Herald of Truth Obituaries - April, 1895

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HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XXXII, No. 7, April 1, 1895, p. 109, 110, 111

SNYDER. ­ March 12th, 1895, near Erb's meeting house, Lanc. Co., Pa., of heart trouble, Bro. David S. Snyder, aged 30 years, 2 months, 26 days. Funeral on the 15th. Text, Rev. 14: 13. Buried at Erb's meeting house. A wife, three children and a large circle of friends mourn his death. Bro. Snyder was a faithful member of the Mennonite church.

HAUTER. ­ On the 17th of March, at the home of her daughter in Butler Co., Ohio, our aged sister, grandmother Veronica Hauter, after four months of suffering, aged 82 y., 9 m., 7 d. Her remains were laid to rest on the 19, a large concourse of friends following the remains to the grave. Funeral services by H. J. Krehbiel in English from Eph. 1: 13, 14 and in German from Num. 23: 10. Deceased leaves her aged husband, two years her senior, one daughter and two sons, 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. She died the death of the righteous. ­H. J. KREHBIEL.

YODER. John D. Yoder of near West Liberty, Logan Co., Ohio was born in Huntington Co., Pa. on the 28th of June 1815, died on the 16th of March 1895, aged 79 y., 8 m., 18 d. Funeral on the 19th. Services at the Walnut Grove meeting house by C. K. Yoder and A. Miller. The remains were laid to rest in the Elickander graveyard. Bro. Yoder united with the Amish Mennonite church in his youth and remained faithful to the end. He was married to Anna Zook Dec. 22d 1836, moved to Logan Co., Ohio in 1845. To this union were born 14 children of whom 10 survive; there are also 69 grandchildren (59 living) and 13 great-grandchildren, 9 living.

KAUFFMAN. ­ (This death notice is published again, the one recently appearing having been incorrectly reported to us. Ed.) On the 20th of November 1894, in Georgetown, Northumberland Co., Pa., of typhoid and brain fever, Mary M., wife of Samuel Kauffman, and formerly of Juniata Co., Pa., aged 28 y., 1 m., 28 d. She was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Lauver. She was concerned about her soul's salvation sometime before her sickness, and five days before her death, she happily sealed her vows with God and the church by the rite of baptism. She remained conscious almost to the last. She was a good neighbor and a loving wife. She leaves a sorrowing husband and a dear little daughter, also parents, 6 brothers and 2 sisters. Buried at Lauver's M. H., followed by many friends. Services by Wm. Graybill and Samuel Gayman from Rev. 19: 8, 9, and Tim. 5: 1. The Sunday before she died she sat up in her bed and sang the first stanza of that well known hymn, "Jesus Lover of my Soul." The hymn was also sung at her funeral. ­KATIE M. BIEGEL.

SMITH. ­ On the 26th of February, 1895, near Metamora, Ill., Elmer J., only child of Christian H. and Mary Smith, aged 1 year, 1 month, and 7 days. Buried Feb. 28th in the Roanoke cemetery. Services were conducted by Pre. J. Smith in English and Peter Sommers and Christian Ressor, Jr., in German.

The little crib is empty,
The clothes are now laid by,
I am not dead, but sleeping,
Awaiting a crown on high.

So farewell dear, dear mamma,
You nursed and watched me well,
But Jesus took your darling,
So, mother dear, farewell.

And farewell, dear, dear papa,
You to your bosom pressed
Your only child, your Elmer,
Who now has gone to rest.

EBERSOLE. ­ At North Tonawanda, Niagara Co., N. Y., Feb. 19, 1895, of Bright's disease, Abraham L., son of John F. and Anna Ebersole, aged 34 years, 6 months and 8 days. He was a consistent member of the Methodist church. Funeral and burial services at Clarence Centre, N. Y. Services by Daniel Heise and Jacob Krabil. The funeral was attended by a large circle of relatives and sympathizing friends.

HAARAR. ­ On the 21st of Jan. 1895, near Shipshewana, Ind., of spinal fever, Susie Magdalena, daughter of Bro. Charley and sister Elizabeth Haarar, aged 9 days. Funeral services by Yost C. Miller from Job 14: 1, 2.

Jesus loved our little one
And took it from our care,
May we say, "Thy will be done,"
We'll meet our Susie there.

EARHART. ­ March 17th 1895, near Manheim, Lanc. Co., Pa., of scarlet fever, Fannie B. Earhart, daughter of brother and sister Samuel Earhart, aged 16 years, 10 months, 18 days. Funeral on the 20th. Text, Heb. 3: 15. Buried at Hernly's meeting house. A solemn call to the young. May the good Lord comfort the bereft parents.

EICHER. ­ On the 27th of Feb. 1895, near Seward, Seward Co., Neb., Jacob Eicher, aged 73 years, 25 days. He was born in France in 1822, and when 33 years old he emigrated to America. He accepted Christ about 60 years ago. He lived in matrimony 36 years, was the father of ten children, three of whom have gone before. Funeral services by Andrew Oesch of Hamilton Co., Neb. From 1 Cor. 15: 44 ­ 50 and by Joseph Schlegel from 1 Cor. 15: 56.

MELLINGER. ­ On the 8th of March, 1895 in Mahoning Co., Ohio, of scarlet fever, Mark, son of Isaac and Susanna Mellinger in the 4th year of his age. Interment in the Oberholtzer burying ground. This was the second and only surviving child of these young parents; the other one died less than six months ago. Sister Mellinger was confined to the house with scarlet fever at the time this last child was taken away from her; but the afflicted parents can comfort themselves with the assurance that their loved ones are "safe in the arms of Jesus," and if they are faithful to the end they will meet them in heaven. "Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth."

BRENNEMAN. ­ On the 6th of March 1895, near Rushmore, Putnam Co., Ohio, William E., son of George and Anna Brenneman, aged 1 y., 10 m. and 7 d. Buried on the 8th in the Salem burying ground. Services by J. M. Shenk and Moses Brenneman.

"Go to thy rest, fair child,
Go to thy dreamless bed,
While yet so gentle, undefiled
With the blessings on thy head."

HALDEMAN. ­ March 14th, 1895, in Mount Joy Twp., Lanc. Co., Pa., Harry S., only son of Peter and Emma Haldeman, aged 1 year, 1 month, 17 days. Funeral on the 16th. Text, Mark 10: 14. Buried at Risser's meeting house.

SCHWOVELAND. ­ On the 18th of March, 1895, in Elkhart Co., Ind., after an illness of about one week, Catharine Anna Sease, third wife of Andrew Schwoveland, aged 49 years 9 months and 28 days. She was buried at the Yellow Creek M. H. on the 20th, where a large number of friends and relatives had gathered to participate in the services, which were conducted by Noah Metzler and J. F. Funk. She leaves a sorrowing husband who feels deeply the loss of his companion. The deep feeling manifested by the relatives and friends showed the high esteem in which sister Schwoveland was held by those who best knew her. Peace to her ashes.

KEMPF. ­ On the 15th of February 1895, near Green Centre, Iowa Co., Iowa, Jacob W. Kempf, aged 25 years, 5 months and 28 days. Services were held in the Champion Hill M. E. church, Feb. 17, by Chr. Werey from 2 Tim. 4: 6 ­ 8. The remains were buried in the Amish Cemetery near Amish, Johnson Co., Ia. Death was caused by lung trouble. The deceased was a member of the Amish Mennonite church and leaves a father and mother, two brothers and two sisters, and a host of friends to mourn their loss: yet they need not mourn as those who have no hope, as he "kept his faith unto the end." ­JACOB K. YODER.

WEIDMAN. ­ On the 3d of Feb. 1895, at Oakland Mills, Juniata Co., Pa., of heart trouble and dropsy, Esther Weidman. She suffered much the last six months. She leaves two sons to mourn their loss. Buried at Lostcreek cemetery. Services by Wm. Graybill and Samuel Gayman. Text, Job 10: 15.

SWARR. ­ Near Landisville, Lancaster Co., Pa., March 11, 1895, of the grip, Bro. Martin P. Swarr, aged 49 years, 22 days. He leaves an invalid widow, three sons and one daughter to mourn the loss of a kind and faithful husband and father, a neighbor and friend to the whole community, but we have reason to believe that our loss is his eternal gain. He was received into the church by baptism about two months before his death. During that short period he was a faithful brother. The dear brother had many trials and cares in this world, but with all the sorrow and care he ever looked beyond the dark river of Jordan to a better home where we have reason to believe he is now sweetly resting from his labors, waiting for his loved ones to join him in singing God's praises. The funeral was held on the 13th, and was very largely attended.

Though we lay down our father to sleep with the dead,
And water his grave with the tears that we shed,
Hope's tender blue violets spring up from our tears,
And flourish to gladden the dark vale of years.

NEUSWANGER. ­ Near Birch Tree, Mo. On March 10th 1895, Elsie, daughter of Henry and Emma Neuswanger, aged 4 yrs., 2 mo., 21 days. She died of membranous croup. She took sick very suddenly. In the morning the parents commenced to move in their new house, but Elsie became too sick to move. She said she wanted to go to "my house." She went the next morning. Funeral services at the house where she died on March 11, conducted by John Brubaker. Text, Mark 10: 14. Buried in the Dunkard graveyard.

We miss thee from thy place, dear Elsie,
We miss thee from thy place,
A shadow o'er our life is cast,
We miss the sunshine of thy face.

We miss thy kind and willing hand,
Thy fond and earnest care,
Our home is dark without thee,
We miss thee everywhere.

TROYER. ­ On the 15th of March 1895, near Middlebury, Ind., of typhoid fever, Emma Troyer, aged 18 years, 8 months and 8 days. She was the daughter of Catherine Hostetler, and was the seventh of the family to take the fever and soon said she would not recover. Her mother asked her if she did not want to stay with them a while yet. She replied: "No, I want to go home." During her sickness she had a dream. She thought she saw a house which shone like crystal, and angels gathering sheaves and just as she was going to help them she awoke. She bore her sufferings with great patience and said she thought it would be pleasant to die. We believe our loss is her eternal gain. Funeral services on the 17th by P. Y. Lehman and D. D. Miller. Emma's dear voice is silent, her song we can hear no more, for she has gone to be with Jesus and sing with the glorified the everlasting song.

"Human hands have tried to save thee,
Tender care was all in vain,
Holy angels came and bore thee
From this weary world of pain."

ESH. ­ On the 9th of March 1895, in Mifflin Co., Pa., of typhoid fever, of which he suffered about seven weeks, Bro. Levi Esh, aged 46 y., 3 m.., 12 d. He was an esteemed member of the Amish Mennonite congregation, and a kind friend to all. He leaves his wife, seven children, four brothers and three sisters to mourn his death. Buried in Allensville Amish burying ground. Funeral services by A. D. Zook and D. J. Zook. ­GIDEON F. ESH.

BENNER. ­ On March 13th, 1895, near Thompsontown, Pa., of diphtheria, Annie Mary, daughter of Abram and Alice Benner, aged 4 years, 11 months, 6 days. Buried on the 15th in the Delaware Mennonite graveyard. Services at the church by William Graybill. Text, Luke 8: 52. She was a bright and cheerful little girl. She came and was a joy and blessing to us, and while she is now gone, she is not forgotten.

A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled.

Go to thy heavenly rest, fair child,
Go to thy dreamless bed,
While yet so gentle, undefiled,
With blessings on thy head. ­FATHER AND MOTHER.

BUZZARD. ­ Very suddenly, of apoplexy, at Akermanville, Pa., on the 14th of March 1895, Christian Buzzard, aged 79 years and some days.

SCHWARTZENDRUBER. ­ On the 26th of February, 1895, near Amish, Johnson Co., Iowa, after five days' suffering of inflammation of the bowels, Lydia maiden name Miller, and formerly of LaGrange Co., Ind., wife of Henry P. Schwartzendruber, aged 24 y., 11 m., 11 d. Thy were married on the 16th of Dec. 1894. Thus after a short life in matrimony of 2 m., and 10 d., death called her away, and leaves her deeply bereaved young husband to mourn her early death. Her remains were laid to rest on the 28th. Funeral services by J. F. Schwartzendruber from 1 Cor. 15. ­J. F. S.

NEUHAUSER. ­ On the 19th of February 1895, in Livingston Co., Ill., of consumption, Louisa, daughter of Valentine and Anna Neuhauser, aged 21 y., 5 m., 23 d. All that medical skill could devise, proved of no avail, for it pleased the Lord to call her home where there is no more pain. She was ready and willing to go or stay as the Lord willed. The remains were laid to rest on the 22d. A large concourse of friends and acquaintances followed the remains to the grave. Funeral services by Joseph Gascho, of Nebraska at the house and by John Stahly and J. Gascho at the M. H., from Heb. 4: 1 ­ 11 and 1 Pet. 1, assisted by Joseph Kinsinger and Joseph Zehr. Deceased was a consistent member of the Amish congregation in Livingston Co. She leaves her deeply bereaved parents, one brother and one sister, and many near and dear friends, to mourn her early death. ­JOHN P. SCHMITT.

TROUT. ­ On the 30th of Dec. 1893 at Millersville, Lancaster county, Pa., at the house of her daughter Susan Groff, of la grippe, Susan Trout, aged 87 y., 10 m., 29 d. Her maiden name was Swartley. She was born in Franconia, Montgomery Co., Pa. She was a member of the Reformed Mennonite church and was the oldest member of that denomination then living. She was baptized in 1821, eleven years after the origin of that faction of Mennonites.

STAUFFER. ­ March 15th 1895, in Mount Joy, Lanc. Co., Pa., Sister Maria Stauffer, widow, aged 82 years, 4 months and 23 days. Funeral on the 18th. Text, 2 Cor. 5: 1. Buried at Erisman's meeting house. Sister Stauffer was a faithful Christian. May the Lord comfort the bereft family.

STUTZMAN. ­ J. C. Stutzman was born in Holmes Co., Ohio, Oct. 19th, 1836, died March 15th 1895, aged 58 y., 5 m., 26 d. He was married to Anna Bontrager Dec. 8th 1861. This union was blessed with 10 children, 8 of whom, with a deeply bereaved companion, are left to mourn the loss of a dear husband and kind father, but their loss is his eternal gain. He also leaves 10 grand children. He was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite church from boyhood. His seat at meeting was seldom vacant. He was buried on the 18th on which occasion a very large number of people were assembled. Services were conducted at the residence in two separate houses by Samuel Miller, Christian Troyer, Peter E. Miller and David Troyer in German, and Fred Mast in English. His disease was heart trouble. While standing and viewing the corpse the words of the poet came to our mind:

"Asleep in Jesus! Blessed sleep!
From which none ever wake to weep;
A calm and undisturbed repose,
Unbroken by the last of foes.

This dear brother had been troubled with said disease for some time and on Monday previous to his death a son of his met with an accident, breaking one of his limbs, which caused the father to become much worse. May the good Lord comfort the bereaved family in this sore affliction.

ALBRECHT. ­ On the 4th of March 1895, near Lombardville, Stark Co., Ill., of general debility, sister Catherine, widow of Peter Albrecht, aged 75 y., 9 m. Of 7 children, 3 survive her, also 11 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren, besides many relatives and friends. Buried on the 7th in the Willowspring graveyard. Funeral services by Joseph Buercky in German and E. Hartman, of Washington in English. ­J. BUERCKY

MUSSELMAN. - On the 7th of March 1895, in Lombardville, Ill., of pneumonia, Bro. David Musselman, aged 76 y., 8 m., 3 d. He leaves a bereaved widow, one daughter and an adopted son, and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. Funeral services were held on the 9th by Joseph Buercky in German and Pre. McCormick of the M. E. church in English. The remains were laid to rest in the Willowspring graveyard. J. BUERCKY

HERSH. ­ January 19, 1895, near Petersburg, Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro. Henry Hersh, aged 82 y., 4 m., 2 d. Funeral on the 22d. Text: 2 Tim. 1: 12. Buried at Petersburg Meeting House. Bro. Hersh was a faithful brother. He bore his sufferings patiently. He survived his family. Peace to ashes.

SHOOKERS. ­ February 26th 1895, in Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa. Samuel S. Shookers, aged 65 y., 2 m., 6 d. Funeral on the 28th. Text, Psalm 90: 12. Buried in Mt. Joy cemetery.

ERB. ­ February 27th, 1895, near Erb's Meeting House, Lancaster Co., Pa., Bertha P. Erb, daughter of Amos H. and ____ Erb, aged 1 y., 1 d. Funeral on March 2d. Text, Rev. 3: 20. Buried at Erb's meeting house.

FAUSSER. ­ February 6th, 1895, near White Oak, Lancaster Co., Pa., Ella Fausser, daughter of brother and sister Anthony Fausser, aged 4 y., 1 m., 15 d. Funeral on the 11th. Text, Mark 10: 15. Buried at Hernly's M. H. May the good Lord comfort the parents.

BRUBACHER. ­ February 13th, 1895, near Bamfordville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Mary H. Brubacher, youngest child of brother and sister John H. Brubacher, aged 3 m., 14 d. Funeral on the 16th. Text, Psalm 16: 6. Buried at Petersburg meeting house. May the good Lord comfort the parents.

YODER. ­ On the 28th of Jan. 1895, in Clinton Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., Mary, wife of John Yoder, aged 75 y., 4 m., 22 days. She suffered long but bore her pain with Christian fortitude. Funeral services on the 30th at the Clinton Amish Mennonite church, by J. J. Troyer in the German and D. D. Troyer in the English from 2 Pet. 3: 12, 13. Buried at the Union Chapel burying ground.

STRICKLER. ­ Feb. 14th 1895 near "Shenks" Mill, Lancaster Co., Pa., John B., infant son of Reuben B. and ____ Strickler, aged 2 m., 14 d. Funeral on the 17th. Text, Gal. 3: 26. Buried at Salunga meeting house. May the good Lord comfort the dear parents.

HAYES. ­ Feb. 16th 1895, near Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., Anna Hayes, aged 72 y., 7 m., 19 d. Funeral on the 20th. Text Heb. 9: 27. Buried in Mt. Joy cemetery. One brother survives.

WISSLER. ­ February 23d, 1895, in Brunersville, Lancaster Co., Pa., sister Fannie Wissler, aged 67 y., 5 m., 16 d. Funeral on the 26th. Text, Rev. 14: 12, 13. Buried at Hammer Creek meeting house. A large congregation assembled in token of respect for the beloved sister.

RICH. ­ On the 7th of March 1895, near Hartford, Kansas, Veronica, wife of Bro. Daniel Rich, aged 52 years. She had been ailing for five years, and at times suffered much pain, all of which she suffered with much patience. She was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite church since her youth, was highly esteemed by all, and dearly beloved by those nearest to her in the family relation, consisting of husband, three sons and one daughter. Pre. Harkness of Hartford spoke words of comfort to the bereaved family at the funeral from Psalms 90 and 1 Cor. 15. ­M. BENDER.

Transcribed by Terri Harper, Utah.


HERALD OF TRUTH , Vol. XXXII, No. 8, April 15, 1895, p. 125, 126, 127

Was born in Fayette County, Pa., April 28th, 1813, and united with the Mennonite Church in his early years. He was united in matrimony with Catharine Hunsicker June 6th, 1837, to which union were born nine children, four of whom died in infancy, three after they were married, and two are yet living. In the year 1840 he was ordained to the office of deacon, and in the spring of 1848 he moved with his family to Mercer Co., Pa., where, in the same year, he was chosen by lot to the ministry, Bish. Rudolph Blosser of Mahoning Co., O., officiating. At this time there were but 20 members of our faith, consisting of 10 families, in the county, and the services were held at private houses, there being no meeting house of our denomination in the county at the time, while the small congregation was in charge of the Butler Co., Pa., and Mahoning Co., O., ministers prior to Bro. Bixler's ordination to the ministry. The ordination services were held at the house of Bro. Martin Buchwalter. In the spring of 1855 he moved to Clay (or Owen) County, Ind., where shortly after he was ordained to the office of Bishop. In October of the same year his wife died and the same fall he moved back to Mercer County, Pa. In 1857 he was again joined in marriage to Susanna Miller, to which union were born two children, both dying in infancy. His second wife died in 1862, and in the fall of 1863 he was joined in the bonds of wedlock with Mary Mellinger (widow of Tobias Yoder) of Mahoning Co., O. There were born to this union four children, two dying in infancy and two surviving him. He moved with his family to Mahoning Co., O., in the spring of 1865, where his third and last wife died, Aug. 13th, 1882. At this place he lived until he calmly fell asleep in Jesus, after an illness of about ten days, on Sunday, March 10th, 1895, at the age of 81 years, 10 months and 12 days, being conscious most of the time to the last moment. On the 13th his remains were laid to their resting place at the Oberholzer M. H., where a large assemblage paid their last tribute of respect to a tender parent, a loving friend, a faithful officer and trusty counselor. Discourses were held by David Hostetler and Michael Horst of Wayne Co., O., followed by brief remarks by the home ministers. Funeral text, 2 Tim.4 : 6 ­ 8. During his official life he passed through many severe trials, but he always stood up manfully for the truth. He was an earnest advocate and warm friend of the Sabbath School from the very infancy of that institution, and was always at his post of duty, willing to do his part, whenever health permitted, to the very last days of his life. His familiar voice is now hushed forever, yet time will not efface from our memory the words of tenderness, the earnest appeals, the timely warnings and the able gospel expositions we have so often heard him utter while standing before us, even with tears coursing down his cheeks, encouraging the saints to hold out faithful to the end, and pleading for the sinner to flee from the wrath to come, as only a kind, noble-hearted Christian can plead. Other hands must now take up the work where he has laid it down, and may God so direct that it may be carried forward from henceforth as faithfully and unselfishly as it has been done during his long official life. ­M.

BEIDLER. ­ On the 22d of March, 1895, in Franconia township, Montgomery Co., Pa., Wilmer, son of Jacob and Catherine Beidler, aged 17 d. Services by Josiah Clemmer and Henry Bowers. He is not dead but sleepeth.

ERB. ­ In Wilmot township, Waterloo Co., Ontario, on March 29th, 1895, Allan A. Erb who was born November 27th, 1866, his age was 28 y., 4 m., 2 d. Buried on the 31st of March in the Blenheim Mennonite Cemetery. Funeral sermon preached by H. Hallman to a large congregation from 1 Cor. 15: 55 ­ 57. He gave hope for a blessed immortality.

CULP. ­ On the 21st of March, 1895, near Wakarusa, only child of John W. and Chloe Culp, aged 3 m., 12 d., buried at the Olive church on the 23d. Her stay on earth was short. She calmly fell asleep in Jesus in the morning to awake in the day that never ends. It was sad to part with one we dearly loved, yet we know the Lord had need for one little spirit to join with the rest in their brightness.

Our baby is gone,
Gone to her silent, peaceful rest;
Gone over the river to join the songs
That are sung by the loved ones and the blest.
We miss her much, but this we know,
That pain and sickness, grief and woe,
Can ne'er disturb that rest,
For Jesus called her home.

Our baby is gone;
That pleasant look and little smile
We never can forget.
Oh! May her life, her sickness, death,
Allure our thoughts to heaven,
That we may ever watchful be,
That her blest joys ours too may be,
When we shall thus be called
To bid this world adieu. ­NORA CULP.

FRIED. ­ On the 24th of March, in Franconia township, Montgomery Co., Pa., Anna, daughter of Jacob Fried, aged 17 y., 6 m., 23 d. She was buried on the 28th, followed to her last resting place by a large number of relatives and friends. Two weeks before her death she desired to be baptized, and received as a member into the church. She suffered from consumption some three months, bore her sufferings with patience and desired to depart and be with Christ which is far better. Funeral services were conducted by Michael Moyer and Josiah Clemmer from Mark 13: 33.

MACK. ­ On the 21st of March, 1895, in Franconia township, Montgomery Co., Pa., of kidney disease, John Mack, aged 50 y., 18 d. He leaves an aged mother, a sorrowing wife, two brothers and a sister to mourn his departure. On the evening before his death he called his family to his bedside, took leave of them, and commended them to the Lord. As they stood around his bedside weeping he said to them, "Weep not for me, I am going to Jesus, to a very beautiful place." He was buried on the 26th, followed to his grave by a large concourse of relatives and friends. Services by Josiah Clemmer and Michael Moyer, from Phil. 1: 21.

SPRINGER. ­ On the 25th of March 1895, near Hopedale, Ill., Daniel, son of Christian and Veronica Springer, aged 19 y., 3 m., 18 d. Funeral services by Daniel Nafziger and Christian Nafziger, from 1 Cor. 15 at the house and by Joseph Egli at the place of burial.

NICE. ­ On the 20th of March, 1895, near Bergey, Montgomery Co., Pa., of consumption, Henry K. Nice, aged 43 y., 3 m., 27 d. Buried on the 24th in Klein's graveyard, where many friends assembled to view the remains and sympathize with the bereaved. He was a member of the German Baptist (Dunkard) denomination. Funeral services by Jacob Price and Jacob Moyer at the house, and by Jacob Booz and Henry Price at the church. Text, Rev. 7: 13 ­ 17. Peace to his ashes. ­H. C. K.

BLOSSER. ­ On March 21st 1895, near Aberly, Rockingham Co., Va., of consumption, sister Emma L. Blosser, youngest daughter of deacon Peter Blosser, aged 24 y., 2 m., 24 d. Buried on the 23d at Weaver's church. Funeral services by C. Good and L. J. Heatwole.

SHANTZ. ­ In Wilmot township, Waterloo Co., Ontario, on Feb. 10th 1895, Mary Ann, (Rosenberger) wife of Norman Shantz, aged 25 y., 15 d. Just before she died, she expressed herself as having peace with God. Buried on Feb. 12th in the Blenheim Mennonite cemetery. Funeral sermons preached to a large congregation by Moses C. Bowman in German from Psalm 8: 45, and Noah Stauffer in English from Psalms 25: 42. She leaves one daughter, one week old when she died.

HUNSPERGER. ­ In Wilmot township, Waterloo Co., Ont., on March 22d, 1895, William Hunsperger, who was born in Montgomery Co., Penna., on March 1st, 1810. His age was 85 y., 21 d. He came to Canada with his parents about the year 1822. In 1834 he was married to Veronica Hallman who died about 14 months ago. They had a family of 9 sons and 1 daughter of whom 3 sons died before their parents. He was a member of the River Brethren denomination. He often longed for his release from earth, and to be with his God in heaven. Buried in the Blenheim Mennonite cemetery on March 24th. Menno Cressman preached in German and John Wildfang in English, both from Phil. 1: 21. A large number of people gathered to pay their last respect to the departed.

BEERY. ­ Bro. Abraham G. Beery was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Oct. 11, 1817, and died at the residence of his son, Daniel Beery, in Branch Co., Mich., March 23d, 1895, aged 77 y., 5 m., 12 d. He was married to Sarah A. Keller in the year 1839, and shortly after both united with the Mennonite denomination, and both lived lives devoted to her principles until the end. Sister Beery was called to her reward on Aug. 10, 1883, of their 12 children (5 sons and 7 daughters) two sons and three daughters survive. There are also 26 grandchildren living and 6 dead, and 4 great grand children living and one dead. Bro. Beery moved into this community 30 years ago, and his life has been an open book among his neighbors. He was a consistent and conscientious Christian, exemplifying in his life the characteristics of true piety and humility. For the past five years he was severely afflicted with paralysis and was unable to go about or to attend church regularly, which was a severe trial to him for he loved the house of the Lord and delighted greatly in the services of the sanctuary. He has gone to his reward, and we mourn not as those who have no hope. His devotion was manifested by his strict observance of the principles he accepted and advocated. He was a constant and deeply interested reader of the HERALD OF TRUTH, beginning with the first copy and continuing until he was no longer able to do so. The remains were laid to rest on the 25th of March in the Pleasant Hill graveyard. Funeral sermon by J. S. Lehman to a large concourse of sympathizing friends from Micah 2: 10.

"How blest is our father, bereft
Of all that can burden his mind;
How easy the soul that has left
This wearisome body behind.

This languishing head is at rest;
Its thinking and aching are o'er;
This quiet, immovable breast,
Is heaved by affliction no more."

NEUSCHWANGER. ­ On the 23d of Mar. near Kill Creek, Osborne Co., Kansas, Bro. Samuel Neuschwanger, aged 39 y., 7 m., 24 d. Deceased suffered for a long time of cancer. Last fall he went to Topeka, Kan., and submitted to a painful operation, which for a time seemed successful, and in 6 weeks he returned to his family. However, the malady returned, and he saw that it meant death. As many people visited him, he used ever opportunity to exhort, admonish and encourage the believers and warn the sinners. He lived twelve weeks after his return from the hospital, and although his suffering was great, the Lord, on whom he trusted, carried him safely through. He leaves his wife, four children and many friends. Funeral services by J. M. Nunemaker of Roseland, Neb., from 1 Cor. 15: 54, 55.

FULK. ­ On the 25th of March 1895, near Cave Station, Augusta Co., Va., of an unknown ailment, Warden Holmes Fulk, infant child of Abraham and Susan Fulk, aged 4 m., and 21 d. Funeral at Union Chapel on the 27th by L. J. Heatwole.

CLINE. ­ On the 30th of March 1895, near Dale Enterprise, Rockingham Co., Va., of quick consumption, John F. Cline, aged about 60 years. Funeral on the 31st at Mt. Clinton church by S. F. Sanger, Jos. Kaegy and G. D. Heatwole.

SWOPE. ­ On the 9th of March 1895, near Edom, Rockingham Co., Va., very suddenly of neuralgia of the heart, Rebecca Swope, wife of Peter Swope, dec'd, aged 73 y., 11 m., 18 d. Funeral on the 11th at Garbers church by S. F. Sanger and L. J. Heatwole.

WITMER. ­ March 20th, 1895, in Mahoning Co., Ohio, of pneumonia, Hannah, widow of Jacob Witmer, aged 81 y., 8 m., 11 d. Her remains were laid to rest at the Oberholzer M. H., where services were conducted by Allen Rickert, David Lehman and Peter Basinger. For many years she has been a consistent member of the Mennonite church. This is the fourth time that death has laid claim on aged persons in this immediate community in the last six weeks within a radius of about one-half mile. A powerful sermon for us all.

SHAUM. ­ On the 20th of March, 1895, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of dropsy, Elizabeth Holdeman, widow of the late Bishop Henry Shaum, aged 65 y., 5 d. She was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, March 15th, 1830, united in matrimony with Henry Shuam on the 25th of March 1847. She was the mother of 12 children, five sons and seven daughters. Her husband and four daughters preceded her to the spirit world, leaving 5 sons and 3 daughters to mourn her death. She was a kind and loving mother, an earnest and devoted Christian; she was much interested in the welfare of the church, and her place in the meeting-house was seldom vacant as long as she was able to go. She desired communion a few weeks before her death, and during her last hours was much engaged in prayer. She always manifested a very deep concern for the salvation of her children. She was fully resigned to the will of God and His promises were a source of comfort to her. At one time it seemed as if all around her was shrouded in darkness, and then suddenly the bright effulgence of heavenly glory spread around her and she said: "Oh! Let me see how this world appears." She had her measure of sorrow, trouble, care and anxiety, but all these are past, and we are confident that hers is now a brighter lot where the "wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest." Peace to her ashes.

STEELE. ­ On March 16th, 1895, near Turleytown, Rockingham Co., Va., of pneumonia, James Steele, aged 70 y., 2 m., 14 d. Buried on the 12th at New Erection church. Sermon by J. C. Hagan the Presbyterian pastor. He was for more than 40 years a member of the Presbyterian church and was extensively known over the county.

WEAVER. ­ On the 27th of February, 1895, in Mahoning Co., Ohio, of la grippe, Martha, widow of Jesse Weaver, aged 80 years. Interment in the Oberholtzer graveyard on March 1st. Services by M. Horst and ____ Beery, of Orrville, Ohio. Her funeral was largely attended.

KNOPP. ­ March 28th 1895, in Mahoning Co., Ohio, of pneumonia, Catharine, widow of Samuel Knopp, aged 73 y., 10 m., 9 d. The funeral took place on the 31st at the Oberholzer M. H., and was very largely attended. Services by Isaac Good of Medina Co., Ohio, assisted by Jacob Weaver.

WISMER. ­ On the 24th of March, 1895, at the residence of Bro. Joseph C. Bowman, near Caledonia, Kent Co., Mich., of old age and heart trouble, Joseph Wismer, aged 76 y., 2 m. Buried at the Gaines U. B. church on the 27th inst. Funeral services by Elder H. T. Barnaby from 1 Cor. 7: 29. Deceased was a deaf mute since his infancy. He was of a genial nature and ever ready to be of service to those around him, and his death will be felt most by those who knew him best. Peace to his ashes.

GOOD. ­ On the 17th of March, 1895, in Chester Co., Pa., Kate Good, wife of Solomon Good aged about 38 years. Buried on the 21st at the Vincent M. H. She leaves a husband, two daughters, a father, one brother, one sister and many warm friends, but we do not mourn as those who have no hope, but feel that our loss is her eternal gain.

Now I am gone, I can't return:
Here, me, no more you'll see;
But this is true, that all of you,
Must shortly follow me.

Ah! Do beware, and do prepare
To meet the monster, Death:
For he may come, while you are young,
And steal away your breath.

When you unto my grave do go,
The gloomy place to see;
I say to you who stand and see,
Prepare to follow me.

My earthly labors have an end;
I've found a better home:
Where I, with many a loving friend,
Gather around the throne.

MILLER. ­ On the 20th of March 1895, in Moultrie Co., Ill., Magdalena, widow of Jacob P. Miller, aged 89 y., 1 m., 5 d. She leaves 2 sons and 1 daughter, 5 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren. Her husband died 13 years ago. Buried on the 21st in the Otto graveyard. Funeral services by D. C. and Jos. D. Schrock. Deceased was a sister in the Amish Mennonite church.

MISHLER. ­ On the 22d of March 1895, in Conemaugh township, Somerset Co., Pa., very suddenly, Susan, daughter of Levi Mishler, aged 17 y., 3 m., 1 d. On the morning of 21st she had a fainting spell, but soon recovered, but on the morning of the 22d she expired in a moment's time. Truly in the midst of life we are in death. She was buried on the 24th. Funeral services by Jonas Blanch, L. A. Blough and Simon Layman.

HERSHBERGER. ­ On March 17, 1895, near Tub, Pa., of lung trouble, sister Eliza Hershberger, wife of brother Jeremiah Hershberger, aged 69 y., 5 m., 7 d. Her maiden name was Fulk. She leaves her aged husband, 5 children, besides brothers and sisters and many grand-children and great grand-children to mourn their loss. She was much concerned about the welfare of her household and often shed bitter tears over their failures. Buried on the 19th. Services by D. H. Bender and G. D. Miller from Num. 23: 10.

GINDLESPERGER. ­ On the 23d of March, 1895, in Conemaugh township, Somerset Co., Pa., Katie, daughter of Pre. Samuel Gindlesperger, aged 12 d. She was buried on the 25th at the Blough Mennonite meeting house. Funeral services by Jonas Blauch, Simon Layman and L. A. Blough.

"We had a little treasure once,
She was our joy and pride;
We loved her, ah! Perhaps too much,
For soon she slept and died.

All is dark within our dwelling,
Lonely are our hearts to-day;
For the one we loved so dearly,
Has forever passed away."

DARKWOOD. ­ March 26th, 1895, near New Paris, Elkhart Co., Ind., infant son of Lewis and Hannah Darkwood, aged 2 days. Funeral remarks at the house by William Buzzard, from Job 1: 21, "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." The remains were buried in the Whitehead graveyard.

BERRY. ­ On the 15th of March 1895, at Clarence Centre, N. Y., of pneumonia and heart trouble, after an illness of but one day, sister Berry, wife of Bro. Jacob Berry, aged 60 y., 7 m., 5 d. She was the daughter of Abraham and Maria Martin, and was born at Clarence Center, married to Jacob Berry, April 12, 1855. Her husband, 4 sons and 2 daughters survive her. She united with the Mennonite church about 25 years ago and has been an esteemed member and a highly respected neighbor and friend, a loving wife and mother, whose watchfulness for the comfort of her family, as well as her affectionate manner made their home life one of happiness and peace. Buried on the 19th at Clarence Centre. Funeral in the U. B. church. Services by Asa Bearss of Ridgeway, Ont.

YODER. ­ On the 25th of February, 1895, near Shipshewana, Lagrange Co., Ind., of dropsy, Mary A., wife of George Yoder, aged 38 y., 7 m., 1 d. Sister Yoder suffered very much, but bore it all with Christian fortitude, to His honor and glory who is able to comfort in all trials. She desired to depart this life and be with Christ which for her was far better. She made every arrangement for the funeral, selected the hymns and the 23d Psalm for the text, and these lines especially for the children:

"How many were the silent prayers,
My mother offered up for me;
How many were the bitter cares
She felt when none but God could see.

Oft let me think of what she said,
And of the kind advice she gave;
O let me do it, as she's dead,
And sleeping in her lowly grave."

Funeral services at the Shore M. H. by Y. C. Miller and D. J. Johns, on the 25th, where a large concourse of friends and neighbors had gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to the beloved sister.

BAUGHMAN. ­ On the 27th of March 1895, in Woodford Co., Ill., of asthma, of which he suffered a long time, Bro. Jacob Baughman, aged 67 y., 3 m., 21 d. His wife departed this life nine months ago and his wish that he might soon follow her was fulfilled. He testified that he was prepared for the great change. He leaves 5 sons and 2 daughters. He was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite church. Buried on the 29th in the Roanoke graveyard. Funeral services by E. Hartman in English and J. P. Schmitt in German.

JONES. ­ On the 22d of March, 1895, near Emma, Lagrange Co., Ind., Abraham Jones, aged 39 y., 2 m., 16 d. He was a consistent brother in the Amish Mennonite church, and will be much missed in the church and neighborhood, but in no place so much as in the home. He was a kind father and loving husband. He leaves a sorrowing wife and four children to mourn their loss, but they mourn not as those who have no hope. Funeral services the 24th, at the Maple Grove church by Jonathan Kurtz and Jonas S. Hartzler, from 1 Thes. 4: 13 and Psalms 17: 15.

GEISER. ­ On the 24th of March 1895, in Wayne Co., Ohio, of brain fever, Mary Anna, daughter of Fred and Elizabeth Geiser, aged 3 m., 16 days. Buried on the 26th at the Sonnenberg M. H. Funeral services by Jacob Nussbaum.

"Little darling, thou hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'til God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal."

WISMER. ­ On March 22d, 1895, of old age and dropsy, Abraham Wismer of Clinton township, Lincoln Co., Ont., aged 91 y., 7 m., 9 d. He was a member of the Mennonite church in this place for many years. He was for the last few years afflicted so that he could not go from home and the most of the time was spent in great pain and distress, but he suffered all his afflictions in patience and with Christian fortitude and had a living hope of better things when suffering here ends. He was fully resigned to the will of God and it seemed he longed for the call of God. The remains were buried at the Mountain church on the 24th. Although the roads were very bad the church was more than filled. Services by Noah Stauffer from Prov. 14: 32. Peace to his ashes.


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