Gospel Herald Obituaries - October, 1908

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Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 27 - October 3, 1908 - page 431

Bucher. - Daniel Bucher was born in Allen Co., Ohio, April 10, 1845; died in Moniteau Co., Mo., Sept. 1, 1908; aged 63 y. 10 m. 21 d. He has for many years been a member of Bethel Mennonie Church, living a life consistent with his profession. Services at Bethel Church, conducted by D. F. Driver and W. W. Holsopple. Text, Gen. 3:19. May God comfort the bereaved.

Blough. - Annie Ruth, daughter of L. A. and Anna Blough died in Somerset Co., Pa., after an illness of two weeks of typhoid and brain fever; aged 3 y. 9 m. 8 d. Little Ruth was a very loving child and will be greatly missed in the home. Funeral services were conducted Sept. 20, at the Blough Church by Jas. Saylor, Simon Layman, S. Gindlesperger, and S. D. Yoder. Text, Job. 14:1. Interment in the cemetery nearby.

Honsberger. - George Henry, infant son of Bro. Franklin and Sister Ada Honsberger, was born Oct 1, 1906; died Sept, 16, 1908; aged 1 y. 22 m. 15 d. His illness was very brief, less than a day, and the home was so suddenly bereft of this bright little life. He was an exceptionally loving child, and now God has called him to His own home in heaven. Funeral services on the 17th conducted by S. F. Coffman. Text, Mark 10:13-16. Services and interment at the Moyer M. H., Ontario. The peace of God abide with the bereft family.

Boose. - Clara, daughter of Bro. John and Sister Elizabeth Boose departed this life Sept 4, at the age of eighteen years. For several weeks she suffered with partial paralysis to which she finally succumbed. Stricken so early in life her death was a shock to the community and a heavy blow to the entire family. But God,s ways are not our ways and we can only say, "Thy will be done. For several years she was a member of the Evangelical Association . Services by Pre. Hehn assisted by S. F. Coffman. Services and interment at the Campden M. H., Ontario.

Hall. - Josephine, daughter of James and Ollie Hall of Carver, Mo., was born April 3, 1905; died Sept. 11, 1908; aged 3 y. 6 m. 11 d. Her short life was often mingled with pain. When but a babe she was affliced with spinal trouble which caused her body to become helpless. She was subject to severe spasms which finally resulted in her death. While she could never walk, she could talk a little and show signs of response to kind words of others. May this tender blossom draw the minds of her loved ones to their heavenly home. Funeral services at the grave by J. R. Shank. Text, Psa. 90:12.

Cook. - Sarah Catherine (Reams) Cook was born in Center Co., Pa., March 16, 1838; died Sept. 16, 1908; aged 70 y. 6 m. She was married to Abraham Zook in 1859. To this union were born eight children, four sons and four daughters. Five children died in infancy and her husband died in 1893. Those yet living are Enos M Zook and Elsie A Zook of Comins, Oscoda Co., Mich., and Mary L King of West Liberty, Ohio, all of whom were present at the funeral. Funeral was preached at the A. M. Church at Fairview, Mich., by E. F. Grubb of Wadsworth, Ohion, and E. A. Bontrager of Fairview, Mich. Text Job 14:14. She was laid to rest in the Fairview Cementery. Peace to her ashes.

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas


Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 28 - October 10, 1908 - page 447, 448

Troyer. - Harry Ellsworth Troyer, son of Harvey and Della Troyer was born Sept. 16, 1908; died Sept. 26, 1908; aged 3 y. 10 d. He leaves father, mother, four sisters to mourn his early departure. Funeral services were conducted by E. A. Bontrager at the A. M. Church at Fairview, Oscoda Co., Mich. The remains were laid to rest in the Fairview Cemetery.

Esch. - Paul William Esch, son of Joseph and Eva Esch awas born Feb. 9, 1907; died Sept. 22, 1908; aged 1 y. 7m. 13 d. Services at the house by Menno Esch and at the church by E. A. Bontraager(sic). Text, Job 7:8-10. Paul leaves behind three sisters and one brother, and father and mother to mourn their loss. They loved him very much but God loved him more so. He called him home to Himself.

Blosser. - Abraham Blosser was born in Pandora, Ohio, Sept. 21, 1845; died at Portland, Oreg., Aug. 31, 1908; aged 62 y. 11 m. 10 d. On Mar. 21, 1872 he was united in marriage to Sister Fanny Steiner, to which union were born four children, one of whom has preceded him to the spirit world. He died very suddenly while at his work, presumably of heart failure. His wife and children and many friends mourn his sudden departure. He was baptised and received into the Mennonite Church when 24 years of age and remained faithful to its teachings till death. Funeral was conducted by J. F. Bressler who preached from II Cor. 5:1.

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas


Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 29 - October 17, 1908 - page 463

Herr. - Sarah Herr, widow of the late Pre. Amos Herr, died from the infirmities of old age in her eighty-third year. Before her last marriage she was the widow of Abraham Groff, having her home at Benj. Snavelys in Lancaster. She had a longing desire to depart, and her wish was granted. Many homes will miss her, as she was a frequent visitor, and her place at church was not vacant as long as she was able to get there. May that be said of all of us, to the honor and glory of God.

Landis. - Elizabeth Landis, wife of Amos M Landis, calmly fell asleep in Jesus at their home near Millersville, Pa., Sept. 12, 1908, after a long illness. She was in her fifty-fifth year. She was a daughter of Pre. Amos Herr, and a member of the Mennonite Church. In her last illness she earnestly admonished her children. The following children survive: Anna, wife of F. M. Herr, Mary, wife of C. H. Mumaw, Elizabeth, David and Esther at home. She left a host of friends. We miss her, but hope our loss is her gain.

Shoemaker. - Veronica (Shellenberger) Shoemaker, of Freeport, Ill., was born in Juniata Co., Pa., July 10, 1830; died Oct. 3, 1908; aged 78 y. 2 m. 23 d. She had been confined to her bed at least a year preceding her death. She was desirous to depart and be with Christ. She was the mother of five children, three sons and two daughters, all of which survive her, together with 21 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. She united with the Mennonite Church in the year 1853, remaining faithful to her baptismal vow until death. The funeral was held Oct. 6 services conducted by John Nice of Morrison, Ill.

Herring. - Dr Frederick Herring died at Goshen, Ind., Oct. 2, 1908, of the infirmities of old age, aged nearly 96 years. Dr. Herring came to this country from Germany about 53 years ago and located in Goshen with his family, where he has been engaged as a practicing physician ever since and now that he has been called hence, many will, no doubt regret that they can no longer receive his medical aid. He was the oldest practicing physician in Goshen, and probably in the state of Indiana. As to the moral and religious character of Dr. Herring, I presume he could not easily be surpassed. He came to this country as a member of a body of nonresistant Baptists, to the tenets of which body he tenaciously held fast and strictly observed. Truth and honesty shone forth in his every department of life. In the home he had family worship three times a day, which consisted in reading and commenting upon a portion of Scripture, song and prayer, from which he would not be deterred by circumstances. His mortal remains were laid away by the side of his faithful companion and daughter in the Oakridge Cemetery, Oct. 5. Funeral services were conducted by A. E. Vannin in English and D. Brenneman in German from II Tim. 4:6-8,

Heatwole. - Pre. Jos. F Heatwole died very suddenly of heart failure at his home near Dayton, Va., Sept. 30, 1908; aged 59 y. 16 d. Bro. Heatwole suffered from poor health for some time but had recovered sufficiently to again attend services at the house of God. On Sunday before his death he was present at the council of ministers and deacons and gave valuable assistance in formulating plans for the conference that was to meet the following week and also regarding the work in W. Va. He asked to be excused from preaching and complained that his heart was out of shape, physically. The night before his death he slept very soundly and remarked the next morning that the night had seemed very short. While dressing for breakfast he was seized with violent pain about the heart and passed away fifteen minutes later. Bro. Heatwole was born on Muddy Creek, Va., Sept. 14, 1849. He became a member of the Mennonite Church in early life and in 1880 was ordained to the ministry, serving faithfully until called away by death. He was married to Fannie Rhodes, who survives him, together with four sons - Pre. Jacob A., John E., Melvin and Enid and two daughters - Annie B Coakley, and Ina. He also leaves three brothers. Funeral services were held at the Bank Church on Sunday, Oct. 4, where an unusually large congregation had assembled. The sermon was preached by C. Good and J. S. Martin. Text, Luke 2:29, 30, words the deceased brother repeated just before death claimed him. Our departed brother was an earnest and zealous worker and much interested in the spread of the Gospel and the enlargement of the boarders of the church. He did considerable active evangelistic work and during the last year had charge of the station at Job, W. Va., where both a mission home and a meeting house were built during the year. he will be much missed in the home and in the church, but we submissively bow to the will of Him who doeth all things well.

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas


Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 30 - October 24, 1908 - page 479, 480

Miller. - Clyde, son of Daniel and Emma Miller, died Oct. 8, 1908; aged 3 y. 2 m. 14 d. Funeral services were held Oct. 10, at the Walnutcreek A. M. Church, Holmes Co., Ohio.
Thy, sweet, loving face is gone.
And from the Father never to return;
Never to our bosom here, to be pressed;
But with Jesus thou shalt forever rest.

Rothgeb. - Malinda (Skivers) Rothgeb was born Dec. 25, 1832, in Athens, Co., Ohio. On Sept. 4, 1850, she was married to Hezekiah Rothgeb. To this union were born four children, thirteen grand-children and seven great-grand-children, all of whom remain to mourn her loss. She died Sept. 17, 1908; aged 78 y. 8 m. 22 d. She accepted Christ as her Savior twenty years ago and remained faithful to the end. Funeral services were held in the Gar Creek Church, Sept. 19, by Ben B King.

Alderfer. - The wife of Abram B. Alderfer of near Mainland, Pa., passed away at the age of 70 y. 1 m. 4 d., and was buried on Oct. 14, in the Mennonite burial ground near the Salford Church. Services were conducted by Henry Bower, Jonas Mininger, Christian Allebach and Jacob Moyer. She is survived by her bereaved husband, 5 sons and 4 daughters.
"We shall sleep, but not forever,
There will be a glorious dawn;
We shall meet to part, no, never,
On the resurrection morn.

Bare. - Esther Ruth, daughter of Bro. John and Sister Sue Bare, died near Bird-in-Hand, Pa., after an illness of one week of whooping cough; aged 1 y. 2 m. 21 d. Little Esther was a sweet and loving child. God took her home to Himself. Funeral services were conducted Oct. 11, at the Stumptown Church by Sanford B. Landis. Text, Psa. 4:8. Interment in the cemetery nearby.
Esther dear has left our home,
No more to mingle with her friends,
But Oh! how glad when Jesus comes
To greet her in that happy land.
Her Aunt.

Kauffman. - Joseph Kauffman of Blair Co., Pa., died Sept. 30, 1908; aged 59 y. 1 m. 10 d. Bro. Kauffman had been in failing health for over a year, and suffered much at times, but he was patient, trusting the Lord. He leaves a sorrowing widow and several adopted children to whom he was much attached, but he was willing to go to his eternal rest. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Another pillar of the Church is gone. May God abundantly supply every need. Funeral Oct. 2, at the Pleasant Grove Church by Abram Metzler, J. N. Durr and Jacob Snyder. Text Psa. 18:30.

Eshleman. - Michael, son of Bro. Michael and Sister Amanda Eshleman, was born at Reid, Md., Oct. 1, 1907; died July 22, 1908; aged 9 m. 22 d. He was a delicate child, and we believe all that loving hands could do to make him comfortable was done, but whooping cough set in and little Michael yielded to the death summons. He and little Helen Barkdoll were neighbors, and both budded on earth to bloom in heaven. He leaves to mourn their loss, parents, two sisters and one brother; three sisters and one brother preceded him to the heavenly home. Funeral services were conducted at the Paradise Church by the brethren Denton Martin and Henry Baer. Text, II Sam. 12:23, "I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.

Oyer. - Near Rocky Springs, Franklin Co., Pa., Sister may Over died of consumption, Oct. 4, 1908, at the home of her brother, Solomon S. Oyer, after a lingering illness of several years, but was not confined to her room until about two weeks before her death. For the last three months she was a great sufferer but bore it all with Christian patience and was resigned to the will of the Lord. She is survived by four brothers, David, Solomon, with whom she had her home for 36 years, Daniel, and Cyrus. She was aged 65 y. 1 m. 24 d. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held Oct. 6. A large concourse of relatives and friends assembled to pay the last tribute of respect. Services were conducted by Jos. H. Martin and J. N. Durr. Text, Phil. 1:21. Burial at Strasburg. Peace to her ashes.

Bixler. - Margaret (Rothgib) Bixler was born July 5, 1827, in Page Co., Va., and died in Ft. Wayne, Ind., Oct. 1, 1908; aged 81 y. 2 m. 26 d. She was married to Abraham Bixler in 1855. To this union were born eight children, three of whom preceded her to the spirit world. She united with the Mennonite Church in her early life and remained a faithful member till death. Even though for several years she was deprived of the privilege of attending at any place of worship, she often called for services to be held in her home, which seemed to be of great comfort to her. She leaves five children, two sons and three daughters, eleven grand-children, three great-grand-children and many friends to mourn her loss. Funeral services were held at Ft. Wayne, Oct. 2, and at Wakarusa, Ind., Oct. 3, by Ben B. King.

Barkdoll. - Helen Irene Barkdoll, daughter of Bro. Joseph and Sister Rachel Barkdoll, was born at Reid, Md., Sept. 23, 1907; died Aug. 17, 1908; aged 10 m. 24 d. On account of hard teething for several months little Helen seldom smiled or played. Just before she closed her eyes to this weary world of pain she reached out a little hand and smiled. As we stood by the little crib and looked upon the little cold face and could see the trace of the smile, we were made to think of the Savior,s words, "Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent and hast revealed them unto babes. She leaves to mourn their loss parents, four brothers, three sisters; two little brothers preceded her to the great beyond. Funeral services were conducted by the brethren Daniel Strite and Henry Baer at the Paradise Church. Text, II Kings 4:26, "Is it well with the child? And she answered, "It is well".

Shenk. - Susanna Shenk (maiden name Brenneman), widow of the late Henry Shenk, was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, Oct. 19, 1818; died in Knox Co., Tenn., Oct. 4, 1908; aged 89 y. 11 m. 15 d. She was the mother of nine children, six of whom are living; and thirty-six great-grand-children, of whom thirty-three are living. She was married to Henry Shenk when about 22 years of age and soon afterward accepted Jesus as her Savior and united with the Mennonite Church, of which she was a consistent member till death. She was a kind and devoted wife, a loving and sympathetic mother, and a devoted and deeply pious Christian. Funeral services held at the Salem Church, Allen Co., Ohio, by John Blosser. Text, Rev. 11:12, "They heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them. Come up hither.

Bachman. - Elizabeth Slabauch was born Sept. 14, 1865; died Sept. 30, 1908, at the age of 43 y. 16 d. She united with the A. M. Church in her youth and was a faithful member until death. On March 7, 1889, she was united in marriage with Joe Bachman. This union was blessed with four sons and two daughters. Her health had been failing for some time, the cause of which proved to be tuberculosis. On Sept. 30, she was in bed until three o,clock, but no one thought her end so near. She died that night. She leaves to mourn her sudden departure, her husband, four sons, two daughters, parents, two sisters, two brothers and many friends. Funeral services were held on Oct. 4, by A. L. Buzzard at the house, from Jno. 14:1-27, and Peter Summers spoke from I Thess. 4:13. At the Roanoke Church Peter Zimmerman spoke in German from Rev. 21 and A. L. Buzzard in English from II Cor. 5:1. Interment in the cemetery nearby.

Diller. - Laura Sarah, daughter of William and Anna Diller, was born Nov. 2, 1898; died Oct. 5, 1908; aged 9 y. 11 m. 3 d. As a daughter and sister in the home Laura was obedient, kind and loving; in school, obedient to her teachers, a good student and kind to her school-mates. During her sickness she never complained but often expressed a desire to be well again so that she could attend school. Her stay here was short but long enough to win the love and affections of all her relatives, associates and acquaintances. She leaves father and mother, two brothers and two sisters, and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss, but we have the blessed hope that she has gone where sickness and sorrow are known no more. Funeral services at the Salem Church near Elida, Ohio, conducted by John Blosser and Perry E Brunk. Text, Mark 5:39, "The damsel is not dead, but sleepeth.
"Parents, brothers, sisters, all,
Some time you will hear the call,
Come and be forever blest,
Where all the weary are at rest.

Kreider. - Margaret Rohrer, oldest daughter of Pre. Isaac and Elizabeth Rohrer, was born in Seneca Co., O., July 31, 1839; died at her home in Medina Co., O., Oct. 2, 1908; aged 69 y. 2 m. 2 d. She was united in marriage to Elias S. Kreider, Dec. 18, 1860, who preceded her to the spirit world. Mar. 5, 1906. To this union were born eight sons and four daughters, two sons and one daughter died in infancy. Thus six sons, three daughters and thirteen grandchildren are left to mourn the loss of a kind and loving mother and grandmother. Five brothers and two sisters are also left to mourn. The funeral was held at the Mennonite Church, of which she was a devoted member for forty-six years, and up to the time of her death. The services were conducted by Isaac Good in English, from Rev. 14:12-13, and Edwin Kopper in German, from II Cor. 5:1-2. She was sick a little over two weeks. Although she suffered greatly, she bore it all patiently. She realized that the time of her departure was near, and after bidding her children all good-bye and admonishing them all to lead an honest and up-right life in the Lord, she expressed a desire to meet her God. L. K. H.

Unsicker. - John A. Unsicker was born near Delavan, Ill., May 5, 1887; died Sept. 19, 1908, at the home of his brother Samuel near Roanoke, Ill., aged 21 y. 4 m. 24 d. In the winter of 1904-5 he united with the Christian Church. Two years later he united with the A. M. Church because of a desire to fullfil more of the Savior,s commands. In Jan. 1908, he was taken sick with rheumatism and for some time was helpless. The following March his right arm began to pain, the cause of which was thought to be rheumatism. On July 15, the doctors lanced his arm for abscess but it kept on getting worse and a few weeks later he was taken to the hospital. Upon examination it was pronounced sarcoma. He suffered much but was very patient through it all. Two weeks before he died he called his brothers, sisters and friends to his bedside admonishing them to live a life pleasing to God, and bade them good-by. He found Christ precious to his soul during his suffereing. His last request was that prayer should be offered that death should relieve him. About one half hour after the third prayer was offered he said, "I am going now, good-by and in a few minutes was cold in death. His suffering was for a purpose; he has now passed through it, and may we who are left behind profit by the same. He leaves father, six sisters, five brothers and many friends to mourn his early departure. Funeral services were held Oct. 1, at the house by Peter Zimmerman, in German, from Jno. 14. At the Roanoke Church by peter Sommers, in German, from I Cor. 15:1-19, 44, and by A. Buzzard, in English, from I Sam. 20:3. Interment in the cemetery nearby.

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas


Gospel Herald - Vol. I, No. 31 - October 31, 1908- page 495, 496

Ramer. - John Ramer was born near Port Treverton, Pa, Aug. 4, 1833, and died near Richfield, Pa., Sept. 1, 1908; aged 76 y. 28 d. Funeral Services by E. W. Graybill.

Smucker. - Ruth Elizabeth, infant daughter of J. M. and Mollie Smucker died Oct. 12, 1908; aged 3 w. 5 d. Services at the Fairview Church near Surry, N. Dak., Oct. 13, by I. S. Mast. Text, Luke 18:16. May God comfort the bereft parents.

Hornberger. - Henry G. Hornberger was born March 18, 1845; died of cancer of the stomach, Aug. 22, 1908; aged 63 y. 5 m. 4 d. He was married to Mary Naugle. To this union were born four children, all of whom survive him. Funeral, Aug. 25, near Meiserville, Pa., at the United Evangelical Church, where he was a member for many years. Services by Pre. Sites and E. W. Graybill.

Hartman. - Russell Irvin, son of Henry and Ida Hartman, was born near Washington, Ill., Oct. 8, 105; died Oct. 13, 1908; aged 3 y. 5 d. He was ill only four days with spinal menigitis. He leaves father, mother and one sister to mourn their loss. Russell was a bright, affectionate child, and will be sadly missed in the home. Funeral services by A. H. Leaman and A. L. Buzzard.

Winey. - Susan, widow of the late Jos. G. Winey of Richfield, Pa., was born Nov. 29, 1826; died Sept. 7, 1908; aged 81 y. 9 m. 8 d. She was married to Joseph Winey Dec. 12, 1850. This union was blessed with 6 children, 3 sons and 3 daughters. Two of the daughters preceded her to the spirit world 46 years ago and the husband 10 years ago. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for almost 50 years. Funeral, Sept. 9, at Richfield, Pa. Services by Banks Winey and E. W. Graybill.

Knouse. - Solomon Knouse was born Dec. 31, 1846; died Sept. 24, 1908; aged 61 y. 8 m. 23 d. He was married to Louisa Smith. This union was blessed with 8 children. Bro. Knouse suffered of cancer of the face for more than a year, but bore the affliction with Christian patience. In his last sickness he accepted Jesus as his Savior, was received into the Richfield Mennonite Church and had a triumphant transition from this life to the life beyond. Funeral, Sept. 27, at the St Peter,s Church near Knousetown, Pa. Services by Geo K Ely and E. W. Graybill.

Bergey. - Sara, oldest daughter of Wm. Bergey, was born at Richfield, Pa., April 7, 1888; died of tuberculosis, Sept. 1, 1908; aged 20 y. 5 m. She was a member of a family of eleven children; eight brothers and sisters preceded her to the spirit world. One brother, one sister, father, mother, grand-mother and a host of friends are left to mourn their loss, but not as those who have no hope. At the age of 18 years she was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church. Funeral, Sept. 9, from the home of her parents. Interment at the Brick Church near Richfield, Pa. Services by Banks Winey and E. W. Graybill.

Raifsnider. - Bro. Franklin F. Raifsnider died at the home of his parents, Bro. Joe and Sister Fannie Raifsnider, Builford Springs, Franklin Co., Pa., Oct. 14, 1908; aged 29 y. 10 m. 12 d. He suffered for five months with brain trouble that baffled the skill of the best physicians. Everything that human power could do was done for him, but all in vain. God saw fit to call him from time to eternity. He united with the Mennonite church three years ago, and remained faithful to the end. He leaves to mourn his departure his parents, three brothers and three sisters. They mourn not as those who have no hope, as we believe our loss is his eternal gain. Funeral was held Oct. 17, at Chambersburg, Pa., when a large congregation has assembled to pay the last tribute of respect. Services were conducted by the brethren W. W. Hege and C. R. Strite. Text, James 4:14. His Sisters.

Schrock. - Homer Sullivan, son of Ananias and Susanna Schrock was born in Howard Co., Ind., March 24, 1889; died of consumption, Oct. 9, 1908; aged 19 y. 6 m. 15 d. Homer was the oldest of a family of eight children; two brothers and one sister preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves father, mother, two brothers and two sisters and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his departure, but they need not mourn as those who have no hope. He bore his sufferings with Christian fortitude. He often expressed a desire to get well; often was heard praying to his blessed Savior, and among his last words he told the family that a new life was given to him, and that the Lord spoke peace to his soul, and he was ready to died and be with Jesus where pain and sorrow are unknown. Funeral at the Mennonite Church, where a very large concourse of people had gathered to pay the last tribute of respect. Over 600 people viewed the corpse. Services were conducted by Bish. E. A. Mast from Rom. 14:7, 8. Buried in the Schrock Cemetery. Dearest Homer, thou hast left us, And we miss thee all the time, Yet we hope some day to meet thee, To share the joys we feel are thine.

Erb. - Jacob B Erb was born in Cumberland Co., Pa., Jan. 2, 1841; moved with his parents to Lancaster Co. when he was four years old. He grew to manhood and was married to Leah Miller, Nov. 19, 1863. He lived near Florin, Lancaster Co., Pa., until the spring of 1885, when he, with his family, moved to Harvey Co., Kans., on the farm where he died, Oct. 11, 1908; aged 67 y. 9 m. 9 d. He had for several years suffered from kidney and bladder trouble; but his disease took no serious turn until about a week before his death. He leaves to mourn, a widow, four children and twenty-five grand-children. When the congregation in Harvey Co., Kans., was organized in 1885, he was ordained deacon, in which capacity he served faithfully to the time of his death. The funeral services were held at the Pennsylvania M. H., Oct. 14, 1908, conducted by Noah H. Mack of New Holland, Pa., and D. G. Lapp of Roseland, Neb., assisted by D. D. Zook. Bro. Mack used II Cor. 4:6, 7, as a text; Bro. Lapp, I Cor. 15:26. A large concourse of friends and relatives were present, also many ministers, who were in attendance at the Kans.-Neb. conference in session at Peabody, Kans., conference having been postponed until the evening of Oct. 15. Surely a faithful worker has departed from this earth.

Good. - Henry H. Good was born in Singer Glen, Va., Jan. 19 1850. At the age of seventeen he united with the Mennonite Church, the late Bish. Samuel Coffman officiating. After the death of his father he remained with his widowed mother until the end of her life. At the age of twenty-one Bro. Good was united in marriage with Susana Ressler of Lanc. Co. Pa., Bish. Coffman again officiating. They went to housekeeping in Lanc. Co., but one year later they moved to Rushville, Va., and in 1876 to Allen Co., Ohio. In 1880 Bro. Good was called to the ministry, in which capacity he served faithfully until death called him home. After eight years of service in Ohio, he moved to Tennessee, where he labored in the good cause until 1904, when he took up his residence in Halifax Co., Va., where he died of infection of the chest and hemorrhages, on the evening of Oct. 10, 1908; aged 58 y. 8 m. 21 d. At this time his colaborer, Bro. Elam Horst, was in the Shenandoah Valley to attend the Virginia Conference. On receipt of the sad news, he with a number of friends and relatives started for Wolftrap, the home of the deceased, funeral services being held on Oct. 14, conducted by the brethren J. S. Martin of Harrisonburg, Va., and Elam Horst. Text, Rev. 14:13. The body was laid to rest in the new burial ground selected by himself and approved by the brotherhood, a mile west of his home. Bro. Good was the father of six sons and five daughters; a son and daughter preceded him to the spirit world. The children living were all present at the funeral except one son. He is also survived by twenty-five grandchildren. Bro. Good was a faithful minister, often depriving himself of home comforts in order to preach the Gospel to the scattered flock. His last audible sermon was preached on Sept. 13, when he spoke on the text, "Prepare to meet thy God (Amos 4:12). May his earnest admonitions long be heeded.

Transcribed by Betty Hartzler, Kansas

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