1907 Herald of Truth Obituaries

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 Week 1:
January 3, 1907, page 9
Volume XLIV, Number 1

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Rosenberger.-On Nov. 21, 1906, near Cressman, Sask., Can., Lucy Bingeman, beloved wife of Samuel Rosenberger; aged 40 Y., 8 M., 24 D. Funeral services were held at the Waterloo schoolhouse, interment in the Sharon Mennonite cemetery. The services were conducted by ---- Travers and E. S. Hallman.

Sparr.-On Dec. 27, 1906, near Elkhart, Ind., of consumption, Jennie Mabel, wife of Arthur M. Sparr, aged 23 Y., 6 M., 10 D. She is survived by her husband, father, a step-mother, two brothers, two grandmothers and many friends. Her mother died many years ago. During her sickness she became concerned for her salvation and after earnest pleadings with God obtained the assurance that her prayers had been heard and her sins forgiven, and she said, "Now it is easy to be a Christian." She was buried on Sunday, Dec. 30. Funeral services were held at the Mennonite M. H. in Elkhart, where, notwithstanding the rainy weather, a large audience assembled to pay the last tribute of love to the departed sister. It was sad to see her pass away so early in life, but we mourn not as those who have no hope, and have reason to comfort our hearts with the thought that she has passed from the trials and afflictions of earth to the joys of the world of light and peace above.

Hostetler. - Naoma, daughter of John J. and Lydia Hostetler, was born near Barr's Mills, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, Dec. 31, 1902; died at Mishawaka, Ind., Dec. 26, 1906; aged 3 Y., 11 M., 26 D. Naoma leaves to mourn her early departure, father, mother, five sisters, two grandmothers, a number of uncles, aunts, cousins and many playmates. She was a precious little jewel in the household, a beckoning star leading us heavenward. We mourn for thee, yet not as those who have no hope. In her last days she seemed to be conscious that she was to leave father, mother, sisters and friends. Quite frequently she came to her mother while she was busy at her work, saying, "I want to kiss you, mamma," and after a fond embrace she would return to her play. When her papa went away to his daily work she would wave her little hands with a good-by kiss as far as she could see him. She was a sweet, cheerful, happy child, beloved by the family and also her playmates. A brief funeral service was conducted at the home in Mishawaka by John F. Funk, after which the body was taken to Elkhart, where the services proper were conducted in the Mennonite meeting-house by John F. Funk and Samuel Yoder from the words (2 Kings 4:26), "Is it well with the child? and she said, It is well." The Lord bless and comfort the bereaved hearts.

Kilmer.-On the 21st of Dec., 1906, in Elkhart, Ind., of a complication of diseases, Ernst Theodore, only child of Rufus and Fannie Kilmer, aged 2 Y., 4 M., 20 D. He suffered severely for about one week. Funeral was held at the Olive meeting-house on Sunday, Dec. 23. Services were conducted by John F. Funk, assisted by Reuben Ebersole of the Dekalb county congregation. He leaves a sorrowing father and mother and grandparents to mourn his early death, but they may well comfort their hearts with the thought that it is well with the child and that he has gone to be with Jesus in that blest home where "we'll never say good-by." The Lord comfort the mourning ones.

Brubacher.-Susannah Sittler was born in Waterloo Twp., Waterloo Co., Ont., Sept. 5, 1854; was married to David Brubacher, Oct. 10., 1871; died in Waterloo on the 26th of December, 1906, alter suffering for several months of stomach trouble, and latterly of a severe attack of lagrippe; aged 52 Y., 3 M., 21 D. Of her family of twelve children, four sons and five daughters, together with the husband and father, survive. Funeral services were held on the 29th. Burial in the Martin cemetery north of Waterloo.

Shellenberger. - Near Oakland Mills, Juniata Co., Pa., Sister Elizabeth Shellenberger, on Dec. 16, 1906, after a short illness of ten days, departed this life, aged 63 Y., 10 M., 20 D. She was married to Isaac Shellenberger, Feb. 12, 1867. To this union were born four children, two preceding her to the spirit world. She leaves to mourn her death, her husband, brother, sister, a son, a daughter and five grandchildren. Sister Shellenberger was a devoted sister in the Mennonite church, a kind mother in the home, and many were her prayers for her children, and, thank God, he permitted her to live to see them gathered into the fold. Then when the hour of death drew near, her prayers were for her family and for the church of her choice, that the Lord would keep them in the right way, so that he would be glorified and that they might all meet around the throne in glory when life's work should cease on earth. Her seat was seldom vacant at church services. Interment in the Lost Creek graveyard. Funeral services by Samuel Gayman, Samuel Leiter and the writer. Text, Rev. 4:1. May God comfort the sorrowing ones. Peace to her ashes. WM. G. SIEBER.

Yoder.-Lewis Yoder was born Nov. 9, 1814, in Oversaucon Twp., Lehigh Co., Pa.; died Dec. 10, 1906, in Beaver Twp., Mahoning Co., Ohio; aged 92 Y., 1 M., 1 D. When twelve years of age he moved with his parents to Beaver township, of which he was a resident until death, Dec. 7, 1837, he was married to Sarah Detwiler by Pre. Sonnedecker, to which union were born three daughters and six sons. After sixty-four years of married life his wife died. Two daughters (Mary and Elizabeth), four sons (Peter Thomas, Manassa and Fremont) preceded him in death. Of the three remaining children, two (Henry D. Yoder and Hannah Martin) reside in Mahoning Co., Ohio, and Joseph D. in Newton, Kan. Eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren are living. Early in married life he and wife united with the Mennonite church, to which they remained faithful until death. His seat in church was seldom vacant when able to attend. One of his grandchildren, Minnie Reichard, with her husband, is a missionary in India, in the United Brethren church. He was confined to his bed in a sitting posture since March 6, 1906. While the body was gradually growing weaker he never complained, but expressed his desire that the Lord should take him home. His memory was remarkably good for one of his age. Buried at Midway meeting-house, Dec. 14, where funeral services were conducted by David S. Lehman and Allen Richert, Text, Gen. 25:8.

 Week 2:
January 10, 1907, page 20.
Volume XLIV, Number 2

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Brubaker.-Pre. Tobias Brubaker of near Rawlinsville, Lancaster Co., Pa., died of hardening of the spine, on the last day of the year 1906; aged about fifty-six years. He was a member of the Old Mennonite church and minister for about eighteen years. He preached at Mechanics Grove and New Providence. He leaves a sorrowing companion and six children. His remains were laid to rest at the Mennonite meeting-house at New Providence on Jan. 3.

Schultz.-Mary Schultz (born Kennel) died Dec. 20, 1906, at her home in Wellesley Twp., Waterloo Co., Ont.; aged 67 Y., 3 M., 23 D. She was twice married, first to John E. Lichty, with whom she lived in matrimony twelve years. To this union were born five children. After his death she was married to George Schultz, with whom she lived in matrimony nearly thirty-three years. To this union were born three children. She leaves, to mourn her death, a sorrowing husband and six children, two having gone before her. Sister Schultz was a consistent member of the Amish church since her youth and may well have been called a mother in Israel. She was buried Dec. 22, in the graveyard adjoining the Wellesley meeting-house; funeral services by Peter Spenler at the house, and Christian Zehr, Sr., and Nicholas Nafziger at the meeting-house.

Eash.-Jonathan Eash was born in Somerset Co., Pa., July 10, 1836; died Dec. 21, 1906; aged 70 Y., 5 M., 11 D. He was married to Katie Miller, Jan. 10, 1855. To this union were born seven children, one of whom preceded him in her infancy. Two sons and four daughters remain to mourn with their mother the loss of a kind husband and father. We trust their loss is his eternal gain. The funeral was held at the Shore M. H., Sunday, Dec. 23, where a very large concourse of people met to pay the last tribute of respect. Impressive services were held by S. E. Weaver in English and A. S. Cripe in German.

Long.-At the Mennonite Home in Lancaster, Pa., Dec. 18, 1906, Anna H. Long died, aged 62 Y., 9 M., 15 D. Funeral was held at the Home on the 21st. She was buried at East Petersburg. Services were conducted by Henry E. Longenecker and Hiram Kauffman, from Heb. 12:6,11. She was almost entirely helpless for a number of years and suffered quite a good deal at times. She came to the Home soon after it was opened and was a member of the Mennonite church. She is now in the hands of a kind and merciful God and Savior, and, we trust, where there is no more suffering, sickness or death, but where there is only joy and happiness for ever and ever.

Kaufman.-Sister Susan Kaufman died at her home in Letterkenney Twp., Franklin Co., Pa., of paralysis, on the 18th of Dec., 1906; aged 78 Y., 4 M., 2 D. Sister Kaufman has been in feeble health for about sixteen months, at which time she had a light stroke of palsy, from which she has been suffering more or less until within about a week of her death, when she had another stroke, from the effects of which she died. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite church, with which she united when but eighteen years old. The deceased was the widow of the late Bro. John B. Kaufman, who preceded her to the spirit world, and is survived by one son, Jacob, who lives on the home farm and with whom she had her home, and four daughters, one daughter having died several years ago. The funeral was held on the 20th; buried at the Mennonite meeting-house known as the Strasburg M. H., where services were held, conducted by the brethren Henry Bricker and John S. Burkholder. Text, 2 Tim. 4:6-8, the Scripture being selected by the departed sister. J. S. B.

Kreider.-Our little brother, George E. Kreider, son of John M. and Hettie Kreider of Palmyra, Mo., passed quietly to his rest on Dec. 31, 1906, at the age of 13 Y., 5 M., 10 D. Funeral services were conducted by J. R. Shenk of Pea Ridge, Kan., from Phil. 1:21. He was young in years, but I have been made to wonder how many of us who have lived to middle age and beyond have been able to do as much for the Master as our young brother during the eight days of his sickness. He was very sick from the beginning, but calm and resigned, and as the end drew near he called all to his bedside and bade them good-by and expressed himself ready to go, and calmly fell asleep in Jesus. He seemed to have no fear, no dread-it seemed he was simply putting off his mortality and putting on immortality, and while we have committed his mortal remains to the grave, and God has taken the spirit to himself, he has left what is vastly better than silver or gold-a testimony that the religion of our Lord Jesus Christ is a reality, and that its blessed influences will live for good throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity.

Bungard.-Lester Bungard, son of Howard Bungard, was accidently(sic) shot in the hip on Nov. 30, 1906, and died Dec. 24, 1906. Funeral was held Dec. 27. Services were conducted by D. D. Miller of Middlebury, Ind. His age was 22 Y., 5 M., 29 D. He was a member of the Martin Creek A. M. congregation.

Schruger.-On Dec. 13, 1906, in Bucks Co., Pa., Jacob Schruger, aged 52 Y., 1 M., 13 D. He was born Oct. 31, 1854. He was buried Dec. 17 at Blooming Glen. Services were conducted at the home by David L. Gehman and by H. G. Anglemoyer at the meeting-house. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Myers.-On Dec. 29, 1906, in Bucks Co., Pa., Cornelius Myers, aged 67 Y., 2 M., 5 D. He was born Oct. 24, 1839. Services were conducted at the home by J. Rush and H. 0. Hiestand and at the M. H. by H. B. Rosenberger and H. G. Anglemoyer. Buried at Deep Run cemetery.

Souder.-On the 233d of Dec., 1906, in Lansdale Montgomery Co., Pa., Mary C., wife of Frederick H. Souder, aged 57 Y., 4 M., 18 D., of gangrene. She leaves a husband, a son and a daughter. Buried at the Plain M. H., where she was a member.

Gehman.-On Dec. 22, 1906, in Franconia, Montgomery Co., Pa., suddenly of apoplexy, William H. Gehman, aged 66 Y., 9 M., 1 D. He was a member of the Franconia congregation and was buried at that meeting-house. He leaves a widow, four sons and one daughter.

Moyer. - Arthur, son of Bro. William L. and Sister Essie Moyer of Lower Salford, Montgomery Co., Pa., died of pneumonia on Saturday, Dec. 29, 1906; aged about 7 years. Buried at the Plain Mennonite cemetery, Jan. 2, 1907.

Metz.-Bro John G. Metz of Towamencin Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., died of obstructions of the bowels on Dec. 31, 1906; aged 65 Y., 2 M., 23 D. He attended church services on Christmas day and in the afternoon complained of not feeling well. Medical aid was summoned, but he grew worse until death relieved him. He is survived by a sorrowing widow and one daughter (wife of Isaac Kulp) and four grandchildren. Funeral was held at the Towamencin meeting-house on Jan. 5, 1907. Interment at the adjoining cemetery.

Dick. - On the 24th of December, 1906, near Mountain Lake, Minn., from the accidental discharge of a revolver in the hands of a youth, John, only son of Bro. Aaron C. Dick; aged ten years. The children were returning from the Christmas exercises held at a schoolhouse in the evening and the sad event occurred on the way home. The boy lived only ten hours after the accident. The family has the sympathy of a large circle of relatives and friends in their distressing bereavement. The poor youth whose thoughtlessness caused the death deeply bewails the fact that he ever carried a revolver. The burial took place on the 26th in the cemetery adjoining the Quiring cemetery. The event is a solemn warning to parents and children alike on the danger of carrying firearms.

Knechtel.-On the 21st of December, 1906, near Mannheim, Waterloo Co., Ont., , wife of Alfred Knechtel; aged 55 Y., 7 M., 19 D. She was married to her surviving husband Jan. 19, 1875. To this union were born twelve children, of whom two sons and five daughters survive. Buried in the Mannheim Mennonite cemetery on the 24th. Funeral services in German by Solomon Gehman and in English by Noah Stauffer.

 Week 3:
January 17, 1907, page 29, 30.
Volume XLIV, Number 3

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Brunk.-Sister Adeline V. Brunk, eldest daughter of Bro. Frederick W. and Sister Mary L. (Kreider) Brunk, was born in Rockingham Co., Va., Sept. 10, 1873. Toward the close of the year 1888 the father moved with his family to Chariton Co., Mo., and Oct. 1, 1891, they settled in Elkhart, Ind. Sister Adeline united with the Mennonite church just before she left Virginia, having professed Christ during the first series of meetings held by the Mennonites in Virginia, and was a faithful, devoted laborer in the cause of Christ, being for many years a teacher in the Elkhart Mennonite Sunday school and part of the time superintendent of the primary department. She was also for some years employed in the Mennonite Publishing House, and for about two years in the editorial department, for which work she was excellently qualified. She was also for one year one of the teachers in the Elkhart Institute, now Goshen College. From Elkhart she went to Scottdale, Pa., in 1905, where she was engaged as assistant in the editorial work of the Gospel Witness for nearly a year. Returning to Elkhart early in 1906, she again took charge of the home, her mother having died Sept. 29, 1899. But she felt that the Lord had called her into the mission field, and in obedience to this call she volunteered as a missionary to Turkey at a missionary meeting held in Goshen in July, 1906. Our own church not having established a mission in that country she decided to go to the mission station and orphanage supported by the Mennonite Brethren in Christ at Hadjin, Turkey. Little did we think when we bade her good-by on that beautiful morning of Sept. 3, 1906, that she would be so soon called away from earth. Her letters in the Herald telling of her journey and of her and Sister Rose Lambert's arrival at their destination on the 19th of October, 1906, appeared in recent issues. But even before the publication of the letter announcing their arrival, she had fallen ill of typhoid fever, on the 10th of November, and ere the first news of her illness reached u, she had already passed away, the cablegram that was sent announcing her death having been lost. Everything that medical skill and loving care could do was done to stay the ravages of the fever, but in vain. During the intervals when she was not delirious she expressed her happiness in being in Hadjin, firmly believing that she was where God wanted her to be, and praying that she might be spared for usefulness if it was his will. Despite the utmost care pneumonia set in, and the poor body, emaciated by fever, was unable to cope with this new assailant. Nevertheless her strong constitution bore her up and the hopes of the loved ones around her rose and fell as she in turn rallied and relapsed. A few days before her death, when it was evident that the end was not far off and she roused to consciousness, Sister Lambert spoke to her of her condition and its probable fatal ending. She was resigned to God's will, but as she lapsed into unconsciousness she repeated: "Why, oh, why?" Finally, in the early morning of Dec. 11, the end came. The double attack had done its work, tired nature gave up the unequal battle, and she sank to rest in Jesus. Why she should have been called away just as she was about to enter the work, we cannot understand, but we believe the mystery has been made plain to her and that though in far-off Armenia, the Savior was present, and that she has entered into the rest prepared for the people of God. Her earthly remains were laid to rest at Hadjin on the 12th. Our sister sleeps in the mountains of Armenia, but her soul is with God, for to her and to all faithful believers the Savior says, "I will receive you unto myself." * * * "The way ye know." Her kindly, sympathetic nature endeared her to all and she leaves a large circle of warm friends to mourn her untimely departure. Beside her father she leaves two brothers and two sisters. Memorial services were held in the Elkhart Mennonite M. H., Sunday afternoon, Jan. 13, when Bro. I. W. Royer of Goshen, Ind., an old college mate, preached from the tet, Mark 14:3-9, assisted by Pre. A. B. Yoder. The attendance was very large, and the services were deeply affecting, as we thought of her sleeping in her grave so far away, yet we were consoled with the blessed assurance that all is well with our dear departed sister.
"Warm summer sun, shine kindly there;
Warm southern wind, blow softly there;
Green sod above, lie light, lie light-
Good night, dear heart, good night, good night."

Hoover -Susannah Hoover, wife of Dea. John A. Hoover, died at their home in Clinton Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., Sunday night; Jan. 6, at ten o'clock; aged 80 Y., 4 M., 15 D. She was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Aug. 22. 1826. Her father and mother, Abraham Eschliman and Elizabeth Horst Eschliman removed with their family to Stark Co., Ohio, in 1837. On Feb. 17. 1848, she was married to John A. Hoover in Stark Co., Ohio. On June 17, 1852, Bro. and Sister Hoover moved to the place where she died, in Clinton township, where they have ever since lived. She is survived by her husband, John A. Hoover, who will, if he lives until March 2, 1907, be eighty-two years old; also by five sons (John, Martin, Christian, Samuel and Jonas) and one daughter (Elizabeth Lehman, wife of David Lehman). One son (Abraham) and one daughter (Mary) died in 1873, aged 23 and 19 years respectively. Five of her brothers and one sister have preceded her. Her sister Elizabeth Weaver and her brother Jonas Eschliman survive her. She leaves a number of grandchildren and a large number of nephews and nieces and other relatives and friends. Bro. and Sister Hoover became members of the Mennonite church in early life, and have continued faithful and earnest Christians through life. During her residence of more than half a century in Elkhart county she has made countless friends, and in her unselfish devotion to others made her life one of incalculable good to the community. The remains were buried from the Brick Mennonite meeting-house in Clinton township on Wednesday, Jan. 9. A short service was held at the home, as Bro. Hoover was unable to go to the meeting-house on account of his physical infirmities. There was a large attendance, the meeting-house being almost completely filled with relatives. Bish. John Martin and Pre. Martin Raymer conducted the funeral services.

Shoup.-On Jan. 3, 1907, at his home near Mt. Eaton, Holmes Co., Ohio, John L. Shoup, aged 74 Y.. 7 M., 29 D. He was married to Mary Bixler Oct. 17, 1861. His wife departed this life in February, 1877. The fruit of this union was six children, three sons and three daughters, four of whom are living. On May 5, 1880, he was married to Christina Zeigler, who survives him. The deceased was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for many years. Funeral services were held at the Longenecker M. H. on Jan. 6, by I. J. Buchwalter in English and Fred Mast in German, assisted by Josiah Kaser. Peace to his ashes.

Powell -Polly Ann Powell was born May 5, 1836, near Lilly, Va.; died Dec. 31, 1906, at the home of her son near Harrisonburg, Va., aged 70 Y., 7 M., 28 D. Her death followed an illness of several weeks of pneumonia and heart trouble. At the time of her death she was a consistent member of the Presbyterian church. She is survived by her husband, two sons and three daughters: Mary J. Brunk of Elida, Ohio; Mary E. Wenger of Augusta Co., Va.; Margaret S. Good of Rockingham, Va.; Henry J. Powell of Concord, Tenn., and Lewis J. Powell, Jr., of near Harrisonburg, Va. Funeral services were held on Jan. 2, 1907, at the home of Joseph F. Heatwole and at the church by John Ruff, assisted by Joseph F. Heatwole.

Witmer.-Near Preston, Ont., on Jan. 6, 1907, Albert E. Witmer, son of Levi Witmer, aged 26 Y., 2 M., 9 D. He had been helpless all his life, owing to nerve troubles, in addition to this he suffered from indigestion for about two years. Some years ago he accepted Christ, and since then it was his desire that he might be absent from the body and present with the Lord. The funeral was held on the 8th. Buried in the graveyard adjoining the Wanner meeting-house, where services were conducted by David S. Wismer. Text, Jonah 1:6, "What meanest thou, 0 sleeper? Arise, call upon thy God!'

Blough.-Walter, son of Bro. Ammon and Sister Rebecca Blough, died Dec. 6, 1906; aged 6 M., 7 D. Burial at the Blough M. H. on the 8th. Funeral services were conducted by S. D. Yoder and Simon Layman.

Harnish. -On Jan. 4, 1907, near Refton, Lancaster Co., Pa., Henry Harnish, aged 48 Y., 5 M., 18 D. He was afflicted with epilepsy from his youth. He is survived by three brothers and four sisters. The funeral was held Jan. 6 at the Brick M. H. near Willow Street. Services were conducted by Bish. Abram Herr and Pre. Jacob Thomas from Acts 29: 30. Interment in the Farm graveyard.
The Lord comfort the mourning hearts.

Yoder.-Russel Andrew, infant son of Bro. and Sister H. J. Yoder, was born near Manchester, Okla., July 20, 1906; died near Oronogo, Mo., Jan. 2, 1907; aged 5 M., 13 D. Funeral services were held on the 4th, conducted by Pre. J. T. Hamilton. Interment in the Weaver cemetery. Another precious rose-bud has been plucked from earth to bloom in the garden above. M. S.

Klopfenstein.-Rollie Dwight, son of Christian and Emma Klopfenstein, near Holden, Mo., was born March 6, 1901; died Jan. 3, 1907, from the effects of scarlet fever. He suffered for about eight weeks. At times he seemed to get along well and then he would get bad again, and finally the disease drew to his heart, and the Lord saw fit to take him. God bless those left to mourn. Funeral services were held in the Pleasant View meeting-house on Friday, Services were conducted by Pre. Ben Hartzler of Garden City, Mo. and D. B. Raber.

Zook.-Rebecca, wife of Simeon K. Zook (deceased), was born in Pennsylvania, June 9, 1818; died Dec. 29, 1906, near East Lynne, Mo., where she lived since about the year 1881; aged 88 Y., 6 M., 20 D. She leaves three sons and three daughters (one an invalid) and many friends to mourn their loss. She was a faithful member of the Sycamore Grove congregation. Buried in the Clear Fork cemetery on the 31st of December.

Weaver.-On the 2d of Jan., 1907, near Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., Elizabeth, wife of Pre. John Weaver; aged 67 Y., 10 M, 21 D. She was born in Mahoning Co., Ohio, Feb. 11, 1839, where she grew up to womanhood and in her early years united with the Mennonite church, of which denomination she remained a faithful member until the good Shepherd called her to her eternal rest. She was buried at the Yellow Creek Mennonite meeting-house on Sunday, Jan. 6, where a large concourse of people had assembled to pay the last tribute of love to her memory. Her maiden name was Lehman, and she leaves her aged husband (now 85 years old), one sister (Katy) and one brother (Christian Lehman), to mourn her death. She was married to her surviving husband on Oct. 16, 1888. Funeral services were conducted by Pre. Henry Schrock, Pre. Martin Ramer and Bish. John Martin from Phil. 1:21-24. Those who are thus bereaved may deeply feel their affliction, but they need not mourn as those who have no hope, but rather think of her as of one only gone before.

De Long.-Amanda De Long, daughter of B. J. and Mary Eash and wife of Chas. A. De Long, was born near Millersburg, Elkhart Co., Ind., Feb. 6, 1880; died in Elkhart Jan. 7, 1907; aged 26 Y., 11 M., 1 D. Sister De Long found peace in Jesus and united with the Evangelical Association, Feb. 3, 1901. In her last affliction she displayed perfect resignation and enjoyed the fellowship and prayers of her church and other friends exceedingly. Her last words were expressions of faith and hope. She was willing and ready to die, admonishing her husband and other friends, to meet her in heaven. Then with the waving of the hand, repeatedly saying, "Good-by, good-by," she fell asleep in Jesus. Funeral services by her pastor, assisted by J. F. Funk. L. S. FISHER.

 Week 4:
January 24, 1907, page 39.
Volume XLIV, Number 4

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Good.-Bro. Jacob C. Good was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Sept. 6, 1828; died in Allen Co., Ohio, Jan. 6, 1907; aged 78 Y., 4 M. He was married to Anna Blosser of Hocking Co., Ohio, in 1851. To this union were born three sons and three daughters, of whom the oldest son died in infancy. He moved with his family to Allen county in 1853, where he resided until death. He leaves to mourn his departure a devoted and compassionate companion, five children, eight grandchildren and two brothers and many friends and neighbors. The funeral services, which were held at the Salem M. H. near Elida, Ohio, were conducted by N. 0. Blosser from Rev. 20:12.

Schwartzentruber. - On the 12th of January, 1907, at Baden, Waterloo Co., Ont., of paralysis, after a short illness, wife of Joseph Schwartzentruber; aged 69 Y, 8 M., 8 D. Buried in the A. M. cemetery near Baden on the 15th, followed by a large concourse of relatives and friends. Funeral services by Bish. John Gascho and Bish. D. H. Steinmann. She leaves her husband and six children to mourn her death. One daughter died several years ago. May God comfort the family in their bereavement.

Snyder.-On the 12th of Jan., 1907, in Providence Twp, Lancaster Co., Pa., of the infirmities of old age, Jacob Snyder, aged 82 years. He is survived by four children, two sons and two daughters. Buried on the 16th at New Providence M. H.

Sensenig.-On Jan. 8, 1907, at the home of her son-in-law, Hiram Warfel, in Conestoga Center, Lancaster Co., Pa., Mary Sensenig, widow of John Sensenig; aged 69 years. She was a member of the Mennonite church. Her daughter, Mrs. Hiram Warfel, died of pneumonia only on the previous Friday. She is survived by five children. Buried at the Byerland M. H. on the 11th.

Shupe.-Anna Shupe was born March 21, 1852; died Jan. 3, 1907: aged 54 Y., 9 M., 12 D. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite church, a loving and beloved mother. Her life was one of the few bright lights on this dark earth. We are grieved that one so much needed should be taken from us, but God knows what is best. She leaves her husband, one son and five daughters, one son and three daughters having gone before; also fourteen grandchildren, four sisters, one brother and many friends. Funeral services were conducted at the White Hall M. H. near Oronogo, Mo., by Joseph Weaver and J. T. Hamilton. Interment beside her parents in the Weaver cemetery. M. S.

Leitzel.-On the 10th of January, 1907, near Richfield, Snyder Co., Pa., Glenn Edward, son of Samuel and Grace Leitzel; aged 7 Y., 7 M. Funeral services at the Richfield Mennonite M. H. by Elmer and S. S Graybill. May a kind heavenly Father comfort the young brother and sister in their bereavement. COR.

Beamensderfer.-Sarah, wife of William Beamensderfer, died the 10th of Jan., 1907, at her home in Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co., Pa.; aged 50 years. The cause of her death was paralysis. The deceased is survived by her husband and three sons, also by a mother, five brothers and two sisters. She was buried on the 12th at the Mt. Tunnel cemetery. Funeral services in the Mennonite M. H. in Elizabethtown, conducted by Pre. Samuel Oberholtzer and Pre. Hoverter of the Church of God.

Gsell.-David Burkhart Gsell was born near Chambersburg, Franklin Co., Pa., Dec. 15, 1850; died in Clyde, Whiteside Co., Ill., Jan. 1, 1907: aged 56 Y., 16 D. His death came very unexpectedly, both to the family and the community. He was in his usual health on New Year's morning, ate a hearty breakfast, and about half-past nine, for some reason, walked out into the field, probably to close a gate that had been blown over. Not returning at noon, the family, supposing he had gone to a neighbor's as he often did without saying anything, were not much alarmed on account of his absence, until in the afternoon when the dog acted strangely while the little girl was out at play; they followed the faithful dog and were led to the place where they found him lying on the ground dead. The supposed cause of death was rheumatism which went to the heart, causing instantaneous death. The deceased was married to Margaret M. Wilson. To this union were born three children: Clifford, Maud, and Stella. Besides these he leaves a wife, four brothers and three sisters. He came west with his parents, William and Maria Gsell, in 1865, and spent most of his life in Clyde, Whiteside county. His funeral was held on the 4th. Interment in the Clyde cemetery. Services were conducted at the M. E. church (of which he was a member) by Pre. Burkhart. The community deeply sympathizes with the sorrowing family and relatives. We miss him as a brother in the family. Who will be called next, we do not know, but this sudden call is certainly a warning to all to be prepared when the messenger of death comes. The unconverted especially should give heed to the warning and prepare for the change. HIS SISTER.

Schantz.-Sister Emma Schantz was born near Archbold, Fulton Co., Ohio, July 3, 1865; died Jan. 11, 1907; aged 41 Y., 6 M., 8 D. She leaves an aged father, mother, three brothers and three sisters to mourn the death of one whom we now believe is in the hands of a kind and merciful God. Funeral services were held in the A. M. M. H., conducted by D. J. Wyse in German and Henry Rychener in English. Text. John 8:51 and Psa. 98:27, 28. COR.

Miller.-lra, son of Jacob Miller, was born in Lagrange Co., Ind., April 22, 1881; died at his father's home, two miles east of Mottville, Ind., Jan. 10, 1907; aged 25 Y., 8 M., 18 D. He was married to Rillie Willhelm and leaves a wife and two sons, father and mother, three brothers and four sisters to mourn his departure. Services were conducted at the house on Jan 12 by A. J. Hostetler from Heb. 13:14. Interment in the Barker St. cemetery. COR.

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Volume XLIV, Number 5

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Hartzler.-Jonathan B. Hartzler was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., Oct. 4, 1837; died at his home near Bellefontaine, Ohio, Jan. 21, 1907; aged 69 Y., 3 M., 17 D. He was married Jan. 28, 1864, to Martha E. Yoder. This union was blessed with ten children, four sons and six daughters, two of whom preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves an affectionate companion, three sons, five daughters, eighteen grandchildren, two brothers and three sisters to mourn his departure. Four grandchildren, one brother and two sisters had preceded him. He had been failing for two years, gradually going down, until the morning of his death, when he ate his breakfast as usual and soon retired to his bed. At about half-past seven o'clock his wife saw that there was something unusual the matter with him. She summoned help and notified the children living near, and at two o'clock he died. The funeral was held in the Walnut Grove M. H., where services were conducted by C. K. Yoder in German, from John 5:25, and by J. J. Wayre in English, from Deut. 3:25.

George.-On Jan. 14, 1907, at her home in Augusta Co., Va., Sister Catharine George suddenly passed away, aged 70 Y., 9 M., 22 D. After eating a light but hearty supper she retired in usual health. In the morning the family arose and went about their work. Her daughter, while preparing breakfast, heard a noise-thought the door had opened and mother would soon appear. But when she did not come as expected, she at once went to her room and there found her on the floor with life extinct. She had dressed and appeared to be ready to leave her room. It was her desire to be taken in this way, so that she might not become burdensome to any one. She had given up all earthly things, was willing and ready to go home, whenever the Lord saw fit to call her, to inherit the treasures laid up in heaven. Her maiden name was Grove. One daughter, son-in- law, grandson and a brother are the near relatives left to mourn their loss. Her husband preceded her thirteen years ago. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite church for about forty-eight years. She will be much missed in the home and also by the congregation at Spring Dale. May the suddenness of this dispensation be a loud call to those who are not prepared to meet God in peace. The funeral was held the 16th at Spring Dale by the brethren E. C. Shank, A. P. Heatwole and J. H. Martin. Text, Luke 12: 40.

Andreas.-Peter Andreas was born Jan. 19, 1822; died near Sterling, Ill., Dec. 28, 1906; aged 84 Y., 11 M., 9 D. He was a member of the Mennonite church for a number of years. Funeral services at the M. H. by John Nice, using for his text, Isa 57:1, 2.

Klopfenstein.-On Jan. 3, 1907, near Medford, Johnson Co., Mo., Rolla Dwight, oldest son of Christian and Emma Klopfenstein. He was born March 6, 1901, and was aged 5 Y., 10 M., 3 D. He leaves father, mother, one brother and one sister to mourn the loss of their little darling, who is now resting in the arms of Jesus. Although having been sick for about ten weeks, his death was very unexpected. He was able to be up and about the house. On Wednesday after a hearty dinner and enjoying a play with his younger brother he lay down for his usual nap, but awoke very sick. He suffered severely during the night, but early Thursday morning found rest in the arms of Jesus. Funeral services were held in the Pleasant View meeting-house on Friday. Services were conducted by Pre. Ben Hartzler of Garden City, Mo., and D. B. Raber.

Kornhaus.-At the home of Bro. Henry Detwilers near Penrose, Ill., Margaret Kornhaus; born June 25, 1835; died Jan. 15, 1907, aged 71 Y., 6 M., 20 D. She was a member of the Mennonite church for a number of years. She is survived by three sons and one daughter. Funeral services on the 17th at the Mennonite M. H., conducted by A. C. Good and John Nice.

Koser.-On the 17th of Jan., 1907, at the home of his brother-in-law, Graybill Lefever in Manheimburough, Lancaster Co., Pa., Aaron Koser, aged 47 Y., 9 M., 11 D., of pneumonia and dropsy. He was a member of the Mennonite church. He leaves four brothers and seven sisters to mourn his death. Buried on the 21st at Hernley's M. H.

Taylor.-On the 12th of Jan., 1907, in East Earl township, Sophia, widow of the late John Taylor (who died at the age of 91 years), at the advanced age of 94 years. She died on her 94th birthday. She was the mother of 16 children and had 33 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. Peace to her ashes.

Denbo.-Gertie Denbo was born July 24, 1902, and died Jan. 18, 1907; aged 4 Y., 5 M., 25 D. She was the daughter of William H. and Emily A. Denbo of Crawford Co., Ind. Funeral services were held Jan. 20 at Mifflin M. E. church by Pre. Wilford Howerton of English, Ind. It was hard to give up little Gertie, but they need not mourn as those who have no hope, but rather think the storms of life are over and she is safe in the arms of Jesus. She can never come to us, but we can go to her if we are faithful.

Geisinger.-On the 16th of Jan., 1907, in Northampton Co., Pa., of apoplexy, Bro. Noah Geisinger, aged 63 Y., 10 M, 3 D. He was buried at the Springfield Mennonite meeting-house in Bucks Co., near his home. He leaves a widow and seven children.

Shatz.-On Jan. 14, 1907, near Salfordville, Montgomery Co., Pa., of appendicitis, Bro. Franklin Shatz, aged 49 Y., 8 M., 20 D. Deceased was never married and is survived by his mother, two sisters and a brother. Interment at the Salford Mennonite burial grounds.

Landis.-On Jan. 13, 1907, at Elroy, Montgomery Co., Pa., of dropsy and old age, Bro. Isaac K. Landis, aged 84 Y., 3 D. He resided with his son-in-law, William M. Landis. Buried on the 17th at the Franconia meeting-house.

Sherk.-On the 19th of January, 1907, at the home of his brother, Ben. B. Sherk, at Breslau, Ont., after a protracted illness, Bro. Isaac W. B. Sherk, youngest son of the late Pre. David Sherk of Doon, Ont.; aged 79 Y., 21 D. He was received into church membership some months ago. He was never married. Buried in the Cressman cemetery, Breslau. Funeral services by Pre. P. Geiger at the home and by Pre. Noah Stauffer of Strasburg, Ont., and Bish. Jonas Snyder of Waterloo at the meeting-house.

Coy.-Samuel Coy was born Aug. 22, 1846; died in Mahoning Co., Ohio, Jan. 17, 1907, aged 60 Y., 4 M., 25 D. The deceased leaves a wife, six children (all grown), three brothers and one sister. He passed into the great beyond without making a profession of religion and is in the hands of a just God. May the remaining family, brothers and sister, who are not at peace with God, make their calling and election sure before they, too, close their eyes in death. Buried at Midway cemetery, Jan. 20, 1907. Services by E. M. Detwiler, assisted by David S. Lehman. Text, Psa. 39:4.

Good.-Samuel S. Good was born in Hocking Co., Ohio, May 27, 1824; died at the Old People's Home near Rittman, Ohio, Jan. 20, 1907; aged 82 Y., 7 M., 23 D. He was married to Elizabeth Miller, Nov. 4, 1847. To this union were born thirteen children, seven sons and six daughters. His wife, two sons and one daughter preceded him to the spirit world. He also had thirty-four grandchildren (twenty-two living) and seventeen greatgrandchildren (twelve living). One brother (out of a family of thirteen children), Deacon A. A. Good, who is in his eighty-fifth year, survives him. Uncle Sam, as many of us called him, was a kind-hearted and hard-working man, yet never gained much of this world's goods, but was always cheerful, contented and satisfied with what he had. However, he did not neglect the one thing needful, but was much concerned about laying up treasures in heaven. He united with the Mennonite church about forty years ago and remained faithful and steadfast unto the end, and contended earnestly for the faith of our forefathers. He often remarked that the church is drifting into worldliness, which caused him much sorrow. Having no home of his own he was taken to the Old People's Home, Dec. 1, 1906, but his stay there was short, as the Lord saw fit to take him to his heavenly home, which is far better than any earthly home. We have good evidence that he is gone to reap the reward of the righteous. May all prepare to meet him in heaven. Buried at Salem, near Elida, Ohio, on the 23d. Funeral services were conducted by Jacob Bixler of Indiana and A. D. Wenger of Pennsylvania, from Job 7:6.

Horst,-On Jan. 14, 1907, at her home near North Lawrence, Stark Co., Ohio, Sister Anna B. Horst, wife of Amos M. Horst; aged 45 Y., 6 M., 11 D. Bro. and Sister Horst were united in marriage, Nov. 24, 1885. To them were born four children. Roy departed this life in 1892, the father in 1898, Grace in 1906 and the mother in 1907. Ella (aged fourteen) and Ralph (aged nine) yet survive and are thrown out upon an unfriendly world to fight life's battles without the counsel and care of a loving father and mother. May loving hands and hearts minister to the wants of these children and cause rays of sunshine to flit across their darkened pathway. Sister Horst will not only be missed in the home, but also in the Pleasant View congregation, of which she has been a faithful member for many years. Funeral services were held Jan. 16, in the presence of a large assembly of relatives and friends, in the Pleasant View M. H., by I. J. Buchwalter from the text, Psa. 34:7, assisted by N. A. Lind. May God comfort those who are mourning the loss of their mother, sister and friend.

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