Herald of Truth Obituaries - August, 1879

HERALD OF TRUTH - Volume XVI, Number 8 - August 1879 - page 157, 158


Departed this life June 19, 1879, in Mahoning county, Ohio, of consumption, Brother AMOS METZLER, son of Samuel and Susanna Metzler, aged 21 years, 6 months, and 8 days. He was buried on the 21st. A large concourse of friends and relations followed him to his grave, mourning his early departure. Funeral services by Jos. Bixler and Peter Basinger, from Psa. 102 : 12. Bro. METZLER was afflicted over a year. On the last day of his life, as one of his most intimate friends came into his room, he looked up pleasantly and smiled, and said if he could talk better he would feel well. He ate supper as usual, joined in interesting conversation, listened to the reading of some encouraging words, and examined and was pleased with .he (sic) hymn beginning, "Begone unbelief." He was left alone, and soon attention was called by an unusual noise; when his friends came to him he was unable to speak, and in a few moments breathed his last. Such is life - even a vapor. How true the words, "Watch and pray, for ye know not when the time is." He bore his sufferings with meekness, and trusted in Jesus for comfort and salvation. He was received into the church by baptism, within the last year, and a short time ago he partook of the emblems of the Savior,s dying love. When first he was taken sick he expressed himself as the Psalmist - "Take me not away in the midst of my life." But later he became resigned and was willing to depart if such was the Master,s will. He was fond of reading the New Testament; in it he found spiritual strength. He had no pleasure in parties and merry-making, as many young persons have; and was much grieved to see the young engage so readily in sin. It is hard for us to give up our young brother, but let us try and meet him in that better world, where sad partings are no more.


July 25th, 1879, at Foust Town, York Co., Pa., GEORGE HEILMAN, aged about 94 years.

July 24th, 1879, at the residence of his son-in-law Henry Seichrist, in Windsor township, JOSEPH SLENKER, Sr., aged 81 years. Funeral Sunday morning at 9 o,clock at the house. Buried at Fry,s Meeting house. The funeral was largely attended, at least one thousand persons being present. A very impressive discourse was delivered in German by Bro. David Witmer, of Lancaster Co., assisted by Bro. D. Witmer, and Bish. Frederic Stauffer of York Co. Bro. Slenker was a life-long member of the Mennonite Church at Stony Run. He was an energetic and useful citizen; and though he lived to be over four-score years he did not have an enemy in the county, as Bro. Witmer stated in his discourse. The aged and good are rapidly passing away, going to their rest and reward.

July 26th, 1879, at his residence in Windsor township, Bro. JOHN STAUFFER, aged 69 years. Funeral on Tuesday; buried at the Mennonite grave-yard, Stony Run. Bro. Stauffer is a brother to Bish. Frederic Stauffer of York county, and was a deacon in the church at Stony Run.

June 24th, in McPherson county, Kansas, JOSEPH, son of David and Fanny YODER, aged 1 year, 6 months and 6 days. Funeral services by J. Zimmerman in German, and A. J. Bixler in English, from Job 14 : 14.

In Conoy Tp., Lancaster county Pa., Sister ESTHER EBERSOLE widow of Elder David Ebersole deceased, aged 80 years, 10 months and 23 days. Her remains were deposited in their family grave-yard on Sabbath, the 20th of July. A large concourse of children, grand-children, neighbors and friends were present. Two sermons were preached, one at the house and one in the barn. Text : Rev. 7 : 16, 17.

April 17th, at Green River, Ontario Co., Ont., SAMUEL NIGHSWANDER, aged 71 years, 11 months and 4 days. He was buried on the 19th at the Mennonite burying-ground at Altona. Deceased was born in Maryland U.S., and when about 16 years of age came with his parents to Canada, where he has lived ever since. He leaves a widow and eight children to mourn their loss which we hope is his eternal gain. On the 12th of July 1878, his oldest son TOBIAS and grand-son THOMAS were drowned while attempting to cross lake Manito, in a small boat; and on the 27th of January 1879, his third son SAMUEL died. So that inside of one year, four have been taken out of the family, which had been unbroken for over 30 years.

April 24th, in Fayette Co., Pa., of pneumonia, Bro. NICHOLAS JOHNSON, was buried on the 27th, followed by a very large concourse of people to pay their last tribute of respect to the deceased. Bro. Johnson bore his affliction, pain and suffering with Christian fortitude. He was a very kind and generous hearted brother, contributing largely and generously to the necessities of the church. He was well beloved by all who knew him. He will be missed by the church, his family, by the poor, and in fact by all who lived in his vicinity. He labored to bring souls to Christ, especially those of his own household. The advice which we have received will never be forgotten, and hope all others who heard his instructions (especially his family) may heed them, and prepare themselves for death. We trust that our loss is his eternal gain. Services by Bros. Jonas Blauch and C. C. Beery, from 1 Cor. 15 : 22.

April 27th, at the residence of her son, in Cumberland Co., Pa., Sister CATHARINE HUBER, widow, aged 79 years, 1 month and 27 days. Her remains were taken to her son-in-law John Becker, near Marietta, Lancaster Co., Pa. Funeral at Krabill,s Meeting-house on the 30th. Text : John 11 : 25, 26. She died in the faith of Jesus. Peace to her ashes.

April 23rd, in Fairfield county, Ohio, of dispepsia (sic), Sister MAGDALENA BEERY, aged 26 years and one day. Buried on the 24th, at Pleasant Hill graveyard, at which time appropriate remarks were made by Jacob Good and B. Huber. She leaves parents and four sisters to mourn their loss. Sister BEERY early learned the ways of the Lord and united with God,s children nine years ago, and was a faithful sister, and endured her severe afflictions patiently. She died with a living hope in her Redeemer. Blessed is the death of the Christian.

May 16th, in Manheim, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister CATHARINE, wife of Bro. Jacob REIFF, aged 75 years, 8 months and 8 days. Funeral on the 19th. Text : 2 Tim. 4 : 7, 8 verses. Buried at Hernley,s Meeting-house. Sister Reiff was a faithful Christian.

May 20th, near Manheim, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister ANNA, wife of Pre. Samuel HERSHEY, aged 64 years, 3 months and 22 days. Funeral on the 23rd. Text : Rev. 21 : 6. Buried in the family grave-yard. Sister Hershey was a bright, shining light.

May 21st, in Newton, Lancaster Co., Pa., of whooping cough, HARRY GROSH, aged 1 month and 2 days. Funeral on the 24th. Text : Job 14 : 1.

May 24th, near Lime Valley, Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro. JOHN HERR, aged 68 years, 2 months and 8 days. Funeral on the 27th. Text : John 11 : 25, 26. Buried at the Brick Meeting-house. Bro. Herr was a faithful Christian.

May 21st, in Cumberland county, Pa., PETER MARTIN, aged 61 years, 4 months and 15 days. Buried on the 23rd, at Slate Hill.

In DeKalb county, Indiana, of the infirmities of age, Sister CATHARINE BECHTEL, aged 77 years, 6 months and 26 days. She was a member of the Mennonite church over 61 years. The mother of 12 children, of whom 9 are living: 50 grand children, 24 living; 15 great-grandchildren, 10 living. Sister Bechtel was a light in the church and left a bright example for her children and friends to follow. They need not mourn as those who have no hope. Buried on the 23rd of June in the presence of a number of friends and relatives. Feneral (sic) sermon by George Brenneman, in German, and James Coyle and Eli Stofer, in English.

On the 30th of June, in Lower Salford Tp., Montgomery Co., Pa., CATHARINE FRIED, wife of Abraham K. Fried, and daughter of Preacher John Allebach, aged 46 years and 27 days. She leaves a bereaved husband and a number of children to mourn their loss. She was respected and beloved by all who knew her. She was buried at Franconia meeting-house. Services by H. S. Power, H. Price and Josiah Clemmer.

On the 8th of July, in Franconia Square, Montgomery county, Pa., of consumption, SAMUEL DETWEILER, aged 27 years and 2 days. He was buried at Franconia, followed to his last resting place by a large concourse of relatives and friends. He leaves a bereaved widow and one daughter. Services by Josiah Clemmer, Henry Nice and Abel Horning.

On the 13th of July, in Rockhill, Tp., Bucks county, Pa., after about 2 years of suffering with cancer in the breast, Pre. JACOB DETWEILER, aged 84 years, 5 months and several days. He was buried at Rockhill on the 16th, where a large number of relatives and friends were present. Services by Isaac Oberholtzer and Abel Horning. He was for many years a minister in the Mennonite church, and was faithful unto the end.

On the 9th of July, at the residence of his son-in-law, Charles M. Kulp, in Norristown, Montgomery county, Pa., DAVID WIAND, aged 65 years, 1 month and 8 days. He was buried at Salford Meeting-house on Sunday, the 13th. Services by H. S. Bower, from Ps. 39 : 5, 6.

July 3rd, at the residence of Jonas Stineman in Miami Co., Ind., of injuries received from a fall from the cars, at Marion, Ind., on the 26th of June, CHRISTIAN EGLY, aged 76 years, 3 months and 9 days. He was buried in the burying ground on the farm of Benjamin Hershberger, on the 4th of July. Services by Daniel C. Miller. He was a member of the Amish Church, and was on his way to visit his grand-daughter. Peace to his ashes.

July 22nd, about 5 miles north of Harrisonburg, Va., Bro. JACOB WENGER, aged about 50 years. He was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church for many years, and a useful man in the neighborhood where he resided. He was much interested in the progress of the church and took an active part in her Sunday Schools.

June 24th, near Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pa., of apoplexy, Bro. JOHN BRACKBILL, aged 76 years, 6 months and 17 days. Funeral on the 27th. Text : Phil. 1 : 21. Buried at Strasburg Meeting-house. Bro. Brackbill was a bright, shining light. The loss to his family and friends is his eternal gain.

June 25th, near La Crescent, Houston Co., Minn., of a lingering illness, ______ , wife of Peter SCHLABACH, aged 37 years, 7 months and 16 days. She did not enjoy good health for some years, and during the last year she gradually declined until death relieved her, leaving a deeply afflicted husband and eight children to mourn her departure. She bade her husband and children farewell and retained her reason to the last. She was married 23 years and was a faithful wife and a kind mother. She was buried on the 27th. Services by F. Hogrefer from Luke 24 : 44.

June 26th, near St. Martin,s, Morgan Co., Mo., of heart disease, SARAH SHANK, wife of Bro. David Shank, aged 33 years, 3 months, and 6 days. Buried the 27th, in the presence of a large concourse of friends and relatives, at Mr. Zion burying-ground. She leaves a bereaved husband and three children to mourn her early departure. She was a consistent member of the Tunker Church, and died in the triumph of the faith in which she lived. Services by D. F. Driver and _____ Moyer, from Rev. 14 : 13; Ps. 90 : 12.

Near St. Martin,s, Morgan Co., Mo., of cholera infantum, NOAH, son of Samuel and Anna RAMER, aged 2 months and 23 days. Buried at Mt. Zion. Services by D. F. Driver and D. D. Kauffman. Dearest Noah, thou hast left us; Here thy loss we deeply feel; But tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.

June 30th, in Elkhart Co., Ind. of inflammation of the bowels, NANCY SOPHIA, daughter of Jacob and Elisabeth CULP, aged 7 years, 7 months and 23 days. Buried at Shaum,s burying-ground. Services by John S. Coffman and J. F. Funk.
"Little children gatherest thou
Faithful Shepherd to thy rest;
Free from sorrow, free from pain
They with thee are ever blest."

June 27th, in Wayne Co., Ohio, of great suffering from urinary disease, Bro. CHRISTIAN C. LEHMAN, aged 71 years, 5 months and 22 days. Buried the 29th, at Sonnenberg. Funeral services by Samuel F. Sprunger of Berne, Adams Co., Ind., and Chr. Schneck and Chr. Sommer, from Matt. 25 : 1-14; Hebrews 9 : 27, 28. Through the death of Bro. Lehman the church has lost a faithful member. They that mourn, mourn not as those having no hope.

July 4th, in La Grange Co., Ind., Sister ELISABETH YODER, aged 83 years, 1 month and 8 days. Sermon by J. J. Weaver and Chr. Miller. Text : John 3 : 19-22.

July 1st, in Elkhart county, Ind., of apoplexy, JOHN CLOUSE, aged 82 years, 8 months and 13 days. He was one of the first settlers in the county and experienced many trials and hardships. He resided with his son Benjamin and on the day of his death, he left his home in usual health, to go to his daughter, a distance of about one and a half miles, but was found dead a few rods from his son,s house where he started. So we see that death is everywhere present. He was spared to see the death of his second wife, but at last also the summons came for him. Services by D. W. Lambert and J. M. Culbertson.

July 5th, in Elkhart county Ind., BEILA MAY, daughter of George and Charlotte SMITH, aged 6 months and 13 days. Buried at Shaum,s. Services by J. W. Lambert and J. M. Culbertson.

July 8th, in Montgomery county, Pa., after suffering three weeks and four days, very severe pain, of kidney disease, ISAAC LONGACRE, aged 76 years, 4 months and 8 days. He was buried on the 13th, at Mathathen Meeting-house, followed to his last resting-place by a very large number of relatives and friends. Funeral services at the house by Isaac Culp and at the Meeting-house by Jacob Mensch, John Hunsberger and Andrew Mack. He was a member of the Mennonite Church and served as a deacon 38 years. He leaves a deeply afflicted widow, seven children and twenty grand-children, who mourn the loss of a beloved husband and father with the hope that their loss is his eternal gain.
"Dearest father, thou hast left us;
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God who hath bereft us.
He can all our sorrows heal."

July 9th, in Locke Tp., Elkhart Co., Ind., of summer complaint, CLARA BELLE, only child of Eli and _____ CULP, aged 1 year, 9 months and 11 days. She was buried at South Union, on the 10th. Services by J. M. Christophel and J. F. Fuuk (sic), from Matt. 18 : 3.
"Fond parents, calm the heaving breast,
The Savior called her home;
Grieve not, your darling is at rest,
Beyond this vale of gloom."

Transcribed by Donna Goble, Arizona.

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