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HERALD OF TRUTH - June 11, 1887 - pg 173


Enos H. Detweiler departed this life on the 9th of May near Knoxville, Tenn., from a relapse of the measles. He was born March 20th 1863 in Champaign Co., O., and when he was yet small his parents moved to Tenn. Here he lived until two years ago, when he came back to his native place, and was there till about the 1st of March 1887, when he returned to Tenn., to help his parents move back to Logan county, Ohio. Soon after his arrival there he was attacked with the measles which caused his death. His parents moved back about five week* before his death but had to leave him there. He was baptized by Pre. J. Stuckey on the 29th of May 1886, and joined the Walnut Grove Amish Church, Logan county, Ohio, where he was a faithful and active member, always striving for the improvement of the church, and the upbuilding of Christ's kingdom here on earth. When the attending physician told him (thirty-six hours before his death) that he could do no more for him, he immediately replied, "I am ready to die." He spent the time from that until his death in singing and prayer, and in exhorting the people who came to see him, of which there were many, to live a more Christian life, so he could meet them in heaven. He was truly a young man whose example is worthy of imitation all through life and especially since he was converted. He was buried in Tenn., May 10th. Services by an M.E. minister.

*Transcriber's note: Typed as printed.

DUNN.-On the 2d of March in DeKalb Co., Ind., of Diabetes, Sister Elizabeth (Bechtel) Dunn, aged 65 years and 7 days. She was buried on the 4th in the family grave-yard. Funeral services by Eli Stofer, and C.B. Brenneman of Allen Co., Ohio. Sister Dunn was a consistent Christian and fully resigned to the will of Christ.

NEWCOMER.-On the 5th of May, at the residence of James Reed, near Chambersburg, Columbiana Co., of heart disease, Sister Eliza Newcomer, aged 49 years, 6 months and 20 days. She was buried on the 7th near Moultrie. Services in the Lutheran church. Peace to her ashes.

KAUFFMAN.-On the 8th of April, at the asylum for the deaf and dumb in Columbus, Ohio, Alfred Kauffman, aged 18 years, 8 months and 18 days. He was buried at the Pleasant View Church, Stark county, Ohio. Services by A.H. Brenneman and Michael Horst.

KORNHAUS.-On the 9th of March, in McPherson county, Kansas, of diphtheria Mary Kornhaus aged 13 years, 3 months and 25 days. Services by Jacob Holdeman and Daniel Brundage.

KORNHAUS.-On the 7th of May at the same place as the above, of diphtheria, Eliza Kornhaus, aged 10 years, 2 months and 22 days. Services by Jacob Holdeman and Ephraim Shellenberger. Dear Mary suffered much, but she bore it all in great patience and rested in the sweet assurance that all was peace with her soul. She prayed and sang almost with her last breath, and seemed very happy.
"Four more hands are gently folded
On our loving children's breasts;
Four more feet have ceased to wander
Through life's gloomy wilderness.

Two more heads have ceased their aching,
Two more hearts have ceased to beat,
Two more souls have left their caskets.
Gone to heaven's safe retreat."

LINTNER.-On the 11th of January, in Millersville, Lancaster county, Pa., very suddenly, of heart disease, Daniel Lintner, aged 81 years, 3 months and 4 days. Bro. Lintner had attended the meeting near Millersville in the morning, but beginning to feel unwell, he left before the conclusion of the services. While in the act of eating some soup which his daughter induced him to take, he expired. He was a beloved brother and a consistent, earnest, christian worker for upwards of 50 years. Nine children and three brothers survive him.

BLOUGH.-On the 28th of April, in Johnstown, Cambria Co.,Pa., Jacob Blough, aged 47 years, 2 months and 29 days. Deceased was a son of Pre. Jacob Blough who died about 8 years ago.

REICHART.-On the 28th of April, near Davidsville, Somerset county, Pa., Jacob Alvin Reichart, aged 1 year, 5 months and 6 days. He was buried on the 30th in Levi Kauffman's burying ground. Services by Cyrus Hershberger and Samuel Zimmerman from Job 1:24.

HARTZLER.-On the 25th of April, in Brownsville, Cass county, Mich. Solomon Hartzler, aged 74 years, 1 month and 16 days. His only living brother was telegraphed for but arrived too late to have any satisfactory conversation with the deceased.

ZOOK.-On the 6th of May, in Hawpatch, LaGrange county, Ind., widow Elizabeth Zook, aged 67 years, 6 months and 22 days. She was a member of the Amish Mennonite Church for many years and had a strong desire to depart this life and be with God. She leaves four children to mourn their loss, but not as those who have no hope. Buried on the 7th in the presence of many friends. Services by J.S. Hartzler and D.J. Johns from Amos 4:12.

BLOUGH.-On the 23d of April, in Newbury Twp., LaGrange county, Ind., Mary, widow of Samuel Blough, aged 65 years and 29 days. She leaves four children to mourn their loss, which we hope is her eternal gain. Buried on the 25th. Funeral services by Christian Miller, Joseph D. Miller, and D.J. Johns from Rev. 22:10,11.

HOSTETLER.-On the 29th of April, in Newbury Twp., LaGrange county, Ind., of consumption, Daniel E. Hostetler, aged 37 years, 8 months and 6 days. He suffered very much in his last days, but was fully resigned to the will of God. He seemed to be much concerned about his family. Calling them to his bedside, he admonished his children to be obedient to their mother and not neglect the worship of God in the church and Sunday-school. He leaves a deeply bereaved wife and five children to mourn his early departure. Buried on the 1st of May. A very large concourse of friends and relatives assembled to pay their last tribute of respect. Services by Henry A. Miller and D.J. Johns from Isa. 40:6-8.

CROUTHAMEL.-On the 29th of April, in Bedminster Twp., Bucks county, Pa., Elmer, son of Silas and --- Crouthamel, aged 18 years, 10 months and 15 days. Funeral services by Samuel Godshalk.

YOUNG.-On the 4th of May, in Swamp Twp., Bucks county, Pa., Abraham Young, formerly a minister in the Swamp Church, aged about 70 years.

RUSH.-On the 29th of April, in the Deep Run congregation, Bucks Co., Pa., Amanda, daughter of William and Anna Rush, aged 47 years and 10 days. Services by John Gross and Abraham Myers.

MYERS.-On the 5th of May, in Bucks Co., Pa., Harvey, son of John and Sarah Myers, aged 8 weeks and 4 days. Buried on the 8th at Deep Run Mennonite Meeting-house.

MILLER.-On the 5th of May, near Charm, Holmes county, Ohio, Elizabeth, widow of Simon Miller, at the advanced age of 94 years, 7 months and 20 days. She was buried on the 7th at the Walnut Creek Church, followed to the grave by a large concourse of people. Services by Fred. Mast and David Bitschy from John 5:24-29. She lived in matrimony over fifty-nine years and in widowhood over twelve years. She leaves six children to mourn her death. She was a beloved sister and true Christian in the Amish Mennonite Church for about seventy-five years. She longed for years to be relieved from the burden of this mortal life, to enjoy the rich bliss of the life beyond, and we trust that she is even now enjoying the pleasures for which she longed.

FOREMAN.-On the 5th of May, near Cherry Box, Shelby county, Missouri, Bertha Maria, daughter of William and Sarah Foreman, aged 1 year, 1 month and 6 days. Services by John Brubacher from Luke 8:52.
"Dearest Bertha, we do miss thee,
Can we help but shed a tear?
But we know that thou art happy
In that land so bright and fair."

GOOD.-On the 2d of May, near Plum Valley, Knox county, Nebraska, Sister Barbara Rupp, wife of John Good. She was born in Canada on the 6th of May, 1845. In 1862 she came with her parents to Illinois and was married in the same year to John Good, who with nine children mourns the death of a dear companion and fond mother. In 1875 they moved to West Point, Cuming county, Nebraska, where they founded a new home. Last year, however, they moved back to Plum Valley to pass the remainder of her days near her sisters and relatives. At the call of her Lord she was ready to go, and we believe she is forever at rest.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah


HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XXIV, Number 12, June 15, 1887 - pp 190,191

A sad accident occurred near Caledonia, Kent Co, Mich., on the 22d of May, in which a lad, Anthony Brower, aged nearly 17 years, lost his life. He was engaged in hauling manure into a field, and it appears that when in the field he fell off the load alighting on his head and breaking his neck. As he did not return for quite a while, he was searched for and was found in the condition above stated. He was buried on the 24th, followed by a large concourse of friends. Services by C.C. Beery and --- Berkey from Matthew 24:44. This is a very sad case and a solemn warning to young people not to delay in seeking the salvation of their souls, for it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of God unprepared. H.E.

Margaret (Holdemam*) Freed was born January 17th, 1810, in New Britain Twp., Bucks county, Pa., and removed with her parents to Columbiana county, Ohio, in June 1825. She united with the Mennonite church in November 1826; was married in November 1827 to Samuel Yoder, who died in November 1835. In November 1836 she was married to Jacob Freed, who died in April 1868. Her descendants are nine children, five by her first marriage, and four by the second, eight of whom survive her; 76 grandchildren, and 67 great grandchildren. She lived in widowhood nineteen years. After a lingering sickness of twelve weeks she died on the t of May, 1887, aged 77 years, 4 months and 13 days. She was buried in the Sham grave-yard, where an unusually large number of relatives and friends assembled to attend the funeral services which were held by Amos Magma, Peter Legman and John Coffman. Sister Freed was connected with the church in Elkhart county almost from the time of its first organization, and through all the trials and sorrows which the church passed, and through the perilous times of dissension, and division, and falling away, the Lord preserved her, and enabled her to stand faithful to her trust in God, her church home, and her conference. She was an able and zealous defender of Bible truth and the doctrines of the church, and was always ready with a word of instruction and comfort in trial. When it was possible for her to attend the church services her place was never vacant. Our sister was indeed one of those whose life to all appearance deserves more than a passing notice, and probably no sister in the church in this county was so well and so widely known. She was one of those mothers in Israel whose work never seems finished; yet we have the blessed assurance that her dying words were a true expression of the condition of her soul, when she said, and requested to be used at her funeral, the words, "I am now ready," etc. 2 Tim. 4:6-8.
*Transcriber's note: Typed as printed. - Researcher's note: It should be Holdeman.

HESS.-On the 28th of April, near Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., Pa., of constipation, Lizzie J., oldest daughter of Bro. and Sister Peter Hess, aged 11 years, 4 months and 16 days. She was buried on the 1st of May, at Slate Hill, where a large congregation together with the Sunday-school of which she was a member, awaited her remains, to sympathize with the parents.

STOUFFER.-On the 27th of April, at her home near Scottdale, Fayette county, Pa., of a complication of diseases, Sister Catharine M. Stouffer, aged 75 years, 2 months and 5 days. Buried on the 28th in the Mennonite graveyard near Pennsville. Services by A.L. Funk, from Rev. 14:13.

WEAVER.-On the 12th of May, near Davidsville, Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., Pa., Sister Christina, wife of Brother Moses Weaver, aged 33 years, 3 months and 25 days. She leaves a husband and eight children, parents, brothers and sisters to mourn her departure. Buried on the 14th in the family grave-yard, followed by a large concourse of friends. Services by Jonas Blough and S.S. Gindelsperger from 1 Pet. 1:21. Sister Weaver was a faithful christian.

RICH.-On the 20th of May, near Crawfordsille, Washington Co., Iowa, of dropsy, Josephine Rich, aged 16 years, 10 months and 2 days. Buried on the 21st at Eicher's Meeting-house. Services by Benjamin Eicher from Matt. 10:28-30.

MAST.-On the 23d of May, in Crawford Twp., Washington county, Iowa, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Mast, aged 24 years, 7 months and 24 days. She was buried on the 24th at Eicher's Meeting house, followed to the grave by many friends. She leaves a husband, parents, and four brothers and four sisters to mourn her loss. Services by Benjamin Eicher from 1 Thess. 4:13.

STUTZMAN.-On the 23d of May, in Lyon Co., Kansas, Catharine, daughter of Joseph J. and Gertrude Stutzman, aged 5 years and 5 months. This child was indeed helpless. It was blind from its birth and speechless. Now it is free from all suffering; therefore we need not mourn but rejoice that God has relieved her from the cares of this world and taken her unto himself. She was buried in Borntreger's grave-yard. Services by J.J. Borntreger and Joseph Shlegel from 1 Peter 1:24,25 and 1 Cor. 15:19-26.

MISHLER.-On the 27th of March, in Howard county Ind., of lung fever, Benjamin Mishler, aged 61 years, 8 months and 20 days. Buried at Moses Mast's burying-ground. Services by Norbert Sproll and J.S. Coffman.

TROYER.-On the 11th of May, at Madisonburgh, Eliza, wife of Peter Troyer, aged 53 years, 11 months and 7 days. Services by David Hostetler ad John Hoover from 2 Cor. 8:9.

AMSTUTZ.-On the 2d of June, at Georgetown, Catharine, wife of John Amstutz, aged 47 year and 5 months. She was buried at the Paradise grave-yard,* Services by David Hostetler from Job 19:25.
*Transcriber's note: Comma, not period.

HEATWOLE.-On the 29th of May in Rockingham county, Va., of diphtheria, Daniel Rush, son of Pre. Gabriel and Lydia Heatwole, aged 12 years. Appropriate remarks were made by Abram Burkholder, David Landes and S. Weaver from 1 Peter 1:24. But recently little Daniel said, "I am going to attend the Sunday-school every Sunday." We hope he is happier where he has gone.
Little Daniel, kind and true,
With bitter tears we part with you;
We had no thought to see so soon
Your sun go down at early noon.
We thought to have you many days,
But ours are not the Father's ways;
Then, Savior, help to bear the stroke,
Give grace to bow beneath the yoke. R.J.H.

YODER.-On the t of May, on the Haw Patch LaGrange Co, Ind., of consumption, Sister Sallie Yoder, aged 63 years, 8 months and 28 days. Funeral services were held by the brethren Jonas S. Hartzler and Jonathan Kurtz from 2 Cor. 5:20, and Eccl. 9:10.

YODER.-On the 27th of May, in Holmes county, Ohio, Joseph D. infant son of Daniel and Amy Yoder, aged 7 months and 12 days. Buried in the Mast grave-yard. Services by Joel Yoder and Fred. Mast from John 5:21, and Luke 8:52.

SHOWALTER.-On the 17th of March, in Rockingham Co., Va., near Cowan's Station, of consumption, Bro. Daniel Showalter, aged 47 years, 2 months and 27 days. The funeral service was held at Trissel's Church by Daniel Heatwole and John Geil Jr., from Matthew 24:44. A large congregation of relatives and friends were present. Bro. Showalter was a member of the Mennonite Church for a number of years. He leaves a sorrowing widow, eight children and a large connection of relatives to mourn his departure. But, thanks be to God, we mourn not as those who have no hope, for we trust our loss is his eternal gain. During his protracted illness he evidently suffered much pain which he bore with much patience and Christian resignation. Toward the close of his life, in conversation with the writer, almost in the language of Paul, he said he had a desire to depart and be with Christ, adding that he, as one that served the Lord, was not afraid to die. He lamented much that there are so many who live unconcerned about their souls and the hereafter, and die to be eternally lost. The last time he sent for the doctor he said to him that the object of calling him was not that he try to prolong life, but merely that he might give him something to ease his pains. He said further that the doctor need not fear to talk to him of death as he was not afraid to die. So the doctor gave him a blessed consolation in the hope he had for him in his death. How blessed is the death of the righteous!
Grieve not for me, my Mary dear,
Nor shed for me the sorrowing tear;
I am not dead, but only sleep,
So then for me you need not weep.
Farewell, my loving children, dear,
Farewell! though to my heart so near:
Regard your father's loving care,
Your mother's trials ever share.
Your mother's heart is well nigh broke,
As death comes with his heavy stroke:
Now, children dear, be true and kind,
And stay the sorrows of her mind.
My household all, to you I say,
In Jesus walk, and come this way,
That we in heaven all may be
Together through eternity. ABRAHAM SHANK

FOUST.-On the night of June 2d, in Miami county, Ind., of drowning (apparently intentional), the wife of El Faust, aged 67 years, 11 months and 20 days. The body was found the next day under a drift. Services by Andrew Troyer.

LANDRUM.-In Miami county, Ind., very suddenly of an accident, Jefferson Landrum, aged 24 years. This man, while waiting for the train, spent the time in a saloon near the depot. When the whistle blew he ran for the train, and clung to the cars after they were in motion. He could not get on, and fell under the trucks, which, in passing over him, cut off both legs. In four hours he was dead. This is a warning to stay out of the saloons and to keep sober.

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah

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