Herald of Truth Obituaries - October, 1881

Herald of Truth - Volume XVIII, Number 10 - October 1881, Page 173, 174, 179, 180

OBITUARY - On the 4th of September, Bro. Henry Christophel of Baugo Township, Elkhart County, Ind., died of bronchial consumption, aged 56 years, 1 month and 10 days. The funeral services were conducted by the brethren Henry Shaum and J.S. Coffman at the Shaum Meeting-house, where a large assemblage of people testified by their presence of the high esteem they had for their departed friend and brother. He leaves a deeply bereaved widow and six sorrowing children, and many sympathizing relatives and friends to mourn his death.
Brother Christophel's health began perceptibly to decline only last spring, and the rapidity with which the disease gained upon him made it clearly manifest that his time on earth was short. In the midst of his suffering, which he bore with patience and ever cheerfulness, he was busily engaged in arranging his worldly affairs that all might be in order at his departure; but his greatest concern by far was the spiritual welfare of his children and unconverted friends. He had always shown great interest in his children, but when he knew that he had only a little time left to teach them his admonitions and pleadings were so earnest and full of feeling that they cannot be forgotten by those who heard them. On the last morning of his life, like a patriarch of olden time, he called his wife and children to him, and one by one gave them his dying admonition, prayer and blessings.
Bro. Christophel was for some years a deacon in the church, and always faithfully discharged the duties of his office, and in his death the church in Elkhart County has indeed lost one of her main pillars. He was a man of firmness and resolution, not being tossed about by any wind of doctrine. He zealously maintained and defended the principles of the Bible as taught by the church, and was sorely grieved at any departure from the simplicity of the word. During the time of his last illness Bro. Christophel was very much interested for the welfare and upholding of the church. He said to one of his intimate friends, "O how important it is that there is something done for our young people! The members are so careless of their children, and the church is so unconcerned and inactive. We need to do more earnest and direct work to teach the young and hold them to the word of God and to the faith of their fathers. It if should be the Lord's will to spare my life yet awhile, I will try to labor and urge these things much more than I ever did before. Be earnest and diligent in your labors, dear brother, and the Lord bless you in the work."

CORRECTION - In the September number the notice of the death of Martin Funk should have been 79 years, in place of 75 years. We hope persons sending notices will be careful to write names and dates as plainly as possible.

STEALY - On the 19th of September, in Harrison township, Elkhart County, Ind., Daniel Stealy, aged 65 years and 10 days. He was buried on the 21st, at Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, where appropriate services were held by John M. and Christian Christophel, and John F. Funk, from Matt. 13:43. A very large concourse of friends and acquaintances followed the remains to the grave.
Bro. Stealy was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Sept. 9th 1816. On the 2nd of June, 1832, he removed to Wayne County, Ohio, and in 1835 to Ashland County in the same state, where, on the 6th of September, 1840, he was united in marriage to Nancy Gipe, with whom he lived a happy life for the space of 41 years and 13 days, and who survives him.
In the spring of 1858 he removed from Ashland Co., Ohio, to Elkhart Co., Ind., where he lived to the time of his death. He united with the Mennonite church, August 28th, 1880, in which he lived a worthy and consistent member. He was taken sick August 22nd, 1880, from which he did not fully recover. He leaves a sorrowing wife, an aged father, three sons and six grand-children (two grand-children died before him) and a large concourse of relatives and friends to mourn his departure.
In the death of Bro. Stealy, his family loses a devoted husband and father, the church a worthy member, and the community an honest and upright citizen. Though his death is sadly felt throughout the entire community, we must all feel that what is to us a sad bereavement, is to him eternal gain. He died in the blessed hope that he had peace with God.

PLANK - On the 8th of September, on Pretty Prairie, La Grange Co., Ind., Christian Plank, aged 87 years and 10 months. He was buried at Pretty Prairie Church. (Further notice next month.)

YODER - August 27th, in Kishacoquilis Valley, Mifflin Co., Pa., Mary, widow of Moses Yoder, who died many years ago, aged about 75 years. She had been unwell for some time, but was able to sit up, and on the morning of her death was sitting on a chair where she was suddenly overtaken by death.

NAFZINGER - Sept. 6th, near Matawana, Mifflin Co., Pa., Leah, daughter of Amos and Elizabeth Nafzinger, aged 4 months and 24 days.

NOLT - Sept. 16th, in Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro. Michael Nolt, aged 49 years, 1 month and 17 days. He was buried at Groff Dale. The funeral was largely attended.

HENNING - August 9th, of paralysis, in DeKalb Co., Ind., George B. Henning, aged 73 years, 1 month and 6 days. Services by James Coyle and Eli Stofer.

KURTZ - August 12th, of consumption, in Juniata Co., Pa., Sister Nancy Kurtz, maiden name Hertzler, wife of Pre. Jacob Kurtz, aged 62 years and 10 months. She leaves a deeply bereaved husband, one son and one daughter, and many relatives to mourn her departure. She was a faithful sister in the Mennonite Church for many years, and by her Christian life she was endeared to all who knew her. Buried at Lost Creek Church. Services by Wm. Graybill and Wm. Auker. Text, 2 Tim. 4:6-8.

WICKEY - August 17th, in Spring Gardens, Lancaster Co., Pa., of gangrene, Benjamin Wickey, aged 68 years, 7 months and 22 days. Funeral on the 20th. Text, 2 Tim. 4:6-8. Buried at Graybill's Meeting-house.

KENDIG - August 24th, in Salunga, Lancaster Co., Pa., of consumption, Maggie M. Kendig, daughter of Dr. B.E. and B. Kendig, aged 14 years, 2 months and 22 days. Funeral on the 25th. Text, Job 15:11. Buried at Landisville Meeting-house.

HOOVER - August 29th, near Donegal Springs, Lancaster Co., Pa., Nancy Hoover, aged 67 years, 4 months and 18 days. Funeral on the 31st. Text, Heb. 9:27, 28. Buried in the family grave-yard.

ZUG - August 29th, near Lititz, Lancaster Co., Pa., Brother Henry Zug, aged 69 years, 5 months and 8 days. Funeral on the 1st. Text, Rev. 14:13. Buried in the family grave-yard.

FRY - August 31st, in Mountville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Jacob Fry, son of Andrew G. Fry, aged 1 year, 5 months and 10 days. Funeral on Sept. 2nd. Text, 2 Kings 4:26. Buried in the family grave-yard. The mother of this little boy died in April last. A deep affliction for the husband and father.

KAUFFMAN - July 24th, in Juniata Co., Pa., Abraham C., son of Abraham and Harriet Kauffman, aged 6 months and 23 days. Buried at Lost Creek Church. Funeral services by Wm. Graybill. Text, John 14:4.

BURKHOLDER - August 24th, near Smithville, Wayne Co., Ohio, of malarial fever, and congestion of the brain, John F., son of Jonas and Nancy Burkholder, aged 15 years, 9 months and 24 days. Buried on the 26th. Services by J.K., and D.Z. Yoder.

GARBER - August 26th, in Renova, Dr. A.P. Garber, aged 43 years, 1 month and 3 days, son of Jacob B. Garber, near Mountville, Lancaster Co., Pa. Funeral on the 28th at Forrey's grave-yard. Text, Eccle. 12:5.

HOOLEY - In Cass County, Mo., August 27th, Mary, wife of Jacob Hooley (late of Wayne Co., Ohio), aged 33 years, 9 months and 17 days. Buried on the 28th in the Clear Fork Cemetery. Funeral discourse by J.C. Kenagy to a large congregation.

HOOLEY - Sept. 12th, at the same place and family, Elmer Hooley, aged 12 years and 2 days, of 5 days sickness. Buried the 13th. Preaching by J.C. Kenagy in German, and James Crooks in English.

KANOUS - August 27th in De Kalb Co., Ind., Hatty, daughter of Sylvester and Jennie Kanous, aged 5 months and 3 days. Services by Eli Stofer and J.S. Coffman.

ELLIOTT - August 22nd in De Kalb Co., Ind., Jane E, daughter of Nathan and Jane E. Elliott, aged 10 months and 15 days. Services by Eli Stofer.

BOWMAN - April 25th in Waterloo Co., Ontario, Jeremiah, son of Martin H. Bowman, in his 19th year. Buried the 27th in Bowman's grave-yard.

KIENER - April 29th, in Waterloo Co., Ont., wife of Bro. Abm. Kiener, a beloved sister in the Mennonite Church, aged 53 years, 9 months and 5 days. Buried May 2nd, in David Eby's burying-ground.

MARTIN - May 17th, in Woolwich, Waterloo Co., Ont., Sister Susanna Martin, widow in her 76th year. Buried the 19th at Martin's.

GOOD - May 24th, very suddenly, in Woolwich, Waterloo Co., Ont., Bro. Daniel Good, in his 82nd year. Buried the 22nd at Martin's.

KING - June 18th, of cancer, in Wellington Co., Ont., wife of George King, aged 40 years, 9 months and 12 days. Buried the 21st in Conestoga bury-ground.

SNYDER - June 22nd, of heart disease, in Blenheim, Oxford Co., Ont., Josiah Snyder, aged 24 years and 3 days. Buried in Dettweiler's grave-yard.

BRUBACHER - June 23rd, of dropsy, in Waterloo Co., Ont., wife of J.S. Brubacher, in her 74th year. Buried the 25th, at Conestoga.

MARTIN - July 11th, of dispepsia, in Waterloo Co., Ont., Joel Martin, aged 44 years, 3 months and 25 days. Buried the 12th at Martin's.

CRESSMAN - July 28th, in Wellesley, Waterloo Co., Ont., of cancer, Amos Cresswell, aged 75 years, 10 months and 6 days. Buried the 30th near Cross Hill.

BOWMAN - August 2nd, in Waterloo co., Ont., Sister Mary Ann, daughter of Isaiah H. Bowman, aged 19 years, 8 months and 14 days. Interred at Martin's on the 4th.

BESIGER - August 6th, in Waterloo Co., Ont., Maria Besiger, widow, aged 69 years, 5 months and 1 day. Buried the 8th.

WEBER - August 25th, in Waterloo Co., Ont., of inflammation of the bowels, Lucinda, daughter of Bro. Joseph M. and Sister Veronica Weber, aged 16 years, 3 months and 6 days. Buried the 28th at Martin's.

MEYER - August 29th, in Bridgeport, Ont., of puerperal fever, Susanna, wife of Tilman Meyer, in her 25th year. Buried at Eby's.

MEYER - August 29th, in Bridgeport, Ont., suddenly, of heart disease, wife of Jonas Meyer, aged 48 years, 3 months and 16 days. Buried at Eby's.

CRESSMAN - Sept. 2nd, in Waterloo Co., Ont., Sister Esther Cressman, widow, at the advanced age of 91 years, 7 months and 20 days. During the last nine months she suffered greatly from a fall. Buried the 5th at Cressman's.

MEYER - Sept. 8th, at the Twenty, in Ontario, Bro. Abraham T. Meyer, aged 80 years, 5 mos. and 19 days. Buried on the 10th at Meyer's burying-ground.

ROTH - August 15th, in Fulton Co., Ohio, of heart disease, Bro. Nicholas Roth, aged 64 years. He was ailing for ten months, but was about till the day he died which was suddenly. He was a brother in the Amish Church. A bereaved wife and six children are left to mourn their loss. Services by C. Freienberger, C.s. Stuckey and Jep. Wyse.

PAGE - August 4th, in Juniata Co., Pa., Sarah, daughter of Henry Page, aged 3 months and 11 days. Services by Thomas Graybill and Solomon S. Graybill.

KLUECK - Sept. 9th, in Snyder Co., Pa., of heart disease, John Kluek, aged 63 years. Buried at Arlogast Church. Services by Thomas Graybill and ___ Reed from Rev. 14:13.

HAEKMASTER - August 29th, in Snyder Co., Pa., Samuel Haekmaster, aged 16 years, 5 months and 7 days. He was buried at Freemont. Services by Thomas Graybill and Jacob Wambold. Text, 2 Cor. 5:1.

CONRAD - Sept. 11th, in Juniata Co., Pa., of consumption, Lydia, wife of Henry Conrad, aged 57 years, 7 months and 28 days. Buried at Neimand Church. Services by Thomas Graybill, Elias Landes and Penrose Brown. Text, Isaiah 38:1.

FRANTZ - Sept. 11th, near York, York Co., Pa., Pre. John Frantz, aged 85 years, 7 months and 3 days. Bro Frantz was a minister in the Mennonite Church, and a faithful laborer in the vineyard of the Lord for many years. He was buried at Newman's church on the 13th; many of the ministering brethren were present at the funeral of their fellow-laborer.

HAAS - July 2nd, at Richfield, Juniata Co., Pa., John Haas, aged 67 years, 2 months and 10 days. Buried on the 4th. Funeral services by Thomas Graybill and Penrose Brown. Text, James 1:12.

ZIMMERMAN - July 4th, in Snyder co., Pa., Sister Elizabeth Zimmerman, aged 82 years, 3 months and 6 days. Services by Samuel Winey, Thomas Graybill and Solomon Graybill.

GSELL - Sept. 7th, in Whiteside Co., Ill., of dropsy, William Gsell, aged 61 years, 11 months and 26 days. He suffered severely for about five months, but bore his sufferings with patience. He was buried on the 9th at the Mennonite Meeting-house, near Morrison. Funeral services by Henry Nice and S. Wencher, from the 39th Psalm, and by John Kornhaus from Isa. 38, last part of first verse.

WEAVER - Sept. 5th, in Caernarvon, Lancaster Co., Pa., of cancer of the heart, Susan, widow of Martin C. Weaver, aged 74 years. 6 months and 17 days. She was well known and respected. Her maiden name was Kurtz. The funeral took place on the 9th at the house, and the remains were interred at Weaverland. Bishop Movlin and Eby conducted the services in German and English.

HOSTETLER - Sept. 7th, in Conemaugh, Somerset Co., Pa., John, son of Isaac and Martha Hostettler, aged 10 years, 5 months and 11 days. Services were held in the Brethren's Meeting-house by Moses B. Miller and J. Harshberger. Parents were earnestly admonished to train up their children in the way they should go.
Transcriber's Notes: The surname is first written as Hostetler, then as Hostettler.

CHRISTOPHEL - Sept. 5th, near New Paris, Elkhart Co., Pa., of flux, George W., son of Noah and Elizabeth Christophel, aged 1 year, 1 month and 12 days. Buried at Yellow Creek. Services by Martin Hoover and J.S. Coffman.

BURKHART - Sept. 3rd, near Newville, Cumberland Co., Pa., after five years affliction, Sister Leah Burkhart, aged 66 years, 11 months and 19 days. She died full of faith. Services by Martin Whisler from 2 Tim. 4:6-8.

YODER - Sept. 5th, near Nappanee, Ind., of dropsy of the heart, Christian J. Yoder, aged 56 years, 7 months and 14 days. He leaves a widow, his second wife, formerly widow Mast, and six children to mourn his death. Funeral services by Jonathan Smucker and Daniel Wysong.

LANDES - August 13th, in Montgomery Co., Pa., of consumption, Jacob M. Landes, aged 49 years, 9 months and 6 days. Bro. Landes was married to Veronica Moyer. Of his five sons and five daughters two sons preceded him to eternity. Buried at Franconia in the presence of a large assembly of friends and acquaintances.

RUTT - ________ Sarah, consort, of Michael Rutt, aged 68 years, 5 months and 16 days. Her maiden name was Moyer. Her first husband's name was Samuel Musselman, with whom she had four children. She lived with her last husband about twenty-five years. She was buried at Line Lexington. Services by Abm. Moyer and Samuel Godshalk at the house, and Isaac Moyer and Josiah Clemmer at burying-place. Text, Pa. 92:13-16.

Transcribed by Cindy Wheeler
British Columbia

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