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Gospel Witness - Volume 1, Number 36 - December 6, 1905 - page 311.

BLOSSER - Jacob Blosser was born June 17, 1830, and died in his home in East Lewistown, O., Nov. 20, 1905, aged 75y., 5m., 3d. He was married Nov. 3, 1859, to Barbara Printz. To this union were born two daughters and one son, all of whom, beside his wife and seven grandchildren, one sister, one brother and many friends, survive him. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for 38 years. He had a light stroke of paralysis some time ago, followed a few weeks ago by a second stroke, from which time he was confined to his bed. The funeral was held on the 22d at the Midway M. H., where services were conducted by E. M. Detweiler and Allen Rickert. Text, John 14:1-3. Buried in the cemetery adjoining the church. Peace to his ashes.

CULP - On Nov. 20, at his home in East Lewistown, O., after suffering for some time with Brights disease, Noah Culp: aged 58y.,7m., 24d. He leaves a sorrowing wife, four children, five sisters and three brothers to mourn his departure, beside his father, Michael Culp, who is about 93 years of age. The funeral was held on the 23d at the Midway M. H. where services were conducted by Pre. Flohr, pastor of the Reformed Church, and E. M. Detweiler. Text, II Tim. 4:7, 8. He was buried in the adjoining graveyard.

COY - Lydia (Bixler), wife of Solomon Coy, was born Oct. 9, 1853, and died at her home in East Lewistown, O., Nov. 18, 1905; aged 52y. 27d. She was married to Solomon Coy March 4, 1885. To this union were born two daughters, who, with the husband and three sisters, and many friends, survive her. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for many years and held out faithful until death. She was afflicted with cancer of the bowels for some time, and gradually grew weaker until she passed away. Funeral, Nov. 21st, at the Midway M. H., conducted by Allen Rickert and D. S. Lehman. Text, John 14:1,2. She was laid to rest in the new cemetery adjoining the meeting house where her sister, wife of Bro. Jacob Mellinger, was buried Nov. 12th.

CUSTER - On Nov. 27th, 1905, near Dale Enterprise, Rockingham county, Virginia, of peritonitis, Solomon Custer, aged 53y. 3m. 11d. In early life he was married to Sophia E. Parret, youngest sister of the late Pre. Philip H. Parret, of Chambersburg, Md. Dec. 30th, 1888, he, with 44 others, united with the Mennonite church at Weavers M. H., which followed as the result of the first series of meetings held within the boundaries of the Virginia Conference. His death comes as a great shock to the entire community in which he has lived since early boyhood, and as a severe blow to a family of wife and 10 children, which survive him. He was taken very sick late in the evening of the 25th while returning from the home of his daughter, Sister Mary V. Wenger, where he had spent the day helping to butcher, the attack having come on so suddenly and with such severity that it was with great difficulty that he reached home. The doctors pronounced the case peritonitis in such form that he, as well as the family, were told that the case was a hopeless one. While in the midst of great bodily suffering, he told his family not to grieve for him, that so far as his departure was concerned, all was well and that he was ready to go. After signing his will and commending the care of his wife to one of his sons, he gradually sank into the embrace of death, the end coming within 36 hours after the time of his first attack.
The funeral was held on the 29th from Weavers M. H., of which congregation he has for the past 17 years remained a faithful member. Services by Jos. F. & L. J. Heatwole.

DETWEILER - On Nov. 22, 1905, in Beaver Tp., Mahoning Co., O., Adelbert, infant child of Bro. and Sister Henry Detweiler, aged seventeen days. The funeral was held on the 24th at the Midway, where services were conducted by E. M. Detweiler, assisted by John L. Yoder. Text, Matt. 18:2. The sorrowing parents can comfort themselves with the sweet thought that little Adelbert is safe in the arms of Jesus, where they can meet him again if they remain faithful to the end. In the sad hour of their affliction they have the sympathy of their many friends. P. M.

DETTWILER - On the 13th of Nov., 1905, near Harper, Kan., Paul, only child of Bro. Wm. and Sister Emma Dettwiler, of lung fever; aged 7m., 20 d. Little Paul was a promising child and it was hard to part with him, but He who knoweth all things best saw fit to take him unto Himself. Funeral services were conducted by T. M. Erb, at the Pleasant Valley M. H., on Nov. 15th, from Psa. 39:9. The sorrowing parents have the sympathy of the entire community.

GEHMAN - Barbara (Angeny) Gehman died Nov. 16th, 1905, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. P. J. Ernst, near Olathe, Kan., of paralysis; age 74y., 2m., 17d. She was married to Jacob Gehman, Oct. 2, 1849. To them were born twelve children, ten of whom are left to mourn their loss. Funeral services at the Brethren church, conducted by Bro. I. H. Christ. Text, I Cor. 15:26. Her last illness was very short. About six years ago she had a slight stroke of paralysis, from which she never fully recovered, and the shock caused by her husband's death a few days ago resulted in another stroke that caused her death. Little did the children think when the father was laid to rest that in just two short weeks mother would also be called away; but she was ready to go, having often spoken of her desire to go to the beautiful land above. Her life was a continued devotion to the Master. She was converted to Christ when young and became a member of the Mennonite church. She brought up her children in the fear of the Lord. The memory of her beautiful Christian character will ever be an inspiration to them. She was a loving wife and mother, friend and neighbor. None knew her but to love her. That she was held in high esteem was shown by the large concourse of friends who were present at the last sad rites.

HARSHBERGER - Sister Mary, wife of David Harshberger, deceased, died at her home near Mattawana, Pa., Nov. 23, of pleuro pneumonia, aged 70y. 11d. Funeral Nov. 26 at the A. M. meeting house, conducted by Michael Yoder in German and John E. Kauffman in English from Rev. 14:12,13 and II Peter 3:13,14. She leaves three sons, three daughters and 17 grandchildren to mourn her departure. She united with the A. M. church in her young years and continued faithful to the end. J.H.B.

KAUFFMAN - Alvin, only child of Jonathan K. and Annie Kauffman, of near Gap, Pa., died Nov. 17, 1905 of membranous croup. He took sick Nov. 15, and after suffering for 27 hours, he went to be with Jesus. Aged 5y. 2m. 28d. Shortly before his death he said he wanted to go to Jesus. He was loved by all who knew him. He went to Sunday school regularly at Monument and at Kinzers, and loved to repeat scripture texts. When the blessing was asked for meals, Alvin could be heard whispering his little prayer. He is survived by his fond and sorrowing parents and many friends who mourn his early departure. On account of the nature of the disease no public funeral was held. A short service was conducted at the grave by John B. Senger in the presence of a few friends and relatives. Interment in the Millwood cemetery.

TREGILGUS. - On Nov. 14, 1905, near Baden, N. D. , Roy Delbert, son of John and Lulu Tregilgus: aged 1y., 7 d. Roy was a bright and happy child and loved by all who knew him. The parents have the sympathy of the entire community. May they commit all to their heavenly Father's care. Funeral services were conducted on the 15th by D. B. Kauffman, at the Baden M. H., where the remains were laid to rest.

Transcribed by Rita Martin, Missouri.

Gospel Witness - Volume 1, Number 37 - December 13, 1905 - page 323.

BALLY. - Daniel Bally was born in Tazewell Co., Ill., March 13, 1850, from which place the family removed to the adjoining county of Woodford, where he resided until about 1880, when he made his home in Livingston Co., Ill. In 1899 he went to Alpha, Minn., where he lieved * to the time of his death, which occurred Nov. 8, 1905, at St. Peter, Minn., to which place he had been taken for treatment for acute delirium, the cause of which is not definitely known, but believed to have been from a nervous shock received in an accident which contributed to his lamentable condition. His sufferings became more intense until the ninth day of his stay at the hospital when the nervous system collapsed and death came to his relief. Five brothers and three sisters survive him. One sister, Mrs. J. R. Snyder, resides near Alpha, Minn., with whom he had his home many years. Funeral services were conducted by A. I. Yoder, of Kalona, Ia. Text, Num. 23: latter part of the 10th verse.
Daniel was a member of the Mennonite Church in his younger years; but because of church troubles, grew cold and indifferent. However, about two weeks before his death he said he had a premonition that his time here was short, and that he wanted to leave this world with everything straightened up and become a Christian. He asked forgiveness of all whom he met, if he had in any way wronged them. Then delirium set in and during the last two weeks of his life he had not a single rational moment. But in his delirium the burden of his cry was that his sins be forgiven him and that his soul might be saved. Let us hope that his disposition to make peace with his fellow-men was evidence that he repented in his last rational days, but from his sad death may we also learn that it is dangerous to trifle with the striving of God's Spirit.
P.B. Snyder
*Transcribers note: original spelling

WARD. - On Nov. 18, 1905, at the home of his daughter, in Leetonia, Columbia Co., Ohio, after a lingering illness, John Ward, aged about 76 years. The funeral was held on the 20th at the Mennonite M. H., near Leetonia, where services were conducted by Allen Rickert, from Num. 23:10, latter clause. Buried by the side of his wife in the graveyard near the M. H. P. M.

FISHER. - Hattie V., daughter of Jacob K. and Martha Fisher, was born September 28, 1879, died November 30, 1905; aged 26y., 2m., 2d. She leaves father, mother, three sisters, one brother and an aged grandmother, besides many relatives and friends to mourn her departure. She had been confined to her bed for 8 months, but she bore her affliction patiently, and expressed her wish to go when the Master called. She was converted and united with the Mennonite church when 17 years old, and remained a faithful member until death. Funeral services were conducted by Jacob Christophel and J. S. Hartzler from Phil. 1:21 and John 14:33. Interment near New Paris, Ind., Dec. 3, 1905.

SHANK. - Nov. 27, 1905, Pre. Jacob Shank, aged 49y., 9m., 8d. Bro. Shank was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Feb. 19, 1856. Was married to Margaret Hunsberger of the same place Feb. 3, 1884. Bro. Shank and wife were united with the Mennonite church in the spring of 1896, and was shortly after ordained to the ministry. He was a faithful worker in the Lord's cause until his health began to fail. November 21 he went to his mother-in-law's residence, where he was stricken with paralysis, and died 6 days later.
He leaves a companion, one son, four brothers, five sisters and many relatives and friends. The church has lost a faithful shepherd and the family a loving husband and father. Funeral services held Dec. 1. by J. F. Funk at the home, and by J. S. Hartzler and John Hygema at the Olive Church. Text, Job 19:25.

SPROOL. - Catherine (Schrock), widow of Nobertius Sprool, was born in Holmes Co., O., May 11, 1828, died at her home in Howard Co., Ind., Nov. 28, 1905, aged 77y., 6m., 17d. She moved to Howard Co., Ind., when quite young, and there united with the Amish Mennonite Church, and abode in the faith of the church until her departure. She was united in marriage to Nobertius Sprool, March 3, 1853. To her were born three sons and four daughters. Her husband, two sons and one daughter preceded her to the glory world. She leaves one son, three daughters, five brothers and two sisters, a goodly number of grandchildren and a host of relatives and friends to mourn her departure. Funeral on the 30th, at the A. M. church, with a full house, conducted by N. O. Troyer and E. A. Mast, from II Tim. 4:7,8. Buried in the Schrock cemetery. Peace to her ashes. G.W.N.

SEITZ. - On Nov. 3, 1905, near Mountville, Pa., Bro. Jacob C. Seitz, aged 69y., 1m. He had been ailing for nine weeks, but was confined to his bed only the last week. He is survived by his wife, one daughter, two sons, five grandchildren, three brothers and two sisters. Bro. Seitz was one who, for many years, has led an examplary* moral life, and believed that he could be saved by it; but at the eleventh hour he saw that there was no foundation but the Rock, Jesus Christ. He surrendered all to Christ, and regretted that his sickness had not come in his youth and caused him to turn to Christ. I would that the cries of regret from souls who wait until the last to accept Christ, might reach the ears of those who neglect the "one thing needful." Services at the Habecker church, Dec. 4, 1905, by Abram Herr, who spoke from Mark 16:16; and by Abram Witmer, from Psa. 119:67. May God comfort the bereaved ones who are sorrowing, yet rejoicing. A.M.W. *Transcriber's note: original spelling

Transcribed by Rita Martin, Missouri.

Gospel Witness - Volume 1, Number 38 - December 20, 1905 - page 335.

SMITH. - Nov. 25, 1905, near West Liberty, O., of pneumonia, Mark Andrew, son of Pre. J. B. and Lena Smith, aged 9m., 3d. Funeral services the 28th, conducted by David Plank at the house, and by C. H. Byler and S. E. Allgyer at the church. Buried at the South Union graveyard.

NYCE. - On Dec. 5, in Doylestown, Martha, the little eight-year-old daughter of Brother and Sister David D. and Kate Nyce, died of the dread disease, diphtheria. According to the law of the town no public funeral was held. On Thursday, Dec. 7, she was laid to rest in the Doylestown Mennonite graveyard. The ministering brethren D. L. Gehman and A. D. Hiestand, with the family and a few near relatives, were present. A funeral will be held later when the quarantine will be raised from the family residence. May God comfort the bereaved family with the knowledge that Martha is safe in the arms of Jesus. If Martha could speak we believe she would say with Christ, "Weep not for me."
Sweet Margaret dear has left her home,
No more to mingle with her friends;
But O, how glad when Jesus comes,
To greet them in that happy land.

HALLMAN. - Catharine (Shantz) Hallman died Dec. 1, 1905, aged 63y., 2m. She was the wife of Jacob Hallman, who still survives. Beside her husband she leaves three children and eight grandchildren. A week or two before death came she wished to have the family gathered back to the old home and remarked that she thought it was the last time they would be together here. She was a member of the Mennonite church for many years and a faithful Christian to the end. For years she was a patient sufferer and we now praise God for the good evidence and the bright hope that she is now free forever from all suffering. The children and one grandchild are in the service of Christ. Pray for the husband that he may heed the loud call to keep the commandments of the Lord. A large congregation assembled at the funeral services which were held Dec. 5 at theLatschar church, near Mannheim, Waterloo Co., Ont., where Noah Stauffer and A. D. Wenger spoke from II Cor. 4:17-5:1.

SHANK. - On Dec. 5th, 1905, near Dale Enterprise, Va., as is supposed, from the effects of an epileptic fit, Charles Shank, at the age of 46 years, 9 months and 10 days.
From early life he has remained a consistent member of the Mennonite church. For many years he has suffered greatly from epilepsy, which at certain periods came in such severe and frequent attacks as to bring on at times an enfeebled condition of both body and mind. On the afternoon of the 5th inst., while his wife was absent from the home, he was left alone with some of the younger children. These say that he remained about the premises as usual during the greater part of the day, but toward evening he was seen to walk out in the direction of the stable, where it is supposed he had gone to look after the feeding. Not returning as soon as expected, one of the little boys, in searching around, found him dead at the corncrib, his body lying in such a position as to give evidence that he had died from suffocation. A wife and 9 children survive him, who have the sympathy of a large circle of relatives and friends.
The funeral was held on the 7th from Weavers M. H., before a large concourse of relatives and associates, who seemed deeply impressed with the unexpected and tragical manner in which our brother came to his death. Services were conducted by A. P. Heatwole, C. Good and L. H. Heatwole, from II Cor. 5:1.

Pre. Christian Brunk and His Sister, Barbara Brenneman.
The home of Bro. and *Jacob Alger, of near Broadway, Va., on the evening of Dec. 3, 1905, was the scene of two deaths that occurred within the period of about half an hour. Pre. Christian Brunk, who for 28 years or more has lived in Winchester, Va., had lately been visiting his relations in Rockingham county. Before his return to Winchester, he was taken for one more visit to his sister, Barbara Brenneman, who was at the time prostrated with rheumatic troubles.
While stopping there he himself became so enfeebled as not to be able to proceed on his journey homeward. For about two weeks both himself and sister continued to gradually decline until the evening of the 3rd inst., when at 10 p.m., Sister Brenneman died and was followed a half-hour later by her brother into the spirit world. Brother Brunk's aged was 82 years, 9 months and 20 days; and that of his sister, 69 years and 29 days.
Both were born and reared in Rickingham* county. The latter had lived in widowhood for more than 35 years, her husband, John Brenneman, having died when yet a young man. She is survived by one daughter, Sister Francis Alger, with whom she has for many years made her home.
On Wednesday, Dec. 6, the brother and sister were borne in separate coffins to Lindale M. H., where one of the largest congregations ever known at that place was assembled to pay a last tribute of respect to their memory. The service was conducted by Jos. W. Geil, L. J. Heatwole and Lewis Shank, from II Tim. 4:6, 7, 8. In the graveyard the coffins were lowered simultaneously into separate graves that were not far apart, the one being placed beside her husband and the other beside his wife--one burial service being used for both.
Bro. Brunk was for 60 years a member of the Mennonite church, lived in wedlock for 55 years with Magdalene Brenneman Brunk, who departed this life Mar. 15th, 1899; and his services in the ministry covered the period of more than 46 years. In this time he has preached and traveled through ten states and Canada.
He resided near Edom, Va., until near the close of the Civil war, when in October, 1864, he refugeed to Lancaster, Pa., where he lived with his family near Millersville till the spring of 1865, when, after making an extensive visit through the Western States and Canada, he returned again with his family to Rockingham Co., Va., where he resided till 1871. Since then he has made his home with a small congregation near Winchester, Va.
Bro. Brunk has been widely known among the congregations in Virginia and elsewhere for his striking figure and commanding presence which he never failed to make manifest in the pulpit. These qualities, together with a strong and earnest voice and the peculiar force with which he presented Gospel truth to an audience--when once heard--could never be forgotten.
During the long period in which he served as a minister, he invariably kept in close touch with the Virginia Conference, in which body he was recognized as one among its leading spirits.
It was observed that he found a peculiar enjoyment in associating with ministers much younger than himself, for all of whom he never failed to have an encouraging word, and, unlike some old people of his years, he maintained identity with the church to the end of his life. Though his ministerial work covered well-nigh the space of three generations, with the general round of change that has come in that time, in method and the line of more direct work in the church, he has always had the grace to enter heartily into the spirit of the times, and to readily adapt himself to the work and needs of the church, as each change came. Peace to his memory.

*Transcriber' note: original wording/spelling

Transcribed by Rita Martin, Missouri.

Gospel Witness - Volume 1, Number 39 - December 27, 1905 - page 347.

FISHER. - Dec. 12, 1905, near West Liberty, O., Eli Fisher, aged about 58 years. Bro. Fisher assisted one of his near neighbors to butcher, and a log chain being needed, he went after it. On returning across the field with the chain hanging over his shoulder he dropped forward and instantly expired of heart failure. He was apparently hearty and well until the moment of his death. He leaves a widow, three sons and one daughter, the latter being away on a visit to Wayne Co., O., at the time. A sad bereavement and a loud warning, indeed. He was a consistent member of the Amish Mennonite church, and a man that was highly respected. Services on the 15th at South Union, conducted by C.K. Yoder and J. J. Wayre. His funeral was very largely attended, and his sudden death cast a gloom over the whole neighborhood.

BEERY. - Pre. Solomon Beery was born near Cross Keys, Va., Oct. 25, 1832, and died near Dayton, Va., Dec. 11, 1905, aged 73 y., 1 m., 16 d. In the autumn of 1845 he was married to Mary Geil, of Rockingham Co., Va. To this union were born four children, all of whom survive him. He himself lived and brought up his family where he was born, but in the spring of 1891 he was married to Anna E. Wenger and has lived near Dayton, Va., ever since. He and Bro. J. S. Coffman were both ordained to the ministry at the Bank church on July 18, 1875, and for many years he was actively engaged in preaching the gospel and especially in crossing the mountains of W. Va. In his preaching he always spoke with great energy and life and became quite widely known as a minister. Eternity alone will reveal the results of his labors. Early in the past autumn Bro. Beery's health began to fail rapidly and a few weeks ago he was smitten with apoplexy and gradually grew worse until the end peacefully came. Funeral and burial services were held at the Bank church on the 13th in the presence of a large congregation of people. Services conducted by J. S. Martin, Joseph F., and Jacob A. Heatwole. Text II Cor. 5:1.

ERISMAN. - Bro. Christian Erisman was born April 27, 1835. Died on Tuesday evening, Dec. 5, 1905, at the Mennonite Old People's Home, Rittman, Ohio, aged 70 y., 7 m., 8 d. By profession Bro. Erisman had been a German school teacher, having formerly come from the old country. For some time he lived in Illinois and taught school. He made his temporary abode at the "Home" as early as Dec., 1902, but in June, 1904, he came here to stay the remainder of his life. He expressed a readiness and a desire to depart from this life. Funeral was held at the "Home" on Friday, Dec. 8, the brethren, D. C. Amstutz and C. Z. Yoder officiating. Text, Psalms 17:15. Burial in Crown Hill cemetery.

Transcribed by Rita Martin, Missouri.

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