Herald of Truth Obituaries - November, 1879

Herald of Truth - Volume XVI, Number 11 - NOVEMBER 1879, pages 217,218


Jonn Smiley, son of Nathan and Anna Smiley, was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Oct. the 2 nd, 1822. In 1842, the deceased with his parents emigrated to Elkhart Co., Ind. In 1845 he returned to Pa. on a visit, and while in Mifflin Co., he made his covenant with God, and became a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite Church. Jan. 15 th, 1846, he united in matrimony with Mary Conrad, of Wayne Co., Ohio. The following spring they established their home in Elkhart Co., Ind. In 1849 he was ordained minister of the Gospel. In 1866 he and his family changed their residence to Wayne Co., Ohio, where on the 18 th of September, 1879 he died, unexpectedly and unseen by man. On that day he was as well as usual, and was helping to thresh grain in his barn. For some years previous he complained of heart disease, and it is supposed he died of that disease. He was helping to thresh grain, and it is thought they continued threshing about fifteen ! minutes after he had expired. When they stopped and prepared for supper; and when supper was ready and hands were waiting he was missing. He was then called and searched for, and found lightly covered up with straw in a nearly empty straw mow, where he was working when last seen.

He was buried on the 21 st, on which occasion remarks were made by J.K. Yoder in the German and C. Holdeman in the English language, from Revelations 16:15. Through his departure the family mourns the loos of a devoted husband and benevolent father; the church, the vacancy in the ministry and council. From the large number that assembled to pay their last respects towards him there is evidence that he was greatly respected. Aged 56 years, 11 months and 16 days.


Oct 17 th, in Fairfield Co., Ohio, FRANKLIN, son of John and Sarah PLANK, aged 1 year 9 months and 11 days; buried on the 18 th. Services by Jonas Yoder from Logan Co., in German and A. Good from Illinois in English.

Found parents, calm the heaving breast,
The Savior called him home:
Grieve not your darling is at rest
Beyond this vale of gloom.

Sept. 29 th, near Bremen, Fairfield Co., Ohio, DAVID A. SHATZER, aged 24 years, 9 months and 16 days. Brother David united with the Mennonite Church about the 1 st of September, when yet in good health. The day before he united with the Church, he said he came to the conclusion to live a Christian while here for he thought that his time is short. He was buried at the Pleasant Hill Church. Funeral services were conducted by Benj. Huber, from 2 Cor. 5:10.

Oct. 17 th, in Harrison Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., of a lingering illness, ELIZABETH, wife of Pre. David Y. MILLER, aged 64 years, 6 months and 22 days. Her maiden name was Schmeltzer; was married to --- Sayler, and after the death of her first husband, nineteen months ago she married her second husband who survives her. Funeral sermons by John Metzler, Daniel Stutzman, and Samuel Lear, from Matt. 24:44.

Oct. 11 th, in St. Joseph Co., Ind., of Diphtheria, JAMES, son of Frederic and --- Fox, aged 2 years, 10 months and 17 days. Services by John Metzler from Matt. 18:2,3.

Aug. 31 st, in Medina Co., Ohio, Sarah RIFE, aged 56 years, 11 months and 10 days. Buried Sept. 2 nd. Funeral services by J. Good, from 2 Tim. 4:18.

Aug 24 th, in Waterloo Twp., Ont., of intermittent Fever and Inflammation of the Lungs, Bro. JOHN HEISTAND, aged 53 years, 7 months and 22 days. He bore his suffering with Christian patience. He was unmarried.

Aug 27 th, in Jewell Co., Kansas, of Inflammation of the bowels, CLINTON S., son of Charles and Fanny ATKINS, aged 1 year, 10 months and 14 days. Buried at Pleasant Hill the 28 th, on which occasion John Snyder made remarks from Matt. 24:44.

Sept. 29 th, in Lancaster Co., Pa., of cancer in the mouth, Sister MARY LINTNER, wife of Bro. Daniel Lintner, aged 68 years, 2 months and 24 days. For three years her sufferings were severe, yet she bore them with Christian patience. She was the mother of 12 children, 9 of whom are here to mourn their loss. Buried Oct. 1 st, in the Mennonite burying-ground at Millersville. Services by Amos and Christian Herr from Luke 10:41,42.

Sept. 7 th, in Miami Co., Ohio, SUSAN E. SLAGLE, aged 5 months and 29 days.

June 17 th, in Clarke Co., Ohio, Sister LYDIA ANN HUBER, AGED 17 years, 10 months and 19 days.

Sept. 29 th, in Allen Co., Ohio, of consumption, LORENZO D. GOOD, aged 25 years and 4 days. He was buried on the 30 th; Services by C. B. and George Brenneman. Bro. Good has been ailing for a number of years. He bore his suffering with Christian fortitude; his only concern was on account of leaving his children without a father to care for them; but he left them in the care of their mother and their Savior. Soon it pleased Jesus to call one of them away, and on the 16 th of Oct., MAGGIE, aged 3 years, followed her father. He left a bright evidence of his hope of heaven. Twelve hours previous to his death when the writer (C.B.B.) bade him farewell, he asked him if he felt that if we were made sad by his departure, that he was going to gladden his friends in heaven; to which he answered, "O yes, I go to meet glad friends in heaven." As I turned to leave he called me back and said, " I have resigned my all to Jesus." A wife and ! two little daughters are still left to mourn their loss. May they realize that the Lord is the widow's God, and a father to the fatherless.

Oct. 4 th, in Clarke Co., Ohio, JONAS HAINES, aged 73 years, 7 months and 3 days. Upon this occasion remarks were made on Romans 1:2,8.

Oct. 9 th, at the residence of Brother Jacob Kolb of Mahoning co., Ohio, Sister CATHERINE NOLD, widow, aged 76 years, 3 months and 20 days. She attended church on Saturday the 4 th; after service she went to Kolb's, with the hope of meeting the brethren and sisters at communion the next day. She seemed to feel better than usual, but before night she was paralyzed, and remained helpless till death released her from her suffering. The remains were removed to the residence of her son John. She was an ardent and zealous member in the Church. Her seat was seldom unoccupied; she was kind hearted and benevolent, ever ready to render assistance when needed. Buried at the Nold Burying-ground near Latonia.

Sept. 19 th, at the residence of Jonas H. Hess, near Litiz, Lancaster Co., Pa., widow of Henry HESS, at the age of 82 years, 11 months and 21 days. Her remains were placed in the family grave-yard on the 22 nd, in the presence of a large concourse of relatives and friends; at which time appropriate remarks were made by C. Bomberger, C. Lehman, J. Landis, and J. Goble from Rev. 14:13. For 53 years she lived with her husband until his death 12 years ago. With him she had 13 children, of whom 8 are living; 67 grandchildren, of whom 50 are living; 58 great-grandchildren, 42 of whom are living; and one great-great-grandchild. Her descendants numbered 139 souls.

June 24 th, in Livingston Co., Ill., Bro. NICHOLAS ROTH, aged 64 years, buried the 26 th. Funeral services were held by Daniel Steinman, Chr. Schoegel and John P. Schmidt. He was a faithful brother of the Amish persuasion.

Aug. 30 th, in Livingston Co., Ill., of Spasms, VALENTINE, son of Peter and Barbara ZEHR, aged 17 months. Buried the 31 st, when remarks were made by Chr. Rediger, Chr. Schoegel, and J. P. Schmidt.

Sept. 23 rd, in Bucks Co., Pa., of Epileptic Fits, SAMUEL HULSHIZER, aged 29 years. In the morning he was found in his bed with a fit; he lingered till noon when he died. Buried on the 26 th, at Keller's Church.

Sept. 8 th, in Hereford Twp., Berks Co., Pa., of palpitation of the heart, Bro. HENRY DEAL, aged 74 years. Funeral on the 13 th, buried at Hereford Meeting-house. He was a consistent member of the Church. Services by S. Godshalk, --- Bechtel, and A. Mack.

Near Souderton, Montgomery Co., Pa., HENRY FREED, while in the act of jumping from a wagon, while the horse was running, was caught in the wheel and instantly killed.

Sept. 28 th, in Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., of a tumor in the Stomach, TOBIAS FRETZ, aged 70 years, 2 months and 24 years. Buried Oct. 1 st, at Deep Run. Services by Samuel Godshalk and Isaac Myers.

Sept. 27 th, in Bedminster, Bucks Co., Pa., suddenly, of heart disease, BARBARA ROSENBERGER, aged 70 years, 7 months and 3 days. Buried at Tohicken Church.

Sept. 15 th, in Gordonville, Lancaster Co., Pa., of Bronchial Consumption and the infirmities of old age, Bro. SAMUEL KAUFFMAN, aged 82 years, having died on his 82 nd birth-day. He bore his affliction with great fortitude, having a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. He was frequently asked if he was lonesome and always replied that he was not, and that he thought of the hymn:

"Allein und doch nicht gans allein,
Bich ich in meiner Einsamkeit;
Und ob ich schon verlassen schein,
Vertreibt uns Jesus selbst die Zeit."

He said that he had seen so much of the glory beyond a multitude arrayed in white garments; and that he was at peace with all men. He was married 58 years and leaves a deeply afflicted widow. He was a member of the Amish Church for nearly 70 years. Funeral services, according to his own request, were conducted by Henry Lantz and Daniel Lantz from 2 Tim. 4:7,8. He leaves 8 children, 53 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.

Sept. 28 th, in Bucks Co., Pa., SARAH ELIZABETH, daughter of Thomas D. and Mary WORTHINGTON, aged 4 months and 19 days. Buried at Friends' Meeting House. Services by Samuel Godshalk.

Sept. 5 th, in Hickory Co., Mo., John Reich, aged 55 years, 5 months and several days. He was making hay, and in coming home in the evening he fell from a load and received severe injuries, from which he died at the house of Jacob Yoder, as above stated. Services by C. Kuntze and Jacob Yoder, from 90 Ps.

Transcribed by: Joe Lawson, Oklahoma

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