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 Week 1: October 4, 1906, page 380
Vol. XLIII, No. 40

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Herald of Truth, October 4, 1906, page 380

.-On the 18th of Sept., near Lititz, Lancaster Co., Pa., of a complication of diseases, after a protracted illness, Aaron E. Reist; aged 79 years. He was a member of the Mennonite church. Leaves two sons-Nathan E. Reist, a teacher in the public schools of Lititz, and Edward Reist of Lancaster City. Funeral was held on Saturday, Sept. 22, at the Kauffman M. H.

Hollinger.-Viola May, only daughter of Clyde and Effa Hollinger, died Sept. 9, 1906, near North Lawrence, Stark Co., Ohio; aged 29 days. Funeral services held at the home. Interment at Pleasant View cemetery. A little flower has faded and gone. May the memory of its purity and loveliness prompt the parents to live pure and noble lives for Jesus.

Kauffman.-Elisabeth Speicher Kauffman was born in Holmes Co., Ohio, March 19, 1849. In her young years she moved to Wayne Co., Ohio, and there accepted Jesus as her Savior and was received into the Amish Mennonite church. She was married the 11th of Feb., 1890, to Benjamin Kauffman, who is now mourning the loss of a loving wife. They moved to Iowa in the spring of 1891 and located in Wayland, where she lived till God called her to her eternal home, Sept. 20, 1906; aged 57 Y., 6 M., 1 D. She leaves a sorrowing husband, two sisters, one brother and two half-brothers. Three sisters and one half-brother preceded her to the better home. She was buried in the Sugar Creek cemetery, Sept. 23, 1906. Funeral services were conducted by S. Gerig in the German language, and by Daniel Graber in English from 2 Cor. 5:1-10.

Long.-Catharine Long (nee Keime), wife of Isaiah Long, was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Jan. 24, 1857; died at her home in Ionia Co., Mich., Aug. 8, 1906; aged 49 Y., 6 M., 14 D. She was a mother of nine children one son and one daughter preceded her in death. She is survived by her husband, four sons and three daughters, one brother and two sisters. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for about twenty-four years. Funeral services at the Bowne M. H., Aug. 10. Services by Isaac Weaver and C. Wenger.

Meyers.-Daisy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meyers of Fort Wayne, Ind., died Sept. 15, 1906, with the dreaded disease, diphtheria; aged 15 Y., 17 D. She took sick Sept. 4, but was still up and around during the first week, but kept growing worse until death came to her relief. She leaves a father, mother, two brothers and two sisters to mourn her death. We cannot see why God should take one so young and tender in years, yet we know that God knows best and may this be a solemn warning to all to be ready, for we know not who shall be called next. Bro. King being absent, Bro. Metzler of Nappanee, Ind., who was with us, conducted the services and spoke to a large number of sorrowing friends and relatives who had gathered in the neighbor's yard to show the last tribute of respect to the departed one, on the 16th. God comfort the sorrowing family.


 Week 2: October 11, 1906, page 389
Vol. XLIII, No. 41

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Herald of Truth, October 11, 1906, page 389

.-On the 4th of Sept., 1906, of tuberculosis, Bro. Strickler Emig in York Co., Pa.; aged 43 Y., 1 M., 21 D. Funeral services were conducted by Bish. Abram B. Herr and Pre. Abm. M. Witmer of Lancaster county from Psa. 90:14 and Job 19:21. He leaves a blind widow. He was a member of the Mennonite church for some years. The widow requested to have sung at the funeral the hymns, "Nearer, My God, to thee," and "Asleep in Jesus."

Stauffer.-On Sept. 4, 1906, near Stony Brook, York Co., Pa., Magdalena Stauffer, aged 85 Y., 10 M., 16 D. Buried at Stony Ridge M. H. Services were conducted by Pre. Abm. Witmer and Theodore B. Forry. Text, 2 Tim. 4:6-8. A German hymn had been selected by her many years ago to be used on the occasion of her funeral. During her last days she still reminded her family that they should not forget those German hymns, and that she wanted to be buried in the old way, i. e. in accordance with the old usages in the Mennonite church. She was never married and was by many known as Aunt Mattie. She was such an humble member in the church from her youth up. If we only had more of these humble ones in the church! At the opening of the services the old German hymn No. 437 was sung; while viewing the remains, No. 373, and while the grave was being filled, No. 474. She died of a complication of diseases.

Stouffer.-Ruth Stouffer, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Stouffer, was born in Wadsworth Twp., Medina Co., Ohio, Jan. 27, 1902; departed this life Sept. 25, 1906; aged 4 Y., 7 M., 28 D. She suffered severely for about two weeks from peritonitis. After she felt that she must leave she called the family to her bedside and after bidding them all good-by passed quietly away. Funeral services were held in the Bethel church, Sept. 27, at 2 o'clock p. m., by I. J. Buchwalter, using as a text Mark 14:8, "She hath done what she could." Interment in cemetery near by. A large congregation of sorrowing friends met to pay a last tribute of love to one whom they dearly loved. We are told that she often sang the hymns, "Little ones like me," and "I'll live for Him." She leaves a father, mother, one sister and brother and a host of friends to mourn her early departure. "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven."

Decker.-On the 29th of Sept., 1906, in Lancaster Co., Pa., from a complication of diseases, Kate Decker, widow of the late John Decker; aged 49 years. Her husband died only three weeks previously. Buried at the Petersburg Old Mennonite burying-ground.

Landis-On the 30th of Sept., 1906, in East Lampeter Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro. J. Frank Landis, aged 57 years. In company with his wife he had spent the afternoon and evening at the home of his father-in-law, David Leaman, near Neffsville, and had not complained of feeling unwell. He retired to rest at his own home in apparent good health, but about midnight his wife was awakened by his moaning, and speaking to him she received no answer. She arose, lighted a lamp and hurried to his side, and to her horror found him dying. He is survived by two children. He was buried on Oct. 3 at Mellinger's meeting-house.

Kaufman.-Jonas Kaufman of near Johnstown, Pa., died Sept. 9, 1906; aged 79 Y., 9 M., 3 D. He was a member of the Mennonite church. He is survived by five children and twenty-six grandchildren. His wife and one child preceded him to the spirit world. Funeral services on the 11th at the Stahl M. H. by S. D. Yoder and L. A. Blough. Interment in the Livingston family graveyard.

Yoder.-Sister Mary, wife of Dea. David Yoder, of the Amish church near Davidsville, Pa., died very unexpectedly Sept. 11, 1906; aged 64 Y., 8 M., 10 D. Funeral services were conducted at the Kaufman Amish meeting-house on the 13th by S. D. Yoder in English and L. A. Blough in German. Interment in the Shetler family graveyard. Sister Yoder is survived by a sorrowing husband, one daughter and other friends; but they need not mourn as those who have no hope.

Yoder.-Barbara Yoder (maiden name, Bechtel), wife of Bro. Eli C. Yoder, was born May 17, 1868; died near Manchester, Okla., Sept. 17, 1906; aged 38 Y., 4 M. She suffered with malaria and later on with typhoid fever. Sister Barbara moved with her companion from Indiana to this country when it was first opened, cheerfully endured the hardships of a pioneer life and faithfully did her duty in the home and in the (Mennonite) church, of which she was a member in good standing. She leaves a husband and seven children to mourn her early departure. May God comfort the sorrow-stricken family and may they all be drawn closer to him and prepare to meet mother in heaven. Funeral services conducted by Pre. Hinkle and Pre. Levi Wells.

Detweiler.-On the 2d of October, 1906, in Elkhart, Ind., of kidney troubles, of which he suffered greatly for two weeks, Bro. John B. Detweiler, aged 73 Y., 5 M., 26 D. He was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., April 6, 1833. He had been a resident of Elkhart county for half a century and lived in Elkhart for the past six years. Bro. Detweiler is survived by his wife, four sons, three daughters, six sisters and tour brothers. Bro. Detweiler was a man of peace and so conducted himself that no one should be offended by him. He was truly one of the quiet people of the land, and his quiet, peaceable and friendly disposition won for him the esteem and friendship of the entire community, which was made manifest by the very large concourse of relatives and friends that had gathered at his funeral to show the last tribute of love to his memory. It is estimated that at least 1,000 people were present. Services were conducted at the home in Elkhart by John F. Funk and H. A. Anglemoyer, and at Yellow Creek M. H., where the burial took place, by Christian Weaver and David Burkholder, from the text, "For me to live is Christ; for me to die is gain" (Phil. 1:21). The following friends from a distance were present: Noah Detweiler (a brother of the deceased) and daughter, and four sisters from Waterloo Co., Ont.; Mrs. Isaac Good (a sister) and her three sons and two daughters from Branch Co., Mich.; also two brothers of Sister Detweiler, Isaac Wenger and wife and Simeon Wenger of Caledonia, Kent Co., Mich. The Lord bless the bereaved family and give them grace to say with submissive hearts, "Thy will be done."

Cressman.-Lovina Snyder, daughter of Bro. Absalom and Sister Elizabeth (Cressman) Snyder of Breslau, Ont., was born June 8, 1864; was married to Bro. Moses S. Cressman, Sept. 20, 1882. To this union were born three sons and two daughters. The surviving children, her husband, parents, brother and large circle of relatives and friends mourn not as those who have no hope, for Sister Cressman united with the church in her early youth and was a faithful member until she was called home, on the 1st of October, 1906, at the age of 42 Y., 3 M., 23 D. Her remains were laid to rest on the 3d in the graveyard adjoining the Cressman M. H., Breslau, where services were conducted by Bish. Jonas Snider of Waterloo from Rev. 14:13 and by Pre. I. A. Wambold from Phil. 1:21. The esteem in which Sister Cressman was held was shown by the unusually large concourse that gathered at her burial, not nearly all of the people being able to get into the meeting-house. Sister Cressman suffered for some time of dropsical affection, but seemed to be improving until suddenly she became worse and soon passed away. May God bless our bereaved brother and his children, as well as the parents, brother and the other relatives.

Moyer.-Bro. Ephraim Moyer of Blooming Glen, Bucks Co., Pa., died suddenly from the result of an accident on Sept. 14, 1906. While working at his trade as carpenter he was sawing off the ends of a rafter when suddenly a board, upon which he knelt, broke, hurling him to the ground, a distance of about twenty feet. He sustained a fracture of the skull and died about three hours later without regaining consciousness. Age 64 Y., 11 M., 14 D. Funeral services were held on Wednesday, Sept. 19. Interment was made at the Blooming Glen Mennonite burial-grounds. Services at the M. H. were conducted by Pre. Christian Allebach and Pre. Jacob Rush. Text, Mark 13:35-37. Survived by his widow, two sons and three daughters, the youngest living at home.

Stauffer.-Mary A. Stauffer, wife of Pre. Moses Stauffer, died at her home at Stony Brook, York Co., Pa., Aug. 29, 1906; aged 65 Y., 10 M., 8 D. She leaves a kind and loving husband to mourn the loss of a dear wife. They lived nearly forty-one years in matrimony: for seventeen years they were faithful and humble members in the Mennonite church. Over four years she had been paralyzed and so often wished to depart and be with Christ, which is far better. Her place in the home and church is vacant, but she silently fell asleep in Jesus. Text, Rev. 22:14. Services by Bish. Abram Herr and Pre. Abram Witmer of Lancaster Co., Pa. The number is getting small. Just three in little over a week were buried at Stone Ridge church. Who is it that will fill their places?


 Week 3: October 18, 1906, page 400
Vol. XLIII, No. 42

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Herald of Truth, October 18, 1906, page 400

.-In Iona Co., Mich., Vesta, daughter of Jacob and Woods; aged 1 Y., 3 M. She was born June 7, 1905, and died Sept. 7, 1906. Funeral services were conducted by Pre. Josiah Weaver. Interment at the Mennonite M. H. in Kent county.

Lape.-Rosa Pearl, born Aug. 27, 1901; died Sept. 19, 1906; aged 5 Y., 20 D.; and Nina May, born June 24, 1903; died Sept. 14, 1906; aged 3 Y., 2 M., 20 D. Children of Frank and Lape of Elkhart, Ind., Both died with diphtheria. Funeral services were held at the home, No. 663 Lexington avenue, on Sunday, Oct. 14, by John F. Funk, from Luke 18:16. This was indeed a sad affliction, but whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth. May God comfort the sorrowing hearts and help them to put their trust in Him who doeth all things well, with the assurance that they are safe in the arms of Jesus.

 Week 4: October 25, 1906, page 409
Vol. XLIII, No. 43

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Herald of Truth, October 25, 1906, page 409

Eby.-On the 5th of October, 1906, near Berlin, Ont., Lorne, son of Bro. and Sister H. B. Eby; aged 11 M., 23 D. Funeral services on the 7th by Bish.
Jonas Snider of Waterloo.

Loux.-On the 12th of October, 1906, in Bucks Co., Pa., of consumption, of which she suffered for several months, Marietta, daughter of Enos B. and Loux; aged about 16 years. She was much beloved and respected, and besides her parents leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn her early death. She was buried at Blooming Glen Mennonite burying-grounds. May the Lord comfort the sorrowing family.

Stoltzfus.-On the 9th of October, 1906, at St. Joseph's Hospital, Lancaster, Pa., Nancy, wife of Benjamin Stoltzfus of Gap; aged 42 years. Her death was caused directly from an operation performed at the hospital for the removal of a tumor. She had been in the institution for ten days. She was a member of the Amish church. She was formerly from Mifflin county and her maiden name was Hartzler. Her husband and two children survive her. Funeral on the 13th at Milwood.

Reiff.-David H. Reiff was born near Farmersville, Lancaster Co., Pa., Dec. 4, 1841. It was at this place he spent the days of his childhood and young manhood. In the year 1863 he married Mary Horst of Hagerstown, Md. To this union were born fourteen children, eight of whom grew to manhood and womanhood. Seven are still living. One daughter preceded him eight years ago. After marriage Mr. Reiff began farming which he followed for three years near the place of his birth, after which he moved to Washington county. In 1866 he moved with his family to Nemaha Co., Kan. Soon afterwards they moved to Ness Co., Kan., and later to Harvey county, where he resided until his death. His last sickness was brief, he being confined to his bed seventeen days with abscess of the liver. He suffered intensely until the last eighteen hours, when all pain left him and he quietly passed away. He died Sept. 29, 1906; aged 64 Y., 8 M., 28 D. He is survived by his wife and the following children: Joseph, of Fayetteville, Pa.; Christian, of Newton, Kan.; John, of Kansas City, Mo.; David, of Garden City, Kan.; Martin, of Newton, Kan.; Leah Eby, of Hillsboro, Kan., and Annie, residing at home. The funeral was held at the Mennonite M. H. near Trousdale, where he was a worshiper. Interment in adjoining cemetery. Preaching by J. M. R. Weaver, from Eph. 5:16, "Redeeming the time because the days are evil."

Hahn.-On Oct. 15, 1906, in Elkhart, Ind., of consumption, Melvin J. Hahn, son of Jerry Hahn; aged 32 Y., 2 M., 28 D. He suffered very patiently and died in the full assurance of a blessed resurrection and the glorious life beyond. He leaves a sorrowing companion, two children, an aged father, a brother and three sisters to mourn his early death. He was buried on the 18th at the Olive cemetery; services by Pre. Lutman. May God comfort the sorrowing family and friends.

Bear.-On the 7th of October5 1906, in Rohrerstown, Lancaster Co., Pa., from a complication of diseases, Anna, wife of Benjamin Bear; aged about 80 years. She had been in failing health for the past three years. She lived during her whole lifetime in Lancaster county and was for many years a member of the Mennonite church. Funeral services on the 11th. Funeral in the Rohrerstown Mennonite M. H. Buried in the adjoining cemetery.

Martin.-On the 14th of October, 1906, in Brecknoch Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., Bro. Martin, aged 85 years. He had enjoyed good health and was visiting his son-in-law, B. Frank Eck of Ephrata, and attended the evening services in the Mennonite M. H. in the town. About 8 o'clock it was noticed that he was ill and members present hurriedly carried him out into the fresh air, where he died before a doctor, who was sent for, arrived. He is survived by his wife, three daughters and two brothers. Buried in the Martin cemetery near New Holland.

Nissley.-Joseph R. Nissley, son of Joseph Nissley of Florin, Lancaster Co., Pa., died at the home of his parents on the 12th of October, 1906; aged about 40 years. He resided in Des Moines, Iowa, but on account of failing health he returned to the home of his parents about a month ago. He is survived by his parents, one brother and one sister. Services were held in the Kreybill M. H. by Jacob N. Brubacher. Interment in the adjoining graveyard.

Transcribed by: Ron Garber, Kansas

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