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Herald of Truth, Vol. XXVII, Number 13, July 1, 1890, pages 205 and 206


Lines written on the death of Susie M. Horst, who departed this life, May 20th 1890.
Aged 22 years and 4 days.

From pain and sorrow she is free,
And all the cares of life;
I know she there will happier be
Than in a world of strife.

One dear face no more appearing
When the breakfast table's spread;
One dear voice no more will answer
When the kind "Good-night" is said;

And we listen, fondly listen,
For a sound we cannot hear;
For the music of her footsteps
Never more will greet our ear.

'Tis hard to say, "Thy will be done,"
As we surround the tomb;
And for the last time look upon
A cold and lifeless form.

Oft we think we hear dear Susie
Coming through the open door
Then we tearfully remember
Susie will come back no more.

By her cousin T. L. H.


ESCH.-On the 17th of May, near Davids-ville, Somerset Co., Pa., of consumption, John E. Esch, aged 30 years and 10 days. He was a faithful brother in the Mennonite church. He leaves a bereft wife and two small chil-dren, beside his father, mother and six sisters, but they do not mourn as those who have no hope. He was not afraid to meet his Savior, and we believe he is now at rest. He was buried on the 19th in the graveyard at the old Blough church house. Many friends met to pay the last respects to one that was much loved. It was one of the largest funerals ever held at this house, between five and six hun-dred people being present. Services by Saml. Gindlesperger and John N. Durr of Fayette Co., Pa., from Phil. 1:21.

STEWART.-On the 22d of May, in Chariton Co., Mo., of heart disease, Senora, youngest daughter of John and Catharine Stewart, aged 18 years and 12 days. Nora was loved by all who knew her, she was a patient sufferer, in her sickness, and was a faithful follower of the Savior for four year's. She has entered into that land where sickness or death can never come. Funeral services by Pre. Phelps from I Sam. 20:3.

Thou hast left us and the life tide,
Flows with sadder pulses now,
And we miss thy well known foot-fall,
And the smile upon thy brow.

Thou hast left us, but in spirit
Walk we ever side by side,
And we hear thy low sweet whisper,
At the dawn and even-tide.

Thou hast left us, heaven seems nearer,
That thy feet hath trod its shore,
And the earth is darker, drearer,
That we see thy face no more.

Thou hast left us, oh wait for us,
On that ever verdant shore,
Thou hast crossed the tide before us,
And we quail not at its roar.

Thou hast left us, but forever,
Pangs of parting may not be,
Love's strong hands are sundered never,
In the land beyond death's dark sea.

Transcriber's note: the phrase "for four year's" is transcribed as it appears.

HERSHBERGER.-On the 11th of June 1890, in Walnut Creek, Holmes Co., Ohio, of spinal affection, William, son of Nathaniel and Mary Hershberger, aged 2 years and 10 months. His mother was buried October 27th 1889, having died of acute Consumption. He was buried in the Walnut Creek Amish Mennonite graveyard. Funeral services by A. Mast from Psa. 16:6, 7, and David Bitschy from 1 Peter 1:24, 25.

Transcriber's note: the phrase "spinal affection" is transcribed as it appears.

GROBB.-On May 19th 1890 in Lincoln Co., Ontario, of old age, Abraham Grobb, aged 87 years, and some months. Funeral on the 23d. Buried at the Moyer church, where a large number of friends and relatives assembled to pay their last tribute of respect to a neighbor, a friend and a beloved one. Funeral services by J. F. Rittenhouse and Pre. McIntyre. This was the last member of a large family. Peace to his ashes.

MILLER.-On the 22d of May 1890, at Can-ton, McPherson Co., Kansas, of measles, and scarlet fever, Mina May, oldest child of Bro. and Sister Christian and Catharine Miller, aged 5 years, 7 months and 23 days. Dear Mina was a bright little girl. She seemed to take delight in her Sunday-school lessons. She always had them so well that she could answer every question. She could sing several hymns quite well. Her favorite one was "I'm going home to die no more," which she tried to sing with almost her last breath. She has, as she said, gone "home to her little brother" to be with Jesus, where all shall be well. Services were conducted by M. Cooprider, assisted by D. Brundage.

"A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled.

God in his wisdom has recalled
The boon he gave in love;
And though the body moulders here
The soul is safe above.

SNYDER.-On the 26th of May, in Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Co. Ontario, Levi Snyder, aged 74 years, 9 months and 9 days. He was buried on the 28th at Wanner's M. H., followed to the grave by a large number of relatives and friends. Appropriate remarks were made by Bish. Elias Weber from Matt. 6:19-21 and Noah Stauffer from 2 Cor. 5:1.

DENNSTEDT.-On Friday morning, the 9th of May, in Blair, Waterloo Co., Ontario, of injuries received from the kick of a horse, George H. Dennstedt, aged 60 years, 7 months and 8 days. He was buried in the Blair grave-yard. Services by Noah Stauffer from Isa. 38:1.

BERGEY.-On the 23d of May 1890, in Oxford township, Kent Co., Ont., of inflam-matory croup, Barbara, daughter of Christian and Barbara Bergey, aged 7 years, 11 months and 8 days. Buried on the 25 in Percil's grave-yard, Aldborough. Many friends assembled to pay the last tribute, of respect. Funeral service by Pre. Wilson from Job 1:21.

"Weep not for me, my parents dear,
Since I must go and leave you here;
With Jesus I shall happy be,
O parents! do not weep for me."

MEYERS.-On the 6th of June, in Dublin, Bucks Co., Pa., Mary Anne, daughter of Mahlon and Mary Meyers, aged 3 years, 3 months and 2 days. She was buried on the 9th at Deep Run, followed to the grave by many sympathizing friends.

"Weep not for me, my parents dear,
Since I must go and leave you here;
With Jesus I shall happy be,
O parents! do not weep for me."

LANDIS.-On the 1st of June, in Bucks Co., Pa., Samuel, son of John and Ida Landis, aged
5 weeks and 5 days. Buried on the 4th at the Deep Run meeting-house.

EMIG.-May 25th near Hellam, York Co., of bronchial affection, Wm. Luther Emig, aged 29 years, 9 months. Funeral on the 28th. Text: Job 16. Buried at the "Kreutz Creek" cemetery. A large congregation assembled to sympathize with the bereft family.

Transcriber's note: the phrase "bronchial affection" is transcribed as it appears.

HARRY.-May 31st, near Petersburg, Lan-caster Co., Pa., of hydrophobia, John F. Harry, aged 30 years, 11 months and 27 days. Funeral on the 3d of June. Text: Heb. 9:27 and 1 Saml. 20:3. Buried at the Moravian cemetery in Lititz. A deeply bereft widow and a large concourse of people followed his remains to the grave.

SHAUM.-On the 17th of December, 1889, Barbara Shaum, aged 73 years, 9 months and 7 days.

ROTH.-On the 20th of May, 1890, in Washington Co., Md., of the infirmities of old age, Pre. Daniel Roth, aged 81 years and 15 days. Buried at the Clear Spring Mennonite church. He was ordained to the ministry in the spring of 1868, and was a faithful laborer until a few years ago, when he grew too feeble to attend meeting. Funeral services on the 22d by Abram Shank from Virginia, and Philip Par-rett from Pennsylvania.

BAKER.-In Wadsworth Twp, Medina Co., Ohio, June 11th, 1890, Jacob H. Baker, born in Skippack Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., on Jan. the 28th, 1794. In his single days he went from his native place to Northampton Co., Pa., where, on the 14th of September, 1820, he was married to Anna Overholt, daughter of Pre. William Overholt. This union was blessed with three children-George Baker of Easton, Wayne Co., Susannah Baker of Wadsworth Twp., Medina Co., and W. O. Baker of Louis-ville, Stark Co., who are still living. The mother of the family died nearly 26 years ago. In 1836 he moved with his family to Wads-worth Twp., Medina Co., Ohio, where he re-sided nearly 54 years. While yet young, he and his wife became members of the Menno-nite church, and both remained such during their lives. Their remains now lie side by side in the Mennonite cemetery of Wadsworth Twp., Medina Co., awaiting the "resurrection morn." His life was prolonged to 96 years, 4 months and 14 days. On the 13th he was followed by a large concourse of friends and neighbors to his last resting place. The ser-vices were conducted by Henry Beery in Ger-man, and Jacob Tyson in English, from John 5:28, 29.

DETWEILER.-On the 22d of June, near Huntsville, Logan Co., Ohio, Lovina, wife of Joel Detweiler, aged 64 years, 7 months and 11 days. She had been sickly for one whole year, but bore her sickness with Christian fortitude, without complaining in the least. Shortly before her death she expressed a wish that she might fall asleep and never wake again in this world. Her wish was gratified. She leaves her husband and 8 children to mourn her departure, yet they mourn not as those who have no hope. She was a faithful sister in the church. Funeral services by J. C. Yoder in German, and A. Miller in English, from Psa. 102: 12.

RAMSEYER.-On the 19th of June, in McLean Co., Ill., very suddenly, Mary L. Ramseyer, maiden name Risser, aged 22 years, 11 months and 4 days. She united with the church in her early youth and was a beloved member. On the 14th of February, 1888, she was united in matrimony with Michael L. Ramseyer with whom she lived happily until death snatched her away, but we believe that she has entered that better life where she can for ever be with Jesus. She was buried on the 22d, at the North Danvers Mennonite church. A very large procession-168 teams-followed her remains to the grave. Appropriate services were held at the house by Peter Shantz and J. H. Stutzman, and at the meeting house by Joseph Stuckey from Psa. 102:12; Psa. 103:15 and Jer. 22:10.

GEHMAN.-On the 11th of June, in Bucks Co., Pa., Elizabeth, wife of John Gehman, aged 77 years and 5 months. She was buried on the 15th at the Deep Run M. H. Funeral services were held from Psa. 92:12. Many friends followed her remains to the grave.

LANDES.-On the 19th of June, in Plumstead Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., Moses Landes, aged 87 years, 7 months and 11 days. He was buried on the 22d at Deep Run. Text, Isa. 35:10.

MEYERS.-On the 19th of May, in Dublin, Bucks Co., Pa., Ezra, son of Mahlon and Mary
Meyers, aged 1 year, 1 month and 22 days. Buried on the 22d at Deep Run.

"A bud the Gardener gave us,
A sweet and loving child;
He gave it to our keeping
To cherish undefiled.

But just as it was opening
To the glory of the day,
Down came the heav'nly Gard'ner
And took the bud away.

Sleep, Ezra, sleep; 'tis hard to part
But God has thought it best;
To give you almost broke our heart,
But now you are at rest.

Transcribed by Nancy Regan, Washington.


Herald of Truth, Vol. XXVII, Number 14, July 15, 1890, pages 221 and 222


JONAS SLUTTER died in Gardner, Grundy Co., Ill., June 15th, 1890, in the 86th year of his age. For several months our friends and neighbors had been daily expecting the death of Grandpa Slutter, as he had been confined to his bed since January, yet he was free from pain and suffering, only waiting for an iron constitution to slowly wear out, paying nature's debt, as for two years he bad been failing. Nevertheless when the tolling bell rang out its notes on Sunday afternoon, it had its effect on the community, where he had so long been held in high esteem, a great, generous hearted-man has gone from our midst, but his words of wisdom will live in our memory.

Jonas Slutter was born in New Britain, Bucks Co., Penn. His early days were spent in the East, though he traveled much for those days, having crossed the Alleghany mountains seventeen times on horseback, the most rapid transit in those days. He made his last trip to the wild west (Ohio) in 1835. He married Mary Agard of Wadsworth, Ohio, in 1847. Their family consisted of four children, Mrs. Almeda Crawford, of Braceville, Ill., Owen M., of Joplin, Mo., Mary Alice died 1869, Jesse A. of Colorado.

He, with his family, came farther, and settled in Morris, Ill., in 1858. There a few years were spent on a farm, but this not being adapted to his calling he retired from active life, and during the last 20 years has resided in the home where he died.

His life was a moral one. He held to no sectarian creed, but was a liberal in the broadest sense of the word. Old age is the night of life as night is the old age of day. Still night is full of magnificence, and for many is more briliant than day. Mrs. H. A. CRAWFORD.

Transcriber's note: the word "briliant" is transcribed as it appeared.


STOLTZFUSZ.-On the 30th of June 1890, in Lyon Co., Kansas, of cholera infantum, Frankie, son of David and Elizabeth Stoltzfusz, aged 2 years and 6 days. He was buried in Borntrager's graveyard. Funeral services by J. J. Borntrager from Matt. 19:13-15.

HORST.-On the 28th of May, near Chambersburg, Pa., Salome Horst, aged 70 years, 4 months and 12 days. Her last words were,

"Vater, nimm an meinem Ende,
Meine Seel' in Deine Haende."

SCHIEDEL.-On the 10th of June 1890, near Breslau, Ontario, Lydia Ann, wife of Simon Schiedel, and only daughter of Bro. and Sister Menno Weber, deceased, aged 23 years, 5 months and 14 days. She leaves her husband and two little children to mourn her early departure. Funeral services by Noah Stauffer and Moses Weber, from Rev. 14: 13. She accepted Christ as her salvation a few months before her death, and died in the triumphs of the Christian faith.

ROPP.-On the 11th of June 1890, in Bureau Co., Ill., of old age, Bish. Andrew Ropp, at the advanced age of 82 years, 9 months and 5 days. Seven children, 42 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren survive him. His wife and two daughters preceded him. Though many relatives and friends mourn his departure, yet they mourn not as those who have no hope. He was buried on the 13th in the Amish Mennonite graveyard in Pleasant Grove, Tazewell Co., Ill., on which occasion appropriate remarks were made by Joseph Springer, Chr. Naffzinger, Andrew Buerky and Jacob Naffziger of Tazewell county and Joseph Buerky of Bureau Co., in the meeting-house, and by J. P. Schmitt of Livingston Co., at the grave. The gathering of friends on this occasion was the largest of the kind ever witnessed by the writer.

EBY.-On the 16th of June, in Paradise Twp., Lancaster Co, Pa., very suddenly, Hetty Anne, wife of Phares Eby, and daughter of Moses and Susan Snavely, aged 22 years, 5 months and 10 days. Services by Isaac Eby and John Landis from Rom. 6:23.

My husband, do not grieve for me,
Do not lament nor mourn,
For I shall with my Savior be
When you are left alone.

Dear parents, oft you looked for me,
And often saw me come;
But now I'm gone from hence away,
To my celestial home.

My brother, do not mourn for me
In heaven I hope you all to see,
Where parting words are heard no more,
But dwell fore'er on Canaan's shore.

Although I never can return,
Let this not grieve the heart,
For you will shortly come to me,
Then we shall never part.
Her Aunt A. E.

FUNK.-On the 16th of June, 1890, in Chester Co., Pa., of heart disease, very unexpectedly, Bro. John Funk, aged 66 years and 5 days. He leaves a widow, three sons and one daughter. The funeral services were held by Jacob Hunsberger at the house and J. K. Brubaker of Lancaster Co., at the meeting-house. Bro. Funk was beloved and esteemed, especially by those who knew him best, and his sudden death brings sorrow and mourning to the large circle of friends and relatives. The funeral was probably the largest one ever held at this meetinghouse. "Be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh.

STOVER.-On the 18th of June, near Dublin, Bucks Co., Pa., Ephraim Stover, of consumption, aged 49 years, 8 months and 7 days. He was buried at the Blooming Glen meeting-house, on Sunday, the 22d. His funeral was one of the largest that has been held in this vicinity for some time. He leaves many friends to mourn his death.

KRUBILL- On the 23d of June, 1890, in West Liberty, Logan Co., Ohio, Elhes B., son of
Daniel and Rachel Krubill, aged 8 months. Buried on the 24th at South Union. Funeral
services by C. K. Yoder in German and by J. F. Brown in English.

YODER.-On the 2d of May, near Huntsville, Ohio, Lydia, daughter of Levi and Rebecca Yoder, aged 1 year and 2 months.

CLAY.-On the 24th of June, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of diphtheria, Emma Elona, daughter of Henry and - Clay, aged 5 years, 6 months and 5 days. Buried at Olive meeting-house on the 25th, where services were held by John P. Funk from 1 Peter 1:24, 25. This is the third little one whom Jesus called away from the sorrows of earth to the home of the blest. May God sanctify this affliction to the bereaved parents and children that are still remaining, and may each one look forward with an earnest desire toward the glorious rest which remaineth for the people of God.

"Leaves have their time to fall,
And flowers to wither at the North wind's breath-
But all-thou hast all
Seasons for thine own, O death!"

REIFF.-Israel Reiff was born January 8th 1835. Died June 24th 1890. Aged 55 years, 5 months and 16 days. Was buried on the 27th at Reiff's church. The funeral procession was the largest that ever came to that place. Services by Adam Baer and Philip Parrett. He leaves a sorrowing wife and ten children, two of whom are married. His aged father, David Reiff, who is now in his 92d year survives him, though he is very feeble. He had been a member of the old Mennonite church for a number of years, but was back from the church for some time. He often said that he would like to come into the church again. Lately he told the writer of this article that he had a desire to be in the church again; but before he got this accomplished, he was taken into the spirit-world. He was a man of great influence in the entire community in which he lived, and, although back from membership and church counsel he liberally contributed to the church
whenever needed. J. W. Eby.

ZOOK.-On the 29th of June in Logan Co., Ohio, Nanny, daughter of Gideon and Mary Zook. At the age of only a few months she took convulsions of the bowels, then spinal disease affected her, and thus she lived to the age of 19 years, 5 months and 4 days. Nine days before she died she suffered a good deal of pain in her bowels. She was buried on the 30th at the North Salem church. While she was afflicted she still had a great desire to have her young brother come to her in the evening and sing the tune, "Sweet By-and-By," and at last her "sweet by-and-by" came, and she is at rest. Her weight generally was about 25 lbs. Funeral sermon in English and German by Jonas C. Yoder from Psa. 16: 6.

MUMMA.-June 14th, near Landisville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister Ella B., daughter of Bro. and Sister Jonas Mumma; aged 19 years and 14 days. Funeral on the 18th. Text: Phil. 1:21 and Psa. 102: 1. Buried at Landisville meeting-house. A large congregation assembled on the solemn occasion. This dear young sister embraced religion during her sickness. What a comfort for her parents and brothers and sisters. Peace to her ashes!

SAYLORS.-June 20th, in Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister Annie Saylors, aged 25 years, 11 months and 12 days. Funeral on the 23d; Text: Luke 7:50. Buried at Stern's meeting-house.

CHARLES.-June 21st, in Donegal, Lancaster Co., Pa., of typhoid fever, Abraham, son of Bro. and Sister Joseph Charles, aged 17 years, 8 months and 24 days. Funeral on the 24th; Text, Luke 7:14. Buried at Kraybill's meeting-house. May the good Lord comfort the bereft parents.

COOPER.-June 23d, in Harrisburg, Pa., Pearl F., only child of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Cooper, aged 3 months and 18 days. Funeral on the 25th; Text: Mark 10:15. Buried at Landisville meeting-house, Lancaster Co., Pa.

HOOLEY.-On the 28th of June, in Wayne Co., Ohio, of consumption, Eatavina*, wife of Jacob Hooley, aged 30 years, 2 months and 26 days. She was a peace-loving member of the church and a faithful young mother in Zion. She leaves many friends, an evidence of which was the large number of people that followed her to the grave at the Oak Grove meeting-house on the 29th. Funeral services by J. K. Yoder and D. Z. Yoder. The deceased sister was mother and stepmother of 8 children.
*Name is Catharine - see Jacob Hooley obituary - Oct. 15 1891  - Correction by D. Richard Miller, Goshen, IN - tlm

DETWEILER.-On the 8th of June, near Amish, Johnson Co, Iowa, Barbara, infant daughter of Menno and Elizabeth Detweiler, aged 10months and 12 days. The funeral on the 10th was quite largely attended, notwithstanding the rainy weather. Services by J. J. Guengerich and J. F. Schwartzentruber.

"Dearest Barbara, thou hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us,-
He can all our sorrows heal."

Transcribed by Nancy Regan, Washington.

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