Herald of Truth Obituaries - September, 1877

Herald Of Truth - Volume XIV, Number 9 - September, 1877, page 148, 149

In Lincoln Co., Ontario, on the 2nd of May 1877, Bro. MOSES GROBB, aged 70 years, 5 months and 16 days. He was buried on the 5th at the Mennonite burying-ground at the Twentv. He had been in feeble health for a number of years. In his last illness he was sick about six weeks, during which time he suffered severe pain. He was not able to lie in bed, and died in his chair. We hope our loss is his eternal gain.

July 24th, in Hardin Co., Ohio, of diphtheria, NATHANIEL, son of Paul and Catharine FREED, aged 4 years, 2 months and 22 days. Services by J. Evers and C. B. Brenneman.

Let hope's bright beams disperse the gloom,
That fills the throbbing breast;
'Twas Jesus kindly bade him come,
Nathaniel is at rest.

May 22nd in Hilltown, Bucks Co., Pa., SAMUEL KRAUT, aged 53 years, 7 months and 13 days. His lifeless remains were interred the 24th in Line Lexington burying-ground, at which opportunity remarks were made by Abel Horning and Samuel Godshalk.

On July 15th, 1877, MARY, wife of John GODSHALK, aged 44 years, 7 months and 15 days. She was buried on Wednesday the 18th at Doylestown Mennonite burying-ground, followed to her last resting place by a large concourse of friends and relatives. Services were held by Isaac Rickert, J. Walter and J. F. Funk of Elkhart, Ind. She was a sister in the Mennonite Church, and we trust that what has been a severe afflication to the bereaved family may be her eternal gain.

July 22nd, in Ephrata tp., Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro. ISRAEL W. HESS, aged 24 years, 5 months and 13 days. His disease was of the heart, and ended with dropsy of the chest. He leaves a bereaved widow and two children to mourn their loss. Buried at Hammer Creek burying-ground. Funeral services by the brethren John L. Landis, C. Risser and Chr. Bomberger from Ps. 90:13 and Job 10: 9.

June 26th in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Pa., of five days illness, Widow CATHARINE GANTZ, aged 66 years, 7 months and 15 days.

June 20th, in East Vincent, Chester Co., Pa., of congestion of the lungs, DANIEL LATSHAW, aged 78 years, 10 months and 12 days. Buried the 24th in the presence of a large concourse, who met to pay their last respects to the deceased. Services by the brethren Andrew Mock and David Buckwalter.

On the 2nd of August, in Elkhart Co., Ind., LIZETTA, only daughter of Chr. and Harriet FROELIG, aged 3 years, 6 months and 20 days. Buried at Shaum's burying-ground. Services by J. F. Funk from Mark 10:13--16.

On July 31st, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of typhoid fever of which he suffered 11 days, JOSEPH HOLDEMAN, aged 18 years, 3 months and 11 days. Buried at Shaum's burying-ground. Services by Henry Shaum and J. F. Funk. Text: Ps. 103: 15, 16, and Eccl. 11: 9.

On June ---- 1877, in Hilltown, Bucks Co., Pa., of Consumption, ABM. M. HUNSBERGER, aged 40 years, 3 mos. and 27 days.

On the 6th of August 1877, in Elkhart Co., Ind., ELI MANN, aged 67 years, 7 months and 11 days. Buried at Shaum's burying-ground. Services by J. F. Funk, from Prov. 30:23. Peace to his ashes.

On ----- in McPherson Co., Kansas, of Spasms, ------ son of John ZIMMERMAN, lately of Johnson Co., Iowa, aged 2 years, 3 mos., and 12 days. Funeral services by C. Cornelson and Christian Ramseyer.

July 27th, in Clinton Co., Ind., of slow Consumption, MAGDALENA, wife of Christian METZLER, aged 50 years, 10 mos., and 7 days. She leaves a bereaved husband and two children. John Zimmerman conducted the funeral services from 2 Cor. 5; and 1 Cor. 15:1-4.

August 10th, near Locke, Elkhart Co., Ind., SUSANNA KEIM, aged 48 years, 7 mos, and 11 days. Buried the 11th. A husband and six children are left to mourn the loss of a wife and mother. Services by Jonathan Smucker. Text 1 Cor. 15: 22, 23.

July 20th, in Rushville, Rockingham Co., Va., of Cholera Infantum, a little son of Benj. F. HUGHES, aged about five weeks. Buried at the Bank Church on the 21st. Funeral services by Samuel Coffman.

August 2nd., near Dale Enterprize, Rockingham Co., Va., of Flux, JOSEPH DANIEL, son of Jas.Wm, and Sarah SHARPES, aged 2 years, 6 months and 2 days. Buried at Weaver's on the 3rd. Funeral services by Jos. Driver and Daniel Heatwole.

Aug. 2nd., in Indiamapolis, Ind., of Consumption, Sister ELIZABETH LINTNER, wife of John Lintner, aged 68 years, 9 months and 27 days. Moved from Manor Tp., Lancaster Co., Pa., to the above place in June 1856. She is the daughter of Bro.Chr. Hertzler. Her mother is the daughter of Jacob Brubaker, Bishop of the Mennonite Church in Lancaster County. Her sufferings were severe yet she bore them with Christian fortitude, till it pleased her Redeemer to take her home to eternal glory. A few hours before her death, she said, "O dear Jesus, come and take me home." She died without any pain or struggle, just like going to sleep. For this she prayed, and her prayer was answered.

Aug. 12th, in Tazewell Co., Ill., of Consumption, MARY GERBER, aged 21 years and 8 mos. Buried the 13th, in presence of many friends and relatives. Services were held on the funeral occasion by Peter Guengrich, and Joseph and Peter Stuckey, from Phil. 1: 21.

Aug. 7th, at Williamsville, Erie Co., N.Y., Sister ESTHER SNEARLY, widow of George Snearly, aged 56 years, 6 months and 23 days. She was ailing about a year with Consumption. She often said, "I am not afraid to die, I long to go home." She selected the hymn to be sung at her funeral,

"And must this body die,
This mortal frame decay:"

and the German hymn
---- "Mein Lebensauf ist nun vollbracht, Ich reise nach der Erden"

She was a faithful sister in the Mennonite Church. She leaves two sons to mourn their loss, but they can have that comfort that they can sincerely believe that their loss is her eternal gain. She was buried on the 9th, in the presence of a large concourse of relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted by John Lapp in German and Peter Road in English. Peace to her ashes.

Aug. 23rd, in Locke Township, Elkhart Co., Ind., of inflammation of the bowels, HARVEY FRANKLIN, son of Jacob and Sarah Wisler, aged 7 years and 4 days. Buried at Shaum's burying-ground. Services by J. F. Funk and Henry Shaum, from Job 1:21.

Aug. 23rd, in Elkhart Co., Ind., LAURA, wife of H. BOYER, aged 39 years, 5 mos., and 4 days. Services by J. F. Funk, from Rom. 5: 12, 17. She leaves a sorrowing husband and nine children to mourn their loss.

May 1st, in LaGrange Co., Ind., Sister ELISABETH PLANK, wife of Preacher Christian Plank, aged 54 years, 7 months and 27 days. She was a faithful member of the Amish denomination, her seat was seldom vacant. She was beloved by all; she is no more, she is gone to reap her reward. Her remains were followed to the grave by many relatives and friends to show the last respect of love. Husband and children if you will be faithful in the Lord you can meet your wife and mother where peace and love will ever last. Services by Eli Miller, and J. J. Weaver.

Aug. 27th, in Elkhart Co., Ind., HANNAH, wife of Levi STONER, aged 44 years and 18 days. A singularly severe affliction seems to have fallen upon the family of Friend Stoner. One of the daughters took sick with Typhoid fever and during the succeding weeks five other members of the family were taken down with the same disease, among whom was the wife and mother of the household. She lingered a few weeks with good hopes of recovery, when the day before her death, hemorrhage set in and she sank rapidly and died.
She was born in Columbiana Co., Ohio, on th 9th of August 1833. She was married on June 24th 1852 and the following year, in April, came to Elkhart Co., Ind. She was the mother of 9 children two of whom died before her. She was a devoted wife, a kind mother, ready to aid, comfort and encourage all in need, and was beloved and respected by all who knew her. During some years past she was deeply concerned for the salvation of her soul, and prayed earnestly that the Lord might direct her in the way of life, and we trust her prayer has been heard. She was buried on the28th, folowed to her grave by a large concourse of relatives and friends. Services by J. G. Biddle and J. F. Funk from Isa. 38:1. She leaves a sorrowing husband, seven children (three still very sick), an aged mother and many friends to mourn their loss. May their loss be her eternal gain.

Transcribed by: Cheri Salz, Illinois

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