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The Herald of Truth, Vol. XXXVI, No. 23, December 1, 1899 - page 365

BERGER. - Christian Berger was born June 2, 1823, in Wuerttemberg, Germany, died Nov. 13, 1899, age 76 years, 5 months and 11 days. He came to America in the spring of 1849, was married to Katherine Smith of Germany, March 21, 1850, in Lancaster Co., Pa. To this union were born six sons and three daughters; one daughter having preceded him to the better land. There remains an aged companion, six sons and two daughters and twenty-four grandchildren to mourn their loss. Bro. Berger moved to Wayne Co., Ohio, in 1853; one year later he moved to Williams Co., Ohio. There he united with the Mennonite Church. In September 1866, he moved with his family to Walseshma, Kalamazoo Co., Mich., when the country was comparatively new, and with the labor of their hands made for themselves a comfortable home. He lived to see his children all grown to manhood and womanhood as respectable citizens. All of them were present at the funeral. Bro. Berger was a kind neighbor and a good citizen and a conscientious Christian. His death was a severe blow to the family as the parents had anticipated holding their Golden wedding anniversary next March. Buried on the 15th. Funeral services by Samuel Yoder of Elkhart.

HEADINGS. - Near De Graff, Logan Co., Ohio, Amos H. Headings, of heart trouble, aged 37 years, 6 months and 1 day. Bro. Headings made confession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ when 17 years old, and remained faithful to the end. An aged father, one brother, a beloved wife and eight children are left to mourn his early departure. They need not mourn as those having no hope. He gave good evidence of dying In peace. His remains were laid to rest Aug. 31st. Funeral services were held at Walnut Grove, conducted by J. J. Warye in English, and D. Plank in German. COR.

NEWCOMER. - On the 12th of Nov. 1899, at the home of Aaron Reed, in Elkhart Co., Ind., of the infirmities of old age, Esther Wismer, widow of the late David Newcomer, aged 83 years, 3 months and 6 days. She was born in Bucks Co., Pa., Aug. 6th, 1816. Was united in marriage to David Newcomer in 1860. She was the daughter of Abm. and Elizabeth (Leatherman) Wismer, who was a son of Pre. Abm. Wismer of the Deep Run Congregation, in Bucks Co., Pa. She was buried on the 14th at Yellow Creek meeting house. Services were conducted by Christian Shaum, John Martin and Martin Ramer. She was a devoted member of the church, and much concerned for her salvation.

HOTTEL. - On the 27th of October, 1899, near Line Lexington, Bucks Co., Pa., at the residence of her son in law, Dea. George Walter, Sister Mary Hottel, aged 84 years, 10 months and 17 days. She suffered about seven weeks with paralysis and the infirmities of old age. She was married to Jesse Hottel with whom she had seven children, three sons and four daughters, four of whom, with her husband, passed over to the eternal world before her. She was buried on the first of November at the Line Lexington burying ground, at which place funeral services were conducted by the brethren John Walter, from Rev. 7:16,17, and Josiah Clemmer, from John 5:21. Peace to her ashes.

HUNSBERGER. - On the 9th of November, 1899, in Olive township, Elkhart Co., Ind., of dropsy, Nancy Metzler, wife of Daniel Hunsberger, aged 50 years, 6 months and 2 days. She had been in feeble health for some time, and was suffering within the last few months quite seriously, but more recently her health was better until within a few days of her death. She was born in Mahoning Co., Ohio. In her early years she came with her parents to this county, and was united in marriage with her surviving husband in Sept. 1868. This union was blessed with three sons and three daughters. She leaves a sorrowing husband and five children to mourn her death; one daughter, Dora, having died several years ago. Funeral services were conducted at the Olive Mennonite M. H. on Sunday, Nov. 12th by John F. Funk and George Lambert. An immense concourse of people attended the funeral. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. May God comfort the sorrowing ones, and lead them all to be faithful followers of Jesus.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana


The Herald of Truth , Vol. XXXVI, No. 24, December 15, 1899 - pages 381,382

ROTH. - Archabelle Roth, wife of Christian Roth, Jr., of Wheatland, Mo., died Oct. 24, 1899, aged 22 years, 9 months and 8 days. She leaves husband, one child, parents, brothers and sisters. Funeral services by Henry Rychener of Holden, Mo. Text, Rev. 22:7, "Behold, I come quickly."

"We shall sleep, but not forever,
There will be it glorious dawn,
We shall meet to part, no, never,
On the resurrection morn."

RYCHENER. - Paul Rychener, son of Henry and Josephine Rychener, of Holden, Johnson Co., Mo., died Nov. 5, 1899, aged 2 years, 4 months and 25 days. Buried at the Pleasant View cemetery, Nov. 6, 1899. Services conducted by Benj. F. Hartzler and Levi Miller, of Cass Co., Mo., text Matt. 18:2,3 and 2 Kings 4:20.

Paulie thou to rest art gone,
And to meet you there we long.

Safe in the arms of Jesus,
Safe on His gentle breast,
There by His love o'er shaded,
Sweetly thy soul doth rest.

SPRIGGLE. - On the 16th of November, 1899, near Freeburg, Snyder Co., Pa., of cancer in the stomach, from which he suffered much, Menno Spriggle, aged 39 years, 1 month and 15 days. Six weeks before his death he was received into the Mennonite Church by water baptism. His remains were brought to Richfield and buried in the Crossroads cemetery, where funeral services were held by William and Solomon Graybill. Text, 2 Kings 10:1.

STOLTZFUS. - Anna Stoltzfus, wife of Jacob Stoltzfus, died Nov. 19, 1899, aged 80 years, 7 months and 14 days. Funeral was held on the 21st. Sermons by John Beachy and Benj. Fisher. The above was the eldest of six sisters, the youngest of whom is now in her 71st year. Their aggregate age was 450 years, and it is most remarkable to say that they were or are all widows but one. A NEPHEW.

KLOPFENSTEIN. - Infant son of J. B. and Mary Klopfenstein, Holden, Johnson Co., Mo., aged 12 days. Funeral services by Levi Miller of Cass Co., Mo.

"Little children I see standing close by their King,
And He smiles as their song of salvation they sing.
Even so; It is well with my soul."

SHOUP. - On the 24th of Nov. 1899, near Mt. Eaton, Ohio, Esther Shoup, infant daughter of Bro. and Sister Henry Shoup, aged 18 days. Services at the Longenecker M. H. by L. J. Buchwalter and Josiah Kaser from Psalm 17:15.

EICHER. - On the 12th of June 1899, near North Lawrence, Ohio, Elizabeth Eicher, wife of Daniel Eicher, aged 68 years, 7 months, 10 days. Services at the Pleasant View church by ___ Miller and I. J. Buchwalter.

RICHTER. - Near Hespler, Ont., on the 14th of Nov. 1899 of dropsy, Chas Richter, age 83 years, 3 months and 28 days . Funeral on the sixteenth. Buried at Wanner's M. H., Waterloo Co., Ont. Services by Bishop Daniel Wismer in German and by Jacob Woolner, Sr., in English. Texts, in German Rev. 14:13, in English, Job 19:25 first clause, "I know that my Redeemer liveth." Deceased left a widow and seven children to mourn the loss of an affectionate husband and father. May God comfort the aged sister. He was a member of the Mennonite Church.

RISSLER. - On the 27th of November, 1899, at the residence of her son, Jacob, near Ephrata, Lancaster Co., Pa., suddenly, Christina Rissler, aged 88 years, 7 months and 16 days.

STAUFFER. - On the 5th of December 1899, in Harrison Township, Elkhart County, Ind., of heart disease, Catharine, widow of Amos Stauffer, aged 77 years, 3 months and 5 days. Her husband died January 7th, 1890. There were six children, of whom four are living. There are also four step children. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years, and a devoted Christian. She was esteemed and beloved by all who knew her. She was buried at Yellow Creek on the 7th, and followed to her last resting place by a large circle of friends. Services were conducted by John F. Funk and George Lambert from Rev. 2:10 and John 17:34. May God comfort the sorrowing ones in their sad bereavement, and feel that what God doeth is well done.

"Then let our sorrows cease to flow" ­
God has recalled His own;
And let our hearts in every woe
Still say, "Thy will be done."

DRESSLER. - On Nov. 9th 1899, in Evendale, Juniata Co., Pa., Sister Catharine Dressler. She came to Evendale to visit her daughter and son-in-law, and was taken with a stroke of apoplexy from which she never recovered. She suffered about six weeks. Three weeks before her death she was baptized and received into the church. She was the mother of eleven children, eight of whom survive her. Buried at Dressler's M. H. Funeral services by Wm. Graybill and Samuel Leiter, text Job 14:14. Her age was 65 years, 1 month, and 26 days.

WATTS. - On the 6th of Oct. 1899 near Richfield, Snyder Co., Pa., Sister Susanna Watts, aged 89 yrs., 7 mos. and 5 days. She was married to Daniel Watts on the 5th of Feburary 1828. They lived together until the 23rd of August 1844 when her husband died. She thus remained a widow for 55 yrs. She was the mother of two sons and three daughters, and three children preceded her to the grave. She had twenty-two grandchildren and thirty-five great grandchildren and five great great grandchildren. She was the last one of the family. Her maiden name was Graybill. She was buried in the family graveyard near Richfield. Funeral services by Wm. Bergy and Solomon Graybill.

Transcriber's note: "Feburary" is spelled as in the original.

SMITH. - Martha Ethel Smith died Nov. 21, 1899, of stomach troubles, after an illness of 7 weeks. Her age at the time of death was 18 years, 3 months, 23 days. She suffered a great deal of pain during her short illness, but bore it all patiently and with Christian fortitude. She became a member of the Amish Mennonite church at Metamora, Ill., in September, 1896. Her Christian life was a short one, but short as it was with her naturally sweet disposition and kind words she filled a place, in her family and circle of friends, that must ever after remain vacant. The bursting of a blood vessel just above the eye caused her mind to wander during the last few hours of her life. Her last words were, "I am coming, yes I am coming." Who can tell, those words may have been an answer to the last loving invitation of her Savior. It may have been her mother who died only a short time ago, God only knows; we can not understand.
It seems hard to comprehend why the death messenger should take so many dear ones from one family in so short a time, but we can only hope that some day, some time we shall understand. A large concourse of relatives and friends followed the remains to the Roanoake Mennonite cemetery. The funeral services were conducted by Pre. Samuel Garber from Groveland. Ill., and Pre. Joseph Litwiller from Tremont, Ill.

Our Martha sweetly sleeps
Beneath earth's cold and chilling sod,
And Jesus gently keeps
The precious soul at home with God.

Our hearts are bleeding sore
Because He took our sister home.
Yet now we'll weep no more,
For soon He'll bid us too, to come. C. H. S.

STOLTZFOOS. - On the 19th of November, near Bareville, Upper Leacock Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Nancy Kurtz, widow of Jacob Stoltzfoos, aged 79 years, 6 months and 25 days. Her husband died seven years ago. She was born on the 24th of April. 1820. She leaves five sisters and a large circle of friends to mourn her departure. The funeral services were conducted by Benjamin Fisher, and David Peachey of Mifflin Co. Her funeral was largely attended. Peace to her ashes. God comfort the sorrowing friends.

"There comes a time when we must part
In this wide world below,
When gloomy death unties each heart,
And all must leave and go.

"And now farewell, farewell to all,
Dear sisters and dear friends;
I answer to the Master's call
My soul on Him depends."

KINDY. - On the 1st of Dec., 1899, in Jamestown, Elkhart Co., Ind., of the infirmities of old age, Sister Elizabeth Bachman, wife of Bro. Henry Kindy, aged 83 years, 2 months and 25 days. She was married to John Orndorf, Jan. 21st, 1841, and after the death of her first husband she was married to Henry Kindy, her surviving husband, Sept. 17th, 1850. She was the mother of five children, two sons and three daughters. She was buried on the 4th, at the Olive Mennonite meeting house, on which occasion George Lambert and John F. Funk conducted appropriate funeral services from Matt. 24:44. She leaves a sorrowing husband and five children to mourn her death. We trust that this affliction may leave a lasting impression on the minds of the bereaved ones and lead them all nearer to Him whose mercy is free to all.

"Mother, thou best left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God who has bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal."

STAUFFER. - Mrs. Sarah A. Stauffer was born In Wayne County, Ohio, May 10, 1858. She was left without a mother when nine days old. She came with her father to Indiana, at the age of six years. She was married to John P. Stauffer, Feb. 26th, 1882 and after suffering 8 long years with that dread disease, scirrhus or hard cancer she departed this life in Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., Nov, 29th, 1899, at the age of 41 years 5 months and 19 days, leaving a kind and affectionate husband, four sons, one daughter, a father, three brothers, five sisters, and a host of friends to mourn her departure. Three brothers and one sister were called to eternity before her. Her last words were, "I am going home." Funeral services were conducted by Elder Geo. Lambert.

TROYER. - On Nov. 21st, 1899, near Smithville, Wayne Co., Ohio, of dropsy, Leah Troyer, maiden name Zook, wife of L. B. Troyer, aged 69 yrs., 2 mos., and 28 days. She was the mother of three sons and two daughters who remain with her husband to mourn the loss of a kind and affectionate mother and companion. She was a devoted member of the Mennonite congregation and her seat was never vacant at the meetings as long as health permitted. She bore her afflictions and sufferings with patience, always submitting her case into the hands of the Lord, and was fully resigned to His will, often expressing her desire to depart and be with Christ in whom she trusted with all confidence. Buried on the 24th in the Paradise Union graveyard, followed by a large concourse of friends and relatives to pay the last tribute to one that was dearly beloved of all who came in touch with her. Services at the house by S. D. Longenecker and at the M. H. by Amos Mumaw and D. Hostetler. Text, Philippians 1:23.

God saw fit to call our mother,
She so kind and sweet to all,
Up to His own home of glory
Where no harm can her befall. D. H.

WISMER. - On the 16th of November 1899, in Skippack, Montgomery Co., Pa., of paralysis, Bro. David Wismer, aged 69 years, 1 month, 15 days. Bro. Wismer suffered greatly the last week of his life, but he bore his affliction with Christian patience, and desired to be released of his sufferings. Buried on the 21st. Funeral services at the house by Henry Johnson and at Skippack M. H. by Warren Bean, in English, from 1 Pet. 1:24,25 and by Jacob Mensch in German. He leaves his deeply sorrowing widow and 10 children.

KLOPFENSTEIN. - John Klopfenstein died at his residence 4 miles south of Holden, Johnson County, Missouri of heart disease, November 9th, 1899, aged 73 years, 4 months and 13 days. Buried in the Clear Fork cemetery. Funeral service at Oak Grove M. H. by Henry Rychener and Benjamin Hartzler. He leaves three sons and three daughters to mourn his death, but "not as those who have no hope." Bro. Klopfenstein had all the comforts of a good home, but on account of poor health he realized that his days of usefulness were past and longed to be called to his eternal rest where sickness and death will be no more. L. N. YODER.

KAUFFMAN. - Willis, son of Henry and Fanny Kauffman, died Sept. 25, 1899, at the early age of 5 months and 5 days. Every care which loving hands can bestow was given to little Willis, yet much of his young life was given to suffering. May this thought comfort the sorrowing ones, that he is now freed from all suffering, care and sorrow. Funeral services at the Clinton Brick M. H. by John Garber and P. Y. Lehman from the texts, Matt. 19:14 and Matt. 18:3.

However painful it may be
To know that brother is gone,
The thought is sweet that we may meet
Him with the heavenly throng.

LANTZ. - Russel Howard, son of David and Annie Lantz, died Oct. 16, 1899, aged 3 days. Short services were held at the home on the morning of the 18th by John Garber, after which the remains were taken to the Union Chapel cemetery for burial.

"Fond parents, calm the heaving breast,
The Saviour called him home;
Grieve not your darling is at rest
Beyond this vale of gloom."

MOYER. - On the 5th of Nov. 1899, in Mahoning Co., Ohio, Barbara Moyer, widow of the late John Moyer, aged 90 years, 7 months and 7 days. She was buried at the Middle meeting-house on the 8th. Services were conducted by Allen Rickert, Peter Basinger and D. E. Lehman. Text, Num. 14:30. She was born in Bucks Co., Pa., on the 28th of March, 1809. She was a daughter of Jacob Nold, who was the first Mennonite bishop that lived or moved into the state of Ohio. She was united in matrimony to John Moyer, Dec. 25, 1832. To this union were born five sons and three daughters, one daughter, one son and the husband and father preceded her to the eternal world. There were seventeen grandchildren living, three of whom are dead. Also thirteen great-grandchildren of whom two are dead. She lived to see one great-great-grandchild. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth and was a faithful member until death.

PEACHEY. - On the 26th of Nov., in Mifflin Co., Pa., Bishop Christian K. Peachey, aged 64 years, 6 months and 11 days. He was buried on the 28th, and leaves a widow, a daughter; two brothers and two sisters, also four grandchildren to mourn his death. He filled the office of bishop in the Peachey church for more than twenty-five years. He faithfully served the church ever since his appointment, being always in his place when health permitted. He suffered over two years, during which time he could not leave home. Funeral services were conducted by B. Y. Hertzler and John Zook of Lancaster Co., Pa. G. F. E.

MILLER. - Tobias Miller was born Feb. 12, 1861, and died Sept. 5, 1899, aged 38 years, 6 months and 24 days. For a number of years he suffered from catarrh, and early in the spring of this year consumption fastened its hold upon him. He lingered all summer and although there was no hope for his recovery, he himself was hopeful until towards the close of his life when he lost his speech. Bro. Miller was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for a number of years. He had his home with his sister, Susan Starner, near Fish Lake, Elkhart Co., Ind., where also he died and where he was lovingly cared for during his lingering illness. May God bless and reward her for her patient toiling and kindly deeds to her brother. Services at the Clinton Brick M. H. by John Garber and Yost Miller from the text, Heb. 4:9.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana

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