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Gospel Herald - Volume X, Number 23 - September 6, 1917, pages 439, 431

Kauffman. - John Mark Kauffman, son of Daniel and Mary C. Kauffman, Scottsdale, Pa., was born June 3, 1917; died Sept. 1, 1917; aged 2 m. 28 d. His short life was full of suffering owing to malnutrition. Funeral was held on Sunday afternoon, September 2, conducted by Brethren John A. Brilhart and J. A. Ressler. Interment in the Alverton Mennonite Cemetery.

Sommers. - John Sommers was born in Fulton Co., Ohio, Sept. 21, 1872; died June 18, 1917; aged 44 y. 8 m. 27 d. when about 12 years old he with his parents moved to Arkansas and located near Stuttgart. In the year 1899 he returned to Fulton Co. and remained here most of the time since. Oct. 26, 1903 he was united in marriage to Sarah Freyenberger. He leaves to mourn a sorrowing widow, two sons (Raymond and Clarence), 3 brothers, 1 sister, and a large number of friends and relatives. Bro. Sommers was a faithful member of the A. M. church. Funeral was held at the Central church conducted by the home ministers.
Henry Rychener.

Burkholder. - William Burkholder was born near Canal Dover, Ohio, Sept. 28, 1843; died of cancer of the bowels near Wakarusa, Ind., May 20, 1917; aged 73 y. 7 m. 22 d. He came to Indiana in 1869. On Feb. 24, 1887, he was married to Lovina Lechlitner. To this union were born six children (Lizzie, Laura, Mary, Susanah, Mrs. Roscoe Hartman and David). Laura, Lizzie and one grandchild preceded him. He leaves four children, one grandchild, two brothers (Joseph and Jacob), four sisters (Mary, Barbara, Elizabeth Pershing and Mrs. Andrew Keim. He united with the Mennonite Church when a young man. Funeral was held at the Olive M. H. by J. H. McGowen and David Yoder. Texts, Jer. 21:8 and job 14:14. Buried in cemetery nearby.

Transcriber's note: There is a parentheses before the children's names in the original , but not after the names.

Kinzie. - Elizabeth Steiner was born in Wilmot Tp., Waterloo Co., Ont., May 5, 1860; died at Blair, Ont., July 22, 1917; aged 57 y. 2 m. 16 d. Her parents having died when she was quite young she was adopted into the family of Peter Good near St. Jacobs. She was married in Nov. 1878 to Henry Kinzie who with four sons, one daughter, and nine grandchildren are left to mourn her departure. Two sons and one daughter preceded her. Sister Kinzie was taken ill only a few weeks previous to her death. It was the first not thought to be serious, but later she underwent an operation for tumors which resulted in her death. A loved one indeed has left the home vacant, but we mourn not as those who have no hope, for her last words were expressions of peace and readiness for departure. Funeral services were conducted on July 24, at the Hagey Church by Ben Shantz and David Wismer. Burial in adjoining Cemetery.

Roth. - Benjamin Roth was born near Altkirch, Alsace, France, Sept. 24, 1837; died near Bellefontaine, Ohio, Aug. 5, 1917; aged 79 y. 10 m. 21 d. He united with the Amish Mennonite Church in his youth. He was married to Katherine Gerig. To this union were born 10 children of which 3 preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves to mourn his departure, his companion, 4 sons and 3 daughter, (Benedict, Joseph, Mrs. Katie Slonecker, Mrs. Anna Linder, Mrs. Mary Linder, John and Christian), 32 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild (which followed him in death two days later), 1 brother (Daniel). In 1875 he with his family moved to Switzerland and in 1881 came to Logan Co., Ohio, where he remained the rest of his life. Funeral services were conducted Aug. 8, at the house by Levi Plank and at the South Union Church by A. I. Yoder in English and J. B. Hartzler in German. Interment in cemetery nearby.

Kauffman. - At his home near Intercourse, Pa., Eli M. Kauffman died of infantile paralysis on April 29, 1917. He was the son of Eli and Mary Kauffman, and was a member of the Amish Mennonite Church. Although suffering somewhat from a fall from a tree earlier in the summer, he apparently was in good health again, until only about 4 days before his death he was stricken with the disease from which he died. Just a little before he died he told those at his bedside that he is ready to go and that he feels well now. He leaves to mourn his departure a loving father, mother, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, and many friends. At the time of his death, he was 19 y. 3 m. 6 d. I Thes. 4:13, 14: "But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him." The Lord hath given, and the Lord that taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Ranck. - Jacob L. Ranck of Strasburg, Pa., entered into rest, Aug. 14, 1917. He had been in delicate health for several years. A very patient sufferer, he was confined to his bed for 9 months, his disease being anemia. He leaves to mourn his departure, a wife, 3 children, and 3 grandchildren. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for over 50 years. He often said church was the dearest spot on earth to him and his place was not vacant as long as he was able to sit that long. Having been deaf since Christmas, he could not understand what was said, yet he asked to have prayer when his mind was bright, saying he could not hear but Jesus could. He had a longing desire to depart. In his last moments he said, "All is well," and waving his arms saying, "Farewell." We miss him, knowing our loss is his eternal gain. We would say, "Thy will of the Lord be done." He selected the hymn

"Oh Land of rest for thee I sigh
When will the moment come
When I can lay my armor by
And dwell with Christ at Home."

Eshleman. - Elizabeth (Lesher) Eshleman, wife of Christian H. Eshleman near Hagerstown, Md., was born in Franklin Co., Pa., Jan. 20, 1859; died Aug. 12, 1917; aged 58 y. 6 m. 22 d. Death was due to cancer. She had been in failing health for eighteen months and was confined to her bed for almost eight weeks. She was a kind and loving mother. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth and remained a faithful member until the Savior called her home, never complaining of her affliction, always patient, being fully resigned to the Lord's will. She was always present at church whenever health permitted. Now her place is vacant. She cannot come to us, but we can go to her, if we are true and faithful. She leaves to mourn her departure a sorrowing husband, 3 sons, 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren, 6 brothers and 1 sister. Funeral services were held Aug. 15 at the Paradise Church by Henry Baer and Daniel Strite. Text, Rev. 7:13-17, selected by the family because it was her favorite text.

"Mother thou art sweetly resting,
Here thy toils and cares are o,er,
Pain and sickness, death and sorrow,
Never can distress thee more."

Ramseyer. - Joel Ramseyer was born in Stark Co., Ohio, April 30, 1847; died in E. Zorra, near Tavistock, Ont., on April 11, 1917; aged 69 y. 11 m. 11 d. Barbara Ramseyer (nee Schlegel) was born in South Easthope, Perth Co., Ont., on Aug. 12, 1842; died at her home near Tavistock in East Zorra, on July 15, 1917; aged 74 y. 11 m. 2 d. Bro. Ramseyer came with his parents to Canada when a young boy and when he married moved to the farm where he lived till his death, which came so suddenly. He had been working at a steam-engine when he got caught by the belt, being hurled into eternity, instantly. Bro. and Sister Ramseyer lived in matrimony 45 y. 3 m. 4 d. To this union were born 4 children, 2 sons and two daughters. One daughter preceded them. Two sons, 1 daughter and 11 grandchildren survive them. Buried side by side at the East Zorra A. M. Church of which congregation they were faithful members. Funeral services at Bro. Ramseyer's funeral were conducted by Brethren Jac. R. Bender and Michael K. Jantzi. Text, Isa. 38:12, 13. Funeral services for Sister Ramseyer were conducted by Brethren Christian Kropf and Jacob R. Bender. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8 and Rom. 5:18, 19. On both occasions a large number of friends had gathered to pay their last tribute to the departed ones.

Kauffman. - Jacob W., son of David D. and Elizabeth Kauffman was born near Richfield, Pa., May 28, 1860; died at his home near Versailles, Mo., Aug. 21, 1917; aged 57 y. 2 m. 23 d. In 1866 he with the family moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., where they resided three years and then moved to Morgan Co., Mo., which has since been his home. Sept. 18, 1884, he was married to Effie Sanford. This union was blessed with six children. While his health had never been very robust, he was sufficiently strong to do an ordinary day's work and carry on his business on the farm. But a year ago his health began to fail until a few months ago he sought specialists, advice. His disease was pronounced cancer of the stomach. He kept on sinking until in the morning of Aug. 21 he passed peacefully away. The Lord prospered him in business, and his generous-hearted nature moved him to extend a helping hand to those in need. From early manhood he took an active part in the affairs of life. Though of decided convictions, religiously, his interest in this world kept him from acting upon his convictions as he should, and he neglected the one thing needful. But as the approaching end drew nigh his convictions deepened, he saw the vanity of life even though full of deeds from a moral viewpoint, and he turned to the Lord. He and his companion were baptized and received into the Mennonite Church a few weeks before he died. He expressed regret that he had wasted his life in that most of it was spent in living for this world only, but he rejoiced in the saving grace of a merciful Savior and expressed himself fully resigned and ready to go. He is survived by a sorrowing widow, 2 sons, 4 daughters, 4 grandchildren and a large community of friends mourn his departure and unite in their sympathies with the bereft family. At his funeral were his entire family, including a brother and two sisters, and a large concourse of people. Services at Mt. Zion Church, conducted by Bros. D. H. Bender and L. J. Miller. Buried in cemetery nearby.

Zehr. - Andrew Zehr was born in France Oct. 16, 1835; died in East Zorra, Ont., Aug. 20, 1917; aged 81y. 10m. 4d. On Mar. 3, 1857, he was married to Barbara Sommer and lived in matrimony 51 years, less seven days. His wife died in February, 1908. He was a faithful member of the East Zorra A. M. congregation. His seat in church was seldom empty when health permitted. He was always willing to lend a helping hand wherever possible. As no children were born to them they generously adopted three, John Neeb, Sam Zehr, and Margaret Pantz, wife of Charles Hoff, with whom he had made his home the last two years and where he was tenderly cared for during his last illness of sixteen and a half weeks of *appoplexy.
He leaves an only sister, Mrs. Joseph Baechler, and 3 adopted children to mourn their loss.
Funeral services at the house by Bro. Jacob R. Benner (Psalm 90) and at the church by Bro. Chris B. Zehr and Chris Kropf. Texts II Cor. 5:17-21 and I Peter 1:3-7. Interment in cemetery at East Zorra A. M. church.

Transcriber's note: *appoplexy typed as written.

Yantzi. - Michael K. Yantzi was born in France, Aug. 22, 1847; died in North East Hope, Ont., on July 6, 1917; aged 69 y. 10 m. 14 d. He came with his parents to Canada when he was about two years old.
In his early youth he accepted Christ as his Savior, was baptized, and remained faithful to the end as a member of the Amish Mennonite Church. On Dec. 3, 1872, he was married to Barbara Ruby and lived in matrimony 42 y. 2 m. 3 d. To this union were born 6 sons and 5 daughters. His wife and 1 son preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves to mourn their loss 5 sons, 5 daughters, 20 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 2 sisters.
On Sept. 9, 1883, he was ordained as deacon in East Zorra A. M. Church, on April 20, 1902, he was called to the ministry and on Oct. 21, 1914, he was ordained as bishop in the East Zorra A. M. congregation, in which capacities he faithfully served his Lord and Master. He was buried on July 9 at the E. Z. A. M. church where services were conducted by C. Kropf and D. M. Steinman. Texts, I Cor. 15:22 and II Peter 1.

Transcribed by: Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume X, Number 24 - Sept. 13, 1917, page 455

Kauffman.- Levi Kauffman was born Aug. 23, 1833; died Aug. 9, 1917; aged 83 y. 11 m. 16 d. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Funeral services were held Aug. 11 at the Thomas Church, near Hollsopple, Pa., conducted by the Brethren S. G. Shetler, L. A. Blough, and James Saylor. Text, Rev. 21:4. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

Birky.- Lester Roy, infant son of Bro. Amos and Sister Katie *Girky, was born Feb. 21, 1917; died Aug. 13, 1917; aged 5 m. 23 d. His early death was caused in an auto accident. He leaves to mourn father, mother, and many other relatives. Funeral services were conducted Aug. 15 by Bro. Jacob Swartzendruber in German and Bros. Abe Stutzman and Benj. Schlegel in English. Interment in Salem Cemetery near Shickley, Neb.

Transcriber's note : Birky is also spelled as *Girky in the original.

Clymer.- Sister Lizzie D. Clymer was born 4, 1879; died May 25, 1917; aged 37 y. 6 m. 21 d. Sister Clymer was a faithful member of the Blooming Glen Mennonite congregation. For the last four years she was sickly and could not work much, but filled her place among her little children and husband as a good mother, and now we realize as never before, "What is home without a mother?" When she was near her end she was heard saying softly,

"Soon with angels I'll be marching,
With bright glory on my brow."
Oh, what a consolation that we can meet our loved ones again.

Hoover.- Sister Susannah, wife of Bro. Daniel B. Hoover, near Markham, Ont., was born Jan. 8, 1839; died Aug. 20, 1917; aged 76 y. 7 m. 12 d. She had lived in wedlock 59 years. She became a member of the Mennonite Church by baptism in September, 1862, living a Christian life about 55 years. Her departure is sincerely mourned and keenly felt by the bereaved family and friends, but they feel that their loss is her eternal gain. Funeral services by L. H. Hoover and I. A. Wambold. Text, Heb. 13:5, latter clause. Burial in Widman Cemetery.

"Gone to heaven is our sister,
Gone to her bright home above;
She has left us here so lonely,
How we miss her whom we loved."

Moyer.- Jacob H. Moyer was born Feb. 19, 1851; died Aug. 8, 1917; aged 66 y. 5 m. 19 d. Bro. Moyer was a faithful member of the Blooming Glen Mennonite Church and Sunday school. It was not often that his seat was vacant. He always enjoyed singing so much. He was the father of 5 sons and 5 daughters; 1 son and 2 daughters preceded him in death. About three years ago his bosom companion was taken from his side very suddenly which caused him great sorrow. After remaining in this lonesome condition for about 3 years he again was married to Emma Jane Moyer, but just one month after they were married he was called to his eternal home. He said it was hard to part so soon but was willing to submit to the Lord's will. Text, Phil. 1:23, 24.

Lemert.- Jonathan Lemert was born in Crawford Co., Ohio, Mar. 27, 1830. He came with his parents to Noble Co., Ind., when a small boy; later moved to Marshall Co., Ind., where he lived until death removed him, Aug. 14, 1917, at the advanced age of 87 y. 4 m. 28 d. He was married to Mary Ann Brown, June 20, 1853, and lived together a little over 64 years. To his union were born 8 children, 5 children preceding him to the spirit world. He leaves to mourn their loss, his wife (who has been an invalid a number of years), and 3 children (Francis M., Rebecca Jane and Lewis J.), also 23 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great-grandchild; one brother (Lloyd). He served as a soldier in the Civil War. About two years ago he enlisted under the banner of King Emanuel, was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church and lived faithful until death. The funeral was held Aug. 16, at his home in Teegarden, conducted by Henry Weldy.

Swartzendruber.- Gertrude (Yoder) Swartzendruber was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Dec. 11, 1858; died Aug. 20, 1917, at Shickley, Nebr., aged 58 y. 8 m. 9 d. In her early childhood she moved with her parents to Iowa Co., Iowa, and on Dec. 24, 1877, she was united in marriage to Joel J. Swartzendruber. At about the age of seventeen she united with the Amish Mennonite Church and lived as a faithful member until death called her to her reward. In 1895 she moved with her companion from Iowa Co., Iowa, to Wright Co., Iowa, and in 1908 they moved to Fillmore Co., Nebr., where they resided until her death. The departed sister was a sufferer from Bright's disease for some time but she bore her affliction very patiently until the end came, when she passed away quietly. She leaves to mourn, a husband, 4 brothers, 4 sisters, and many other relatives and friends, who mourn not as those who have no hope, for our loss is her gain.
Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Peter Kennel in German from her chosen text, Prov. 27:1, and by Bro. D. G. Lapp in English from the last clause of Rev. 21:1. Interment in Salem Cemetery near Shickley, Nebr.

Transcribed by: Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume X, Number 25 - Sept. 20, 1917, pages 470, 471

Gains.- Bro. Eddie Gains died in the Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg, Va., *Acg. 3, 1917; aged 21 y. 9 m. 23 d. He had been a member of the Mennonite Church for several years. Funeral services were held at the Beaver Creek school house (the church having been torn down) on the 4th, conducted by J. S. Martin and A. D. Heatwole, from Amos 4:12. Buried in the cemetery near by.

Transcriber's note: Acg. typed as written.

Rhodes.- Roy H., little son and only child of Bro. and Sister Oscar Rhodes, died of stomach trouble near Hinton, Va., Sept. 4, 1917; aged 1 y. 6 m. 6 d. A tender chord has been touched in the hearts of these young parents, but they can take consolation in the words of Jesus, "For of such is the kingdom of heaven." Funeral services were conducted at the Bank Church on the 5th by J. S. Martin and H. B. Keener from Psa. 49:15. Buried in the cemetery near by.

Good.- Joseph B. Good was born at South English, Iowa, Oct. 8, 1914; died at same place Sept. 3, 1917; aged 2 y. 10 m. 25 d. His rather sudden death was caused by pneumonia and came as a shock to the many friends and neighbors of his parents, David and Sarah Good. Joseph was a bright, energetic boy and endeared himself and will be greatly missed in the home and by the many friends of the family who have the sympathy of the entire community. Funeral services conducted by Bros. S. C. Yoder of Kalona and W. D. Grove of South English.

Landis.- Marie (Polly) Landis was born near Harrisonburg, Va., Nov. 6, 1835; died of the infirmities of old age at the old homestead near the same place where she was born, Aug. 12, 1917; aged 81 y. 8 m. 6 d. She was the last surviving member of a family of 3 sisters and 3 brothers, Samuel Landis, her twin brother, having preceded her to the spirit world on July 6, 1904. Funeral services were held from the Pike Mennonite Church on the 13th by Melvin J. Heatwole (text, 23rd Psalm), assisted by J. S. Martin. She never married but through a long life she continued faithful to her Master and loyal to the Church of her choice as a Mennonite from early womanhood to the closing years- at which time she became an invalid, walking down the church aisle to her accustomed seat in the house of worship when health would permit.

Rupp.- John Rupp was born May 13, 1844; in Canton, Ohio; died in his home, 2216 Meredith Ave., Omaha, Nebr., Sept. 4, 1917. He was united in marriage with Katherine Rupert Jan. 23, 1868. To his union were born 3 sons and 6 daughters. Two sons and 1 daughter preceded him. He leaves to mourn his departure his wife, a son, 5 daughters, 3 sisters, 21 grandchildren, and such as have learned to know and love him during his sojourn here on earth. Funeral services were held in the undertaker's room Omaha, Nebr., by Bro. Fred Gingerich of Beaver Crossing, Nebr. Text, Heb. 4:9. Interment at Blair Cemetery.

Horst.- Joseph Horst was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Mar 22, 1836; died at his home in Maugansville, Md., Sept. 4, 1917; aged 81 y. 5 m. 13 d. He is survived by 7 children, 53 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren. He moved with his parents to Washington Co., Md., when 2 years old, where he resided ever since. He was twice married. Both companions and 4 children preceded him to the spirit world. He united with the Mennonite Church in early life and remained faithful until the end. Funeral from his late home in Maugansville. Buried at the Reiff Church. Services conducted by the brethren, C. R. Strite and George Keener. Text, Matt. 25;34.

Minnich.- J. W. Minnich died at his home after a long illness of bladder trouble at midnight of the 4th of August; aged about 78 years. He had been post master and merchant at Dale Enterprise, Va., for about forty-five years. He had also been overseer of the poor for many years and filled many other positions with a fidelity that gained the confidence and trust of those that came in contact with him. He had been a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church for about 8 years. He leaves to mourn their loss his second wife, 1 son and 1 daughter. Memorial services were conducted on the 6th at the Bank Church conducted by .- - Hanna, B. F. Wilson, and S. H. Rhodes, after which his remains were interred in the cemetery near by.

Lingle.- Again the death messenger has visited our community and claimed as *its victim little Clara May Lingle, a child loved by all who knew her. She was born in Omaha, Nebr., July 16, 1914; died at her home near Versailles, Mo., Sept. 3, 1917,after a ten days, illness of summer complaint; aged 3 y. 1 m. 17 d. All was done that human hands could do to prolong her life; but when God said "It is enough," human efforts failed. May we look through our tears and say, "Thy will, oh Lord, be done," Her mother died when she was only two days old, her father leaving her in the care of his brother and wife, W. M. and Ida C. Lingle, who loved and cared for her as their own. They, with the father, an aged grandmother and grandfather, and a number of friends, deeply mourn their loss.
Funeral services were conducted at Mt. Zion Church Sept. 5 by Bro. L. J. Miller of Garden City, Mo. Text, II Kings 4:26. Interment in cemetery near by.

"Gone to heaven is our darling,
Gone to her bright home above;
She has left us here so lonely,
How we miss her whom we loved."

Transcriber's note: its typed as written.

Schantz.- Minnie, daughter of Andrew and Mary Schantz, was born in Fuilda, Minn., Nov. 19, 1897; died at her home near Hydro, Okla., Sept. 3, 1917; aged 20 y. 9 m. 14 d. At the age of 15 she united with the Amish Mennonite church and remained a faithful and active member until her death. As long as health permitted she was always present at divine services. In February, 1917, she took sick with rheumatism, and on June 5 she suffered a stroke of paralysis from which she never fully recovered; but she was very patient in all her sufferings. On Aug. 29 she suffered another stroke, which proved more than she could stand and on Monday evening death came to relieve her of her sufferings. She leaves to mourn their loss father, mother, and 3 brothers. Funeral services at the Amish Mennonite Church, near Hydro, Sept. 5, by Bro. J. J. Johns and Bro. David Eyester from the River Brethren Church. Text, Heb. 2:6. The services were largely attended by relatives and friends. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

"Heaven now has one more treasure
Earth can but the casket keep;
But her joy is beyond measure,
With a blessed peaceful sleep."

Myer.- Christian B. Myer was born near Bird-in-Hand, Pa., Aug. 25, 1856; died at his home near Witmer, Pa., Aug. 24, 1917; aged 60 y. 11 m. 30 d. Death was due to heart failure after an illness of 7 months. He is survived by his wife (who was Miss Lizzie Rohrer before marriage), and the following children: Anna Conrad, Luetta Good, Lizzie Redcay, Minnie Smith, Fannie, Ella, Esta, Benjamin, and Christian; also 10 grandchildren, 8 brothers and sisters, an aged father-in-law. He united with the Mennonite Church, being a faithful member until death. We believe our loss is his eternal gain. Father's sufferings were great but he bore them patiently.
Funeral services were Aug. 26 at the house by Bro. David Landis and at Mellinger's Church by Sanford Landis. Text, II Sam. 14:4. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

"Sleep on, dear father, sleep and take thy rest,
Lay down thy head upon thy Savior's breast;
We love thee well but Jesus loved thee best;
Until we meet again before His throne.
Clothed in the spotless robe He gives His own,
Until we know even as we are known."

Kulp.- Sadie Z., daughter of Henry and Anna Kulp, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., June 18, 1884; died at Bro. Aldus Brackbill's home, Clarksville, Mich., where she was spending her vacation, Aug. 16, 1917; aged 33 y. 1 m. 28 d. She was sick one week from *hemorrahages of the stomach. She was a member of the Mennonite Church, East Chestnut St., Lancaster. She was liked by all who knew her, and a faithful member of the Church. Her death was a shock to all her friends and associates. When the news came that she quietly fell asleep, we were made to realize that death to a Christian is truly only falling asleep. She is survived by her parents and 1 brother and 1 sister. Funeral services were held Aug. 17 at Bowne Mennonite Church near Clarksville, Mich., conducted by Bro. Brackbill and Bro.Weaver. The body was sent to her home in Lancaster, Pa., where further services were held from the home of her parents, 719 N. Plum St., and at the East Chestnut St. Mennonite Church by Bros. John Mosemann and David Mosemann. Interment in the Millersville Mennonite Cemetery.

"Gone to heaven is our loved one,
Gone to her bright home above;
She has left us here so lonely,
How we miss her whom we loved."

Transcriber's note: *hemorrahages typed as written.

Transcribed by: Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


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