Gospel Herald Obituaries - November, 1921

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Gospel Herald - Volume XIV, Number 31 - November 3, 1921 - p. 607

Kilmer.-Rhudella Kilmer was born July 14, 1890, in Jasper Co., Mo.; died Oct. 12, 1921, at her home in Woodburn, Oreg.; aged 31 y. 2 m. 28 d. She was united in marriage to Daniel Kilmer Sept. 20, 1907. To this union were born two children, Violet and William. She leaves a sorrowing companion, two children, a mother, one sister, two brothers. Funeral services at the home by E. Z. Yoder, at the Zion Church by G. D. Shenk assisted by A. P. Troyer. Text, Gal. 6:7, 8. Remains laid to rest in the cemetery nearby.

Smith.-Winfield Scott, son of Thomas and Sarah Smith, was born Feb. 9, 1881, in Lagrange County, Ind.; died in White Pigeon, Mich., Sept. 4, 1921; aged 40 y. 6 m. 26 d. On Apr. 4, 1911, he was married to Daily Yoder. He leaves a sorrowing wife, 6 children, mother, 4 brothers, 4 sisters, besides many relatives and friends. His father, 2 sisters and 1 son preceded him in death. Funeral services at the Reformed Church, conducted by Oscar Hostetler. Burial in White Pigeon cemetery.

Horst.-Bro. John Horst died of pneumonia at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Harry Rench, Chambersburg, Pa., Oct. 7, 1921, aged about 75 years. Services at the home by ____ Gobrecht and at the church by J. S. Burkholder. Burial in Chambersburg cemetery. He is survived by his widow (at the time of this writing very sick), 2 sons (Harry and Edward), a daughter (Bessie Rench, with whom he had his home). He was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years.

Erb.-Catharine Erb (nee Knarr) wife of Noah Erb, Waterloo, Ont., was born in Germany, April 1, 1842; died Oct. 22, 1921; aged 79 y. 5 m. 21 d. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years and left this world in a living hope of meeting her Savior, often expressing her desire to leave and be with Christ which is far better. Funeral services at the Waterloo Mennonite Church on Oct. 24, by Noah Stauffer, Lewis Weber, and Jonas Snider. Texts, Rev. 21:4; I Cor.15:55-57.

Stouffer.-John C. Stouffer was born in Columbiana Co., Ohio, Dec. 29,1869; died at his home near Columbiana on Oct. 1, 1921; aged 51 y. 9 m. 2 d. His wife, one son, one daughter, two step-sons, aged mother, three brothers, and three sisters survive. Bro. Stouffer was always an industrious man. Last summer he contracted tuberculosis and shortly before his death he confessed his sins, accepted Christ as his Savior and united with the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held at the Leetonia Church by Brethren I. B. Witmer and E. M. Detweiler. Burial in the cemetery near the church.

Ebersole.-Annie L. Ebersole was born Dec. 1, 1957; died at the home of her son-in-law, Henry Forrey, near Milton Grove, Pa., Oct. 15, 1921; aged 63 y. 10 m. 14 d. Her death was caused by a complication of diseases from which she suffered for almost a year. She is survived by 1 daughter, 1 grandson, 1 brother, 1 sister, 14 nephews and nieces, and a host of friends. She was a faithful member of Risser's (Mennonite) congregation for a number of years. Funeral services at the home by Bro. Samuel L. Oberholtzer and at Risser's M. H. by Bros. Noah Risser and Nathan Eshleman. Text, Job 17:1. Interment in the Milton Grove Cemetery. Peace to her ashes.

Friedt.-Herman Julius, son of David and Anna Friedt, was born in Medina Co., O., June 19, 1899; died at his boarding place, the home of C. A. Lehman, Rittman, O., Oct. 6, 1921, after a very short illness of only about 14 hours. His disease which resulted in death was pronounced ulcer of the stomach. Age, 22 y. 3 m. 17 d. In his early boyhood he gave his heart to the Lord and united with the Mennonite Church. To the last he was resigned to the will of the Father. He leaves father, mother, three brothers (Carl, Howard, and Earl), two sisters (Nettie and Ruth), a grandfather and grandmother, besides many other relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted at the Oak Grove Church by E. F. Hartzler and I. J. Buchwalter. Text, Hag. 1:7. Interment in the Oak Grove cemetery.

Reinford.-Elmer L., son of Frank F. and Bertha T. Reinford, died Sept. 2, 1921; aged 6 m. 21 d. Little Elmer was sick only a short time (starting in the night and died the next evening) of cholera infantum. We know he is well taken care of, and can say like the text that was used at the funeral, "The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord." He is survived by father, mother, two brothers, grandparents on both sides, and great-grandparents on the mother's side. Funeral was held on Sept. 6. All services and interment at Upper Skippack, Pa., Mennonite Church and the ministering brethren presided: Warren Bean, Jesse Mack, Irvin Landes, and Howard Pannepacker.
"Oh, can it be that he is gone?
He most always had a smile.
Oh yes, he's gone, but soon we'll meet him,
'Twill only be a little while."

Holdeman.-Rebecca Bare was born in Putnam Co., Ohio, July 29, 1847; died Oct. 15, 1921; aged 74 y. 2 m. 16 d. At the age of 11 she went with her parents to Elkhart Co., Ind., and at the age of 28 she went to McPherson Co., Kans., where she was united in marriage to Levi Holdeman Jan. 4, 1877. To this union were born 3 children (Lucy Ellen, Eva Johnson, and Monroe). She united with the Church of God in Christ "Mennonite" in 1879 which faith she kept until death. In 1913 they with their son came to Harrison, Mich., where they resided until her death. She leaves her beloved husband, 2 children, 1 brother, 2 sisters, 8 grandchildren and one great-grandchild; also a foster daughter (Mary Johnson). Her father, mother, 1 child, 1 brother, two sisters, and one grandchild preceded her to the spirit world. Her funeral was held from the Amble school house on Wednesday, Oct. 19, with Bros. A. R. Peters and Crist Buerge officiating.

Albrecht.-Christian Albrecht was born in Bureau Co., Ill., Nov. 22, 1850. When about six weeks old his parents moved to the farm near Tiskilwa, Ill., where he lived the rest of his life until Sept. 21, 1921, when he met his death by falling from a stepladder while picking apples. No one else being present at the time of the accident, it is not known just what caused the fall or how it happened. He was married Mar. 10, 1878, to Fanny Stecker of Tremont, Ill., who with two sons (Alvin R. and Levi O.) and two daughters (Lena I. and Mildred M.) survive to mourn the loss of a husband and father. He united with the Willow Springs Mennonite Church in his youth and was a faithful and active member until his death. Funeral services were conducted by A. C. Good of Sterling, Ill., and C. A. Hartzler from Matt. 24:44 and II Cor. 5:1, after which his body was laid to rest in the Willow Springs Cemetery to await the call of his Master at the resurrection of the just.

Moyer.-Pre. Jacob C. Moyer entered into rest at his home in Harleysville, Pa., on Sept. 17, 1921; aged 82 y. 7 m. 29 d. He leaves his companion, 2 sons (Lewis and Jacob), 2 daughters (Sarah Nice and Kate Alderfer), a number of grandchildren, a sister, and a number of relatives and friends. In July, 1881, he was ordained to the ministry in which capacity he served faithfully as long as health permitted. He regarded his call to service and responsibility with great seriousness. His faith remains a shining light to every one who knew him and we are assured that he left us only to shine in glory. He delighted to proclaim the great love of Christ to fallen humanity not only in public, but to every one with whom he came in contact he was soon telling of the Savior's love and the great importance of living the Christian life. In humility, separation, and Christian love he was an example to all. Funeral services Sept. 22 at the Salford Mennonite Church, conducted by Brethren Rein A. Alderfer and Jonas Mininger. Text, John 17:4. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Birkey.-Elizabeth Birkey died Aug. 30, 1921, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. B. Sutter, Tiskilwa, Ill.; aged 91 y. 1 m. 8 d. She was born in Bavaria, Germany, July 22, 1830. She came to America with her parents at the age of nineteen. The family made their new home near Pekin, Ill. She was married to Valentine Birkey, Feb. 2, 1850, and lived on a farm near Tremont, Ill., for forty-three years, after which they moved to Tiskilwa for four years then to Ohio, where they made their home with their daughter, Mrs. Kathrine Albrecht. After the death of her husband, she made her home with her children. Early in life she united with the Mennonite Church and was a faithful member all her life. To them were born 13 children, 3 of whom died in infancy. She leaves 6 daughters (Mrs. Elizabeth Albrecht, Mrs. Magdalena Ioder, Mrs. Mary Sutter, Mrs. Fannie Schantz, Mrs. Katherine Albrecht, and Mrs. Anna Tschantz), 4 sons (John B., Valentine, David, and Joseph), 33 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren, besides other relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted by C. A. Hartzler at the Evangelical Church, near Ohio, Ill., after which she was buried in the adjoining cemetery. Text, Psa. 90:2.

Yoder.-Ruth Evelyn, daughter of Matilda and Walter Yoder, was born near Washington, Ill., Nov. 20, 1918; died Aug. 26, 1921; aged 2 y. 9 m. 6 d. Her death came very suddenly and all was done that loving hands could do for her but death was her only relief. Her life, thoughshort, was ever one of joy, love, and happiness, which was always an inspiration to all with whom she came in contact. She had a singing heart and was ever singing her little tunes. Her favorite seemed to be:--
"I washed my hands this morning,
So very clean and white,
And lent them both to Jesus,
To work for Him till night.
Little feet be careful
Where you lead me to,
Anything for Jesus,
Only let me do."
And thus she left her little message of life to us and went to be with Jesus where love, peace and joy forever rule. She leaves her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a great many friends. Funeral services at the house were conducted by Bro. Peter Garber; and at the Union Church House by Bro. J. S. Shoemaker. Text, II Kings 4:26.



Gospel Herald - Volume XIV, Number 32 - November 10, 1921 - p. 639

Clemens.-Sister Elizabeth K. Clemens fell peacefully asleep in Jesus on the evening of Nov. 12, 1920, at her late residence at Mainland, Pa.
"The lights are out in the mansions of clay,
The curtain is drawn, for Mother's away.
She silently passed o'er the threshold at night,
To make her abode in the city of light."
By a daughter.

Yoder.-Bro. John S. Yoder was born June 13, 1841; died Oct. 20, 1921; aged 80 y. 4 m. 7 d. He was married to Susannah Stevanus, who with three daughters survive him (Mrs. N. S. Yoder and Mrs. E. K. Blauch, and Mrs. Jonas Ash). Bro. Yoder was sick but a very short time, the cause of his death having been heart trouble. Funeral services at the Springs Church were conducted by Bro. G. D. Miller, on Saturday, Oct. 22.

Snyder.-Emma Louisa (Bortz), wife of Isaac Snyder, was born near Carstairs, Alta., May 15, 1893; died Sept. 30, 1921; aged 28 y. 4 m. 15 d. Her husband and two small children survive. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for a number of years. Funeral services conducted by Bros. N. B. Stauffer, N. R. Weber, and H. J. Harder. Interment in West Zion Cemetery. May God bless the bereaved ones.

Reilly.-Mary S. Reilly, widow of William A. Reilly, was born June 23, 1846; died at the home of her daughter in Altoona, Pa., Oct. 25, 1921; aged 75 y. 4 m. 2 d. She was received into church fellowship at the Mennonite Gospel Mission a few months before her death. Funeral services conducted at the house Wednesday evening by Bro. Joseph M. Nissley. Text, Jno. 14:1-3, which was selected by the departed sister. Interment in the Williamsburg Cemetery.

Steckley.-Magdalena, wife of Joseph J. Steckley, died near Carstairs, Alta., aged 52 y. 17 d. She leaves husband, 4 sons, 3 daughters, and many relatives and friends. She was a member of the Church for many years and selected the text for her funeral-II Tim. 4:8, 9. May the Lord help the bereaved ones to look beyond this vale of tears. Funeral services were conducted by Allan Good, N. E. Roth, A. Traub, H. J. Harder, and N. R. Weber. Interment in West Zion Cemetery.

Beck.-Christian, son of Levi and Catherine Beck, was born near Pettisville, O., May 26, 1906; died Oct. 23, 1921; aged 15 y. 4 m. 27 d. He leaves father, mother, 5 brothers, and 2 sisters to mourn his unexpected death. One brother preceded him to the spirit world. His sickness was of short duration, having had a severe attack of quinsey which proved fatal the fifth day. Funeral at the Clinton Church, Oct. 26, conducted by Henry Rychener and S. D. Grieser. Texts, Deut. 28:66; Luke 13:35. Interment in Pettisville Cemetery.

Zimmerman.-Tillie Hostetler Zimmerman was born Nov. 2, 1889, in Cass Co., Mo.; died at her home at Protection, Kans., Oct. 27, 1921; aged 31 y. 11 m. 25 d. She was united in marriage with Joe Zimmerman Feb. 6, 1913. To this union were born 4 boys and 3 girls. Three of the boys preceded their mother to the spirit world. She leaves a bereaved husband and 4 children (Ellen, Vernon, Arleta, and Grace); also 7 sisters, 6 brothers, and a large number of relatives and friends. In youth she united with the Mennonite Church and remained a faithful member till death. She was a kind wife and mother. Before she passed away she expressed a longing to leave this world and be with her Savior and the loved ones who have gone before. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. S. C. Miller of Jet, Okla., assisted by Bro. D. D. Miller of Protection, Kans. Text, II Cor. 15:58, latter clause.

Kratz.-John Henry, son of Jacob and Susanna Kratz, was born in Lincoln Co., Ont., Dec. 4, 1855; died at his late home in Vineland, Ont., Oct. 8, 1921; aged 65 y. 8 m. 4 d. He was for many years connected with the lumbering business, through which he formed a wide acquaintance and was well and favorably known. Owing to a decline in health during the last year he more readily contracted typhoid fever, which, with other complications, caused his demise. The community, as well as the Mennonite Church of which he was a faithful member, keenly feel the loss. In his later years he gave his attention more fully to spiritual interests and to meditation in the Word of God. His wife (Sarah Wismer) and his sister (Salome Rittenhouse) are the immediate friends who survive him. Funeral services Oct. 11 at the house and at the Mennonite Church by S. F. Coffman and Nelson Martin. Remains laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery. Text, Matt. 25:34.

Blosser.-Joel Blosser was born Oct. 20, 1852; died at his home near Columbiana, Ohio, Oct. 22, 1921; aged 69 y. 2 d. In 1883 he was married to Mary Ann Moyer. To this union were born seven sons and two daughters (Reuben, Samuel, Mrs. Lillie Justice, Oliver, Clinton, Ira, Harvey, Stelvin and Mrs. Emma Rice) who, together with nineteen grandchildren, one brother, four sisters, and a large number of relatives and friends are left to mourn his departure. On May 18, 1891, he united with the Mennonite Church and remained faithful until the messenger of death came. About fifteen years ago Bro. Blosser lost his eyesight, but with all that he was a regular attendant at church services. Not only did he attend church himself but while his children were at home he took the entire family with him. The Church and community sustain a loss but heaven is his gain. Funeral services were held at the Midway Mennonite Church, the brethren A. J. Steiner and D. S. Lehman officiating. Text, II Pet. 3:14, and II Tim. 4:6. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Herr.-David D. Herr was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Oct. 27, 1848; died at his home in Donerville, Pa., Oct. 6, 1921; aged 72 y. 11 m. 9 d. He was married to Anna Shopf fifty-three years on the date of his death. To this union were born 3 children (Mrs. Christ Garber, Mrs. John B. Charles, and David S.). He was a kind, loving father to his children, and was kind to all those with whom he came in touch. For the last eighteen years he was totally blind, and patient and content with it all. For the last years we were with him, often holding prayer meetings and trying to console him on his journey through this life, and he always expressed a desire that the end would soon be here that he might go to his eternal home where there would be bliss and happiness forever more, that he might have spiritual eyes which may never grow dim. May we all look to our aged fathers and pattern after them as they followed Christ and meet them in the eternal Reign.
"All is over, hands are folded,
O'er a quiet and peaceful breast,
All is over pain is ended,
Now dear father is at rest."

Hartzler.-Magdalena, daughter of Joseph and Rachael Hooley, was born in St. Joseph Co., Mich., Sept 5, 1868; died at her home near Topeka, Ind., Sept. 14, 1921; aged 53 y. 9 d. On Dec. 15, 1892, she was united in marriage to William W. Hartzler who survives. She leaves 2 brothers (Joseph Y. and Menno), 2 sisters (Mrs. Jacob Hostetler and Mrs. J. H. Troyer); also one half-brother (Jacob Hershberger) and 1 half-sister (Mrs. Jacob Miller). One brother (Enos) preceded her in death. About a year ago her health was found to be failing, but the cause was not determined until last November, when hemorrhages of the lungs pronounced her a victim of tuberculosis. With her husband she went to southern Texas but returned with but little improvement and gradually sank until death. In her youth she became a member of the Mennonite Church, and for more than 25 years was a faithful and whole-hearted primary teacher in the Sunday school. She longed to go to her heavenly home where there is no more pain or suffering. Funeral services at Maple Grove Church, conducted by Bros. Raymond Hartzler and Jonathan Kurtz. Text, Rev. 21:4. Interment in Maple Grove cemetery.

Martin.-Bro John F. Martin was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, Sept. 16, 1841; died July 29, 1921; aged 79 y. 10 m. 13 d. The cause of his death was due to pneumonia. His illness lasted but two weeks. On Jan. 10, 1878, he was united in marriage with Anna Brenneman and all his life has lived in Wayne Co. He leaves a loving wife, 2 sons, 3 daughters (Samuel B., Henry L., Mrs. C. M. Burckhart, Mrs. John I. Gable, Miss Amanda), 15 grandchildren, and a host of relatives and friends. He was of a kind and cheerful disposition, a loving husband and father to his family, and to all those who knew him. He confessed Christ as his Savior in early life and united with the Mennonite Church of which he was a faithful member until death. Funeral service was held Sunday afternoon, July 31, at the home and at the Martin Mennonite Church near Orrville, O. Funeral services conducted by Bro. Benj. Good and Bro. David Wenger. Burial in the nearby cemetery.
"Farewell, father, till we meet,
In that happy home above,
There to sing God's praises with thee,
In that land of joy and love."
By the Family.

Weldy.-Nancy (Brenneman) Weldy, aged 63 y. 7 m. 2 d., died at her home in Nappanee, Ind., on Friday, Oct. 18, 1921, after an illness of some time. Sister Weldy was the daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Brenneman and was born near Elida, Ohio, March 16, 1921. On March 5, 1896, she was united in marriage to Jacob B. Weldy of Nappanee, Ind., and has resided in and near Nappanee ever since. Sister Weldy united with the Mennonite Church when a young girl and remained a faithful member throughout her life. In her younger years she always took a leading part in all the activities of the Church and for a number of years was a teacher in the Sunday school. Even up to the last she showed a deep interest in the welfare of the Church. She leaves husband, one brother (John I. Brenneman) and one sister (Susan H. Brown). Funeral services were held from the N. Main St. Mennonite Church, Oct. 20, conducted by E. S. Mullett and David Burkholder. Immediately after the services the near relatives autoed to Warsaw, Ind., where they took the train at 11:22 for Elida, Ohio. The body was then taken to the Salem Mennonite Church where an audience of relatives and friends had assembled and another service was held. Those assisting in these services were E. S. Mullett, I. W. Royer, and I. B. Witmer. Interment was made in the cemetery nearby.

Transcriber's note: In the Weldy obit, the date of death (Oct. 18, 1921) and the date of birth (March 16, 1921) are the same year, and her age at time of death was 63 y. 7 m. 2 d. The arithmetic would work if the year of brith was 1858.

Stahly.-Henry H. Stahly, aged 76 y. 5 m. 20 d., passed away at his home east of Nappanee, Ind., on Friday noon, Oct. 21, from a sudden attack of heart disease. He was apparently enjoying usual good health and his sudden demise is a severe shock to his family and the entire community. Bro. Stahly was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, May 1, 1845. His parents moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., when he was but one year old and has resided here all his life. In 1866 he was united in marriage to Mary Wickey. Three children were born to this union (Emanuel, Lavina Slaybaugh, and Malinda Wysong). This union was severed by the death of Sister Stahly in 1872. Bro. Stahly was again united in marriage to Barbara Weber on Oct. 25, 1874. To this union four children were born (Charles, Vernon, Mabel, who preceded him in death, and another daughter who died in infancy). Besides a bereaved companion, Bro. Stahly is survived by three sons, two daughters, three brothers (Christian, Simon and Daniel), one sister (Polly Lantz), 15 grandchildren, and 9 great-grandchildren. Two daughters, two brothers, and two sisters preceded him in death. Bro. Stahly was a faithful member of the W. Market St. Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held on Tuesday, Oct. 25, from the W. Market St. Church, conducted by E. S. Mullett and Silas Yoder. Interment in the Union Center Cemetery.



Gospel Herald - Volume XIV, Number 33 - November 17, 1921 -p. 655

Nussbaum.-Mark, infant son of Bro. Simon and Sister Sarah Nussbaum, died Nov. 3, at his home near Apple Creek, Wayne Co., Ohio; aged 1 m. 17 d. He leaves his sorrowing parents, 2 grandfathers, and 2 grandmothers (Bishop Jacob Nussbaum and wife, Deacon Abraham Neuenshwander and wife), and a number of other relatives. Services were held Nov. 4, by the brethren, Jacob S. Moser and C. N. Amstutz.

Nussbaum.-Sister Ella Lehman Nussbaum was born in Wayne Co., O., Aug. 28, 1885; died of typhoid fever Oct. 27, 1921; aged 36 y. 1 m. 29 d. Nov. 11, 1909, she was married to Amos Nussbaum, to which union were born 6 children. She leaves the bereaved husband, 4 daughters, and 2 sons (ranging in age from 6 months to ten years). She also leaves 2 brothers, 3 sisters, father and mother, and a host of other relatives and friends. She was a faithful member of the Swiss Mennonite Church, from which she was buried Oct. 29. Services were held by Bro. C. N. Amstutz.

Toliver.-Mary Seidner was born Nov. 21, 1864, at Wooster, Ohio, where she lived with her parents until she was eighteen years of age, when they moved to Jasper Co., Mo. She was married to Thomas Toliver in 1888. She was the mother of 9 children, 8 of whom survive. She was a faithful conscientious member of the Mennonite Church; a loving mother, a kind neighbor, and beloved by all who knew her. She died very suddenly, Oct. 18, 1921; aged 56 y. 10 m. 27 d. The funeral sermon was preached by E. J. Berkey, assisted by Andrew Shenk and P. J. Shenk.

Becker.-Harry M., son of Bro. John H. and the late Sister Fannie H. Becker of Millersville, Pa., died in France, Oct. 1918, in his 29th year. His body was returned home Sept. 7, 1921, laid to rest in Millersville Mennonite Cemetery Sept. 10. Private services were held before burial by Bros. D. N. Lehman and D. N. Gish, using as a text Rev. 22, followed by singing, "Silently bury the dead." Six young brethren assisted as pallbearers. He is survived by his father, step-mother, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters.

Stalter.-Jacob G., Son of Jacob and Catharine Stalter, was born near Meadows, Ill., May 8, 1878; died Nov. 1, 1921, of heart trouble (while on his way to see the doctor); aged 43 y. 6 m. 23 d. This is the third death in the immediate family within the last eight months. He leaves his aged parents, 2 brothers (Henry and Joseph), also many relatives and friends. One brother and one sister preceded him in death. He united with the Mennonite Church in his youth. Services at the house and at the church on Nov. 3, by Bro. Joe Kinsinger in German and Bro. D. W. Slagel in English. Text, I Sam. 20:3, latter clause. Burial in the Waldo Cemetery.

Amstutz.-Sister Mary Bixler Amstutz was born July 1, 1866, near Dalton, Ohio; died of a complication of diseases Oct. 28, 1921; aged 55 y. 3 m. 27 d. She was united in marriage to Joel S. Amstutz in November 1899. Five sons and four daughters (two of whom died in infancy) were born to this union. She leaves her husband, 4 sons, 3 daughters, 3 grandchildren, 3 brothers, and 7 sisters and a host of other relatives to mourn her departure. In her youth she joined the Swiss Mennonite Church, and remained a faithful member until death. The attendance at the funeral services was unusually large. Services were held by Bro. Jacob Nussbaum in German and by Bro. I. J. Buchwalter in English. Text, Zech. 14:7.

Slabaugh.-Salina Marner Slabaugh, daughter of Jacob and Leah Marner, was born in Johnson Co., Ia., Dec. 25, 1868; died in Iowa Co., Ia., of cancer, Oct. 27, 1921; aged 52 y. 10 m. 2 d. On Oct. 28, 1894, she was married to Daniel Slabaugh. To this union were born 7 children: namely, Lewis, Almeda, Ella, Sarah, Jacob, Irene, and Caroline. All were at her bedside at the time of her death. She bore her afflictions cheerfully, her last request being for reading and prayer. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church in her youth and was a true and faithful member to the end. Besides her bereaved family, she leaves 6 brothers, 3 sisters, and a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services at the West Union Church, near Wellman, Ia., conducted by Amos Swartzendruber, G. A. Yoder, and Nevin Bender. Text, John 14. Burial in Yoder cemetery.
"We miss thee, O dear mother,
We miss thee from this place;
We do not hear thy footsteps,
Nor see thy smiling face."



Gospel Herald - Volume XIV, Number 34 - November 24, 1921 - p. 671

Funk.-Elizabeth Funk, widow of David Funk, was born in Chester Co., Pa., June 12, 1828; died in Spring City, Pa., Nov. 10, 1921; aged 93 y. 4 m. 28 d. Her husband died Feb. 5, 1903, at their residence in Norristown, Pa., where they had resided for a number of years. Shortly after his death she moved to Spring City, where she spent her remaining days. Funeral services were conducted at the Vincent Church (of which she was a member) by Amos Kolb and Henry Bechtel on Nov. 14. Text, Psa. 8:4. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Eby.-David B. Eby was born Oct. 18, 1846, in Waterloo Co., Ont.; died Nov. 10, 1921; aged 75 y. 23 d. He was converted 40 years ago and joined the Mennonite Church to which he remained faithful to the end. In January, 1881, he was married to Hannah Bowman who preceded him in September, 1895. The following year he was married to Mary Bechtel. He leaves a sorrowing widow, one son, three daughters, and four grandchildren. Funeral Nov. 12 at First Mennonite Church, Kitchener, conducted by the brethren, U. K. Weber and Jonas Snider.

Resz.-Barbara, oldest daughter of David and Magdalena Kropf, was born near Baden, Ont., May 10, 1848; died at her late home in Appleton City, Mo., Nov. 4, 1921; aged 73 y. 5 m. 24 d. She was united in marriage to Henry Resz May 26, 1870. To this union were born nine children, six of whom survive her, her husband and three children had gone on before her. Those living are Jacob, David, John, Edward, and Mary Cochran. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth but later with the S. D. A. She was a loving mother, faithful companion, a friend to all who knew her, and will be greatly missed in her community.

Transcriber's note: In the Resz obit, it states six children survive her, but only five are named.

Hartzler.-Annabelle, daughter of Anna B. and Noah D. Hartzler, was born near Goshen, Ind., Jan. 4, 1921. Little Annabelle was a bright and winsome child, and had endeared herself to many. She had always been well and strong until in the night before her death. Her condition was not considered serious until the next day near the noon hour when she suddenly passed away Nov. 1, 1921. She leaves father, mother, 4 sisters (Bernice, Wilma, Josephine and Miriam), grandparents, and many other relatives and friends.
"Oh, our darling, how we loved her,
Oh how hard to give her up;
But we know 'twas God who took her
And removed her from our flock."
Funeral services were held at the home on Nov. 3 with Bro. I. R. Detweiler in charge.

Newhauser.-Christian Newhauser was born near Hamilton, Ohio, June 20, 1844; died at the home of his son Amos, near Metamora, Ill., Nov. 14, 1921. He died instantly of heart trouble. He attended church on Sunday, ate breakfast on Monday morning, took a short walk from the house and fell down without another word. He had been a widower for 32 years. There are three sons (Edwin H., Amos E. and John C.), one brother (John), and seven grandchildren who mourn his departure. He will be missed by home, church, and community. He was ready to die; he expressed the desire to die suddenly. He was an affectionate, thoughtful, loyal, and earnest member of the Mennonite Church from his youth. Surely another pillar has fallen. Funeral services were conducted by Bros. Samuel Gerber and Clayton F. Derstine. Text, II Tim. 4:7, 8.

Ernest.-Catherine Ernest (nee Kulp) daughter of John and Magdalene Kulp, was born in Holmes Co., Ohio, July 21, 1849; died in Elkhart Co., Ind., Nov. 4, 1921; aged 72 y. 3 m. 13 d. She was married to Bro. Levi Ernest Oct. 10, 1869. To this union were born 2 sons and 5 daughters. Sister Ernest united with the Mennonite Church in November, 1918, and lived a devoted, consistent Christian life until death. When asked about her departure she expressed a readiness to go and said there is no fear. She is survived by her husband, 4 daughters (Mrs. Ida Tompkins, Mrs. Emma Golden, Mrs. Martha Killinger and Mrs. Fannie Kilmer), 2 sons (Frank and Lawrence), 15 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. A daughter (Anna) preceded her in infancy. A grandson (Roscoe Ernest) resides at home. Funeral services were conducted at the Yellow Creek Church by J. W. Christophel and R. F. Yoder. Burial in cemetery adjoining.

Saltzman.-Peter Saltzman was born near Lacon, Ill., Dec. 10, 1860; died at his late home near Spires Station, Ill., Nov. 10, 1921; aged 60 y. 11 m. He was united in marriage with Barbara Stalter Nov. 20, 1887. To this union were born 2 sons and 5 daughters. One son and 1 daughter preceded him in death. He leaves his loving companion, 1 son, and 5 daughters (Mrs. J. Roy Hartzler, Mrs. William Yordy, Mrs. Noah Eigsti, Clara, and Raymond), 7 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, and many other relatives and friends. He united with the Mennonite Church in his youth and remained faithful to the end. Short services were held at the house by Bro. D. W. Slagel from II Cor. 5:1 (who also opened the services at the Waldo Church by reading I Cor. 15:35-58), after which Bro. J. S. Shoemaker preached the sermon. Text, Rev. 14:13. Interment in the Waldo Cemetery.
"Weep not that his trials are over,
Weep not that his race is run.
God grant we may rest as calmly
When our work like his is done.
Till then we yield with gladness
Our Father to Him to keep
And rejoice in the sweet assurance
He giveth His beloved sleep."

Schlabach.-Magdalena Schlabach (nee Bachman) was born June 22, 1868; died Nov. 10, 1921, at her home near Metamora, Ill.; aged 53 y. 4 m. 18 d. Early in life she united with the Mennonite Church and remained a faithful and consistent member until the end. She enjoyed the services, and whenever health permitted her place at church was never vacant. March 6, 1888, she was united in marriage with Christian Schlabach. To this union were born four daughters and one son, namely: Martha, Laura, Anna, Freda, and Raymond. Her long and trying illness was a sad ordeal for all the family, to linger around her bedside, but she bore it patiently, and with Christian fortitude; passed quietly away, with a bright hope, and full assurance of the life beyond. She was a faithful wife, a devoted mother, who was especially concerned in the spiritual welfare of her children. She will be remembered by her cheerful disposition, and the kindness shown to all she came in contact with. She leaves her husband, three daughters, and one son at home, one married daughter and husband, two grandchildren, three brothers, three sisters, and a host of friends. Funeral services at the house were conducted by Bro. Peter Garber and at the Harmony Church by Bro. A. A. Schrock. Text, Gen. 3:19. --- Peter Garber.

Yoder.-Ezra B., eldest son of Dan C. and Judith Yoder, was born in Logan Co., Ohio, May 4, 1854; died Oct. 13, 1921; aged 67 y. 5 m. 9 d. At the age of 18 years he united with the Amish Mennonite Church. On June 10, 1877, he was married to Nancy J. Zook. They were blessed with two children (Lydia A. and Edward L.). But on Dec. 17, 1881, the death angel claimed the mother and he was left to care for his little ones. On Jan. 10, 1883, he was united in marriage to Lydia E. Zook. To this union seven children were born (Ola M., Dan C., Johnny J., Phoebe E., Frank H., Fanny P., and Anna E.). Johnny died in infancy and Phoebe in 1912. During the "flu" epidemic-1918, in less than a week both Frank and Fanny were called into eternity. This was a great shock, and severe trial to our brother and family. He was blessed with a strong, robust physique, but in the summer of 1920 his health failed, and he never was strong afterwards, although able to attend to his duties about the home until January of this year when he was confined to his room. During his long illness his suffering was intense at times, but he bore it patiently and was always cheerful. He leaves his beloved companion, 5 children, 18 grandchildren, step-mother, 1 brother (D. B. Yoder), 3 half-brothers (C. B., D. H., and L. H. Yoder), 2 half-sisters (Rebecca Yoder and Fannie Whitmer), and a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at Oak Grove Church near West Liberty, Ohio, in charge of Bro. Paul Whitmer assisted by Bro. C. H. Byler. Interment in South Union cemetery.


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