ago. To this union 5 children were born - Samuel M., Mary A., Joseph M., Henry M. One daughter preceded him to the great beyond. His second wife died 5 years ago. His place in the sanctuary was rarely vacant, and he was rarely heard to complain of indisposition or the common annoyances of life. "Thou no more wilt join our number, thou no more wilt join our songs". Funeral at the home of his son, Henry M., Oct 19. Services at the house by Bro. Noah H. Mack and at the Weaverland Church by Bros. Benjamin Weaver and John N. Sauder. He was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.
Earth has lost its look of gladness,
Heaven seems to us more bright,
Since the spirit of our father
Too its happy, homeward flight.

Transcribed by: Marie Fogelsinger, Michigan

Gospel Herald - Volume VIII, Number 34 - November 18, 1915 - Page 559

Eash. - John M. Eash was born Jan. 28, 1848; died Oct. 29, 1915; aged 67 y. 9 m. 1 d. He is survived by 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren. His two companions and 1 son preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral services at the Kaufman Mennonite Church near Hollsopple, Pa., conducted by L. A. Blough and Jas. Saylor. Buried in the Johns Cemetery.

Buzzard. - Sarah Histand was born I Bucks Co., Pa., Oct. 18, 1836; died Oct. 11, 1915; aged 79 y. lacking 7 days. She was baptized in the Mennonite church in her 20th year and has lived a faithful Christian life for nearly 60 years since. She was married to Wm. H. Buzzard, Sept. 20, 1857, three boys and three girls came to bless this union, 2 girls passing on to the spirit world in infancy and the husband in the year 1890. The living children are Mrs. Barbara E. Snyder, Sylvester W. Buzzard, Samuel Buzzard, and Jacob W. Buzzard. She leaves 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren besides other relatives and friends by the score who will miss her patient gentle face and quiet cheerful personality.
For 25 years she lived a widow and stayed most of the time with her children. The past 7 years she has lived with her daughter, Mrs. Snyder, and for nearly 6 years she has been a helpless invalid. She was a true Christian. She loved her bible and it was her constant companion and guide. She lived in anticipation of death and release from suffering, yet she bore these with cheerfulness and without complaint. Hers was a life whose quiet influence will be long remembered.
Funeral services were conducted at the M. E. Church, Oct. 13, conducted by the pastor, Edward Bridwell, assisted by M. Melbert. Her earthyly remains were laid to rest in the Stone Church Cemetery beside those of her husband.
Like the ripe sheaf in its season she has been gathered to the garner of the heavenly Father. May we all be as faithful and as true and be ready when the summons comes to us.

Brubaker. - Mazie W., wife of Benjamin F. Brubaker, was born Apr. 6, 1866; peacefully fell asleep oct. 25, 1915, at her home near Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa.; aged 49 y. 6 m. 18 d. She was sick only one week with pleura pneumonia. She was very weak, yet death came unexpectedly. She leaves to mourn her departure husband, 3 sons, 2 daughters, father, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers, and a large host of friends. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years and will be missed in the Church and Sunday school, but most of all in the home, where there is always a vacant chair, yet we mourn not as those who have no hope. We can think of her as happy among the angels. Funeral services Oct. 27 at Erisman's Church by Bros. Peter R. Nissley and Isaac Brubaker. Interment in adjoining cemetery.
A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant I our home,
Which never can be filled.

Transcribed by: Marie Fogelsinger, Michigan

Gospel Herald - Volume VIII, Number 35 - November 25, 1915 - Page 574, 575

Hertzler. - Clarence W., son of Bro. Daniel and Sister Ella Hertzler, was born May 24, 1907; died Nov. 8, 1915; aged 8 y. 5 m. 24 d. Clarence was bringing in the horses when one kicked him in the face, resulting in his death a few days later. Services at Slate Hill Church, Cumberland Co., Pa., Nov. 11, by the brethren, Samuel Hess and W. F. Charton. Text, Jas. 4:14: "What for?"

Eby. - Hannah Woolner was born in Ringsfield, Suffolk Co., England, 1825, and came to Canada in 1834. She united with the Mennonite Church early in life and remained faithful to the end. For the last few years she lived with her niece, Sister Louisa Brubacher, at whose home she passed away Nov. 8, 1915; aged 90 y. 3 m. 17 d. During the last few months she suffered much from cancer, but she bore it patiently and quietly awaited the end. Besides many relatives and friends she leaves 1 brother, 2 sisters, 1 step son, and 1 step daughter. Her third husband, Henry Eby, died 1898. Funeral services on the 10th, conducted at the home by Bro. E. S. Bauman, and at Snider's meeting house by Bro. Oscar Burkholder. Text, 1 Cor. 15:51. burial in adjoining cemetery.

Berg. - Martha, daughter of Philip Berg, was born in Wayne Co., Ohio; died after a four weeks' illness, Oct. 31, 1915, at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Peter C. Sommer, where she had made her home since her mother's death; aged 9 y. 1 m. 12 d. She at first suffered from appendicitis and later from tuberculosis. She leaves to mourn her loss, father, step-mother, 2 brothers, and a number of sisters. Funeral services were held in the Swiss Mennonite meeting house by Bro. C. N. Amstutz.

Eby. - Bro. Jacob F. Eby was born May 17, 1883; died Nov. 9, 1915; aged 82 y. 5 m. 23 d. There remain to mourn their loss his beloved companion, 2 daughters (Elizabeth A., married to Jacob L. Kling, Mary E., married to Jacob M. Hershey), 13 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Grandfather was a valiant soldier of the cross and nothing seemed to please him so well as to see the young enlist in the army of the Lord, and we know the world is the better of his having lived therein. To know him was to love him. Funeral services at the house by Bro. John Senger and at Hershey's meeting house by Bro. C. M. Brackbill.

Kolb. - Nancy Stauffer was born Jan. 10, 1843; died at Breslau, Ont., Sept. 28, 1915; aged 72 y. 8 m. 18 d. She was married to Joseph Kolb who preceded her in death a number of years. She leaves to mourn her departure 2 sons, 2 daughters and a large number of relatives and friends.
Sister Kolb was a faithful Christian and a member of the Mennonite Church. Her presence in the community and at service will be greatly missed, but what is our loss will be her richest gain.
Funeral was held from home of her son to Berlin for service and interment. Services conducted by Bros. J. S. Woolner, Noah Stauffer and Oscar Burkholder. Text, Rev. 14:13.

Brubaker. - Anna Barbara, daughter of Menno B. and Ada M. Brubaker, of Juniata Co., Pa., died at the home of her grandparents, Samuel O. Martin's, Lancaster Co., Pa., Nov. 7, 1915; aged 1 y. 9 m. 16 d. In August, Anna was brought to Lancaster County by her grandparents to stay a short time. After an illness of 9 days she passed away to be with Jesus in that heavenly home above. Funeral services were held at the home of the grandparents, Nov. 9, conducted by Bros. Benj. Weaver, Noah H. Mack, and David L. Landis. Nov. 10 the body was taken to Juniata county where further services were conducted by the brethren, William Graybill, Samuel Leiter, and Noah Bowman, at the Delaware Church. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.
The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

Erb. - Menno L. Erb was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., Dec. 3, 1857; died near O'Neill, Nebr., Oct. 25, 1915; aged 57 y. 10 m. 22 d. He was united in marriage to Matty Kennel Feb 6. 1879. To this union were born 3 sons, 2 daughters, 9 grandchildren, who, together with his loving companion, survive. He united with the Mennonite Church in his early days and was a faithful member unto death. Deceased had suffered a few strokes of paralysis a few years ago. At the time of death he was quite well. He left the house to get the cows and death came on his way home. The funeral services were in charge of the brethren, J. D. Birky and Peter Oswald of Beemer, Nebr. Remains were laid to rest in adjoining cemetery. May God help the sorrowing mother and children to bear the loss of a dear, loving husband and father.

Leaman. - On Nov. 6, 1915, in Lancaster, Pa., Isaac H. Leaman departed this life very suddenly, aged 54 y. 3 m. 22 d. When just about arising from his couch to go out for another day of labor he suddenly passed away. He leaves a widow and 9 children (4 grown up and 5 small). May they look to God for sustaining grace in their sad bereavement. He was the older son of Bro. and Sister Geo. H. Leaman, who are left to mourn his sudden departure, as are also 2 brothers and 6 sisters. May we look to Jesus as our only help in this sad hour of bereavement and make the resolve, I will live closer if possible to God and grow more and more submissive to His will. Oh, that we can say, "His will, not mine, be done". He was buried Nov. 9. Short services at house by Bro. John H. Mosemann, followed at Mellinger's Church by Bros. D. N. Lehman, D. H. Mosemann, and J. H. Mosemann. Text, 1 Pet. 1:3,4. Buried in the adjoining cemetery. "Gone, but not forgotten". A sister

Good. - Bro. Henry G. Good was born in Bucks Co., Pa., Dec. 11, 1845; died in Bowmansville, Pa., Nov. 10, 1915; aged 69 y. 10 m. 29 d. In 1872 he was married to Leah Bowman. To this union 4 sons and 5 daughters were born. The widow, 4 sons, 3 daughters, a brother, 5 sisters, and 16 grandchildren survive. He was ordained to the ministry in 1887 and served the congregation at Bowmansville, Gehman's and Alleghany faithfully for 28 years. His death was rather unexpected. It seems he was failing a little, but he attended to his duties, attending the meeting held by Bro. Gish on Saturday, Nov. 6, also the regular services the following day. On Monday evening, Nov. 8, he was stricken with apoplexy, and lingered until Wednesday evening, when he said to his wife that it will soon be over with. Then he became unconscious in which state he remained till he died. Funeral was largely attended. Services at the house conducted by Bro. John Ehst and at Bowmansville Mennonite Church by the bishop brethren, Abram Herr, Andrew Mack, Benjamin Weaver, besides the home ministers, Noah B. Bowman and Moses G. Gehman. One by one, we are passing from time to eternity.

Hartzler. - Ruth, daughter of John and Mary Hartzler, near Orrville, O., died of infantile paralysis, Oct. 17, 1915; aged 5 y. 9 m. 28 d. She was buried the 18th at Martin's Cemetery. On account of disease funeral was private. Bro. I. W. Royer read from Ruth 1:16,17 and Psa. 16 at the grave, and gave words of comfort to parents and sister Sarah who are left to mourn her departure; also 1 grandfather and both grandmothers. One brother and one sister preceded her. Ruth was an obedient child, always ready to obey her parents and a desire to love Jesus. When yet well she often kissed us, and said, "O mamma, I love you, but I love Jesus better". We could not understand then, but during sickness she expressed the thought that she loved us and it is hard to leave us, but that Jesus had need of her and she longed to be where pain is unknown. The last day she was with us she talked much about heaven. While suffering great pain she looked heavenward, thanks Jesus for His goodness and blessings. Oh, it is hard to part with our loved ones but when we remember that "in they presence is fullness of joy; at they right hand there are pleasures for evermore", then only we can say, "Lord, Thy will be done". Mother.

Bucher. - Balsar Bucher was born July 7, 1826 in Alsace, Germany. He was the son of Micahel Bucher who was a soldier under Napoleon Bonaparte in 1814. At the age of two years he came to Ontario, Canada, where he spent his childhood days. At 18 he married Sarah Morningstar, his first wife. Nine children were born to this union; Benjamin, Susan, Joseph, Sylvanus, Peter, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and 2 that died in infancy. At the age of 38 his wife died at their home in Canada. Then he came to Sturgis, Mich. After a lapse of two years he married Mary Jane Lansing of Sturgis. Five children were born to his second wife; Jennie, Catharine, Mabel, Mattie, and Lenora. There he lived 22 years and then came to Indiana where he spent the balance of his life, 24 years, which was in Milford. His occupation was by day's labor. He always enjoyed good health until a week or so before his death. He died Nov. 12, 1915 at the age of 89 y. 4 m. 5 d. He was a faithful member of the Holdeman Mennonite Church. Had he lived until next Aug. 19, he would have been married 50 years to his second wife. She is 78 years old and still enjoys good health. Funeral at Milford, Ind., Nov. 15, Text, 11 Tim. 4:6-8. Bro. J. E. Hartzler in charge.

Shank. - Bro. Otho W. Shank of near Maugansville, Md., died Aug. 26, 1915; aged 74 y. 4 m. 21 d. He is survived by his wife and 8 children; Henry, Harvey, Otho, Annie M. Horst, Mary C. Barnhart, Elizabeth V. Rice, Florence Summers, Lillie Binkley. He was buried at the Reiff Church. Services conducted by Henry Baer, George Keener, and Christian Strite. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for 35 years and was faithful till death. He was bedfast about 3 weeks and suffered a great deal. He bore his suffering patiently and was greatly concerned about his children and grandchildren. He talked to them and prayed with them and took them in his arms and prayed a blessing on them and asked them to meet him in heaven. He was concerned for all. He was conscious until the last, and when he could no longer talk he would point to heaven, and wanted them to sing for him and told them not to weep for him but to weep for themselves. He was so happy in Jesus and died in a blessed assurance of a home in heaven. May we live as he left an example for us, and testified against pride until the last and was a friend to all.
Earth has lost its looks of gladness,
Heaven seems to us more bright,
Since the spirit of our father,
Too its happy, homeward flight.
By his daughter Annie.

Yoder. - Elizabeth (Blough) Yoder, was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Feb. 17, 1834. In October, 1853, she united in marriage with Jacob C. Hostetler of Somerset Co., Pa. In the few years of their happy life in Pennsylvania one son, William, died at the age of three months. In a few years they came to Indiana, where they remained until death. During a siege of typhoid fever, all the family except on son (Harry), were seriously ill, at which time one daughter (Catharine) died Dec. 26, 1879. Her husband also died from the fever of Jan. 5, 1880. One son (John) was also laid away Feb. 8, 1880. The remaining family of 7 children are all living in LaGrange and Elkhart Cos., Ind., except Harry, who lives in Kent Co., Mich. After the death of her husband she remained a widow for about six years. On Aug. 22, 1886, she was again married to Joseph J. Yoder of LaGrange Co., Ind. After a pleasant and happy life of about 17 years he also died, Sept. 8, 1903. The remaining 12 years (or over) of her life she spent in widowhood, living with her daughter Mary where she died Nov. 3, 1915, at the age of 81 y. 8 m. 16 d. Early in life she united with the Mennonite Church and was a consistent member of the Shore congregation to the time of her death. Beside her 7 children she leaves 52 grandchildren to mourn their loss, which we trust is her eternal gain. Funeral was held Nov. 5, at the Forks A. M. Church, where Y. C. Miller preached in the German language from 11 Cor. 5:1, and A. S. Cripe in English from Rev. 14:13 to a large and attentive audience.
Mother, thou has left us lonely,
Here they loss we deeply feel,
But 'twas God that came and took thee,
He can all our sorrows heal.

Miller. - Samuel P. Miller was born near LaGrange, Ind., Nov. 18, 1857; died very suddenly at his late home near Surrey, N.D., Nov. 8, 1915; aged 57 y. 11 m 20 d. At the age of 14 he moved with his parents to Hickory Co., Mo., the journey at that early age being made overland and by team. Bro. Miller was in charge of one. On Dec. 25, 1880, he was united in marriage with Sister Katie Reber, also of Hickory Co., Mo. To this union were born 5 sons and 3 daughters at follows: Rosa L. King, Susanna Kauffman, J. Annie, Daniel W., Minnie M. Glick, Christian R., Samuel E., and Otto J. Bro. Miller united with the Church of his choice in early life, remaining a consistent and faithful member until death; a man of peaceful disposition and willing to exercise his God-given talent, therefore often engaged in teaching a Sunday school class. On June 13, 1915, he was chosen to the office of deacon and ordained to serve the congregation known as the Fairview Mennonite Church near Surrey, N.D., which office he faithfully and ably filled the few months he was permitted to do so. In 1890 he moved with his family to Johnson Co., Mo. In 1894 to Oklahoma, in 1900 to Cass Co., Mo., in 1908 to Oscoda Co., Mich., and in spring of 1914 to Surrey, N.D., where he had won many friends; shown by the number gathered to show the last tribute of respect when his body was lowered into the grave. Preparations were made to move to another farm the following day of Bro. Miller's death, but his move was to another house.
The funeral was held on Nov. 12. Services at the house by the writer and at the church by the brethren, D. B. Kauffman, and L. A. Kauffman of Kenmare, N. D. Text, Phil. 1:21. The death of Bro. Miller was the first in the family, but he was permitted to see the whole family members of the Church. Besides a sorrowing wife and 8 children, and 14 grandchildren, there are many who feel the loss of Sunday school teacher, a worker in the Church, and a friend in the community. All the children were present at the funeral except Susanna and J. Annie, who had been called home to mother's bedside a few months ago. Christian and Samuel Reber of Mo., brothers of Sister Miller, attended the funeral. While we deeply feel the loss of our brother just at this time, we want to say, "God's Will be done"
L. S. Glick.

Transcribed by: Marie Fogelsinger, Michigan

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