Gospel Herald Obituaries - November, 1919

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Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 32 - November 6, 1919 - page 591

Roth. - Sterling, son of Edward and Emma Roth, was born near Milford, Neb., Nov. 6, 1912; died Oct. 26, 1919; aged 6 y. 11 m. 20 d. He leaves father, mother, 1 sister, grandparents, and many other relatives and friends. His sickness was leakage of the heart.

Yes, we know he's gone to heaven.
"Oh, how we loved him,
But God loved him more;
Let us try to meet him
0n that beautiful shore."

Zimmerman. - Anna W. Zimmerman, wife of S. P. Zimmerman, was born Dec. 20, 1846; died Sept. 9, 1919; aged 72 y. 8 m. 19 d. She was afflicted for six years with heart failure. Burial and funeral services at Slate Hill Church near Shiremanstown, Pa., by Bros. B. F. Zimmerman and Samuel Hess.

Pfile. - Nov. 1, 1918, Lewis D. Pfile of Freeport, Ill., passed to the better home; aged 35 y. 9 m. His wife and little son (Eugene) are left to mourn.

Sleep on, beloved, sleep and take thy rest;
Lay down thy head upon thy Savior's breast
. We love thee well, but Jesus loves thee best.
Good night, good night."

Shenk. - John F., son of Bro. Albert B. and sister Mary Shenk of near Lititz, Pa., died Oct. 11, 1919, aged 1 m. 7 d. Death was caused from abcess. Besides parents, a brother and 3 sisters survive (Ella, Amos, Edna, and Irene). One little sister (Susan) and one little brother (Paul) were called home before. Funeral Oct. 14 at Erb's Church conducted by Bros. John Lefever and Joseph Boll, Jr. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Transcriber's note: "abcess" is spelled as in the original.

Lauver. - Lottie M., wife of Henry S. Lauver of Pennbrook, Pa., died Oct. 2, 1919, being past 33 years of age. Buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery near Churchtown, Pa. Five years ago last May Bro. Lauver buried his first wife and the following April a son was laid away. And now a second time is the husband bereft of a loving companion. She leaves husband, one son (nearly two years old), 3 step-daughters, mother, a sister, and 3 brothers. The family has the sympathy of those who knew them.

Stamm. - Merle Samuel, son of Silas and Katie Stamm, was born Jan. 30, 1916, near Foosland, Ill.; died at the Burnham Hospital, Oct. 9, 1919; aged 3 y. 8 m. 9 d.
0n Oct. 3 he had an attack of appendicitis and submitted to an operation the next day; but it seemed to have taken on a very serious condition from the start. He leaves father, mother, one sister, grandparents, and many other relatives. Funeral services were held at the home near Foosland, Ill., conducted by George Sommer of Flanagan, Ill. Text, Jno. 11. Burial in the East Bend Cemetery.

Bingaman. - Died, near Plattsville, Ont., on Sunday, Sept. 28, 1919, David Bingaman, who was born on Oct. 4, 1849, aged 69 y. 11 m. 24 d. His disease was heart failure, and his death sudden and unexpected. He leaves two sons, two daughters, three brothers and seven sisters; his wife having preceded him to the glory world some years age. His funeral, which was largely attended was held at the Blenheim Mennonite Church on Wednesday, Oct. 4. Bro. M. H. Shantz conducted the services at the house, and Bro. M. Hallman, assisted by Bro. Shantz, at the Church. Text, Eccl. 9 :10. Peace to his ashes.

Teuscher. - Esther Marie, daughter of William and Mary Teuscher, was born near Milford, Nebr., Apr. 9, 1902; died at the family home near Pigeon, Mich., Oct. 7, 1919; aged 17 y. 5 m. 27 d. She suffered for the past 12 months from diabetes which caused her death. She leaves father, mother, 4 sisters, 1 brother, grandparents, and many relatives and friends. Three brothers preceded her to the spirit world. She united with the Mennonite Church at the age of thirteen and remained a faithful member to the end. Funeral services were held at the home of John Teuscher near Fisher, Ill., conducted by J. A. Heiser. Text, I Chron. 29:15; Eph. 5:15-17. Burial in East Bend Cemetery.

Kaser. - Lester Milo, son of Josiah and Mary Kaser, was born near Winesburg, Holmes Co., Ohio, Nov. 14, 1890; died at the Aultman Hospital, Canton, O., Oct. 17, 1919; aged 28 y. 11 m. 3 d. He was the youngest in the family of five children, the first to change time for eternity. He was married to Elizabeth Uplicker Dec. 24, 1912. To this union were born two sons (Milo Atler and Loren Lester). He confessed his Savior and was received into the Mennonite Church in 1902. Lester was a kind and loving husband. He is survived by his companion, two sons, father, mother, two brothers, two sisters, and many other relatives and friends. Funeral Oct. 19 at the Longenecker Church conducted by P. R. Lantz and D. M. Friedt. Burial in West Lawn Cemetery, Winesburg, 0.

Heatwole. - Margaret (Kilmer) Heatwole, wife of R. J. Heatwole, was born near Gallion, Ohio, Mar. 27, 1847; died at La Junta, Col., Oct. 22, 1919; aged 72 y. 6 m. 26 d. She came to Kansas as one of the first Mennonite pioneers in 1872 and took up a claim near the place where Hesston is now located, Bro. Heatwole having taken a claim about the same time 35 miles east of her claim. They met and were married the following year by Bro. Henry Yother of Nebraska, the nearest Mennonite minister, who traveled 150 miles in a spring wagon to perform the ceremony. Bro. and Sister Heatwole had a part in the organization of the Mennonite Church in Kansas and were faithful workers in all her activities, Bro. H. still doing his part faithfully. To this union were born 7 children, five of whom survive, as do also 28 grandchildren, 2 sisters and a brother. She was afflicted with tumors of liver, and was taken to the Sanitarium at La Junta where her daughter, Lydia, is head nurse, and where she was lovingly cared for until hse fell peacefully asleep in Jesus. Short services were held at La Junta, before bringing the body to her home in Kansas. Funeral services were held at the West Liberty Church on Sunday, Oct. 26, conducted by T. M. Erb and D. H Bender (text, John 17:24) after which interment was in the cemetery adjoining.

Transcriber's note: "hse" is as in the original.

Rhodes. - Nancy, wife of Reuben H. Rhodes, was born Oct. 30, 1855, near Broadway, Va., and lived all her life in Rockingham Co., Va. She died of cancer Sept. 20, 1919; aged 63 y. 10 m. 20 d. She was a daughter of Bishop Abraham and Sister Sallie Shank, and she was the last surviving member of their family. She is survived by her husband, one son (Miller D. Rhodes) and four grandchildren. Sister Rhodes was for many years a consistent member of the Mennonite Church. She will be missed in the Church where she was a faithful and regular attendant; also in the community in which she lived and most especially in the home. Bro. Rhodes many years ago by accident lost his eyesight and she was his constant help and care-taker. The Lord bless and comfort him in his loneliness. She was buried at the Zion Church on Sept. 22 in the presence of a large concourse of relatives and friends. Funeral services conducted by the brethren A. P. Heatwole and Jos. W. Geil. Text, II Tim. 4:7, last clause "I have kept the faith."

Good. - Katharine, daughter of Jacob and Magdalena Stalter, was born in Germany Jan. 9, 1832; died at the home of her daughter in Hopedale, Ill., Oct. 15, 1919 ; aged 87 y. 9 m. 6 d. At the age of 14 she united with the A. M. Church, of which she was a faithful member until death. In the year of 1854 she sailed for America. She was united in marriage to Joseph Good in 1856. Her husband died Feb. 10, 1909. To this union were born 10 children. One son and 1 daughter died in infancy. She leaves 2 sons and 6 daughters, (Joseph, Dan, Lizzie Birkey, Phoebe Birkey, Barbara Bachman, Sarah Beller, Katie Horsch, and Mary Birkey); also 40 grandchildren, 34 great-grandchildren. Funeral services at the home by Bro. J. C. Birkey and the church by Jonas Litwiller and J. C. Birkey.

Grandmother's place in the home is vacant,
Her voice is heard no more,
Yet we hope again to meet her,
0n the blissful evergreen shore."

Newcomer. - Pre. Jacob K. Newcomer was born Oct. 18, 1832, died Sept. 29, 1919; aged 86 y. 11 m. 11 d. He died after an illness of 8 months of general debility, being unconscious the greater part of the time only when we spoke to him he could get his mind together to answer, but very often not that. He would never ask or complain about anything. He was ordained to the ministry Oct. 18, 1883, being faithful with the talent that was entrusted to him. He is survived by his wife, they having lived together for 62 years. They brought up a family of 12 children, with the exception of one who died in infancy. There are 7 children living, also 23 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. Funeral services at the house and at Habecker's Church by Bish. Benj. Weaver, Bros. Jacob Habecker and Christ Lehman. Text, Matt. 19:30.

The time was sweet when he could rest
His weary body on his bed;
That rest in heaven will sweeter be,
As he to us so oft has said.
A daughter.

Zook. - Israel M. Zook, son of Shem and Veronica Zook, was born in Kishacoquillis valley Jan. 2, 1833; died at his home in Mattawana, Pa., Oct. 21, 1919 ; aged 86 y. 9 m. 19 d. About 1870 he moved with his parents to near McVeytown where he followed farming, till 14 years ago he with his two sisters sold their farm and moved near Mattawana and lived a retired life. He was a strong, robust man and very active for a man of his age till May 21, when he fell by tripping on the carpet and broke his right hip, since which time he has been confined to his bed. The last two months he suffered much pain at times but bore it patiently and expressed a desire to depart and be with Jesus. On the morning of October 21, he took a stroke and lived only 15 hours. He was a faithful member of the A. M. Church the greater part of his life, was highly respected by all who know him. He leaves one sister and many friends. Three brothers and four sisters preceded to the spirit world. Funeral Oct. 24. Services conducted by John E. Kauffman and J. C. Swigart. Text, I Cor. 15:55-57. Interment in the Hertzler Cemetery.

Transcribed by Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Vol. XII, No.33 - November 13, 1919 - page 623

Boomer-Abram Boomer was born in Canada July 1, 1873; died at his home near Imlay City, Mich., Sept. 8, 1919. He leaves his wife, six children, mother, two brothers, and two sisters. Funeral services at the Bethany Mennonite Church conducted by Bro. Peter Ropp, Text, Psa. 89;48.

Johnson--Martha Jane Johnson was born July 23. 1827 , died Oct. 4. 1919; aged 92 y. 2 m. 21 d. She is survived by 7 children, 20 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren She was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Funeral services Oct. 16, 1919, by C. D. Hess, assisted by ______ Durr and ______ Driver. Buried in Mennonite Cemetery near Masontown, Pa.

Dippel.-Sister Nancy Reist was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., May 29, 1836. She was married to John Dippel with whom she lived in matrimony for 28 years, when he died. She died Oct. 23, 1919, at the advanced age of 93 years and 5 months, less 1 day. The funeral was held on Oct. 25, at the Congregational Church, Freeport, by the brethren, S. S. Bowman and U. K. Weber. Interment in Riverbank Cemetery.

Lehman-Daniel Lehman was born in Oxford Co., Canada, in 1934 died in Fairgrove, Mich., Oct. 6, 1919. Bro. Lehman was ordained to the ministry when a young man in which capacity he served over fifty years. He moved to Michigan about forty years ago where he has lived the remainder of his life, He leaves three sons and one daughter. Funeral services at the Fairgrove Presbyterian Church by Bro. Peter Ropp. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8.

Mast-Maxwell. son of Jacob and Rebecca Mast, was horn in Holmes Co., Ohio, Feb. 22, 1855; came with his parents to Indiana when 8 years old; died in Miami Co. Ind., Oct. 25, 1919; aged 64 y. 8 m. 3 d. He was united in marriage to Barbara Shrock, April 21. 1876. To this union were born 4 sons and 2 daughters. One son died in infancy. He became converted in a series of meetings held at the Howard and Miami congregation conducted by J. S. Coffman in April, 1893, and united with the Mennonite Church of this place--in which faith he died.
He leaves to mourn his departure wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters, 6 brothers, one sister, one half sister, 11 grandchildren, and a host of other relatives and friends. Funeral services at the Mennonite Church on Monday. Oct. 27, in charge of Bishop E. A. Mast of this place and Ben Kendall of Logansport, Ind. Text, Jno. 16:32. Burial in Mast cemetery.

Oesch-Lester Oesch was born in La Grange Co.. Ind., Mar. 16, 1896; died near Middlebury, Ind., Sept. 20, 1919. He was united in marriage to Antoinette Yoder, April 29, 1917. He united with the Mennonite Church at Emma, Ind., in early youth and died in the same faith. Lester graduated from the Topeka High School with the class of 1916. He is survived by his companion, father and mother, four sisters and seven brothers,-a sister and a brother having preceded him in death. His death was the result of an accident, and came within nine hours after the accident occurred. His sudden departure was a shock to the entire community. Lester bore his suffering with patience and cheerfulness and we are sure that our loss is his eternal gain. Funeral services at the house by Bro. Jno. Garber, and at the Emma Church by the brethren, Harvey Schrock and Oscar Hostetler. Interment in Miller Cemetery.

Yoder.-Fannie (Zook) Yoder daughter of John K. and Fannie L. Zook, was born in Lawrence Co., Pa., July 4, 1959; died Oct. 26, 1919; age 60 y. .1 m. 22 d. At the age of four years. she moved with her parents to Champaign Co., Ohio. On Feb. 2. 1882, she was married to M. L. Yoder, and in August, 1886, they moved to Cass Co., Mo.. where they resided at the time of her death. This union of marriage was blessed with 5 sons and two daughters, two sons and two daughters having preceded their mother in death. Three Sons (Roy, Ervin and Marvin) are living; also her devoted companion, three sisters, one grandchild and a host of relatives and friends mourn her departure. In her early youth she united with the Mennonite Church and remained faithful until death, In her death, the Church loses a faithful member and the home a devoted mother and companion. She was a sufferer for many years and bore it very patiently until death called her to her eternal reward. Funeral held at the Sycamore Grove Church by A. P. Troyer and L. J. Miller. Text, Psa. 17:15. Buried in Clearfork Cemetery.

Weaver-Bro. Sem S. Weaver died at his home at Mt. Clinton, Va., Sept. 26; aged 72 y. 7 m. 11 d. He had been suffering from heart trouble for some months. A few days before his death he was stricken with paralysis and was unconscious until the end. His wife died a number of years ago. He united with the Mennonite Church when a young man. Was ordained to the ministry Aug. 18, 1878. He was a faithful minister of a quiet, unassuming, humble disposition, honest in his work and dealings with his fellowman through which he gained the confidence, good will, and esteem of those he came in contact with. His conversation was not made up of foolish talk and jesting. His life was a power for good and a worthy example for those he left behind to follow. A while before his death he was asked by the writer how he felt with regard to his departure which he thought was near at hand. He replied that while he had some dread of the dissolution of body and spirit he was fully resigned to the will of the Lord. He quoted the language of Paul as his feeling; "I know in whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day." He leaves one son and five daughters to mourn the loss of a kind father. Funeral services were conducted at the Mt. Clinton Church on the 28th by the bishops, A. P. Heatwole and S. H. Rhodes. Text, "I have kept the faith." His body was laid to rest in the cemetery nearby.

Conrad-John K. Conrad was born Nov. 3, 1860, near Noble, Iowa; died Sept. 9, 1919 (date of disappearing is here given) ; aged 58 y. 10 m. 6 d. He accepted Christ as his personal Savior when about twenty years of age, uniting with the Amish Mennonite Church near Wayland, Iowa. On Jan. 14, 1897. he was united in marriage with Sister Mary Nebel. This union not being blest with children, their parental hearts went out to orphan children and three girls were adopted into their family. On Tuesday morning, Sept. 9, between ten and eleven o'clock he told his wife he was going out to the well to do some work a few blocks away. When the noon meal was ready he did not appear and the little girls could not find him, so the children ate and went back to school and Sister Conrad went to look for him herself. She too was unable to find him, so she called his brother Jonathan to her assistance; but when they could not find him the whole town and countryside assisted in the search, but with no avail. A reward was placed on his recovery, but this also failed to bring results. On Thursday, Oct. 30, a boy (Ed Wenger) who was out looking after his traps deviated from his usual course to shoot a squirrel which his dog had treed. After picking up his squirrel and looking about he discovered the body of Bro. Conrad. Here in this lonely spot some five miles from his home, on the steep side of a heavily wooded bluff he took his own life with his small twenty-two rifle which was found lying across his limbs. Undue worry about moving seems to be the only way to account for his rash act, as they had just recently moved from their country home to town.
He leaves a deeply bereaved wife, three foster daughters, two brothers, one sister, and a large concourse of friends and relatives to mourn their loss. A private funeral was held from the home on Friday P. M. Oct. 31.


Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 34 - November 20, 1919 - page 639

Peifer. - Oct. 28, 1919, near East Petersburg, Pa., entered into rest Sister Marie H., wife of Daniel E. Peifer, aged 75 y. 6 m. 24 d. She was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Her husband and the following children survive: Monroe H., Phares H., Lizzie H., wife of Jacob C. Kreider, Daniel H.
"Death has robbed us of our mother,
Whom we loved and cherished dear.
It was mother, yes, dear mother
. Can we help but shed a tear?"

Yount. - Sister Hanna (Shellenberger) Yount was born near Mifflintown, Pa., Feb. 2, 1843; died Oct. 21, 1919; aged 76 y. 9 m. 19 d. In 1866 she was married to David Lapp who died in 1878. One daughter and one son also preceded her to the spirit world. In 1880 she was married to Henry Yount, who died in 1900. Sister Yount leaves 3 sons (John E. Lapp, Joseph H. Lapp, Charles J. Lapp), 21 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Funeral services were held in Mennonite Church near Freeport, Ill., by S. E. Graybill. Text, Rev. 14:13. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Ebersole. - Susan Rutt was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Apr. 3, 1840; died Nov. 6, 1919, aged 79 y. 7 m. 3 d. She was united in marriage to Christian Ebersole Nov. 14, 1861, at Chambersburg, Pa. In 1865 they moved to Illinois and have since resided in the Sterling vicinity. Her husband preceded her in death eight years. She united with the Mennonite Church in l871 and has since been a faithful member. The following children survive her death: Mrs. Henry Landis, Jacob, Mary, Mrs. John Weber, Henry, Mrs. Lee Lefever. She leaves 2 brothers, 3 sisters, 28 grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren to mourn her death. Funeral services were held Nov. 9 at the Science Ridge Mennonite Church near Sterling in charge of A. E. Kreider.

Rutter. - Rosetta Catharine Rutter was born in Shelby Co., Mo., Feb. 25, 1916, and came to untimely death Oct. 11, 1919, from the effects of a gun shot fired by her 7-year old brother. Her mother hearing the shot ran to the house and saw Rozetta's head hanging down. She hastened to offer relief but all to no avail. Neighbors were sent for, but when they reached the home little Rozetta had passed to the great beyond, having bled to death. She was a bright, happy, industrious child, a flower in the home, but God took her. The family have the sympathy of all who know them. Funeral services in Mennonite Church near Cherry Box, Mo., conducted by Bro. P. J. Blosser, after which her body was laid to rest in adjoining cemetery.

Transcriber's note: There are two spellings for the child's name.

Gingrich. - John B. Gingrich died at Grand Rapids, Oct. 29, 1919: aged 72 y. 3 m. He was a brother of Bishop A. B. Gingrich of Elmira, Ont. He lived most of his life in Waterloo Co., Ont. He moved to Grand Rapids, Mich., about twelve years ago. July 24, 1847, he was married to Mary Ann Hembling, who was for him a faithful helpmeet for over fifty years. To this union were born seven sons (Isaiah, John, Josiah, Jesse, Noah, William, and David) and one daughter (Mrs. Mary Schwartz) who died about a year ago. He is survived by seven sons, 22 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. He was a member of the United Brethren in Christ for over forty years and was a bright and shining light wherever he went. Peace to his ashes.

Transcriber's note: The given marriage date would seem to be the birth date instead.

Grieser. - Emma, wife of Pre. Samuel D. Grieser (nee Stutzman), was born in Fulton Co., O., Aug, 8, 1872; died Nov. 2, 1916; aged 47 y. 2 m. 24 d. She was united in marriage to Bro. Grieser Nov. 4, 1894. Lived in matrimony 25 years, less 2 days. To this union were born seven children, three sons and four daughters. One daughter preceded her to the world beyond. She leaves a sorrowing husband, 6 children, one grandchild, father, mother, five brothers, three sisters, and a large number of relatives and friends to mourn their loss. In her younger years she accepted Christ as her personal Savior and united with the Amish Mennonite Church and was a faithful member until death. Her sickness was of nearly 6 weeks' duration. At times she suffered great pain but she bore it without murmuring or complaining and was wholly resigned to God's will. Funeral at the Central Church near Archbold, O., conducted by the home ministers. Buried at the Eckley Cemetery.

Transcriber's note: The year of death should likely be 1919 rather than 1916.

Miller. - Mattie, widow of Pre. Isaac Miller, was born March 2, 1843; died near Fairview, Mich., Oct. 24, 1919; aged 76 y. 7 m. 22 d. She was first married to Simon Miller. To this union were born 2 sons and 1 daughter. The husband, one son, and the daughter preceded her in death. She was afterwards married to Isaac Miller, who died about 15 years ago. She had been living alone in her home at Fairview most of the time. Her health had been failing most of the summer, but she did her work until a few weeks preceding her death. About a week before she died she went to the hospital, according to the doctor's advice. She expressed herself ready to go, if it was the Lord's will. She was brought back to Fairview for burial. Funeral services conducted by Bro. Menno Esch. Laid to rest in cemetery nearby. She leaves a son, 13 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren; also a number of step-sons and daughters, and many friends.

Reeser. - Lydia, daughter of Daniel and Kate Stalter was born near Meadows, Ill., July 19, 1888; died at the place of her birth Nov. 3, 1919; aged 31 y. 4 m. 15 d. Dec. 10, 1910, she was married to Debolt Reeser of Eureka, Ill. To this union 4 children were born (Dorothy, Lester, Klista, and Oliver). She leaves her sadly bereaved husband, 4 children, father, two brothers, and one sister. Her mother, three brothers, and three sisters preceded her. In her early youth she accepted her Savior uniting with the A. M. Church and remained faithful to the end. She expressed her readiness and admonished her husband to care for the children and meet her in heaven. Services at the house and Waldo A. M. Church, Nov. 5, by the home ministers. Buried in the Waldo Cemetery.
"There's a shadow in our home now,
A voice we loved is still.
There's a mother's face that's missing
And a place no one can fill."

Yoder. - Gabriel Yoder was born in Somerset Co., Pa, Mar. 23, 1852; died of heart trouble near Wellman, Iowa, Oct. 25, 1919; aged 67 y. 7 m. 2 d. He joined the Amish Mennonite Church in his young years and remained a faithful member until death. In 1856 he with his parents moved to Indiana. They remained there 9 years then moved to Iowa in 1865 where he lived the rest of his life. He was married to Anna M. Kemp Feb. 3, 1878. To this union were born eight children. He leaves a sorrowing wife and seven children (Mrs. Will Hauber, Mrs. Menno Guengerich, Mrs. John Doolin, Mrs. Cornelius Guengerich, Mrs. Albert Zook, Noah and Rufus); also 3 brothers, 4 sisters, 18 grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and a host of relatives and friends.
"Dearest Father thou hast left us,
Here our loss we deeply feel.
But 'tis God that has bereft us;
He can all our sorrows heal."

Hirschy. - Edwin Jacob Hirschy was born near Trenton, Iowa, Mar. 18, 1905; died at the home of his parents in Wayland, Iowa, Nov. 4, 1919; aged 14 y. 5 m. 16 d. Edwin seemed to be a strong, robust youth until some time during the summer his condition required the attention of a physician. His ailment soon proved to be fatal. Soon after he was confined to his bed he decided to become a Christian and upon confession of faith was baptized on Sunday morning, Sept. 21, 1919. At different times he manifested his faith in prayer by asking others to pray for him. He was anxious to hear of the conversion of his associates and enjoyed his Christian life until he fell peacefully asleep late in the evening of Nov. 4. He leaves his deeply bereaved parents, two sisters, one brother, an aged grandmother, and a number of other relatives and friends to mourn their loss. The funeral was held on Thursday afternoon conducted by the brethren, Daniel Graber and Simon Gingerich. Text, Eccl. 12:1.

Kauffman. - Sarah (Kurtz) Kauffman was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, May 8, 1839; died at her home in Middlebury, Ind., Oct. 14, 1919; aged 80 y. 5 m. 6 d. She was married to Moses M. Kauffman Nov. 10, 1874. She leaves a deeply bereft husband, a step-son (Ira Kauffman) one sister (Mrs. Lizzie Yoder), two brothers (Bishop Jonathan Kurtz and Joseph Kurtz) and a host of friends. She had been in failing health for the last three months which resulted in apoplexy and death. In her youth she gave her heart to the Lord and united with the Mennonite Church and has been a faithful member ever since. Although she had no children of her own she was a devoted mother to her step-son. She had many friends which with the family mourn their loss. Yet not as those who have no hope, for we believe her to be at rest with her Lord and Master. Funeral services were conducted at the Mennonite Church in Middlebury on Oct. 17 by D. D. Miller and S. S. Yoder, after which the remains were laid to rest in the Forest Grove Cemetery.

Blosser. - Abraham Blosser was born in Mahoning Co., Ohio, Dec. 19, 1842; died Sept. 29, 1919. At the age of 21 he moved from Ohio to Livingston Co., Ill., where he resided until 1882. Oct. 27, 1864, he was joined in marriage to Mary Grabill, moving to McPherson Kans., in 1882, living in our vicinity most of the time since then, having made Texas, Okla., Colo., and Mo., his home at different times. He lived on his farm near Hesston, Kans., at the time of his death. Death was caused by paralysis, suffering about 6 hours. He leaves his deeply bereaved wife, 4 sons, 4 daughters, and 31 grandchildren. In 1865 he joined the Mennonite Church, serving in the capacity of deacon for some time. Later, being convicted he was not taking the right course, being of strong personal conviction, yet because of this living his faith alone, he was less active in church work, although believing to be honest with himself and God living his convictions as he believed. With this we commend him into the hands of a just God. Funeral conducted by F. H. Wenger and D. B. Holdeman. Text, Psa. 39:4,5.

Lantz. - Christian Lantz was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, Oct. 1, 1834; died in Howard Co., Ind., Nov. 6, 1919; aged 85 y. 1 m. 6 d. He was of a family of 10 children and was the last to survive. He was married to Barbara Eash Oct. 28, 1861. To this union were born 2 sons and 1 daughter. This wife died Sept. 4, 1865. On Nov. 4, 1866 he was married again to Anna Shrock. To this union were born 3 sons and 6 daughters. Of these 4 daughters preceded him to the Spirit world. His second wife died in 1891. In October, l891, he was united in marriage to Polly Yoder. He united with the Mennonite Church in early life. Bro. Lantz was a kind and devoted husband, possessing a cheerful disposition, and enjoying a countless number of friends. He leaves his aged companion, 4 sons, 3 daughters, 32 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, besides many other relatives and friends. Funeral on Saturday, Nov. 8, at the Mennonite Church attended by a large crowd of people. Services conducted by E. A. Mast, N. M. Slaubaugh and J. S. Horner. Text, II Tim. 4:6-10. Burial in the Shrock Cemetery.
G. W. N.

Transcribed by Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Volume XII, Number 35 - November 27, 1919 - pages 653,656

Martin. - Lola Naomi, daughter of Art and Lydia Martin, was born near Manson, Ia., May 13, 1918; died near Pryor, Okla., Nov. 6, 1919; aged 1 y. 5 m. 21 d. She leaves parents 3 brothers, and 3 sisters. One brother preceded her to her heavenly home. Funeral Nov. 8 at the church, where burial took place.
B. F. Hartzler.

Speicher. - Bro. Henry Speicher of near Johnstown, Pa., was born April 7, 1838; died Nov. 12, 1919; aged 81 y. 7 m. 5 d. He died after an illness of only about 2 weeks, of pneumonia. Funeral services were held at the Weaver Mennonite Church conducted by Bro. S. G. Shetler assisted by Bro. Clayton F. Derstine. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Eash. - Henry Thomas, son of Bro. and Sister Menno and Elizabeth Eash, was born near Thomas Mills, Somerset Co., Pa., Sept. 28, 1915; died Oct. 2, 1919; aged 4 y. 3 d. Funeral services at the Thomas Mennonite Church by the brethren, S. G. Shetler and James Saylor. Interment in adjoining Cemetery. His death was due to falling backwards into a bucket of hot water.

Cressman. - Barbara Cressman was born on May 2, 1842; died on Nov. 9, 1919; aged 77 y. 7 m. 7 d. She leaves two brothers and two sisters. She united with the Mennonite Church nearly forty years ago, and died in the faith. Funeral services were held Nov. 12 from the residence of Bro. Jacob Shantz, Breslau, thence to the Cressman Mennonite Church for service, and adjoining cemetery for burial. Services were conducted by Oscar Burkholder. Text, Matt. 20:28.

Blankenbiller. - George Blankenbiller son of Geo. and Elizabeth (Siward) Blankenbiller, was born near Reading, Pa., May 9, 1838; died at his home in Juniata Sept. 14, 1919 ; aged 81 y. 4 m. 5 d. Oct. 12, 1869 he married Miss Harriette Palmer, who passed away in October, 1883. To this union were born eight children, seven sons and one daughter of which two sons preceded him in death. In Dec., 1885, Blankenbiller was again married to Mrs. Anna (Brubaker) Lapp of Snyder county, Pa. To this union were born two children, Anna and Harriette. Anna died in 1914. He leaves to mourn wife, 5 sons, 2 daughters, and 11 grandchildren. Funeral services by D. G. Lapp and Edgar Stauffer. Text, Job 14:14. Burial in Roseland Mennonite cemetery.
E. B.

Stauffer. - Katherine Stauffer, daughter of Isaac and Frances Bressler, was born in Lancaster county, Pa., June 3, 1827; died at her home near Roseland, Nebr., Sept. 28, 1919; aged 92 y. 3 m. 25 d. She was married to John Stauffer, of Lancaster county, Pa., at the age of 23 years. In 1858 Mr. Stauffer and family moved to Sterling, Ill., at which place he died 14 years ago. Since that time Aunt Kate made her home with her sister, Mrs. Weidler Grabill, who departed this life 6 years ago, after which Aunt Kate made her home and was lovingly cared for by her niece, Miss Lizzie Grabill. Mrs. Stauffer was a Christian for many years and thoroughly enjoyed Christian fellowship. Two sons are living -- Isaac, of Oregon, Frelan, of California. Two daughters preceded their mother in death. Funeral services were held from the Brethren Church near Roseland, by J. B. Wagoner, of Red Cloud, assisted by Bro. D. G. Lapp of the Mennonite Church. The body was laid to rest in the Brethren cemetery.

Transcribed by Carl M. Metzler, Goshen, Indiana

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