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Gospel Herald - Volume XI, Number 18 - August 1, 1918 - page 318

Buckwalter.-Katie (Brackbill) Buckwalter, wife of Freeland Buckwalter, was born near Kinzers, Pa., Feb. 3, 1883; died June 28, 1918; aged 35 y. 5 m. 3 d. She leaves husband, one son (Willis), parents, one brother, and two sisters. Sister Buckwalter had been in failing health for the past several years, and had been confined to her bed about 8 weeks previous to her death. Funeral July 1, at her home near Spring Garden, Pa., conducted by the brethren, Frank Hurst and John Kurtz. Text II Tim 4:6-8. Her remains were laid to rest in the Pequea Mennonite Cemetery.

Martin.-Catharine (Oherholtzer) Martin, widow of Joseph Martin, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Sept. 26, 1830, died at Oreville Mennonite Home July 17, 1918; aged 87 y. 9 m. 21 d. She had been an inmate of the Home since April. She was very weak and feeble-minded, due to her advanced age. Monday morning she had a paralytic stroke and death ended her suffering Wednesday evening. She leaves one step-son, two step-daughters, 32 grand-children, 85 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grand-child, and one aged brother. The funeral was held from her late home in Bareville, Pa. Services conducted at the house by Bro. Frank Hurst and at the church by the Brethren Joseph Wenger and John Kurtz. Text, Rom. 4:7,8. Interment in the cemetery adjoining.
A grand-child.

Transcribed by: Nancy Regan, Washington


Gospel Herald - Volume XI, Number 19 - August 8, 1918 - page 343

Harshberger.-Bro. Amos W. Harshberger of Holsopple, Pa., was born Dec. 24, 1868; died July 23, 1918; aged 49 y. 6 m. 29 d. Funeral services on the 25th at the Blough Church conducted by James Saylor, Simon Layman, and L. A. Blough. Text, Rev. 14:13. He is survived by a sorrowing wife, 3 brothers, and 1 sister. May God's richest blessings rest upon the sorrowing wife, and friends.

Umble.-Savilla, daughter of Samuel and Barbara Umble, died after an illness of about 17 months, July 19, 1918; aged 17 y. 1 m. 12 d. She was baptized over a year ago. Funeral services in Millwood, Pa., Church by A B. Stoltzfus and John S. Mast. Interment in cemetery adjoining.
"O for a death of those
Who slumber in the Lord;
O be like theirs my last repose
Like theirs my last reward."
By her Aunt.

Long.-Sister Barbara Long died suddenly of heart failure, at the home of her niece Sister Annie Lesher, Chambersburg, Pa., who cared for her in her declining years. Sister Barbara became a member of the Church in the prime of life, and in the words of our Master, we believe, "She hath done what she could." Her age was 79 y. 3 m. 29 d. Funeral services were held at the Chambersburg Mennonite church, by the brethren, Daniel Kuhns, and John Burkholder. Text, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Burial in the cemetery adjoining.

Welty.-Peter Welty was born in Wayne Co., O.; died July 17, 1918, of Acute Bronchitis at his home near Mt Eaton. O.; aged 79 y. 4 m. 29 d. Sept 28, 1861, he was married to Anna U Gerber. He leaves his wife (who could not attend the funeral at the church on account of breaking a hip about 3 weeks ago), 4 sons, 2 daughters, 10 grandchildren, 1 sister, and a host of relatives. A daughter and a son preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral services, July 19, by J. S. Moser and Jacob Nussbaum at the Swiss Mennonite Church of which he had been a faithful member.

Wirich.-Joseph Wirich was born near Johnstown, Pa., Feb. 9, 1827; died July 14, 1918; aged 91 y. 5 m. 5 d. He was married to Barbara Garver. They moved afterwards to LaGrange Co., Ind., where he lived the rest of his life. His wife preceded him in death. They had no children. He leaves two brothers, John and Jacob. He had his church home in the Forks Amish Church, except the last four years, when he had his home in the north district. Funeral services July 16 conducted by Moses M. Miller and Eli J. Bontrager. Buried by the side of his wife in Joseph Yoder Cemetery.

Christophel.-Henry B. Christophel was born in Columbiana, Co., Ohio, Dec. 23, 1837. In 1848 he moved with his parents (Pre. Jacob Christophel) to Elkhart Co., Ind., where he lived for 70 years. At the age of 21 he united with the Mennonite Church and lived a faithful member until death-July 14, 1918. He died at the home of his brother, Daniel, in Goshen, Ind., aged 80 y. 6 m. 21 d., leaving 2 brothers and 2 sisters to mourn their loss. He was buried in Yellow Creek Cemetery. Funeral services conducted by Henry Weldy, assisted by J. F. Funk. Text. Jno. 14:2.

Troyer.-Warren, son of Bro. Floyd and Sister Emma Troyer, near Shickley, Neb., died July 17, 1918; aged 1 y. 5 m. 9 d. He leaves father, mother, 2 brothers, grandparents and a host of relatives.
Just two days later, Ivan, his brother, died of the same disease, cholera infantum. Aged, 2 y. 8 m. 11 d. God knows all things. We pray that He may comfort the bereaved ones.
"Children, you have left us lonely,
Sorrow fills our hearts today;
But beyond this vail of sorrow,
Tears will all be wiped away."

Transcriber's note: there are TWO people in this obituary

Haseltine.-Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham C. and Abigail Murphy, was born in Green Co., Ohio, Oct. 3, 1850; died near Plevena, Ind., July 21, 1918; aged 68 y. 9 m. 18 d. Death came suddenly and was due to apoplexy. With her parents she came to Howard county, Ind., when but three years old, where she grew up to womanhood. She became identified with the Wesleyan Church in early life and remained a member of that church. She was married to James M. Haseltine Sep. 26, 1894. She leaves her husband, one brother, one sister, and a host of relatives and friends.
Funeral services were held on Tuesday from the Brethren Church in Plevena in charge of Bro. E. A. Mast. Buried in the Amboy Cemetery.

Reiff.-Elizabeth (Lesher), widow of the late Israel Reiff, was born in Franklin Co., Pa., Jan. 28, 1840; died at the home of her daughter at Maugansville, Md., June 23, 1918; aged 78 y. She was a patient sufferer of complications for one year which was the cause of her death. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church from early youth.
She leaves 1 daughter (Mrs. Anna Arndt) with whom she made her home, sons (Benjamin, David, Israel, Harvey), 1 step-son (Jacob), and a number of grandchildren.
Funeral services were conducted at the house June 26 by Henry Bear, and at Reiff Mennonite Church by Daniel Strite (Text, Num. 23:10), and Denton Martin, (Job. 7:1). Interment in cemetery adjoining.
"Grandmother thou are sweetly resting,
Here thy toils and cares are over,
Pain and sickness death and sorrow,
Never shall distress thee more."
-By her Granddaughters

Bontrager. - Elizabeth Hartzler was born in Wayne county, Ohio, July 6, 1851. She was married on April 12, 1880, to Joseph C. Bontrager of Sturgis, Mich., where they resided thereafter. To this union were born four sons and three daughters. On April 19, 1915, she was left a widow. In the following spring she with her daughter Sylvia moved to Goshen, Indiana. On March 16 she was left alone because of Sylvia's death. Heart failure brought death to her early in the morning of July 28, 1918.
Those of the family surviving her are: Joseph, Neri, Rollin, Simon, Mrs. S. E. Hooley, Mrs. L. B. Greenwalt, and a brother, John Hartzler of Smithville, Ohio.
Sister Bontrager became a member of the Mennonite Church early in life and remained a consistent member until death. She had the satisfaction of having all her children led to the fold of God. Her interests aside from religion were in her housekeeping and her children. She was always kind and tenderhearted. In rearing her children she accomplished much and in this world she won for herself the notable title-Christian mother-which she graced so modestly.
Funeral services at Goshen in the morning by I. R. Detweiler and at Pretty Prairie in afternoon by D. D. Miller. Buried in the family graveyard on Pretty Prairie near Howe, Ind.

Kauffman. - David S. Kauffman was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Sept. 7, 1835; died July 7, 1918: aged 83 y. 10 m. 10 d. He was married to Lydia Kauffman. To this union were born four children. His wife and one daughter preceded him to the grave. One son and two daughters survive him, also two brothers and three sisters, who all live in Pennsylvania. He moved to LaGrange Co., Ind., a few years after he was married. In Nov., 1873, he was ordained to the ministry in the Forks Amish Church. Some years after he moved to the North Barns District. May 20, 1877, he was chosen and ordained bishop, in which capacity he labored faithfully. A few years ago, when his strength was failing him he asked that a bishop be ordained to do the active part of the work. In former years he traveled much. His judgment and counsel was sought throughout the churches of his choice. It was said that more people heard him preach than any other Amish minister yet living. He did not have much pain at any time, but grew weaker till the end came.
Funeral services conducted by Nathaniel T. Miller of near Goshen and Eli J. Bontrager of the home church. Text, II Tim. 4: Buried by the side of his wife in John Bontrager Cemetery. Those who came from a distance to the funeral were Noah S. Kauffman of Pennsylvania and J. T. Yoder of Arthur, Ill.

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Gospel Herald - Volume XI, Number 20 - August 15, 1918 - pages 358 and 359

Snider.-Jonas Myral, son of Bro. Addison and Lydia Snider of near Kitchener, Ont., was born on Feb. 8th, 1917; died from the after effects of scarlet fever on July 3, 1918; aged 1 y. 4 m. 25 d. Burial took place the same day and memorial services were held on Sunday afternoon, July 21, conducted by Bro. U. K. Weber.

Bair.-Margaret Matilda, infant daughter of Bro. J. E. and Sister Edith Bair, was born in Hanover, Pa., July 8, 1918; died July 27, 1918; aged 20 d. The cause of her death was cholora infantam. Little Margaret's stay on earth was short but long enough to show us that this world is not ours. Little Margaret only budded on earth to bloom in heaven. She leaves parents and three little sisters (Ruth, Martha, and Anna). Funeral services at the home of her parents, conducted by Bros. Daniel Stump and Peter D. Shenk. Text. Mark 10:14. Interment at York Road Cemetery.
-By her Parents.

Andrews.-Mary Andrews (nee Emmert) was born near Middlebury, Ind., Oct. 9, 1865; died near Hubbard, Oreg., July 17, 1918; aged 52 y. 9 m. 8 d. Sister Andrew moved to Michigan with her parents and there united in marriage to James Andrews April 5, 1884. To this union were born 5 sons and 2 daughters, and all are living at present. Sister Andrews united with the Mennonite Church in 1910, and remained a faithful member until death. She was never absent from church when health permitted her to be there. She leaves to mourn their loss husband, 5 sons, 2 daughters, an aged mother, 9 grandchildren, 4 brothers, 4 sisters and many friends. She will he greatly missed in the home as a true wife and a noble mother. She will also be missed in the church where she was a great worker, being a Sunday school teacher most of the time. Funeral at the Hopewell Mennonite church July 19 with a large attendance. Bro. J. D. Mishler and Bro. D. F. Shenk conducted the services, using as a text Rev. 7:9, which she mentioned so often during her sickness.

Miller.-Barbara Miller was born in Oxford Co., Ont., Oct. 11, 1847; died at her home in Wayland, Iowa, Aug. 1, 1918; aged 68 y. 9 m. 20 d. She was the youngest child of Christian and Katharine Miller. Her father was a bishop in the Amish Mennonite Church in Canada. She had three brothers and seven sisters. When but five years of age she was left an orphan, but fortunately her older sisters provided for her until she had grown to womanhood. In 1873 she came to Henry Co., Iowa, with her sister and lived in this community ever since. Her life work was nursing and caring for the sick. She never was married hut exercised her maternal heart by opening her home to a motherless child. This noble work made for her many acquaintances and fast friends.
This spring her condition was such that she required the counsel of a physician, but she did not seem to improve. She submitted to an operation as a last resort which only revealed her case as incurable. Her serious condition did not seem to alarm her. She was resigned unto the will of Him who does all things well and made every preparation for departing. Slowly but surely vitality and life ebbed away without pain or suffering until her spirit took its flight.
She was a faithful Christian, uniting with the Amish Mennonite Church when fifteen years of age, and remaining a faithful member until death. She leaves her foster daughter and family (Mrs. Jessie Wenger and husband Levi Wenger and daughters Gladys and Mildred) one brother, 6 nephews, 4 nieces, and a large circle of acquaintances and friends.
Funeral services at the Sugar Creek Church conducted by the home ministers. Text, Psalm 16, as selected by the deceased. Interment in the cemetery nearby.

Transcribed by: Nancy Regan, Washington


Gospel Herald - Volume XI, Number 21 - August 22, 1918 - pages 375 and 376

Custer.-Bro. Harry J. Custer of Johnstown, Pa., was born Oct. 16, 1895; died June 1, 1918, aged 58 y. 7 m. 15 d. He was a faithful attendant at church until afflicted with sciatic rheumatism of which he suffered intensely. Funeral services were conducted in the home and at the church by S. G. Shetler assisted by L. A. Blough. He leaves a widow, one son, two daughters and 9 grandchildren to mourn for him.

Forry.-Amanda, beloved wife of Wm. M. Forry near Stony Brook, Pa., June 23, 1918, died of a complication of diseases; aged 60 y. 3 d. She suffered much but took it very patiently. She had a sincere longing to depart and be with Jesus. She leaves a sorrowful husband, one daughter, married to Leroy Ruppert, one grandchild. Their loss was her eternal gain. Funeral services were held at Stony Brook by Brethren Peter R. Nissley and Isaac Brubaker. Text. Rev. 7:13-17.

Yoder.-Sister Kate Mumah Yoder, wife of Bro. S. B. Yoder, was born June 5, 1846; died July 7, 1918, aged 72 y. 1 m. 2 d. To this union were born six children, three living at present. Besides these she is survived by five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. While Bro. and Sister Yoder lived away from the main body of Mennonites, they maintained their steadfastness. Just a few days before her death she desired communion and observed feet-washing. S. G. Shetler conducted the funeral services, assisted by Pastor McCartney, at Pugh, Pa., and her body sleeps in the cemetery near her home.

Woods.-John Edward Woods was born Dec. 23, 1840; died near Holsopple, Pa., Aug. 4, 1918; aged 77 y. 7 m. 11 d. He was married to Fanny Kauffman Dec 10, 1863. To this union were born 3 children. One died in childhood, the other two (Mrs. James Spory and Mrs. Jeremiah Miller) survive him. He also had 14 grandchildren, 11 living and 3 dead, also 8 great-grandchildren, 7 living, 1 dead. His first wife died Mar. 6, 1887. He was married to Elizabeth Boyer Mar. 3, 1892. She died Nov. 11, 1917.
Funeral services Aug. 6 at the Blough Church conducted by S. G. Shetler, Jas. Saylor, and L. A. Blough. Buried in the Thomas Cemetery.

Lee-Katherine, daughter of T. B. and Kate Neuhauser Lee, aged 20 years, met with instant death in an auto-railway accident on June 20. 1918. She left home in the morning in good health and spirits, bidding her mother good-bye, and in a few short hours her spirit had taken its flight and all that was returned to the bereaved parents, sister, and two brothers was the lifeless body, beautiful in death. She was of an unusually serious nature, conscientious and sincere. She made a public confession of faith in Christ and lived a pure and blameless life. She was loved by a large circle of friends for her many good qualities, and although she has passed out from them never to return, her short life, we believe, has counted and her influence for good will long be felt.

Weaver.-Frances Weaver, (nee Lesher) was born Dec. 24, 1843; died near Columbiana, Ohio, July 29, 1918; aged 74 y. 7 m. 5 d. Funeral services were held Aug. 1, which was largely attended. Deceased was born in Franklin Co., Pa., and moved to Ohio with her parents when but a few years of age. She was married to Abraham Weaver in Dec. 1869. To this union were born 3 children (Daniel, Noah, and Mary).
She leaves husband, 3 children, 3 grandchildren, 4 sisters, 3 brothers and a host of relatives and friends. She suffered with heart and kidney trouble for a number of years, and about 5 months before she died, she was stricken with paralysis, which left her left side helpless. She suffered great distress and misery, but all patiently without complaint. We hope our loss is her eternal gaits. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8.
Mary L. Weaver.

Shreiner.-Henry Shreiner was born in Ohio, July 3, 1865; died of heart trouble in Kalamazoo, Mich., July 27, 1918; aged 53 y. 24 d. He had been to Elkhart. Ind., his former residence, to attend the reunion of the Rowland family, of which his mother was a member, and took sick immediately upon his return to his home in Kalamazoo. He was the son of Peter and Mary Ann Rowland Shreiner of Elkhart, and was married to Effie Freeman, who with one son (Glenn) and one daughter, (Gertrude) and four sisters, survive him. He removed from Elkhart, to Kalamazoo, some ten years ago. His remains were brought to Elkhart, and the funeral held at the home of his sister. Services conducted by John F. Funk, on July 29. Text, Rom. 6:33. Burial in Grace Lawn. During the last few weeks he was deeply concerned for his salvation and gave evidence of having found Jesus precious to his soul. May God bless the mourning family and friends. Out of this family six persons have died in the course of about ten years and funeral services for such were conducted by the same minister.
J. F. Funk.

Good.-Bro. D. W. Good was born in Allen Co., Ohio, May 5, 1876; lost his life near his home at Concord, Tenn., on June 2, 1918, in an auto accident, he with three others being on their way to Knoxville, and when crossing the Southern Railway track were struck by the Memphis Special. Four were in the car ("two were taken and two were left," the other victim of the accident being Katherine Lee) the two escaping unhurt were neighbors and friends.
He moved with his parents to Knox Co., Tenn., where he grew to manhood, united with the Mennonite church in his youth, was married to Maud May Stewart, who with 7 children is left to mourn his sudden departure. He also leaves mother, 4 sisters, and 4 brothers. He is greatly missed in the church and community, having served the church as chorister for upwards of twenty years, taking special delight in training the young people in church and Sunday school music. He was of an obliging disposition and ever ready to do his neighbor a favor. Services were conducted at the Concord Mennonite church, where a double funeral was held, by Pre. Roberts of the Methodist Church and the Brethren I. W. Royer and H. J. Powell, a large concourse of people attending.

Funk.-Abraham Kratz Funk, son of Jacob and Susanna (Fretz) Funk, was born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan. 20, 1840. After growing to manhood on his father's farm, he began to teach in the public schools of Bucks Co.
After five years of teaching, he went to Chicago in the spring of 1863 and engaged in the lumber business. Five years later he came to Elkhart, Ind., and entered into partnership with his brother, under the firm name of John F. Funk and Brother, as publishers and booksellers. In 1875 he became one of the principal stockholders of the Mennonite Publishing Company, which was then organized, and became its secretary and treasurer.
On March 11, 1872, he married Annie M. Landis of Bucks Co., Pa. To this union were born three daughters (Miss Maude Funk, Mrs. Wilbur A. Gray, and Mrs. Earnest Kohler). His wife died April 22, 1906. Besides the daughters and the above mentioned brother, he is survived by two sisters (Mrs. Esther Frick, and Mrs. Henry W. Gross) and two grandchildren.
Although failing in health for a considerable time, he continued to fill his place as secretary of the Mennonite Publishing Co., until about two weeks before his death, when he was overcome on his way to his home by the excessively hot weather prevailing at that time. He sank rapidly, and passed away at 9 o'clock, Sunday evening, Aug. 4, 1918, aged 78 y. 6 m. 15 d. Funeral services were conducted at his late residence by Campbell McKay of the Presbyterian Church, and William Weaver of the Mennonite Church. Interment in Grace Lawn.
Bro. Funk was a man of quiet and kindly disposition which won for him the regard and affection of all who knew him. He was always deeply interested in moral and material welfare of Elkhart, and especially so in church and Sunday school work. He was a faithful and devoted member of the Mennonite Church, with which he identified himself in 1865 or 1866, in Grundy Co., Ill. He was a resident of Elkhart for fifty years, and through all these years an active worker in the business of the Mennonite Publishing Company.

Transcribed by: Nancy Regan, Washington


Gospel Herald - Volume XI, Number 22 - August 29, 1918 - pages 391 and 392

Ruppert.-Walter Lewis, son of brother Paul and Sister Dora Ruppert, died near Stony Brook, Pa., July 19, 1918; aged 1 y. 1 m. 23 d. Death was caused by open spine and enlarged head. He was buried on July 21. Funeral by brothers Samuel Oberholtzer and Theo. B. Torry. Text II Kings 4:26.

Grabill.-Nellie Stall Grabill was born in Jackson Co., Minn., Nov. 1, 1874; was married to Benjamin Grabill Nov. 14, 1907; died July 24, 1918. She leaves to mourn their loss, husband, two daughters, an aged father, 3 sisters, and 2 brothers. Funeral services at the Stall Church conducted by C. J. Garber and ____________ Knutson. Remains laid to rest in the Riverside Cemetery.
C. J. G.

Walmer.-Noah, son of John and Sarah Walmer, was born in Montgomery Co. Ohio, Nov. 6, 1854. In the summer of 1855 he came with his parents, to Elkhart Co., Ind., where he resided until death. His parents and two sisters preceded him in death. He is survived by one brother, Solomon, with whom he lived the last 42 years.
In the fall of 1917 he contracted an illness and kept failing. On July 12, 1918, he peacefully passed away. Aged 63 y. 8 m. 6 d. During his illness he realized more keenly that it is not all of life to live, nor all of death to die and on May 7 he confessed his Savior, was baptized and received into church fellowship in the Mennonite Church. His one regret was that he waited so long.
Funeral at the Olive church, conducted by Frank Kreider and D. A. Yoder.

Blank.-Justus Henry, son of Samuel and Fannie Blank, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Nov. 13, 1839; died at his home near Garden City, Mo., Aug. 8, 1918; aged 78 y. 8 m. 25 d. He was a patient sufferer from a complication of diseases about 9 months, but was confined to his bed only 4 days. He was a faithful member of the A.M. Church from early manhood (in Wayne Co., O.) unto death. He was a kind, loving husband and father, and will be missed in the home, in the Church, and in the entire community. He was united in marriage to Barbara E. Yoder in 1873. To this union were born 2 sons and 2 daughters. One son died in infancy. He is survived by his companion, 1 son (Oliver U.), 2 daughters (Mrs. E. M. King and Mrs. E. E. Yoder), 11 grandchildren, 1 sister, 3 half-sisters, and a host of friends. Services at the Sycamore Grove Church conducted by L. J. Miller and J. C. Driver. Text II Tim. 4:6-8. Interment in Clearfork Cemetery.

Stevens.-Anna May Stevens was born May 2, 1898; died Aug. 13, 1918; aged 20 y. 3 m. 1 d. She united with the Church of the Brethren when she was only nine years old and lived a faithful member until her death. She died in the Johnstown City Hospital (where she was for six weeks), on the operating table. Before she died she told her father who was to preach her funeral and to preach from Eccl. 12:1. Her brother, who is in training at Camp Lee, was home to attend her funeral. Burial was made in Maple Spring Cemetery by the Pastor of Moxhan Church of the Brethren of which she was a member, assisted by Elder S. P. Zimmerman of the Maple Spring Church. She leaves father and mother, three brothers and 2 sisters, 2 grandmothers and 1 grandfather, and a large circle of acquaintances and friends.
-By her Aunt.

Driver-Lois Elizabeth, daughter of Bro. Dan and Sister Maud Driver, near Waynesboro, Va., died Aug. 1, 1918; aged 1 y. 1 m. 14 d. Parents, one brother, grandmother and many other relatives are left to know that one more little bud has dropped from time into eternity to await their coming. She was sick four weeks of infant trouble, and all that loving hands and hearts could do was of no avail as the Lord had called. Funeral services and interment at the Springdale Church, conducted by Bro. E. C. Shank assisted by the brethren, A. P. and E. F. Heatwole. Text, "It is well with the child." II Kings 4:26.

"Dear little Lois, with eyes so bright,
Is now laid away out of our sight,
She is now in that home so bright and fair,
And Oh: how we long to meet her there".
M. M. D.

Conrad.-Christian S. Conrad was born in Wayne Co., O., Aug. 13, 1895; died at Camp Dodge, Iowa, Aug. 12, 1918; aged 22 y. 11 m. 29 d. He confessed Christ as his Savior at the age of 14 and united with the Amish Mennonite Church where he enjoyed the service of His Master and loved to mingle with the children of God. His death came to him very suddenly through an accident which occurred in returning from the Sunday evening church service from Des Moines, Iowa. While attempting to get off an interurban car while yet in motion he was thrown under the wheels and both limbs were severed, which proved fatal to him. He leaves a loving father and mother, one sister, two brothers, and a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services and interment at the Pleasant Hill Church conducted by Brethren J. A. Ressler and J. S. Gerig. Text, Psa. 37:5.

Hoffman.-Sallie Hoffman was born Feb. 8, 1846, in Cambria Co., Pa.; died July 31, 1918 at her home in Kent Co., Mich.; aged 72 y. 5 m. 23 d.
She was married to Christopher Hoffman, March 3, 1868, who preceded her to the spirit world about two and a half years ago. To this union were born four boys and five girls, of whom 2 preceded her in death. There remain three sons and three daughters (Mrs. Louisa Peck, Mrs. Ella Stahl, Andrew, William, Moses, Mrs. Sadie Slaubaugh), 16 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, and a host of other relatives and friends.
She moved with her parents from Pennsylvania to Michigan, where she lived practically the rest of her life. Afflictions crossed her path a number of times, but she bore them with patience and fortitude. She was a dutiful wife, a loving mother, and a devout Christian. She always manifested a great interest in her children, both temporal and spiritual. Ministers were always welcome guests at her home. She has been a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for over forty-two years, always manifesting a willingness to be at the service when circumstances would permit.
Services at the Mennonite Church near Elmdale, Mich. Conducted by D. A. Yoder, and Aldus Brackbill. Text, Mark 14:8.


Transcriber's note: "To this union were born four boys and five girls, of whom 2 preceded her in death. There remain three sons and three daughters ...." - these numbers don't add up, but typed as written.


Transcribed by: Nancy Regan, Washington

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