Herald of Truth Obituaries - October, 1883

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Herald of Truth - Volume XX, Number 19 - October 1, 1883, page 301

YODER. - On September 1st, on Elkhart Prairie, Elkhart Co., Ind., of cancer, Anna Yoder, aged 41 years and 12 days. About six years ago the disease made its first appearance but nothing serious was thought of it until it had made her its victim. For nine long months she was not able to be out of bed; at time suffering very much, and again being apparently easy, but she bore it all patiently putting her whole trust in a crucified Redeemer. A few weeks before her death she said, "If this can be the means of turning one soul to Christ I will gladly endure it all, but death cannot come too soon, I am ready and long to go home. She leaves a husband and three children whom she admonished and entreated to make their calling and election sure that we can meet again in that home where parting and tears are shed no more. The burial took place on the 3rd. Services by Benjamin Schrock in German and D. P. Johns in English, from John 5:24-29.

ERB. - August 26th, in Lebanon, Lebanon county, Pa., Sister Catharine Erb, wid. Aged 64 years, 9 months and 7 days. Funeral on the 30th. Text, Psalm 37:37. Buried at Gingerich's Meeting-house. Sister Erb was a faithful sister.

GROFF. - September 2nd, in Bachmansville, Lebanon county, Pa., Louisa Cora Groff, of Elizabethtown, Lancaster county, Pa., aged 11 years, 9 months and 16 days. Funeral on the 5th. Text, Psalm 16:6. Buried at Mount Tunnel cemetery. Deeply afflicted parents, brothers, sisters and a large congregation of sympathizing friends followed her to the grave. This dear girl went to visit her sister, living in Bachmansville, where she tramped on a piece of broken glass cutting one of her feet, which eventually caused lockjaw. A severe visitation of Providence.

SHOWERS. - September 4th, near Hernly's Meeting-house, Lancaster county, Pa., John Showers. Aged 55 years and 18 days. Funeral on the 7th. Text, Psalms 90:12. Buried at Hernly's Meeting-house.

HEATWOLE. - September 10th, near Weaver's Church, Rockingham county, Va., of dropsy, John W., son of Henry G. Heatwole, aged 14 years, 7 months and 17 days. Buried the 12th. Funeral services by Daniel S. Heatwole and W. T. Price.

DILS. - In St. Joseph county, Ind., Sept. 11th, Sadie Ellen Dils, aged 10 months and 9 days. Buried at Shaum's burying-ground the 13th. Services were held on the occasion by Henry Shaum and John Mertzler. Text, Matt. 19:13, 14.

KREHBIEL. - In Logan Co., Ohio, Wallace E., son of Daniel and Rachel Krehbiel, aged 6 months. Buried September 13th, in South Union cemetery. Text, 2 Samuel 12:22, 23. God bless the bereaved parents.

METZLER. - On the 27th of July, near Sporting Hill, Lancaster Co., Pa., David M., son of Martin and Susan Metzler, aged 19 years, 5 months and 16 days. He first had diphtheria, the disease soon assumed a very malignant form, and blood poison became manifest, followed by paralysis of his whole system, depriving him of all motion except his hands, in which condition he remained several weeks, growing weaker and weaker until relieved by death.
Farewell father, mother dear,
I am going to my home above,
Farewell brothers, farewell sisters,
I am going home where all is love.

EBERSOLE. - On the 18th of Sept., in Tonawanda, Erie Co., New York, of congestion of the lungs, Wayne D., son of Levi D. and Annie Ebersole, aged 3 years, 9 months and 23 days. He was buried on the 21st at Clarence Centre.

WIREMAN. - On the 23rd of August, in New Britain township, Bucks Co., Pa., Sophia Wireman, aged 83 years and 20 days. She was a sister in the Church for many years. Peace to her ashes.

Transcribed by: Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Herald of Truth - Volume XX, Number 20 - October 15, 1883, page 317

SEITLER. - Sept. 27th, near Milford, Seward Co., Nebr., of diphtheria, Christian Seitler, aged 6 years and 10 months. Funeral services by Joseph Rediger and Joseph Schlegel. Text, Rev. 14:12, 13.

DAUSMAN. - On the 20th of September, of typhoid fever, Benjamin Dausman, aged 17 years, 9 months and 8 days. Buried the 23rd Funeral services by Henry Shaum and Peter Lehman, from Heb. 4:1.

Transcriber's note: the period was left out after 23rd in the original.

SALTZBURY. - September 25th, in Elkhart county, Ind., of a lingering disease, Mary Saltzbury, aged 57 years, 7 months and 10 days. She was born in Canada West, and migrated to Indiana in 1866. Buried at Shaum's graveyard. Services by Henry Shaum in English, Jacob Wisler and Martin Hoover in German. Text, 2 Kings 20:1: and Psalm 39.

SMOKER. - On the 5th of August, in Lancaster county, Pa., Leah, wife of David Smoker, aged 53 years, 8 months and 11 days. She leaves a bereaved husband and 8 children to mourn their loss. Services by John Stoltzfus and Eli Zook.

BYLER. - On the 11th of September, in Lancaster county, Pa., Bro. Jacob, son of Jacob and Nancy Byler, aged 28 years, 2 months and 23 days. He was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite church. The funeral services were conducted by Jonathan Kauffman and Christian Miller.

FISCHER. - Sept. 17th, in Logan county, Ohio, infant of Eli and Catharine Fischer, aged 12 days. Buried in south Union graveyard. Services by John P. King, from Matt. 18:1"3.

LICHTY. - Sept. 19th, in Champaign county, Ohio, Amanda, daughter of Jacob and Veronica Lichty, aged 6 years, 3 months and 15 days. Buried at South Union. Funeral services by John P. Kinig, from 1 Thess. 4:14"18.

Transcriber's note: John P. Kinig is spelled as John P. King in the previous obituary.

MILLER. - On the 12th of August, in Walnut Creek tp., Holmes county, Ohio, of dropsy of a year's duration, Sister Barbara, wife of Moses D. Miller, aged 60 years, 5 months and 15 days. Buried the 14th in the family burying-ground. She was the faithful mother of 8 children, 3 of whom were called to eternity before her. She was a beloved sister in the Walnut Creek congregation of the Amish Mennonite Church. She was very kind, and useful with the sick, either day or night, wherever she could be of assistance. The Lord blest her with many virtues, which she seemed always willing to use for the benefit of others. She bore her sickness with Christian patience. Her entire hope was in Jesus her Redeemer. The writer frequently visited with her, and her desire was to read and pray with her. The funeral was largely attended. Funeral services were held by A. Mast, from 1 Cor. 15:44"58, and David Bitschy from 2 Cor. 5.

Transcriber's note: tp. as in the original.

KILMER. - On the 29th of September, in Harrison tp., Elkhart county, Ind., after a three days illness, Ishmael, son of Philip and""Kilmer, aged 4 years, 1 month and 23 days. Services by Martin Hoover and Jacob Wisler from Mark 14:38.

Transcriber's note: tp. as in the original.

TROYER. - On the 12th of September, near Sharon Center, Iowa, Elizabeth, wife of John Troyer, aged 72 years, 11 months and 11 days. Funeral in the 13th. Services by D F. Yoder and Christian Werye from 2 Timothy 4: 6-9. Sister Troyer was a faithful member in the Amish Mennonite church for over fifty years. She leaves a deeply bereaved companion and 11 children. But they need not sorrow as others who have no hope, for she expressed a desire to leave this and enjoy a better world.
"Weep not for me my husband dear,
Since I must go and leave you here;
With Jesus I shall happy be;
O husband, do not weep for me.

Weep not for me since 'tis in vain;
In heaven I hope we'll meet again,
Where we can then together be
Forever in eternity.

STRICKLER. - September 19th, at the residence of Bro. Jacob Hiestand, in Salungo, Lancaster county, Pa., Daniel K. Strickler, aged 67 years, 6 months and 10 days. Funeral on the 21st. Text, Matt. 25:21. Buried at the Hiestand family graveyard.

HERSHEY. - September 24th, at Junction, Lancaster Co., Pa., of consumption, Sister Anna Hershey, wife of Jacob S. Hershey, aged 45 years, 7 months and 27 days. Funeral on the 27th. Text, Psalm 103:15"18. Buried at Kauffman's Meeting-house. Sister Hershey embraced religion in her sickness. She felt a desire to depart this life and be with her Savior.

BROWN. - September 30th, of pneumonia, in Landisville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister Anna Brown, wid., aged 65 years, 11 months and 3 days. Funeral on the 3d of October. Text Job 16:22. Buried at Landisville Meeting-house. Sister Brown was a faithful member.

GLIMANHAGE. - On the 6th of October, in Harrison tp., Elkhart Co., Ind., of a protracted illness, Sister Catharine, widow of the late Moses Glimanhage, who died some eight years ago. She was born in Markham tp., York county, Ontario, and reached the advanced age of 74 years, 1 month and 15 days. She was married on the 29th of April 1828 and was the mother of 11 children, 7 of whom are still living, 9 grand children of whom 4 are yet living. She removed from Canada to Putman county, to the place where she died. She was a faithful and devoted Christian, a kind and tender hearted mother and suffered with meekness and patience, enduring faithfully to the end. Her affliction falls heavily on the sorrowing family but tis God who bereft, and he can heal all their sorrows. She was buried on Sunday Oct. 7th. A large concourse of relatives and friends followed her to the grave. Services at Yellow Creek Meeting-house by J. F. Funk and Noah Metzler from 3 John 2 v. Peace to her ashes.

Transcriber's note: tp. as in the original.

RINGENBERG. - Sept. 4th, in Bureau county, Ill., Otto John, son of John and Lena Ringenberg, aged 19 days. Buried at Indiantown. Funeral sermon by Joseph Buercky from Psalm 16:6.

ACKERMAN. - Sept. 15th, near Ohio, Bureau county, Ill., of typhoid fever. Jacob Ackerman, son of Wid. Maria Ackerman, aged 15 years, 5 months and 16 days. Funeral sermon by Jos. Buercky. Text, Luke 7:13.

Transcribed by: Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana

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