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Herald of Truth, Vol. XXXIII, No. 23, December 1, 1896, page 365

MENSCH.-On Nov. 2nd, 1896, Elizabeth, wife of Adam Mensch, aged 62 years, 7 months and 16 days. Husband and two children-son and daughter, wife of Jesse Mack-survive her to mourn their grievous loss. She was taken sick with a slight trouble of the stomach at first, which proved to be a serious and painful cancerous affection, terminating fatally in less than three months time, during which she suffered intensely, yet bearing it with great patience and Christian fortitude, never murmuring or chiding. She was constantly attended by husband and daughter and a devoted sister of the deceased, whose loving hands and hearts had done all that could be done, yet death claimed her. In her untimely loss the community has lost a respected neighbor, and the church of which she was a member for many years a strictly honest and consistent sister in the faith. The funeral took place on the 7th, when a large concourse of sorrowing relatives and neighbors gathered to share their sympathies with the bereaved ones. J. B. Hunsberger conducted the services at the house with appropriate remarks on the occasion, and paying a loving tribute to the scared love of a mother. Prayer by C. Hunsberger. Interment in the Providence meeting house cemetery. Services by C. Allebach in German. Text, John 9; last part of 4th verse; also remarks by J. Latshaw.

"We miss thee, gentle sister,
We miss thee everywhere;
We miss thy loving kindness,
We miss thy kindly care.
Forgive, O Lord our chidings,
Tho' our spirits are undone;
Give grace that we may calmly
Say, "Evermore Thy will be done."

TROYER.-Near Plevna, Howard Co., Ind., on the 17th of Oct. 1896, of diphtheria, Minnie May, daughter of B. J. and Elizabeth Troyer, aged 6 years, 4 months, and 19 days. Funeral services were held in the A. M. meeting house, on Sunday, Nov. 15th, by C. K. Yoder, of Logan Co., Ohio, in German. Text, Psa. 16:6, and in English by E. A. Mast, from Isa. 40:6-8. Funeral sermon was not preached on day of burial on account of the dangerous nature of the disease, some of the rest being sick in the family at the same time.

KAUFFMAN.-On Friday eve, Sept. 25th, 1896, in Wakarusa, Indiana, Bro. Jesse Kauffman was killed by a falling chimney, aged 28 years and 8 months. This was a sad accident. He had moved a few weeks previous from his father's farm (Emanuel Kauffman) to Wakarusa and started as a partner in the boot and shoe business. On this evening while at home with his babe upon his knee he sang three hymns and went to his place of business a few moments before eight o'clock. One of the political parties were making preparations for a political speech, they having a rope stretched across the street, with one end fastened to a chimney, on which hung the large flag, which hung low enough for some boys to get hold of. Bro. Kauffman was in but a few minutes when he said to a young man that was with him, "Let us walk across the street." No one can give his reason for doing so. He walked across the street and was standing beside the building when the boys were pulling up the flag, which pulled the chimney on the head of Jesse. He lived only about ten minutes. He leaves a wife, one child, a father and brother and two sisters to mourn his departure. Funeral services were held Sunday, Sept. 27th, at the South Union church and cemetery, where fifteen hundred people were assembled. He was a consistent brother in the Amish Mennonite church, a chorister in the Sunday school and young people's meeting. That voice of song is stilled in death. We hope that voice will be heard in redemption's song. Funeral services in German by J. P. Smucker from Eccl. 8:8, and by J. H. McGowen in English from Eccl. 9:10.

GINGERICH.-On the 2nd of November, 1896, at Evendale Lostcreek Valley, Juniata Co., Pa., Lydia, wife of John Gingerich, after a lingering ailment of about 6 months, aged 38 years, 3 months and 8 days. She leaves a sorrowing husband, five daughters and one son to mourn their loss. She was a member of the Mennonite church. She bore her sickness with Christian fortitude and waited with patience for the coming of the Lord. She was a kind mother, and was loved by all that knew her, and her seat was seldom vacant in the house of God. Buried at Lauver's meeting house, where many friends assembled to pay their last respects. Funeral services by Wm. Graybill and Samuel Lider. Text Psa. 37:37.

AUKER.-On the 12th of Nov. 1896, near Mexico, Juniata Co., Pa., of lung trouble, sister Catharine (maiden name Shirk), wife of Samuel Auker, aged 71 years, 6 months, and 8 days. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite church since her young years. She leaves a kind husband and one grandchild to mourn their loss. We have evidence of her everlasting happiness, although we weep over our loss. Buried in Lostcreek graveyard, where many friends and relatives assembled to pay the last tribute of respect. Funeral services by Wm. Graybill and Wm. Auker from Psa. 37:37

SOUDER.-On the 7th of October, 1896, near Goodville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Susanna, daughter of John and Susanna Souder, aged 2 months, 1 day. Funeral services by John M. Zimmerman, Henry Good and Samuel B. Witmer. Little Susanna has escaped, many trials, many snares of sin, many sorrows and pains.

"Free from sickness, free from pain,
Free from every sinful snare;
Free from Satan's bonds and chains,
Keep them, Savior, in Thy care.

Thee we loved, our darling dear,
Loved thee more than words can tell;
Little thinking death so near,
When with angels thou shouldst dwell."

BRUNDAGE.-On the 12th of Nov., 1986*, sister Mary Brundage, from near Wakarusa, Ind., calmly passed from this life to her spiritual home. Sister Brundage was taken sick a short time before her dear companion was laid to rest; since that time she had been suffering with heart trouble and dropsy. During the pleasant summer months the Lord was pleased to strengthen her physical body so that she was able to visit her friends and neighbors. She suffered for nearly a year and was confined to her chair most of her time day and night. She was born the 12th of Sept., 1831, in Lancaster Co., Pa. In 1833 her parents moved to Ashland Co., Ohio. In the year 1864, she with her mother, sister Elizabeth, and brother Jacob Beutler, moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., where she lived till after the death of her mother. In 1877 she was united in marriage with Bish. Daniel Brundage, of Newton, Harvey Co., Kan., where they lived for thirteen years. In 1890 they returned to their former home in Elkhart Co., Ind. In early years she gave her heart to God and lived a quiet and peaceful life. She leaves four sisters and a number of friends to mourn their loss. She was buried in the Shaum grave yard. Services were conducted by Amos Mumaw, Henry Weldy and John Hygema. Text, 11 Cor. 5:8.

And let this feeble body fail,
And let it droop or die;
My soul shall quit this mournful vale
And soar to worlds on high.

I suffered on my threescore years,
Till my Deliv'rer came.
And wiped away His servant's tears
And took His exile home.

I see a world of spirits bright,
Who taste the pleasures there;
They all are rob'd in spotless white,
And conquering palms they bear.

*(Note: family researcher says "HoT - Dec 1896 - Brundage, Mary - died 1896 not 1986".)

WEAVER.-On the 13th of Oct., 1896, near Walnut Creek, Holmes Co., Ohio, sister Elnora, daughter of Bro. Moses and Mary Weaver. She was born Oct. 30th, 1882, and was aged 13 years, 11 months, and 13 days. Buried on the 14th at the Walnut Creek A. M. meeting house. Funeral services by David Beachy, Moses A. Mast and Abraham Mast from 1 Peter 1:24, to a large host of friends. Deceased leaves a mother, step-father, three brothers, two half-sisters, one half-brother and a large host of friends to mourn her departure. Her father, one brother and one sister preceded her to her heavenly home. The deceased united with the Amish Mennonite church on the 2nd of Aug., 1896, at which time fifty persons were baptized. Of this number she was the first one called away to her heavenly home. She bore her suffering with much patience. Let us all take heed that we be prepared to meet that last call from on high.

HERR.-John F. Herr was born Sept. 23rd, 1819, died Nov. 6th, 1896, in McCheriestown, Adams Co., Pa., aged 77 years, 1 month, 13 days. Farewell dear grandfather, thou hast left us alone, for God has called thee home out of pain and sorrow. Long hast thou suffered here, now quickly hast thou passes away. Therefore let us watch and pray for

"God moves in a mysterious way,
His wonders to perform;
He plants His footsteps in the sea,
And rides upon the storm.

BOYER.-On the 8th of Oct., 1896, in Kansas City, Missouri, of Bright's disease, David, son of Henry and Esther Boyer, aged 61 years. He leaves a wife, five sons and one daughter, one son living in California, the rest in the city. He leaves two brothers and one sister; Enos, at Kinsley, Kansas; Daniel, near Goshen, Ind.; and Susannah Voldeman, near South Bend, Ind.; also three half-sisters and two half-brothers in Wayne Co., Ohio. He was a brother-in-law of Michael Shelley who died in July at Elkhart, Ind. HIS SISTER S.

ZOOK.-Barbara, widow of the late Michael Zook, died on the 25th of Oct., 1896, at her residence in Larned, Kansas, aged 77 years, 8 months, 6 days. The sister suffered much at times, yet she endured patiently unto the end. She desired to know and hear only God's word, and enjoyed frequent devotional exercises for she desired to depart and be with Christ. Of her nine children she leaves seven to mourn her death. A number of grand-children and great-grandchildren also remain. She was a member of the church since her youth. Buried on the 28th in the Pratt graveyard. Funeral services by D. D. Zook, of Newton, Kans., from 11 Tim. 4:6-8.

ZIERLEIN.-On the 5th of Sept. 1896, near Tiskilwa, Ill., of consumption, sister Emma Zierlein, aged 19 years, 11 months, 11 days. Buried on the 7th in the Willow Spring graveyard in Indiantown, Bureau Co., Ill., Funeral services by Joseph Buercky and John Stauffer in German from Heb. 4:9 and by Joseph Zehr of Flanagan, Ill., in English from Rev. 14:13. She leaves three sisters and many other relatives and friends to mourn her early death.

BIXLER.-On the 11th of Nov., 1896 in Leetonia, Ohio, after a brief illness, Nicholas Bixler, aged 79 years, 5 months and 26 days. Funeral services were held at the house on the 14th by Allen Ricket from John 14:1-3, assisted by Pre. John Zinn. Deceased was a brother of the late Bish. Jos. Bixler, and was from many years a member of the Mennonite church. Buried in the Oberholzer grave yard.

BIXLER.-On the 24th of Oct., 1896, near Orrville, Wayne Co., Ohio, of typhoid fever, Bro David Bixler, aged 20 years, 3 months, and 3 days. Bro. Bixler joined the Sonnenberg cong., March 23rd, 1894. Buried on the 26th at the Milton meeting house north of Orrville, O. Funeral services by Jacob Nussbaum in German and D. C. Amstutz in English.

GINGERICH.-On the 8th of Nov., 1896, near Tiskilwa, Bureau Co., Ill., of dropsy of the heart, Bro. Daniel Gingerich, aged 72 years, 9 months, 6 days. Buried on the 10th in the Mt. Bloom graveyard. Funeral services by Joseph Buercky and Pre. James from 1 Cor. 15:51, 52. Deceased leaves a sorrowing widow, 4 sons and 5 daughters, 8 grandchildren and many other relatives to mourn their loss.

SCHERTZ.-On the 21st of Aug., sister Louisa (maiden name Yoder), wife of Nicholas Schertz, of near Walnut, Bureau Co., Ill., aged 51 years, 4 months, and 27 days. Buried on the 23rd in Roop's graveyard. Funeral services by Joseph Buercky and Enos Holt, of Walnut. Deceased leaves her husband, 3 sons and many friends to mourn her departure.

HILDEBRAND.-Near Hew Holland, Lancaster Co., Pa., sister Barbara Hildebrand, widow of the late George Hildebrand, deceased, aged 81 years, 8 months, 28 days. She was confined to her bed over 18 months yet she never complained, but bore all her sufferings with Christian fortitude. She leaves behind an only son, a granddaughter and many kind friends to mourn the loss of one that was near and dear to them. Her desire was to leave this world and be wafted home to meet her dear companion who has gone before. She was buried on the 11th; services at the home by Pre. David Hostetter, and at Hershey's church by Isaac Eby. Text, Rev. 14:12, 13.

"Dearest mother, thou has left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hast bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.

Yet again we hope to meet thee,
When the day of grace is fled;
Then in heaven we hope to greet thee
Where no farewell tear is shed."

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Herald of Truth, Vol. XXXIII, No. 24, December 15, 1896, page 380

BLOUGH.-On the 22d of October 1896, in Somerset Co., Pa., Sister Sarah, wife of Samuel Y. Blough, aged 46 years, 4 months and 5 days. She was buried on the 24th at the Blough Mennonite meeting house; funeral services by Samuel Gindlesperger and L. A. Blough. Sister Blough was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for a number of years. She left a sorrowing husband and family to mourn their loss, but we hope their loss is her eternal gain, for we trust she is at rest.

"We miss thee from our home, dear mother,
We miss thee from thy place;
A shadow o'er our life is cast,
We miss the sunshine of thy face,
We miss thy kind and willing hand,
Thy fond and earnest care;
Our home is dark without thee
We miss thee everywhere."

ROHRER.-July 5, 1896, in Mahoning Co., Ohio, very suddenly, Pre. Isaac Rohrer departed this life to try the realities of another world. He united with the Mennonite church in his young years, when he was ordained to the ministry. He was a faithful laborer as long as bodily strength allowed him. God called him home without one pain or murmur at the ripe old aged of 81 years, 8 months and 19 days.

"God saw fit to call him higher,
From this world of pain and care,
To his home beyond the river
And we hope to meet him there."

ROGERS.-Emma Elizabeth Rogers, nee Shelly, died November the 20th 1896, at Wetzell, Antrim Co., Mich. She was born in Fayette Twp., Juniata Co., Pa., in 1861, and therefore within 8 days of being 36 years old. She moved from Pennsylvania with her parents to Kent Co., Mich., in 1876, and was married to James O. Rogers. This union was blessed with three children, all living. Her short life was full of sorrow and sore trials and afflictions of body, she having a complication of diseases for eight years, and a little before her end she was taken with quick consumption, and under this disease she succumbed in a little less than three weeks. She suffered all that human flesh could suffer, but was resigned to the will of her heavenly Father, without one murmur or complaint. A little while before she passed away, when asked, she said that she was happy in Jesus and all was well. She was a model Christian in her life of affliction, a light to the world, always singing and praising God and studying her Bible. She read her Bible yet the second morning before she passed away. She was buried on the 22d of November at Mancelona, a large concourse of friends following her to the grave. Appropriate services were held by Pre. Kitching from Rev. 14:13. She leaves father and mother, two sisters and one brother and three children to mourn their loss, but not without a bright hope of a glorious resurrection of the body. We feel that our loss is her gain. Two brothers and one sister preceded her to the glory world.

RIDENOUR.-Esther Brenneman was born May 11th, 1822, in Rockingham Co., Virginia. Married, Oct. 10th 1848, to Lewis Ridenour; died of pneumonia November the 22d, 1896, near Monroeville, Ind., where she had lived many years. She united with the Mennonite church while young and remained a faithful member until death. Only those who knew her best know how her life was spent in doing good to those around her, and we believe she died a happy death.

DIETRICH.-On the 20th of November 1896, in Chanceford Twp., York Co., Pa., Henry Dietrich, aged 81 years, 7 months and 18 days. He was born in Lancaster Co., and moved to York Co. about forty years ago. His wife, one son and three daughters survive him. His remains were laid to rest at the Bethlehem Evangelical church. Funeral services by Theo. B. Forry and the evangelical minister, E. D. Keen.

CULP.-Newell, son of John and Chloe Culp, died in Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., of lung fever, Nov. 24, 1896, aged 9 months and 23 days. His death seemed very sudden to us, he took sick Thursday and died Tuesday. It was hard to say good-bye to the one we so dearly loved, yet he was a bud plucked from a family circle and transplanted in that garden where bouquets never wither and lilies never fade. His remains were laid to rest at the Olive church on the 26th. Funeral services were conducted by Amos Mumaw and Pre. Kegg.

It seemed our household joy was gone,
As 'neath the little casket lid
Was gently placed our darling one,
And in the grave was hid.

Tearfully we lowly laid him,
"Neath the grass that grew so green;
And the form we loved so dearly,
In our home no more is seen.

Sleep, Newell, sleep, 'tis hard to part,
But God has thought it best,
To give you almost broke our hearts,
But now you are at rest.

Oh, let us fly, to Jesus fly,
Whose powerful arm can save;
Then can our hopes ascend on high,
And triumph o'er the grave.

WINELAND.-On the 22 d of November 1896, Katie Louisa, daughter of Samuel and Matilda Wineland, aged 2 months and 5 days.

"It was a precious little blossom
God had planted in our home,
But the angels came and whispered,
Come and dwell with us at home."

MUSSER.-Elizabeth, widow of Benjamin Musser, was born Feb. 8th, 1814, died July 5th, 1896, in Brecknock Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., aged 82 years, 4 months and 27 days. Buried in the Bowmansville Old Mennonite graveyard. S. G. MUSSER.

GOOD.-On the 29th of Nov. 1896, near Marticville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Sister Anna, wife of John E. Good, aged 60 years, 2 months and 4 days, leaving a husband, four daughters and two sons and six grandchildren to mourn their loss. Six children and three grandchildren have preceded her to the spirit world. Buried on the first of December in the River Corner graveyard. Services by John Harnish and Abraham Herr and John K. Brubaker at the meeting house. Text, Rev. 14:12, 13 and 2 Cor. 4:7.

"We miss thee mother, dear,
From thy old familiar place;
We do not hear thy footsteps near,
Nor see thy cheerful face.

A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we loved is still,
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled."

BECHTEL.-On Oct. 11th, 1896, at Springs, Okla., at the residence of the writer, Jacob Bechtel, aged 67 years, 9 months and 10 days. His companion preceded him fifteen years ago. Six children survive him, only one being present at the time of his departure. For many years he has been a member of the Mennonite church. He was born in Pennsylvania; when he was three years old he moved with his parents to Canada. When he had grown to manhood he moved to Nappanee, Indiana and from there to Arkansas, and from there to this county. His disease was a complicated one. He bore it patiently. He was conscious that his temporal life was drawing to a close and gave instructions concerning his funeral. Bro. Bechtel was a faithful member of our congregation as was manifested by a large assembly. His remains were laid as the first adult in this new graveyard to await the resurrection morning. Peace to his ashes. Appropriate services by D. Lapp and S. Hetrich. SIMON HETRICH.

KLING.-Lydia Kling was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., in the year 1874 and died Sept. 30, 1896, aged 22 years, 4 months and 7 days. Only a short year ago she was united in marriage to Milton Kling of Intercourse, who is now overwhelmed with grief, having to part with his dear young wife. Besides a husband and a little babe five days old, sorrowing sisters, brothers, father and mother mourn her early departure. She was the youngest daughter of Hiram and Hannah Charles, and was greatly beloved by all who knew her, owing to her kind and gentle disposition. Never was a home made more sad and gloomy than the home of this young husband, having lived so happily with her only a short time. Yet he was a bright hope for his loved one, while on her death-bed she sang the sweetest hymns, and casting her eyes heavenward passed away as if one were entering into a natural sleep. We are fully convinced that our loss is her eternal gain, and that she has gone home to dwell with God and enjoy the beauties of Heaven. During the greatest part of her illness she was in an unconscious condition, yet when death seemed to be drawing nigh she smiled, and waved her hands, calling to those around her that she was safe, "Safe in the arms of Jesus." It had been the desire of these young people to unite with the church, but alas! she was not spared. Since her death the husband has become a member. May he ever be found faithful, so when death claims him he will be ready to greet his loved one, who will be waiting with outstretched arms to receive him into glory. A large concourse of friends and relatives manifested their sympathy for the bereaved family, by attending the funeral, which occurred on Oct. 2, the remains being buried in the Hess burying-ground. Bishop Isaac Eby conducted the funeral services.

Sleep, Lydia, sleep, 'tis hard to part,
But God has thought it best,
To give you almost broke our hearts,
But now you are at rest.

It seemed our household, joy has gone;
As neath the casket lid,
Was gently laid our darling one,
And in the grave was hid.

But God still needed one more jewel,
To adorn our Savior's brow,
Hence His action was not cruel,
For dear Lydia's happy now.

TROYER.-Jonas Troyer was born Dec. 21st, 1827 in Ohio, died Sept. 7th 1896, near Goehner, Seward Co., Neb., aged 69 years, 8 months and 16 days. He leaves a sorrowing widow, four brothers and seven sisters and eleven children. One son and two daughters preceded him to the spirit world. He also leaves forty-four grandchildren.

TROYER.-Joseph Troyer was born in Holmes Co, Ohio, March 14th, 1840, was married to Magdalena Hershberger on the 20th of Dec. 1863 in Walnut Creek Twp., Holmes Co., Ohio, died at half past 11 P. M. on the 19th of Oct. 1896 in Milford, Seward Co., Neb., aged 56 years, 7 months and 5 days. He leaves a wife, three sons and five daughters. One son preceded him to the spirit world. There are also ten grandchildren living and one dead.

ROTH.-Catharine, (maiden name Ulrich) wife of Joseph H. Roth, was born in Wellesley Twp., Waterloo Co., Ont., Canada, on January 11th 1867, and died in Seward Co., Neb., on Nov. 10th 1896, aged 29 years, 9 months and 29 days. She leaves a sorrowing husband, with whom she united in matrimony on Nov. 29th 1892. To this union were born one daughter and one son. The son preceded her. She also leaves father, mother and four sisters. Two brothers and three sisters preceded her to eternity. Her disease was diabetes. Funeral services by N. E. Roth from Cor. 5:1, and Joseph Rediger from 2 Cor. 5:2-10, and Jacob Stauffer from Jer. 22:10. Peace to her ashes.

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana

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