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Herald of Truth, Vol. XXXIV, No. 19, October 1, 1897 - Page 301, 302

GINDLESPERGER - On the 1st of Sept., 1897, in Somerset Co., Pa., of consumption, Sister Sallie, wife of Bro. Jacob Gindlesperger and daughter-in-law of Pre. Samuel Gindlesperger, aged 25 years, 5 months and 21 days. She was buried on the 3rd at the Thomas Mennonite M.H. Funeral services by Jonas Blauch, S.G. Shetler and L.A. Blough. Text, Rev. 2:1. She is survived by a sorrowing husband, two children and many warm friends. One child preceded her to the spirit world several months ago. Her pleasant and mild ways won for her many warm friends, which was manifested by the large congregation at the funeral. She appeared to have a fortaste of the joys awaiting her in heaven. Shortly before she died she was talking about the beautiful road she was traveling and the beautiful springs she was seeing so that she left a strong evidence that she died happy. May every one who reads this be prepared to leave behind an evidence that all is well.
Sallie, thou hast left me lonely, sorrow fills my heart to-day;
But beyond this world of sorrow tears will all be wiped away.
Mother, thou art sweetly resting, here thy toils and cares are o'er;
Pain and sickness, death and sorrow, never can distress thee more." L.A. BLOUGH

SNYDER - Christian C. Snyder was born in Franklin Co., Pa., May 28th, 1804, and died July 26th, 1897, aged 93 years, 1 month and 28 days. He came to Canada with his parents in 1804. On the 5th of December 1825, he was united in matrimony to Anna Cressman. This happy union remained unbroken for sixty-two years, and was blessed with four sons and four daughters, of whom three sons and two daughters survive. There were also forty-nine grandchildren, of whom forty survive. Bro. Synder's father was born in 1758 and was therefore 18 years old at the time of the War of the Revolution. He died in 1850 aged about 91 years. Bro. Snyder was a faithful member of the church, and was highly esteemed by a large circle of friends and acquaintances. Buried on the 29th. Funeral services at the house by I.A. Wambold, and at the church by Elias Weber in German from Amos 4:12, and by Noah Stauffer in English from Isa. 32:17, 18.

BINGEMAN - On the 11th of September, 1897, at his home on Frederick St., Berlin, Ont., after long continued suffering of cancer in the face, Bro. Jonas Bingeman, aged 80 years, 5 months and 2 days. Bro. Bingeman was born in Montgomery Co., Pa., on the 9th of April, 1817. In 1825 he came to Canada with his parents, who settled near Bridgeport. In 1842 he married Elizabeth, daughter of John and Catharine Brubacher. They moved on a farm a few miles west of Berlin, where they resided until 1822, when they moved to Berlin. He leaves his aged widow, four sons, three daughters, a number of grandchildren and a large circle of friends to mourn his departure. He was a consistent member of the Mennonite church for many years, and enjoyed the highest esteem of all. The remains were laid to rest at the C. Eby M.H., Berlin, on the 14th, followed by a large concourse of relatives and friends.

BLAUGH - On the 30th of Aug., 1897, in Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pa., sister Rachel Blauch, aged 65 years, 1 month and 13 days. She was buried on the 31st at the Blough Mennonite M.H. Funeral services by S.G. Shetler, Samuel Gindelsperger and Simon Layman. She was a member of the Mennonite church for a number of years. Her grandfather, Jacob Blauch, who as the first Mennonite minister and bishop in Somerset Co., died about forty-seven years ago. Her father, Jacob Blauch, who was a minister in the same church died about eighteen years ago. She is survived by four brothers, Bish. Jonas Blauch near Johnstown, Pre. H.H. Blauch of Tub, Pa., and A.W. Blauch and Joseph Blauch. Peace to her ashes.

KEHR - On the 9th of Sept., 1897, Henry M. Kehr, aged 66 years, and 10 days. He suffered from paralysis for nine years, during which time he was not able to walk, and for several years he has not been able to speak so as to be understood, and mostly had to make his wants known by writing. He was confined to his bed however only nine days. He was resigned to his Father's will; he said to his son when he first took to his bed that he would not get well, and that he was ready to die. One day while sitting in his chair he fell asleep, and while he slept he dreamed that "heaven was his home," and he looked forward toward that blessed inheritance, the home prepared for the children of God. So that the dear ones who loved him as companion and father may comfort themselves with the thought, that he is not lost, but gone before. Funeral services at Yellow Creek, on Sunday 12th, by J.F. Funk, J.S. Lehman and Christian Shaum, from 1 Cor. 2:9. A large number of people were present.

BECK - On July 19th, 1897, in Bedminster, Bucks Co., Pa., William Beck, aged 24 years, 1 month and 20 days. Beck in company with another man, Wilson Beer, was engaged in felling trees. As the tree which they were cutting fell, it lodged on one of its lower limbs, and the rest of the top swung down, which raised the butt of the tree and threw it to one side, it struck Beck, knocked him over and pinned him to the ground in such a manner that his body was pressed completely in the ground where the tree was lying over him. It struck his abdomen and crushed the bowels. Beer immediately seized a rail and pried up the trunk of the tree, when Beck managed to get out by himself. He endeavored to walk, but was unable. Several men working in a field near by hearing the tree fall and Beer calling for help ran to his assistance. They took the unfortunate man to his home. He suffered great pain until after midnight when he died. The accident occurred in the afternoon. He leaves a young wife to whom he had been married seven months before. He was buried at the Tinicum church. Services by Pre. Nicholl. Text, 1 Sam, 20, last part of the 3d verse: "There is but a step between me and death."

ROPP - On the 19th of August, 1879, near Pekin, Ill., of consumption, Sister Louisa, widow of the late Bro. Samuel Ropp (who died six years ago), aged 41 years, 2 months and 10 days. She leaves five children and many other relatives and friends to mourn her early departure. Buried on the 22d. Funeral services by Joseph Buercky of Tiskilwa, P.W. Ropp of Pekin and D. Roth of Morton in German and Valentine Strubber of Washington in English to a great concourse of people at the Railroad M.H. JOSEPH BUERCKY

PFILE - On the 8th of August, 1897, in Cambria Co., Pa., Bro. John Pfile, aged 45 years, 9 months and 17 days. Buried on the old homestead on the 10th. Services at the house by Alex. Weaver and at the meeting house by S.G. Stetler, Levi Blough and Jonas Blough. Text, Rev. 22:12. He leaves a wife, two sons and one daughter to mourn his death.

HORNING - On the 3d of August, 1897, near Bowmansville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Lavina, wife of Moses Horning, in her 65th year. Buried in the Pine Grove Mennonite burying grounds at Bowmansville. Funeral services at the house by Menno Zimmerman, and at the meeting house by Joseph O. Wenger and Jonas H. Martin. She leaves her husband and ten children, also thirty-four grandchildren and many friends to mourn their loss. She was a member of the Mennonite church.

SCHROCK - On the 4th of September, 1897, near Lund, Decatur, Co. Kansas, Christian, son of Joseph and Lydia Schrock, aged 1 year and 1 month. Buried on the 5th. Services by C.C. Schrock and Joseph Burke. May the good Lord comfort the dear parents that they many look up and say, "The Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken, blessed be the name of the Lord."

THOMAS - On the 5th of September, 1897, in Somerset Co., Pa., Sister Maria Thomas, aged 78 years, 8 months and 19 days. She was buried on the 7th at the Thomas Mennonite meeting house. Funeral services by Samuel Gindlesperger, S.G. Shetler, and L.A. Blough. Text, Jno. 5:25, 28, 29.

MYERS - In Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., Pa., on the 2d of August, 1897, of nervousness and dropsy, Bro. Daniel Myers, aged 47 years, 2 months and 28 days. Buried at the Deep Run meeting house on the 6th. Services at the meeting house by Bro. Daniel G. Lapp of Nebraska in the English language from Thess. 4:13 and German by Josiah Clemmer.

MYERS - On the 13th of August, 1897, near Plumsteadville, Bucks Co., Pa., of paralysis, Bro. Henry K. Myers, aged 79 years, 11 months and 20 days. Buried at Deep Run on the 16th. Preaching at the house by Jacob Rush in the English language and Henry Rosenberger in German; at the meeting house by Henry Rosenberger and John Gross.

HAGEY - Isaac Hagey was born Mar. 20, 1820, in Montgomery Co., Pa. Died August 6, 1897 in Chicopee, Ont., aged 77 years, 4 months and 16 days. Was married to Nancy Gingrich in 1841, who, with five children, survives him, four having preceded their father to the spirit world. Services at Hagey's meeting house where J.B. Gingrich spoke from John 5:28, 29. J.B. GINGRICH

KAUFFMAN - On the 29th of August, 1897, of consumption, Kate L, wife of E.B. Kauffman and daughter of Joel and Elizabeth Riehl, of Union Co., Pa., aged 27 years, 10 months and 21 days. She united with the Mennonite church at the age of 19. In 1893 she with her husband moved to Champaign Co., Ohio, where she died in the hope of eternal life. She leaves a husband and three children to mourn their loss. She fed many poor tramps and then took the opportunity to give them the Word of life. Services conducted by the brethren David Hilty from I Peter 1:24, 25 and David Plank from Psalm 103:15, 16. LEVI HOOLEY

CLEMENS - Wendall Clemens was born December 28th, 1823, in the township of Dumfries, Waterloo Co., Ont., and died August 7th, 1897, bringing his aged to 73 years, 7 months and 21 days. He was united in marriage to Catharine Unger (who survives him) on Nov. 25th, 1845, and they lived together 51 years and 9 months. To them were born twelve children, ten sons and two daughters, one of the sons, Adam, having preceded the father to their long home. His end was very peaceful. He gave his heart to God with his companion 47 years ago and then joined the Mennonite church, and had ever since been a faithful member. Services conducted by John McNally.

HEMPSING - On the 31st of August, 1897, in Souderton, Montgomery Co., Pa., of paralysis and convulsions, Sister Mary Hempsing, nee Souder, aged 53 years, 9 months and 24 days. Buried on Sept. 6th, at the Souderton Mennonite meeting house. Funeral services by Pre. Luchenbill at the house and by Abel Horning at the meeting house. Text, Zach. 14:7.

GODSHALL - On the 26th of August, 1897, in Franconia, Montgomery Co., Pa., of the infirmities of old age and paralysis, sister Catharine, widow of the late Henry Godshall, aged 80 years, 9 days. Buried on the 31st at Franconia meeting house. Funeral services by M.R. Moyer at the house and by Josiah Clemmer at the meeting house. Text, Phil. 1:17.

SOUDER - On the 28th of August, 1897, in Souderton, Montgomery Co., Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Bro. Henry Souder, aged 89 years, 11 months and 27 days. Buried in the Souderton Mennonite burying grounds. Funeral services by Abel Horning at the house, and by M.R. Moyer and Christian Allebach at the meeting house. Text, Isa. 38:1.

KULP - On August 31st, 1897, in Bucks Co., Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Bro. Joseph Kulp aged 86 years, 5 months and one day. After a lingering illness he was called home. He was laid to rest in the Blooming Glen Mennonite meeting house burying grounds where he is resting till that great day when the Lord will carry His jewels home. Peace to his ashes. Services conducted at meeting house by Bish. Henry B. Rosenberger and Peter B. Loux. Text, 2 Tim, 6:7.
Father, thou art sweetly resting, here thy toils and cares are o'er;
Pain and sickness, death and sorrow never can distress thee more.

DILLER - Mary Catharine Huber was born in Morgan Co., Mo., Jan. 26th, 1872, died in Allen Co., Ohio, Sept. 3rd, 1897, of brain trouble and typhoid fever, aged 25 years, 7 months and 8 days. She was married to Bro. Andrew Diller Dec. 21st, 1893. To this union were born two children, Florence and Mary E., who do not yet realize the loss that they have sustained in the death of a kind loving mother who was always ready to caress her little ones in every time of need, but the father bears a double portion of grief, realizing his own loss and also the loss his little ones have sustained. Yet he is not alone, for Jesus has promised to neither leave nor forsake us. May our brother be fully reconciled to his lot knowing that whatsoever the Lord decrees is right, and say, the Lord's will be done. We mourn not as those who have no hope, but we have every evidence to believe that she is now at rest with the Lord whom she so much loved. She was converted to God and was received by water baptism into the Mennonite church in the summer of 1886 and seemed to be fully consecrated to the Lord, always ready to cheerfully deny self and take up the cross and follow in the footsteps of her Savior. In her last illness when she thought it to be unto death she expressed herself as being ready and resigned to the will of the Lord. She said that if it was the Lord's will she would like to be with her family yet a while so that she might help to look after the spiritual welfare of her children. Once when she thought she was about to pass over the river and saw her companion and sisters and mother weeping, she said, "Oh don't weep for me, but think of the children." She admonished them to keep near the Lord and go to Him often for advice and look prayerfully after the spiritual welfare of her children and take them to Sunday school so that they might learn to know the Lord early and thus be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The Lord grant her request that they all may meet mother and wife in the upper and better world and be forever with the Lord. Buried on the 5th at Salem meeting house. Services by C.B. Brenneman and Moses Brenneman. C.B. BRENNEMAN

BURKHOLDER - On the 29th of July 1897, near Markham, York Co., Ont., of heart failure and gangrene, sister Elizabeth Reesor, beloved wife of Abraham G. Burkholder, aged 54 years, 11 months and 18 days. The funeral took place on August 1st, at the Wideman M.H., where an extraordinary large concourse of friends and relatives assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to our dear departed mother. Services were conducted by S.R. Hoover assisted by Bro. J.G. Hoover from Rev. 14:13. Deceased leaves behind her a sorely bereaved husband, five sorrowing children, and a large number of friends to mourn the loss of a constant companion, an affectionate mother, and a kind friend. But we are confident that our loss will be her eternal gain. And soon, ah! soon, we shall all meet again, on yonder bright and happy shore; where no parting tear is shed or farewell sigh is given.
Mother, thou at the close of day, didst with Jesus soar away,
Into fairer worlds above, where all fears are lost in love.
Parted? Yes; and nevermore, here thou'lt fill that vacant chair;
Parted from us, here below, where a thousand tears do flow.
Tell, dear Jesus, why 'tis so, that our mother first should go;
But the answer comes along, 'tis to join the blood-washed throng.
Weep not husband, though 'tis sad; Jesus said He'll make hearts glad;
Weep not for me, since is given to me a golden crown in heaven.
Weep not children, though in youth, always speak your words in truth;
Take the Savior at His word, lean securely on the Lord. P.D.B.

SUTTER - Near Wisner, Cumings Co., Neb., on August 28th 1897, Jacob W. Sutter, died of typhoid fever. On the 30th of August he was brought to his father's home near Milford, Seward Co., Neb., where he was buried on the 31st in the Fairview cemetery, near Milford. He was born April 27th, 1869, and was aged 28 years, 4 months, 1 day. He lived in matrimony 5 years, 6 months, 8 days. He leaves a sorrowing widow with three children. One son preceded him to the spirit world. He also leaves his parents, six brothers and four sisters to mourn their loss, but which we believe is his gain. Services by Joseph Schlegel Gascho, and P.O. Hershberger, from 2 Cor. 5:1--3. COR.

Transcribed by C. Wheeler - British Columbia


Herald of Truth, Vol. XXXIV, No. 20, October 15, 1897 - Page 313

Of Joseph L. Hartranft who died July 15th, 1897 at the early age of 16 years.
Death has robbed us of our Josie, whom we loved and cherished dear;
It was Josie, yes, dear Josie, can we help but shed our tears.
All is dark within our dwelling, lonely are our hearts to-day;
For the one we loved so dearly has forever passed away.
Oft we think we hear dear Josie coming through the open door;
Then we tearfully remember Josie dear will come no more.

HORST - On the 22d of Sept., near Greencastle, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania, Sarah Horst, wife of Martin Horst, aged 51 years, 11 months and 3 days. Funeral services by Bro. Geo. Keener and J.C. Miller. Buried at Reiff's M.H. The funeral procession was one of the largest that even came to that place. She was loved by all who knew her. She departed from this life without a moment's warning. She leaves a bereaved husband and an adopted son to mourn her sudden death.
"My husband, do not grieve for me, do not lament nor mourn;
For I shall with my Savior be, when you are left alone.
Dear sisters, oft you look for me, and oft you saw me come;
But now I'm gone from hence away to my celestial home.
My brother, do not mourn for me, in heaven we'll meet again;
Where parting tears no more we'll see and where there is no pain.
Although I never can return let this not grieve the heart,
For you will shortly come to me then we shall never part."

HEGE - On June 24th, 1897, in Hagerstown, Md., Mary Hege, wife of the late Jacob Hege, aged 80 years, 6 months and 8 days. For fifteen weeks she lived without taking any solid food and her tongue was so paralyzed that she could not even speak a word. Her husband died twenty-eight years ago. The deceased was a member of the Mennonite church. Her remains were taken to Chambersburg. Services were held in the Mennonite M.H. near there, and interment being made in the adjoining graveyard. She leaves five children, one daughter (Sarah Horst) having died since; seventeen grandchildren and seventeen great-grandchildren.
"'Tis hard to part with you dear mother, we can only wonder why,
Thou has left us grieved and lonely,-- may we meet thee by and by.
Human hands have tried to save thee, tender cares were all in vain;
Holy angels came and bore thee from this weary world of pain.
Your wearied brow is cold in death, your gentle eye lids closed,
Your languid tongue from us is hushed, we miss you, oh how much."

HOOLEY - On the 18th of Aug., 1897, in Champaign Co., Ohio, of dysentery, Mattie, wife of Jacob Hooley, aged 77 years, 10 months and 3 days. She was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., on the 15th of Oct. 1819, and in 1845 moved to Ohio with her husband and two children. She was a good and patient mother and passed away in the triumph of faith in her Savior. Funeral services by John Warye in German from Rev. 21:1--4, and Abednego Miller in English.

HOCHSTETLER - On August 28th, 1897 in German Twp., Marshall Co., Ind., of cholera infantum, Joy Elva, daughter of Ananias and Mary Hochstetler, aged 2 years, 6 months and 20 days. Funeral services at South Union by Alex. Miller in English from Is. 40:7, in German by Jas. H. McGowen from Ps. 127:3 first clause.
Dearest Joy thou hast left us, here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.
Yet again we hope to meet thee, when the day of life is fled;
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee, where no farewell tear is shed.

STUMP - On Sept. 6th, 1897, in Union Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., of cholera infantum, Jona, son of Jonathan and Tena Stump, aged 1 year and 1 month. Funeral services at the brick meeting house by Jas. H. McGowen from Matt. 18:3.

BEIDLER - On the 15th of September 1897, at the residence of his parents, in Chicago, Ill., of paralysis, William H. Beidler, aged about 46 years. He was taken with paralysis on the 1st of Feb., and had apparently been gaining. He spent several months at the Hot Springs in Arkansas, and came back improved in health. On Tuesday morning Sept. 14th, he failed to come down stairs at the usual time, on account of another stroke, which had seized him during the night. He gradually sank and died early the following morning. He was born in Chicago in 1851. He spent his life in Chicago. At the age of 20 he became associated with his father Jacob Beidler in the lumber business. About a year ago he retired from business. He leaves an aged father, mother, brothers and sister. Funeral took place on Friday from the family residence, where services were conducted by Prof. Hugh Scott, at the Chicago Theological Seminary. Buried at Rose Hill cemetery.

LINK - On the 28th of Sept. 1897, in Elkhart County, Indiana, of heart disease, suddenly, Bro. Jacob Link, aged 72 years, 11 months and 1 day. His parents emigrated from Wurtemberg, Germany, when he was about a year old, and settled in Mahoning Co., Ohio, where he grew to manhood's years and was joined in marriage with Elizabeth Fishel, Oct. 29th 1846. In 1865 they removed to Elkhart Co., Ind. To this union were born eight children, three of whom, with eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren survive. He was a member of the Mennonite church since 1872. He was about the place as usual during the day, sat down to the supper table, but ate only a very little. He was conveyed to the rocking chair, and died soon after. He was buried on the first of October. Funeral services were conducted by J.F. Funk and Henry Weldy, from 1 Cor. 15:54--57. May God comfort the sorrowing hearts that mourn his death.

TYRER - Mrs. Anna M. Tyrer, daughter of Daniel Martin, was born in Clarence Twp., Erie Co., N.Y., Nov. 15th 1841, and died in Ossawauttomie, Kans., Feb. 11th, 1897, aged 55 years, 2 months, 26 days. She was a member of the Missionary Baptist church for many years. She leaves a son, an aged father, brothers and sisters, to mourn her departure. Funeral services were held at the Olive Menn. M.H., in Elkhart Co., Indiana, where her father and friends reside, on the 19th of Sept., 1897, by Jacob Shenk assisted by J.F. Funk, from Eccl. 11:3.

BEERY - On the 27th of August, 1897, near Col. Grove, Ohio, of cholera infantum, Mary Catharine, daughter of Joshua and Jennie Beery, aged 2 years, 3 months, 3 days. Funeral services at the Zion church by N.O. Blossser, from Mark 10:14--16.
Like a rosebud in the garden, fairer far than all the rest,
Which the owner plucks and honors with a place upon his breast;
So the gracious Master saw her, far too fair for mortal eyes,
Plucked and carried her in triumph to the heavenly Paradise.
Like a dewdrop in the sunshine, glistening in the beauty there,
Until glorified we see it, shining in the rainbow fair;
So she sparkled in life's morning, beautiful to every eye,
Till the Savior gently drew her, to His heavenly home on high.
Like a diamond of rare beauty, long by many eyes unseen,
Set to shine in all its splendor, in the coronet of queen;
There her sweet and joyous spirit, brighter far than earthly gem,
Now is set to shine forever, in her Savior's diadem.
Earth seems drearier, heaven brighter, while she shines in beauty rare,
Waiting, watching, beckoning, saying, "For my home, dear friend, prepare."
Mourning ones, O trust in Jesus, ready be your lost to meet;
And her radiant form in glory, soon your longing eyes shall greet.

MILLER - On the 28th of August, 1897, near Benton, Holmes Co., Ohio, Sanford, son of David Miller, aged 2 years, 5 months, 26 days. Buried in the family graveyard. Services by Moses Mast and David Hostetler of Wayne Co. Text, Psalm 16:6.

KAUFFMAN - On Sept. 22d 1897, at the residence of Ananias Hochstetler, in German Tp., Marshall Co., Ind., of cholera infantum and spinal fever, Celesta May, only child of Jesse and Lillie Kauffman, aged 1 year, 6 months and 22 days. Sister Kauffman is the widow of Jesse Kauffman who was killed one year ago in Wakarusa, Ind., by a falling chimney. In one short year her only earthly hopes have been taken from her. In all her deep affliction she still clings to Jesus the Rock and hope of her salvation. May she have the prayers of God's people that she may come out of the crucible as gold tried in the fire, and say the "Lord has given and the Lord has taken; blessed be the name of the Lord." Funeral services at South Union by Jas. H. McGowen from 2 Cor. 4:17.
Another little lamb is gone, to dwell with Him who gave;
Another little darling babe is sheltered in the grave.
God needed one more angel child amidst His shining band,
And so He bent with loving smile and clasped our darling's hand.

SHANK - On the 13th of Sept. 1897, near Cuba, Putnam Co., Ohio, of the infirmities of old age, Bro. Christian Shank, aged 86 years, 1 month and 10 days. He leaves a wife, brother, sister and many relatives and friends to mourn his death, but he has now, we trust, gone home to dwell with the redeemed on Canaan's happy shore. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for a number of years. Funeral services were conducted by D.S. Brunk. Text, Phil. 1:21. "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain."

Transcribed by C. Wheeler - British Columbia

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