Herald of Truth Obituaries - April, 1879

HERALD OF TRUTH - Volume XVI, Number 4 - April 1879 - pp 76,77

Jan 23rd, in Medina co., Ohio, of the infirmities of old age, Bro. MARTIN OVERHOLT, aged 84 years, 3 months and 7 days. He was buried on the 25th, at the old Mennonite Church, in Wadsworth. Services by Christian Beery, in English, and E. Hunsberger and Joseph Bixler in the German language.

Jan. 23rd, in Donegal twp., Lancaster co., Pa., BERTHA N., only child of Clayton L. and Sarah R. NISSLEY, aged 2 yeas, 4 months and 14 days. Funeral on the 25th. Text: Matt. 18:3; and Rev. 3:19-21. Buried at Kraybill's Meeting-house.

January 26th, near Mount Hope, Lancaster co., Pa., ANNA K., daughter of David and Mary BARNES, aged 16 years, 1 month and 20 days. Funeral on the 28th. Text: Psalm 90: 12. Buried at Hernly's Meeting-house.

January 28th, in Donegal twp., Lancaster co., Pa., ALICE E., daughter of Isaac and ---- HOOVER, aged 8 years (less 2 days). Funeral on the 30th. Text: Hebrews 9:27,28. Buried at Krabill's Meeting-house.

Jan. 28th, in Branch county, Mich., JESSE HELTZEL, aged 71 years, 7 months and 27 days. Buried at Pleasant Hill Burying-ground the 29th, followed to his last resting place by a large concourse of friends and relations. Funeral services from Rev. 14:13.

Jan. 31st, near Freeport, Stephenson co., Ill., of spasms, EMMA, only child of Abraham S. and Sabina BRUBAKER, aged 1 year, 5 months and 16 days. Appropriate remarks were delivered by C. Snavely and E. Shellenberger. Text: Rev. 3:19.
And now dear parents do not weep,
For I'm so happy here;
My blessed Savior, he does keep
Me with his angels here.

Now, I no more can come to you,
But you can come to me:
O, dear parents, try and do -
Then happy, we shall be.

Feb. 17th, in Branch co., Mich., CLAYTON N., son of Isaac and Emily BLOSSER, aged 4 years, 6 months and 18 days. His sufferings are over, and the child is gone to return no more. Interred the 19th, in the Pleasant Hill Burying-ground. Funeral services by Peter Long and ---- Shutt, from Rev. 6:8
Weep not for me my parents dear,
For I am truly blessed.
Oh, hasten, hasten to prepare
With me and Christ to rest.

Nov. 5th, in Snyder co., Pa., Sister PHEBE BRUBAKER, aged 34 years, 4 months and 26 days. Services by Samuel Winey and Thomas Graybill.

Nov. 25th, in Snyder co., Pa., Sister BARBARA SHAFER, aged 77 years, 8 months and 11 days. Services by Samuel Winey and Thomas Graybill, from Eccle. 41:3,4.

Jan. 1st, in Juniata co.,Pa., WILLIAM H. BEATS, aged 4 years and 2 months. Services by Thoams Graybill from John 14:4.

Jan. 10th, in Snyder co., Pa., Sister FANNY RAMER, aged 77 years, 10 months and 3 days. Services by Thomas Graybill and William Auker, from Phil. 1:21.

Feb. 11th, in Snyder co., Pa., son of Tobias and Mary RAMER, aged 3 months. Services by Thos. Graybill.

Jan. 26th, in Snyder co., Pa., JOHN SHELLENBERGER, aged 87 years and1 month. Services by Solomon Sieber, Ezra Smith, Samuel Winey and Thomas Graybill, from Rev. 14:13.

March the 8th, in Snyder co., Pa., MARY PILE, aged 78 years and 2 months. Services by Thos. Graybill, Samuel Winey and Eli Landis, from Job 7:1-3.

March 10th, in Snyder co., MATILDA PELLMAN, aged 45 years, 9 months and 4 days. Services by Thomas Graybill and Eli Landis, from John 5:24.

March 10th, at the residence of John Herr, in Adams co., Pa., JENNIE M., daughter of Joseph H., and Lizzie B. DOMBACH, of Lancaster co., aged 1 year. The child died suddenly while the parents were visiting at friend Herr's. On Tuesday, after funeral services by Pre. Isaac Hershey, its remains were taken home to Lancaster co., and on Wednesday, consigned to its final resting place.
"Asleep in Jesus! Jennie dear,
For you we shed the farewell tear;
Yet hope to meet in heaven more sweet,
With joy each other there to greet."

Feb. 25th, in the Swiss Mennonite Congregation, in Allen co., Ohio, of old age, CHRISTIAN BUCHER, at the very great age of 100 years, 7 months and 22 days. This, perhaps the oldest known Mennonite, was the father of 7 children, 32 grand-children, 27 great-grand-children, in all 66, of whom 56 are living. He was seldom sick. His natural strength was entirely exhausted; in his last years he was childish, yet at times he could recall scenes of earlier days. He was born in Switzerland on the 3rd of July, 1778, buried the 26th of Feb. 1879, in the presence of a large assembly. Funeral sermon by John Moser, from Acts 24:15,16.

Feb. 25th, in Putnam co., Ohio, Bro. ISAAC AMSTUTZ, aged 25 years, 4 months and 3 days. He leaves a wife and two children to mourn the loss of a husband and father. Funeral the 27th. Sermon by Peter Schumacher. Text: Rom. 5:18-22.

March the 3rd, in Holmes County, Ohio, ANNA SCHROCK, aged 24 years, 2 months and 2 days.

March 10th, near Berlin, Holmes co., Ohio, JACOB M. YODER, aged 67 years, 11 months and 26 days.

March 12th, in Holmes county, Ohio, JOHN M. MILLER, aged 49 years, 1 month and 4 days.

March 12th, in St. Joseph co., of lung fever, Sister LYDIA WICKI, aged 37 years, 1 month and 26 days. She was a sister in the Amish Church, and leaves a bereaved husband and five children to mourn their loss. Funeral the 14th; services by John Schlabach.

March the 10th, at Cross Keys, Bucks co., Pa., suddenly, of heart disease, LYDIA LEATHERMAN, wife of Isaac Leatherman, aged 52 years, 10 months and 1 day.

Jan. 28th, in Jefferson co., Iowa, of consumption, Sister FANNY GRAVER, wife of C. Graver, aged 54 years, 4 months and 22 days. She was a faithful sister of the Amish Church. Services by B. Garrich and S. T. Miller. Text: 2 Cor. 5:1; Rev. 22:7.

Jan. 31st, in Mount Joy twp., Lancaster co., Pa., Sister MARY E. HUSON, aged 36 years, 7 months and 28 days. Funeral, February 3rd. Text: Rev. 7:16,17. Buried at Krabill's Meeting-house. Sister Huson left a husband, seven children, parents, brothers and sisters to mourn her early death. Peace to her ashes.

February 4th, in Rohrerstown, Lancaster co., Pa., of cancer, Sister ANN MYERS, aged 52 years, 10 months and 1 day. Funeral on the 6th. Text: Phil. 1: 21. Buried in Rohrerstown.

February 4th, in Lebanon co.,Pa., FIANNA, daughter of Saml. and Lydia BLESSING, aged 5 years, 5 months and 4 days. Funeral on the 7th. Text: Mark 10:14,15. Buried at Gantz' Church.

Feb. 8th, near Rissor's Meeting-house, Lancaster co., Pa., Eld. JACOB MOYER, aged 90 years, 7 months and 26 days. Funeral on the 11th. Text: 1 Pet. 1:3-9. Buried in the family grave-yard. Bro. Moyer was ordained as elder about the year 1821. He was a faithful member of the Old Mennonite Church.

Feb. 9th, near Brubacher's Mill, Rapho Twp., Lancaster co., Pa., Sister ANNA FAUS, wife of Bro. Elias Faus, aged 40 years, 6 months and 25 days. Funeral on the 12th. Text: Rom. 14:8,9. Buried at Risser's Meeting-house. Sister Faus was a faithful member of the Old Mennonite Church. Peace to her ashes.

Feb. 16th, in Mount Joy, Lancaster co., Pa., EMERA SHREINER, infant son of Frank and ---- Shreiner, aged 1 year, 11 months and 23 days. Funeral on the 18th. Text: Isaiah 38:1.

Feb. 17th, in Donegal Twp., Lancaster co., Pa., CHRISTIAN L., son of Bro. Chr. GERBER, aged 6 years, 2 months and 29 days. Funeral on the 19th. Text: Heb. 9:27,28. Buried at Ressler's Meeting-house.

Feb. 2nd, in Owen co., Ind., of dropsy, Sister ANNA GROVE, aged 76 years, 3 months and 17 days. She united with the church in her young days and continued faithful until the end.

Feb. 8th, in Owen co., Ind., of rheumatism, SAMUEL CLINGERMAN, aged nearly 57 years. Confined 13 yeas in bed, the last of his time he had to be cared for the same as a small child. He was blind.

February 26th, near Wakarusa, Elkhart co., Ind., of brain fever, MARTHA I., daughter of David and Anna CULP, aged 1 year and 5 months. On the same day, a brother's child of the above mentioned; DAVID, son of Josiah and Susanna CULP, aged 1 year, 9 months and 7 days; these two little forms were laid in the Yellow Creek Burying-ground at the same time, on the 28th. Appropriate remarks were made in the German by J. Metzler, and by C. Gary of Fulton co., Ohio, from Hebrew 13:14, and in English by J. M. Culbertson, from 1 Peter 1:24.25.

Feb. 9th, near Wakarusa, Elkhart co., Ind., ALBERT, son of Conrad and ---- Heipel, aged 2 years and 4 days. Buried on the 10th, at the Wakarusa Burying-ground. Services by John Metzler and J. M. Culbertson from Psalms 16:6.

March 11th, in Elkhart co., Ind., of consumption, HENRY BIXLER, aged 25 years, 3 months and 2 days. Buried in the Shaum burying-ground on the 13th, followed by a large concourse of sympathizing friends and neighbors who mourn their loss; but they mourn not as those without hope. Services by D. W. Lambert and J. M. Culbertson.

Feb. 5th, near Soudersburg, Lancaster co., Pa., of bronchitis, JONAS KAUFFMAN, aged 24 years. For 11 years he has been unable to walk, but sat in a chair with wheels so that he could go about the room. Buried the 7th. Appropriate remarks were made b y John F. Stoltzfus and Jonathan Kauffman, from 1 Peter 1:24.

Feb. 13th, in Cambria co., Pa., MOSES, son of Moses and Polly OESCH, aged 3 years, 9 months and 27 days. Buried the 16th, in Jacob Wenger's family burying-ground. Funeral services by M. B. Miller and Jonathan Hershberger.

February 17th, in the same house, CATHARINE OESCH, widow of David Oesch dec'd, and grandmother of the above child, aged 85 years, 2 months and 23 days. Her maiden name was Stutzman; she was a faithful Sister in the Amish Church, with which she united in 1813. Buried the 19th in the family grave-yard on her former home, in the presence of a large concourse of people, who assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the aged sister. Funeral services by Moses B. Miller, from John 5:24-28.

Feb. 8th, in Franklin co., Pa., Bro. SAMUEL BURKHOLDER, aged 75 years and 3 months. He was buried at the Chambersburg Mennonite Meeting-house on the 10th. Funeral discourses by Bros. Philip Parret, Peter Waddle and John Hunsecker, from Philippians 1:21. Brother Burkholder was a good and kind brother in the Church of God, beloved by all who knew him; he was a kind and affectionate husband and father, and a sincere, earnest and devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, for upwards of forty years. He was looked upon as worthy of imitation, and an example to the flock, a close Bible reader, from which he received strength daily to help him to do his Master's will. His words were always kind; with him it was Yea, yea; or Nay, nay; doing all things in the fear of God. He was very much afflicted for a number of years, and patiently endured all. Bro. Burkholder's hand was ever open to relieve the wants of the poor and the destitute. He was truly a father to the fatherless, and a husband to the widow, and will long be remembered by many. He was kind and obliging, and has left a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn their loss. His wife died some years ago. She was a faithful Sister in the Church. They could say we have finished our course, we have kept the faith; henceforth there is laid up for us a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge shall give us at that day: and not to us only, but unto all them also who love his appearing.

On the 15th of February, in Doylestown twp., Bucks co., Pa., GEORGE GEIL, aged about 56 years.

On the 24th of Feb., in Plumstead twp., Bucks co., Pa., JACOB L. OVERHOLT, aged 47 years and 8 months.

Feb. 17th, near Marietta, Lancaster co., Pa., Sister ANNA SHERK, wife of Chr. Sherk, aged 58 years, 1 month and 19 days. Funeral on the 20th. Text: 2 Tim. 4:7,8. Buried in their family grave-yard. Sister Sherk was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church.

Feb. 19th, at Junction, Lancaster co., Penn., LIZZIE R. SHAEFFER, aged 5 months and 12 days. Funeral on the 21st. Text: Mark 10:15. Buried at Kauffman's Meeting-house.

Feb. 19th, at Spring Creek, Rockingham co., Va., of paralysis, J. ELIZABETH HEATWOLE, widow of Shem Heatwole, dec'd, aged 75 years, 8 months and 27 days. Funeral the 21st, at Bank Church. Remarks by Samuel Coffman, Joseph Driver and Jacob Thomas. Subject: Rest. Sister Heatwole leaves a numerous family and many friends to mourn her departure. Her husband died in the faith many years ago.
Farewell! aged mother, thou art gone to rest;
Gone to meet another in the mansion of the blest.
One, who long years ago was kind and loving, brave and true;
Gone to meet him and they Savior, too.

Jan. 23rd, in Gnadenau, Marion co., Kansas, of hemorrhage of the lungs, Pre. CORNELIUS ENNS. Two years ago, he visited in Pennsylvania, where he gained many friends.

Feb. 21st, near Kulpsville, Montg'y co., Pa., of breast fever, wife of Henry KILER, aged 45 years, 3 months and 5 days. Buried the 25th, in Toamencin burying-ground, where services were conducted by C. Allabach, John Krehbiel, John Hunsberger and Henry Godshall. She leaves a bereaved husband and 11 children.

Feb. 25th, in Franconia, Montg'y co., Penna., of the infirmities of age, ELISABETH MARKLE, born Fried, aged 88 years, 1 month and 18 days. Abel Horning preached at the house and Josiah Clemmer at the meeting-house from Rev. 14:13.

Feb. 28th, in the same place, of inflammation of the body, MARY HOLDEMAN, aged 10 years, 11 months and 18 days. Buried March the 2nd in Franconia burying-ground, at which time, services were held by Josiah Clemmer and Henry Nice, from Isaiah 40:1.

On the 23rd of Feb., in St. Joseph co., Ind., of lung fever, ELIZA M., daughter of John and Eleanor OLLINGER, aged 1 year, 5 months and 13 days. Buried the 25th at the Lutheran grave-yard. Service by Daniel Whitmore and M. W. Shank.

Feb. 24th, in LaGrange co., Ind., Sister MARY ANN RUPERT, wife of Eli Rupert, aged 53 years, 2 months and 28 days. She was beloved by all who knew her, and was faithful to her profession; although afflicted with a lingering disease, she bore it patiently. Her desire was to get well if it was the Lord's will. She leaves a husband and 5 children to mourn the loss of a wife and mother. Buried the 26th, comforting words were given by H. A. Miller and J. J. Weaver, from Rev. 14:15.

Feb. 26th, in Wayne co., Ohio, of suffocation, EMMA, daughter of David and Magdalena BICHSEL, aged 1 year, 7 months and 26 days. Buried the 28th, at the Sonnenberg burying-ground. Funeral services by Chr. Schneck and Chr. Sommer.

On the 28th day of February at Spruce Hill, in Juniata co., Pa., of heart disease, Preacher JOHN ESH, aged 71 years, 11 months and 7 days, services conducted by Samuel Yoder from Mifflin co., in German, and Chr. Moyer from Juniata co., in English, from Rev. 14:12,13. He bore his affliction like a Christian, and was sensible till his death. He leaves a wife and nine children to mourn their loss, which we hope is his eternal gain.

March 3rd, in Holmes co., Ohio, of phthisic, Sister ANNA, daughter of Peter SHRAAG, aged 24 years, 2 months and 2 days. Buried the 6th. She was a beloved sister in the Amish Mennonite Church. Funeral sermon by Moses Bitschy and M. T. Miller, from John 5:20-30; 1 Thess. 4:13-18.

March 4th, in St. Joseph co., Ind., of consumption, ANNA, wife of David Y. LEHMAN, aged 36 years, 1 month and 25 days. Buried on the 6th at Yellow Creek. Services by Jacob Wisler and John Weaver.

March 4th, in West Lampeter, Lancaster co., Pa., Sister MAGDALENA BURKHOLDER, aged 72 years, 1 month and 1 day. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church, kind and charitable to all, and longed for the hour of release, to go to her sweet resting place, which we believe she now has obtained. She leaves three sisters to mourn he departure.
Lovely sister gone to rest:
With Jesus thou art ever blest:
Now we oft will lonely be
But we'll try to meet with thee.

On the 9th of March, in Branch co., Mich., of sore throat, BARBARA, daughter of Daniel F. and Rebecca BEERY, aged 5 years, 7 months and 8 days. She was buried on the 11th. Funeral services by John F. Funk, of Elkhart, Ind.
Thus a third little one, is gone home to dwell,
With the angels in heaven, where all is well,
They are resting sweetly together above;
There, beyond, where all is peace and joy and love.

Feb. 28th, near Bethlehem Church in Augusta co., Va., Sister ELISABETH KINDIG, consort of Bro. Emmanuel Kindig, deceased, aged 84 years, 11 months and 27 days. Sister Kindig united with God's people in the Mennonite Church in her young days, in which she lived a devout Christian life, and was a consistent member in the Church. Her mind was strong up to the day of her death. She praised God to her end, and thanked Him that her appointed time had come; she was willing to depart and go to Jesus. She was buried at Kindig's grave-yard, March the 1st. Funeral services delivered by Jacob Hildebrand, in Kindig's Church, to a large assembly of her many friends. Text: 2 Tim. 4:6-8. We hope our loss is her great gain. Peace to her ashes.

Feb. 28th, in Rapho twp., ---- of diphtheria, MINNIE, daughter of Emmanuel EBY, aged 10 years, 8 months and 2 days. She asked if she would soon die. She then said, "Farewell grandfather,: with a kiss, "now I will go to the angels, and where all is love." She then breathed her last.

March 6th, in McLean co., Ill., of lung fever, widow ---- SHADE, maiden name King, aged 65 years, 3 months and several days. She was a kind mother, and a faithful sister of the Mennonite Church. Her remains were consigned to mother earth, the 7th, in Chr. Kauffman's burying-ground, in the presence of a large concourse of relatives and friends. The funeral services were conducted by Joseph Stuckey, from Philp. 1:21.

On the 7th of March, in Elkhart co., Ind., of lung fever, of three days sickness, SARAH, daughter of Levi and Barbara HOCHSTETLER, aged 7 years, 2 months and 11 days; was buried on the 8th, at Forest Grove. Funeral services by Joseph Borntreger, John L. Miller and Joseph Yoder, from Matt. 19:13-15; 1 Peter 1:24. The school of which she was a member passed resolutions of respect, expressing their love and sympathy for little Sarah, and while she lay a corpse, the teacher with ten of the pupils, came in and standing around the silent form, they sung the beautiful hymn,
"One sweet Flower has drooped and faded."

March 14th, in LaGrange Co., Ind., NANCY MILLER, wife of Daniel Miller and daughter of Jacob Grady, aged 26 years, 10 months and 8 days. Was buried on the 16th, in the presence of a large concourse of relatives and friends. She leaves a bereaved husband and 4 small children to mourn her early departure. Funeral services by Joseph J. Borntreger, Jacob Weaver and Joseph Yoder, from Matthew 24:44.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah

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