Herald of Truth
March 1865 - Vol. II, No.3
Page 23, 24

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Transcribed Text:

On the 3d of December 1864, in Waterloo Co., C. W., after suffering several days with Colic, Rachel Clemens, wife of Abm. S. Clemens,(Deacon,) aged 73 years and 18 days. Her maiden name was Derstein. She was buried on the 6th at Cressman's grave yard, when in the meeting house at the same place, funeral discourses were delivered from Jn. 5: 24, 25, and Rev. 14: 13.

On the 13th of January 1865, Niels Halm, a member of the Baptist Church, aged 90 years, 2 mo., and 24 days. On Sunday the 15th, his remains were consigned to rest at Waner's grave yard, where, upon the occasion of his serene and eternal departure, a discourse was delivered in the English language from 2 Kings 20: 1, and in the German from 1 Tim. 6: 11, 12. JOHN BAER.

On the 11th of February, in Lower Mount Bethel, Northampton Co., Pa., of palsy, Bro. Jacob Buzzard, in the 78th year of his age. He was buried on the 13th, on which occasion a funeral sermon was preached by Pre. David Henning, from Amos 4th chapter and the latter part of the 12th verse.

On Sunday morning, Jan. 29th, in Jordan, Lincoln Co., C. W., of old age, Abraham High, aged 90 years and 4 days. The deceased was a native of Bucks Co., Pa., from whence he emigrated to Canada in 1799, and was one of the first settlers in this part of the country. He contended manfully with the difficulties that met him in the way of life, and against the sins and the temptations which beset our paths, and we hope and trust that he has gone to rest with those who dwell in peace, where trial and sin are no more.

On the same day very suddenly in Clinton Township, of dropsy in the chest, Isaac Moyer, aged 68 years, 1 month, and 26 days.

On the 4th of January in Nodaway Co., Missouri, Joseph C. Good, aged 49 years, 1 mo., and 11 days. He was deranged in his mind at the time of his death. He leaves a wife and six children to mourn their loss. He was buried on the 6th. His funeral sermon was preached on the 29th of the same month by William Hunkel, from Job 14:14. The deceased was born in Ohio, where he lived until the Fall of 1864, when he emigrated to the northern part of Nodaway Co., Mo., where his remains now rest until the last trumpet shall sound.
He was a faithful member of the Winebrenner Church for some time. He was very willing to die, and leave this vale of tears, and go to meet his Redeemer. He left to his family the evidence and consolation, that he has gained the blessed triumph of eternal life. JOHN S. GOOD.

On the 22nd of February, in Erie Co., N. Y., Christian Leib, aged 80 years, 5 mo., and 29 days. His disease was inflamation(sic) of the brain, from which he suffered only three days. He was a beloved brother in our Mennonite Church here. His mortal remains were consigned to the grave on the 24th. A large concourse of people were present. The writer preached on this occasion from Rev. 14: 13,- "And I heard a voice from heaven, saying unto me, Write, blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth : yea, saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them."

On the 9th of February,in Champaign Co., Ohio, of consumption, Christian Hertzler, son of Jacob and Susanna Hertzler, aged 33 years, 10 mo., and 26 days. He was buried on the 11th, on which occasion a funeral sermon was preached by John Wari, from Amos 4: 12, and I Cor. 15: 12th verse to the end of the chapter. He was a member of the Omish Mennonite Church, and leaves a wife and three children to mourn his death.

On Jan. 27th, 1865, in Putnam Co., Ohio, of scarlet fever, Daniel, son of John and Anna Huber, aged 3 years, 11 months and 6 days. On the 29th his remains were consigned to his mother dust in the grave yard, at the Mennonite meeting house in Allen Co., at which time and place, discourses were delivered to a large audience by Geo. Brenneman (an introductory discourse) in the German, and by the writer in the English language, from Ps. 103: v. 15-18.

The days of man are like the grass,
And as a transient flower;
When blasting winds upon him pass,
He loses all his power.

The place where stood the flower sweet,
Will know it soon no more;
To dust beneath your very feet,
'T must turn as 'twas before.

Thus Daniel too has passed away
Like grass-he'll not return;
We'll but a little longer stay,
To weep lament and mourn.

Oh, may this timely warning giv'n
To us, be not in vain;
But may we all prepare for Heav'n-
There Daniel meet again.

On the 8th of February, in Putnam Co. Ohio, very suddenly, Daniel, son of David Brenneman, aged 35 years, 6 mo., and 10 days. On the day of his death he had walked to town and back, some 5 or 6 miles. After returning home he complained some of headache, but made out to haul a load of wood, and chop enough to do over night. He then went into the house, sat down, and took one of the children on his lap. His wife heard him say, "Take the child!" at the same time seeing him beginning to sink, she took the child away and endeavored to raise him up, when he expired in her hands.
He was buried on the 12th in the grave yard at the Methodist Chapel, on Sugar Level, in Allen Co., at which time and place the writer endeavored to speak from Mark 13: 35-37. The deceased left a wife amid three children to mourn their loss.
The above event should be looked upon as another loud call to the careless to set their house in order, "because they shall die and not live."

"Go watch and pray! thou canst not tell,
How near the hour of death may be;
Thou canst not know, how soon the bell
May toll its doleful notes for thee:
Death's countless snare beset thy way-
Frail child of dust, go watch and pray."

On the 12th of February, in Allen, Co., Ohio, Sister Elizabeth, widow of Frederick Schrader, and daughter of Emanuel Neischwander, aged about 85 years. Her death was occasioned, as is supposed, by a fall. About 30 years ago she came from Franklin Co., Pa., with J. B. Holler, with whom she lived ever since, and where she also died. She was buried in the grave yard on J. B. Holler's farm, at which time the writer spoke from Num. 23: 10-"Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his!" Sister Schrader was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years, and we hope she has died the death of the righteous, and that it is now well with her. "Therefore be ye also ready."

On the 17th of January, near West Point, Lee Co., Iowa: Catharine, wife of Jacob Eaesch, (her maiden name was Miller, from Pennsylvania,) aged 24 years and 24 days. She was buried on the 18th, at Pleasant Ridge grave yard, upon which occasion John C. Krehbiel preached.

Transcribed by Ron Garber, Kansas

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