Herald of Truth Obituaries - May, 1877

Herald Of Truth - Volume XIV, Number 5 - May, 1877, pages 81, 82

Feb. 16th, in Bureau Co., Ill., of Scarlet Fever, Magdalena, 2 years, 7 months and 7 days, and Elisabeth, 7 years, 5 months and 5 days, children of Christian and Catharine Schantz. Impressive remarks were made on the solemn occasion by Joseph Burkey, from 2 Sam. 12:22, 23.

On ------, in West Lampeter, Lancaster Co., Pa., FANNY WEAVER, wife of Peter Weaver, in her 73rd year. Impressive remarks were made by Benjamin and Amos Herr, Ps. 94:14.

Feb. 18th, in Waterloo Co., Ont., JOSEPH BECHER, aged 87 years.

Jan. 6th, near Shiremanstown, Cumberland Co., Pa., of Diphtheria, NAOMI SHOPE, aged 3 years, and 7 months. Funeral on the 9th. Text: Heb 13:14.

Jan. 9th, in Landisville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro. GEORGE BROWN, aged 66 years, 7 months, and 26 days. Funeral on the 12th. Text: Job 14:10.

Jan. 27th, near Union Square, Lancaster Co., Pa., LIZZIE E., wife of Henry METZLER Jun., aged 20 years, 4 months and 15 days. Funeral the 30th. Text: Ps. 37:37.

Jan. 27, near Salunga, Lancaster Co., Pa., JACOB M. CHARLESTON, aged 4 months and 28 days. Funeral on the 27th*. Text: Ps. 90:12.

*It gives the same dates for death and funeral.

Feb. 2nd, near Centreville, Lancaster Co., Pa., JOHN ARNDT, aged 81 years, 9 months and 29 days. Funeral on the 6th. Text: Luke 23:28.

Feb. 4th, at Nappanee, Elkhart Co., Ind., MARY YODER, wife of Christian Yoder, aged 54 years, 3 months and 21 days. She leaves a husband and 6 children to mourn their loss. Services by Jonathan Smucker and M. E. Kreider.

Feb. 12th, ANNA, daughter of Isaac H. and Susan ROHRER, aged 3 years, 2 months and 12 days. On the following Thursday her remains were consigned to the grave at the Strasbnrg* Cemetery, followed by mourning relatives and friends. Impressive remarks were made by the brethren Benj., and Amos Herr, from Luke 8: 52.

*I am guessing it should be Strasburg.

Feb. 24th, near Lincoln, Lancaster Co., Pa:, of bronchitis, DAVID L. BINKLEY, aged 19 years, 7 months and 30 days. Remarks from Isa. 55: 6.

Feb. 27th, in Lancaster Co., Pa., widow BARBARA GOOD, aged 66 years, 5 months and 16 days. She suffered for years. Leaves 6 sons to mourn their loss. Services by Peter and L. Ebersole and M. Rutt from Heb. 9:27,28.

Feb. 27th, in Lancaster Co., Pa., of a long illness, widow ELISABETH EBERSOLE, aged 73 years, and one day. She was speechless over a year. Services by Benj. Lehman, from Philip. 1: 21.

Feb. 27, in Manheim, Lancaster Co., Pa., HENRY EBY Sen., aged 75 years, 7 months and 15 days. Funeral the 2nd of March. Text: 1 John 2:28, 29.

March 4th, near Junction, Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro. SAMUEL SNYDER Sen., aged 61 years, 11 months and 16 days. Funeral on the 7th. Text: Rev. 21:7. Buried at Kauffman's Meeting-house. Bro. Snyder was a faithful member of our church.

March 5th, in Whiteside Co., Ill., of the infirmities of age, CHARLES STAVINOSKY, aged 76 years, 2 months and 3 days. He leaves a bereaved wife and two step-children. He formerly emigrated from Prussia. Services by H. Nice and J. Kornhaus.

March 8th, in Springville, Lancaster Co., Pa, Sister BARBARA SHIRES, wife of Bro. John Shires, aged 79 years, and 27 days. Services by Peter Nissley and Jacob N. Brubaker, from 2 Cor. 4:17--19.

March 8th, in Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., suddenly, Bro. JACOB FLAWD, aged 75 years, 10 months and 12 days. Funeral the 11th. Text: Rev. 21: 7.

March 9th, near Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pa., MARY KAUFFMAN, wife of Jacob Kauffman and daughter of Daniel Nafzinger of Mifflin Co., Pa.

March 10th, in Leacock, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister HETTY HERSHEY, wife of Jacob S. Hershey, aged 58 years.

March 12th, in Juniata Co., Pa., MARY A. LEISTER, aged 57 years, 5 months and 8 days. She was sick only 3 days. Buried the 15th, at Nieman's church. Services conducted by John Snyder and Wm. Graybill, from Matt 24: 44.

March 13th, near Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., of dropsy, ELISABETH PRICE, widow, aged 71 years, 6 months and 12 days. Buried at the Union grave-yard. Services by J. M. Culbertson.

March 13th, in Lancaster Co., Pa., of Diphtheria, DANIEL, son of David and Esther EBERSOLE, aged 5 years, 10 months and 19 days. Services by David Stoltzfus. "Sleep, Daniel dear, and take your rest, God called you home, he thought it best; 'Twas hard, indeed, to part with thee, But Christ's strong arm supporteth me."

March 9th, near Hellam, York Co., Pa., of bronchitis, Bro. ELI EMIG, aged 59 years, 3 months and 15 days. Funeral on the 12th. Text: Isa. 38:1. Bro. Emig leaves a wife and family to mourn his death.

March 11th, in Landisville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister CATHARINE HIESTAND, wife of Bro. Chr. Hiestand Sen., aged 79 years. Funeral on the 14th. Text: 1 Cor. 9:24-27.

March 14th, near Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Pa., SARA HERTZLER, aged 3 years, and 9 months. Funeral on the 17th. Text: Ps. 16:6.

March 16th, in Upper Allen, Cumberland Co., Pa., of pneumonia, ELISABETH HOFFER, aged 52 years, 2 months and 9 days. Services by Henry Weber and George Rupp. Buried at the Stone church near Carlisle.

March 24th, in Upper Allen, Cumberland Co., Pa., Sister Elisabeth Hoffer, mother of the above same, and in the same house, aged 80 years, 8 months and 23 days. She was a faithful sister, and she had gone to receive the crown of glory which awaits the faithful in the Lord. Services by S. Zimmerman, J. M. Herr, and Geo. Rupp. Buired at the Stone Church.

March 18th, in East Lampeter, Lancaster Co., Pa., of diphtheria, JACOB M., son of Benjamin H. and Anna ROHRER, aged 8 years, 9 months and 25 days. Buried the 20th at Mellinger's grave-yard. Impressive remarks were made by D. Buckwalter and Amos Herr. Text--Job 14:1, 2.

March 20th, scarcely had the mourners departed, when the monster death called again and the youngest son of the bereft--BENJAMIN, aged 3 years, 4 months and 19 days. Buried 22nd at the same burying-ground. Remarks made by the same ministers, from Job 5:18.

March 19th, in Bedminister, Bucks Co., Pa., of diphtheria, Catharine, aged 9 years, and 8 days; on the 25th, Isaac, aged 2 years, 11 months and 16 days; on the 26th, Mary and Jacob, aged respectively 4 years, 2 months and 7 days, 11 years, 3 months and 19 days, children of Levi and Sarah Strohm. All were interred at the Mennonite meeting-house at Deep Run. The last three named died in less than 24 hours. All three were lowered into their graves simultaneously on the 29th, a mournful scene, never before witnessed in this community.

March 20th in Sterling, Whiteside Co., Ill., of typhoid fever, ABRAHAM LANDIS, aged 33 years, 7 months and 5 days. Buried the 23rd. Services by Henry Nice, A Ebersole and J. Allabach.

On the 20th of March, in Chillicothe, Missouri, FREDERICK STOVER, son of Jacob S. and Annie K. FUNK, aged 4 years, 1 month and 24 days. He had been afflicted with whooping cough during the winter, from which he had, however, nearly recovered. Some two weeks before he died, he took a cold which settled on his lungs and caused enlargement of the tonsils, after which croup set in and terminated his life.

March 25th, in Hatfield Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., of breast fever, CATHARINE NOLL, wife of Nicholas Noll, aged 60 years, 4 months and 11 days. Buried the 28th at the Plains burying-ground. Sermon at the house by Jacob Loux, and Abel Horning at the church.

In Elkhart, Ind., on the 25th of November, 1876, of a lingering illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, LOUISA, wife of Jacob JOHNSON, aged 21 years, 11 months and 6 days. During her illness, she was led, by the grace of God, to see the need of her Savior, and in true penitence, turned to God, and found peace in believing in his name. She was baptized and received as a member into the church. Buried at the Baptist church in Baugo township. Services by J. F. Funk and H. Shaum.

March 30th, in Juniata Co., Pa., CHARLES O. HOSTETLER, aged 3 years, 11 months and 13 dyas. Buried in the family grave-yard. Services by William Graybill and Solomon Kauffman. Text: Eccl. 12:1.

March 30th, in Hilltown Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., JOSEPH ROSENBERGER, aged 65 years, 6 months and 15 days. For many years he had been afflicted with asthma, and not able to sleep except in a chair for the last ten years. Lately he had been troubled with dropsy in the chest. He died in his chair, and was buried the 3rd of April at Line Lexington Mennonite burying-ground.

March 30th, in Putnam Co., Ohio, GEORGE, son of Henry and ---- GOOD, aged 1 year, 6 months and 14 days. Sermon by C. B. Brenneman.

April 2nd, near Locke, Elkhart Co., Ind., of bronchial consumption, Bro. DAVID SANDERS, aged 51 years, 5 months and 24 days. Bro. Sanders was prostrated over a year previous to his death. He was a faithful brother, faithful in the discharge of his duty to his God, and his family. He leaves a bereaved widow and 3 children to mourn their loss. Services by J. M. Christophel and J. M. Culbertson.

April 3rd, near Richfield, Snyder Co., Pa., of lung fever, JONAS DEER, aged 70 years and 1 month. Buried at Graybill's grave-yard, near Richfield, followed to the grave by a large number of friends. Services by the brethren Samuel Winey and Thomas Graybill, from Ps. 40:1.

April 6th, in Juniata Co., Pa., LIZZIE M., daughter of Reuben and Elisabeth LAUVER, aged 5 years, 9 months and 4 days. Buried at Lauver's church. Suitable remarks were made by Wm. Graybill and Wm. Auker, from the words, "And what I say unto you, I say unto all, Watch." Mark 13:37.

April 7th, in Snyder Co., Pa., widow CATHARINE AUKER, aged 81 years, 1 month and 26 days. She was a faithful sister in the Mennonite church for many years, and was beloved by all. She was buried at Graybill's burying-ground, near Richfield, where appropriate remarks were made by Thomas and Wm. Graybill.

April 7th, in Bedminister, Bucks Co., Pa., of diphtheria, Abraham, aged 3 years, 3 months and 15 days. On the 11th, Catharine and Henry, aged respectively 6 years, 4 months and 8 days, 4 years, 9 months and 16 days, children of Jacob and Elisabeth Kulp. All were interred at Deep Run, the first on the 10th, the other two on the 14th. At the death of the last two a remarkable coincidence occurred. The little girl in her father's arms, was watching her little brother on a bed by her side. The boy raised his hands, left it fall and breathed but a few times afterward. The little girl, at the same time, raised her hands, threw back her head and expired immediately. The little girl was sick but two and a half days, her brother a few days more. None are left to the bereaved parents.

April 10th, in Waterloo Co., Ont., JOHN BRENNEMAN, aged 71 years, 8 months and 26 days. Both of the above were among the earliest settlers of Wilmot township.

April 12th, in Allen Co., Ind., MICHAEL KLOPFENSTEIN, aged 76 years and 10 months. He was born in France in 1800; emigrated to America in 1854. Resided in Iowa 16 years, during which time his wife died, leaving no children. He then came to Indiana, and for the last seven years resided with his friends. He died very suddenly. Services by Henry Egli, from Rev. 16:15.

Transcribed by: Cheri Salz, Illinois

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