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Herald of Truth, Vol. XXX, No. 1, January 1, 1893 - Page 22, 23

KRONK - On the 10th of October, 1892, in Elkhart, Elkhart Co., Ind., Anna Maria Eschelberger, wife of Anthony Kronk, aged 77 years, 3 months and 11 days. She was born in Adams Co., Pa., on the 30th of July, 1815. After she had reached her majority, her parents, with the family, moved to Columbiana Co., Ohio. She was married to her surviving husband, Anthony Kronk on the 21st of November, 1839 and with him moved to Elkhart, Ind., 1869, where they have since lived. The fruits of their marriage were 11 children, ten, four sons and six daughters, survive her. She was a faithful and devoted wife, a kind and beloved mother and was beloved and respected by those who knew her. She had been raised in the Lutheran faith, but some years ago she was baptized and united with the Mennonite church of which she continued a faithful member to the time of her death. She was sick only five days after which she calmly fell asleep. We hope she has gone to that Savior whom she sought to serve. May we all follow the footsteps of our Redeemer, and at last meet her again where sickness and death are no more. Services were held in the Mennonite church in Elkhart by J.S. Coffman and John F. Funk from Jno. 19:27.

MISHLER - Dec. 11, 1892, near Nappanee, Ind., of consumption, Julia Ann Mishler, maiden name Blauch, widow of David S. Mishler, aged 32 years, 5 months and 17 days. Five years ago her husband was killed instantly by a falling limb of a tree. She was a consistent member of the Amish Mennonite church, and bore her affliction with Christian fortitude. On several occasions she had advice to conform with the fashions of the world, but refused. Previous to her death she made mention of this and was so glad she had not heartened to the adversary. She leaves two children and one brother to mourn their loss. Buried on the 13th at the Brick meeting-house. Services in the Amish Mennonite meeting-house at Nappanee by David Burkholder in German and Jas. H. McGowen in English from Heb. 10:39.

BRUBAKER - Margaret E., beloved wife of John A. Brubaker, departed this life at her home near Rockton, Clearfield Co., Pa., on the morning of Nov. 23, 1892. The deceased was a daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Schofield, and was born at Colb Creek, Delaware Co., Pa., Oct. 14th, 1841. She was united in marriage to John A. Brubaker, May 14, 1865, Pre. Alex McCloud officiating. Two sons and a daughter blessed this union. The heavenly smile that lit up her face just before she passed away has called to mind the following poem.
Beside the dead I knelt in prayer, and felt a presence as I prayed,
Lo! it was Jesus standing there. He smiled: "Be not afraid!"
Lord thou hast conquered death, we know; Restore again to life, I said,
This one who died an hour ago, he smiled: "She is not dead!"
Asleep then, as thyself didst say; yet thou canst lift the lids that keep,
Her prisoned eyes from ours away! He smiled: "She doth not sleep!"
Nay then, though happily she do awake and look upon some fairer dawn,
Restore her to our hearts that ache! He smiled: "She is not gone!"
Alas! as well we know our loss, nor hopes again our joy to touch.
Until the stream of death we cross, He smiled: "There is no such."
Yet our beloved seems so far, the while we yearn to feel them near,
Albeit with Thee we trust they are, He smiled, "And I am here."
Dear Lord how shall we know that they still walk unseen with us and Thee,
Nor sleep nor wander far way, He smiled: "Abide in me."

DETWEILER - On the 8th of December, 1892, near Dublin, Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., Jacob M. Detweiler, aged 44 years, 2 months and 13 days. He left home after supper to go over to his neighbor, Squire Stear, about three quarters of a mile away, to arrange some financial matter. He took his walking cane saying he would go across the field. As he did not return the family became uneasy, and began to search for him with the help of neighbors. They finally found him in a stream of water about three hundred yards from his house dead. His money, cane and watch and other articles were missing, and his purse and pocket book and a few pass books were found scattered about, showing that he had been murdered and robbed. That the murderer committed the terrible deed simply for money is evident, although he did not get much. Bro. Detweiler was a peaceful man, and was not known to have a single enemy. The remains were laid to rest on the 13th. Funeral services were conducted by Henry Godshalk and Isaac Rickert at the house and Isaac Myers and Henry Rosenberger at the Old Deep Run meeting house. About 1,500 people were present. It was the largest funeral ever witnessed in this peaceful and quiet neighborhood. He was a member of the Mennonite church and leaves his wife and one daughter to mourn their grievous loss. C. MYERS

FRY - Dec. 2, 1892, near Mastersonville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Harry C., son of David and Susan Fry, aged 3 years, 10 months and 2 days. Funeral services on the 5th. Text, Ps. 16:6. Buried at the Mastersonville meeting-house.

NELSON - On the 26th of Nov. 1892, in Shipshewana, LeGrange Co., Ind., Susie, daughter of C.M. and Nancy Bontrager, aged 20 years, 5 months and 21 days. She was buried on the 28th in Miller's graveyard three miles east of Shipshewana. Funeral services by D. Miller, Jacob Weaver and Benjamin Leer. Husband, parents, brothers and sister and a large circle of relatives mourn her departure. She was married July 2d to Thomas U. Nelson. Soon after her marriage she took sick and was an invalid to the time of her death. During the last month of her illness she suffered much, but bore it patiently and had to desire to get well again. About a week before she died she made peace with her God and was baptized, after which she called her husband and the rest of the family to her bedside and talked to them about heaven and wished to meet them all there. She chose her minister to preach at the funeral, and the hymn, "When peace like a river," to be sung. Before she died she assured them that she will be here only a short time, and gave them all a kiss and bade them all good bye in this world and hoped to meet them all in the glory world, where there is always job and peace. She said they should not mourn over her, for everything was well with her. She was a bright young lady and was respected by all. She was a woman of no little literacy talent, and enjoyed literacy and Sunday school work in which she was always ready to take active part. She was a member of the Elkhart County Normal in 1889 and while in attendance there she made many friends.
"Sister, thou wast mild and lovely, gentle as the summer breeze;
Pleasant as the air of evening where it floats among the trees.
Peaceful be thy silent slumber, peaceful in thy grave so low;
Thou no more wilt join our number, thou no more our songs shalt know.
Dearest sister, thou hast left us, here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.
Yet again we hope to meet thee when the day of life has fled;
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee, where no farewell tear is shed."

HENDRICK - On the 14th of December, 1892, at Cedars, Montgomery Co., Pa., of consumption, Sister Lizzie, youngest daughter of Jacob and Catharine Hendrick, aged 18 years, 11 months and 23 days. She was buried on the 17th in the Towamensing church-yard. Funeral services by Chr. Allebach, Jno. Hunsberger, Jacob Loux and Jacob Mensch. Text, 1 Pet. 1:24, 25. She leaves her parents, one brother and three sisters to mourn her early death. She suffered for nearly two years, but during this time she was patient, looking to Jesus for comfort and trusting in him for salvation.

OSWALD - On the 3d of Dec. 1892, Barbara Oswald, maiden name Kennel, aged 77 years, 6 months and 2 days. She was born in Bravaria, Germany, came with her parents to America in 1829, then settling in Butler, Co., Ohio. On the 20th of August, 1849, she was united in matrimony with John Oswald. They afterward moved to Morton, Tazewell Co., Ill. She leaves 2 sons, one daughter, 2 brothers and 2 sisters and many friends to mourn their loss. Her remains were laid to rest on the 6th in the Hirstein graveyard. Funeral services by Emanuel Hartman in English from 1 Phil. 1:21 and by David Augsburger and Michael Kinsinger in German from Rev. 14:13.

BRESSLER - On the 9th* of November, 1892, in Whiteside Co., Ill., of the infirmities of old age, sister _____*Bressler, maiden name Neff. She was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., in the year 1800, and was a few months over 92 years old. She had been in her second childhood for about 12 years, and had to be cared for as a child. She was patient and never heard to murmur, and when her time of departure came she fell quietly asleep, after having partaken of her usual meal. Funeral on the 11th at Sterling. Services by Philip Nice, assisted by Bre. Baldwin and Pre. Keltner. Her funeral was largely attended.
*Note: Name was Frances - tombstone shows death date as Nov. 5, 1892 - See Find A Grave # 84357784 Received from Royce Hostetler March 23, 2015

GOCHANAWER - On the 15th of December, 1892, in Harrison Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., of a complication of disease, Bro. Samuel Gochanawer, aged 74 years, 3 months and 25 days. He had been in feeble health for a number of years. He was a faithful brother in the church, and beloved and respected by all. He was never married, but lived with his two sisters (also unmarried) for many years. Several years ago one sister died, and now that the brother is gone, the one sister is left to wait alone for the appointed time when God shall call her home. Bro. Gochanawer was buried at the Yellow Creek Church on Saturday Dec. 17th. Services were conducted by Amos Mumaw, David Burkholder and John F. Funk from 1 Cor. 5:1. Peace to his ashes.

ZURFLUH - On the 3d of December, 1892, near Bluffton, Allen Co., Ohio, of consumption, Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham Zurfluh, aged 29 years, 7 months and 9 days. She gave bright evidence of full assurances in God, and had a desire to depart and be with Christ. She leaves her sorrowing parents and brothers and sisters to mourn her early departure, but they need not mourn as those who have no hope. May God comfort them in their sad affliction. Funeral services were held by F. Zeller assisted by J.F. Funk of Elkhart, Ind. Text, Ps. 90:12.

STERN - On the 19th of October, 1892, in Lancaster Co., Pa., of consumption, of which she suffered long, wife of Christian Stern, aged 28 years, 9 months and 2 days. She leaves her sorrowing husband, a son and a daughter to mourn her departure. She was a beloved sister in the church. Her remains were buried at Risser's meeting-house. Funeral services from Rev. 7:14-17. A large circle of friends followed the remains to the grave.

RISSER - On the 22d of November, 1892, in Lancaster Co., Pa., of consumption and dropsy, wife of Abraham Risser, aged 73 years, 9 months and 24 days. She leaves a sorrowing husband, one son and several grandchildren. A daughter preceded her in death. She suffered greatly, but bore it all patiently, and longed to depart and be with Christ. Her remains were followed to the grave at Risser's meeting-house by a great number of sympathizing friends. Funeral services from Heb. 4:9.

MEYER - On the 15th of November, 1892, in Lancaster Co., Pa., of protracted suffering of dropsy and consumption, wife of Christian Meyer, aged 57 years, 8 months and 9 days. She leaves her bereaved husband and two unmarried daughters. She was a respected member of the Lutheran church. She was buried at Risser's meeting-house where a large concourse of friends assembled to pay their last tribute of respect to the departed. Funeral services from Ps. 16:6.

BORNTRAGER - Nov. 24, 1892, in Shipshewana, LaGrange Co. Ind., Laura May, daughter of Eli and Katie Borntrager, aged 10 days. Buried on the 26th. Funeral services by J.D. and D.D. Miller.
"Fond parents, calm the heaving breast, the Savior called her home;
Grieve not, your darling is at rest beyond this vale of gloom.
Let hope's bright beams dispel the gloom that fills your throbbing breast;
'Twas Jesus kindly bade her come, and called her to her rest."

FOLTZ - On the 21st of September, 1892, in Lancaster Co., Pa., after a protracted period of suffering from cancer, Barbara Foltz, aged 50 years, 8 months and 5 days. Buried in Campbelltown, Lebanon Co. Funeral services from Phil. 1:21. Sister Foltz was a faithful member of the Mennonite church and bore her suffering patiently. She was never married.

BOLLER - On the 30th of November, 1892, in Peoria, Ill., Henry K. Boller. He had been in the employ of F. Meyer Bros. & Co., 1313 S. Adams St., Peoria, as a book keeper for several years. He was taken sick on the 26th of November, and what he thought at first to be only a slight indisposition quickly developed into lung fever and pneumonia, under which he sank rapidly until death relieved him of his sufferings. He leaves a wife and one child, parents, fours sisters and two brothers to mourn his sudden death.

HOOVER - On the 19th of November, 1892, in Harrison Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., of dropsy, Noah David, son of Noah (deceased) and Alice Hoover (now the wife of Anthony Culp). He was born in Marshall Co., Ind., and was aged 6 years, 10 months and 24 days. He seemed to bear his affliction patiently. He had much to say about his father, whom he had never seen, but whom he had a desire to meet on the other shore. He was buried on the 21st at Yellow Creek. Services by Noah Metzler and Amos Mumaw from Luke 18:16 and Matt. 18:3.

GARHART - On the 25th of November, 1892, four miles north east of Elkhart, Ind., Mabel, daughter of _____ Garhart, aged 3 years, 4 months and 2 days. Buried at Forest Grove, near Middlebury, Ind. Services at the Dunkard church in Forest Grove by D.D. Miller from Ps. 16:5, 6.

HIESER - On the 8th of November, 1892, near Pekin, Tazewell Co., Ill., of the infirmities of old age and other complaints, Bro. Joseph Hieser, aged 74 years, 8 months and 8 days. He leaves an aged widow, three sons and four daughters to mourn his death. He begged his family not to weep for him, for he said he was going home to Jesus. His remains were laid to rest at Pleasant Grove on the 10th. Funeral services by David Augsburger of Washington, Pre. King of Mackinaw, P. Ropp of Pekin, and J. Burckey of Tiskilwa.

WEAVER - On the 30th of November, 1892, in Paint Twp., Somerset Co., Pa., Bro. Jonas Weaver, aged 81 years, 4 months and 6 days. He was buried on the 3d of December in the family graveyard. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for many years. His son Jacob died a few months ago. He leaves two daughters to mourn their loss. Funeral sermon was preached by Bish. John N. Durr of Fayette Co., Pa., and Bish. Jonas Blough. Text, 1 Tim. 4:6-8.

Transcribed by C. Wheeler - British Columbia


Herald of Truth, Vol. XXX, No. 2, January 15, 1893, Page 37, 28

BORNTRAGER - On the 21st of December, 1892, in Shipshewana, Lancaster Co., Ind., Roy Oscar, son of Eli and Katie Borntrager, aged 5 years, 3 months and 21 days. Funeral services by J.D. Miller and D.D. Miller from Job 1:21.
"This lovely bud, so young and fair, called hence to early doom,
Just came to show how sweet a flower in Paradise would bloom.
Ere sin could harm or sorrow fade, death came with friendly care;
The opening bud to heaven conveyed, and bade it blossom there."

KAUFFMAN - On the 29th of November, 1892, in Wayne Co., Ohio, Michael Kauffman, aged within one day of 72 years. He was a member of the so-called Church of God, and for the last two years he had been living with Bro. D.H. Hauenstein, in Smithville, Ohio.

PEACHEY - Near Allensville, Pa., Dec. 21, 1892, Samuel M. Peachey, aged 61 years, 5 months and 20 days. Funeral services by John Peachey and Benjamin Hartzler. Our dear brother was much in prayer and communion with God in his latter days, and died, as he said to a brother, in "a good hope."

EBY - On the 19th of December, 1892, in Berlin, Ontario, of diphtheria, Phares Loyal, beloved son and only child of Silas and March Eby, aged 3 years, 7 months and 19 days. Buried in C. Eby's graveyard on the 20th. Funeral services conducted by Pre. Daniel Wismer and Joseph Nahrgang from John 14:1-4.

HERTZLER - Dec. 24, 1892, in Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pa., Bro. John Hertzler, aged 77 years, 2 months and 12 days. Funeral on the 27th. Text, Job 14:10. Buried at the Churchtown meeting-house. A sorrowing family mourn his departure. A large congregation assembled in respect for the beloved brother. Bro. Hertzler was a bright, shining light. Peace to his ashes.

COAKLY - On the 19th of December, 1892, near Hinton, Va., Daniel Coakly, aged 76 years, 8 months and 12 days. Buried at the Bank meeting-house on the 21st in the presence of many relatives. Funeral services by Gabriel Heatwole and Jos. F. Heatwole from John 11:28.

BLOSSER - On the 18th of December, 1892, at her home near Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co., Va., of asthma, dropsy and heart disease, Magdalena, wife of Bro. Peter Blosser, aged 61 years, 2 months and 9 days. Buried at Weaver's church on the 19th. Funeral discourse by Henry Wenger, Abm. Shenk and Gabriel Heatwole. She leaves a husband and eight children to mourn their loss, yet they need not mourn as those that have no hope. She was a member of the Mennonite church for many years, and by her walk and conduct in life she showed to the world that she lived for Christ. She lived to see all her children except one embrace the religion of the Savior she served, and may that one make the choice that his mother had made before it is forever too late.
"We miss thee from our home, dear mother, We miss the sunshine of thy face;
This world can never give another to fill our dearest mother's place.
We miss her kind and willing hand, we miss her fond and earnest care;
But in that bright and better land we hope our mother's love to share."

BEUTLER - On the 23d of November, 1892, in Leighton, Mahaska Co., Iowa, Jacob K. Beutler, aged 85 years, 10 months and 20 days. Buried on the 25th. Funeral services in the Reformed church. Text, 1 Sam. 25:1.

EICHER - On the 23d of December, 1892, in Fulton Co., Ohio, Peter Eicher, aged 63 years. He was a member of the Church of God, or Holdeman Mennonite denomination.

HEATWOLE - On the 21st of October, 1892, near Rushville, Virginia, of stricture of the bowels, Sister Elizabeth, wife of Bro. John D. Heatwole, aged about 64 years. Buried on the 23d at the Bank church in the presence of a large concourse of friends and relatives. Funeral services were conducted by Jos. F. Heatwole from Heb. 4:9. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite church for many years and leaves a bright hope for her husband, her children and friends.

HEATWOLE - On the 28th of November 1892, near Rushville, Va, of diphtheria, Nora, daughter of brother and sister Emmanuel and Catharine Heatwole, aged 8 years and 12 days. Buried on the 30th at the Bank meeting-house. Funeral services by Jos. F. Heatwole and Christian Brunk from Luke 8: 52.

KERLER - On the 16th of December, 1892, Catharine, infant daughter of M. and C. Kerler, aged 5 weeks and 2 days. Buried on the 18th in the Amish Mennonite graveyard in Indiantown, Ill. Funeral services by the ministers of that congregation.

STUTZMAN - On the 16th of December, 1892, near Milford, Seward Co., Nebr., Barbara (maiden name Schrock), wife of William Stutzman, aged 26 years, 1 month and 5 days. She was laid to rest in the Fairview cemetery. She leaves a husband, and five step-children, also father and mother, four brothers and three sisters to mourn her departure. She lived in matrimony only 6 months and 21 days. She was a member of the Amish Mennonite church. Funeral services by Joseph Shlegel and Jacob Stauffer. Texts, 1 Cor. 15:51-57 and 2 Cor. 5:10.

STAUFFER - On the 20th of December, 1892, Harold, infant son of Bro. Jacob and Sister Louise Stauffer, aged 3 months and 22 days. Buried on the 21st at the Indiantown A.M. meeting-house. Funeral services by J. Buercky and Jacob Ringenberg.

STAUFFER - On the 10th of December, 1892, near Milford, Seward Co., Neb., Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Phoebe Stauffer, aged 5 years, 2 months and 21 days. Funeral services by Joseph Rediger. Text, Matt. 25:1-13.

CASSEL - Dec. 23, 1892, near Junction, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister Barbara, wife of Bro. Jacob Cassel, aged 71 years, 2 months and 13 days. Funeral on the 26th. Text, 1 Thess. 4:13-18. Sister Cassel was a very modest, quiet and peaceable Christian woman. The bereft family need not mourn as those who have no hope. Buried at Kauffman's meeting-house. Peace to her ashes.

RILEY - On the 8th of December, 1892, near Milford, Seward Co., Neb., infant son of Rule and Lydia Riley, aged 1 month and 10 days. Services by Joseph Rediger. Text, Mark 10:13-16.

ROTHGEB - On the 25th of December, 1892, in Allen Co., Ind., after suffering a long time of lung and stomach trouble Hezekiah Rothgeb, aged 70 years, 1 month and 28 days. He was born in Rockingham Co., Vi., but left that place in his youth, living in different places in Ohio. He settled on a farm in the above named county over twenty years ago. He leaves an aged widow, two sons, two daughters, ten grandchildren and three brothers and sisters to mourn his death, yet not as those who have no hope. He was a member of the church for over fifty years, always apparently earnestly engaged in the word of the Master. Buried on the 27th in the Garret graveyard. Funeral services by Eli Stofer from 1 Thess. 4:18.

BIXLER - On the 7th of December, 1892, in DeKalb Co., Ind., of dropsy in the head, Lily, daughter of Michael and Catharine Bixler, aged 4 months less 3 days. Buried on the 8th in Fairfield Centre graveyard. Funeral services at the Pleasant Valley meeting-house by Eli Stofer. Lily had been here just long enough to imbed herself deeply in the affections of father, mother, brothers and sisters, yet God saw fit to transplant her into the heavenly field to bloom in that brighter and eternal world.

HARTMAN - On the 5th of December, 1892, at her home in Savannah, Ashland Co., Ohio, Katie Hartman, after having suffered untold anguish for many months of a miserable cancer of the variety known as the scirrhus. She was born in Milton Twp., Ashland Co., fifty-four years ago, and was much respected and beloved by all who knew her. She was a member of the Mennonite church, and since her residence here she has always been a patient, noble Christian lady. Her suffering has been such as to appeal to the tenderest sympathies of our citizens, and her fortitude has been a lesson to all. The funeral was held on the 7th at 2 o'clock at the residence of her brother, Levi Hartman. Her's has been a noble life, and our chief regret is that it has had so much of physical suffering in it. She leaves two brothers and a sister to mourn their loss.
"Katie dear has gone to rest, to be forever with the blest,
With Jesus and the saints above, where all is bliss and joy and love.
The hour of departure came, she heard the voice that called her home,
At length, oh Lord, her suffering ceased, thy servant now has died in peace."

BURCKHART - On the 29th of December, 1892, in Elkhart, Ind., of erysipelas, caused by a wound in the head, from a fall while unloading a car in the Lake Shore Railroad yards, John W. Burckhart, aged 36 years, 3 months and 28 days. He leaves a sorrowing companion, an aged mother and brothers and sisters to mourn his death. He was a member of the Mennonite church. While sick he felt his weakness and imperfections, and desired the prayers of God's people, and was led to see and acknowledge the goodness and mercy of God, and to look forward with a blessed hope of salvation through Jesus Christ. He was buried on the following Sunday at the Yellow Creek Mennonite meeting-house, where a large number of people where present. Services were held at the residence in Elkhart, by J.F. Funk, and at the meeting-house by Chr. Shaum and M. Ramer, assisted by M. Hoover and C. Baer. May God comfort the sorrowing friends.

WOLFORD - On the 14th of December, 1892, at Davidsville, Somerset Co., Pa., Charlotte Wolford, aged 53 years, 10 months and 22 days. The deceased, in company with a neighbor of Davidsville, went to Bethel Station intending to board the passenger train at 4 o'clock in the afternoon for Hooversville. A pay car came twenty minutes ahead of the passenger train. The two women wanted to get across the track, and just as Mrs. Wolford stepped on the track the engine struck and threw her several yards to one side. She was instantly killed. The remains were taken to the home of the deceased. The burial took place on the 16th at Davidsville, where a large concourse of friends and neighbors met to pay the last tribute of respect to one who left them so unexpectedly. This would be a warning to all to prepare for death, for we know not when it comes. The deceased leaves a bereaved husband, seven children, a number of brothers and sisters to mourn the loss of one that was dear to them. Funeral services by A. Berhard.

Transcribed by C. Wheeler - British Columbia

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