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Herald of Truth , Vol. XXXI, No. 17, September 1, 1894 - pp. 270, 271

Kraus.-On the 25th of July, 1894, in Wayne Co., Ohio, of scarlet fever, Noah William son of Jacob and Lizzie Kraus, aged 2 yrs. and 8 days. Services by Isaac A. Miller and Pre. Murray.
I. A. Miller.

Yoder.-On the 5th of August 1894, in Wakarusa, Ind., of cholera infantum, Wave I., son of Nicholas and Clara Yoder, aged 9 m., 3 d. Funeral services were held at the M. E. church by Rev. Haring. Buried in the North Union cemetery.
"Farewell, farewell, O Wavie dear,
Now in your grave you sleep,
Your loving form is resting there,
And o'er your grave we weep."

Eshleman.-On August 14th, 1894, near Reid, Washington Co., Md., of a lingering disease, sister Susan Eshleman, widow of the late Bro. Jos. Eshleman (deceased), in the 68th year of her age. She was for many years a consistent member of the Mennonite denomination. Leaves seven sons and four daughters to mourn her departure, but they need not mourn as those who have no hope. On the 16th of August she was buried at Miller's M. H. The funeral was largely attended. Services by the brethren J. C. Miller and Henry Baer of this place and Erasmus Shank of Augusta Co., Va. Text, Matt. 24:44: "Therefore, be ye also ready."
I. W. Eby.

Shisler.-Lydia Shisler was born in Stark Co., Ohio, Aug. 16th 1822; died in Wayne Co., Ohio, July 18th 1894, aged 71 years, 11 months and 2 days. She was married twice; her first husband's name was Joseph Burger. To this union were born four children, two of whom are still living. The second husband's name was Daniel Shisler; to this union was born one son, still living. She also leaves two sisters and one brother. One of the sisters has been in bed for over a year. Sister Shisler was a great sufferer with rheumatism for twelve years, and was helpless for the last five years. She was an example of Christian patience in her severe afflictions. She was a faithful follower of Christ for many years. Elias Shrock and J. C. Hoover conducted the funeral services from Psalm 119:50 and 2 Cor. 8:9. The day before she died she sang,
"O come, angel band,
Come and around me stand,
O bear me away on your snowy wings,
To my immortal home."
She used to sing very much during the last five years, "O how I long to be at home." Now she is at home with her Jesus, forever at rest.
T. L. Miller.

Hess.-Aug. 6th 1894, at Marticville, Lanc., Pa., Barbara, daughter of Henry and Anna Hess. Buried at Byerland on the 8th. Services by Abraham B. Herr. Her age was 6 months and one day.

Yoder.-On the 30th of July 1894, near Wadsworth, Medina Co., Ohio, of paralysis, Christina Yoder, in her eightieth year. Buried August 1st. Services at the house by E. Hunsberger; at the church by Bro. Krider, M. Leatherman, and I. Good.

Beckler.-On the 8th of Aug., 1894, in the Fairview Cong., near Milford, Seward Co., Neb., of summer complaint, Elmira, daughter of Peter and Lovina Beckler, aged 5 months and 1 day. Services by Jos. Schlegel from Job 14:1 and J. Stauffer from I Thess. 4:13.

Gsell.-On July 31st, 1894, near Clearspring, Md., of congestion of the lungs, Bro. David Gsell, aged 28 years, 1 month, and 24 days. A wife and two small children survive him. Funeral took place on August 2d. Buried at the Clearspring Mennonite M. H. Services by Henry Baer and Philip Parrett. Text, Hebrews 4:9. I. W. Eby.

Shank.-On July 31st, 1894, near Greencastle, Franklin Co., Pa., Bro. David Shank aged 28 yrs., 8 mos., and 20 days. A sorrowing wife and two small children survive him. He was buried on the 2d of August, at Reiff's M. H. Services by Bro. George S. Keener and Eld. Leonard.

I. W. Eby.

Schack.-On the 8th of May 1894, in the Fair View Cong., at Milford, Seward Co., Neb., of lung fever, Christian Schack, aged 50 y. 1 m., and 25 d. He lived in matrimony 12 years and leaves a wife and two children to mourn their loss. Funeral services by John Smith and Peter Summers of Illinois.

Hershberger.-On the 16th of July 1894, in the Fair View Cong., at Milford, Seward Co., Neb., Arthur, son of A. P. and Sarah Hershberger, aged 2 months and 19 days. Services by Jacob Stauffer from John 8:51, and Jos. Schlegel from I Cor. 15:55.

Stauffer.-On the 1st of August 1894, in the Fair View Cong., near Milford, Seward Co., Neb., of summer complaint, son of J. and Mattie Stauffer, aged 1 year, 8 months, and 17 days. Funeral services by David Zook of Mifflin Co., Pa., from Mark 10:13, and Joseph Schlegel from I Cor. 15:42.

Suter.-On the 7th of August 1894, in the Fair View Cong., near Milford, Seward Co., Neb., Jonathan son of Peter and Lena Suter, aged 8 months and 18 days. Services by Jos. Gesho from John 11:26, and Jos. Rediger from Ps. --:24.

Bear.-August 18th, 1894, at East Lewiston, Ohio, Charles Franklin, son of Theodore and Mary Jane Bear, aged 11 years, 9 months and 17 days. He was buried on the 19th at the Oberholzer M. H., where services were conducted by Allen Rickert assisted by David Lehman.

Metzler.-On the 10th of August 1894, in Mahoning Co., Ohio, of consumption, Minerva, daughter of Solomon and Anna Metzler, deceased, aged 21 years, 8 months and 20 days. Interment on the 12th at the Metzler M. H. in the presence of a large assembly of sympathizing friends and neighbors. Services were conducted by Joseph Bixler and Allen Rickert. Sister Metzler was a devoted member of the Mennonite Church.

Harnish.-Aug. 2d 1894, near Baumgardner, Lanc. Co., Pa., Benjamin B., oldest son of Pre. John Harnish. Buried on the 4th at Byerland. Funeral services were conducted by Benj. Hertzler and Abraham B. Herr. He leaves a wife, parents, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. His age was 39 years, 7 months and 16 days.

Graeff.-Aug. 10, 1894, at Linesville, Lanc. Co., Pa., Johnny, son of Elana and --- Graeff, aged 1 year, 1 month and 27 days. Buried at Byerland on the 12th. Services by John Harnish in German and Abraham B. Herr in English.

Nold.-On the 15th of August 1894, after long suffering of rheumatism and lastly also paralysis, at her home, 104 Kinzie St., Elkhart, Ind., sister Emeline Nold, beloved wife of David Nold, aged 55 years and 1 day. She was the youngest daughter of Christian and Magdalena Myers, and was born in Medina Co., Ohio. She united in matrimony with her surviving husband about 33 years ago. She was afflicted with rheumatism for about 15 years, the last two years and six months of her life being spent in her bed. Sufferings were at times intense, but in all her affliction she was cheerful and patient to a remarkable degree, her sunny disposition making even her sickroom a bright and pleasant place. Her faith and implicit trust in her Savior was unwavering, and to Him she looked in her greatest trials, and received comfort, so that she could continually be "rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer," looking forward to the glorious home above. A funeral service was held at 7 P.M., Aug. 17, at the Elkhart M. H. by S. Yoder and J. S. Coffman from James 4:14, after which the remains were taken to Medina Co., Ohio, where funeral services were held on the 19th by J. S. Lehman from John 11:26, after which the mortal remains of sister Nold were consigned to their last resting place in the Mennonite burying ground in Wadsworth Twp. May God comfort the dear companion who so faithfully stood by and tenderly cared for his wife in all the years of her affliction, and bring them together again upon the fair shores of the heavenly Canaan.

Huber.-Aug. 12, 1894, at Marticville, Lanc. Co., Pa., Verna, daughter of Jonas and Mary Huber, aged 1 year, 6 months and 22 days. Buried at Byerland on the 14th. Services by Benj. Hertzler, R. Hess and Abraham B. Herr.

Shriner.-On the 21st of August 1894, of cholera infantum, Harry, son of William and Emma Shriner, aged 2 years and 3 days. He was buried on the 23d. Services by David Jones and J. F. Funk from Matt. 19:14. May the death of little Harry draw the dear parents nearer to Him who directs all things, and in whom we live and move and have our being.

Burkhart.-On the 18th of August 1894, near Bluffton, Ohio, of tyhoid fever, Bro. Andrew G. Burkhart, aged 24 yrs., 6 mos. and 11 days. Another living witness has been taken from us; another light has been removed up higher. Bro. Burkhart, though young, has for a number of years taken a deep interest in the work of the church and Sunday school, and has been an active worker in the Lord's vineyard; and as he increased in wisdom and knowledge, so he was enabled also to grow in grace. His consecration was especially noticeable in the last year of his life. Sometime before he took sick he said to his companion: "I have enjoyed my religion more in the last few weeks than in all the rest of my Christian life put together." He leaves a wife, one child and many relatives and friends to mourn his early departure. Buried on the 20th at the Zion M. H., in the presence of a large concourse of friends. Services by J. M. and Andrew Shenk. Text, "He that overcometh shall be clothed in white raiment, and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father and before his holy angels." Rev. 3:5.

Bucher.-On the 24th of July 1894, in Milford, Ind., Lizzie May, daughter of Synalus and Sarah Bucher, aged 12 years, 8 months. Buried at the Brick M. H. This was a severe affliction for the dear family. May God bless this affliction to their eternal good. Funeral services by Amos Bechtel and Noah Metzler.

Mitschelen.-On the 19th of August, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of a protracted illness, sister Maria, wife of Michael Mitschelen, aged 56 years, 10 months and 16 days. She was born in Richland Co., Ohio, and on the 30th of March 1863 she was married to her surviving husband with whom she had six children, five of whom are still living. She also had fifteen grandchildren, twelve of whom survive her. About three hours before she died she pointed upwards and said: "Oh I see so many stars-so clear." She had a desire to go home and be with Jesus. She was a great sufferer for many years, but endured it all patiently, and we feel that she has gone to her rest. She was buried on the 21st. Services by Noah Metzler, J. F. Funk and Amos Mumaw. Text, I Thes. 4:13. May the dear husband and children all be drawn nearer to God and so live as to meet the dear companion and mother again on that brighter shore where stars of eternal glory shall never set.

Holdeman.-On the 19th of August 1894, near Wakarusa,Elkhart Co., Ind., of palsy, Bro. Joseph Holdeman, aged 71 yrs., 3 mos., 8 days. He was born in Bucks Co., Pa., on the 11th of May 1823, and came with his parents to Wayne Co., Ohio, in 1826. On the 24th of Sept. 1846, he was married to Anna Nusbaum who survives him. In 1850 he moved to Elkhart Co., on the farm a mile west of Wakarusa where he lived to the time of his death. He was the father of 15 children 4 of whom survive him. He had 14 grandchildren 12 of whom are still living. He united with the Mennonite church in 1851 and always manifested the warmest devotion to the church and her principles and teachings. He was a bold and active defender of his faith and the church at all times and under all circumstances and his place in the church when health permitted was never vacant. He manifested an implicit trust in God, and said: "Weep not for me; my work is done." He was buried at the Olive church on the 22d, where an immense concourse of people had assembled. Services were conducted by D. Burkholder, J. S. Lehman and J. F. Funk. Text, John 17:4. He will be missed in the family, in the church, and in the neighborhood, but our loss is his eternal gain.

Harnish.-On the 29th of July 1894, in Pequea Twp., Lanc. Co., Pa., of cholera infantum, Enos H., son of Abram G. and Martha A. Harnish, aged 5 months and 25 days. Funeral Aug. 1, at the stone M. H. Services by Abram Herr from 2 Sam. 12:19. Just 6 weeks and 5 days before, little Amos died out of the same family, these being the only children. These deaths leave the parents very sad and lonely.
"Death has claimed our little Enos,
Set a seal upon his brow;
In the arms of our dear Savior
He is gently sleeping now."
B. H. P.

Graybill.-August 5, 1894, near Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro. Peter Graybill, aged 77 years, 3 months and 29 days. Funeral on the 8th. Text, Matt. 24:13. Buried at Petersburg meetinghouse. A large congregation assembled as a token of respect for the beloved brother and to sympathize with the bereft family. Bro. Graybill was a bright shining light to the world.



Herald of Truth , Vol. XXXI, No. 18, September 15, 1894 - pp. 286, 287

of Annie M. Horst, who died in Hagerstown, August 23d, 1894, aged 16 y., 9 mo., 7d.
Farewell my parents near and dear,
I know you love to keep me here;
But Jesus calls, I must obey,
And angels welcome me away.
Sisters and brothers fare ye well,
Farewell my friends and neighbors all;
Here with you all I could not stay
For Jesus called me far away.

Farewell my friends so dear and kind,
On earth I leave you all behind;
Indulge no tears of grief for me,
For what I am you soon must be.
I am now in my eternal home
And hither you shall also come;
Oh friends, come and serve the Lord
And enjoy with me the rich reward.
By a Sister

Transcribed by Carolyn J. Lichti, Goshen, Indiana

Stutzman.-On Aug. 16, 1894, in the Fair View Cong., near Milford, Seward Co., Neb., Magdelene, daughter of Sandford and Elizabeth Stutzman, aged 11 months and 28 days. The remains were laid to rest in the Fair View cemetery. Services by J. Gasho from Heb. 9:27, 28; and J. Rediger from Psa. 3:8-15.

Lesher.-On the 19th of August 1894, in Franklin Co., Pa., of typhoid fever, Daniel L. Lesher, aged 33 years, 10 months and 7 days. He leaves a sorrowing wife, one child, parents, two brothers and two sisters, and many friends to mourn his sudden death. We have the hope that he was accepted of a kind and merciful God as one of those that believe in Him. He was buried on the 21st at the Chamberling meeting house. Services by P. H. Parret and P. Wadel to a large and sympathizing congregation.

Zook.-July 23d, 1894, near Mount Tabor, Champaign Co., Ohio, Sister Mattie A., daughter of Benjamin and Fannie Zook, aged 24 years, 4 months and 16 days. Funeral services were conducted on the 25th at Oak Grove M. H. by J. Swank in English and D. Plank in German.

King.-Rachel King was born in Stark Co., Ohio, Jan. 21st, 1821, died in Wayne Co., Ohio, Aug. 22d, 1894, aged 73 years, 7 months and 1 day. She was never married, lived with her brother-in-law T. L. and sister Fanny Miller for the last seventeen years. She was on her bed of affliction over fourteen months. She was a faithful sister in the U. B. church for many years. Funeral services on the 24th by Elias Shrock, David Hostetler and T. C. Wieand, from Prov. 12:28, at the Paradise M. H.

Hildebrand.-On the 12th of August 1894, near Rushville, Rockingham Co., Va., Sister Sarah C. Hildebrand, aged 29 years and 10 months. Funeral services on the 13th at Weaver's M. H. by Simeon and Emanual Heatwole. Text, 2 Tim. 4:6, 7.

Alwine.-On the 8th of July 1894, near the Sentinel M. H., Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., Pa., after 7 years of suffering of spinal disease, the last 15 weeks of which time he was confined to his bed most of the time, Josiah Alwine, aged 40 y., 6 m., 18 d. Buried at the Sentinel M. H. on the 10th. Funeral services by the Evangelical minister and S. Gindlesperger.

Miller.-Aug. 21st, 1894, near Bainbridge, Lanc. Co., Pa., Sister Anna Miller, widow, aged 86 y., 5 m., 28 d. Funeral on the 24th. Text, Rev. 22:13, 14. Buried near Good's meeting house. A large congregation assembled as a token of respect for the beloved sister. Sister Miller was the mother of fourteen children, of whom twelve are living, and grandmother of 81, and great-grandmother of 41. She was a faithful "mother in Israel."

Eshleman.-August 11th, 1894, of old age and general debility, at the residence of her son J. K. Eshleman, in Sterling, Ill., Magdalena (Kauffman) Eshleman, aged 84 years and 14 days. She was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., July 28th, 1810. Was married to Jacob Eshleman in 1828, and with her husband and children moved to Whiteside Co., Ill., in 1857. Eight children were born to them; two died in infancy and her husband died six years ago. She was buried at the Science Ridge cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by Pre. Philip Nice. A loving mother, a good friend, a Christian woman, has gone to her reward.

Brenneman.-Deceased on the 14th of May 1894, in Pequea township, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, Bro. Jacob Brenneman, aged 74 years, 10 months and 6 days. Buried on the 17th in the Byerland graveyard. The funeral sermon was preached at the Byerland M. H. to a large assembly of friends and relatives by Benjamin Hertzler, Abraham B. Herr and John B. Harnish, from Heb.13:14. The deceased leaves his wife and four daughters to mourn his death. Peace to his ashes.
My husband is dead, and I am alone,
'Tis the debt which all mortals must pay,
Yet of all sorrows I've felt in my life,
I never knew grief till today.

Nearly fifty years we walked side by side,
Each a staff to the other always;
But the angel of death has taken my help,
So what can I do now but pray.

S. M. Mylin.

Sharer.-On the 25th of July 1894, in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro. ____ Sharer, aged 79 y., 1 m. 19 d. He leaves a widow who with her sons and daughters and grandchildren mourn his death. He was a member of the River Brethren denomination. Buried at Hernly's Mennonite M. H. near Manheim. Funeral text, Rev. 14:12, 13.

Detweiler.-On the 25th of Aug. 1894, near Huntsville, Logan Co., Ohio, of consumption, Bro. Jacob H. Detweiler, aged 67 y., 4 m., 29 d. The dec. was born in Huntington Co., Pa., March 26th, 1827. He was married to Erie Hartzler in Mifflin Co., Pa., Jan. 12th, 1853. This union was blessed with 9 children, 5 sons, 4 daughters-one daughter is dead. He also leaves 6 grandchildren. He was buried on the 26th in the North Salem burying ground, followed by a large concourse of relatives and friends to pay their last tribute of respect to the departed. He was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite church for many years. Funeral services by A. Miller in English and John Warye and J. C. Yoder in German. Text, Isa. 38:1. May God comfort the bereaved family.
How blest the righteous when he dies,
When sinks a weary soul to rest,
How mildly beam the closing eyes,
How gently heaves th' expiring breast!

Life's labor done as sinks the clay,
Light from its load the spirit flies;
While heaven and earth combine to say,
How blest the righteous when he dies.

Harshberger.-On the 9th of August 1894, in Somerset county, Pa., of dropsy, Bro. Henry Harshberger, aged 76 yrs., 8 mo. and 8 d. He was buried on the 11th in the family graveyard. Funeral services were conducted by L. A. Blough, Sam. Gindlesperger and Henry Hostetler. Bro Harshberger had a great deal of sickness in his later years, sometimes confined to his house for several years, then improved again so that he could go about in the open air. Of his twelve daughters seven survive him. His wife died nearly three years ago. We believe that he died with the hope of eternal life beyond this vale of tears.

Hoover.-On the 29th of August 1894, at Mongolia, York county, Ontario, of diabetes, John Wesley, only son of Enos R. and Deliah Hoover, aged 14 yrs. and 15 d. Funeral on Thursday the 30th at 2 o'clock from his late residence to the Mennonite graveyard at Wideman's M. H. Services were conducted by Samuel Wideman, from 1 Pet. 1:24, 25, and John G. Hoover, from Psa. 103:15. A very large congregation assembled to sympathize with the bereft family, and as a token of respect for their beloved son. His favorite hymn was No. 123 H. and T., "One sweetly solemn thought," which he sang as long as he was able to do so. It was also sung at the funeral. We have reason to believe he is now "safe in the arms of Jesus," where pain and suffering cannot come, and where the weary are at rest.

Eby.-On the 7th of August 1894, in Mt. Joy Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., sister Eby, widow of Peter Eby, aged 89 y., 3 m., 24 d. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for many years, and was a widow for 47 years. She leaves several sons and one daughter to mourn the loss of one gone before. Funeral text, Phil. 1:21. Buried in the Oberholtzer family graveyard near Campbellstown, Lebanon Co., Pa.

Harrington.-Mother Mary Harrington died Aug. 22, 1894, near Wakarusa, of paralysis, aged 81 years and 7 days. She was born in the city of Lancaster, Pa., Aug. 15, 1813. At the age of 8 years she emigrated with her parents to Waterloo county, Ontario. October 25, 1832, she was married to John C. Harrington who preceded her to the spirit world Aug. 6, 1886, at the ripe old age of 83 years, 1 month and 2 days. Of this union there are yet 10 children--4 sons and 6 daughters alive. In April, 1862, she, with her husband, moved to Elkhart county and settled in Olive township, where she resided to her death. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite church, unassuming in all her Christian traits of character. Her funeral took place on Friday from the residence of her son David Harrington and interment at Shaum's where two able discourses were delivered to a large concourse of friends and relatives by Pre. Lehman and Mumaw.

Cressman.-On the 21st of August 1894, near German Mills, Waterloo Co., Ont., of paralysis, Bro. Isaac Cressman, aged 64 y., 1 m., 15 d. His remains were buried on the 24th in Strasburg at Weber's M. H. Funeral services in the C. Eby M. H., Berlin. The funeral was very largely attended. The services were conducted by S. Gehman, Noah Stauffer and J. Gingrich. Bro. Cressman was one of the descendants of the oldest settlers in the country and was highly esteemed as a neighbor, friend and brother in the church in which he has been a member for many years. He leaves a widow and a large family of children, all grown, to mourn a kind and loving companion and father, and we believe that our dear brother has gone home to the mansions of eternal rest.

Sherk.-On the 26th of August 1894, at the residence of her son, Bro. Benjamin Sherk of Breslau, Waterloo Co., Ont., of general debility and dropsy, sister Elizbeth Sherk, maiden name Betzner, aged 83 y., 3 m., 16 d. Her husband, Pre. David Sherk, died a number of years ago. They lived for many years on the old Sherk homestead opposite the village of Doon, in a neighborhood where almost the first ground was broken for cultivation in the backwoods by our brethren who came from Pennsylvania over a century ago. Sister Sherk seemed like one of the connecting links that bound the past to the present, and her interesting accounts of the pioneer days, the meeting of the Mohawk Indian braves in council on the opposite bank of the Grand River every fall, the gradual settlement of the country, the building of villages that have since grown into towns, the gradual growth of the church from a small body to a large membership, and the gradual disappearance of the red man of the forest, always found ready listeners. Her faith was unwavering, and as she slowly passed down to the river of death she realized the presence of that "one that sticketh closer than a brother," and with such companionship, death had no terrors for her. She leaves 2 sons, Bro. Benjamin and Isaac W. B., and two daughters, sister Gingrich, wife of Pre. J. B. Gingrich, and sister Barbara, who was the constant and loving companion and stay of her mother in her declining years. The burial in the family graveyard, as also the funeral services at the Cressman M. H., Breslau, were very largely attended.

Hershey.-On Aug. 27, 1894, near Graybills Station, York Co., Pa., Anna M., daughter of Aaron and Mollie Hershey, aged 13 years, 8 months and 27 days. Funeral on the 29th. Services conducted by Martin Whistler.

Miller.-On the 20th of Aug. 1894, near Foraker, Elkhart Co., Ind., of dropsy and paralysis, Elisabeth, wife of David E. Miller, aged 40 years. She suffered very much during her sickness, but bore it all with Christian fortitude, and was desirous to be absent from the body and be present with the Lord.


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