Gospel Herald Obituaries - June, 1921

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Gospel Herald - Volume XIV, Number 9 - June 2, 1921 - page 174, 175

Swartzendruber. - Warren Lee, infant son of Edwin and Rose Swartzendruber, Manson, Iowa, died May 9, 1921; aged nine days. His death was caused from erysipelas. He leaves mother, brother (Robert Glen) and many other relatives.

Good. - Paul Odessa, infant son of Bro. and Sister Emmanuel and Lizzie Good, died Apr. 25, 1921, aged 2 days. This is the first death in this home leaving father, mother, 4 brothers, 3 sisters. Funeral services at the home by Bro. G. D. Shenk. Text, Psa. 39:9. Interment in cemetery joining plot of ground for the erection of new church building.

Hostetler. - The infant son of Bro. Emory and Sister Alice Hostetler was born and died near Westover, Md., May 21 and was buried May 22 in the Holly Grove Cemetery. May the Lord comfort the bereaved parents and help them to say "The Lord's will be done."
 "He is sleeping, calmly sleeping
  In a new made grave today.
  We are weeping, sadly weeping,
  For our loved one gone away."
R. H.

Lehman. - Barbara Bomberger, widow of the late John D. Lehman, was born Nov. 1, 1840; died May 9, 1921, at her home at Chambersburg, Pa.; aged 80 y. 6 m. 8 d. She is survived by 3 daughters and 1 son (Sadie, wife of S. L. Frey; Lizzie, wife of J. D. Siegrist; David B.; and Susan B.) also by 17 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. Sister Lehman has been a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. Funeral on May 12, at the Chambersburg Church. Services by Daniel Kuhns and W. W. Hege. Text, first clause of Mark 14:8. Buried in adjoining cemetery.

Hershberger. - Mary Esther, youngest daughter of Simon and Savilla Hershberger, was born July 17, 1912, at Goltry, Okla.; died May 21, 1921. Mary was sick 25 days. Father, mother, 2 brothers, and 1 sister survive. On Feb. 29, 1920, she was baptized and received into the church. She was of a very friendly disposition and made many friends. During her sickness she expressed a desire to be with Jesus. Because of the nature of the disease, no public funeral was held. A short service was conducted at the home by Bro. S. C. Miller and D. Y. Hooley, after which the body was laid away in the Milan Valley Cemetery.

Berkey. - Stephen T., son of Bro. John W. and Grace Berkey, died at his home in Woodburn, Oreg., May 11, 1921; aged 9 m. 9 d. He leaves father, mother, 4 brothers, 3 sisters, grandparents (Bro. and Sister Amos P. Troyer) and many relatives and friends. Funeral services on the 13 at the Zion Church conducted by D. B. Kauffman. Text, Song of Solomon 6:2.
 "We loved our darling baby
  He was so sweet and fair
  How glad we are to know
  He's happy over there."

Remains laid to rest within the cemetery nearby.

Yoder. - Christian P. Yoder, son of Benjamin and Leah Yoder, was born near Belleville, Pa., April 13, 1853; died April 19, 1921; aged 68 y. 6 d. He leaves a sorrowing wife (who was Lydia Hartzler), five sons, and four daughters (Nannie, wife of Jacob Kanagy; Sallie, Ira, Leah, Sol. E., Oliver, John D., Catharine, wife of Samuel Eash, and Jesse T.), seven grandchildren, and one step-sister, and a wide circle of friends.
 "None knew him but to love him,
  None named him but to praise."

For more than 50 years he was an active member in the Church of his choice, the Mennonite: a man of deep piety, and large experience, of intense convictions, as good supporter of the Church and her institutions, and a man of great faith in prayer. Funeral services were held from his late home and also from the Mennonite Church, April 21, by Bro. Jos. H. Byler. Text, II Cor. 5:1-4.

Bookwalter. - Mary Esther, oldest daughter of Isaac and Minnie Bookwalter, was born Aug. 29, 1905; died Apr. 9, 1921; aged 15 y. 7 m. 11 d. She united with the Mennonite Church in her 12th year. Although she could not go very often, it was always her desire to be there during her sickness, she was always cheerful and never complained. If any one asked her how she was, she would always answer "Pretty good," even till the same day she died. She leaves father, mother, 3 sisters, 2 brothers, 1 grandmother and grandfather, and many relatives and friends. Services by Bro. Samuel Liter assisted by Walter Brown. Interment in Union cemetery at Thompsontown, Pa.
 "And thus she lived in God at peace,
  And died without a thought of fear,
  Content to take what God decrees,
  For thru His Son her faith was clear;
  His grace in death was her stay,
  And peace did crown her dying day."

Gearard. - Sister Barbara Gearard (nee Ziegler) was born near Smithville, Ohio, Feb. 22, 1851; died near Orrville, Ohio, May 14, 1921; aged 70 y. 3 m. 4 d. She was married to Jeptha Plank Sept. 20, 1878. To them were born 4 children Fanny Ellen, Lydia Alice, Percival Peter, and Emma Saloma. The father and last two children herein named [preceeded] her to the spirit world. She was united in marriage on Feb. 10, 1889, to Limon Gearard. The fruit of this union was two children (Laura Catharine and Mary Jane). She leaves a loving husband four daughters and many other relatives and friends. Owing to the serious illness of daughter in the home where mother lay a corpse the sorrow attending the funeral occasion was just a little beyond the ordinary. Sister Gearard accepted her Savior in early years and was a faithful member of the Salem Mennonite Church at the time of her death.

Funeral services were conducted at the Oak Grove Church on May 17, by L. J. Buckwalter, (Text, Ps. 90:1) and I. W. Royer (Text, II Cor. 5:1). Prayer by J. S. Gerig. May the Lord comfort father Gearard and family at this time.

Transcriber's Note: [preceeded] spelled as in original.

Yoder. - Sister Anna Weldy, wife of Bro. C. S. Yoder, was born in St. Joseph county, Ind., Nov. 2, 1873; died at her home in Nappanee, Ind., May 9, 1921; aged 47 y. 5 m. 13 d. On Sunday, May 8, Sister Yoder attended Sunday school and church services and took her part as teacher of her class. On the following Monday she went about her work in her usual health when at about 8 o'clock she had a sudden stroke of paralysis which rendered her unconscious. At about 11:30 she expired without regaining consciousness. Her sudden demise was a great shock to all the relatives and friends in the community. She leaves a husband, 3 children (Martha, Noah and Harold) an aged father, and one brother and sister, besides many relatives and friends. Her motherly counsel and care in the home will be greatly missed. Sister Yoder became a member of the Mennonite Church at about 20 years of age and remained faithful to the end. She was always a ready worker in the Church, always finding her place among its various activities. Funeral services were held May 11, from the N. Main St. Mennonite Church, conducted by E. S. Mullet. Text, Matt. 24:44. It was the most largely attended funeral of any held in Nappanee for some time. Interment in the South Union Cemetery.

Brunk. - Bro. C. H. Brunk died at his home near Harrisonburg, Va., May 7, 1921; aged 75 y. 5 m. 19 d. Brother Brunk had been in failing health for more than a year, and was confined to his bed several months during which time he gradually wore away to the end. Nearly a year ago he gave up all positions of trust which he had filled with fidelity, in order to spend the remainder of his life with as little worry as possible. He at different times expressed to the writer that he was only waiting the Lord's decree, perfectly resigned to His will. Assured of a glorious resurrection, death to him seemed no dread. He united with the Mennonite Church in early life. He gave many years of faithful service to the Church: in Sunday schools, young people's meetings and so forth. He was much interested in the Eastern Mennonite School and was a valuable member of the Board of trustees the last few years of his active life. He leaves his faithful wife, one son, and two daughters, besides a host of friends and relatives. He was [wdiely] known and respected. He will be greatly missed in the home church and community. Memorial services were held at the Weaver Church on the 8th by Bro. L. J. Heatwole assisted by S. B. Hanna and B. F. Wilson, after which his body was laid to rest in the New Erection church Cemetery. Text, Jer. 9:21.

Transcriber's Note: [wdiely] spelled as in original.

Martin. - Barbara Martin, daughter of John and Elizabeth Bentler, was born in Ashland Co., Ohio, Feb. 10, 1840, and entered the life beyond May 12, 1921; aged 81 y. 3 m. 2 d. She was the next to the youngest of a family of 9 children, all of whom have preceded her in death - two brothers (Jacob, a minister in the Mennonite Church who lived in Elkhart Co., Ind., John, who died in infancy), six sisters (Mrs. James Reed, Mrs. Daniel Brondage, Mrs. Samuel Rohrer, Mrs. Adam Kornhaus, and Elizabeth and Hettie Bentler). Nov. 5, 1872, she was united in marriage with Adam Martin to which union was born one son (David R.) who with his companion and two daughters remain to mourn the going away of mother and grandmother. In their early married life she and her husband accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and united with the Mennonite Church at this place (Martin's congregation). Sister Martin was loyal to the Church of her choice, true to the Savior of her life, and happy in her Christian experience. She was a kind, gentle, and loving mother and grandmother - a practical everyday Christian, living for the good of others. She cared for the aged, sheltered the homeless, and entertained strangers. In her later days, when she could not minister and had to be ministered unto and suffered pain and sorrow, she did not murmur nor complain but gave this testimony for those who cared for her, "They are good to me." Funeral services were conducted by I. J. Buckwalter, I. W. Royer, and W. Oswalt. Burial at the Martin's cemetery.

Nissley. - Bishop Peter R. Nissley, Mt. Joy, Pa., was born Sept. 6, 1863, and died May 17, 1921, at the home where he was born and lived. He was the son of John K. and Maria Nissley and grandson of Pre. Peter Nissley who was a minister in Kraybill's congregation for nearly 53 years, dating from 1836. He is survived by his wife (who was Miss Hallie Garber) and the following children: Alice, John, Hiram, Esther, Gertrude, Simon Peter, and Rhoda, who deeply mourn the loss of one who was the center of affection in the home as well as in the Mt. Joy-Kraybill congregation and bishop district. He was ordained minister at Kraybill's Church June 16, 1904, and on Dec. 26, 1911, he was ordained bishop at Erisman's Church to succeed Bishop Jacob N. Brubacher. In the bishops' council he served as secretary. He was an ardent worshiper, and tireless in his efforts for the interests of the Church. In his bishop district, when any decision had to be rendered or executive action became necessary, every word, movement, look, or accent and stress of voice gave evidence that behind it all was the motive of love and desire to be obedient to the Gospel and faithful to the body of which he was a part. The prayer of the congregation is that the Lord of the harvest may send another faithful laborer into His vineyard. On May 8 he served us with communion at Mt. Joy Church, baptizing and receiving into fellowship 13 precious souls the day before. Funeral services at the house, May 20, conducted by Brethren B. Lehman Kraybill and Henry Longenecker and at Mt. Joy by Brethren John Ebersole and Noah Landis. All the bishops were present, as well as many ministers and deacons together with over 3000 people who desired to pay a tribute and share the tears with the bereaved ones.
A. B. L.

Martin. - Naomi (Weber) Martin was born in Waterloo, Ont., June 29, 1896; died at the Toronto Mission Home Friday evening, May 20, 1921; aged 24 y. 10 m. 22 d. She was united in marriage to Nelson B. Martin March 21, 1917. To this union were born twins who died in infancy. Sister Martin's illness was of very short duration. She had been visiting at her father's home for a few days. On Thursday morning, May 19, she complained of sore throat and felt that she had better go home to the Mission. On her arrival there at noon she took a few hours' rest after which she felt a good deal better. The physician said that there is nothing serious, only an attack of [tonsilitis]. The following day there was a turn for the worse and at 8 o'clock in the evening she went to be with her Lord. She confessed Christ at the early age of twelve and gave a brilliant testimony of absolute trust in Jesus until her hope was realized. Her labors at the Mission were greatly blessed among the children and the mothers. We think she will be greatly missed, yet are firmly convinced that this is God's will, and that His way is best. She leaves to mourn her sudden departure a loving husband, an aged grandmother, father, mother, five sisters and seven brothers, as well as a large circle of relatives and friends. A funeral service was held at the Mission on Sunday afternoon conducted by Bro. L. W. Hoover, Markham. On Monday morning the body was taken to her father's home, north of Waterloo, from whence the funeral was held in the afternoon. The funeral services in the Waterloo Church were conducted by the brethren Jonas Snider, S. F. Coffman, and Oscar Burkholder. Texts, I Tim. 6:12; I Cor. 13:13; Matt. 24:44.

Transcriber's Note: [tonsilitis] spelled as in original.

Transcribed by Kathy Sparr Mott, Indiana.


Gospel Herald - Volume XIV, Number 10 - June 9, 1921 - page 207

Detweiler. - Lawrence, infant son of Edward and Minnie Detweiler, died May 12, 1921, aged six days. He leaves father, mother, grandparents, and many other relatives. Funeral services at East Fairview Church near Milford, Neb.

Knupp. - David F. Knupp was born July 16, 1849; died April 12, 1921; aged 71 y. 8 m. 27 d. Late in life he became a member of the Mennonite Church. Funeral by Bro. Lewis Shank. Interment in Linville Creek, Va., Cemetery.

Hollinger. - Melvin, son of Bro. Levi and Sister Fanny Hollinger, died May 22, 1921, aged 22 days. He leaves parents, 3 brothers, and 3 sisters to mourn their loss. Funeral services were held at the East Petersburg, Pa., Mennonite Church May 24, conducted by Bro. Frank Kreider. Interment in the cemetery adjoining.
An Aunt.

Helmuth. - Catherine (Oesch) Helmuth was born in Ontario May 4, 1844; died May 25, 1921; aged 77 y. 21 d. She was united in marriage to John Helmuth in 1861 in Davis Co., Iowa. To this union were born 5 sons and 5 daughters. In 1865 they moved to Hickory Co., Mo., and 18 years later to Cass Co., Mo. Her companion [preceeded] her about 22 years. Sister Helmuth united with the Amish Mennonite Church in early youth and lived out its simple teachings of truth. So the texts seem very appropriate in the services by I. G. Hartzler - Phil. 1:21, II Cor. 4:16, I Cor. 15:57.

Transcriber's Note: [preceeded] spelled as in original.

Gerber. - Anna Gerber was born in Wayne Co., O., July 1, 1865; died at her home near North Lawrence, O., May 27, 1921; aged 55 y. 10 m. 26 d. She was married to Solomon Gerber Aug. 3, 1889. She united with the Mennonite Church in early life but in later years changed her membership to the Brethren in Christ, of which Church she was a member at the time of her death. She leaves her husband, 2 sisters, and many other relatives and friends to mourn her departure. Funeral services were held at the Sonnonberg Church on May 29 by Wm. Myers, Cleophas Amstutz, I. J. Buckwalter, and Ben Good.

Garber. - Joseph, son of Christian and Magdalena Garber, was born in Woodford Co., Ill., May 25, 1843; died of apoplexy at the home of his daughter, Emma Good, near Kokomo, Ind., May 21, 1921; aged 77 y. 11 m. 26 d. In 1881 he moved to Garden City, Mo., at which place he resided until about the first of November last, when he came to Howard Co., Ind., to make his home with his daughter, Sister Good.

He was married to Kate Noftziger. To this union were born 4 sons and 5 daughters, 3 of these with his wife [preceeded] him in death. He leaves 6 children, 3 sisters, 31 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and many relatives and friends. He was a member of the Mennonite Church. Funeral was held Wednesday the 25th at the house by N. M. Slabaugh, and at the church by E. A. Mast and J. S. Horner from Rev. 3:12. Buried in Mast cemetery.
G. W. Worth.

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Fielitz. - Wayne, son of Bro. John and Sister Verna Fielitz, Archbold, Ohio, died May 10, 1921; aged 5 m. 9 d. Although he suffered much during the short stay among us, we have the comforting thought that he has gone to the place where pain and suffering are unknown. He leaves parents, two brothers, one sister, and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his departure.

Rhodes. - Abraham Rhodes was born March 8, 1848; died April 10, 1921; aged 73 y. 10 d. Bro. Rhodes was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for over forty years. Funeral at Trissel's Church near Timberville, Va., by Bro. Lewis Shank.
 "Into sweet rest he has entered,
  No more to wake or to weep;
  He is smiling upon us from Heaven,
  Dear Brother has fallen asleep."
By his Sister.

Snyder. - Barbara, widow of Jacob Snyder, was born March 26, 1843; died May 22, 1921; aged 78 y. 1 m. 21 d. A few years ago she had a stroke from which she never fully recovered. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church. She is survived by 1 son, 1 daughter, (married to Peter Haldeman with whom she had her home) 4 grandchildren, 4 sisters, and a number of friends. Funeral services at her late home May 26 and at the Mt. Joy, Pa., Mennonite Church, conducted by the brethren, Lehman Kraybill and Samuel L. Oberholtzer. Text, Rev. 14:13. Interment at Risser's burial grounds. Peace be to her ashes.

Grieser. - Christian Grieser was born near Archbold, Ohio, May 1, 1849; died May 21, 1921; aged 72 y. 23 d. He was married to Veronica Nafziger July 28, 1872. To this union were born 5 sons and 3 daughters. He leaves a sorrowing wife 5 sons, 2 daughters, 35 grandchildren, a great-grandchild, 4 brothers, and many relatives and friends to mourn his departure. A daughter, a daughter-in-law, and 2 grandchildren [preceeded] him in death. Dec. 27, 1920, he had a stroke of paralysis, from which he never fully recovered but gradually grew weaker until the end. He accepted Christ in his youth, united with the Amish Mennonite Church, and remained a faithful member until death. Funeral on May 24 at Central A. M. Church, conducted by Bros. Eli Rupp, Henry Rychener, and Eli Frey. Interment in Eckley Cemetery.

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Hartzler. - Jonathan A. Hartzler was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., Jan. 25, 1833; died at the home of his son, A. L. Hartzler, Fairview, Mich., April 21, 1921, of apoplexy and old age; aged 88 y. 2 m. 26 d. He had been in failing health for the last year. Jan. 28, 1855, he was married to Nancy Hartzler who died April 7, 1872. To this union were born 8 daughters and one son. Three daughters preceded him to the spirit world. In 1899 he was married to Elizabeth Garber, who died in 1908. He leaves 5 daughters, a son, 23 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, and many friends. Only the son and one daughter (Mrs. E. D. Plank of Topeka, Ind.) were present at the funeral of their father which took place April 24, 1921, where comforting words were spoken by the home brethren, Steiner and Esch, from Luke 23:28 (chosen text of the departed one). He was laid away in the Fairview Cemetery.

Weaver. - Christian G. Weaver, deacon of Weaverland district, Lancaster Co., Pa., died May 20, 1921; aged 73 y. 7 m. 2 d. A sorrowing companion, 4 children (John H. Mrs. Samuel Metzler, Mrs. James Shiffer, Mrs. Aaron Martin) 20 grandchildren, 2 brothers a sister survive. Yes, father is gone. The home will be broken up. He was ailing since last September of dropsy and cancer of the stomach. It was a sad ordeal for all the family to linger around his bed-side for one week to see him suffer but that sweet calm expression upon his face in the last moment we shall never forget. His influence will remain with us. We shall ever remember him as a kind and loving father, hoping to meet him and other loved ones in yonder glory. Service at Weaverland conducted by J. W. Weaver, I. B. Good, and John Souder. Interment in adjoining cemetery.
A daughter.

Horst. - Margaret E. Hoover was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Jan. 15, 1859. She was married to Frank W. Horst, Nov. 28, 1878; died May 3, 1921; aged 62 y. 3 m. 18 d. In 1885 the parents with their three small children moved to Harvey Co., Kans., and settled on the farm where they have since lived and where the wife and mother died. To this union were born ten children. She is survived by her deeply bereaved husband, nine children, (one having [preceeded] her to the Spirit world) seventeen grandchildren, four sisters, and two brothers, her sisters and brothers all living in Lancaster Co., Pa. She gave her heart to God and united with the Mennonite Church in 1880 and remained a faithful member to her end. She was of an amiable disposition, a faithful wife and loving mother, and interested in the best welfare of the family and the Church. For more than six months she was failing in health, but was not seriously ill until about two weeks before her death, when her heart gave way and it was evident that the end was near. The children were called home, and on Tuesday, just before dinner, she peacefully fell asleep in Jesus. Funeral services were conducted by D. H. Bender and C. Reiff. Text, Phil. 1:23. Interment in the Pennsylvania Cemetery.

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Greider. - Tobias E., son of Bishop John M. and Anna Greider, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., March 23, 1851; died May 19, 1921; aged 70 y. 1 m. 26 d. In his early days he moved with his parents to Montgomery Co., Ohio, where he resided until called by death. He was united in marriage to Barbara Musser Jan. 6, 1881. To this union were born 10 children. One son and 2 daughters [preceeded] him in death. His wife, 2 sons, and 5 daughters survive, are all members of the Mennonite Church and were all present at his funeral. About the age of 36 he united with the Mennonite Church and remained a faithful member until death. During his sickness he was much concerned about his family and friends and prayed for them. He was patient and fully resigned to God's will. A few weeks before he passed away he was anointed and also partook of the communion. In the death of Bro. Greider the Church has lost a faithful brother, the community a good neighbor, and the mourning family a kind father. But he has fallen asleep in Jesus. He leaves 3 brothers and 4 sisters. (His brother John followed him to the great beyond just a few days later.). Buried at the Medway Church on the 22d. His funeral was largely attended. Services were conducted by Moses Brenneman, assisted by Levi Hartzler. Text, Psa. 116:15.

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Gross. - Bro. Joseph M. Gross, son of the late Bishop Samuel and Lydia Gross, was born at Fountainville, Pa., died at Blooming Glen, Pa., May 15, 1921; aged 54 y. 10 m. 17 d. Bro. Gross had been suffering from [diabetis] for several years but was able to go about his duties until last winter, when heart trouble and dropsy set in. He sat in his chair day and night for about 4 months. He was married to Maria Moyer of Campden, Ont., in 1890. This union was blessed with 1 son and 2 daughters, all of whom survive. He also leaves 2 brothers and 2 sisters to mourn their loss. Bro. Gross was ordained a minister in November, 1918, and served faithfully as long as health permitted him to attend services. His last sermon was preached at Doylestown, Pa., Dec. 26. Although very weak he preached a powerful and very impressive sermon. Since then he had been confined to his chair most of the time. He suffered much but bore it patiently and showed by his suffering the power of Jesus. He often said Jesus was present with him and sometimes reached out his hand and said, "My Jesus, such a sweet face!" He calmly fell asleep without a struggle or warning. Altho he was helpless and very weak the last few weeks of his life we still hoped he might be restored and all that human aid could do was done for him, but God saw best to take him home. Funeral services were held on May 19, Brethren Frank Swartz and Peter Loux officiating at the house, and Brethren Warren Bean and Jonas Mininger at the Blooming Glen meeting house. Text, Psa. 61:2 - "Lead me to the rock that is higher than I." The funeral was very largely attended. Peace to his ashes.

Transcriber's Note: [diabetis] spelled as in original.

Transcribed by Kathy Sparr Mott, Indiana.


Gospel Herald - Volume XIV, Number 11 - June 16, 1921 - page 223

Rice. - J. T. Rice died at his home at Nobby, Edwards Mo. RFD, March 7, 1921. He was born Jan. 18, 1840, making him 81 years, one month and 19 days old at the time of his death. He was married three times: to Calpurna Young Sept. 25, 1859, by whom he had five children, namely, Laura (deceased), Charley, William, Samuel, Jean. His wife died Dec. 15, 1897. He was married a second time to Rhoda Short in 1900. His second wife died the following year. In 1902 he was married to Rebecca Moore who still survives.

Bro. Rice was known for his piety from his early life. Funeral conducted by his pastor, Bro. Engle, assisted by the writer in the presence of a large gathering.
J. R. Shank.

Stemen. - Lydia, daughter of John M. and Sophia Brenneman, was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, April 21, 1841; died May 30, 1921; aged 80 y. 1 m. 9 d. In 1855 she came with her parents to Allen Co., Ohio, where she resided the remainder of her life. Nov. 7, 1867, she was united in marriage to Isaac B. Stemen. To this union were born 4 sons and 5 daughters. Two sons preceded her in death. She leaves her husband, seven children, (Anna, George W., Amanda, Simeon, Rhoda, Lydia, and Martha) also 49 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren, 1 brother, 4 sisters, besides many other relatives and friends. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth and lived faithful to the end. She was always mindful of the needs of others, ministering faithfully to those of her own family as well as others. Only a few moments before she passed away she said that [he] was now going home. Funeral services were held at the Salem Church, June 2, Perry E. Brunk and Ben G. King officiating.
 "Tis hard to part with you, dear mother.
  We, can only wonder why
  Thou hast left us, grieved and lonely,
  May we meet thee, by and by."

Transcriber's Note: [he] as in original.

Lantz. - Levi Z., son of Samuel and Martha Lantz, was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., April 15, 1837, died at his home in West Liberty, Ohio, May 2, 1921, aged 84 y. 17 d. Levi, with his parents and family came to Ohio in 1851 and located in Champaign county and lived in Salem township until a few years ago, when he and his wife, Lydia, moved to West Liberty, where he died. He was stricken with paralysis four weeks ago and ten days before his death he had a second stroke, which rendered him entirely speechless and helpless. Levi was next to the youngest of seven boys and three girls, of whom all are gone except one brother, John Lantz, of West Liberty, aged 86 years. His father died 50 years ago aged 71 years, and his mother 30 years ago aged 96 years. Levi was married to Sarah Yoder Jan. 2, 1862. She died March 26, 1892. He was again married to Elizabeth Smucker Dec. 15, 1896. She died April 23, 1899. He was united in marriage to Lydia Bontrager King Dec. 26, 1901, who survives him. He united with the Oak Grove Mennonite Church about 1855 and was much devoted to his church. He was always true and firm in his convictions, and always aimed to be guided by what he believed was the will of God, in working for the welfare of humanity and the uplifting of Christ's Kingdom. Funeral services at Oak Grove Church, Thursday morning, at 10 o'clock, in charge of Bros. S. E. Allgyer and A. I. Yoder. Burial in Hooley Cemetery.

Sauder. - Margaret (Sensenig) Sauder, wife of John Sauder, Farmersville, Pa., was born March 13, 1855; died May 25, 1921; aged 66 y. 2 m. 12 d. On the night of May 18 mother suffered an attack of pleurisy which later developed into pneumonia and at 9:05 P.M. on the above date she peacefully fell asleep in Jesus. The entire family was at her bedside when the soul departed and we realized more fully the meaning of, "What is Home without a Mother". During the last afternoon of her stay with us, she requested prayer with the family. After reading part of John 14 we knelt by her bedside and prayed as best we could, for we knew then that it would only be a matter of a few hours and we said; "Lord, Thy will be done." Two sons who had not confessed Christ as their personal Savior promised to do so when mother plead with them and she had the assurance of meeting her family in the Home above. In early life she united with the Mennonite Church and was a faithful witness for the Master for many years. She was the mother of nine sons and three daughters. One son preceded her to the eternal home. Father and the following children remain to mourn the loss of a devoted companion and mother: Daniel, William, Levi, Mrs. Jacob S. Sweigart, John, Clayton, Mrs. Aaron Martin, Martin, Noah, Samuel, and Mary. Three sisters also survive: Mrs. Noah H. Mack, Mrs. David Weber, and Miss Annie E. Sensenig. Funeral services May 28. Preachers E. B. Witmer and Amos Horst conducted the services at the house and Bishop Benjamin Weaver and Preacher Benjamin Wenger at the Metzler Mennonite Church. Text, Mark 14:8, "She hath done what she could." Interment in the Metzler Cemetery.
L. S.

Transcribed by Kathy Sparr Mott, Indiana.


Gospel Herald - Volume XIV, Number 12 - June 23, 1921 - page 239

Thomas. - Irene Violet, daughter of Henry and Alice Thomas, of near Holsopple, Pa., died June 2, 1921; aged 4 d. Funeral services at the home by L. A. Blough. Buried at the Thomas Church.

Basinger. - David Basinger died at Zion City, Ill., on Sunday, June 12, 1921. He formerly resided in Allen Co., Ohio, and was the deacon in the Zion congregation. Later he moved to Zion City, where he resided to the time of his death. Buried on the 15th.

Beachy. - Pearl Lucille Beachy died May 30, 1921; aged 2 m. 11 d. She was the daughter of Bro. Elmer Beachy and wife. The cause of her death was whooping cough. Funeral services at the New Germany Reformed Church near Grantsville, Md., conducted by Milton B. Miller and N. E. Miller.

Hofstetter. - Sarah Ann Gerber was born in Wayne Co., O., July 19, 1882; died of blood poison June 8, 1921; aged 38 y. 10 m. 19 d. Jan. 18, 1902, she was married to William J. Hofstetter. To this union eleven children were born. She leaves a bereaved husband, 8 sons, 2 daughters, 6 brothers, 2 sisters and a host of other relatives. One son, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, and parents preceded her. On May 29 she yet attended the funeral of her sister (Mrs. Solomon Gerber) although she had already been ailing at that time and had been a sufferer since but nobody thought her serious until the last two days. Funeral services were held June 11 by C. N. Amstutz and Jacob Nussbaum at the Sonnenberg Church near Dalton, Ohio, of which she had been a member since 1900.

Kerler. - Caroline Kerler was born in Baden, Germany, May 10, 1857; died at her home in Beemer, Neb., June 9, 1921; aged 64 y. 1 m. Sister Kerler left her native country, and came to Tiskilwa, Ill., in 1882, uniting with the Mennonite Church in 1890. She was married to Michael Kerler in 1891. To this union were born 4 daughters and 2 sons. Two daughters preceded their mother in death. She leaves her husband, 4 children, and 1 grandchild. She left a bright testimony that she was prepared to depart and meet her Savior. She took sick very suddenly while about her duties in her home, and suffered intensely almost to the hour of her death, submitting to an operation from which she died before regaining consciousness. Funeral was held June 11 from her home and at the church by J. D. Birky of Kouts, Ind., assisted by our home ministers. Buried in Beemer cemetery.

Hershberger. - Sister Ellen, wife of Bro. Henry Hershberger of Holsopple, Pa., was born Aug. 2, 1859; died of dropsy and other complicated diseases, May 31, 1921; aged 61 y. 9 m. 29 d. She was married to Henry Hershberger Dec. 23, 1879. To this union were born 2 sons and 5 daughters, who with her husband survive her. She also had 20 grandchildren, 15 living and 5 dead. She is also survived by her mother, 2 brothers, and 1 sister. She was afflicted for many years. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for 27 years. Her sufferings on earth are ended, and we have the consolation she is resting in glory. Funeral services June 2 at the Blough Church conducted by E. J. Blough and Jas. Saylor. Buried in cemetery near church.
 "Yet again we hope to meet thee,
  When the cares of life are fled;
  And in heaven we hope to greet thee,
  Where no farewell tear is shed."

Hostetler. - Alice Adaline (Zook) Hostetler was born in Mifflin Co., Pa., July 26, 1897; died at her home near Westover, Md., May 30, 1921; aged 23 y. 10 m. 4 d. Altho the last week of her life was filled with much suffering she bore it all patiently until God saw fit to end her suffering and took her home to Himself. She united with the A. M. Church in 1910 and remained a faithful member to the end. She was married to Emory Hostetler of Shelbyville, Ill., Dec. 20, 1919. This union was blest with one son who preceded his mother in death 10 days. She leaves husband, father, mother, 4 sisters, and 3 brothers besides a host of relatives and friends. The funeral was held June 1 at the Holly Grove Church by Bro. John S. Mast of Elverson, Pa. Text, Jas. 4:14. Interment in the adjoining cemetery. May God bless those who have been separated from their loved one for a short while.
 "Dearest sister, thou hast left us;
  Here our loss we deeply feel;
  But 'tis God who hath bereft us;
  He can all our sorrows heal."
A Sister.

Transcribed by Kathy Sparr Mott, Indiana.


Gospel Herald - Volume XIV, Number 13 - June 30, 1921 - page 255

Hershberger. - Ellen Bear was born Aug. 2, 1859; died May 31, 1921; aged 61 y. 9 m. 29 d. She was married to Henry Hershberger Dec. 23, 1879. To this union were born 5 girls and 2 boys, all of whom, with their father, survive; also 20 grandchildren of whom 15 survive. Sister Hershberger was not well for a number of years. She suffered much until the end came caused by dropsy. Funeral services were conducted at the Blough Church, near Holsopple, Pa., June 2 by E. J. Blough and Jas. Saylor. Text, Psa. 17:15. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Southard. - Sister Lydia Southard (nee Beery) died of infirmities of age and other complications May 27, 1921, near Dale Enterprise, Va.; aged 85 y. 4 m. 24 d. She had been a consistent member of the Mennonite Church for many years. She leaves one daughter and two grandsons, her only descendants. Funeral services were conducted at Weaver's Church on the 27th by the brethren S. H. Rhodes and H. B. Keener. Text (selected by her) "Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his." Her body was laid to rest in the cemetery nearby.

Bowman. - Bro. Amos G., son of Pre. Noah B. and Matilda Bowman, died June 15, 1921, near Bowmansville, Pa., after a year's illness from consumption; aged 21 y. 1 m. 10 d. Funeral Sunday, June 19. Buried at the Mennonite graveyard. On account of the meeting house torn down privilege was given by the Lutheran and Reformed Church to have services in Bowmansville, which was much appreciated by our church. The brethren, Moses Gehman, John W. Weaver, Daniel Gish, and Paul Grabill conducted the services. Bro. Bowman was a bright young man but the reaper of death took him away. One brother and 2 sisters survive. All is well with those that die in the Lord.

Hochstetler. - Lydia Ann (Miller) Hochstetler was born April 9, 1880; died June 3, 1921; aged 41 y. 1 m. 25 d. She was baptized 1897 and received into the O. O. Amish Church and later received into the Mennonite Church by letter at the Hopewell Church in Oregon. She remained a faithful member until death. Married to Jacob Hochstetler Oct. 27, 1898. Ten children were born to this union. Four preceded her to the great Beyond. She is survived by her parents, four brothers, two sisters, husband, and six children. She requested that no large display of flowers be made. Shortly before her death she said that she hoped God would call her soon.

Onstott. - William B. Onstott was born near Ft. Madison, Iowa, Feb. 14, 1852; died at Axtell Hospital in Newton, Kans., June 19, 1921; aged 69 y. 4 m. 5 d. A few years after his marriage to Cynthia Barker he moved to Harvey Co., Kans., in 1875. He bought the farm, whereon he lived until the day of his death, from the government. There were born to them three sons, two of them surviving. His wife died fourteen years ago and the youngest son three years ago. While he lived in a Christian community and was raised by a praying and Christian mother, he never accepted Christ until last winter. While J. W. Hess was holding meetings at the Pennsylvania Church he visited him several times, he then being quite low with cancer. He was persuaded to accept Christ and was baptized and received into the Mennonite Church. His sickness, however, prevented him from attending any services afterwards. A few short services were held with him while at the hospital. The funeral was held at the Pennsylvania Church June 21, conducted to T. M. Erb. Text, John 14:6.

Meck. - Bro. Geo. H. Meck, son of the late John and Maria Houser Meck, was born Sept. 17, 1861; entered into rest May 4, 1921, at his home near Lampeter, Pa.; aged 59 y. 8 m. 17 d. Brief services were held at the home May 7 by Bro. C. M. Brubaker with services at Mellingers M. H. by Bro. Sanford Landis. Text, Prov. 14:32 - "The righteous hath hope in his death." He is survived by his wife and these children: Ralph E., Stella E., wife of Jacob Doerr, Earl H., and Paul D. Two grandchildren, Myrtle E. and Verna M. Doerr, 1 brother Jacob N. and 1 sister Lizzie L., also [servive]. Our brother enjoyed comparatively good health all his life, but suffered a stroke of paralysis in January from which he never fully recovered, his strength gradually failing until the end. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for more than thirty years. His quiet, unassuming nature, as he lived for those about him, fulfilled in a large measure the saying of our Lord: "Insamuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." While we miss him every day and hour, we have the sweet assurance, if we live as he lived, can give the testimony he gave in his illness, that he was "trusting only in the merits of our Savior," then we can meet again where sickness never comes, and partings are unknown. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord."
L. L. M.

Transcriber's Note: [servive] as in original.

Heatwole. - Reuben Joseph Heatwole was born Feb. 27, 1847, near Harrisonburg, Va.; died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. D. Yoder, near Windom, Kans., June 7, 1921; aged 74 y. 3 m. 11 d. Heart trouble caused his death. He was bedfast two weeks. He was the only surviving member of ten children. When a young man he moved to Hagerstown, Md., and in 1866 to Henry Co., Ill. Eight years later he located in Marion Co., Kans. On Feb. 27, 1873 he was united in marriage to Margaret Kilmer. She preceded him in death about 20 months. To this union were born 7 children. Two died in infancy. The surviving ones are Henry A., Martha Hartzler, Susie Yoder, Sarah Holderman, and Lydia. He is also survived by 28 grandchildren. He was one of the Mennonite pioneers of Kansas and helped organize the first Mennonite Sunday school in the west. He was a Mission Board member for many years and spent much time and willingly made many sacrifices in assisting the evangelistic work of the Church. He was moderator of the first Kansas-Nebraska conference session. The last active work he did was at Ransom, Kans., a few years ago where he and his wife taught a number of people concerning the kingdom of heaven, with good results. The funeral services were conducted by R. M. Weaver and G. B. Landis. Text, Matt. 7:21. Interment at the West Liberty Cemetery.

Byler. - Bishop Jacob R. Byler of Volant, Pa., son of Reuben and Sarah Byler, was born in Lawrence Co., Pa., Oct 9, 1860; died very suddenly of heart failure while at his work on June 15, 1921; aged 60 y. 8 m. 6 d. He united with the Old Order Amish Mennonites in his youth and in 1883 he transferred his membership to the Amish Mennonites of Wilmington Jct., Pa. On Dec. 3, 1885, he was united in marriage to Phoebe Kauffman. No children were born to this union. On Apr. 10, 1910, he was ordained to the ministry in which capacity he labored 2 years and on Apr. 21, 1912, he was ordained to the office of bishop, in which capacity he labored faithfully until death. He will be sadly missed in the home, in the church, and in the community. He leaves a sorrowing wife, 2 adopted daughters (Mrs. E. F. Zook and Miss Vera Sproull) 3 grandchildren, 6 brothers, 2 sisters, and a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services conducted June 18 at the Maple Grove Church in the presence of a large number of friends by Clayton Derstine and Enos Detweiler and all the home ministers. Text, Job 5:26. Laid to rest in the Amish cemetery.
 "Father's gone, his chair is vacant,
  And his face we see no more;
  He has gone to dwell in heaven,
  All his sorrows now are o'er."
By a daughter.

Rutt. - Sister Ada N. Rutt died June 6, 1921, after a lingering illness of about two years, from diabetes. Funeral services June 9 from their home in Florin, Pa., and at Mt. Joy Church. Services at the house conducted by Bro. B. Lehman Kraybill, and at the church by Bros. Simon E. Garber and Noah H. Mack. Text, Jno. 11:11. Sister Rutt leaves a widowed mother and two brothers (Alvin and Walter) to mourn her early departure, for she was only in her 28th year. She was a granddaughter of the late Bishop Martin Rutt, and a daughter of Gabriel Rutt who died over 20 years ago, leaving the widowed mother to raise the little flock and struggle with the questions of the family welfare alone, and after meeting them bravely and firmly in the faith, mourns deeply this new sorrow, though "not as those who have no hope." The Kraybill and Mt. Joy congregations are again sorrowing because of her loss following so soon after that of Bro. Amos F. Eby and our bishop, Peter R. Nissley, and feel that the "hand of the Lord is resting heavily upon us." We need the prayers of all God's people. Sister Rutt was a shining light during life, especially for one so young, mild, gentle, always appearing with "shame facedness and sobriety," and her one burden was to meet God's favor. Even during affliction she was always fearing she would make trouble and too much care, and lately she desired the anointing ceremony, but after our bishop brother died she said nothing but on a visit of Bishop Mack it was mentioned and he arranged on eve of same day, and after the ceremony she was ready to go, fully resigned. Sister Rutt was an encouragement to all of us every time we visited her by her gentleness and strong faith, and we shall continue to pay tribute to her memory for time to come, while we mourn we believe for her it is "far better."

Transcribed by Kathy Sparr Mott, Indiana.

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