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Gospel Herald - Volume X, Number 36 - December 6, 1917 - pages 663-664

Markley. - Joel Markley was born in Wayne Co., Ind., Aug. 1, 1853; died Nov. 10, 1917. Practically all his life was spent in the community in which he was born. He took sick last March and never recovered. He leaves a wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters, 2 sisters, 3 grandchildren. On Oct. 9 he confessed Christ as his Savior and afterwards freely expressed himself as ready to meet Him. Funeral was held at his home in Green Twp., Nov 13, By P. R. Lantz and I. W. Royer.

Hoffman. - Carl George, son of Carl G. Hoffman, near Coulee, N. Dak., was born March 2, 1896; died Nov. 11, 1917; aged 21 y. 8 m. 9 d. Carl was employed as fireman on a G. N. freight engine and with his engineer was instantly killed in a head-on collision in the mountains near Tweed, Mont. Funeral services Nov. 16. Sermon at the house by the writer and at the Spring Valley Church by Nordell, Swedish Baptist Minister, of which church the parents are members. His body was laid to rest in the Spring Valley Cemetery. Thus ended the life of a young man. We leave him in the hands of a just God. Take warning, dear reader, and "prepare to meet thy God." D. B. Kauffman.

Kauffman. - Hannah Saloma, daughter of Solomon and Saloma Lantz, was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, July 8, 1849; died Oct. 11, 1917. When a small child she moved with her parents to Noble County, Indiana. Her parents died when she was quite young. In her youth she united with the Mennonite Church. In 1876 she was united in marriage to Joseph H. Kauffman. To this union were born seven children (Eva, Nannie, Winifred, Rollie, Iris, Harry, and Elizabeth). She was the youngest and the last to survive a family of eleven children. For several years she had been in failing health and more than a year ago she was stricken with paralysis. The last four months of her life she was confined to her bed. She was very patient in her affliction and perfectly resigned to her lot. She was a most faithful and devoted companion and mother. "Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her." She leaves to mourn her departure her husband, three [Note: begin page 664] sons, three daughters, and two granddaughters. Funeral services at Topeka, Ind., Mennonite Church conducted by Bro. J. C. Lehman. Interment in Maple Grove cemetery.

Brenneman. - John E., son of Elizabeth B. and Abram G. Breneman, Elizabethtown, Pa., was born Jan. 30, 1914; died Nov. 16, 1917. Little sunbeam as he was, whom we loved so much, but He who gave him loved him more. Only by fervent prayer we can look up and say "Thy will be done." One brother and one sister preceded him to that celestial city. Besides his sorrowing parents, one brother (Chester Abram) and one grandmother mourn his departure. Brief services took place at the house of mourning with further service at the Landisville Mennonite Church Nov. 19, 1917. Conducted by Bro. Hiram Kauffman. Text II Kings 4: 18-26. "It is well" was the selected subject. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

"We loved this tender little one.
We wished to have him stay,
Our heavenly Father's will be done.
He shines in endless day."

Transcriber's note: The surname is spelled both Brenneman and Breneman in the same obituary.

Transcribed by: Debbie Kapp, Pennsylvania


Gospel Herald - Volume X, Number 37 - December 13, 1917 - page 686

Sherk. - Rebecca Anna, was born in Bertie Twp., Welland Co., Ont., May 30th 1858, and died at her home, near Ridgeway, Ont., Oct. 31, 1917. Sister Sherk had been a member of the Mennonite Church for a number of years and gave evidence in the closing days of her life of having peace with her God and a hope of entering into His rest. She and her sister resided on the old homestead and many friends shared the hospitality of the home and enjoyed its quiet spiritual atmosphere and the warm friendship of the sisters. May the Lord comfort the many bereaved friends and acquaintances. Funeral services were held at the home on Nov. 3, in the presence of a large number of friends and neighbors. Services by Howard W. Stevanus and S. F. Coffman. Text, Heb. 2:6. Interment was made in the Mennonite burying ground near Sherkston, Ont.

Byler. - Nora May Troyer was born Oct., 15, 1893, in Elkhart Co., Ind.; died Nov. 22, 1917; aged 24 y. 1 m. 7 d. She had undergone an operation some time ago from which she never recovered. She was united in marriage to Fred S. Byler on Jan. 12, 1913. To this union was born one daughter, Ruth. She leaves to mourn her departure her husband, daughter, parents, one brother, three grandparents, and other relatives and friends. She united with the Mennonite Church at the age of 14, and remained faithful until death. During all her sickness she was courageous and bright and had patient hope that she might again be restored to health. She possessed a kind and generous heart and lived that peaceful quiet life until she peacefully fell asleep
. Funeral services were conducted at the Clinton Frame Church, Elkhart Co., Ind., by D. J. Johns and Silas Yoder.

Bontrager. - Harold, son of Bro. Noah and Sister Clara Bontrager, was born near Jet, Okla., March 16, 1908; died at the hospital in Enid, Okla., Oct., 21, 1917; aged 9 y. 7 m. 5 d. Harold has [sic] been afflicted with infantile paralysis since he was 5 years of age, and had not walked alone for 3 years. He had been at the hospital since June 11, 1917. Although afflicted and not able to run about, he was always patient and cheerful, always having a smile for everybody. He was willing and always ready to learn having committed to memory the 23 Psalm, also the Lord's prayer at 5 years of age. He leaves to mourn his departure father, mother, and one brother; also grandparents, a number of uncles and aunts and a host of friends. Two brothers preceded him to the spirit world. He was laid to rest in the Milan Valley Cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. S. C. Miller and Simon Hershberger. Text, Job 7:7-10.

Baer. - Martha Katharine, daughter of Bro. Abram H. and Sister Amanda C. Baer of near Hagerstown, Md., was born Oct. 4, 1917; died Oct. Oct. 18, 1917; aged 14 d. Death was due to congestion of the lungs. Her father left in the morning of the 18th for Admiral, Md., to visit his Bro. at Camp Meade. Baby seemed to be in health. At twelve o'clock noon we noticed something unusually wrong and called the doctor who came and by 2:15 God clasped her little hand and called her to her heavenly home. She leaves to mourn her early departure father, mother, one sister, two brothers and three half-brothers. One little sister preceded her to the spirit world. Oh that we may all live such lives that we may meet these little ones in that heavenly home where no parting hand is known or no farewell tear is shed. Funeral services Oct. 19 at the house at 2 o'clock conducted by Daniel Strite, interment at Paradise grave yard.
"The golden gates were open wide
A gentle voice said, Come.
And angels from the other side
Welcomed our darling Martha home."

Schiffler. - Mary Schiffler (nee Allhouse) was born in Germany in the province Rheinbaiern, on Oct. 17, 1839; died near Roseland, Nebr., Nov. 18, 1917; aged 78 y. 1 m. and 1 d. She was received into the Mennonite Church on confession of her faith by baptism at the age of twelve years, to which faith she remained true to the end of her life. In the year 1852 she with her father (her mother having died) 1 brother and 1 sister emigrated to America, settled in Woodford Co., Ill., and later in Livingston Co., same state. On Sept. 3, 1871, she was married to Albrecht Schiffler at Washington, Ill., where they lived until they moved to Roseland, Nebr., which was in the fall of 1878. This union was blest with 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters. She leaves to mourn her departure, husband, 5 children, and 23 grandchildren (who were all present at the funeral) and relatives, neighbors and friends.
Her last sickness being (as the doctor pronounced it) senile degeneration followed by heart complications. She was confined to her bed two weeks, was very patient and resigned to God's will and fell asleep seemingly without any struggle.
A short service was conducted at the home of the departed by Bishop Joe Zimmerman of Woodriver, Nebr., and at the church by Bishop D. G. Lapp who used for his text Luke 20:34-36. She was laid to rest in the cemetery adjoining the church.

Longacre. - Isaac W. Longacre was born near Norristown, Montgomery Co., Pa., Jan. 6, 1841; died Nov. 16, 1917, near Quakerstown, Bucks Co., PA.; aged 76 y. 10 m. 10 d.
He leaves to mourn his beloved Wife (Susan, nee Schantz,) Five sons, two daughters, and 13 grand children. Two sons died in infancy. Also four brothers survive, besides a host of relatives and friends.
He was a loving and kind husband and father; always deeply concerned, both temporally and spiritually, for the welfare of his family and children as well as the church and community, not only concerned but ready and willing to do all in his power for the welfare of the church or anybody who came in contact with him, from beggar to friend. He was a faithful member of the Swamp Mennonite Church from his early youth.
His illness was pneumonia from which he suffered for about two weeks. Some days before his death, realizing that his end was near, the family gathered about him, where he admonished them to read The Bible faithfully, with the understanding and live up to its teachings.
Funeral services were held at the Swamp Mennonite church Nov. 22, 1917. Services were conducted by Bishop Henry Rosenberger and Jacob Clemens. Text St. John 11:26. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

"The Golden Gates were open wide
The Savior's voice said come
An Angel from the other side
Welcomed our father home."

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Transcribed by: Debbie Kapp, Pennsylvania


Gospel Herald - Volume X, Number 38 - December 20, 1917 - page 703

Brubaker. - Jospeh L. Brubaker was born in Snyder Co., PA., Aug. 20, 1849; died Nov. 29, 1917, at Cherry Box, Mo., aged 68 y. 3 m. 9 d. He was married to Jannie Mishler. To this union were born 9 children: Mrs. Maud Head, Henry, Nolty, Levi, Mrs. Laura Mumford, Rubin, Mrs. May Woodward, Carl, Doll [or Dell?]. Laura preceded him in death Sept. 19, 1916. Funeral services were conducted at the Mennonite Church near Cherry Box, Mo., by Bro. Ira Buckwalter of Pearidge, Mo.

Zook. - Lydia (Burkholder) Zook was born July 5, 1867; died Nov. 30, 1917; aged 50 y. 4 m. 25 d. She was married to David S. Zook Nov. 5, 1889. She leaves to morn [sic] her departure her devoted husband and three faithful children - Clara, John, and David J. Also three sisters - Emma Yoder, Melinda Smucker, Anna Steiner - and two brothers - Elmer and David - with a host of relatives and friends. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church in her youth and remained faithful to the end. Her patience and Christian fortitude manifested thru [sic] her long illness and suffering which was intense was living a witness for her Master and a worthy example to all. Services and burial at the Oak Grove Church near Smithville, O. In the absence of the home minister, P. R. Lantz and I. [or J.?] W. Royer ministered. Text, II Cor. 4:17.

Nathaniel. - Sept. 24, 1917, Bro. Nathaniel of Dhamtari, Central Provinces, India, went to his eternal reward. He was well known by Bros. Shoemaker and Hartzler and all the missionaries who have ever been at Khamtari. He was a faithful, sincere Christian and lived to a ripe old age of about 80 years. For several years he would suffer from a cough during the rains and cold seasons, which together with old age caused his death. His sons all died in the prime of life and he often said, "Why did the Lord take my sons and leave me? They should have been left to bury me." The day before he died he expressed his great desire to leave this world and go home. He leaves a wife, one daughter, grandchildren and many friends to mourn his death. We believe his life has been an inspiration to many and we trust his peaceful death will bring others to know their Savior.

Schneuker. - Daniel Schneuker was born near Waterloo, Ont., on Feb. 19, 1854. About twenty-five years ago he and his wife were converted and joined the Mennonite Church at Strasburg, later moving to Berlin (now Kitchener). Death came to him very suddenly on the evening of Nov. 28, when he was returning home from the factory where he was working. He was suddenly overcome by heart failure and dropped to the sidewalk dead. He leaves to mourn his beloved wife and adopted daughter, besides a host of friends. He was the janitor of the Mennonite Church at this place for many years and he was seldom absent from any church service. His age was 63 y. 9 m. 9 d. Funeral services Dec. 2 at the First Mennonite Church, Kitchener, by the brethren, Jonas Snider and U. K. Weber, where a large number of people gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to the departed brother. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Shoemaker. - Jacob Shoemaker was born at Berlin (now Kitchener), Ont., on June 15, 1859; died at Floradale on Oct. 17, 1917; aged 58 y. 4 m. 2 d. He was married to Barbara Wideman on Mar. 5, 1882. This union was blessed with four children and one child was adopted. He leaves to mourn four children. Bro. Shoemaker had undergone an operation a week previous to his death, not expecting that the end would be so soon. When he realized that his end was near he called his family to his bedside and earnestly admonished them to live true Christian lives that they all might meet again in the glory world. Bro.Shoemaker was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church, was of a quiet, unassuming disposition but left to us a very bright testimony. He found much consolation in the words of our Savior, Jno. 14: 1, 2. Funeral services were conducted at North Woolwich Church, Waterloo Co., Ont., by Abraham Gingerich and Oliver D. Snider. His body was laid to rest in adjoining cemetery.

Snyder. - Elizabeth Cressman was born near New Hamburg, Ont., Feb. 13, 1842; died at her home near Breslau on Dec. 2, 1917; aged 75 y. 9 m. 19 d. On March 10, 1863, she was united in marriage to Absalom C. Snyder, who preceded her in death over four years ago.
She leaves to mourn her departure 1 son, 9 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren, besides a large number of relatives and friends. Sister Snyder was a faithful and active member of the Mennonite Church at Breslau, the greater part of her life. She was well known for her kindness to those in need, and was intensely interested in the spiritual welfare of those that she befriended. But her interest in the Lord's cause was not confined to her home community alone. Many are the testimonies that might be given by those who came from other parts of the United States and Canada, who not only enjoyed her hospitality, but were also encouraged to be faithful in the Master's work. Funeral services were conducted at the house by Bro. J. S. Woolner, and at the church by Bros. Jonas Snyder and Oscar Burkholder.

Stutzman. - Barbara (Swartzentruber) Stutzman was born near Grantsville, Md., Dec. 26, 1849; died at her home near Hydro., Okla., Nov. 7, 1917; aged 67 y. 10 m. 11 d. When a year old her parents moved to Johnson Co., Iowa, where she grew to womanhood and was married to Moses J. Stutzman Dec. 27, 1870. She has been an almost constant sufferer from asthma since a young woman, which led to a serious emphysemic condition last winter from which she never fully recovered, and an other [sic] attack of asthma with other complications was the cause of her death. In early life she united with the Amish Church and remained a faithful member until the time of her death. She leaves to mourn their loss a husband, three daughters, and one son; thirteen grandchildren, also three sisters and four brothers. Funeral services were conducted at the home Nov. 10, by T. T. Yoder and Sam Bender in German and Joe Slagell in English, After which the body was laid to rest in the Pleasant View Cemetery.

"Gone to heaven is our loved one
Gone to her bright home above
She has left us here so lonely
How we miss her whom we loved."

Boshart. - Mattie Ulrich Boshart was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., Canada, on April 18, 1869; died Nov. 8, 1917, near Wood River, Nebr., from an extended illness from cancer of the breast aged 48 y. 6 m. 21 d. She came when a girl of 10 years with her parents to Seward Co., Nebr., where she grew to womanhood and where on Feb. 3, 1891, she was united in marriage to Daniel B. Boshart. Of this union were born three sons, one dying at the age of 5 months nearly 23 years ago, and the others, William and Amos, and two daughters, Fannie and Marian, surviving, together with the husband. She also leaves an aged mother (Mrs. Nich Ulrich) and two sisters, living at Milford, Nebr., also two grandchildren, and an adopted daughter, Esther Roth, aged seven years. (This child was received again by her father, Ben Roth, on Nov. 20). Ten years ago last March the family moved from Milford, Nebr., to Wood River, Nebr., living on a farm. Sister Boshart was a member of the Amish Mennonite Church from her youth and remained faithful to the end, realizing her sickness she bore it all patiently till she was called home. Services by A. E. Stoltzfus by reading Job 14 with a few remarks and prayer, and D. G. Lapp from Rev. 21:1, last clause.

[Note: Capitalization and punctuation were copied as printed.]

Transcribed by: Debbie Kapp, Pennsylvania


Gospel Herald - Volume X, Number 39 - December 27, 1917 - page 719

Stuckey. - Magdalena Hartzler Stoltzfus Stuckey was born April 9, 1836; died July 1, 1917; aged 81 y. 2 m. 23 d. She died at the home of her son, C. H. Stoltzfus, Emporia, Kans. She was a loving mother and a good wife.

Berkhimer. - Sister Anna Berkhimer was born May 22, 1833; died Nov. 27, 1917; aged 84 y. 6 m. 5 d. Funeral Friday, Nov. 30. Services at the house by Bish. B. G. Zimmerman and at the Churchtown Church by Bish. C. M. Brackbill and Reuben Cockley. Interment in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. Peace to her ashes.

Byler. - Bro. Eli Byler, Allensville, Pa., died Nov. 14, 1917; aged 74 y. 9 m. 25 d. He was in feeble health for several months before his death. He was conscious to the last. Funeral services were conducted in the home. Bro. Joshua B. Zook preached the sermon from I Chron. 29:15. He was laid to rest in a cemetery at Mill Creek, Pa., where two children were buried who preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves to mourn their loss a wife, one son and four grandchildren. May the Lord comfort the family.

Ligo. - Sheppard C. Ligo was born near Indian Run, Pa., June 28, 1850; died Dec. 2, 1917 at New Wilmington, Pa.; aged 67 y. 5 m. 4 d.
He was married to Malinda Zook, to which union were born 4 children (Ida, John, Elsie and Alice). The father was the first to leave the home for the great beyond. Bro. Ligo was afflicted for some time and suffered much but revealed a beautiful Christian spirit though it all, being fully resigned to the Father's will. He planned in detail many of the arrangements for his funeral services and left many evidences of entering into rest with Jesus. He will be missed in the home, community, and Church. A man of few words, endowed with keen interest for every good work, and excellent in counsel.
Funeral services conducted by home minister and Bro. I. W. Royer. Text, "Godliness with contentment is great gain."

Christophel. - Peter R., son of Bishop John M. and Harriet Christophel, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Jan. 15, 1861. In the spring of 1891 he was married to Effie Fager of Nappanee, Ind., This union was blessed with one son. They resided in Union Twp., until Aug. 1, 1894, he was bereft of his wife, after which he went to Cullom, Ill., where he taught school for several years. Later he located at Lake Charles, La., having married again to Julia Martin, as his second wife, June, 1907. To this union a daughter was born who preceded him to the spirit world. He died near Lake Charles, La., having been stricken with paralysis. He was a member of the Mennonite Church, and heard the summons, "Come home," Oct. 22, 1917, leaving this world at the age of 56 y. 9 m. 7 d. He leaves to mourn a sorrowing wife, one son (Orris), one brother (Abraham I.), and one sister (wife of Jacob Bauer). Funeral services were held at Lake Charles, La., God bless the sorrowing ones. Peace to his ashes.

Brown. - Anna Brown, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Reesor, was born April 10, 1846; died Nov. 30, 1917; aged 71 y. 7 m. 20 d. A few days previous to her death she took sick with broncho-pneumonia, and having had a valvular trouble of the heart for several years gradually weakened until she quietly fell into a sleep from which she never wakened on earth. During those last days the Word of God was constantly on her lips, and she was much engaged in prayer. Sister Brown was a quiet, modest, industrious woman; a patient, devoted, loving mother; and a true, humble Christian, having been a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. She leaves to mourn her departure her husband (David H. Brown), three children (Wade, M. Elizabeth Kanagy, and Oscar), besides a large number of relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted By Bro. L. J. Burkholder, assisted by Dan'l Kauffman, Text, Psa. 23. Interment in the Wideman Cemetery near Markham, Ont.

King. - On the old Plank homestead in Union Twp., Logan Co., Ohio, a little girl, Katie Almeda, came to live with her parents, David and Mary Plank. She grew to womanhood here, in her youth accepted Jesus as her Savior and united with the A. M. Church of which she has since been a faithful member. For several years after the death of her sister Elsie, in 1895, she helped care for the two motherless children that remained. On Dec. 27, 1898, she was married to Simon King, who, with their two children, Carl Elwood and Nora Mae, an aged mother, many other relatives and friends are saddened because of her death. She was a devoted companion, a noble Christian mother, a true friend and neighbor; of a quiet disposition, yet cheerful and in her sickness would greet us with a smile. When asked how she was, she would say, "I think I'm better today." In the early hours of Oct. 13 she passed quietly away at the age of 44 y. 2 m. 20 d. She was always much interested in the welfare of her family, who with her mother, neighbors and friends shall miss her greatly. But we believe she is now with Jesus and is awaiting our coming.
"Rest in peace, our noble mother,
For God's will, we know, is done;
Thou art gone, but not forgotten,
In the mind of every one."

Thompson. - Minerva Coffy, wife of Emmit Thompson died at her home near Stuart's Draft, Va., Friday, Dec. 14, 1917; aged 36 y. 5 m. 20 d. She was ailing but a week with inflammatory rheumatism and was not even considered serious by her physician. Having eaten supper, she retired and at 10 o'clock she expired, her heart being paralyzed. There are left husband and baby less than two years old and many sorrowing friends to mourn her early departure. Funeral took place at Rankin Chapel where a large concourse followed to her final resting place in cemetery nearby. Text, Job 16:22.

Stalter. - Mary Stalter was born near Pekin, Ill., July 22, 1850; died Dec. 11, 1917; aged 67 y. 4 m. 19 d. She came with her parents to Livingston Col, Ill., in 1854. She was married to Joseph Stalter on March 5, 1871. They located near Meadows, at which place they still resided at the time of her death. They walked life's pathway peaceably together for nearly 47 years. To this union 4 sons and 4 daughters were born, 2 sons and 1 grandson preceded her. She leaves a loving husband and 6 children (John, Chris, Mrs. Henry Stalter, Mrs. Ed. Rediger, Barbara, and Lena); also 12 grandchildren. In early life she united with the A. M. Church and remained a faithful member. She suffered from Bright's disease for sometime [sic], but bare [sic] her affliction patiently until she quietly passed away. She had the privilege of seeing her children grown to manhood and womanhood and all members of the church of her choice. Services at the house by Bro. D. W. Slagel (Text Jno. 14) and at the Church by Bro. Dan Orendorff (Phil. 1:21). Bro. Geo. H. Summer (Rev. 14:13). Burial in the Waldo Cemetery.
"Farewell, mother, till we meet thee
In that heavenly home above;
There to sing God's praises with thee,
In that land of joy and love."

Transcribed by: Debbie Kapp, Pennsylvania

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