Herald of Truth Obituaries - October, 1876

Herald of Truth - Volume XIII, Number 10 - OCTOBER 1876, page 175


Died Aug. 31st in West Lampeter twp., Lancaster co., Pa., Bro. HENRY BURKHOLDER, aged 71 years, 8 months and 16 days. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church, and bore his affliction with resignation, trusting in the merits of Jesus, and longing to be with Him.

Brother, thou art gone to rest-
We will not weep for thee,
For thou art now where oft on earth
Thy spirit longed to be.

In thinking of the weary nights
Thy pains and all thy ills,
'T would be unkind to wish thee here,
We yield thee to God's will.

Unwearied was our care and love,
But O, 't was all in vain!
No one could give thee ease or rest,
Until the Savior came.

He kindly rescued thee
And took thee to his breast;
O, may we too, soon meet thee there,
And also be at rest.

Dear Lord, how sweet the thought,
In heaven with thee to dwell;
Where parents, children, and dear friends
Shall no more say, Farewell.


On the 22nd of September, at the residence of Charles Miller in Elkhart Co., Ind., FRANKY VALE, aged 12 years 1 mo. and 28 days. He suffered for a number of years from inflammatory rheumatism until death came to the relief of the sufferer.

March 17 th, in Perry Co, Pa., very suddenly, Bro. FREDERIC LAUVER, aged 75 years, 10 months and 9 days. Buried the 19 th, in the family burying-ground. Appropriate remarks were made by Bishop Jacob Graybill and Wm. Graybill, from Mark 13:37. Bro. Lauver was in his usual health on the morning of the 17 th. After breakfast he went to the barn to measure wheat, his grand-son was to bring a sack; he brought it in the garner and lay it down, saying, Here grand-pap is the sack, thinking he was at work, leaning over the garner board. He went out, and in a short time returned and saw his grand-pap in the same position; he ran to the house and said that grand-pap was dead. He has been a brother in the church many years, and his loss is deeply felt by his afflicted wife and nine children. May their loss be his eternal gain.

April 13 th, in Walker twp., Juanita Co., Pa, of lung fever, DANIEL W. WERT, aged 21 yrs., 9 months and 4 days. Buried at Lost Creek church. Services by the brethren Jacob and Wm. Graybill, from Isa. 38:1.

July 23 rd, in Clinton twp., Niagara District, C.W., ELIZABETH MOYER (maiden name Swartz), wife of Abraham T. Moyer , aged upwards of 70 years. Consigned to mother earth in the old Clinton burying-ground, where words of comfort and edification were presented by Abraham Hunsberger. How is with you mother?
Are you at rest?
Are you safely in heaven, mother,
With the blest.

Near Chatsworth, Livingston Co., Ill, of cholera infantum, ELLA MAY, daughter of Jos. F. and Rebecca HAMILTON. Services by Bro H.L. Shelly.

July 16 th, in Lawrence Co., Pa., LEVI LANTZ, aged 17 years, 10 months and one day. Funeral services by J.K. Yoder of Wayne Co., Ohio from Acts 17:30, 31.

Aug. 2 nd, in Holmes Co., Ohio, of diphtheria, REBECCA STUTZMAN, aged 6 years, 7 mos. and 22 days. Services by David A. Troyer and Sem Miller.

Sept. 10 th, of diphtheria, MAGDALENA STUTZMAN, aged 12 years, 6 months and 20 days. Services by Christian Yoder and Sem Miller.

Sept 22 nd, of diphtheria, ELIZABETH STUTZMAN, aged 9 years, 4 months and 9 days. Services by Benjamin and David A. Troyer. The above three were daughters of Daniel Stutzman. He has been sorely afflicted, having lost, by death, two wives and 4 children, within 4 years.

Aug. 23 rd, near New Galena, Bucks Co., Pa., from a sort of consumption, BARBARA ANNA, infant daughter of Aaron F. MYERS and wife, aged 1 year and 8 days. Buried at Deep Run burying-ground by which opportunity words of admonition were made by Issac Rickert and J.S. Moyer. Text Mark 10: 13-16.

Aug 31 st., near Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., JOSEPH, son of Henry and Elizabeth YODER, aged 1 year 5 months and 16 days. Buried at Yellow Creek grave-yard. Services by Henry Shaum and J.M. Culbertson.

Sept. 10 th, in Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., CORA E., daughter of John and ----- OSBORN, aged 5 months and 15 days. Remarks by John Metzler and J.M. Culbertson.

On the 26 th of August, 1876, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of Croup, LYDIA, daughter of John and ----ENDERS, aged 4 years and 23 days. Buried at Shaum's burying-ground on the following Sunday. Services by J.F. Funk.

August 7 th, very suddenly, in West Hempfield twp., Lancaster co., Pa, Sister MARTHA S. EBY, wife of Bro. Jonas Eby, aged 60 years, 7 mos and 28 days. Funeral on the 9 th. Text, Mark 13:33-37. Sister Eby was well as usual when she retired to bed on the 6 th; at 3 o'clock, Bro. Eby spoke to her, she did not complain in the least of being unwell, but about 4 o'clock he was awakened by some noise, as if she was gasping for breath. He arose and called for help, but before 5 o'clock she was dead. Bro. Eby has the sympathy of all. Sister Eby was very highly respected. She and Bro. Eby attended meeting on the 6 th.

Aug 11 th, in Rapho twp., Lancaster co., Pa., WILLIAM HEMLING, aged 75 years, 3 mos. and 6 days. Funeral on the 14 th. Text, 2 Kings 20:1.

August 12 th, in Rapho twp., Lancaster co., Pa., suddenly, HENRY S. RUHL, aged 22 years, 4 months, 17 days. Funeral on the 15 th. Text, Matt. 24:44. The deceased leaves a wife and one child to mourn his early death. His health was feeble for some time. He had just left home to go to Manheim. About one hundred yards from home he suddenly expired.

August 15 th, near Silver Spring, Lancaster co., Pa, ANNA, daughter of Ephraim and ---- MEISKY, aged 6 years, 11 mos. and 12 days. Funeral on the 18 th. Text, Rev. 3:20.

August 23 rd, near White Oak, Lancaster Co., Pa, MINNIE, infant daughter of Elias and ---- STAUFFER, aged 1 month and 23 days. Funeral on the 25 th. Text, Acts 17:30,31.

August 25 th, near Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., after a lingering illness, Bro. PETER HORST, aged 89 years, 4 mos. and *days. Funeral on the 28 th. Text, Phillipians 1:21. A large number of friends and neighbors assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the deceased. Bro. Horst was highly esteemed. Peace to his ashes.

*Transcriber's note: entered as written.

Transcribed by Joe Lawson, Oklahoma

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