Gospel Herald Obituaries - May, 1916

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Gospel Herald - Volume IX, Number 5 - May 4, 1916 - page 87

Derr. - Bro. Joseph M. Derr departed this life April 3, 1916; aged 81 y. 1 m. 29 .d. Bro. Derr was a member of the Diller Church near Newville, Pa. His wife survives. Services at the home of Bro. Jacob Seitz by W. F. Charlton. Text, Luke 2:29. Interment April 6 at Diller Church.

Mann. - Ruth Doras, infant daughter of Rufus and Mildred Mann, was born May 11, 1915; died of pneumonia April 13, 1916; aged 11 m. 2 d. The parents and 2 sisters mourn her departure, 1 brother having preceded her in death. Funeral April 5 at Prairie Street Mennonite Church, Elkhart, Ind., conducted by Bro. W. B. Weaver. May God comfort the bereaved.

Honderick. - Moses Honderick was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, Sept. 4, 1835; died at his home near Needy, Oreg., Feb. 25, 1916; aged 80 y. 5 m. 21 d. He was married to Dorotha Eash April 27, 1865. To this union were born 4 children. He leaves to mourn their loss a loving wife, 1 sister, 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. Bro. Honderick united with the Amish Church of Lee Co., Ia., in his early youth and later years when coming to Oregon he united with the Mennonite Church, of which he was a faithful member till his death. Funeral Feb. 27 at the Hopewell Church, conducted by the brethren J. M. Shenk in English and J. K. Lehman in German. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

Gerber. - Hallie Gerber, daughter of Lon and Lovina Gerber, was born April 16, 1914; died April 11, 1916; aged 1 y. 11 m. 25 d. Her sickness lasted only a few days. In the first place, she had measles and then bronchial pneumonia set in. She leaves father, mother, 3 brothers and an adopted sister. She was buried on the 13th at the Walnutcreek (Ohio) Amish Mennonite Church. Services by Carson Mast, S. H. Miller, and M. A. Mast. Text, Job 1:21.

Oberholtzer. - Susan Oberholtzer was born Dec. 30, 1851; died April 21, 1916; aged 64 y. 3 m. 21 d. Sister Oberholtzer was single and was an invalid for fifty odd years. She accepted her Savior in early years and worshiped and praised her God as best she understood. Though often in great affliction, she bore up patiently until death came and relieved her from all these afflictions. She leaves to mourn her departure 2 brothers and 3 sisters. She was buried Easter Sunday, April 22, where many friends gathered together to pay the last respect to her mortal remains. Services were conducted at the Miller Church near Leitersburg, Md., by Bros. Henry Baer and G. S. Keener. Text, I Cor. 15: 26.

Wenger. - Abraham E., son of Henry and Margaret Wenger, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., July 1, 1865; died April 3, 1916; aged 50 y. 9 m. 2 d. He was married to Alice M. Holdeman April 4, 1885. To this union were born 1 daughter (Mrs. Chloe Moore) and 2 sons (George, deceased, and Herman at home) and 2 grandchildren. He is survived by his wife, daughter, 1 son, 1 grandson, 4 brothers, 5 sisters, and many relatives and friends who mourn his departure. One son, 1 granddaughter, father, mother, and 2 sisters preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral was held at the Olive Church and burial in the adjoining cemetery. Bro. D. A. Yoder preached from the text, "What is your life?"

Heckman. - Maria Heckman was born Feb. 16, 1844; died March 29, 1916; aged 72 y. 1 m. 13 d. Sister Heckman was blind for many years though we were glad to know she was not blind spiritually. She bore her afflictions with Christian fortitude and patiently waited till her Redeemer called her home. She leaves to mourn her departure an aged husband, 1 son (Henry) and 7 grandchildren. Only one of these mourning ones accepted Christ. May we soon learn that they will all follow her as she has followed Christ. She was buried Mar. 31, at Brandt's, Pa., Church. Services were conducted by Bros. W. W. Hege and G. S. Keener. Text, Zech. 14:6,7. Many gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to the mortal remains.

Miller. - Bro. Elias M. Mliler was born Jan. 30, 1848; died near Fentress, Va., Apr. 18, 1916; aged 68 y. 2 m. 18 d. He was a sufferer from bronchitis for many years, which developed into tuberculosis of the lungs, which caused his death. He was in bed but two weeks, during which time his 5 children were all permitted to come to his bedside and minister to his comfort. Bro. Miller was a faithful member of the A. M. Church since his youth and always enjoyed attending the services of the Lord. He is survived by the following children: Bish. Noah E., Springs, Pa.; Fannie and Estie, Hesston, Kans.; Ella, Scottdale, Pa.; and Ira of Fentress, Va., with whom Bro. Miller had his home. He also leaves 7 grandchildren, 1 brother, and 1 sister, besides many other friends and relatives. He was preceded to the spirit world by his wife about two and one-half years ago, also by one daughter in 1902. Funeral services were held at the Fentress Mennonite Church by Bro. A. D. Wenger from Amos 4:12. Burial in cemetery adjoining.

Transcriber's note: "Mliler" is spelled as in the original.

Gerber. - Matthias Gerber was born in Emmeuthal, Switzerland, Sept. 27, 1828; died at the home of his sons Valentine in Kidron, Ohio, April 16, 1916; aged 87 y. 6 m. 19 d. He suffered from a broken hip and ailments incident to old age, but bore it patiently until death relieved him. He immigrated to America in 1853, and here joined the Swiss Mennonite Church, and remained a faithful member unto death. He was married to Dina Moser and lived with her over 50 years. To this union were born 2 sons (Jacob and Valentine) and 2 daughters (Melinda and Salome), all living here except Salome (Mrs. Simon Baumgartner who lives at Halstead, Kans., but came to attend the funeral which took place, April 19, the brethren Jacob Nussbaum and C. N. Amstutz officiating. He possessed a cheerful disposition, always having a pleasant smile, and was loved by all his neighbors and friends. Besides his sons and daughters he also leaves 12 grandchildren and an aged sister living in Putnam Co., Ohio. His wife preceded him 3 years ago.

Transcriber's note: "Emmeuthal" is spelled as in the original; "sons Valentine" is as in the original.

Hartzler. - Samuel F. Hartzler was born in Lagrange Co., Ind., March 19, 1882, and moved with his parents to Logan Co., O., in March, 1885. At the age of 12 he accepted Christ as his Savior, and had been faithfully serving the Lord in the church of his choice. He was united in marriage to Amanda E. Detweiler, Jan. 23, 1907. To this union were born 3 sons and 3 daughters. One daughter preceded him in death. On March 30, 1916, he took down with pneumonia, and died April 10, 1916, at his home near West Liberty, Ohio; aged 34 y. 22 d. By this departure a happy and peaceful union is broken. He bore patiently the trials of this life, and although he felt that he was needed by his family, he was ready to go. Bro. Samuel leaves to mourn his departure a loving wife, 5 children, father, mother, 6 brothers, 3 sisters, and many relatives and friends. His death is the first in the family circle of 10 which is now broken.

He is not gone, he is just away,
Until the close of our life's day,
When at the gate of the Great Above,
He will greet us with a father's love.

Funeral services were held at the Oak Grove Church April 13, in charge of Bros. S. E. Allgyer, A. I. Yoder and J. J. Warye. Interment in Hooley Cemetery.

Transcribed by: Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana


-- Gospel Herald - Volume IX, Number 6 - May 11, 1916 - page 111

Hooley. - Lucile, daughter of David and Ella Hooley, was born April 7, 1912; died at the home of her parents near North Lawrence, Ohio, April 18, 1916; aged 4 y. 11 d. Death was caused by diphtheria. She was a very bright and lovable child, endeared to all who knew her. Short funeral services were held at the Lawn by I. J. Buchwalter, after which the body was laid to rest in the Pleasant View Cemetery nearby. May the Lord comfort the parents in this hour.

Saltzman. - Joseph Saltzman, son of John and Barbara Saltzman, was born near Shickley, Nebr., July 4, 1905; died April 17, 1916; aged 10 y. 9 m. 13 d. His death was caused by appendicitis. He leaves to mourn his departure, father, mother, 3 brothers, and 4 sisters. Funeral services were conducted at the A. M. Church April 18, 1916, by Jacob Stauffer in German from Psa. 35:5-8, and Wm. Schlegel in English from II Sam. 18:32, both of Milford, Nebr. The remains were laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery. May God comfort the bereaved ones in their sorrow.

Cable. - Katie Ellen, daughter, of Bro. Amos and Sister Lydia Cable of the Thomas congregation near Johnstown, Pa., was born Feb. 2, 1904; died April 19, 1916; aged 12 y. 2 m. 17 d. She was a sufferer for about six weeks, from leakage of the heart. Yet with all her sufferings she was a great example of patience. On Jan. 30, 1916, she gave her heart to God and she was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church. The evening before she died she called for one of her ministers, with a few others, with a desire to have the reading of the Word and prayer and song. A few moments later she waved her hands to parents, brother and sisters, and others, bidding them goodbye. Again calling her minister to her bedside she also remembered her brother who is not yet a child of God. Her last words to her brother were, "I want you to promise me that you will join the church." How hard it is to give up such an one, but how glorious when we think of the words of the poet:

"How blest the righteous when he dies,
When sinks the weary load to rest."

She leaves to mourn her departure, father, mother, 5 brothers, 3 sisters, grandparents, and a host of friends. Services conducted in the home by Bros. S. G. Shetler and L. A. Blough. Burial April 21 in the Thomas Cemetery.

Wyse. - Clara Edith (Koebel) Wyse, was born Dec. 3, 1892, near Wayland, Ia.; died April 12, 1916; aged 23 y. 4 m. 9 d. She united with the Sugar Creek Mennonite Church at the age of 15 and was a faithful member unto death. She was joined in holy matrimony with Arthur J. Wyse Dec. 24, 1912, and lived in matrimony 3 y. 3 m. 18 d. One son was born to this union who departed with his loving mother. Clara was born, married, and died at her father's and mother's homestead. Many happy days were spent there. Her last few days were sorrowful. All was done that loving hands and hearts could do, but God saw otherwise. Clara was of a loving and cheerful disposition and had a smile and a word of greeting for all. None knew her but to love her. She leaves to mourn her departure a loving husband, father, mother, 1 sister (Mayme), 1 brother (Clarence), many relatives, and a host of friends. Her smiling face will be seen no more on earth. She will be greatly missed in the community, and church, but most in her home. But we do not mourn as those that have no hope. Because through the cross of Christ we hope to meet her on the other shore. Funeral services were held at the Sugar Creek Church by Daniel Graber in German, S. M. Musselman in English. Texts Mark 13:37 and Matt. 21:42 (latter clause). Interment at the North Hill Cemetery.

Transcribed by: Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume IX, Number 7 - May 18, 1916 - pages 126,127

Winskey. - Jennie Winskey died May 2, 1916, at the Old People's Home near Marshallville, Ohio. She entered that institution in August, 1912. Although she was crippled and could get around only by the use of a crutch, she was very patient. While in this life she had many hardships, she did not speak of them, but she frequently spoke of her home in heaven. Funeral at the 0. P. Home on the 4th, Bro. E. F. Hartzler in charge. Text, II Cor. 5:1. Burial in Crown Hill Cemetery. Age, 60 y. 1 m. 28 d.

Kennel. - Thelma, little daughter of Chris and Lizzie Kennel, was born Feb. 12, 1914; died May 5, 1916, of ptomaine poisoning; aged 2 y. 2 m. 23 d. She has gone to the place of the innocent, and if we are faithful to God we will meet her in due time. She leaves to mourn her early departure, father, mother, 2 sisters, 3 brothers, grandparents, etc. Funeral services at the West Fairview Church, Milford, Nebr. Laid to her last resting place in the adjoining cemetery.

Troyer. - Myron Edward, son of Bro. John and Sister Mary Troyer, was born Sep. 26, 1914; died April 21, 1916, of a complication of diseases; aged 1 y. 6 m. 23 d. Little Myron was ailing for some time and later pneumonia set in which ended in his death. His stay on earth was of a short duration, yet long enough that those who knew him learned to love him. "Budded on earth to blossom in heaven." Funeral services on the 23rd at the Mennonite Church in Howard Co., Ind. Services conducted by the brethren, J. S. Horner and E. A. Mast from Job 1:21.

Strite. - Fannie Strite, widow of the late Abram Strite, was born Jan. 31, 1836, near Lancaster, Pa.; died April 25, 1916; aged 80 y. 2 m. 24 d., near Leitersburg, Md. To this union were born 7 daughters, of whom 4 survive, also 3 brothers and 2 sisters survive. She accepted Christ in her early life and proved faithful till death. She possessed a cheerful disposition, always having a pleasant smile and was loved by all who knew her. Funeral services were held at the Miller Church conducted by the brethren, Henry Bear and Denton Martin. Text, II Tim. 4:7,8. Interment in adjoining cemetery.
By a sister.

Hostetler. - Elda, daughter of Stephen and Emma Jane Hostetler, of near Johnstown, Pa., was born Feb. 21, 1898: died May 5, 1916; aged 18 y. 2 m. 14 d. Sister Hostetler was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church since the age of 12. A teacher in the Sunday school and was beloved and respected by a wide circle of friends and relatives. Funeral services were held May 7, 1916, in the Weaver Mennonite Church. Interment in adjoining Cemetery. Bro. S. G. Shetler and Bro. Harvey S. Replogle preached impressive sermons from Job 9:25,26, and Jno. 11:28.

Gingerich. - Christian Gingerich was born Sept. 16, 1856; died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Abraham Strycher, near Foraker, Ind., on April 3, 1916; aged 59 y. 6 m. 27 d. Bro. Gingerich was never married. He spent most of his life in Harrison Tp., Elkhart Co., Ind. He had not made any profession of Christianity until during his sickness he confessed Christ and was received into the Mennonite Church. During his sickness he resigned himself to the will of God and died, professing a bright hope of a future life. Funeral services were conducted at Yellow Creek Mennonite Church on April 6, 1916, by Bros. Jonas Loucks and J. W. Christophel. Text, Num. 23:10.

Friedt. - Noah M., son of Daniel and Sarah Friedt, was born in Medina Co., O., May 7, 1866; died of heart failure, in the State Hospital at Massillon, Ohio, April 14, 1916; aged 49 y. 11 m. 7 d. Noah has been sickly much of the time since grown up. He talked rationally in the last hours of his life, having been in the State Hospital nearly four years. He made the Christian religion his choice and was a member of the Mennonite Church about 22 years. Three brothers and 4 sisters survive him. Father, mother and 1 brother preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral services held from the home of his brother, Elias Friedt, Sunday, April 16. Services at the Guilford Mennonite Church, conducted by Bros. Isaac Good and Moses Horst. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Kyner. - Charles Kyner was born in Germany and emigrated to America with his mother and sister (one sister having died on the ocean.) They landed in New York, at which place this son, in some unknown way, got separated from his mother, at the age of 9 years, and had never been able to learn anything of her afterwards, although he made a trip to that city in later years in a vain effort to locate her. He worked his way in the world and finally came to Chambersburg, Pa., where he was given a home in the family of Peter Horst. In the year 1874 he was married to Nancy Weber of Maugansville, Md. To this union was born 1 son who died in infancy. Bro. Kyner was a member of Reiff's Mennonite Church for about 40 years, of which he was a faithful attendant until nearly two years ago when his body gave way to the effects of kidney trouble, of which he died at his home in Maugansville, Md., April 30, 1916. Aged about 72 years. Funeral services May 8 by S. D. Hartanft at the house, and Geo. S. Keener and C. R. Strite at Reiff's meeting house. Text, Jno. 14:1-3.

Hostetler. - Leonard Leroy, little son of Bro. John Y. and Sister Katie (Yoder) Hostetler, was born April 25, 1914; died May 7, 1916, after an illness of about 11 days with pneumonia. A few months have passed; the death angel has taken from our midst some aged ones, other middle aged, but this time he claimed a dear little lamb. We do not understand, but God's ways are not our ways. May we then say, "Thy will be done," not ours. All that loving hands and hearts could do was done for him but was of no avail. God knew best. Leonard was a very bright child in the home and was loved by all who knew him. He is survived by his father, mother, 1 infant brother, both grandfathers and grandmothers, 1 uncle, 1 aunt, a great-grandmother, and many other relatives and friends.

"Go to thy rest fair child,
Go to thy dreamless bed,
While yet so gentle, undefiled,
With blessings on thy head."

His age was 2 y. 12 d. Funeral services at Locust Grove Church, near Belleville, Pa., May 9, by Bros. J. L. Mast and S. T. Yoder. Text, Jno. 11:35,36 Interment in cemetery nearby. Peace to his ashes.

Fenton. - Ulysses Grant Fenton was born in Whiteside Co., Ill., Nov. 11, 1865; died at the home of his brother-in-law, W. S. Hathaway, Mar. 2, 1916; aged 51 y. 3 m. 20 d. He was married Oct., 1886, to Lillian Hathaway. To this union were born 3 sons and 1 daughter, one son having preceded him to the spirit world. His death was caused by stomach trouble. He had been failing in health for some time, and decided to go to Nebraska, hoping that the change would benefit him. From here he went to Wyoming. His health improved for awhile and then he went to Oregon, where he had a light stroke of paralysis. Feeling that death was near he came back to Missouri to see his mother. He united with the Mennonite Church several years ago and remained faithful to the end. He leaves to mourn his departure, wife, mother, 2 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 7 grandchildren, and a number of relatives and friends. We extend sympathy to the bereaved ones, but there was one great consolation in that he was prepared to go. He bore his sufferings well and greatly enjoyed to have some one to sing and pray with him. He was conscious to the end, and the day before be died selected the songs and text and requested that Bro. J. M. Kreider preach the funeral sermon. He also called his loved ones to his bedside and bade them goodbye. He seemed fully resigned to the Lord's will. Funeral services conducted by Bro. J. M. Kreider. Text, Isa. 53:5. Interment in cemetery near Philadelphia, Mo.

Transcriber's note: Given age is not consistent with birth and death dates.

Burkholder. - Laura May (Shantz) Burkholder died at the home of her parents in Breslau, Ont., April 30, 1916; aged 23 y. 7 m. 18 d. She was married to Oscar Burkholder May 7, 1913. She leaves to mourn her early departure a sorrowing husband, a little girl (Ethel Marie), father, mother, 3 sisters, 1 brother, and a host of relatives and friends. Sister Burkholder was a faithful Christian, intensely interested in the Lord's work, a good adviser in her husband's calling, one of her greatest burdens and last messages being, "Oh, that the unsaved in Breslau, young and old, would know my Jesus."

"A flower was born in the world one day,
It grew as a flower in its own sweet way;
When its fragrance was sweetest to all around,
It drooped and faded to the cold, cold ground.
We wonder why God in His tender love,
Sends such priceless jewels from realms above,
And allows the world their goodness to see,
And then takes them home to eternity.
But our wonder is lost in heart-felt praise,
Though this flower bloomed for such a few days.
Her life brightened more than one earthly home,
And now sweetly blooms in her heavenly home."

Funeral services conducted at Breslau on May 2 by Bros. C. R. Krauth, A. B. Snyder, and J. S. Woolner.

Landis. - Hettie H. (Kreider) Landis was born Nov. 17, 1854; died very suddenly of heart failure May 1, 1916; aged 61 y. 5 m. 14 d. In 1874 she was married to Benj. F. Leaman, to this union 2 children were born (Joseph and Anna). At the age of 8 months little Anna died, 2 weeks after the death of the father in 1880. Her second marriage was to Benj. L. Landis in 1891. To this marriage was born one daughter (Bertha) who survives, her second husband preceded her to the spirit world in 1902. She is survived by 2 children, 2 grandchildren, 4 step-children, 1 brother, to mourn the loss of a loved one. We trust our loss is her eternal gain. Sister Landis was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years and was at her place in the services whenever opportunity afforded. She had many friends and was of a lovable disposition. May we follow the good examples she gave us and choose the path she chose. "Watch and pray, for in an hour when ye think not the Son of man cometh." Services were held on May 4, 1916, by Bros. David and Sanford Landis at Mellinger's meeting house, Lancaster Co., Pa. Text, Col. 3:1-4. Remains were laid to rest in cemetery adjoining. One year ago, on the same date, her sister, Mary H. Stauffer, was laid to her last resting place. "Going down the valley one by one."

"We miss thee, mother dear,
From your old familiar place;
We do not hear your footsteps
Nor see your smiling face."

Eyman. - Rachel, daughter of Bishop John Thut, was born in Holmes Co., O., June 11, 1838: died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Barbara Steiner, Fort Wayne, Ind., April 16, 1916: aged 77 y. 10 m. 5 d. While yet a small girl, she with her parents moved to Allen Co., O., where she grew to womanhood, and Jan. 22, 1863 she was united in marriage to Tobias Blosser. To this union were born 3 sons and 4 daughters. In 1866 they located in Elkhart Co., Ind. In 1878, she was bereft of her husband and left to struggle on alone with a family of small children. Sept. 1, 1885, she was united in her second marriage to Henry Eyman and in the spring of 1887 they moved near Caledonia, Mich. Retiring from farm life in 1896, they moved to the village of Dutton, where death claimed her second husband in March, 1906. The remaining years of her life were spent largely with her children. In her girlhood days she gave her heart to the Lord, uniting with the Mennonite Church, remaining a devoted and faithful member all her days. Of a timid and reserved nature, her life was somewhat obscure, but her best friends were those who knew her best. Her illness wos of several months' duration, but she bore it all patiently, eagerly awaiting the summons to be called. Early in her illness she was anointed, thus making use of every means of grace available. She leaves to mourn her loss 3 sons (William of Alberta, J. R., Denver, Colo., and Ezra of Caledonia), 3 daughters (Mrs. Sarah E. Good of Boise, Ida.; Mrs. Barbara Steiner of Ft. Wayne, and Mrs. Salome Good of Dutton), 17 grandchildren, 2 sisters (Mrs. Barbara Steiner and Mrs. Mary Hilty), and hosts of friends. Funeral services were conducted at the home of her daughter in Ft. Wayne, Ind., by Abner and Levi Yoder of the Church of the Brethren, assisted by Bro. Miller of the Mennonite Church. The body was shipped to Dutton, Mich., where a second service was conducted from the U. B. Church, conducted by E. F. Caslow and J. C. Overholt, both of the Brethren Church of Grand Rapids. Interment in Holy Corners Cemetery. Text, II Kings 4:26.

Transcriber's note: "wos" is spelled as in the original.

Transcribed by: Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume IX, Number 8 - May 25, 1916 - page 143

Zook. - Rachael Zook was born March 2, 1837, in Mifflin Co., Pa.; died Jan. 18, 1916; aged 87 y. 10 m. 16 d. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. John E. Kauffman. Text, Jno. 14:2. Buried in Hartzler graveyard, Mattawana, Pa. Deceased was one of twelve children, of whom five are yet living. She was a member of the A M. Church.

Bender. - Lizzie Ann, infant daughter of Bro. Daniel and Sister Barbara Bender, New Hamburg, Ont., died May 6, 1916; aged 10 m. 23 d. Buried on the 9th in the Mennonite cemetery east of East Zorra. Peace to her ashes.

How happy are these little ones
Which Jesus Christ has blessed;
Come let us praise Him with our songs,
For taking them to rest.

Shoemaker. - Bro. Christian H. Shoemaker was born near Florin, Pa., July 19, 1854; died at his home in Milton Grove, Pa., May 1, 1916; aged 61 y. 9 m. 12 d. Bro. Shoemaker had a stroke several years ago from which he never fully recovered, although he could go away some, he was in church several times and always enjoyed it very much although he had to be carried into the church and out again. A few weeks before he died he had several strokes which caused his death. He leaves a wife, 2 brothers and 4 sisters to mourn their loss. Funeral May 5 with services at Risser's M. H., conducted by Bishop John G. Ebersole and Samuel L. Oberholtzer. Text, II Cor. 5:1. Buried in Mt. joy Cemetery.

Hooley. - David J. Hooley was born in Lagrange Co., Ind., Mar. 27, 1869; died in the American Hospital, Kansas City, Mo., April 23, 1916; aged 47 y. 26 d. At the age of 19 he united with the Mennonite Church. When health failed he went west and was a faithful member in the Mennonite Church at Hanston, Kans. Before the end came he expressed himself ready to go. In 1896 he had an attack of pneumonia which left effects of which he never fully recovered. However, the cause of sudden death was measles. He leaves to mourn his departure 5 sisters and 1 brother (Esther Hartzler of West Liberty, O., Daniel Y., of Tuleta, Tex., Sarah Yoder of Elkhart, Ind., Emma Plank of Alberta, Can., Susan King of Harrisonville, Mo., and Mary Quinn of Detroit, Mich.) Funeral services at Sycamore Grove Church conducted by L. J. Miller. Text, I Cor. 15:54, last clause. Interment in Clearfork Cemetery.

Sharp. - David Sharp was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., Sept. 9, 1825; died in Harrisonville, Mo., April 15, 1916; aged 90 y. 9 m. 6 d. He united with the Mennonite Church in early life, in which faith (he often said in the close of his earthly journey) he wished to live and die. He said he was ready, and seemed anxious to depart this life. He was a member of the Sycamore Grove Church until he with his second wife moved to Harrisonville, Mo. He then took out his church letter, which he held at the time of his decease. While in Harrisonville he worshiped with the First Baptist Church. On Nov. 17, 1850, he was married to Susanna Yoder. Six children were born, of whom 3 survive (Mrs. Emma Zook, A. J., and Iddo Sharp). He also leaves 7 grandchildren and 1 sister (Mrs. Lea Zook) of Belleville, Pa. Funeral services at the First Baptist Church of Harrisonville, Mo., by Geo. C. Monroe. Interment in Clearfork Cemetery.

Mishler. - Joseph C. Mishler was born in Somerset Co., Pa., March 13, l830; died in La Grange Co., Ind., May 2, 1916; aged 86 y. 1 m. 19 d. He united with the Church of the Brethren and continued a faithful member until called to his reward. He was married to Rachel Livingston Miltenberger, March 24, 1853. This union was blessed with 5 sons and 4 daughters. George, James and Sarah of La Grange Co., Ind.. John of Middlebury, Ind., Elizabeth, Lucy, and Susan of Elkhart, Moses of McPherson Co., Kans., and Jacob of Strathmore, Calif. His wife preceded him 38 years ago. After her death he moved to La Grange Co., where lie lived with his son George, for 35 years. He leaves to mourn his departure, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 5 sons, 4 daughters, 41 grandchildren, and 41 great-grandchildren. He died from the infirmities of age and heart trouble and his life ended quietly sleeping in his chair. His funeral was conducted at the Lupold Church by Harvey Schrock and Yost Miller, and burial was made in the Middlebury Cemetery.

Landis. - Anna (Leaman) Landis was born Sept. 21, l844; died May 1, 1916; aged 71 y. 7 m. 10 d. Death has taken a dear mother and grandmother. She had raised 3 daughters and 1 son, then by the death of her daughter, Lizzie, married to David Landis, she also raised a granddaughter, Elsie, who will feel the loss of grandmother as many feel the death of a mother. Grandfather Landis died Feb. 24, 1916, only ten weeks before, and now his companion has followed after. This is a loud call when the home is broken of both the aged parents, but our loss is their gain. And we must follow after their footsteps. Funeral services were held May 5 at the home of her daughter (Mary, wife of F. K. Lefever) conducted by Sanford Landis and at Mellinger's Church by David Landis. Text, II Tim. 4:7,8. She is survived by 2 daughters, 1 son, 13 grandchildren, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. One daughter, and 3 grandchildren have preceded her in death.

"The bosom where I oft have lain,
And slept my infant hours away,
Will never beat for me again,
'Tis still in death, 'tis senseless clay."
A Friend.

Derstine. - Magdalene Gross Derstine (nee Moyer), was born Dec. 21, 1877; died May 8, 1916; aged 38 y. 4 m. 17 d. She was married to Irvin Derstine Feb. 9, 1901. To this union were born 5 children, 2 preceded the mother in infancy. The husband, 2 daughters (Anna and Martha), 1 son (Paul), her mother, 4 sisters, and 2 brothers survive. Her disease was a complication, induced by kidney trouble. She received all the best care that human hands could give, the best medical attention the profession knew but it seemed that her career on earth was at its zenith, she departed this life wishing to stay with her family for a time longer but if such was not the Lord's will, then, His will, not hers, be done. She was a member of the Rockhill, Pa., Mennonite Church, actively identified in both church and Sunday school work, one of the best singers that the church has had, carried her religion into her home in her every day life, never complained when things did not go her way, taught her family the ways of God; her every action was pervaded by the Spirit of Christ. She is sadly missed, not only in the immediate family, but by the Church, as well as by a large circle of friends, her Christian spirit, however, has been impressed on many a one; her work is ended here. Pres. Souder, Landes, and Histand took part in the services at the house, Clemens and Allebach at the Church, preaching from, "Blessed are they that mourn; for they shall be comforted." She was a mother in Israel, indeed. Let her death be a remembrance and a warning to us all.

Transcribed by: Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana

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Copyright 1999 - All rights reserved - Mennonite Publishing House, Scottdale, PA
Used with permission by the Archives of the Mennonite Church, Goshen, INDIANA
Permission granted to private family researchers to use selected portions of these images to tell their family stories.
May not be mass-produced in any form for commercial purposes.