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Week 1: - Volume 3, Number 23 - September 4, 1907, page 367, 368

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HAMILTON. -Irvin, only child of Brother and Sister Ira and Emma Hamilton was born near Birmingham, Jackson Co., Kans., July 15, 1905: died near Newton, Kans., Aug. 23, 1907; aged 2 y. 1 m. 8 d. He was kicked by a horse a few days before. Funeral was held Aug. 25, at the Pennsylvania Church. Burial in graveyard adjoining. Services conducted by T. M. Erb and D. D. Zook from Mark 10:16.

BECK. -Hannah Beck died at the Mennonite Home, Oreville, Lancaster Co., Pa., of a lingering illness caused by rheumatism of which she had been a sufferer for about twelve years; aged 65 y. 6 m. 3 d. Funeral from the Home on the 20. Services were conducted by N. H. Mack and Benj. Weaver. Text, II Cor. 4:17. Interment at East Petersburg Mennonite graveyard. Sister Beck was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. John Beck, her husband, died at the Home 16 months ago.

EBY. -Susan (Ranck) Eby died Aug. 10, 1907, in the sixty-ninth year of her age. Death was due to a stroke of paralysis. She is survived by her husband, eight children and twenty-three grand children; also one sister and two brothers.
Funeral on the 19, with a little speaking at the house by Abram Herr and at the Kinzer Mennonite Church by John B. Senger and Isaac Eby, basing their remarks on the text which was selected, Heb. 2:3, first clause. Also Bish. Ben Weaver spoke in German. Remains were laid in the cemetery adjoining. May we all live such lives that we may meet those gone before.
Dearest sister, thou hast left us,
And thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.

STUTZMAN.-Mattie Hooley was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., Dec. 8, 1816; died of the infirmities of old age In Elkhart Co., Ind., July 15, 1907; aged 90y. 7m. 9d. In 1841 she was united in marriage to Joseph M. Stutzman of Mifflin Co., Pa., who preceded her to the spirit world a little over three years. In 1844 they moved to Indiana where they lived their remaining days as consistent members of the Amish Mennonite Church, having the peace and welfare of the church at heart. She leaves three sons, Samuel H., Jonathan J., and Uriah and three daughters, Lydia, Sarah and Mary, 19 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren to mourn her departure, but with the blessed assurance that their loss is her eternal gain. Her whole desire was to depart this life and be with Christ. Funeral on Aug. 17, at the Clinton Church by J. J. Troyer in German and D. J. Johns in English, from 11 Tim 4:6-8.

LONG.-Samuel Elias son of Daniel and Jennie Long, was born in Guilford Twp., Medina Co., Ohio, Feb. 6, 1883; died July 30, 1907; aged 24y. 5m. 24d. When only 3 years of age his mother and little brother passed into the great beyond. By the effort of Bro. Long the family was kept together and later a kind stepmother assisted in providing the needs of the family and was to him a kind mother until death came, which was due to consumption. Earlier in life he was one of the cheerful boys in Sun. day school. For several years he was employed at Barberton, 0., but more than 5 months before his death he was unable to work. Five days before his death he realized his utter loss without Christ as his Savior and called for a minister to visit him, when upon confession of his faith In Christ he Was baptized and received as a member of the Mennonite Church. He said he realized God's mercy to him in sparing his life so long, and, even though suffering, to show him his lost condition. His suffering was intense but very gently he fell asleep.
Funeral services and burial were conducted by J. M. Kreider and N. A. Lind at the Gilford Church, Aug. 1. Text, Jno. 16:22.

LANTZ.-Norman N. Lantz was born Aug. 21, 1871; died near Topeka, Ind., Aug. 9, 1907; aged 35y. l1m. 9d.
He united with the Mennonite Church at the age of seventeen years. He was married Mar. 3, 1892, to Alice, daughter of Bro. and Sister D. W. (Hartzler of Topeka, Ind. To this union were born two sons and three daughters the youngest five months old.
Bro. Lantz had been seriously ill several weeks but at this time had sufficiently recovered that he was able to resume work. The fatal accident occurred about five o'clock Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 7, while unloading wheat and carrying it to the mow with the hay slings. This load was carried back too far into the mow and in the attempt to pull it forward Bro. Lantz stepped upon the beam about 18 feet from the floor. At the same time the man on the load was pulling. The snap on the rope broke, leaving him drop backwards, striking his head and shoulders on the hay rack and then falling to the floor unconscious. The physician was summoned at once. The next morning there seemed to be slight improvement but soon a change for the worse came and he gradually grew weaker while loved ones were anxiously waiting and watching for one conscious moment. He gradually sank until about 2:30 a. m. Aug. 9, the spirit took its flight.
His taste for music gave him great pleasure and widened his sphere of usefulness to the church and community. But a few weeks ago he began a course of instruction in vocal music at the Maple Grove Church. He was kind and cheerful, willing to leave his own and help others. His active life brought him in contact with many people and his disposition endeared him to a large circle of friends. The funeral services were held at the Maple Grove Church at 10 o'clock, Sunday morning. Services were conducted by I. R. Detweiler from 1 Sam. 20:3: "There is but a step between me and death." Bish. J. Kurtz assisted in the services.
While we mourn the early departure of one that is so much needed in the home at this time we after all would say, "Thy will be done." May God with His Fatherly care ever comfort and keep those who are so deeply feeling the loss.

Week 2: - Volume 3, Number 24 - September 11, 1907, page 383, 384

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GEIL.-On August 26, 1907, in Rockingham Co., Va., of old age, Sister Catherine Geil, widow of the late Pre. John Geil; aged 74y. 5m. 17d. She was for many years a consistent member of the Old Mennonite Church. One son and three grandchildren survive her. Services at the Brenneman Church by Lewis Shank. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.

SNYDER.-Reuben Ray, infant son of William and Laura Snyder, died of brain trouble, Aug. 6, 1907; aged 8 m. 23 d. Buried in Holbrook Churchyard, La Junta, Colo. Funeral services were conducted by the brethren Jacob A. Heatwole and David Garber. Text, II Kings 4:20. Little Reuben's sickness lasted over three weeks with apparently much suffering in the head. Though it was hard to give him up yet we say, "Thy will be done."

SPRINGER.-Christian Springer was born near Nance, France, Apr. 1834; died at the home of his son Benjamin, of Aurora, Neb., Aug. 12, 1907; aged 73 y. 4 m.
He suffered for some time with cancer of the stomach. He united with the A. M. Church in his youthand was a faithful member until his death. His prayer during his suffering was that Christ should take him home, so we feel that we need not mourn as those who have no hope. There remain to mourn the loss of a kind and loving father, three sons, five daughters, thirty grandchildren and one great-grandchild. His wife died about eleven months ago and two children died in their youth. Funeral services at the Mennonite Church on Aug. 14, by Pre. A. Oesch in English and Pre. C. Rediger in German.
By a daughter.

BRENNEMAN.-Sister Leah Brenneman died Saturday, Aug. 24, in Allen Co., Ohio. The deceased was born in Perry Co., Ohio, June 29, 1831 and was over 76 years old when she died. She was a daughter of Nicholas and Catherine Stemen. She united with the Mennonite Church fifty-five years ago and was a faithful member of the same until death. She was charitable and her influence for quiet good will be missed by many. On April 5, 1849 she married David Brenneman. To this union were born five children; one of whom died in infancy; those living are Mrs. Lydia Chandler, Mrs. Elizabeth Heidelbaugh, Catharine and Samuel Brenneman. Her husband died fourteen years ago. She also leaves seven grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, and three brothers. The latter are Henry Stemen, aged 85 years; Daniel Stemen, aged 83 years, and Benoni Stemen, aged 74 years. Funeral services were conducted by John Blosser of Rawson, Ohio and Moses Brenneman of Elida, Ohio, at the Salem Church where a large number of relatives and friends met to pay a last tribute of respect to the departed sister. Text, Isa. 66:13.


Week 3: - Volume 3, Number 25 - September 18, 1907, page 399, 400

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KEIM. -Sadie, wife of Ira Keim, died of consumption near Jerome, Somerset Co., Pa., on Sept. 5, 1907; aged 24y. 7 d. Funeral services were conducted on the 8, at the Thomas M. H. by Pre. Vachtner of the Lutheran Church (of which church deceased was a member) assisted by L. A. Blough.

HOLSOPPLE.-Dora Elizabeth, only daughter of Bro. Samuel, and Sister Leah Holsopple, died dear Holsopple, Pa., Sept. 2, 1907; aged 8 y. 4 m. 9 d. Dora was a bright little girl and is greatly missed in the home, but there was a better home for her in the glory world where she will be happy forever more. Buried on the 4, at the Blough Church. Funeral services were conducted by S. G. Shetler and Simon Layman.

On Sept. 4, in Nappanee, Ind., of a complication of diseases, Lydia Hochstetler; aged 35 y. 12 d. At the age of 14 she united with the A. Mennonite Church and remained faithful to the end. She leaves to mourn her early departure five brothers and three sisters, but she left them the evidence that their loss is her eternal gain. Buried on the 7. Funeral services by D. J. Johns from John 16:22.

GINGERICH.-David Gingerich was born Apr. 24, 1841; died Sept. 2, 1907; aged 66y. 4m. 8d. He was a consistent member of the Amish Mennonite Church and at the time of his death was an inmate of the Old People's Home, Marshallville, Ohio. He leaves 7 children and 15 grandchildren to mourn his departure. Funeral services conducted in German by Benjamin Gerig and in English by Jacob S. Gerig.

KENNEL.-Daniel, infant son of Peter and Katie Kennel died near Shickley, Neb., Aug. 31, 1907; aged 5m. 24d. Funeral services conducted at the A. M. Church by Jacob Swartzendruber and Christ Beller, from I Cor. 15:50.
Another little jewel has gone over yonder and if we live a true and holy life here on this earth we will meet our loved ones over there. May God comfort the bereaved parents.

KAUFFMAN.- Andrew Kauffman was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Aug. 14, 1829; died Aug. 12, 1907; aged 77y. 11m. 28d.
He served the church at Martinsburg, Pa., as deacon for a number of years. Bro. Kauffman had been a sufferer from dropsical troubles for several years but endured with patience to the end. He was of a pleasant, kindly disposition, loved and respected by all who knew him. He is survived by three sons, two daughters, and three granddaughters, who mourn his departure. He will be greatly missed in the home, the church and the community.
Funeral Aug. 14, services conducted by Abram Metzler assisted by J. N. Durr and Abram Snyder at the Pleasant Grove Church. Text, Psa. 8:11. The funeral was largely attended.

WEAVER.-Pre. John Weaver, of the Wisler Mennonite Church, died at his home near Wakarusa, Elkhart Co., Ind., Sept. 2, 1907; aged 86 y. He died on his birthday. Funeral was held at the Yellow Creek M. H. on Sept. 6, Services were conducted by Henry Horst of Wayne Co., Ohio, and Christian Ressler of Elkhart Co., Ind., Text, II Tim. 4:6-S. (sic)
He was the father of 12 children, seven of whom survive him. He also leaves 60 grandchildren, and many other relatives. He was widely known and highly respected.

KAUFFMAN.-On Sept. 5, 1907, of consumption, Martha, wife of Bro. Samuel Kauffman, passed away; aged 56 y. 5 m. 3 d. She was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, and at the age of 4 years she, with her parents, came to Elkhart Co., Ind., where at the age of 19 she united with the Amish Mennonite Church and was a faithful member until death. In 1875 she was united in marriage with Bro. Samuel Kauffman. To this union were born six sons and two daughters, all of whom, with her husband, are left to mourn the loss of a faithful wife and a kind, loving mother, which loss they keenly feel. But their sorrows are lightened by the blessed assurance that she was ready and willing to be absent from the body and present with the Lord. A large concourse of friends and neighbors gathered at the Clinton Brick M. H. to show their respect and sympathy to the bereft family. Services were conducted by Silas Yoder and D. J. Johns, from Isa. 85:10.

KING.-Ora D. King was born near Orrville, Wayne Co., Ohio, June 30, 1877; died Aug. 24, 1907; aged 30y. 1m. 24d. On Oct. 25, 1903, he was united in marriage to sister Fannie Burkholder. The fruits of this union was two children.
Owing to falling health Bro. King and family went to Colorado, Mar. 5, 1907, in the hope of receiving help in a different climate. But on Aug. 24, he quietly fell asleep in Jesus at their home in Colorado City, Colo. His remains, accompanied by his wife and children, arrived at Orrville, Aug. 31, 1907, and were taken to the home of his mother. Bro. Ora united with the Amish Mennonite Church in his youth and was a faithful member until death. He leaves a loving wife, two children, an aged mother,
four brothers and two sisters, and a large number of friends that mourn his early departure. Funeral services conducted at the home by Bro. Jonas Kreider and at the Oak Grove Church by I. J. Buchwalter and Jacob S. Gerig.

BURCKHARD.-On Tuesday, Sept. 3, Sister Esther Burckhard, widow of the late Isaac Burckhard of Bowmansville, Lancaster Co., Pa., died; aged 80 y. She was for a number of years somewhat feeble and as she became older she slowly became more feeble. On Aug. 31, she had a paralytic stroke from which she could not recover but passed away on Sept. 3. She was for many years a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. She leaves two sons and three daughters, two sisters and one brother (Pre. Henry Weaver of Cumberland Co., Pa.)
Funeral services were held at the Goodville Mennonite M. H. Sept. 5. Bro. A. D. Wenger conducted the services assisted by J. M. Souder. Text, Heb. 18:14. Bishop Benj. Weaver preached at the Bowmansville Mennonite Church where German service was held in the afternoon of the same day. Text, Psa. 17:15.

Week 4: - Volume 3, Number 26 - September 25, 1907, page 415

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KENNELL.-Anna L., daughter of Jos. W. and Emma Kenneth, was born March 24, 1902; died at her home near Roanoke, Ill., Sept. 10, 1907; aged 5y. 5m. 16d. Funeral services conducted by P. D. Schertz and A. Schrock. Text, "Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid then not: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." May we remember the words found in Amos 4:12. May God bless the sorrowing ones.

YODER.-Jonas Yoder was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., April 2, 1835, and died in the same county, Sept. 11, 1907; aged 72y. 5m. 9d. In 1835 his father with his family moved to Union Co., Pa., where they lived until 1853, when they moved to Baltimore Co., Md., where he spent most of his time until 1873. He was married to Lydia Yoder and moved back to Mifflin Co., Pa., where he resided until his death. To this union were born a son and a daughter. The son died when nearly five years old.
Bro. Yoder was a member of the Amish Mennonite Church; he was a kind and loving father and was respected by all who knew him. He will be missed, both in the church and in the community. The funeral was held at the A. M. Church near McVeytown on Sept. 14, and was conducted by Michael Yoder in German and John E. Kauffman in English. Text, Isa. 57:1, 2.

KURTZ.-Sister Iva Elizabeth Kurtz oldest daughter of Martin D. and Sister Anna Mary Kurtz of near Intercourse. Lanc. Co., Pa., fell asleep in Jesus, Sept. 14, 1907. Iva suffered very much for one week with appendicitis but she bore her suffering very patiently. Her fond parents did all they could to relieve her, but all in vain. Although she was young in years, yet she thought it was necessary to accept Jesus as her Redeemer, which she did about a year ago and connected herself with the Mennonite Church. She was a regular attendant at church and in her Sunday school class. In the afternoon before she died, Iva called her only sister, Laura, and her father and mother to her bed side, kissed them good-bye and said she was going home to live with God and her little brother (Willas) who died in February, 1901. It seems hard, indeed, during such a trying ordeal to submit to the Lord's will, but oh! the joy that strengthens the bereaved ones to know that their loved ones have gone to that celestial city where there will be no more suffering. May the departure of our dear ones draw us nearer to their resting place. The funeral was held at the Hersheys Mennonite M. H. Sept. 17, conducted by Bish. Isaac Eby and C. M. Brackbill. Text, I Thes. 4:13.
A chair in a home vacated
But a place in heaven located.
J. F. D.

Transcribed by Ron Garber, Kansas
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