Herald of Truth Obituaries - July, 1882

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Herald of Truth - Volume XIX, Number 13 - July 1, 1882 - p 205, 206

HOSTETTER.- May 2nd, 1882, in Manor Twp., of capillary bronchitis, Bertha R., only daughter of Jacob and Sue Hostetter, aged 4 years and 13 days. Funeral on the 4th. Text, Matt. 24:40. Buried at the Mennonite church east of Millersville.

From our circle, little Bertha,
Early hast thou passed away;
But the angels say, "Come,
Join our holy song to-day."

STAUFFER.- May 21st, in East Earl township, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister Mary Ann, wife of Bro. Augustus Stauffer, aged 42 years. On the 24th her remains were consigned to mother earth in the Weaverland burying-ground, in the presence of a very large congregation, on which occasion Bishop George Weaver and Bishop Jonas Martin delivered impressive remarks from John 14:12.

Our dear sisters mission on earth was to do good. About fifteen years ago it fell to her lot to take care of a palsied, helpless aunt on her husband's side, who had to be cared for as a little child. Some years later she attended her father in his last illness. Still later came her aged mother to be cared for. She was blind, and became afflicted with consumption of the bowels, of which she lingered long. In her last illness neither money not good words could induce any one to care for her. So the whole burden was upon Sister Stauffer and her oldest daughter, aged about fourteen. With all this she had the care of a family of eleven children. This was too much. She was prostrated and died on sonsumption. She leaves a deeply bereaved husband and nine children, the youngest six weeks old. She died with a full trust in the merits of Jesus her Savior. Her last words to her children, a few moments before her death, were, "Weep not."

DELP.- June 12th, in Montgomery Co., Pa., ______ widow of Geo. Delp, in the 81st year of her age. She was buried on the 14th at Franconia.

CROUTHAMAL.- June 8th, in Portland, Hilltown tp., Bucks Co., Pa., ______ wife of Israel Crouthamal and daughter of Abraham H. Moyer, aged 25 years. She died very suddenly. The day previous she attended to her usual household duties, enjoying apparently good health. She was buried on the following Sunday at Perkasie Meeting-house.

GROSS.- June 13th, near Lattasburg, Wayne Co., Ohio, Margareta, wife of David Gross, aged 63 years, 7 months and 4 days. She was the mother of twelve children and twenty grandchildren. Seven children and nineteen grandchildren are still living. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for over thirty years. And we have reason to hope that she has gone to receive the reward of the righteous. Appropriate funeral services were held by Isaac Good and Peter Troxel from 1 Peter 1:3, 4, 5.

MISHLER.- June 9th, 1882, in LaGrange Co., Ind., of lung fever, infant child of Andrew and Sarah Mishler, aged 9 months and 8 days. It was buried on the 10th in Millers grave-yard. Services by Pre. Daniel J. Hostetler and John M. Hostetler. Text, Thess. 4:13-18 and Matt. 18:1-5.

HAVERSTICK.- Nov. 12th, 1881, near Washington Borough, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister Catharine Haverstick, wife of Bro. Levi Haverstick, aged 54 years, 9 months and 24 days. Funeral on the 15th. Text, Rev. 14:13. Services in German by the brethren Amos Shenk and Ben. Lehman, in English by John K. Brubaker. Buried at Habeckers Meeting-house. Sister Haverstick was a faithful member of the Old Mennonite Church. Peace to her ashes!

CLAY.- May 9th, at the residence of Pre. David Brubaker, near Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co Pa., Austin H. Clay, aged 25 years, 5 months and 22 days. Funeral on the 12th. Text, Psalm 90:12. Buried at Krabills Meeting-house.

HAVERSTICK.- May 22nd, near Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., Annie M., infant daughter of Bro. and Sister Levi H. Haverstick, aged 2 months and 4 days. Funeral on the 24th. Text, Mark 10:13-16. Buried at Habeckers Meeting-house.

SHENK.- May 27th, in Mt. Joy twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., John Shenk, aged 52 years, 5 mos. and 1 day. Funeral on the 30th. Text, Amos 4:12. Buried in the family grave-yard. Mr Shenk lost his life by an accident. He helped to raise the frame work of a new meeting-house for the "Old Brethren." The beams broke, and with a tremendous crash fell to the basement, carrying with it about 80 mem, bruising and mangling about 35 of them, three of whom died in a few hours, and perhaps a few more must die. This sad event caused a wail of mourning in the community.

GROFF.- June 8th, in Mt. Joy twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., infant son of Jacob and Lizzie Groff, aged 5 months and 19 days. Funeral on the 10th. Text, 2 Cor. 5:19-21. Buried at Chiquies Meeting-house.

EASH.- June the 14th, near Forest Grove, Elkhart Co., Ind., Barbara, the third wife of Christian Eash her second husband, aged 47 years, 9 months and 28 days. She leaves an aged husband and 9 children, who all followed her to the tomb, near Town Line Church in LaGrange Co., Ind. Funeral service by John Hostetter and Joseph Yoder from Hebrews 9:27, 28. The day previous of her death she called all her children that were present to her, and greeted them with a farewell kiss, and then went, as we hope, to the saints in glory.

CULP.- June 14th, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of palsy, Bro. Isaac Culp, aged 78 years, 4 months and 24 days. He was sick about a week. He was buried on the 16th at Shaums Church, where appropriate services were held by J. F. Funk and Noah Metzler, from the words, "Now he is comforted," Luke 16:25. The aged brother had his conflicts and his trials as every Christian has, but we trust he has overcome and gained an inheritance of glory with the redeemed of the Lord.

MOYER.- June 20th, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of heart disease, Jeanna, wife of Benjamin Moyer, aged 45 years, 2 months, and 5 days. her family had gone to town in the morning, leaving her to spend the day with a neighbor. Her health for some time had not been very good, but in the morning of that day she expressed herself as feeling better than for some time. Some time before noon she went out and not returning in reasonable time, the neighbor with whom she was staying went to look for her and found her where she had fallen dead. She was a member of the Brethren Church and leaves a sorrowing husband and children with brothers and sisters to mourn her sudden death.

STEINER.- May 13th, near Hammond, Kent Co., Michigan, Anna, wife of Peter D. Steiner, aged 39 years, 10 months and 8 days. She leaves a deeply bereaved husband and 8 children to mourn their loss, but they need not mourn as those that have no hope. She selected her funeral text herself, 1 Cor. 13:13. We have reason to believe that she lived up to these words. She was a loving friend to every one, and a kind mother and wife. The deepest simpathy(sic) is felt for the husband and those dear little children. According to our way of reasoning she could have been needed for many years, but when the good Master calls we must go, and it is no doubt for the best. Funeral service by the brethren Speicher and Keim in German, and C.C.Beery of Medina co., Ohio, in English.

"Sister thou art mild and lovely,
Gentle as the summer breeze,
Pleasant as the air of evning
When it floats among the trees."

AMSTUTZ.- June 5th, in Allen Co., Indiana, of liver complaint, Peter Amstutz, aged 67 years, 1 month and 24 days. He was buried on the 7th, when a goodly number of friends were assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the memory of their departed friend. Bro. Amstutz was a zealous Christian. Funeral services by George Brenneman of Allen Co., Ohio, and Eli Stofer of DeKalb Co., Indiana.

WANNER.- On the 21st of May, near Hespeler, Waterloo county, Ontario, Sister Catharine, widow of Tobias Wanner, aged 84 years, 2 months and 11 days. She was the mother of 8 daughters, two of whom have gone before her, 83 grand-children, and about 65 great-grand-children. She was a widow about 37 years, and a member of the Mennonite Church about 63 years. She came with her father from Cumberland county, Pa., in 1809.

BECHTEL.- On the 26th of April, in Huron Co., Ontario, Christian, son of Noah and Veronica Bechtel, aged 9 months and 13 days.

HUBER.- On the 11th of May, at New Providence, Lancaster Co., Pa., Annie Laura, daughter of Elam and Ernia Huber, aged 4 months and 26 days.

LEMAN.- On the 11th of June, at New Providence, Lancaster county, Pa., Lydia Leman, aged 82 years and 8 months. Buried at New Providence. She was a faithful sister.

KEPNER.- On the 22nd of April, near Thompsontown Station, Juniata Co., Pa., Isaac Kepner, aged 67 years. The deceased was walking on the railroad track, and the train came up behind him, striking him and throwing him off the track, killing him instantly. Buried in Thompsontown. Services by Wm. and Jacob Graybill. Text, Mathew 24:44.

LIDER.- May 10th in Lost Creek Valley, Juniata Co., Pa., Samuel K., son of Abram and Susanna Lider, aged 1 year, 5 m. and 15 days. Buried at Lost Creek Church year. Services by Wm. Graybill, from John 14:4.

AUKER.- On the 29th of April, in Lost Creek Valley, Juniata Co., Pa., David Auker, of consumption, aged 65 years, 5 months and 29 days. Brother Auker was a member of the Mennonite Church. He leaves a widow and 4 children to mourn their loss. Buried in the family graveyard. Funeral services by Wm. and Thomas Graybill from John 5:24.

MARTIN.- On the 19th of June, near Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Indiana, Catharine, wife of Christian Martin, aged 65 years, 2 mos., and 2? days. She was the daughter of Jacob and Lydia Searer, of Juniata county, Pa. In 1849 she removed with her husband and four children from Juniata Co., Pa., to Elkhart Co., Ind., where they since resided. She was the mother of 8 children, all of whom are still living, and were present at the funeral. About 4 years after the removal of the family to Elkhart Co., she became convinced of the invalidity of infant baptism, and accordingly was baptized upon a confession of her faith and received into the Mennonite Church, of which she has been a faithful member, and died in the assurance of acceptance with her dear Father in heaven. She was afflicted with cancer in the throat and for many months she suffered greatly, not being able for forty days to partake of any food, yet she bore her sufferings with meekness and patience, looking forward with an earnest desire to the time of her deliverance. She was buried on the 21st at Shaums Church where appropiate sermons were preached from Ps., 40:1-3.

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas


Herald of Truth Obituaries - Volume XIX, Number 14 - July 15, 1882 - p 221, 222

HOMSHER.- July 1st, near Strasburg, Lancaster Co., Pa., Susan Homsher, relict of the late preacher David Hamsher, in the 79th year of her age. The funeral services were conducted by Benjamin and Amos Herr, at the old Mennonite Church above Strasburg, where she was buried.

ANDREWS.- On the 3rd of July, in Martic township, Lancaster Co., Pa., Martin Andrews, aged 89 years, 9 months and 24 days. He was a brother in the Mennonite Church. Services in German and English by John Hornish.

WIDEMAN.- June 24th, at Zurich, Ontari, very suddenly, Brother Jacob Wideman, aged 69 years, and 4 months. He leaves three sons and three daughters. Text, Job 14:1, 2.

MILLER.- June 29th, in Providence township, Lancaster Co., Pa., Fannie Miller, in her sixty-eighth year. Funeral services by John Hornish in English and German.

LAPP.- On the 16th of June, near Clarence Center, Erie county, New York, Preacher Abraham Lapp, aged 88 years, 3 months and 11 days. On the 28th his remains were laid to rest in Goods graveyard, in the presence of a large congregation of sympathizing friends. He leaves a deeply bereaved widow, four sons and two daughters, grand children and great-grand children to mourn his departure. He was a much loved and faithful brother, and much esteemed in and out of the church. He was an exemplary life in action and dealings. He manifested a faith that did not suffer shipwreck by all the storms and trials of his life. Peace to his ashes. At his funeral our aged Brother David Habecker was present, who has attained the age of ninety-one years, and spoke words of consolation to the bereaved friends. Funeral services in English by Peter Rodes, and in German by Jacob Hahn, Text, Heb. 13:7.

CLEMENS.- On the 24th of June, in Waterloo county, Ontario, Salome, wife of George H. Clemens, aged 51 years, 10 months and 29 days. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church, and beloved by all who knew her. She leaves 7 children and a sorrowing husband to mourn her departure. The remains were buried at Cressmans in the presence of many friends.

HILDEBRAND.- June 21st, in Augusta county, Va., of dysentery and heart dropsy, William T., little son of Jacob L. and Anna Hildebrand, aged 2 years, 5 months and 27 days. Buried the 22nd. Funeral services by Bro. Joseph Driver and John Beard. Text, Peter 1:3, 4.

LAPP.- June 17th, in Amherst, Erie Co., N. Y., infant son of Benjamin and Nancy Lapp. Funeral services on Sunday, June 18th, by L. Suderman of Kansas.

BLOUGH.- On the 30th of June, of typhoid malarial fever, near Middlebury, Elkhart Co., Ind., Harvey, son of Solomon D. and Fanny B. Blough, aged 11 years, 3 months and 3 days. He leaves a father, mother, 6 brothers and 3 sisters to mourn their loss; but we trust that our loss is his eternal gain. Funeral services by Eli Miller in the German and Levi Weaver and D. I. Johns in the English language. Text, 1 Peter, 1:24. "For all flesh is as grass, and the glory of man as the flower of grass; the grass withereth, and the flower thereof fadeth away."

Gone to the grave is our loved one,
Gone to return never more;
But t'will be sweet dear ones to meet,
On that bright heavenly shore.
Oft we here mingled together,
Sometimes in prayer and song
Now when We meet, him we will greet,
Never again in our throng.
Sweetly his form is sleeping,
Under its earthly bed;
Sad though we be, fondly will we
Cherish the name of the dead.
Yes our dear Harvey has left us,
Gone to that Heavenly shore;
But with the blest in the land of rest,
He is resting forever more.

HARTZLER.- On the 21st of June, near West Liberty, Logan Co., Ohio, of heart disease and dropsy, Martha, wife of Joseph Hartzler, aged 46 years, 7 months and 9 days. She bore her sickness, of fourteen weeks, with patience and resignation, until it pleased the Lord to call her home. She leaves a husband and two children. She was buried on the 22nd.

MILLER.- June 24th, at Mechanics Grove, Lancaster Co., Pa., after an illness of two weeks, Amos Miller, aged 1 year, 3 months, and 15 days. Jesus has taken little Amos home to join the band of happy children.

That chernb(sic) band had need of one
To join their song of love -
Then weep not for your darling one
He sweetly sings above.

GODSHALL.- On the 31st of May, in Montgomery Co., Pa., of Consumption, Ella Maria Godshall, aged 31 years, 5 months and 10 days. She was a member of the Baptist Church, and was buried at Franconia.

DELP.- On the 10th of June, in Hatfield, Montgomery Co., Pa., Catharine, widow of George Delp, aged 80 years, 9 months and 9 days. Buried at Franconia.

SUMMER.- June 22nd, at Rocky Spring, Washington Co., Md., Ellen E. Summer, wife of Jacob Summer, aged 75 years. On New Year day she had a paralytic stroke, and from that time till her death she was helpless in body, yet her mind was good. She often wished the Savior to take her from the sufferings of this life to the mansions of eternal glory, but she was willing to wait his good pleasure. She was a consistent member of the Lutheran Church for many years, and bore her afflictions with Christian fortitude. May the children, to whom she was a loving mother, prepare to meet her in heaven where parting is no more. Buried the 25th. Services by Daniel Roth, Josiah Brewer, and Pre. Heller.

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas

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