Herald of Truth Obituaries - March, 1893

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Herald of Truth , Vol. XXX, No. 5, March 1, 1893 - Page 86, 87

BRUBACHER - January 28th, 1893, in Elizabeth Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., after long and much suffering, Bro. John H. Brubacher, aged 67 yr., 6 mo., 26 d. Funeral on the 31st. Text 2 Cor. 4:16-18. Buried at Hammer Creek M. House. A large congregation assembled to sympathize with the bereft family and show their respect for the beloved brother. Bro. Brubacher was a consistent Christian.

COOK - On the 20th of January, 1893, near Elkhart, Ind., Chester, son of Mr. and Mrs. Shyons Cook, aged one year, four months and eighteen days. Buried on the 22d. Funeral services by J.S. Coffman.
Lead me sometimes where he's sleeping, to our little Chester's grave,
Where the ivy vines are creeping, where the blooming flowers wave,
Where the pine tree boughs are swinging in the balmy southern breeze,
And the birds are sweetly singing, in their homes among the trees.
Lead me sometime where he's sleeping, to that green and hallowed mound,
Where the bright young stars are peeping, through the trees that guard around,
Where so oft our hearts have blended in the earnest heartfelt prayer,
That in heaven, when life is ended, me may meet our darling there.
Selected by the parents.

NISSLY - February 1st, 1893, near Junction, Lan. Co., Pa., after great suffering, Bro. Daniel E. Nissly, aged 63 yr., 2 mo., 3 d. Funeral on the 4th. Text: Matt. 25:21. Buried in the family graveyard. A large congregation assembled to sympathize with the bereft family and to manifest respect to the memory of the beloved brother. Bro. Nissly was indeed "a living epistle, read of all men." He was a faithful brother, conscientiously striving to lead a Christian life. May the good Lord comfort his family.

CONELIN - January 17th, 1893, at the residence of John Forry, near Columbia, Lancaster Co., Pa., Susan Conkin, aged 69 y, 29 d. Funeral on the 20th. Text: Heb. 9:27, 28. Buried in Silver Spring Cemetery. The deceased worked for the Forry family about 52 years.

EBERLY - January 17th, 1893, at Durlach, Lancaster county, Pa., Bro. Elias Eberly, aged 62 y., 6 m. 15 d. Funeral on the 22nd. Text Rev. 22:12. Buried in the family graveyard. A large family mourn his departure. A large congregation assembled to pay the last solemn tribute of respect. Bro. Eberly was a useful man and a good counselor. May the good Lord comfort his family.

CLEMMER - On the 9th of January, 1893, near Berlin, Waterloo Co., Ont., Bro. Abram C. Clemmer, aged 77 years, 3 months and 17 days. He was buried on the 12th in Eby's graveyard. Funeral services by Bish. D. Wismer at the home, at the meeting house by Bish. E. Weber in the German language from John 5:24, 25 and Noah Stauffer in English from Rom. 6:26. Bro. Clemmer was born in Montgomery Co., Pa., Sept. 17, 1815; in 1825 he came to Canada with his parents. He united with the Mennonite church in his youth and was ever a faithful member, serving for a long time as chorister of Eby's congregation. He also took a deep interest in Sunday school work, and as long as health permitted took an active part in the work. About six years ago he was affected by an epileptic stroke from the effects of which he continued to fail in health until about a year ago, when a second stroke brought on fostering of the brain, since which he has failed more or less rapidly until the Lord called him up higher. His constant trust in all his affliction, was in God and he waited patiently for the call that should free him from all that is mortal. He leaves a sorrowing wife, 5 sons and 3 daughters and many relatives and friends to mourn the loss of a devoted husband, a beloved father and an esteemed brother and friend.

BOWMAN - On the 3d of February, 1893, in Berlin, Waterloo Co., Ont., after a protracted period of suffering, Isaac L. Bowman, aged 62 years, 8 months and 11 days. The remains were laid to rest on the 6th, in the Blair cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by D.B. Sherk. The deceased was for many years a faithful member of the U.B. church (Old Constitution) and also a local preacher of that body. He was a lover of education and was a successful teacher, serving also as principal of the Freeport Academy, and as Superintendent of Public Schools for Waterloo county years ago. In these capacities and that of surveyor in which business he was engaged in later years, he became widely known throughout Waterloo and other counties, and was highly esteemed as a citizen for his strict integrity, and for his kindliness and geniality, but above all for his humility and firmness to christian principles. He leaves a deeply bereaved wife and family of four sons and a large circle of warm friends to mourn his departure. He was resigned to his God and his end was peace. K.

LANTZ - On the 10th of February, 1893, in Liberty Twp., Howard Co., Ind., Lydia Lantz, aged 45 years, 4 m. and 24 d. Deceased was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, on the 16th of September, 1847. Funeral services were held on the 11th by Bish. E.A. Mast and D.C. Miller. Text Rev. 14:13.

SNYDER - On Feb. 12th, 1893, near Roseland, Neb., Jessie, wife of Christian Synder, aged 21 years and 26 days. Funeral services on the 15th by A. Young in English from Job 19:25, and A. Shiffler in German from Jobs 6:40.

BAER - January 27th, 1893, near Salungo, Lancaster Co., Pa., of "Grippe," Barbara N., infant daughter of Br. and Sister Henry M. Baer, aged two weeks. Buried on the 28th at Landisville M. House, Text: A few brief remarks on the brevity of life.

GOODMAN - On the 14th inst. Jennie, daughter of Jacob and Sarah Goodman, in her 17th year. She had been sick for a long time and suffered much pain while passing through life's journey. She was always averse to the thought of dying. She was subject to weak spells and on last Saturday she had one, and when she was over it she whispered in her sister's ear, "Oh Emma, that was a hard spell," but she said, "I do pray the good Lord that I will not choke while I have them." Shortly after that she drew her arms around her sister's neck and said, "Oh here I am; hold me tight!" She then closed her eyes and calmly fell asleep in Jesus. A Neighbor

SLABAUGH - On the 14th of February, 1893, near North Grove, Miami Co., Indiana, of Lung Fever, Johnny, son of Abram and Amanda Slabaugh, aged 11 months and 5 days. Funeral services by Bisp. E.A. Mast. Text 2 Sam. 12:23.
"Dearest Johnny, thou hast left us, here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'twas God who has bereft us. He can all our sorrows heal."

WEREY - On the 6th of February, 1893, near Pettisville, Fulton Co., Ohio, after a protracted illness, from dropsy, Benjamin Werey, aged 61 y., 2 m., 16 d. Bro. Werey was patient in suffering, and now he is at rest with Jesus, where he so often wished to be. Buried on the 8th. Funeral services by C. Wyse, Chr. Freyenberger and Chr. Stucky, from Titus 2:11-15. He was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite church.

McCONNELL - On the 23d of January, 1893, near Ridott, Stephenson Co., Ill., of lung trouble, Bro. Jeffry B. McConnell, aged 65 y., 11 m., and 25 d. Buried on the 25th, in the Mennonite cemetery. Funeral services by Philip Nice and C.C. Snavely. Text: 1 Thess. 4:13, 14. He leaves a widow and 3 children to mourn their loss, 4 children have preceded him to the spirit world. He united with the Mennonite church in the year 1864, and remained a faithful member of the church of Christ militant until he peaceably fell asleep in Jesus, and was called to join the church of Christ triumphant in the reign of glory.

FRIED - On the 27th of January, 1893, in Souderton, Montgomery Co., Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Jacob Fried, aged 81 y, 7 m, 10 d. Funeral services on the 31st in the Franconia graveyard. Funeral services by Josiah Clemmer and Abel Horning. Text: 1 Chr. 30:15.

KOPPES - January 30, 1893, of pneumonia, near Newton, Kansas, after an illness of 11 days, Jessie, daughter of Daniel and Kate Koppes, aged 1 y., 4 m., and 27 d. Funeral services at the Presbyterian M. House by Michael Horst and Jacob Winey from Isa. 40:6-8. "What shall I cry?" etc. and Matt. 19:14, "Suffer little children to come unto me." The bereaved little sisters selected hymn No. 78 to be sung on the occasion, and at the grave was sung the appropriate hymn No. 65.
"Go to thy rest, fair child, go to thy dreamless bed,." etc.

MUSSER - On the 4th of January, 1893, in Wayne Co., Ohio, Michael, son of Christian and Sarah Musser, aged 15 years and 12 days. One of Bro. Musser's neighbor's sons came in to spend the evening with the young people of the house, and while there he took a loaded pistol out of his pocket and by careless handling, accidentally shot Michael through the heart. The funeral occurred on the 7th at the Oak Grove M.H. The services were conducted by J.K. and D.Z. Yoder from Rev. 16:15. The funeral was very largely attended by relatives and friends.

STAUFFER - On the 2d of Feb., 1893, at the residence of Henry Ebersole, after a protracted illness of dropsy, Benjamin Stauffer, aged 74 years and 1 month. The deceased was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Jan. 2, 1819, where he grew to manhood and learned the miller's trade under his father. In 1839 he married to Catharine Buckwalter, and to this union nine children were born, five in Pennsylvania and four in Illinois. Bro. Stauffer moved with his family to Sterling, Ill., in 1852. Last fall, when realizing that he was growing old and infirm from disease, he sold out, and together with his wife made his home with his daughter, Emma (Mrs. Henry Ebersole), where he died. His widow still makes her home there. Bro. Stauffer was a life long member of the Mennonite church and was an honest, God fearing man, a good husband, father and neighbor. All his children survive him. They are Hetty, married to Benjamin Reaher at Hastings, Neb.; John, married to Ruth Burnet, and residing at South Haven, Kan.; Abram, married to Susan Martin, Henry, married to Anna Book; Barbara, married to Elias Ebersole; Frank married to Mary Sides, all of whom reside in Adams Co., Neb.; Emma's already mentioned as the wife of Henry Ebersole, resides in Sterling township; Eliza unmarried; Amos married to Fanny Waldeck and living in Custer Co., Neb. Only two of the children, Abram and Emma, were able to be present at the funeral which occurred on Sunday at 10 o'clock a.m. at the Science Ridge M.H. The services were conducted by Pre. Philip Nice of Sterling.

BUCHER - Near Mummasburg, Pa., Dec. 29, 1893, Anna Margaret, daughter of Jacob F. and Fannie Bucher, aged 18 days. Buried at Mussasburg, Dec. 31st. Funeral preached at the house by Bish. Daniel Shank and Martin Wisler. Text: John 11:4.
"Go to rest, fair child! Go to thy dreamless bed,
While yet so gentle, undefiled, with blessings on thy head.
Before thy heart had learn'd in waywardness to stray;
Before thy feet had ever turn'd the dark and downward way;
Ere sin had sear'd the breast, or sorrow work the tear;
Rise to thy throne of changeless rest in yon celestial sphere."

CRESSMAN - On the 6th of February, 1893, in Wilmot Twp., Waterloo Co., Ont., Elizabeth Cressman, aged 74 y., 5 m., 7 d. Buried on the 9th in Shantz's grave yard. Funeral services by Amos Cressman from Matt. 5:6 and Tobias Bowman from Heb. 4:9. The deceased was a faithful sister in the church since her youth. She was never married. J.B. Schmitt

HEATWOLE AND MARTIN - On the 10th of January, 1893, of diphtheria, after an illness of only a few days, Lena Mary, only daughter of Perry and Susan Heatwole, aged 4 years, 2 months and 20 days. On the 11th of January, 1893, of membraneous croup, Nettie, daughter of Snively and Nancy Martin, aged 3 years, 8 months and 25 days. These two children lived about one mile apart and were cousins. They were together often, and were very fond of each other, and would often say that nothing should separate them, not even death. Little Lena was the first to take sick and when Nettie heard that she was sick, she said, "Lena will die and I will die too." Whether this was a revelation or a child's fancy, it was nevertheless fulfilled; they never shall be separated, they are now "safe in the arms of Jesus" where they will ever dwell together around God's throne. Two little mounds side by side, mark the last resting place of their little bodies. At Weaver's M.H. appropriate funeral services were held on the 12th and 13th, by J. Heatwole and C. Good, Rockingham Co., Va.
"Oh, had we not some love for Christ how could we e're resign
The little ones we hold so dear, and learn not to repine?
But love to Christ imperfect yet, enables us to rest,
Calm in the thought that Jesus hath our lambs close to his breast."

DETWEILER - On the 31st day of January, 1893, in Souderton, Pa., of typhoid pneumonia, Catharine Detweiler, maiden name, Benner, aged 65 y., 9 m., 14 d. She suffered about two weeks. Her remains were buried in the Rockhill graveyard. Funeral services by Josiah Clemmer, Chr. Allebach and Abel Horning.

LEHMAN - Jan. 11th, 1893, near Pettisville, Fulton Co., Ohio, infant child of Henry and _____ Lehman, aged 11 months and 19 days. Buried on the 13th. Funeral services by Chr. Freyenberger and D. Wyse.

Transcribed by C. Wheeler - British Columbia


Herald of Truth , Vol. XXX, No. 6, March 15, 1893 - Page 102, 103

McMULLEN - On the evening of Feb. 25th, at his residence in the city of Chicago, Ill., of a lingering disease, James McMullen, aged about 65 years. He was born in Ireland in 1828. In 1833 his family emigrated to Halifax, N.S., removing shortly afterwards to Prescott, Ont., where they pursued farming for a livelihood. In 1843 they came to Chicago where James secured work in a lumber year packing shingles. Afterwards he was employed as a clerk and salesman in the yard of Alexander Officer. In 1861 he entered into co partnership with John F. Funk and Jacob Beidler, under the firm name of McMullen, Funk & Co. This firm was dissolved in the spring of 1866, and a new firm was formed under the name of McMullen and Officer, J.F. Funk having retired for the purpose of devoting himself more especially to the ministerial and publishing work. Mr. McMullen was a devout and faithful member of the Catholic church, a liberal giver to the poor, a man of sterling character, honorable and honest in all his dealings and highly respected by those who knew him. He was a brother to the late Bish. John McMullen of Davenport, Iowa. He leaves a sorrowing companion and six children to mourn his death.

WYSE - On the 9th of February, 1893, near Wayland, Henry Co., Iowa, of inflammation of the lungs, Maria, infant daughter of Peter and Catharine Wyse, aged 1 year, 4 months and 16 days.

WYSE - On the 18th of February, 1893, near Wayland, Henry Co., Iowa, of croup, Catharine, daughter of Stephen and Barbara Wyse, aged 5 years and 26 days.

ZOOK - On the 18th of February, 1893, in Liberty Twp., Logan Co., Ohio, Mary E. Zook, aged 12 years and 8 months. Buried on the 29th at the South Union meeting-house. Funeral services by C.K. Yoder and John H. Kauffman.

STOEVER - On the 13th of January, 1893, in Delaware Twp., Juniata Co., Pa., William, son of J.H. and Nancy Stoever, aged 1 month and 16 days. Buried on the 15th of January at the Delaware meeting-house. Funeral services by William Graybill from 2 Sam. 12:23.

GINDLESPERGER - On the 31st of January, 1893, in Roxbury, Cambria Co., Pa., of consumption, Sister Annie, wife of Bro. John Gindlesperger, aged 58 years, 4 months and 12 days. She was buried on the 2d of February at the Thomas Mennonite meeting-house in Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., Pa. Funeral services by Levi A. Blough in English, and Jonas Blough and Sam. Gindlesperger in German. The funeral was attended by many friends and neighbors. She left behind many friends, but they need not mourn at those who have no hope, for it appeared she had a desire to depart and be with Christ, which is far better.

KAUFFMAN - On February 28th, 1893, in Bowne, Kent Co., Mich., of apoplexy, Martha Kauffman, aged 67 years, 7 months and 24 days. Sister Kauffman leaves a large circle of relatives who mourn the loss of a dear grandmother. Funeral services by Peter Kime and C. Wenger.

CUSTER - On the 19th of February, 1893, in Kent Co., Mich., of dropsy, Jacob S. Custer, aged 45 years 10 months and 14 days. Bro. Custer was a faithful and devoted Christian. He leaves a sorrowing wife, two daughters and three sons. Funeral services by Peter Kime and C. Wenger from 2 Cor. 4:18.

KAUFFMAN - March 3d, 1893, near Belleville, Mifflin Co., Pa., infant daughter of Shem J. and Lizzie Kauffman, aged 3 months and 2 days. Funeral services on the 4th by Jos. H. Byler.

MILLER - On the 25th of Jan., 1893, on Pretty Prairie, Lagrange Co., Ind., Mary, wife of Tobias A. Miller, aged 42 years and 10 months, She leaves a sorrowing husband, six sons and two daughters to mourn her departure. May this bereavement lead the dear husband and children near to Him who can all our sorrows heal and who doeth all things well. She was a member of the Amish Mennonite church. Services in the Amish Mennonite meeting house on Pretty Prairie on the 26th by Peter Loug and D.D. Miller.

HOOVER - On the 3d of February, 1893, in Markham, York Co., Ont., suddenly, Christian B. Hoover, aged 62 years, 6 months and 22 days. Buried on the 15th at Wideman's graveyard. Bro. H. had been out at the stable doing chores and came into the house and was stricken down with paralysis which brought death in a few hours. Services by Jacob Wideman in German and by Samuel R. Hoover in English from 1 Cor. 15:1 and Job 14:14. A large congregation assembled in respect for the beloved brother.

CULP - On the 27th of February, 1893, in Lincoln Co., Ontario, Salome, wife of Jacob Culp, aged 60 years, 11 months and 11 days. Her maiden name was Albright. She had a stroke of paralysis some time ago which affected her mind. On the 25th she had another stroke, from the effects of which she passed away on the 27th. Her end was peace. She leaves a sorrowing husband and nine children to mourn their loss, yet they mourn not as those who have no hope. Buried on the 1st of March, at the Moyer meeting-house, followed to the grave by many relatives and friends. Peace to her ashes. J.F.R.

BYER - On the 19th of December, 1892, in Markham, York Co., Ont., Pre. (Dunkard) John H. Byer, aged 72 years, 9 months and 16 days.

BYER - On the 20th of December, 1892, suddenly, Margaret Cober, relict of the late John H. Byer, aged 68 years, 5 months and 5 days. They were buried on the 21st in Byer's graveyard, side by side in one grave. A large congregation assembled in respect for the beloved parents. Seldom has it been the mournful task in our locality to notice the sudden breaking up of a happy household by death as the passing away of Bro. Byer and his estimable wife. Bro. Byer was in fairly good health until Friday, the 9th of Dec., when he was seized with inflammation of the lungs (by over lifting) and died on the 19th. Sister Byer was in good health, but became very nervous as her husband began to sink, and on Sunday evening she had a stroke of paralysis and passed away on the 20th. Funeral services were held in Wideman's meeting-house by Peter Baker.

HOLDEMAN - On the 10th of January, 1893, in Baugo Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., of scarlet fever, Grace, youngest daughter of Abner and Emma Holdeman, aged 1 y., 6 m., and 14 d. Funeral services were conducted at the Olive church on Sunday afternoon, March 5th, by J.F. Funk and J.S. Lehman from Mark 10:13-16. May God comfort the sorrowing hearts of the parents and lead them to walk with joy the narrow way of eternal life until they shall meet again their darling Grace among the redeemed in heaven.

KENNEL - On the 7th of February, 1893, near Thurman, Col., infant son of Christian and Mattie Kennel, aged 16 days. Buried on the 9th in the churchyard near Thurman. Funeral services by Jacob Roth and Joseph Schrock. J.S.

KING - On the 1st of March, 1893, near Belleville, Mifflin Co., Pa., Mrs. Fannie King, (maiden name Hertzler), relict of Christian King who died in April 1859. She died suddenly at the advanced age of 95 years, 2 months and 6 days. She enjoyed remarkable good health for one of her age up to the time of her death. She died sitting upright in her chair about half an hour after she had eaten her breakfast. Funeral services on the 3d of March by Christian L. Yoder.

SHIRK - March 1, 1893, of the infirmities of old age, in Shoeneck, Lancaster Co., Pa., sister Fanny, widow of Peter Shirk, aged 91 years, 3 months and 19 days. She was buried in the cemetery at Steinmetz's meeting-house. Abraham Kurtz and Eli Hershey conduced the funeral services. Text, Matt. 24:44. A large congregation was assembled. Her husband died about 15 years ago. They were blessed with three sons and one daughter, two sons and one daughter preceded her to eternity. She was a member of the Mennonite church. Her maiden name was Weaver.

SNYDER - In Warwick township, Lancaster Co., Pa., after a short illness of apoplexy, Barbara, maiden name Brubacher, widow of Christian Synder. She died on the 21st of February and was buried in the family graveyard. Her age was 80 years and 25 days. A large congregation was assembled. Jonas Hess and John Myer conducted the funeral. Text, Phil. 1:21. She leaves 4 sons and 2 daughters. Deceased was a member of the German Baptist church. She also leaves one brother in Lancaster county.

CRUMBACHER - Feb. 22d, 1893, in Mahoning Co., Ohio, of pneumonia, John Crumbacher, aged 78 years, 2 months and 26 days. Interment at the Zion (Dunkard) church were services were conducted by C.B. Brenneman and John Barkholder. The funeral was very largely attended. He was a member of the Mennonite church.

EBY - On the 23d of February, 1893, near Leaman Place, Lancaster Co., Pa., of paralysis of the heart, produced by scarlet fever, John Mellinger, beloved son of Bro. John H. and sister Lizzie M. Eby, aged 10 years, 2 months and 21 days. Another family circle has been broken, a dear one removed. The parents, brothers, sisters and friends mourn the loss of a dear, loving son and brother. No more will we behold his smiling face here on earth, he has gone to be with angels above. He is calling to those who yet remain, to meet him in heaven. O what a joyful meeting that will be! No more will he join with us in our Sunday school, no more will he mingle his sweet voice with ours in singing the hymns he loved so well. O, Johnnie dear, we do miss you so much in our home. How gladly we would have kept him with us, but the all wise God saw fit to remove him from our midst, this being the first death in our family, it was very hard to part with the one we so much loved. God called him in his innocence and purity. But while we are mourning the loss of our dear boy, we are safe in saying that he is enjoying the beauties of the world beyond and is resting safe in the arms of Jesus. Funeral services on the 26th, by Pre. David Hostetter and Bish. Isaac Eby. Tex, Ps. 23.
"Though cast down, we're not forsaken, though afflicted, not alone.
Thou hast given, and Thou hast taken, Blessed Lord, "Thy will be done."
Thou hast left us and we miss thee, sadly miss thee, Johnnie dear,
In vain we listen for thy footsteps, still we're thinking thou art near."

WENGER - February 23, 1893, in Lebanon Co., Pa., after a lingering illness of dropsy, Bro. Jacob Wenger, aged 78 years, 5 months and 17 days. Funeral on March 1. Text, Heb. 13:7. Buried at the R?istsville meeting house. Bro. Wenger was a minister in the Mennonite church for about 38 years, at Krall's meeting house. A large congregation assembled to pay their last tribute of respect and love to the departed brother.

PINER - On the 10th of February 1893, near Rawley Springs, Rockingham Co., Va., of catarrhal fever, and inflammatory rheumatism, Bro. George Piner, aged 45 years, 4 months and some days. Buried on the 11th at the Mt. Clinton Mennonite church. Services by Gabriel D. Heatwole and others. He leaves a wife and nine children to mourn their loss, but they mourn not as those who have no hope.

HOSTETLER - On the 10th of Feb., 1893, in Emma, Lagrange Co., Ind., Bracie Bell, daughter of Uriah and _____ Hostetler, aged 6 years, 5 months and 14 days. Buried on the 12th at the Dunkard church. Services at Shore meeting house by N. Metzler and D.D. Miller.
"Bracie farewell, we give thee up, thy Father calls thee home;
And Jesus folds thee in His arms, who said to children "Come."
We know that thou art happy, with thine angel plumage on;
But our hearts are very desolate to think that thou art gone."

WIDEMAN - On February 12th, 1893, near Gormley's Corners, Markham, York Co., Ont., Sarah, beloved wife of Casper Wideman, aged 71 years, 7 months and 9 days. Buried on the 14th, in the Dunkard graveyard. Funeral services by Samuel Baker. Text, 2 Cor. 5:1, 2. A large congregation assembled in respect for the beloved sister.

SMITH - On the 4th of February, 1893, in Yaughan township, York Co., Ont., Samuel Smith, aged 59 years, 11 months and 22 days. Buried on the 7th in Smith's graveyard. Funeral services by Samuel R. Hoover from Amos 4:12 and Samuel Baker from Jno. 11:26, " I am the resurrection and the life."

LOYER - On the 1st of February, 1893, near Pashan, Lagrange Co., Ind., Phoebe, adopted child of Aaron and Amanda Yoder, aged 5 years, 5 months and 13 days. Buried on the 3d. Services at Shore meeting house by P.Y. Lehman, in German, and D.D. Miller in English.
"Jesus loves a little child, smiling in its glee,
Says of such in accents mild, let them come to me.
Let them come, forbid them not, they will sing around the throne,
Millions now are singing there, millions more may come."

WENGER - On Feb. 23, 1893, near Eight Mill, Cass Co., Mo., at the home of his brother S.B. Wenger, of typhoid fever, Bro. Samuel Wenger, aged 22 years, 5 months and 18 days. He left his home in Rockingham Co., Va., about one year ago, and resided with his brother in Cass Co., Mo. In January of the present year he visited with relatives and acquaintances in Morgan Co., Mo., and was taken sick shortly after his return to this county. Though every possible means was taken to stay the progress of the disease, his constitution gradually yielded to the inevitable. His mother, two brothers and one sister were present when the final summons came. He was a young man of most exemplary Christian character and he died sincerely regretted by a wide circle of relatives and sympathizing friends. L.J.H.

MOSIER - On the 14th of February, 1893, in Allen Co., Ohio, George Mosier, aged 51 years, 10 months and 8 days. The subject of this sketch was an invalid for about ten years, being confined to his room for the greater part of the time, and a great sufferer. He was a good citizen, just and upright in his dealings, and a kind neighbor. When the writer first spoke to him about his prospects for the future, he claimed that he was prepared to die, his plea being morality, and it was only after many visits and long perseverance that he, by the grace of God, was brought to see the need of a Savior. Having made peace with his God he was again asked whether he did not feel that after all he had better not make the change, to which he replied, "Oh no, all that I now regret is that I did not accept Christ as my Savior long ago." Prior to his death he was received into the Mennonite church by baptism, and from the evidences left us we have reason to believe that de died trusting in his Savior. He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his departure, but with what thankfulness can they look up through their tears unto Him who even in the eleventh hour hath translated their loved one from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear Son where the reward is reckoned not of debt, but of grace. Buried on the 17th. Funeral services by J.M. Shenk and the writer, from Matt. 20:26, "Why stand ye here all the day, idle?" Peace to his ashes.


Transcribed by C. Wheeler - British Columbia

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