Gospel Herald Obituaries - May, 1920

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Gospel Herald - Volume XIII, Number 6 - May 6, 1920 - page 111

Stutzman. - Sylvanus, son of D. E. and Susie Stutzman, was born Mar. 6, 1883, at Walnut Creek, O.; died April 18, 1920, at Milford, Nebr.; aged 37 y. 1 m. 12 d. He leaves father, mother, 4 brothers (Abraham, Alvin, William, and Milo) besides many relatives and friends. Three sisters preceded him to eternity. He was sick about two weeks from influenza, followed by paralysis. Funeral services by Wm. R. Eicher and D. J. Fisher. Texts, I Cor. 15 and Psa. 90:9.

Bender. - Elsie Marie, infant daughter of Pre. Jacob and Fannie Bender, Tavistock, Ont., died of bronchial pneumonia Apr. 21, 1920; aged 2 y. 2 m. 21 d. She leaves father, mother, and 3 brothers. Funeral services were held Apr. 24, 1920, by M. Kipfer at the home and at the Church of the Brethren by Chris Kropf and D. S. Jutzi. Texts, Psa. 90; II Sam. 12:23; Mark 10:13-16; Lam. 3:24,32. Burial in East Zorra A. M. Cemetery.
"How happy are these little ones,
Which Jesus Christ has blessed,
Come let us praise Him with our songs,
For taking them to rest."

Currier. - Bro. R. H. Currier, Waynesboro, Va., died March 25, 1920, after a long illness from Brights disease and dropsy; aged 77 y. 7 m. 6 d. He was one of the oldest members of Springdale congregation. He leaves a lonely widow, and a number of nieces and nephews to mourn their loss. They had no children, but their doors were open for the homeless. Most always they had some one under their care. Two orphan boys (great-nephews) they last cared for, and were much help to them during his sickness. Funeral services and interment at the Springdale Church on the 27th. Services conducted by the brethren, A. P. Heatwole and J. R. Driver.

Zook. - Nancy (Yoder) Zook was born March 18, 1850, near Belleville, Pa.; died April 3, 1920; aged 70 y. 16 d. She was the daughter of the Rev. Samuel and Elizabeth (Byler) Yoder. She was one of a family of seven children, one of whom died in infancy. The surviving brother and sisters are as follows: Levi B., Mrs. Sallie Hostetler, Rachel Yoder, and Mollie Zook. She was married Fed. 4, 1873 to Jacob K. Zook and resided near and in Belleville to the time of her death. To this union were born three children (Urial David, Libbie Eldora, Samuel Alpheus). She united with the Amish Mennonite Church when sixteen years old. Her life was one of faithful, loving Christian service, in the church, in her home, and among neighbors and friends. Funeral services were conducted in the Amish Mennonite Church near Belleville by J. H. Byler and J. M. Hartzler. Interment in the cemetery one mile south of Belleville.

Buerge. - Barbara Kurtz was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, March 26, 1834. She was married to Jacob Buerge March 14, 1854. Immediately after their marriage they went to Canada, where they resided fourteen years, then returned to Michigan, coming to Missouri from that state in 1881. For four years the family lived in Cass county, then moved to Jasper county, locating east of Jasper City. Ten children were born to this union. Two died in infancy. One son died six years ago. Bro. Buerge died in 1913, at the age of 82 years. For the past six years Sister Buerge lived with her daughter, Mrs. John Zeiset, of Carthage, Mo., at whose home she died. She had been a member of the Mennonite Church since childhood, living a devoted Christian life. It was said of her that she kept all the friends she made. She leaves 7 children, 32 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and two brothers. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Andrew Shenk, at the Methodist Church in Jasper, on April 11, 1920. Burial in Jasper Cemetery. Myrtle Shenk.

Zook. - Levi J., son of David M. Zook of Allensville, Pa., was born June 2, 1854; died Feb. 5, 1920; aged 65 y. 8 m. 3 d. For several years his heart and general condition began to fail and several weeks ago his condition gave evidence that his vitality was on a decline. The last few days he was still able to sit on his chair and he with the family realized what was coming. He was born near Allensville, where he spend his entire life. He was the youngest member of a family of thirteen children. His wife and son, (Urial and family) and a host of friends and neighbors are left to mourn his departure. He was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church; was of a mild, sociable disposition, always ready to assist those who were in needy circumstance, and was a true follower of the lowly and humble Nazarene. He was married to Melinda Hartzler and their home was blessed with one son. Funeral services from the A. M. Church conducted by the Brethren J. H. Byler and J. B. Zook after which the remains were laid to rest in the silent tomb near by.

Birky. - Bishop John C. Birkey died from a complication of diseases Apr. 19, 1920, at his home near Hopedale, Ill.; aged 71 y. 2 m. 15 d. He was born in Tazewell Co., Ill., Feb. 4, 1849. Married to Magdalena Zimmer, Jan. 25, 1874, who died near Selden, Kans., Oct. 29, 1893. September 24, 1896, he was married to Lizzie E. Nafziger, who survives him. His descendants are 4 daughters, 8 sons, and 19 grandchildren. He was received into the Amish Mennonite Church in 1866, ordained to the ministry in September, 1877, and Bishop in July, 1890. The burial services were held Friday, Apr. 23, conducted by Samuel Gerber, of Pekin, Ill., and others. He was loved and esteemed by all who knew him, being of a meek disposition, and untiring in his efforts for the good of his fellowman. His faithful service, devotion to Christ and the Church, are well worth patterning after. He was well known throughout the churches of the Middle West and his counsels in congregation and Conference were always respected as wise and worthy. To know him was to love him. While he will be greatly missed, we cherish his memory and believe that his helpful influence in the Church will continue to live for years to come.

Transcriber's note: spellings of Birky and Birkey from original.

Engel. - Nicholas Engel was born in Alsace Lorraine, France, Feb. 10, 1843; died at his home near South Hermitage, Pa., Mar. 25, 1920; age 77 y. 1 m. 15 d. Although he had been in failing health with heart trouble for several months his death came as a shock to his relatives and friends. But one comfort is to know that he was prepared to meet his Savior. In his early life he accepted Christ as his Savior, united with the A. M. Church and remained faithful to the end. There are left to mourn his departure 4 sons and 4 daughters (Joseph, Christian, Mrs. Reuben Glick, Mrs. Daniel Kauffman, Peter, Leah, Nicholas, and Elizabeth); also several grandchildren. His wife, 1 son and three grandchildren preceded him to the great beyond. Funeral services from his late home on Sunday, March 28, by Bro. John S. Mast of Elverson, Pa., and at Millwood Church near Gap, Pa., by the brethren Amos Stoltzfus and John Kennell.
"There's a shadow in our home now
There's a voice that's hushed and still
There's a father's face that's missing,
And a place no one can fill.
How he longed to see his Jesus,
And to clasp him to his breast.
Farewell father how we miss thee,
But we know God's ways are best."
By the children.

Philips. - Dora (Carver) Philips, daughter of Samuel and Della Carver, was born Nov. 14, 1893; died April 10, 1920; aged 26 y. 4 m. 26 d. She was married to Elbert H. Philips Aug. 31, 1912. To this union were born two daughters (Grace and Hazel). The last named preceded her mother in death. Dora was converted in December, 1907, during meetings held by Bro. Geo. R. Brunk and the writer. She was received a few weeks later into fellowship with the Mennonite Church of Carver, Mo. She had her seasons of wavering in faith, but again returned to the Lord and Church. In her last years she was especially concerned to be prepared to leave this world, and she exhorted her loved ones to make a like preparation. She had a desire to get well and be with her family, but was resigned to the will of God to serve Him in whatever way she could for the welfare of her loved ones and her own soul. She leaves a husband and daughter, but we trust there will be a drawing for them toward the happy home which Dora has now found. She also leaves father, step-mother, a brother, 3 sisters, and one half-brother and half-sister. Her aged grandparents were at the funeral to follow the body to its last resting place to await the resurrection. The Church here feels that they have lost the earthly presence of a sister and that their number has been enlarged in the heavenly congregation. To those who mourn she has left the never-to-be-forgotten plea, "Prepare to meet me in heaven." May God use her invitation and exhortation and the occasion of her death to draw many more into the nearness of the heavenly presence and at last into the heavenly home.
Services conducted at the Carver Church by the writer and E. C. Bowman. Text, Num. 23:10. Buried April 17 in the graveyard nearby. J. R. Shank

Transcribed by Kathy Sparr Mott, Indiana.


Gospel Herald - Volume XIII, Number 7 - May 13, 1920 - page 142, 143

Winkler. - Frederick Winkler, for years an inmate in Old People's Home at Marshallville, Ohio, before that Home burned to the ground, died in Allen county, Ohio, at the age of 91 y. 6 m. 21 d. Services by W. S. Gottshall. Interment in Ebenezer Cemetery. He is survived by 2 sons, 22 grandchildren, and other relatives and friends.

Miller. - Nathan Jos. Miller, son of Bro. and Sister Jos. H. Miller of Louisville, O., died Apr. 30, 1920; aged 11 m. 16 d. Little Nathan budded here to blossom over yonder. His brief life was yet long enough to endear himself to those around him. Father and mother, a brother and 2 sisters, many relatives and friends remain to mourn his departure. Funeral services were conducted by J. A. Liechty, assisted by Alvin Hostetler and Daniel Schmucker. Burial in Beech Cemetery, May 2, 1920. Text, Luke 18:16. May God comfort the sorrowing family.

Yoder. - Eliza, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Yoder, was born near Kalona, Iowa, Feb. 4, 1911; died April 20, 1920; aged 9 y. 2 m. 16 d. She suffered an attack of rheumatism followed by paralysis which resulted in her death. She leaves parents, 7 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 grandmothers, 2 grandfathers, and a host of relatives and friends, to mourn her early departure. Funeral services were held on the 22nd at the lower Deer Creek Church by Bro. J. S. Hershberger assisted by Bros. John Y. Swartzendruber, D. D. Miller, and John Hess. Text, Jas. 4:14. Buried in the Lower Deer Creek Cemetery.

Transcriber's Note: lower Deer Creek and Lower Deer Creek as in original.

Wingard. - Willis Wingard was born Jan. 13, 1871; died April 23, 1920; aged 49 y. 2 m. 10 d. He had been troubled with rheumatism for some years, so that he was not able to do much physical labor but was able to be about and to look after his business affairs. His father-in-law came to their home in Scalp Level, PA., and after tying the horse, Willis dropped to the ground a corpse. A loud call to all. Funeral services were conducted at the Church of the Brethren by S. G. Shetler, assisted by H. S. Replogle. A very large number of relatives and friends had assembled. The deceased is survived by his mother, six children, and many other relatives.

Douple. - Anna Mae (Charles) Douple, daughter of Christian F. and Annie Charles, died Mar. 12, 1920; aged 32 y. 9 m. She died after a short illness of influenza followed by pneumonia. She was united in marriage to Jacob L. Douple Apr. 1, 1919. She leaves a sorrowing husband, father, mother, 5 brothers, and a number of nieces and nephews, who will greatly miss her. Funeral services Mar. 15, at the house by Joseph Boll, and at the Lititz Mennonite Church by Peter Nissley and Jacob Hershey. "Gone to heaven is our sister, Gone to her bright home above; She has left us here so lonely, How we miss Anna, whom we loved." By a Sister-in-law.

Miller. - Moses W. Miller was born in Holmes Co., O., Apr. 20, 1889. In the spring of 1920 he with his brother Jacob moved to a farm near Dalton, Wayne Co., O. On Apr. 5, 1920, while he and Ezra Mullet were crossing a R. R. several miles from home they were run down by a fast train and both were killed. Their bodies were badly mangled and the auto they were driving was a total wreck. Bro. Miller possessed those rare traits of character which in many young men are not found viz., a truly devoted worshiper of God and an ardent lover of the Bible. He was 30 y. 11 m. 15 d. He united with the Amish Mennonite Church at the age of 19 and was considered very faithful. Funeral services were held at his home on Apr. 7 by I. J. Buchwalter, Enos Hartzler, and others, after which his body was taken to his mother's home in Holmes Co., O., where services in charge of S. H. Miller were held Apr. 8. He leaves a mother, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, and relatives and friends to mourn his departure.

Blough. - Ira, son of Bro. P. A. Blough, Johnstown, Pa., was born May 9, 1883; died March 18, 1920; aged 36 y. 10 m. 9 d. He is survived by his father, step-mother, one sister, and two brothers. Funeral services were conducted at the home and at the Blough Mennonite Church by Bro. S. G. Shetler, assisted by Bro. E. J. Blough. Interment was made in the cemetery near the church.

Yoder. - Bro. Samuel B., son of the late Benedict Yoder, was born near Somerset, Pa., May 15, 1843; died April 27, 1920; aged 76 y. 11 m. 12 d. He had enlisted in the army during the Civil War and was wounded in the battle at Gettysburg, which disabled his one arm. He however had no pain from the wound until lately it opened again and gave him very severe pain and finally caused his death. Some time after his return from the army he united with the Mennonite Church and was a faithful member until death. His wife and 4 children preceded him in death. He is survived by one son, one daughter, and some grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted at the Mizpeh Church by S. G. Shetler, assisted by J. C. McCarney and W. G. Schrock.

Zook. - Sister Sadie Mae Zook was born Jul 24, 1902; died May 1, 1920, after an illness of about 6 months with tuberculosis at her home in Belleville, Pa. She bore her suffering with Christian patience. She united with the Locust Grove A. M. Church several years ago and at that time told her mother she wouldn't live to get very old. She was a faithful member until death. She was of a pleasant disposition and had won a host of friends. I shall never forget her pleasant smile as I bade her goodbye the last time. Her last words to her mother were "I want to go home" - and she fell asleep in Jesus. She is survived by her father and mother, 1 brother, 3 sisters, and many relatives and friends. Funeral May 3 from Locust Grove Church, conducted by John L. Mast and Samuel F. Yoder. Peace to her ashes. S. F. Y.

Landis. - Raymond B., son of Harnish H. and Selena G. (Brubaker) Landis, died at the home of his parents near East Petersburg, Pa., April 26, 1920; aged 1 y. 5 m. 25 d. His death, caused by convulsions, was very unexpected as he was apparently in the best of health until a few minutes before he died. He is survived by his parents and the following brother and sisters: Iva B., D. Isaac, Roberta B., and Vera B. Funeral April 29 at E. Petersburg Mennonite Church conducted by Bro. Frank Kreider and Bro. David Mosemann. Text, Psa. 90:6. Remains were laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery. "He is blooming now for Jesus In His garden fair Folded on His bosom And sheltered by His care." By the parents.

Overholt. - Annie S., daughter of Abram and Mary Overholt, was born July 1, 1851; died near Scottdale, Pa., near the place of her birth, April 21, 1920; aged 68 y. 9 m. 20 d. She had been a member of the Mennonite Church for more than twenty-five years, and took an active interest in the work of the Church. Though the last of her family to go, her departure was sincerely mourned by many friends. She was of a kind, tender-hearted disposition, and her Dorcas-like habits endeared her to all who knew her. She died very suddenly, being found dead in the poultry house soon after she expired. Death is thought to have resulted from a stroke of apoplexy. Funeral at her home on April 24, after which she was laid to rest in Alverton Cemetery. Services conducted by the home ministers. Text, Amos 4:12.

Landis. - John S. Landis was born in Rockingham Co., Va., Dec. 25, 1852; died in Cullom, Ill., April 18, 1920; aged 67 y. 3 m. 24 d. He came to Cullom in March, 1876, and was united in marriage to Elizabeth Hauder, Aug. 24, 1880. To this union were born twelve children, of whom one preceded him to the spirit world. He leaves a loving companion, who has shared the joys and sorrows of this life with him for almost forty years, the 11 living children, 14 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 1 sister, and a host of friends. He united with the Mennonite Church in 1882 and has been a consistent member ever since. He took sick last November, with heart trouble, and since that time he kept gradually failing, until he peacefully fell asleep. He died in the hope of a glorious resurrection. "Be ye also ready for at such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh."
Services were conducted by J. W. McCulloh in the Mennonite Church in Cullom April 21, where a large crowd assembled to pay their last respect to Bro. Landis. J. W. McCulloh.

Buerge. - Daniel Buerge was born at New Hamburg, Ont., Canada, Feb. 17, 1836; died at Jasper, Mo., April 28, 1920; aged 84 y. 2 m. 11 d. He was married to Lydia Schrock of Goshen, Ind., March 12, 1865. They made their home near Reed City, Mich., until 1881, when they moved to Cass Co., Mo. In 1883 they came to their farm four miles east of Jasper, at which place they lived until they moved to Jasper in 1912. Bro. Buerge was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. Altho ill health had kept him from attending services for some time, his consistent life and earnest admonitions made him a power for good. Besides his wife, he leaves two sisters, one brother, four children, and eleven grandchildren. The children are Mrs. Amanda Seidner, Mrs. H. R. Shepp, Alf, and Harvey. Funeral services were conducted at the home on April 29, by Bishop Andrew Shenk. Text - "Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of Man cometh at an hour when ye think not." Burial in Mitchell Cemetery. So ends like a benediction his long life on earth. May we follow him as he followed Christ. Myrtle Shenk.

Transcriber's Note: Altho spelled as in original.

Thomas. - Sister Nora Thomas, daughter of Pre. Joseph and Annie Saylor, was born Feb. 5, 1887; died at the Johnstown City Hospital, of a complication of diseases, Feb. 28, 1920; aged 33 y. 23 d. She was about as usual and did all her house work, even baking some of the things that were used for refreshments at the day of her funeral. She suddenly took very sick and was at once taken to the hospital. She rapidly grew worse and died after enduring extreme suffering. She was resigned to the will of God and died in peace. She was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church at the age of 12 and took a very active part in the work of the Lord until death. She is survived by her husband, father, mother, one brother, two children, and a large number of relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted at the Thomas Church by S. G. Shetler assisted by E. J. Blough. "God saw fit to call her higher, But it seems it can not be, And our home is now so lonely, Since her form we can not see."

Shotzberger. - Franklin Roy Shotzberger died at his home in Elizabethtown, Pa., April 15, from an acute attack of influenza. He was sick several weeks in February, partially recovered, went to work at his trade, had a relapse, and finally succumbed. Bro. Frank was the youngest son in a family of 10 children. 7 brothers, 2 sisters, a widow (nee Anna May Detra), 2 daughters, a son, and his aged parents of Juniata Co. survive. Bro. Frank was a carpenter by trade, a skilled mechanic, but his interests were devoted to the church of which he was a member, always at his post of duty in the services, prayer meeting, Bible meeting, mission study class, leader of a chorus class, taught the young men's Bible class, assistant Supt. of the Elizabethtown Mennonite S. S. - at all of these places his demise left a vacancy hard to fill. His untiring labors in the cause of the Church and Christian efforts won for him a high esteem in the town and vicinity which was attested to at his funeral held at the Elizabethtown Church on Sunday morning, April 18. The church was crowded to the doors and several hundred had to be turned away on account of lack of room. Bros. John W. Weaver, Union Grove, and S. B. Landis of home congregation officiated at his funeral. Text, Rev. 4:1. "Brother thou hast left us lonely Sorrow fills our hearts today; But beyond this vale of sorrow Tears will all be wiped away." S. B. L.

Miller. - Barbara Krabill Miller, widow of Peter C. Miller, was born in Stark Co., O., near Maximo, Oct. 19, 1855; died at the home of her son, Pre. John D. Miller, Louisville, O., Apr. 26, 1920; aged 64 y. 6 m. 7 d. At the age of 17 she accepted Christ as her personal Savior and was baptized, uniting with the A. M. Church in which she remained a faithful and consistent member until death. March 21, 1878, she was married to Peter C. Miller who preceded her in death nearly 17 years. To this union were born 3 sons and 1 daughter, all of whom remain, together with 16 grandchildren, 1 brother and 1 sister, many relatives and friends, to mourn her departure. Sister Miller was a helpless invalid for 17 years, being unable to use her lower limbs. Her arms and hands were also considerably crippled, and yet during all this time she manifested a quiet, Christian disposition, neither murmuring nor complaining, a living example of faith in God. She was kindly cared for by her children who tried as much as possible to do for their mother what they could. Funeral services were conducted by J. A. Liechty, assisted by Alvin Hostetler and Daniel Schmucker. Text, II Tim. 4:7,8. Burial in the Warstler cemetery north of Canton, O., beside her husband.

Transcribed by Kathy Sparr Mott, Indiana.


Gospel Herald - Volume XIII, Number 8 - May 20, 1920 - page 159

Berg. - John Daniel, oldest son of Oscar W. and Rosa E. Berg, was born in Harper Co., Kans., Jan 20, 1910; died May 1, 1920; age 10 y. 3 m. 11 d. Death was caused by inflammation of the bowels and peritonitis, after a very brief illness and operation. He leaves father, mother, one sister (Violet), one brother (Raymond), and a host of friends and relatives. Funeral services at the Pleasant Valley Church on May 2. Sermon by R. M. Weaver. Text, I Chron. 29:15.

Shrock. - Wilma Bernice, daughter of Ezra and Ellen Shrock, was born in Miami Co., Ind., May 22, 1919; died April 12, 1920. Her tender life was but a few days, but she is now with the One who said "Suffer the little children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of heaven." She leaves father, mother, 3 brothers, 5 sisters, one grandfather, one aged grandmother, and a number of other relatives and friends. Funeral services at the Mennonite Church, April 26. Services conducted by J. S. Horner from II Sam. 12:23.

Hunsberger. - Harold Alfred, youngest son of Bro. Daniel and Sister Minnie Hunsberger, was born Jan 6, 1916; died April 23, 1920; aged 4 y. 3 m. 17 d. He leaves father, mother, 3 sisters, and 1 brother. On account of the disease, (diphtheria) the funeral was private. Memorial services will be conducted later by Bro. D. G. Lapp. Buried in the Roseland Mennonite cemetery.
"How happy are these little ones,
 Which Jesus Christ has blessed,
 Come let us praise Him with our songs
 For taking them to rest."

Foreman. - Bro. Wm. F. Foreman was born in Germany July 11, 1858; died April 24, 1920; aged 61 y. 9 m. 12 d. He came to America at the age of three. His parents being dead, he lived with this uncle, John Dos(?), until he was married to Jane Mishler of Cherry Box, Mo., June 12, 1883. To this union were born ten children of whom eight are still living. He united with the Mennonite Church in 1884, which faith he defended till the end. He leaves wife, 8 children, and 12 grandchildren. Funeral services April 27, conducted by Bro. J. M. Yoder. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8. Buried in Mennonite cemetery near Cherry Box, Mo.

Transcriber's Note: The name Dos(?) may be Doser or Dosor, there appears to be an "r" over an "e" or an "o" on the original.

Stutzman. - Elizabeth Fern, little daughter of Bro. David and Emma Stutzman, of Cairo, Neb., died of scarlet fever (after a four weeks' sickness) April 18, 1920; aged 2 y. 6 m. 24 d. She leaves father, mother, 1 brother (Arthur) and 1 sister (Nina). Funeral services at the Mennonite Church near Wood River, Neb., April 19. Services at the house conducted by Bro. A. D. Stutzman and at the church by Bro. Ammon Stoltzfus.
"Sleep on sweet Elizabeth
 And take thy rest
 For God called thee home
 He thought it best."

Bechtel. - Thomas William, son of Henry and Mary B. Bechtel, was born near Gabelsville, Pa., Jan. 16, 1919; died April 24, 1920; aged 1 y 3 m. 8 d. He leaves father, mother, one sister (Naomi) to mourn their loss. Funeral at Fairview Cemetery Chapel, Boyertown, April 27, 1920. Services conducted by Brethren Amos Kolb, John Ehst, and John Kriebel. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.
"Go the thy rest, fair child;
 Go to thy dreamless bed;
 While yet so gentle, undefiled,
 With blessings on thy head."

Kauffman. - Lydia (Stutzman) Kauffman, daughter of Joseph and Martha Stutzman, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., Feb. 15, 1853; died Apr. 22, 1920; aged 67 y. 2 m. 7 d. She was converted in early life and joined the Mennonite Church, of which she has been a consistent member for fifty-one years. In 1873 she was united in marriage to Bro. John L. Kauffman. To this union were born three sons (Ora, Alonzo, and Roy) and two daughters (Mrs. Edwin Miller and Mrs. Daniel Friesner) all of whom with twelve grandchildren remain to mourn her departure. Funeral services were conducted from the Middlebury Mennonite Church Apr. 25, by the brethren, D. D. Miller and S. S. Yoder, and burial at the Forest Grove Cemetery.

Lehman. - Fannie (Martin) Lehman was born in New York Sept. 26, 1837; died April 15, 1920, at the home of her daughter Ella, near Columbiana, Ohio; aged 82 y. 7 m. 19 d. On March 12, 1868, she was married to Christian Lehman, who preceded her to the spirit world 7 years ago. To this union were born three children (Ella, wife of Alvin Detrow, Cassie, wife of Stephen Martin and Nancy who died in infancy). She was the youngest of a family of nine children, all who have passed away except one brother, Pre. David Martin. Death was due to a lingering illness with cancer. Funeral services were held at the Midway Mennonite Church, of which deceased was a member, and was conducted by the brethren E. M. Detwiler, I. B. Witmer, and Harvey Horst. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Yoder. - Elizabeth (Schlatter) Yoder was born Nov. 10, 1859; died May 3, 1920; aged 60 y. 5 m. 23 d. December 23, 1880, she was united in marriage to Eli Yoder. To this union were born 7 sons and 3 daughters. One son preceded her in death in infancy. Beside her husband and children she leaves 14 grandchildren, 5 sisters, 3 brothers, and a host of relatives and friends. At an early age she confessed Christ as her Savior and united with the Mennonite Church to which she remained a faithful member until death.
"We thank God for such a Mother,
 And the prayers for us you've prayed;
 Great and blessed we shall call you,
 May your precepts be obeyed.

 All is over, hands are folded,
 On a calm and peaceful breast,
 All is over, sufferings ended,
 Now dear mother is at rest."

Funeral services were conducted by Ben B. King on May 6 at Leo, Ind., where a large number of friends gathered to pay their last tribute of respect.

Eshleman. - Daniel Eshleman was born June 18, 1849; died April 7, 1920, at his home near Smithsburg, Md.; aged 70 y. 9 m. 19 d. Death was caused by a stroke of paralysis - illness of about one hour. He was married three times. First to Susanna Horst. To this union were born 9 children, 1 daughter and 3 sons living. Second, married to Anna E. Shank. To this union were born 3 daughters. Third, married to Susan Meyers. He is survived by one sister at Marion, Pa., one brother at Orrville, Ohio, 2 half-sisters and 11 grandchildren. He was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church and for 28 years his place was not vacant in Stauffer's Church. He was buried on the anniversary of his first wife's death, 31 years ago at Ransom, Kans. Services at Stauffer's Church, April 10, by Bros. Denton Martin and C. R. Strite. Text, Num. 23:10, latter clause. Buried in graveyard adjoining.
"God in his wisdom hath recalled
 The boon his love had given;
 And tho the body moulders here,
 The soul is safe in heaven."
Written by the family.

Transcribed by Kathy Sparr Mott, Indiana.


Gospel Herald - Volume XIII, Number 9 - May 27, 1920 - page 175

Shank. - The funeral of Daniel David Shank and his wife, Abbie Catherine (Layman) Shank, was held at the Zion Church near Broadway, Va., on Sunday, April 25, conducted by S. H. Rhodes, Joseph Geil, and Henry Keener. Bro. and Sister Shank both died of pneumonia following influenza on the same day, Feb. 17, 1920. Their six children and other near relatives were down with influenza at the time of their death, therefore the funeral service was postponed. Bro. Shank was born July 27, 1886; Sister Shank, Mar. 18, 1886. On Nov. 4, 1908 they were married. They lived very happily together, and worked faithfully and harmoniously in the home, in the community, and in the Church. Their work on earth is ended but their influence will continue to live. Our hearts go out in sympathy to the little orphaned children, but we rejoice in their heritage of noble Christian parentage and early Christian training, and pray that they may grow up to be an honor to their parents and obedient children of God.

Transcribed by Kathy Sparr Mott, Indiana.

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