Gospel Witness Obituaries - January, 1906

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The Gospel Witness - Volume 1, Number 40 - January 3, 1906 - pages 355,359

Leshler. - On Dec. 10, 1905, at her home near Chambersburg, Pa., Sister Barbara Leshler, widow of the late Samuel Leshler. Sister Leshler has suffered intense pain at times for eight years; but she endured her affliction with Christian fortitude until death relieved her, and could say with the text, (Psa. 4:8), "I will both lay me down in peace and sleep." Funeral services at the Chambersburg M. H., by Bishop George S. Keener and Pre. Joe Martin. Aged 72 y., 7 m., 1 d.
E. F. Keener

Rupp. - On Dec. 16, near Bareville, Pa., Annie Luetta Rupp, wife of Nathan Rupp, aged 32 y., 1 m., 22 d. She was the oldest daughter of Henry and Lydia Good, of Upper Leacock township. Funeral services were conducted by Isaac Taylor and Jacob Ponty, from II Sam. 14:14.

Albrecht. - John Albrecht was born in Bavaria, Germany, Apr. 3, 1814. Died at his home, near Tiskilwa, Ill., Oct. 6, 1905, of the infirmities of old age. Aged 91 y., 6 m., 3 d. He came to this country in 1843. From that until the time of his death he had resided in Putnam and Beauro counties, Ill. In 1847 he was married to Mary Ackerman, also from Bavaria. To this union were born nine children. In early life he united with the Amish Mennonite church, of which he was a faithful member until he was called home. His wife and six children preceded him to the spirit land. Funeral services at the home and church by Bro. Jacob Ringenberg in the German language from I Kings 2:2, assisted by Pre. Alford (of the Tiskilwa M. E. church), in the English language, from the same text and also from Job 5:26. This aged brother was loved and respected by all who knew him. He leaves three sons and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his departure, but they do not mourn as whose without hope. May the Lord abundantly bless those who so faithfully ministered to this loved one during his sickness.

Wise. - On Dec. 15th, at the home of Wm. McCullough, near Morrison, Ill., Samuel Wise. He was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Oct. 19, 1819. Aged 86 y., 2 m., 6 d. When he was six years old he moved with his parents to Franklin Co., Pa., and on Dec. 17th, 1844, he was married to Elizabeth Lininger. To this union were born five sons and two daughters. Both daughters are dead. The five sons are living in Pa. His first wife died Oct. 15th, 1878. He was again married in 1887 to Mrs. Hannah McCullough, who survives him. In 1889 he moved to Morrison Co., Ill.. where he his since lived. He was a member of the Lutheran church, but since living in Ill. he has attended the Mennonite church near Morrison, at which place his funeral services were conducted Dec. 18, by Pre. John Nice, from Psalms 89:48.
John W. McCullough.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana

The Gospel Witness - Volume 1, Number 41 - January 10, 1906 - page 367

Dintaman - On Dec. 23, 1905, near Garden City, Mo., Bro. Nathan Dintaman, aged 62 y., 2 m., 28 d. Our brother was afflicted with a complication of diseases and death removed him from the cares of this world to the glory and happiness of the better world. He was born in Lancaster Co., Pa. Moved with his parents to Wayne Co., Ohio, then to Jasper Co., Mo., and from thence to Cass Co., Mo., where he died. He was a member of the Mennonite church, and active worker in the Bethel congregation until death removed him. Services were conducted at the Bethel church by Pre. Hauder, J. E. Hartzler and Bish. Hartzler, from Gen. 3:19. Thus the Lord saw fit to remove the head of another family, leaving the wife, one son and two daughters to mourn the loss of a husband and kind father.

Helmuth. - On Dec. 25, 1905, near Garden City, Mo., Nova B. Kauffman, wife of Samuel D. Helmuth, aged 27 y., 8 m., 26 d. She united with the Bethel Mennonite church soon after her marriage and remained true till death. During her suffering of several months she was patient, never murmuring or complaining and was willing to say, "Thy will be done," and wished all her friends to meet her in heaven. She leaves a sorrowing husband, two small children, father, mother, two sisters, three brothers and a host of friends to mourn her early departure. The funeral was held Dec. 27, at the Bethel church in the presence of a very large congregation. Services were conducted by John E. Hartzler and C. S. Hauder from II Tim. 4:6-8. The service was a very impressive one. May our loss be her gain. Peace to her memory. -

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana

The Gospel Witness - Volume 1, Number 42 - January 17, 1906 - pages 382,383

Blough. - On Dec. 7, 1905, near Vistula, Elkhart Co., Ind., of lung fever, Christina Blough, aged 65 y., 4 m., 26 d. Sister Blough was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., and united with the Amish Mennonite church when a young woman, remaining faithful to her end, always interested in the welfare of the church. On Jan. 31, 1860, she was united in matrimony to Bro. Joseph P. Blough, of Wayne Co., 0., and to them were born three sons and seven daughters. She leaves a deeply bereaved husband, two sons and five daughters to mourn the departure of a faithful companion, a kind, loving mother, and a devoted Christian, with the comforting confidence that their loss is her eternal gain. Funeral on the 10th at the Pleasant Valley (Dunkard) church, where a very large concourse of friends and neighbors had gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to one whom they had learned to love. Services by D. J. Johns from the words of Isaiah, "I will trust and not be afraid," assisted by Jacob Fike.

Camp. - Edwin Camp was born Oct. 30, 1878, and died Dec. 29, 1905; aged 27 y., 1 m., 29 d. He lived all his life in Partridge Twp., Woodford Co., Ill., where be died on the above named date. In early life he united with the Mennonite church, and has lived a consistent life ever since. He leaves a father, mother, three brothers and one sister to mourn their loss. He had been in robust health until about five months ago when he developed symptoms of Bright's disease, from which he died. Funeral services were held at the Mennonite church, in Partridge Twp., conducted by John Smith, in German, Valentine Strubhar in English. Text, Rom. 5:1; Psalm 17:15. May God comfort the bereaved.

Huffman. - In Bratten Twp., Mifflin Co., Pa., on the 25th of Dec., 1905, Sister Barbara Huffman, aged 77 years. She left her home apparently well in the morning with one of her daughters to visit one of the grandchildren. When they arrived at the place, while getting out of the buggy she was overcome with heart trouble and died while being taken into the house. Sister Huffman united with the A. M. church in May, 1903. She was of a kind and loving disposition and was loved by every one who knew her. The husband preceded her in death some time ago. She is survived by three brothers, two sisters, two sons, four daughters, 42 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Funeral took place on Dec. 28, conducted by Bish. Michael Yoder and Pre. J. C. Swigart, from the latter clause of I Sam. 20:3, and by Bish. John E. Kauffman, from Deut. 32:9, first clause.

Kornhaus. - On Dec. 25. 1905. near Burton City, Wayne Co., Ohio, Myron G. Kornhaus, son of Melvin and Lula Kornhaus, aged 4 m., 6 d. Buried on the 27th at the Martin cemetery. Services at the home by Aaron Eberly, and at the church by Amos Mumaw and D. Hostetter. Text, Matt 18:3. May the bereft father and mother find comfort in the words of the poet:

Though today we are filled with mourning
Mercy still is on the throne; With
Thy smile of love returning
We can say, "thy will be done,"

By Thy hands the boon was given-
Thou hast taken but thine own.
Lord of earth and God of heaven,
Evermore thy will be done.

Loganbill. - Peter Loganbill born in Wayne Co., Ohio, Jan. 8, 1829; died Dec. 9, 1905, aged 76 y., 11 m., 1 d. He was the father of fourteen children two of whom preceded him to eternity. His wife, Anna, preceded him in death almost nine years.

Lantz. - On Jan. 1, 1906, near West Liberty, O., Nancy, widow of Samuel Lantz, aged about 71 years. Funeral services were held at the Bethel church. Services by J. B. Smith and C. H. Byler. Interment in the Hooley cemetery.

Miller. - Fannie Miller was born Dec. 14, 1839, and died Dec. 29, 1905, aged 66 y. She was first married to John M. Kauffman. To this union were born three children, two of whom survive her. She was left a widow with these three children. Some years later she was married to Pre. Christian Miller, whom she survived a little over fifteen years. To this union also were born three children. She thus leaves five children, and fourteen grandchildren. Nine grandchildren preceded her to the spirit world. She united with the Amish Mennonite church in her youth and remained a faithful Christian till death. Funeral services at the Forks church in Lagrange Co., Ind., conducted by D. J. Johns in German and D. D. Miller in English, from Job 5:26.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana

The Gospel Witness - Volume 1, Number 43 - January 24, 1906 - page 395

Sauder. - On the 8th of January, 1906, in Goshen, Ind., of consumption, Mary, wife of Leonard Sauder, aged 33y., 7 m., 14 d. She was a member of the Lutheran church had many trying hours in her short life, but expressed herself ready to meet her God. Buried at the Union Chapel cemetery. Services by D. J. Johns from Matt. 24:44.

Schmucker. - On Jan. 6, 1906, near Tedrow, Fulton Co., Ohio, of cancer, Lydia, wife of Bro. Joel Schmucker, aged 54 y., 3 m., 1 d. In her youth she united with the Amish Mennonite church, of which she was a faithful member until the time of her departure. She was united in the holy bond of matrimony in Jan., 1874, with Bro. Joel Schmucker. This union was blessed with three sons and two daughters, all of whom survive her. Beside her children she leaves a deeply bereaved husband, nine grandchildren, an aged father, six brothers and four sisters, and a host of friends to mourn her departure. She suffered much. but bore it all with Christian fortitude, often saying, the greater the pain the nearer Christ is to help, thus welcoming the hour when she could enter the house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. She fell peacefully asleep in Jesus and her remains were laid to rest on the 9th when a very large concourse of friends gathered to show their sympathy for the living and respect for the dead. Services were conducted by D. J. Johns, of Goshen, Ind., assisted by C. Stuckey and C. Frienberg.

Hartman. - Sister Elizabeth, wife of Bro. Levi Hartman, died very suddenly at her home, in Rohrerstown, Lan. Co., Pa., on the 14th of Dec, 1905, from the effects of a paralytic stroke, from which she suffered only a few hours. She was for many years a consistent member of the Old Mennonite Church, where her seat at services was seldom vacant. Her husband, two daughters, two sons, and a host of friends remain to mourn her departure, not, however, without hope, for they have the sweet assurance that she has but gone on before to meet the daughter who some years ago preceded her to the glory world. May we all endeavor to so live that we shall some day strike glad hands with those who have gone before, on the shores of eternal deliverance. Funeral services were conducted on the following Sunday at the Mennonite church at Rohrerstown, by the brethren D. N. Lehman and Abram Witmer. May she rest in peace and may her influence for good never die.

Davis. - On the 24th of Dec., 1905, in Roherstown, Pa., from a complication of diseases, Sister Mary A., wife of Bro. Jno. K. Davis, in the 67th year of her age. She was ailing for quite a while. Her sufferings were very distressing, not only to herself, but to all who ministered to her needs. She had spent most of her time in her chair, not having been in bed for a full night since last June. But, though she suffered much, she bore it all with true Christian fortitude, patiently waiting for the time when the Master would bid her leave this world of woe, for an immortal crown. She was for many years a most consistent member of the Old Mennonite Church, where, as long as her health permitted, she was a regular attendant at the services, her seat being seldom vacant. She possessed a most generous and hospitable disposition, and she was always ready to respond to any worthy cause. She leaves her husband, one daughter, two sons, and a large circle of friends, to mourn her departure, but we are thankful to God that the future was bright before her, so that they sorrow not as those who have no hope, having the sweet assurance that their loss is but her eternal gain. Funeral services were conducted Dec. 28th at the Rohrerstown Mennonite church, by brethren D. N. Lehman, from Jno. 11:25 and 26, and A. D. Wenger, from II. Cor. 5:1. May the Lord comfort the bereaved friends with the glorious thought of a blissful reunion in the world beyond.

Transcriber's notes: "Roherstown" in the first line seems to be a misspelling. (???)

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana

The Gospel Witness - Volume 1, Number 44 - January 31, 1906 - page 408

Hershey. - Magdalene Metyler Hershey, widow of Christian Hershey, died Jan. 7, 1906, in her 82nd year. Funeral at the Hess meeting house.

Transcriber's note: "Metyler" is spelled as in the original. May be Metzler. (???)

Bentler. - Sister Charlotte, wife of Jacob Bentler, died Jan. 13, 1906, aged 70 y., 7 m. and 13 d. She was born in Wolfonton, Germany, in 1835, and come to America In 1862. She resided for awhile at Cincinnati, O., and then came to Rock Island, Ill., where her first husband, Mr. Hine, died. She afterward married Peter Robinson, with whom she came to Newton, Kansas, where she lived until after his death. Two years ago, on Jan. 12, 1904, she was married to Jacob Bentler, of Canton, Kansas. Although her stay among us here was brief she had won many friends, being always of a cheerful, hopeful disposition. During her last illness she smilingly said to some that she was preparing to go home, to others that she wished God's will to be done. She leaves her husband and one son. , Funeral services were held Jan. 16, 1906. Preaching in German by Peter Buller from Jno. 11:20-27, and in English by D. A. Diener from II Tim. 4:7.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana

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