Herald of Truth Obituaries - April, 1900

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HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol. XXXVII, No. 7, April 1, 1900 pages 109-111



On the 12th of February, 1900, in Livingston Co., Ill., Pre. John Albrecht passed peacefully away at the age of 66 years, 2 months and 22 days. Deceased was born in Bavaria, Germany, on the 20th of November 1833. When he was four years old his parents moved to Bureau Co., Ill. He was married to Anna Gascho in 1859, To this union were born six sons, of whom four preceded their parents, the mother dying fifteen years after marriage. Bro. Albrecht married again in 1874, his second wife being Barbara Nafziger. To this second union were born four sons and three daughters, all of whom followed their father to the grave. Although the words of Psalm 128 were fulfilled to Bro. Albrecht in temporal as well as in spiritual matters his heart was not set upon earthly things. He was afflicted for some time with heart and kidney trouble and seven days before his death he was rendered helpless by a slight stroke of paralysis. He remained conscious however to the end, and suffered no pain. Although not as eloquent or fluent a speaker as some, he was honest and earnest, and a faithful counsellor, and his loss in the church as well as in the family will be deeply felt. On the 15th of Feb. his remains were laid to rest, followed by a large concourse of relatives and friends. Funeral services at the M. H. by J.P. Schmitt in German from 2 Cor. 5, and by Joseph B. Zehr in German from 2 Tim. 4:7,8 and Matt. 25:23. Daniel Orendorf also spoke from 2 Cor. 4:17,18. Besides his wife and nine children, deceased leaves eight grandchildren, three brothers, four sisters and many other relatives and friends.



KAUFFMAN - On the 12th of March 1900, near Middlebury, Ind., of lung fever, Elisabeth, wife of Jonathan Kauffman, aged 44 years and 29 days. She leaves a husband, three sons, two daughters, parents, three brothers and two sisters, to mourn her early departure, but not as those that have no hope. She desired to lay down this life and be with her Saviour and her three children that preceded her to the rest beyond. Buried on the 14th. Services by J.C. Mehl and D.J. Johns.

MOYER - On the 14th of February 1900, in Franconia, Pa., of constipation, Albert, son of Milton and _____ Moyer, aged 14 years, 9 months, 9 days. Buried on the 19th at the Franconia M. H. Funeral services by Josiah Clemmer and M.R. Moyer. Text, Luke 7:13.

DETWEILER - On the __ of Feb., 1900, in New Britain, Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Bro. Henry Detweiler, aged 83 years, 11 months, 4 days. Buried on the 25th at the Line Lexington Mennonite M. H. Funeral services by John Walter and Chr. Allebach. Text, John 5:24. Peace to his ashes.

KAUFFMAN - Andrew Kauffman was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., December 4th, 1925. Died near Arcadia, Ind., Mar. 19th 1900, aged 74 years, 3 months and 15 days. He came with his father's family to Arcadia in 1838, and has lived here ever since. In 1852 he was married to Sarah Keck. He leaves a wife, one brother and one sister. He was confined to his bed since Jan. 1st with consumption. Funeral services by R.M. Horner from Joshua 3:17.

DETWEILER - Elizabeth Kennedy was born on the 7th of June 1820 in Inverness, Scotland. She came to Canada in her early youth, and was married to Bro. Benjamin Detweiler on the 10th of October 1837. To this union were born seven sons and five daughters. Her last illness was preceded by a period of ill health, and this, with her advanced years, no doubt hastened her end, which came on Monday morning March 12, 1900. Interment on the 15th in the C. Eby burying ground. She was a member of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ. Funeral services by Samuel Bowman in German and by Menno Bowman in English. She reached the age of 79 years, 9 months, and 5 days.

ERB - On Tuesday March 13, 1900, at her home in Preston, Ontario, of the infirmities of old age, Sister Mary Kolb, relict of the late Bro. Joseph Erb. She was the daughter of Jacob and Catharine (Clemens) Kolb and was born near Skippack, Montgomery Co,m Pa., on the 4th of August 1804. In 1819 she came with her parents to Canada, when what is now known as Waterloo Co. was nearly all forest land. On the 11th of Dec. 1827 she was married to Joseph Erb who died Oct. 15th, 1885. To them were born eight sons and two daughters of whom five sons and one daughter survive her. With her husband who as a miller was widely known for his generosity she shared the trials and hardships of pioneer life as a true helpmeet, and the labors of their hands were greatly blessed. She enjoyed reasonably good health until about three years ago she fell on the floor dislocating her hip, since which time she was unable to walk. Thus the feet that through a long life had been so busy in household duties and missions of love and charity were forced to rest and she had to pass her days in her chair, not being able to get in or out of bed alone. Her daughter, Sister Lena Erb, who is unmarried and lives at home, attended to her aged mother's wants with true filial devotion for three years, being assisted by her two brothers Cyrus and Joseph, both living in Preston. Deceased suffered but little pain during the last year of her life, yet she was patiently waiting for the time of her departure to the land where so many of her loved ones had already gone. Her wish that she might just fall asleep, never to wake again in this world, was granted, and loving watchers did not know that she was gone until they came to look after her, when they found nothing but the cold clay; the longing soul, so long imprisoned in its frail earthly tenement, had gone home to God. The burial took place at the Hagey M. H. near Preston on the 16th. Funeral services by Jacob Woolner in German from Heb. 13:14 and by Noah Stauffer in English from Isa. 58:8. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church and reached the age of 91 years, 7 months and 9 days.

STUTSMAN - Aaron Stutsman was born Jan. 4th 1825, and died near Goshen, Ind., of lung fever March 9th 1900, aged 75 years, 2 months, and 5 days. Funeral services by D.J. Johns, from Heb. 9:27.

JOHNS - On the 7th of Feb. 1900, near Goshen, Ind., of blood poison, Oscar O. Johns, aged 20 years, 11 months, and 22 days. He gave his heart to Christ and united with the Amish Mennonite Church at the age of 15 and remained faithful to the end. Burial on the 9th. Services by J.P. Smucker in German and D.D. Miller in English.

KRUPP - On the 6th of March 1900, near Souderton, Montgomery Co., Pa., of pleurisy and pneumonia, Sister Lizzie, wife of Dea. Henry C. Krupp, aged 52 years, 5 months, 22 days. She was born on the 14th of Sept. 1847, was married in 1869. One son blessed this union. She lived in happy matrimony over 30 years. She was the youngest daughter of the late Pre. Henry Nice of Franconia. She leaves her deeply bereaved husband, one son, three grandchildren, one brother, three sisters and many friends and neighbors to mourn her departure, but what is our loss is her gain. Our departed sister suffered severely for six days, but she was entirely resigned to God's will and endured her suffering with Christian fortitude. Her remains were laid to rest on the 10th in the Souderton Mennonite graveyard. Funeral services at the house by M.R. Moyer and Chr. Allebach, and at the M. H. by Josiah Clemmer and A.S. Mack. Text, Phil. 1:23.

BRUBAKER - On the 9th of March 1900, Elmer Curtis, son of Jonas and Lizzie Brubaker, aged 11 months, 15 days. Services held at Pleasant View M. H., March 11th, by I.J. Buchwalter, from 2 Kings 4:26.

GERBER - On the 7th of February 1900, near Dalton, Ohio, Enos, son of Valentine and Maria Gerber, aged 1 year, 4 months and 21 days. Buried on the 8th at the Sonnenberg M. H. Funeral services by Cleophas Amstutz at the house, and by Jacob Amstutz at the M. H., from Jer. 31:3.

SHELLY - On the 12th of March 1900, in Emmett Co., Mich., Anna Mary, wife of D.B. Shelly, aged 64 years, 11 months, and 14 days. Her husband and three children are left to mourn their loss. Four children preceded her. Interment at the Mennonite M. H. near Brutus. Services by C.W. Detweiler in English and B.I. Snider in German.

MARTIN - On the 10th of March 1900, at Hanover, York Co., Pa., Sister Nancy Ann Martin, aged 64 years, 4 months and 10 days. Buried on the 13th at the Bare M.H. Funeral services by Martin Whisler and Daniel Stump. Text, 1 Thess. 4: 13,14.

BRACKBILL - On the 16th of March 1900, at Menges Mills, York Co., Pa., Sister Susan Brackbill, aged 68 years, 3 months and 12 days. Buried on the 19th near Willow Street Brick M. H., Lancaster Co., Pa. Funeral services by Martin Whisler and Pre. Brubacher. Text, Heb. 4:9. May the Lord comfort the children of the deceased.

ZIMMERMAN - On the 27th of February 1900, in Carroll Co., Md., Margaret Zimmerman, aged 77 years, 7 months and 18 days. Buried on the 2d of March at the Zimmerman meeting house. Funeral services by Martin Whisler of Menges Mills, Pa. Text, Isa. 35:10. Peace to her ashes.

HIESTAND - On the 8th of March 1900, Sister Leah Hiestand died of infirmities of old age. She was the widow of Abraham F. Hiestand who preceded her to the grave nearly 16 years ago. She was buried on the 11th at Stony Brook meeting house where a large concourse of friends and relatives assembled to pay the last tribute of respect and sympathy to their dear friend. She reached the ripe old age of 91 years, 2 months and 26 days. She was, like her Savior, patient and lamb-like in her afflictions until God delivered her out of them all. Two of her children preceded her to the grave. Four sons and five daughters survive her. Services by Pre. Martin Whisler and Pre. Theo. B. Forry. Text, 1 Thess. 4:13,14.

Dearest mother, thou hast left us,
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.

Yet again we hope to meet thee,
When the day of life is fled;
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tear is shed.

GABLE - On the 12th of March 1900, in York Co., Pa., of a complication of diseases, Sister Angeline S. Gable, aged 60 years, 9 months and 14 days. She was buried on the 15th at Freysville beside her beloved husband who preceded her fourteen years ago. Services by Bish. Jacob N. Brubacher and Pre. Eli Hursh. Text, Rom. 6:23. She was a kind, loving mother, a sociable sister and good neighbor. She bore her sufferings patiently but longed to meet her Savior beyond where lie the fields of endless pleasure. Four sons and four daughters survive her. Their loss is her eternal gain.

Our mother has crossed the river,
She is with the angels now,
She has laid aside earth's crosses,
And the crown is on her brow.

She is waiting in the city,
Where the saints and angels wait,
And we'll know thee, dearest mother,
When we reach the pearly gate.

BENNER - Jan. 1st 1900, at McAlisterville, Juniata Co., Pa., at the home of his son Christian, after an illness of one year, Isaac Benner, aged 74 years, 9 months and 29 days. Buried in the Lost Creek church yard where many friends and relatives met to pay the last tribute of respect. Five sons and one daughter attended the burial of their father. One daughter who is living in Elkhart, Indiana, was not present. Services were conducted by Solomon and William Graybill. Text, Matt. 13:43.

RAMER - On the 4th of March 1900, at Susquehanna, Snyder Co., Pa., of heart trouble from which he suffered for many years, Tobias Ramer, aged 69 years and 6 days. He was a member of the Mennonite Church. His wife Mary died April 23, 1899. Of eight children five survive. He also leaves one brother and two sisters. Buried in the Grubb grave yard. Funeral services by J.A. Brilhart of Rockton, Clearfield Co., Pa., from Job 14:14 and 21:23,25,26, and by William Graybill from John 11:25.

AUKER - On the 11th of March 1900, at Goodville, Delaware Twp., Juniata Co., Pa., John L. Auker aged 82 years, 11 months and 20 days. He suffered from a stroke of palsy for over a year. About eight days before he died he had a second stroke. Bro. Auker was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church for many years. He leaves a wife, three sons and two daughters and many other relatives to mourn their loss. Buried in the Delaware grave yard where many people assembled. Funeral services were conducted at the meeting house by J.A. Brilhart, William Graybill, and S. Lider, Text, 2 Tim. 4:6-8.

NEWCOMMER - On the 5th of March 1900, at her home three miles north of Peabody, Marion Co., Kans., of dropsy, Sister Susanna Newcommer, maiden name Cockley, aged 69 years. She leaves a husband, a daughter and a son to mourn their loss. "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." Job 1:21. The Lord has called her and we have the assurance that she has only gone before, and is waiting for us in the better land. Her last sickness was of but a few days' duration. Buried on the 8th of March 1900. Services by M.E. Horst and John Hoover from Job 14:1,2. L.L.B.

EMMERT - Bro. Leonhard Emmert was born in Wittenberge, Germany, June 11, 1832, died near Needy, Clackamus Co., Oregon, March 7, 1900, aged 67 years, 8 months and 26 days. Funeral services March 9, by Bish. J.D. Mishler and Daniel Kropf at the Amish Mennonite meeting house. Text used by the former, I cor. 15:35. Buried in the Mennonite burying ground. Bro. Emmert was a member of the Mennonite Church for a number of years. The cause of his death was the effects of a stroke of paralysis. He was sick only about ten days and was not able to talk while sick. Bro. Emmert was deeply interested in the welfare of the Church while he lived in Clackamus Co., Oregon.

TROYER - On the 12th of March 1900, near Shickley, Fillmore Co., Neb., John Ira, son of D.J. and Mary Troyer, aged 11 months and 1 day. Funeral services by Chr. Beller in German and D.B. Heiny in English at the Bethel (Dunkard) meeting house where interment was made. Texts, Psa. 84:11, 1 Thess. 4:13,18 and Matt. 18:1-5. On the 11th of April, 1899 triplets were born in this family, one of which passed away at birth; the other two were well until a short time ago one took sick with catarrhal fever and after a few days' suffering passed away. May the Lord comfort the parents in their sorrow.

Death has borne away dear Ira,
And our tears we cannot stay,
For we miss him, oh so sadly,
Since he's gone from us away.

But we know the Lord will keep him
Safely folded on His breast;
So we will prepare to meet him
In that land of perfect rest.

MARTIN - March 10th, 1900, in Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., at the home of his parents, Amos H. Martin, son of Bro. Eli. W. Martin, of inflammatory rheumatism, after an illness of ten days, aged 16 years, 7 months, and 21 days. He attended Sunday School at Weaverland, and public school at Earl Union where he became ill. He leaves sorrowing parents and a number of brothers and sisters and numerous schoolmates and friends of his youth to mourn his early departure. The writer did not intimately know him, but knew that he was a youth of more than ordinary promise; but ah, friends, the texts of his funeral sermon, Isaiah 40:6,7,8, and Matt. 24:44, are not only true, but they were proven and illustrated by this young and promising youth in his life and death. The funeral took place at Weaverland March 13th, where Brethren Benj. W. Weaver and Samuel Witmer officiated.

SENSENIG - March 11th, in Goodville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Michael M. Sensenig, aged 63 years, 1 month, and 4 days. He leaves one daughter and one brother to mourn his departure; he was the last of three brothers who for a number of years conducted a hardware store in Goodville. Pre. W. Hoar of the Presbyterian church preached the funeral sermon; interment was made at Weaverland.

WEAVER - February 27, 1900, in West Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., Mary, wife of John Weaver, aged 73 years, 3 months, and 7 days. She died in the general hospital at Lancaster, of Bright's disease, after undergoing a successful operation for another ailment. She leaves a husband, two sons and one daughter, two sisters and three brothers. Her brothers are all ministers of the Gospel, - Moses Weaver, a minister and bishop in the Pike Mennonite Church, John Weaver, a Mennonite minister in Elkhart Co., Indiana, and David Weaver, a preacher in the Mennonite church in Harvey Co., Kan. Her son, Aaron Weaver, is a deacon in the Mennonite church in the old Harrisburg Pike Cong. in Lanc. Co., Pa. of which church the deceased was a faithful member for many years. She was of a gentle and kind disposition and was loved by all who knew her. She at one time taught her neighboring children the German language in her own home; she also kept a record of all deaths that occurred for many miles around her quiet home. Thus she was continually doing something to endear her to those whe were influenced by her life, and she will be greatly missed in all her walks of life by those who knew her. Her funeral took place at the above named meeting house on Friday March 2d. Funeral services by Aaron Sensenig and Pre. Brubaker, from Acts 10:34,35.

BRENNEMAN - Simon D. Brenneman was born Dec. 13th 1854, near Grantsville, Md., where he enetered into a covenant relationship with his God in the year 1875, in the Amish Mennonite Church, remaining faithful to his vow until it pleased his Heavenly Father to call him from his active and useful life to a home beyond this vale of tears on March 9th 1900, at the age of 45 years, 2 months, 26 days. His death was caused by appendicitis, which he endured patiently being fully resigned to the will of the Lord. He came to Smithville in 1881, where he was married to Sister Lydia Brenneman, August 7th, 1883. He was the father of five children who with his dear companion mourn the loss of an affectionate husband and father. His fellow citizens lament his departure in the prime of life, he having gained a large circle of friends, both by virtue of his profession as an undertaker and in possessing noble Christian qualities. The church laments the loss of a brother who was peaceable, loving, and liberal in giving for charitable institutions. His aged father, three brothers and five sisters are left to weep over his departure. His mother, one brother and one sister preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral sermon by Benj. and Jacob Gerig.

RISSER - Amos H. Risser, son of Brother Benjamin and Sister Lena Risser of near Hagerstown, Md., died March 12th of pneumonia and brain fever, aged 8 years, 10 months. He leaves his parents, one brother, many relatives and friends to mourn his early departure. Amos was a bright, promising little boy, and his place will be hard to fill. We sympathize with the parents in their deep grief. But Christ said, "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Funeral services at Reiffs M. H. by Bish. George Keener and Christian Strite. Text, 2 Kings 4:26, and 2 Sam. 12:21.

Another little bud has gone
To dwell with him who gave:
Another little darling boy
Is sheltered in the grave.

Go, little pilgrim, to thy home,
On yonder blissful shore;
We miss thee here, but soon will come
Where thou hast gone before.

HUNSICKER - Near Sunbeam, Franklin Co., Pa., Jan. 6th 1900, of heart trouble, Charles N., son of Samuel A. and Emma Z. Hunsicker, aged 11 days. Funeral on the 19th, buried at the Chambersburg M. H. where services were held by P.H. Parret from Job 14:2.

Me-thinks I see a thousand charms
Spread o'er Thy lovely face,
While infants in thy tender arms
Receive the smiling grace.

MARTIN - Near Shippensburg, Franklin Co., Pa., Feb. 9th 1900, of measles and pneumonia, Mary Esther, daughter of Pre. Joseph and Lydia Martin, aged 1 year and 19 days. Funeral on the 11th at the Row M. H. where services were held by Peter Wadel and Pre. Bricker in German and P.H. Parret in English from Matt. 19:14. "Of such is the kingdom of heaven."

MARTIN - At the same place and of the same disease, Lena Rebecca, daughter of Pre. Joseph and Lydia Martin, died Feb. 13th, aged 13 years, 2 months, and 5 days. Buried on the 15th at the Row M. H. Services by Peter Wadel, and Philip H. Parret. Text, Job 14:2. May the dear parents, brothers and sisters be comforted to know that those bright jewels have just gone before.

"I take these little lambs", said He,
"And lay them in my breast;
Protection they shall find in me,
In me be ever blest."

MISHLER - March 13th 1900, in Howard Co., Ind., of lung fever and other bodily ailments, Lydia, wife of John Mishler, aged 34 years, 1 month and 3 days. She was married to John M. Mishler Dec. 24th 1885, thus having lived in matrimony 14 years, 2 months and 10 days. To this union were born 10 children who, together with her husband, two sisters and one brother survive to mourn her death. Funeral services on the 15th at the A. M. meeting house, which was crowded to its utmost capacity, services conducted by E.A. Mast in German and J.S. Horner in English from Heb. 4:9. Buried in the Mast graveyard. Sister Mishler was a kind and loving mother and a true wife. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church in her youth. She was a consistent member until her time of departure. We sympathize with Bro. Mishler in his bereavement. G.W.N.

HARSHBERGER - On March 12th 1900, in Miami Co., Indiana, of lung fever, Eli Harshberger aged 41 years, 9 months. Funeral services on the 14th by Jos. Rife at A. M. meeting house. Buried in the Shrock graveyard. He leaves a sorrowing wife and six children, five brothers, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his departure. May their loss be his eternal gain. G.W. North

MAST - On the 5th of March 1900, in Greentown, Ind., of consumption, Ella, daughter of Jerry M. and Mary Mast, aged 20 years, 2 months and 18 days. Sister Ellen was yet young in years, but she said to one of her cousins a few weeks before her death that if it pleased God to call her home, she was ready and willing to go over yonder to Him and be with Jesus. She had given her heart to God about six weeks before her death. Just a little over a year ago her mother was called away by the same disease. She leaves a father and two brothers to mourn her departure. G.N.

(Transciber's note: Names Ella and Ellen are typed as printed.)

FULK - On the 27th of Sept. 1899, near St. John, Rockingham Co., Va. after an illness of two weeks duration, Bro. Abraham Fulk, aged 45 years, 7 months and 11 days. He leaves his wife, four sons and four daughters, one of which was born since his death. Four children preceded him to the grave. Buried in the Brenneman graveyard. Funeral services by L.J. Heatwole and G.D. Heatwole.

Our father dear has passed away,
His soul has left its house of clay,
That friendly form no more we'll see,
His work is done and he is free.

A blank he left that none can fill,
Although his name we'll cherish still,
His pain is past, his troubles o'er,
Which he in sweet submission bore.

How blest those who triumphant rise
To join the loved ones in the skies,
Where free from sickness, pain or care
They ever may God's love declare.

Ah soon we all must leave this clay
To meet God at the judgment day,
Then let us live that we may be
As fit to reign above as he.

By his daughter, Anny Bell Fulk

STAUFFER - On the 24th of February 1900, at Bond Hill, Ohio, after a week's illness, Lucinda, wife of Addison Stauffer and daughter of George Moyer, of Waterloo, Ont., aged 32 years. She leaves her husband, three little children and many friends to mourn her death. She had visited her former home but a short time before and the news of her death caused deep sorrow.

BOWMAN - On the 15th of February, 1900, at his home in St. Johns, New Brunswick, of apoplexy of which he suffered only two days, Isaac C. Bowman, formerly of Breslau, Ont., where he was born May 4th 1843, and was therefore aged 56 years, 9 months and 11 days. About 6 years ago he was affected by a stroke of apoplexy from which he never fully recovered. During the summer and fall of 1899 he was able to spend several months in the vicinity of his old home and to attend the Bowman family reunion on the 15th of June at the home of his sister and brother-in-law J.Z. Kolb, near Berlin, Ont. He also visited his brothers and sisters in Kent Co., Mich., returning to New Brunswick in December. He was very patient in his suffering, which at times during the last six years was severe. He earnestly looked forward to the time of his final release. He leaves his wife, five sons and one daughter, five brothers, four sisters and many friends to mourn his death.

EIGSTI - On the 16th of Dec. 1899, near Washburn, Woodford Co., Ill., Jos. Eigsti, aged 69 years, 7 months and 27 days. He died very suddenly. He had not been well however for several weeks and had expressed his willingness to depart whenever the messenger of death would come, having the living hope of a bright hereafter. It is hard to realize that we shall see father's face no more on earth, that no more we shall hear his loving voice. But oh! the blessed thought, we shall meet him "some sweet day, by and by." On the day of his departure he had partaken of dinner as usual, after which he went to his room and sat down in his rocking chair. An hour afterwards his daughter, going to his room, found he was dead. He had evidently passed quietly away a few minutes before. He was the father of four sons and seven daughters. His wife and two daughters preceded him to the spirit world. The remains were laid to rest in the Roanoke Mennonite cemetery.

"We'll know where to find thee,
Dear father - in heaven,
Though every fond tie
We have cherished be riven:
We'll follow thee home,
To the land of the blest,
Where sighs are not heard
And the weary are at rest." S.S.E.

WITMER - Near Orstown, Franklin Co., Pa., February 27th 1900, of measles and catarrh, Naomi Catharine, daughter of Henry and ______ Witmer, aged 1 year and 3 months. Funeral on the 1st of March. Buried at the Row M.H. Services by Peter Wadel and P.H. Parret from Matt. 19:14.

By cool Siloam's shady rill
The lily must decay;
The rose that blooms beneath the hill
Must shortly fade away.

LEHMAN - On the 7th of March 1900, near Rocky Spring, Franklin Co., Pa., of heart trouble, Bro. Abraham W. Lehman, aged 77 years, 2 months and 8 days. Buried on the 10th at the Pleasanthill M. H. (River Brethren) followed to his last resting place, which was near his home, by a large concourse of friends and relatives. Death did not come unexpectedly to him. He had a desire to depart and live with Christ. His seat at the meetings was seldom vacant when health permitted. He was a bright, shining light in the church and neighborhood. His companion passed away some years ago. He died in the room in which he was born, in 1822. Three sons and two daughters, a number of grand-children and three sisters survive. Services at the church by Peter Wadel, Henry Bricker and P.H. Parret, from 2 Tim. 4:6-8.

SNIVELY - near Ayr, Neb., on Feb. 26th 1900, of consumption, Jacob Snively, aged 64 years, 5 months and 9 days. Interment at Roseland Mennonite M. H. on the 28th. Services by ____ Andrews. Text, Job 14:14. The subject of this notice was born and raised in Franklin Co., Pa., but had lived in Adam Co., Neb., for over 20 years. He leaves one brother to mourn his departure.

Transcribed by: Jeannine Janzen, Kansas


HERALD OF TRUTH, Vol. XXXVII, No. 8, April 15, 1900 pages 126, 127



March 16, 1900, in Earl township, Lancaster Co., Pa., of dropsy and infirmities usual to old age, Bro. Elias Nolt, preacher in the Groffsdale and Metzler meetings for 32 years; aged 75 years, 5 months and 3 days. He leaves one son, and one daughter, Fanny, who kept house for her father, his wife and one son having died a number of years ago.
Bro. Nolt was greatly interested in and concerned for the welfare of the church: he was a friend and a supporter of the Sunday school cause. During his last sickness he could not lie down for a number of weeks, but he sat in his chair and praised God that he could rest so well. He ate but little, yet he was thankful that he could take a little nourishment. He was very patient and awaited the time when he would be permitted to sleep the last long sleep, and rise in the glorious resurrection where there is no death.
The funeral was held at Groffsdale M. H., where so many people gathered that not all could be accommodated with room in the house. His body was borne to its last resting place by four ministering brethren. The sermon was preached by Bish. Jacob N. Brubacher, from Hebrews 13:7, and was forceful and fitting for the occasion. The Brethren John Lefever and Joseph Wenger also made appropriate remarks. The funeral was attended by twenty-one ministers.



MILLER - Samuel S. Miller, of near Emma, LaGrange Co., Ind., was born Nov. 30, 1820; died March 17, 1900, aged 79 years, 3 months and 17 days. He leaves four sons and three daughters, besides a large circle of relatives and friends, to mourn the loss of one who was loved and respected by all who knew him; but they need not mourn as those who have no hope. We trust their loss is his eternal gain. Funeral was held on the 19th at the Townline meeting-house. Services were conducted by Bishop Jonathan Troyer and Pre. John Hostetler in German, and Pre. A.S. Cripe, of the Shore Mennonite church, in English, from Rev. 14:13.

RISSER - Sister Lena Risser, wife of Bro. Benj. Risser, of near Middleburg, Washington Co., Md., died Saturday, March 31, 1900, of pneumonia, after one week's illness, aged 33 years, 3 months and 9 days. She was a daughter of Christian Horst. Funeral Tuesday, April 3d, at the Reiff M. H. Services by Christian Strite and Bish. George Keener, from Heb. 4:9, and 1 Cor. 15. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church. She leaves her husband, one child, father, brothers, sisters, and many relatives, to mourn her departure. She left a bright hope that she would be at rest. Again we can see that God's ways are not our ways. Just three weeks ago God visited this home, taking a bright little boy, aged 8 years, of the same disease. May our brother be strengthened to bear his heavy loss. May all who have started for the kingdom live nearer to God, and may those who are standing outside the ark of safety be brought to see the danger of living away from God.

DANSIZEN - On the 28th of February, 1900, near Marshallville, Ohio, Esther A. Dansizen, maiden name Richard, aged 22 years, 3 months and 8 days. Buried at the Pleasant Hill M. H. Funeral services by Benj. Gerig, in German, from Isa. 40:6, and Jacob S. Gerig, in English, from 1 Sam. 20:3.

HERTZLER - Ada Christina, daughter of Amos and Malinda Hertzler, was born near Morgantown, Berks Co., Pa., Oct. 12, 1898, died Feb. 17, 1900, aged 1 year, 4 months and 5 days. Services were conducted by Christian Stoltzfus and J.S. Mast, the latter using Isaiah 49:15.

ZOOK - Henry S., son of Joseph and Barbara Zook, was born Oct. 6, 1888, in Woodford Co., Ill.; died March 18, 1900, in Calhoun Co., Iowa, aged 11 years, 5 months and 12 days. Funeral services by Daniel Graber, in German, and A.W. Moore, in English. Texts, John 5:24-30, and Mark 5:39.

METZLER - On the 29th of March, 1900, in Columbiana Co., Ohio, after a long illness and much suffering from diabetes, Bright's disease and dropsy, Nancy, wife of Peter Metzler, aged 63 years, 2 months and 8 days. She leaves a husband, three daughters and three grandchildren; also two sisters, two brothers, and many friends to mourn her departure. She lived in matrimony for over 38 years. She was a member of the Mennonite Church for over 37 years, and lived to see her three daughters with their husbands unite with the same church. We believe our loss is her eternal gain, for she often expressed a desire in her severe affliction to depart and be delivered from her suffering. The day previous to her death she said to her husband and daughter: "I am going home. I wish you could go along; it would be much more pleasant than to go alone." She was buried on Sunday, April 1st, at the Leetonia M. H., where appropriate services were conducted by David Hostetler, of Weilersville, Wayne Co., Ohio, assisted by Allen Rickert, of Mahoning Co., Ohio. Text, 1 Chron. 22:19, first clause. The church was filled to overflowing with friends and neighbors.

WARFEL - On the 22d of March, 1900, near Orville, Ohio, Sister Nancy Warfel, aged 77 years and 4 months. Buried on the 25th at the Paradise Union M. H. She was a consistent member of the Amish Mennonite Church. Funeral services by Jacob S. Gerig, from Isa. 35:10, and Samuel Longenecker, from Luke 12:50.

KOPPES - Barbara Means was born Nov. 30, 1821, died Mar. 1, 1900, aged 78 years, 3 months, 1 day. Jan. 16, 1845, she was united in holy wedlock with Abraham D. Koppes, to this union were born three sons and five daughters. The husband, one son, and two daughters preceded her to eternity. Two sons and three daughters together with fourteen grand children and eight great grand children survive her. For many years mother Koppes was a member of the Mennonite Church. She loved her church and as long as health permitted, she was always if possible present at the sanctuary. Five years ago she was stricken with paralysis which partly deprived her of this privilege; but even in her feeble condition she often managed to be there. But in time she was wholly deprived of this privilege; then she contented herself reading her Bible and other good books; and finally when helpless as a child she spent many hours in imaginary reading, patiently waiting for the Master to call her home, and when the messenger came she peacefully closed her eyes and her spirit took its flight to the land where pain and sorrow can never enter. Funeral services were conducted by J.S. Good, assisted by S.C. Goss; we laid her body to rest in the Mennonite cemetery to await the final resurrection.

STEMEN - At her home near Pickerington, Fairfield county, Ohio, March 25th 1900 Sister Martha Stemen, nee Coffman. She was born in Fayette Co., Pa., May 2, 1824. She came to Ohio with her parents in her youth and was married to Henry Stemen April 19th 1860. To this union four sons were born, all of whom survive. Of the five grand children, three are living. Her aged husband and many relatives are left to mourn the loss of one who was near and dear to them. She united with the Methodist Church in her youth and later united with the Mennonite Church of which she was a consistent member for nearly forty years. Her last words were, "Without Thee I am a wreck but with Thee I am blessed." Funeral services at the Stemen M. H. on March 27th by David Hostetler of Weilersville Ohio. Text, 2 Kings 20:1, latter clause: "Set thine house in order for thou shalt die and not live."

BONTRAGER - Joseph Lemuel, son of J.J. and Magdalene Bontrager, was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Apr. 23, 1874, died Mar. 31st 1900, aged 25 years, 11 months and 8 days. Funeral services at Bethel church in West Liberty April 2nd by Abednego Miller. Our dear brother's health had been failing for several years, but none thought death so near. He had made arrangements to move to Idaho, hoping that there in a different climate his health would be better. But God willed otherwise and on the day he expected to start on the journey his remains were laid to rest in Fairview cemetery near West Liberty. We have the blessed hope that he now enjoys a far better and healthier clime than Idaho. When the attending physician informed him he could live only a short time he calmly resigned himself to God and waited the summons to "come up higher." He made arrangements for his funeral, and after taking leave of those around him and kissing his baby good bye he soon passed away. Why one so young, one so kind and dear to many should thus in the very prime of life be taken from us, we cannot understand. But we hope that "sometime we'll understand, yes there in the land of unclouded day, by the tree of life so fair, there yes there we'll understand." God help us to say, "Thy will be done." He told one of his brothers that he saw the place prepared for him and the streets were of gold, and when death's icy hand was laid upon him he looked up and smiling, said, "Is this death?" A wife, two children, father, and step mother, four sisters and four brothers and many friends deeply mourn his early death.

TROYER - Near Emma, LaGrange Co., Ind., Carolina Hostetler. She was born Sept. 24, 1841, united in matrimony with Jonathan Troyer, (now Bishop of the Townline Amish church) Feb. 11, 1864, died Dec. 27, 1899, aged 58 years, 3 months, 3 days. She lived in wedlock with her surviving husband 35 years, 10 mo. and 16 days. To this union was born one daughter, who with her father and a large circle of relatives and friends remain to mourn the loss of a loving wife, and kind, affectionate mother, and a highly esteemed neighbor and friend. She was one of those staunch defenders of the true gospel of Christ, and a true example of Christian piety. Her wise counsels will be long remembered by her surviving friends, peace to her ashes. Funeral was held on the 29th at the Townline M. H. where a large concourse of relatives and friends assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to one so dearly beloved. Services by Jno. Hostetler, Eli Yoder and Amos S.Cripe.

HOOLEY - Near Townline M. H., LaGrange Co., Ind., Samuel Hooley. He was born Sept. 25, 1825, died Jan. 31, 1899, aged 74 years, 4 months, 6 days. He lived in matrimony 29 years, 3 months, 7 days. Funeral Feb. 2nd at Townline M. H. Services by D.J. Johns and A.S. Cripe.

(Transcriber's note: Year of death as printed, 1899. But according to his age at death, and the date of the printing of this issue, it should probably be 1900.)

SAUDER - On the 14th of March, 1900, near Weaverland, Lanc. Co., Pa., Fanny Sauder, widow of John Sauder, aged 64 years, 1 month and 3 days. Her husband died some years ago, and one daughter Annie Sauder, died four years ago. She was long a member of the Mennonite Church. She leaves two daughters and one son, a brother and sister to mourn her death. During her last illness, malaria, she expressed her desire to die and go home to her Lord. Let us therefore not mourn as disconsolate mourners, but rejoice that our sister fell asleep in the arms of Jesus. The funeral was held at Weaverland where John Sauder in the German and Benj. W. Weaver in the English language preached from John 5:28,29 and John 11:25,26.

ZOOK - Near Belleville, Mifflin Co., Pa., March 29, 1900, Catharine, widow of Joel Zook (Potter), aged 88 years, 10 months and 10 days. In the home of her son-in-law Bro. Jacob K. Detweiler, our dear aged sister passed her last years in love and peace and Christian resignation. She had her share of sorrow, trouble, and affliction. Her life companion and four of her children preceded her across the river. As she waited, in the evening of life, for her call, she gave an example of cheerfulness, submission and patience that makes her memory blessed. Nearly blind and dull of hearing in her later years, she sat unable to read, and cut off from much of the joy of family and other social life; but ask her when you would, as she sat alone, "Wie geht's?" and she would answer cheerfully, "Oh, gut. Ich hab's gut." No doubt in the stress of her active years, amid the burdens and cares of life her Christian character was often tried as "with fire," and if there was in her any disposition to be impatient, to lament over sorrow and trouble or to be discontented with her lot, she did not try to unload these upon her friends. As the labors of active life must be laid aside it is beautiful to see a child of God mellow and ripen into the beauty and serenity of a happy old age in the Lord.

SNYDER - Near Roseville, N. Dumfries Twp., Waterloo Co., Ont., of inflammation of the lungs, Bro. Enoch Snyder, aged 64 years, 10 months, and some days. On Tuesday, Jan. 16, he was at the funeral of Sister Shantz, wife of David Shantz, but took sick before he reached home. In spite of all that medical skill could do, he grew worse. Friday morning, the 19th, death made an end of his intense sufferings. Buried on the 22d at the Roseville (Detweiler's) burying ground. He was twice married and leaves a sorrowing wife, 5 sons and 4 daughters to mourn the loss of a kind husband and a dear father. Services by D. Wismer and Jonas Snyder. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years.

MYERS - On Feb. 18th 1900 at Black Horse, Paradise Twp., Lanc. Co., of membranous croup, Anna, daughter of Bro. Reuben and Sister Hettie Myers in the sixth year of her age. She was a bright, lovely child and will be sadly missed in the family.

FREY - Near Sterling, Ill., Titus, son of John and Sarah Frey. Born Nov. 3, 1899, died March 27, 1899, aged 4 months, 24 days. Funeral services were held March 29, by John Nice at the Sterling Mennonite M. H. Text Job 1:21.

LEHMAN - On March 7th 1900 in Letterkenny Twp., Franklin Co., Pa., of heart trouble, Bro. Abram W. Lehman, aged 77 years, 2 months, 23 days. He took sick Feb. 7 just 4 weeks before he died. At different times when asked how he was feeling he expressed himself by saying, "O I long so much to go home," yet he never murmured but was satisfied, "as the Lord will." On the 7th of March the Lord took him home to his beloved companion who preceded him to the grave a little over 6 years. Funeral on Saturday Mar. 10. Services by Peter Wadle, Philip Parret, and Henry Bricker, from 2 Tim. 4:5-7. Interment in the Pleasant Hill burying ground near the River Brethren M. H. He was a consistent member of the Strasburg congregation and his seat at meeting was never vacant when health would permit.

Transcribed by: Jeannine Janzen, Kansas

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