Gospel Herald Obituaries - May, 1926

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Gospel Herald - Vol. XIX, No. 6 - May 6, 1926, Pages 126-127

Clay-Mrs. D.P. Clay of Grand Rapids, Mich., has crossed the harbor bar. She was ninety years of age, and as she was living on borrowed time, surely the working tools of life must be laid aside.
"We must try and sing the glad refrain;
Good-bye till morning comes again."
Arzelia C. Clay.

Felch-Mrs. Jennie Clay Felch now sleeps in the windowless palace of rest, and while her head is pillowed in the dust of mother earth and the rounded pile of soil forms the door, hope sees a star and we can not say-death is not good.
"Gone where the death emblem is not on the door,
No funeral train in the sky;
No graves on the hillsides of glory,
Over there we shall never more die."
By her sister, Arzelia Clay.

Burkhart-Amanda N. Burkhart was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Jan. 24, 1888; died March 30, 1926; aged 38 y. 2 m. 6 d. She was united in marriage to William R. Burkhart Jan. 24, 1911. She leaves her husband and three children (Fannie B., Ethel B., and Edna M.), her mother, and many friends. She is missed very much in our home. She united with the Willow Street Mennonite Church a number of years ago. Funeral services were held April 2 at Willow Street Mennonite Church by Brethren Frank Herr and Christian Brubaker. Text, John 14:7,8. Interment in the adjoining burial ground.

Mast-Etta V. Miller Mast was born Feb. 19, 1884; died April 14, 1926; aged 42 y. 1 m. 26 d. She was married to Calvin Mast May 27, 1906. To this union were born 4 children, one having preceded her to the spirit world. She leaves husband, 2 sons, 1 daughter, father, mother, 2 sisters, 5 brothers, and many relatives and friends. She was a kind, affectionate mother, always interested in the welfare of the children. She accepted her Savior in early life, united with the Mennonite Church, and remained faithful to the end. Services were conducted at Martin's Creek Church by Brethren S.H. Miller, J.S. Gerig, Eli Stultsfus, and I.W. Royer.

Delp-Kate K., widow of Henry C. Delp, of Harleysville, Pa., died on March 30, after a week's illness of influenza; aged 79 y. 21 d. She is survived by 3 daughters (Jane, wife of G.S. Nice; Alla, wife of Menno S. Clemens; and Katie, wife of I.A. Cassel), 4 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the Salford Church on Easter Sunday. Text, John 11:25, 26.
"Dearest Mother, how we miss thee,
Since thy voice we hear no more;
Yet again we hope to meet thee,
Over on the golden shore."
By her daughter.

Overholt-Rosa Viola, wife of John Overholt and daughter of Andrew and Martha Laughman, was born in St. Joseph Co., Ind., Sept. 1, 1893; died in Elkhart, Ind., April 10, 1926; aged 32 y. 7 m. 9 d. Death was caused by influenza and pneumonia, which developed following the birth of a child. Sister Overholt was a member of the Holdeman congregation for a number of years, always showing herself in a way that endeared her to many. She leaves husband, 3 children (Mable Eretta, Vivian Marie, and Baby Doris Ethel), her parents, 3 brothers, and 1 sister. Thus early in life's morning as a mother, she leaves little ones to somebody's care. The funeral was held at the Olive Church. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

Yantzi-Christian B. Yantzi was born in Ontario March 18, 1841; died April 16, 1926; aged 85 y. 28 d. He was married to Magdalene Ulrich March 25, 1862, who died April 25, 1899. To this union were born 11 children of whom 9 are living (John, Joseph, Christian, David, Mrs. Ben Tomphson), Daniel, Mrs. Daniel Edney, Moses, Mrs. D. Taylor), also 49 grandchildren of whom 39 are living, and 30 great-grandchildren of whom 28 are living. He also leaves 2 half-sisters and one half-brother. He accepted Christ in his youth united with the A.M. Church and remained a faithful member until called home by death. Funeral services by Jos. E. Zimmerman. Text, I Cor. 15:55, 56. Interment in cemetery near East Fairview Church, Milford, Nebr.

Transcriber's note:= typed exactly as written in the printed obituary
Note the Christian
Yantzi obituary contains the surname Tomphson; this is probably Thompson.

Byler-Eli H. Byler was born Dec. 28, 1849, in Mifflin Co., Pa., died near Newton, Kans., April 12, 1926; aged 76 y. 3 m. 15 d. He was married to Mary A. Yoder of Logan Co., Ohio, Feb. 15, 1877. To this union were born 12 children, all of whom survive him. All except one were with him in his last sickness and death. He is also survived by 2 brothers and 3 sisters; one brother (Pre. Jos. H. Byler) preceded him in death just one year ago. He also leaves 45 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. Bro. Byler embraced Christianity many years ago and kept the faith until the end. We believe he left this world of trouble and sorrow and entered into that eternal world where there is no more sorrow or pain and where God shall wipe away all tears. Funeral services were held in the Pennsylvania Mennonite Church and interment made in the adjoining cemetery.

Bricker-Noah B., son of Benj. Bricker, was born at Roseville, Ont., Oct. 8, 1861; died at Kitchener, Ont., Mar. 24, 1926; aged 64 y. 5 m. 16 d. He was married to Susanna Bock in 1891. He leaves one daughter, two grandchildren, nine brothers and sisters--Amos Bricker, Elijah Bricker, Menno Bricker, George Bricher, John Bricker, Mrs. Susanna Bricker, Mrs. Polly Groff, Mrs. Nancy Detweiler, Mrs. Hanna Cassel. He was a member of the United Brethren Church of Roseville. In his last days he expressed himself as having accepted the faith and practise of the Mennonite Church, of which his parents were faithful and devout members. He was buried at the Mennonite Church Cemetery, Roseville, Ont. C.F. Derstine, of Kitchener, Ont., preached from the text, "This we have by the Word of the Lord."

Horst--Sister Lydia Catherine Horst, (nee Kuhns) was born Aug. 11, 1891, in Franklin Co., Pa.; died April 15, 1926, in Parymont, Md., died suddenly of paralysis, being sick only one hour; aged 34 y. 8 m. 4 d. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church, having confessed Christ as her Savior in her youth and remained faithful to the end. She is survived by her bereaved husband, two daughters (Martha and Maria) three sons (David, Aaron, and Henry) also by her mother, three brothers and four sisters. Funeral services were conducted at Rieff's Mennonite Church conducted by Brethren John Risser and Christian Strite. Text, I Sam. 20:18 (latter clause).
Jesus, while our hearts are bleeding
O'er the spoils that death has won
We would at this solemn meeting
Calmly say, "Thy will be done."

Clark--William, son of Silas and Elizabeth Clark, was born Nov. 22, 1858; died April 21, 1926; aged 67 y. 5 m. On Feb. 19, 1884, he was united in marriage to Catharine Miller. To this union were born 7 children (Albert, Eli, Elmer, Herbert, Mary, Desilva and Orilla, who preceded father in death). His wife, 4 sons, 2 daughters, one brother (Winfield Clark), two sisters (Mrs. Clara Clark Dalby and Mrs. D.H. Pind), with a large circle of relatives and friends remain to mourn his departure. Bro. Clark united with the Mennonite Church at Martins Creek, Holmes Co., Ohio, at the age of 24 and was a faithful brother until called to his eternal reward. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." Services were conducted by the brethren J.F. Marks and J.S. Gerig. Text, Jno. 14:6.
"Dearest father thou hast left us
And thy loss we deeply feel
But 'twas God who has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."

Wingard--Thomas Blain, son of Bro. Joseph and Lizzie Pletcher Wingard, was born May 2, 1911 in Cambria County, Pa.; died April 15, 1926; aged 14 y. 11 m. 13 d. On the day of his death, he helped his father to unload lime, which they hauled on wagons from the railroad to their home. He was alone on a load, and in some way, while going down a grade, fell under the wagon. When found one of the wheels was on his neck, and the horses were standing quietly. He was the youngest of nine children, being survived by his parents, three brothers, and five sisters. Funeral services were conducted in the home and at the Pleasant Grove Church near Salix, Pa., by S.G. Shetler, assisted by Alex Weaver, L.A. Blough, and J.D. Hammer. The funeral services were very largely attended, over 200 not being able to get into the Church. Interment in Dunmire Cemetery near the Church.

Kehr--Hannah B., daughter of Abraham and Magdalena Snider, of three miles east of Wakarusa, Ind., was born in Ontario, July 16, 1858; died at her home at 1:30 o'clock Friday afternoon, April 2, 1926; aged 67 y. 8 m. 16 d. Death was caused by cancer of the stomach. At the age of ten weeks she with her parents moved to Harrison Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., to the neighborhood where she died. On Oct. 9, 1887, she was united in marriage to George B. Kehr. About 17 years ago she united with the Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, of which she was a faithful member till death. Surviving her are her husband, 1 son (Jesse S.), 3 daughters (Nora S. Davidhizar, Emma S. Goodman, and Mary M.), 15 grandchildren, 1 brother (Noah Snider), 3 sisters (Matilda Lehman, Mrs. Aaron Reed, and Mrs. John Musselman), together with a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted at the Yellow Creek Church by Ray F. Yoder and J.W. Christophel. Burial in the adjoining cemetery. Peace to her ashes.

Sauder--Bro. Benjamin M. Sauder peacefully entered into rest at his home in Florin, Pa., April 10, 1926; aged 59 y. 2 m. 3 d. He took suddenly ill Monday evening, and was in a semi-conscious condition, for nearly a week, until the heavenly Father called him home where he longed so much to be since the death of his companion two years ago. Papa was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for 26 years, his place seldom being vacant in the church. He leaves 2 sorrowing daughters (Barbara L. and Mary L.) both at home; also 2 brothers (Jacob and Michael). A few days before his death, he sang and said that "all was well." Funeral services were held April 14, at the Mt. Joy Mennonite Church conducted by the brethren, Isaac H. Brubaker, Henry E. Lutz, and John Brubaker. Text, Matt. 24:44.
"We miss him now at early dawn,
The morning meal to share.
We miss him now, our father's gone
For vacant is his chair."

Musselman--Sister Anna Zimmerman Musselman, wife of Bro. Samuel H. Musselman, died March 14, 1926; aged 68 y. 19 d. She died rather suddenly. Although she had been afflicted with heart trouble for some time, this was not thought serious. She leaves her deeply bereaved husband and 4 children (Ivan, Samuel, Anna Mable Bucher, and Katie Geigley), 2 sisters (Elizabeth Hoover and Lydia Wenger), 1 foster daughter, 13 grandchildren, and a host of relatives and friends. She was a good neighbor, a kind mother, an affectionate wife, always greeting you with a smile. Short services were held at the house by Bro. Jno. W. Weaver. Further services at the Weaverland Church by Bishops Benj. Weaver and Noah H. Mack. Interment in Weaverland Cemetery. Text, Jno. 14:19.
"Can it be that Mother left us,
She who always had a smile?
Yes, she is gone and soon we'll meet her
"Twill only be a little while."

Troyer--Christian J. Troyer was born near Middlefield, Ohio, May 29, 1893; died near Mio, Mich.; aged 32 y. 10 m. 7 d. He leaves his wife and son (Alfred), three brothers, (Joseph, David, and Rudy), five sisters (Mrs. Elizabeth Frey, Mrs. Minnie Weaver, Mrs. Fannie Jantzi, Mrs. Susanna Kaufman, and Mrs. Mary Bontrager), and many other relatives and friends. The cause of his death was heart leakage, which brought on a number of other complications. Bro. Troyer bore his pains and sickness very patiently, and up to the last day of his life, when he became unconscious, he always met one with a greeting smile upon being visited. He was a consistent member of the Fairview Church, a loving father and husband, and a good neighbor. Why the Lord should call one just in the prime of life to leave us when we think we can so little spare him, we do not know; but He who doeth all things well knows, and when the call came he closed his eyes and passed on without a struggle. Burial was made at the Fairview Cemetery.

Risch - Joseph Risch was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Dec. 19, 1855; died April 22, 1926; aged 70 y. 4 mo. 3 d. He had been failing in health for quite awhile but was able to be about his work until January, when he suffered another stroke, and on April 18th the third stroke, which caused his death. On November 14, 1878, he was married to Almira, daughter of Bishop Samuel Blough. To this union were born 1 son and 2 daughters (Carrie, wife of David Kaufman; Irvin, and Frella, wife of Paul Jacobs). He had made his home with the Jacobs family for the last ten years. Sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild survive to mourn his death, one grandchild having preceded him to the grave; also his wife, who died thirteen years ago. Funeral services were conducted at the Kaufman Mennonite Church, where he had been a member for the last thirty years, in charge of S.G. Shetler and Jas. Saylor, with interment in the Kaufman cemetery.
"0h! how we miss him here below,
We cannot get another;
But then we know that all is well,
He's gone to be with mother."
A daughter.

Greaser - Nancy Emma Greaser (nee Speicher) was born in Lawrence Co., Pa., Sept. 8, 1860; died April 19, 1926; aged 65 y. 5 m. 11 d. She was united in marriage to Amos J. Greaser of Weilersville, Ohio, Dec. 13, 1883. To this union were born 5 children (Lydia, Irvin, Elma, Homer, and Orie). She leaves a loving husband, 2 daughters, 3 sons, 8 grandchildren, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, and many near relatives and friends. Her parents, two brothers, two sisters, and one grandchild, preceded her in death. She confessed and accepted Christ as her Savior, was baptized and received into the A.M. Church, and remained a true, faithful and devoted sister, always interested in the activities of the Church, and loyal to her Savior. In her suffering she was patient and resigned, expressing peace with God and looking forward with confidence and hope. Services were conducted by Brethren C.Z. Yoder, Aaron Heistand, and J.S. Gerig. Texts, Prov. 10:7; Prov. 31:28. Interment in the Oak Grove Cemetery.
"Sunset and the evening star,
And one clear call for me;
And may there be no moaning of the bar
When I put out to sea."

Burkholder - Barbara, youngest daughter of George and Mary Burkholder, was born near Dover, Ohio, Dec. 25, 1852; died April 14, 1926: aged 73 y. 4 m. 19 d. She leaves 3 sisters (Elizabeth, Mary, and Mrs. Andrew Keim), and two brothers (Joseph and Jacob). Father, mother, and 4 brothers preceded her. At the age of two and a half years she became afflicted with what the physicians called inflammation of the spine and since that time has been unable to walk. In 1899 they moved from Tuscarawas County to their present home southwest of Orrville, Ohio, where she was cared for by her sisters and brothers, very seldom leaving her home. But during the 70 odd years that she was unable to walk, she took an active interest in the affairs of the home and community. She did much needlework, and many will remember her by work she did for them. In 1881 she accepted Christ and united with the Mennonite Church. Although she could not get out to attend services, she was much interested and appreciated having services at home. On April 6, she took her bed afflicted with lagrippe, and during this week of illness she frequently remarked she would like to go higher to a place of perfect rest. Funeral services at the Union Paradise Church on the 16 th, in charge of E.F. Hartzler.

Witmer--Mary G. Cober, relict of late Levi Witmer, was born May 29, 1849; died April 22, 1926; aged 76 y. 10 m. 24 d. On May 14, 1878 she was married to Levi Witmer and lived on the Witmer homestead near Preston, Ont., until after the death of her husband (May 7, 1916) following which she resided in Kitchener. Two sons predeceased (Albert E. and Jesse A.). One son (Leslie D.) and one daughter (Minnie A.) survive; also four grandchildren, three brothers, and two sisters, six sisters having predeceased her. Grandma Witmer as she was favorably called was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. She lived a devout Christian life. Her deep anxiety was to leave no stone unturned in her preparation to meet God in peace. She not only trusted the Lord for pardon, she sought to live a life pleasing to God. She had an intense longing to be more holy and better in her daily life and conduct. A large gathering of relatives and friends attended the funeral held at the Mennonite Church, Kitchener, Ont. Burial at the Wanner Church Cemetery, Hespeler, Ont., Bro. C.F. Derstine preached, assisted by Oscar Burkholder, Theme, Immortality."

Bucher - Jacob F. Bucher was born in Adams Co., Pa., June 14, 1852; died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Monroe Shue, March 16, 1926; aged 73 y. 9 m. 2 d. Bro. Bucher lived all his life at Mummasburg and nearby. On December 1, 1885, he was married to Fannie Musselman of Cumberland Co., Pa. To this union were born three daughters and one son (Edna, married to C.J. Keener; Bela, married to Mabel Musselman; Mary, married to M.G. Shue; and Anna Margaret, who died in infancy. Bro. Bucher united with the Mummasburg Mennonite Church June 2, 1887, and Nov. 4, 1897, he was ordained to the ministry by Jacob N. Brubaker and served his congregation in that capacity until his last illness. He organized the first Sunday school here and was its superintendent for many years. He leaves his bosom companion, two daughters, and one son, ten grandchildren, one brother and one sister, a congregation and a host of friends to mourn his departure. Funeral was held from his home Mar. 20, conducted by Bro. Amos Myer at the house and Brethren Noah H. Mack and Amos Geigley at the church. His chosen text was Luke 2:29,31. His body was peacefully laid to rest in the cemetery nearby.
By his son.

Risser - Martin W. Risser was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., April 12, 1850; died in Bellaire, Pa., April 15, 1926; aged 76 y. 3 d. His death was caused by neuralgia of the heart. In Nov. 1871, he was married to Maria, daughter of Pre. Abraham Horst, of Manheim, Pa. To this union were born 6 sons and 3 daughters (Abraham, married to Sadie Enterline, Tillman (deceased); Jacob, married to Carrie Risser; Martin (deceased), was married to Lizzie Hernley; Menno, married to Lizzie Stern; Elam, married to Bessie Horner; Katie (deceased) was married to Amos G. Coble); Ella, wife of Harry Horst; Lizzie, wife of Martin Ebersole. He is also survived by his wife, 31 grandchildren, 12 great- grandchildren, 1 half - brother, 1 half - sister, and a host of friends. He was one of the pioneer workers in the Sunday school at Risser's Church, was actively engaged in the work for a good many years. He with his companion united with Risser's Mennonite congregation in their young years and remained faithful until death. Funeral services were held April 18, at his late home with further services at Risser's Mennonite Church conducted by Bros. Noah W. Risser and Samuel L. Oberholtzer. Text, Psa. 40:1,2. Interment in the adjoining burial ground.

Transcribed by :Julie Getter, Maryland.


Gospel Herald - Vol. XIX, No. 7 - May 13, 1926, pages 158-160.

Weber. - Leonard Royal, second son of Noah G. and Louisa Weber, died at the Watrous Hospital on April 18, 1926; aged 9 y. 11 m. 3 d. He was sick only about one week, of diabetes. The Lord in grace has taken but His own unto Himself. May God comfort the bereaved family. Funeral services were held at the Sharon Mennonite Church, and the body laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery. Services conducted by the brethren Moses H. Schmitt and E. S. Hallman. Text, II Kings 4:26.

Hostetler. - Otas and Otis Hostetler, twin sons of Noah and Emma Hostetler, of near Jerome, Pa., were born April 7, 1926. Otis lived only about eight hours. Otas lived about one day, dying April 8. Besides the parents the following brothers and sisters survive: Erma, Paul, Cora, Charles. One brother, James, preceded them to the better land about three years ago. Funeral services were held at the home by L. A. and H. C. Blough. Text, II Kings 4:26. Interment in the cemetery at the Blough Church. May God comfort the bereaved family.

Baker. - Elizabeth Groff Baker was born near Paradise, Pa., July 18, 1837; died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Elmira Rathfon, in Souderton, Pa., Mar. 31, 1926; aged 88 y. 7 m. 13 d. She is survived by one daughter and one son. Grandmother Baker was a devoted member of the Mennonite Church. She had a pleasing personality and it can be truly said of her, "None knew her but to love her." Funeral services were held at the home of her daughter, conducted by John Kreider. Interment in Longanecker's Cemetery.

Miller. - Barbara J. Miller was born April 21, 1853; died east of Goshen, Ind., April 19, 1926; aged 72 y. 11 m. 28 d. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Miller of Elkhart Co., Ind., who preceded her in death. Four brothers survive: Daniel and Moses, of Goshen, Ind.; Jerry, of Middlebury, Ind.; and Jonas, of Hebron, Ind.; as well as a large number of friends. She was a member of the Frame congregation. She spent her entire life in the home vicinity. "Helping Others," was her motto. Funeral services were held on her birthday, at the Clinton Frame Church, conducted by Allen Yoder and Silas Yoder. Burial at the cemetery nearby.

Kilheffer. - John B. Kilheffer, son of David and Anna Brenner Kilheffer, was born in Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., Oct. 7, 1853; died March 27, 1926; aged 72 y. 5 m. 20 d. He was a lifelong resident of Manor Township, and in early life united with the Mennonite Church. He took an active interest the work of the Sunday school and church of his choice. The widow, who before marriage was Elizabeth Kauffman, one daughter, Mrs. Charles Zeamer, and one son, Abram K., with whom he resided, survive. Funeral services were held in the Millersville Mennonite Church March 30, 1926, conducted by the brethren, D. N. Gish and Jacob G. Hess.

Rupert. - David Rupert, son of Henry and Caroline Rupert, was born in St. Joseph Co., near Lakeville, Ind., May 3, 1857; died at the home of Mrs. Wells, near Bristol, Ind., April 15, 1926; aged 68 y. 9 m. 12 d. He was united in marriage to Lillian Gilson on July 5, 1904. To this union were born 3 sons. Those surviving him are 3 sons (David, Joseph, and William), and 2 brothers (John and Eli). He united with the Mennonite Church about 30 years ago in which faith he remained until death. Some time age he was afflicted with a complication of diseases which caused his death. He longed for the time when the Lord would relieve him of his sufferings. Funeral services were held April 17, at the Methodist Church, Lakeville, Ind., by Bros. Allen Christophel and Clarence Shank. Text, I Thess. 4:18. Burial at the Lutheran Cemetery five miles west of Lakeville.

Finkbiner. - Irvin J. Finkbiner, little son of Samuel and Lena Hershey Finkbiner, died May 1, 1926; aged 3 m. 21 d. His death was due to infant trouble, being sick only 3 days. While the father and mother are mourning the loss of their darling they feel to say, "Thy will be done, O Lord." He has only gone over to be with grandmother. Short was the stay of this little flower that budded on earth to bloom in heaven. Funeral services May 3 at the home of the parents at Mountville, Pa., with further services at Mellingers Church, conducted by Bro. A. Martin at the house and Bro. John Charles at the church.
"Sleep on in thy beauty,
Thou sweet angel child;
By sorrow unblighted,
By sin undefiled." By Aunt Mary

Greenawalt. - Peter F. Greenawalt was born Sept. 12, 1853; died of pneumonia, April 26, 1926; aged 72 y. 8 m. 14 d. He was sick only a few days. The day before he passed away the doctor asked him if he would wish for anything. He answered that he could wish first for heaven, and second, to do good to others. He was married to Lizzie S. Aston, Oct. 29, 1876. To this union were born eleven children, four of whom have preceded him in death. He is survived by his wife and the following children: Amos, Peter, Albert, Sadie, May, Martha, and Norma. Two brothers, William of Lebanon, and Frederick of Wrightsvillle, also survive. With his companion he united with the Chestnut Hill Mennonite Church in the fall of 1895. To his Lord and the Church he remained faithful in life and in his dying he had a strong hope. Services were conducted at the home by Henry E. Longanecker and at Chestnut Hill by Seth E. Ebersole and John F. Bressler. Texts, Psa. 132:14; Phil 3:20, 21. Burial in the Silver Spring Cemetery. Peace to his ashes.

Zook. - John S. Zook was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, Feb. 18, 1845; died of apoplexy at his home near Goshen, Ind., April 23, 1926; aged 81 y. 2 m. 5 d. The last two weeks of his life he was exceptionally happy and joyful and the end came very suddenly and unexpectedly. He was the oldest child of a family of twelve, four of whom survive him. Two sisters, Mrs. Sarah Ziegler, of Smithville, Ohio, Mrs. Elizabeth Weigley, of Orrville, Ohio, 2 brothers, Solomon, of Vistula, Ind., and Samuel, of Jonesville, Mich., also survive him. In December, 1869, he was united in marriage to Fannie E. Hartzler, who died in September, 1870. On child, Mrs. Harvey E. Miller, of Goshen, Ind., was born to this union. On Oct. 10, 1876, he was married to Elisabeth Yoder of Cass Co., Mich. Five children were born to this union: Mrs. D. E. Lantz, of Oak Harbor, Ohio; Sidney, at home; John, of Denbigh, Va.; Milo, of Sturgis, Mich.; and Edith, who died in 1899. He is also survived by 18 grandchildren and one great-grandchild, and a large number on nephews and nieces. When a young man he was converted, accepted Christ as his personal Savior, and made his choice to worship with the Mennonite people; in this faith he continued faithful to the time of his departure. Services were conducted at the house by D. J. Johns and at the Clinton Frame Church by Silas Yoder and D. J. Johns. Texts, II Tim. 4:6; Matt. 24:44.

Riehl. - Fannie E. Riehl was born in Union Co., Pa., Sept. 16, 1840; died in Lancaster, Pa., April 3, 1926; aged 85 y. 6 m. 17 d. She is survived by an adopted daughter, one niece with whom she resided, one brother, and a number of nephews, relatives, and friends. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church and as long as health permitted attended Sunday school and Church faithfully. She was a friend of young people and children, and opened her heart and home to a number of them. She was "Aunt Fanny" to the children in the community, who loved her. Her health failed a year ago, when we thought her end was near; but she became stronger again, being able to sit up on a chair but could not walk. Four weeks before her death she took sick again and suffered much pain at times. For several days she could not speak to us, we longed so much to hear her speak again. Then her speech returned. She realized her condition and said she would be ready to go at any time if the Lord calls. Her last days were spent in singing and prayer. We miss her greatly, but the Lord's will be done. Funeral services were held April 6, conducted by John Mosemann at the home and at the Millersville Mennonite Church by Brethren John Mosemann, Jacob Hess, and D. N. Gish. Texts, I Thess. 4:13-18 and Job 5:26. Interment in the adjoining cemetery. By the family.

Stutzman. - Jacob D. Stutzman was born at Walnutcreek, Ohio, Jan. 13, 1854; died April 24, 1926; aged 72 y. 3 m. 11 d. In his youth he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, was baptized and received into the Amish Mennonite Church, remaining a faithful member until death. On Feb. 22, 1878, he was united in marriage to Amanda Hershberger. To this union were born 12 children, 7 sons and 5 daughters, all of whom accepted Christ as their Savior and united with the Church to which their parents belonged. Two sons, 1 daughter, and 7 grandchildren preceded him in death. All of the family are at present living in Milford, Nebr., and vicinity. In the year 1881 he with his family moved to Milford, Nebr., at which place he died. The cause of his death was cancer. After patiently suffering for two years, the Lord relieved him and called him home. He leaves to mourn his departure a sorrowing wife, 5 sons, 4 daughters, 37 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, 5 brothers, 2 sisters, and a host of relatives and friends. Services at Amish Church by Ben Schlegel and L. O. Schlegel. Text, Titus 2:13.
"Dear wife, dear children, dear grandchildren,
Brothers, sisters, and comrades all--
To you I say farewell.
O think! you too must die;
I am waiting to meet you all on high.
Through the blood of Jesus
I am as happy as I can be,
Do not shed a tear for me."

Klopfenstein. - Betty Jane, infant daughter of James and Mabel Klopfenstein, was born Sept. 6, 1924, near Milford, Nebr.; died at their home near Beaver Crossing, April 27, 1926. She reached the age of 1 y. 7 m. 11 d. She leaves to mourn her untimely departure, father and mother (James and Mabel Klopfenstein), 4 sisters (Zola, Fern, Bernice, and Dorothy), 1 brother (Wayne), 4 grandparents, 2 great-grandparents, 6 uncles, 4 aunts, 21 cousins, and many other near relatives and friends, who had learned to know and love her during her short stay here. Death was the result of a fractured skull, received by coming in contact with a gasoline engine. Her mother was doing the week's washing, and just a few minutes before, while on her way to hang out some clothes to dry, she noticed Betty still playing with the other children in the yard nearby, but upon returning found her lying there unconscious. God in His infinite wisdom and mercy, saw fit to take her home. She lived almost 17 hours after the accident, but never regained consciousness, and at 2:40 o'clock Tuesday morning, she quietly fell asleep. Funeral services were held at the West Fairview Church on April 29, in charge of Bros. J. W. Oswald and J. E. Zimmerman, assisted by Geo. S. Miller and John H. Whitaker. Text, Matt. 24:44. Interment was made in the cemetery nearby.
"All is dark within our dwelling,
Lonely are our hearts today,
For the one we loved so dearly
Has forever passed away."

Miller. - Emma, daughter of William and Helena Wertz, was born in Johnson Co., Ia., Dec. 31, 1855; died at her home were she was born and spent all her life, on April 21, 1926; aged 70 y. 3 m. 21 d., her death occurring just fourteen days after the death of her husband. At the age of 15 she accepted Christ as her Savior and united with the Amish Mennonite Church and remained a faithful member until death. On August 28, 1892, she was united in marriage to Peter J. Miller, Bishop C. J. Miller officiating. To this union were born three daughters, Naomi, Lydia, and Ruth. She leaves to mourn her departure three daughters, eight step-children, two sisters, Mrs. John Flory of Wilsonville, Nebr., and Mrs. Eli Yoder of Wellman, Ia., and one brother, Daniel, of Kalona, Ia., and a host of relatives and friends. The departed sister was a faithful and active worker both in the home and in the Church. Her place was never vacant in the Church whenever health would permit her to be there. Her afflictions were of a duration of about thirty years, which were at times very intense, but she bore them all patiently and often expressed herself as being fully resigned to the Lord's will and being ready to depart and be at rest. Just a few days before she died she called those around her to her bedside to give them all good-bye and earnestly admonished them to steadfastness and prayer. Funeral services were held Saturday, April 24, at the Lower Deer Creek by David D. Miller, John Y. Swartzendruber, and A. C. Swartzendruber.

Stahly. - Mary Souder was born in Fulton Co. Ohio, Jan. 14, 1845; died at her home in Nappanee, Ind., April 12, 1926; aged 81 y. 2 m. 28 d. She was married to Christian Stahly at Goshen, Ind., Dec. 27, 1864. To this union were born 11 children. Six of them (Elsina, Lovina, Katie, Barbara, Chauncy, and Melvin), with her beloved companion, have preceded her to the glory world. She leaves 3 daughters and 2 sons) (Mrs. Ephraim Emmert, Mrs. Cliff Geyer, Mrs. George Peters, Clayton, and David), a sister (Mrs. Bert Makenson), 23 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren, and a host of other relatives and friends. She united with the Mennonite Church while young and has lived a consistent Christian life ever since. Their home was always enjoyed by all who ever resided there, and she and her husband worked hard to make home what it should be to their children, leaving an example that will be well worthy of following. They not only reared their own children but they took into their home for a number of years a nephew, Jesse Ringenberger, and gave him the benefits of this Christian home. Grandma Stahly has seen many sorrows through the loss of her children, but she thought the climax had been reached several years ago, when she was called to give up her companion. But the Lord brought her through this great sorrow and she lived for her children and her church the remaining years. She read her Bible much and when upon her bed of affliction, when no more able to read, those who cared for her read many chapters to her and always studied the Sunday school lesson with her, after which she would always say, "Thank you, that was so good." Funeral services were held at North Main street Mennonite Church by J. H. McGowen, assisted by Galen B. Royer. Text, II Cor. 5:1. Buried at Union Center.

Buckwalter. - Mary Martin Buckwalter was born May 5, 1846 near Burton City, Ohio; died April 23, 1926, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. F. S. Wilson, near Dalton, Ohio; aged 79 y. 11 m. 18 d. She was the youngest and the only remaining member of the Abram and Nancy Martin family. On Jan. 6, 1870, she was united in marriage with Jacob Buckwalter. To this union were born 4 children: Anna, Daniel, Andy, and Hettie (Mrs. E. S. Wilson). Daniel died in 1874 in early childhood and Anna in 1889 at the age of 18 years. She is survived by her husband, one son (Andy), one daughter (Mrs. E. S. Wilson), five grandchildren, and a host of other relatives and friends. For over 50 years she shared actively and devotedly with her husband the responsibilities and labors of home making. In the past few years she was dependent on the ministries of her husband and children for many of her comforts because of failing health. These labors were cheerfully given for Mother who had done so much for them. She was very appreciative of any kindness or remembrance given by her many friends and neighbors during her affliction. In 1874, shortly after the death of little Daniel, she and her husband accepted Christ as their personal Savior and were received into the Martins Mennonite Church under the ministry of Benjamin Horst. In this fellowship she continued true to the end. She was a devoted companion, a loving mother, a faithful member of the church and a humble follower of our blessed Lord. Funeral was held at the Martins Mennonite Church on Sunday afternoon, April 25, in the presence of about 800 people. Services were conducted by I. W. Royer assisted by Ben Good, David Hostetler, David Wenger, C. Z. Yoder, and P. R. Lantz. Text, Jno. 14:2.

Miller. - Magdalena (Troyer) was born in Holmes Co., O., Aug. 27, 1840; died Aug. 8, 1925; aged 84 y. 11 m. 11 d. She was baptized by Bishop Frederick Hagey and received into fellowship of the Martins Creek A. M. congregation Aug. 7, 1858. In the summer of 1859, she and her widowed mother came to LaGrange Co., Ind., to live. Here on Nov. 6, 1860, she was united in marriage to Abram J. Miller, who died July 13, 1905. Since his death she lived with her daughter and son-in-law Bishop John Garber and wife. Here she was lovingly cared and provided for by her children, and tenderly nursed through many illnesses. On the morning of Aug. 20, 1922 she fell and hurt her hip. For several months she suffered greatly. But gradually strength returned and she again became able to walk a few steps at a time. Being so blind that she could only distinguish light from darkness, she did not like to leave her room from this time on. The last three months of life she again suffered greatly. One thing after another set in. She became weary of the struggle and longed for rest. On the evening of the 8th she attained it. "Home at last on heavenly mountains. She heard the call and entered in." If there was one Christian grace in which mother excelled, it was kindness. Nothing was ever too much bother for her loving hands and willing feet. She was a woman of strong devotion and much prayer. Her last days were one constant prayer. One of her rules of life, faithfully kept, was to read a portion of Scripture daily. She was preceded in death by one son and two daughters. She is survived by two sons and one daughter; also two grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild. Funeral services the 11th at Clinton Brick were by Amos Nusbaum (text, Job 14 1st clause of 14), and Y. C. Miller (text, Heb. 4:9). Laid to rest at Forest Grove.
"Until we meet again before His throne,
Clothed in the spotless robe He gives His own;
Until we know even as we are know,
Good-night, good-night, good-night." Her daughter.

Rodgers. - Sister Laura May Rodgers was the first baby admitted into the Children's Home, Millersville, Pa. She was admitted at the age of eight months, and fell asleep in Jesus on the morning of April 22, 1926. She was aged 15 y. 10 m. 17 d. For the last fourteen months she was a patient sufferer, sickness due to a serious heart and nerve condition, an invalid passing her time in bed or on a wheel chair. She accepted her Savior at the age of thirteen and has been a happy and faithful follower, since her illness especially her life has gone out as a benediction to those about her; she was a real sunbeam for Him. Bro. and Sister Sauder gave her all the love and care that they would have given to one of their very own. Nothing was left undone for her cheer and comfort. Often she expressed her feelings by saying, "I am so glad for this home, I am so glad I can be here while I am sick." When health permitted she would take the new children as they came in, especially the smaller ones, and make them feel at home as no one else could. She was a real mother to the younger ones as they went to and from school. Shortly after her conversion she wrote the following lines:
"Jesus is coming, we know not when,
For He will take us home again;
He is so happy when we repent,
For He is happy, happy then.
Jesus will take us by His hand,
And lead us to a better land;
How happy then shall I be
When my dear Savior I shall see!"
which expressed, we believe, the feelings of her heart. The letters and remembrances received from little friends and older ones as well were a means of much pastime and cheer, few days passing without a letter, from the United States or Canada. One of the pleasures of her life when very young in years, was to give something, however small, to someone. So in her sickness she wanted to share with others, and often did so with an older invalid sister nearby. There was no fear of death and Psa. 23 was the last portion of Scripture she was permitted to read. She will be missed, as her room was a real haven to the tired worker when a few moments were found for rest. We rejoice in this that another victory has been won for the Master and wish to encourage others in similar work. Funeral services were held Apr. 24, at the Millersville Mennonite Church, conducted by Bros. D. N. Gish and J. G. Hess. Text, Psa 23. Interment in the Millersville cemetery.
May H. Gochnauer.

Guengerich. - Jacob D. Guengerich was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, June 15, 1843; died April 23, 1926, at the home of his daughter, Lizzie, near Pigeon, Mich.; aged 82 y. 10 m. 8 d. He was married to Lydia Gingerich Jan. 2, 1868. His wife preceded him in death 16 years. To this union 13 children were born, of whom 12 survive. The eldest daughter, Susanna, died at the age of 11 years. He leaves to mourn his departure 7 sons and 5 daughters: Elmer, Lewis, Anna, wife of Jacob Shetler; Ruhama, widow of E. C. Beachy; Lizzie, wife of D. C. Esch; Daniel, George, Barbara, wife of H. A. Yoder; Samuel, Aaron, Ezra, and Nancy, wife of John M. Yoder; one brother, S. D. Guengerich, and one sister, Lizzie, wife of John C. Gingerich, 57 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren, 2 adopted granddaughters, and 1 adopted great-granddaughter. He united with the Amish Mennonite Church in his early youth and remained a faithful member until death. He made his home with his daughter Mrs. D. C. Esch for the last twelve years. He came with his parents to Iowa in the spring of 1846, eighty years ago, when he was less than three years of age, which was even before Iowa became a state, and lived in a log cabin near the present site of Kalona, Iowa. In this one room cabin the first Amish Mennonite meeting or public worship was held in the fall of 1849, consisting of three families: Daniel P. Guengerich and wife, Wm. Wertz and wife, and Peter B. Miller and wife, together with their children and of all this company there are left only two who were present at this meeting. They are S. D. Guengerich of Wellman, and Dan Wertz of Kalona. This was the humble beginning of what is now the largest Amish Mennonite settlement west of the Mississippi river. We who are now reaping blessings and comforts of life as never before, let us remember it is because our ancestors, by their self-denial, economy, and hardships made it possible for us to live in comfort and plenty. But most of all they have left us a heritage and handed down to us a spiritual blessing. May we not lose sight of that heritage which our forefathers have kept intact.
Thy room is quiet, all is still,
Thy chair is vacant, 'tis God's will;
So long you waited for your rest,
We know God does just what is best.
Funeral services were held at the Pigeon River Church near Pigeon Mich., Sunday April 25, after which the body was taken to the home of Mrs. E. C. Beachy near Wellman, Iowa, and the funeral services held at the Lower Deer Creek Church, April 28, conducted by Gideon A. Yoder in the German and David Miller in English. Burial in the cemetery nearby.

Transcription by: John Ingold, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Vol. XIX, No. 8 - May 20, 1926, p. 174, 175, 176

Koch--Elizabeth Sauder was born Aug. 21, 1846; on June 27, 1865, she was married to Joseph Koch who died about 8 months ago. After ten weeks of patient suffering she passed peacefully away on April 8, 1926; aged 79 y. 7 m. 17 d. There remain 2 sons, 3 daughters, 11 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren. Funeral April 12 at St. Jacob, Ont., Mennonite Church, conducted by Abr. Gingrich and Moses Brubacher.

Lehman -- Daniel Lehman was born in Lancaster Co., Oct., 16, 1845; died April 29, 1926; aged 80 y. 6 m. 13 d. His wife who was Martha K. Buckwalter, preceded her husband twelve ago. He is survived by 3 sons, 1 daughter, Lizzie Greider of Rohrerstown with whom he lived the last seven years, and 9 grandchildren. Being of a genial disposition, he bore his affliction with great patience. Short services were conducted at the home of John Greider by the Rohrerstown brethren with further services at Mellingers Church, by Bros. David and Sanford Landis.

Transcriber's notes: Lehman, Daniel: note omission of (probably) the word years between twelve and ago

Nissley- Sara S., daughter of deacon John and Barbara S. Nissley (both deceased) was born July 2, 1837, died at the home of Eli G. Reist, May 5, 1926; aged 88 y. 10 m. 3 d. She was the oldest member of the congregation. Aunt Sarah was the last of her family, being survived by 19 nieces and nephews. The last years she had her home with her niece, Mrs. Eli G. Reist. A short service was conducted at their home and in the Mt. Joy Mennonite Church by Bros. Isaac H. Brubaker and Simon E. Garber. Text, I Thes. 4:13-18. Interment in Kraybill's Cemetery.
A Grandniece.

Transcriber's notes: Nissley, Sara : note that later in the obituary her name is spelled Sarah.

Sollenberger - Ethel Overcash, wife of Henry E. Sollenberger, died at her home May 7, 1926; Aged 37 y. 5 m. 5 d. Death was due to grip which she contracted following the birth of a child three weeks ago. She is survived by her husband, and the following children: David C., Anna E., Martha M., Emma C., and Chester H.; also by her parents (Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Overcash) and 5 brothers and 4 sisters. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite church being baptized November 23, 1907. Funeral services were held at the Chambersburg, Pa., Church by J. Irvin Lehman and Albert Niswanger. Interment in cemetery near the church.

Transcriber's notes: Sollenberger, Ethel: note use of word "grip" which is no doubt "grippe"

Caufman - Sister Emma, daughter of Martin and Fanny Knol Caufman, died at the Chambersburg Hospital after undergoing an operation: aged 44 y. 17 d. She has been an invalid for about eleven years. She united with the Mennonite Church at Chambersburg at the age of 17 years and has been a faithful sister until her death. She is survived by her parents, six sisters, and three brothers. Her mortal remains were laid to rest on May 9th, services conducted at the home by Bro. D.E. Kuhns and at the Chambersburg Church by the brethren, Jos. E. Lehman and John S. Burkholder. Text, Phil. 1:21. Burial following services in cemetery adjoining where her body will rest in peace until the general resurrection at the last day.

Zehr - Catherine Zehr (nee Bender) was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., May 30, 1854; died in Perth Co., Ont., April 23, 1926; aged 71 y. 10 m. 24 d. In her youth she accepted Jesus as her Savior and united with the Amish Mennonite Church and was a faithful sister till the end. She was joined in holy wedlock to Christian R. Zehr, March 4, 1873, which union was blest with 6 children, 4 sons and 2 daughters. On Jan 1, 1892, her husband was called to the great beyond. She leaves to mourn her departure 4 sons and 2 daughters, 10 grandchildren, 5 brothers, and 4 sisters. Burial in the East Zorra A.M. Cemetery, April 26. Services at the house by Jacob R. Bender, and at the church by Brethren D.H. Steinman and D.S. Jutzi. Texts, Mark 13:33-37 and I Cor. 15:51-58. A large number of friends were gathered together to pay the last tribute of respect to the departed one.

Near - Barbara (Nuschwanger) Near was born near Kitchener, Ont., Aug. 6, 1853; died suddenly at her home near Denbeigh, Va., April 26, 1926; aged 72 y. 8 m. 20 d. She was united in marriage to Milton H. Near who with the following daughters survive: Froney Weese, Menlo, Kan.; Martha, at home; Rebekah McLaughlin, Abernathy, Texas; and Lucy Landis, Chambersburg, Pa.; also two sisters and one brother, Anna Shellenberger, Petoskey, Mich.; Lovina Lapp, Grand Junction, Colo.; and George Neuschwanger, Red Oak, Iowa. Funeral services were held at the Warwick Mennonite Church, Denbeigh, Va., April 29, by J.M. Shenk of Elida O., and Daniel Shenk.
We miss mother dear,
We miss her kind loving face,
We see a vacant chair,
We miss one who has gone to rest
With friends who have gone before.
By the Family.

Transcriber's notes: Near, Barbara: note that both Nuschwanger and Nueschwanger are used in the obituary.

Brubacher - Elizabeth Musselman was born Nov. 27, 1845; on Oct. 6, 1872 she was married to Moses Brubacher. To them were born 5 sons and 2 daughters. She united with the Mennonite Church early in life and remained true to the end. She was scarcely ever sick and was able to be up an busy except the last two days, when, though not suffering, she gradually lost strength and quietly fell asleep April 25, 1926; Aged 80 y. 4 m. 28 d. Four sons, one daughter and 12 grandchildren remain, her husband having died about five months ago. Funeral April 28, conducted at the home by Jesse B. Martin, and at Martin's Church by bishops A.B. Gingrich and C.F. Derstine. Her only sister (Esther, Mrs. John Brubacher) died the same evening, less than 12 hours apart. These were the last two members of the David Musselman family, and that God should take them home on the same day is surely another manifestation of His wonderful love.

Transcriber's notes: Brubacher Elizabeth: exactly as written; i.e. "up an busy"

Hostetler--Fannie E. Hostetler (nee Mishler) was born in Lagrange Co., Ind., March 17, 1876; died in her home near Midland, Mich., April 29, 1926; aged 50 y. 1 m. 12 d. She was married to Rudolph D. Miller July 25, 1805, who died July 7, 1917. To this union were born two sons and three daughters. Two daughters preceded her in death. She was again united in marriage Nov. 7, 1920, to Emanuel B. Hostetler. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth, and remained a faithful member until death. She leaves a sorrowing husband, 3 children (Truman, Ernest, and Mary Ann), 5 step - children, 1 grandchild, 3 step - grandchildren, 1 brother, 3 sisters, 3 half- brothers, and 1 half - sister. Funeral was preached at the Mennonite Church near Midland, Mich., May 2, by Bros. Albert Wyse and E.A. Bontrager. Text, Rev. 22:14.
All is over, hands are folded,
O'er a calm and peaceful breast;
All is over, life is ended,
And dear mother is at rest.

Troyer--Letha Elnora, daughter of Emanuel and Mazie Troyer was born Nov. 30, 1906; departed this life April 22, 1926; aged 19 y. 4 m. 22 d. She leaves to mourn her untimely death her parents, five sisters and 1 brother, her fiance, Raymond Sommers, and a host of relatives and friends. Letha accepted Christ as her Savior at the age of thirteen years, and remained steadfast and loyal to her Christ through her short Christian experience. After graduating from the Howard Township High School with honors in 1925 she entered Goshen College. She was forced to give up her school work Feb. 7, because of ill health. After returning home she spent eleven weeks confined to her bed until the death angel released her from her sufferings and took her soul to live in realms of light. She was very patient during her illness and was considerate of those who were caring for her. While the future was bright with hope Letha was not unwilling to answer her Master's call. Funeral services were held at the Mennonite Church of Howard-Miami Co., April 25. Benjamin Kendall of Kokomo officiating, with interment in the Mast Cemetery.

Miller - Christian, son of the late bishop Christian and Katherine Miller, was born in Oxford Co., Ont., July 8, 1845; died at his home in Los Angeles, Calif., Dec. 26, 1925; aged 80 y. 5 m. 18 d. He suffered from pneumonia and was sick only 6 days, when he peacefully passed away. He was the last of a family of 11 children. Father and mother preceded him to the Great Beyond; also 2 brothers and 6 sisters passed away in their younger years. Two sisters, Mrs. J. N. Roth and Barbara Miller, lived to a ripe old age, dying in 1913 and 1918. He accepted Christ as his Savior and united with the Mennonite Church in his youth, but later changed his membership. In 1869 he was married to Barbara Stauffer, who died in October, 1924. Two sons were born to this union, Elmer Titus, who died in infancy, and Omar Edom, who died in 1902. There remain to mourn his loss his daughter-in-law and granddaughter, who lived with him and cared for him. Five nephews and four nieces also survive. Funeral services were conducted at the home Dec. 29, by the home minister.
A niece.

Benner - Maria G. Benner, widow of the late Enos D. Benner, of Soudertown, Pa., quietly fell asleep early Monday morning April 12, 1926; at the age of 78 y. 1 m. 27 d. She suffered an attack of plural pneumonia followed by a complication of diseases. She suffered a great deal during her last illness but bore it all patiently. She seemed to realize that the time of her departure had come and often spoke of it. The following children survive: Sarah, wife of R.C. Parndt, Telford, Pa.; Lovina, wife of S.S. Alderfer, Philadelphia, Pa.; Elmer W. Benner, Franconia, Pa.; Tillie, wife of B. F. Simmons, Telford, Pa.; Rhine W. Benner, Roaring, W. Va.; and Elsie, wife of Titus Myers, Soudertown, Pa. Funeral services were conducted on April 15, 1926, at the home of her youngest daughter, Mrs. Titus Myers, by Bro. Jacob M. Moyer of the Soudertown Congregation and at the Rockhill Mennonite Church, where she was a member for over fifty years, by Bros. Joseph Ruth, of Line Lexington, and Edwin Souder and Alfred Detwiler of the Rockhill Congregation. Interment in cemetery nearby.

Transcriber's notes: Benner, Maria: note use of word "plural" which is no doubt "pleural"

Steider - Josephine (Whitaker) Steider was born December 14, 1877, at Wauseon, Ohio; died May 22, 1926, at the hospital in York, Nebr.; aged 48 y. 4 m. 18 d. March 12, 1992, she was Married to Sam Steider. To this union were born 2 sons and 1 daughter. She leaves a deeply grieved husband, two sons, 1 daughter, her aged father, 3 brothers, 1 sister, uncles, aunts, and many other near relatives and friends. At an early age she gave her heart to God, was baptized in the Amish Mennonite Church, and remained a faithful member until death. Death came from the effects of an operation she had undergone a few days before. She had been in poor health for some time and sought relief through an operation, but all that loving hands and tender care could do for her was of no avail. Funeral services were held May 25 at the West Fairview Church. Services at the house were conducted by J.W. Oswald, at the church by W. R. Eicher and G. S. Miller (II Cor. 5; and Num. 23:10), and at the grave by J. E. Zimmerman. Interment in West Fairview cemetery.
"All is over hands are folded
On a calm and peaceful breast.
All is over life is ended
And our mother is at rest."

Sutter - Christian Sutter, Sr., was born in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany on Jan. 6, 1848. In his early youth he was schooled in the Mennonite church, later transferring to the Lutheran church. At the age of 22 he was called into military service, serving in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. In the year of 1876 together with one brother and two sisters he came to America. For a number of years he worked in Illinois, Iowa, and Arkansas. Thereafter he lived for a time in Seward County, Nebr. On Sept. 19, 1892, he was united in marriage with Barbara Zehr, who preceded him into eternity by 10 months and 7 days. From Seward County he moved to Chappell, Nebr., and later removed to Seward County. In 1900 he came to Hershey, Nebr., where he spent the remainder of his life. After but a short illness with but little suffering he quietly fell asleep. Of sickness he had very little in his life. He departed this world April 18, 926. He thus reached the age of 78 y. 3 m. 12 d. His funeral took place April 21, A.H. Gehner officiating. Interment was made in Trinity cemetery.
"Now the laborer's task is o'er;
Now upon the farther shore
Lands the voyager at last,
Father, in Thy gracious keeping
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping."

Martin - Lizzie Martin daughter of the late Jacob and Elizabeth Martin, died April 28, 1926, at the home of her brother-in-law, Bishop Lewis Shank at Broadway, Va., where she had her home the past thirty years. She was aged 78 y. 10 m. 22 d. Her former home was near Hagerstown, Md., where her parents lived and reared a family of twelve children. She united with the Mennonite Church in girlhood and remained a faithful and zealous member until death, always ready to do all in her power for her Master. Her health had been failing for several years, and as her strength waned she longed more and more for her heavenly home. Sister Lizzie did much good in the community, being always ready to help those in distress. Her courage, her unselfishness, and her loving thought for others, endeared her to all. One sister, Mrs. Shank, and three brothers, John, of Hagerstown, Md., Abram, of Smithsburg, Md., and Amos, of Rayford, Md., survive. Brief services were held at the Shank residence on April 30, conducted by the Brethren, A.G. Heishman and Joseph Shank. Text, Isa. 35:10. The day following the body was taken to Maryland where the funeral was held from Reiff's Church near Hagerstown.
Yes, on the other Shore
Behold the open door,
Where Jesus stands with out-stretched hands,
To welcome the blood-washed band.
Barbara A. Alger

Obert-Henry Kauffman, son of Anton and Rosene Obert, was born near Allentown, Pa., Dec. 19, 1869; died at his home near Lone Tree, Mo., April 29, 1926; aged 56 y. 4 m. 10 d. In his 14th year Henry came to Missouri with his father, mother, sisters, and brothers to make this his home, and where he remained until 1892, when he went to Illinois, where on October 5, 1893, he was united in marriage to Lucy Unglaub of Woodson, Ill. To this union was born one daughter (Agnes, now Mrs. Geo. Megguison). On Aug. 24, 1895, this young wife and mother passed away. On April 10, 1902, he was united in marriage to Belle McCarty of Manchester, Ill. To this union were born two sons and two daughters (Mrs. Helen Gaston; Kenneth (deceased); Frances, and James). He also leaves four grandchildren, 3 brothers, and 3 sisters (Chas., Andy, John, Mrs. T.L. Yoder, Leslie, Mrs. Ida Wolfe, and Mrs. Rosa Gold). Beside these are nieces and nephews. In early manhood Henry confessed Christ at the Clear Fork Mennonite Church but never affiliated himself with any Church, but always lived an honest upright life. Until three years ago he had been a very healthy, strong man but since that time he has been a constant patient sufferer, until called to his reward. Funeral May 2, 1926, at the home by Pre. Blalock and at the Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church by Isaac G. Hartzler. Text, Psa. 66:16. Interment in Reed Cemetery.

Ruvenacht - Kathryn (Risser) died at her late home in Gridley, Ill., April 24, 1926, after an illness of four weeks, death being due to influenza and the infirmities of age. Her age was 90 y. 10 m. 16 d. She was born June 8, 1835, at Burchite, Lorraine, France. Her father, Christian Risser, died when she was 7 years old. She with her mother and 3 brothers went to live with her uncle near Zweibrucken, Bavaria. In June, 1853, they emigrated to America where they settled on a farm near Spring Bay, Ill. She was married to Christian Ruvenacht Sept. 1, 1864. To this union were born 3 children; Mrs. J.W. Baughman, Zion City, Ill., and Barbara J. and Solomon H., at home. She with her husband settled on a farm in Panola Township where they endured all the hardships of pioneer life. Her husband died Dec. 11, 1904. After living on the farm forty years she made her home in Gridley, with her son and daughter, where they have since resided. She confessed her Savior at the age of 14 years and became a member of the Mennonite Church and continued faithful to the end. She always attended church when it was possible for her to be there. She possessed all her mental faculties to the end and her last words were a prayer. She was of a cheerful disposition and was esteemed by all who knew her. She leaves 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and 10 great - grandchildren. Services were held at the home on April 26, Bros. D.W. Slagel, Sam Gerber, and J.D. Hartzler took part in the service. Interment at the Baughman Cemetery.

Whitmer - David Lehman Whitmer was born at Hagerstown, Md., Feb. 21, 1838; died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. A.J. Steiner, at North Lima, Ohio May 7, 1926; aged 88 y. 2 m. 16 d. He was the last to survive of a family of two sisters and seven brothers who had grown to maturity. At the age of four years he came with his parents from Hagerstown, to eastern Ohio and located at North Lima where he lived for more than eighty years. On October 29, 1871, he was married to Anna Otto of Harmony, Pa., with whom he lived in happy wedlock for forty years until her death fifteen years ago. This union was blessed with four children (Mary, wife of Levi Yoder, who died four years ago; Paul E.; Martha, wife of A.J. Steiner; and Samuel who died in infancy). He united with the Mennonite Church many years ago and remained a faithful member until death. Death was due to the disabilities of old age. The most outstanding feature in his religious life was the large amount of time that he devoted to private devotions of Scripture reading, prayer, and singing from memory familiar hymns. This was the source of great comfort to him because for many years defective hearing deprived him of the benefits of church services and the usual social life. Funeral services were held at North Lima, O., on the afternoon of May 9, which were largely attended. Bros. E.M. Detwiler and Paul Yoder conducted the service. Text, Eccl. 12: 5; Heb. 11:10. At the close a few appropriate remarks were made by his son Paul which had been requested by parent.

Brilhart-Clarence Henry Brilhart was born in Rockton, Clearfield county, Pa., Sept. 1, 1883; died May 4, 1926, at his home in Scottdale, Pa.; aged 42 y. 8 m. 3 d. About 16 years ago he contracted asthma and suffered from this disease about two or three months each year, until about 17 months ago when other diseases complicated his chronic trouble and hastened his end, notwithstanding all the loving care of a patient wife and family. We can say with Job, "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord." He said not long before he died, "It will not be long." He united with the Mennonite Church at Scottdale February 15, 1903. He was patient in all his suffering. Although he was much hindered in church attendance by the nature of his affliction, he had that blessed hope that "there will be no disappointments in heaven, no sorrow, or suffering or pain." He was married to Sister Dillia A. Stahl July 2, 1903. To this union two children were born, Aaron A. and Sara S., both at home.
"Your suffering here, tis true, was great;
But God has called you home,
Where sorrow, sickness, pain, and death
Can never, never come.
We'll seek you not among the dead,
But far beyond the skies;
And if we truly serve our God,
We shall with thee arise."
Funeral services were held May 6, 1926 at the home and at the Scottdale Mennonite Church by Bros. Aaron Loucks and J. A. Ressler. Interment in Scottdale Cemetery.

Transcribed by Julie Getter, Maryland


Gospel Herald - Vol. XIX, No. 9 - May 27, 1926, pages 190, 191.

Honsaker. - Josiah B. Honsaker was born in Fayette Co., Pa., April 1, 1848; died at his home in Masontown of the same county, April 25, 1926. He united with the Mennonite Church in 1871, and his testimony, especially during his sickness and at his death, assured us that he passed into the other world with good hopes. In the month of January, 1873, he was married to Susan Christopher. He is survived by his widow. Funeral services were conducted at the Masontown Mennonite Church by Aaron Loucks, assisted by Lloy A. Kniss. Texts, I Pet. 1:3-5; II Cor. 5:8.

Kauffman. - John F. Kauffman was born in Ohio Jan. 22, 1844; died of infirmities of age at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Cyrus Steele near Middlebury, Ind., April 30, 1926; aged 82 y. 3 m. 8 d. On July 8, 1866, he was united in marriage to Mary Scott. To them were born two sons and three daughters, all of whom survive (Mrs. Milton Shoup, Mrs. Ira Prough, Mrs. Cyrus Steele, Amos, and Clarence); also nine grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and two brothers and two sisters (Andrew Kauffman, Frank Kauffman, Mrs. Anna Haverstick, and Mrs. Lydia Schrock). His wife preceded him two and one-half years. He united with the Mennonite Church in 1885 and remained a faithful member until death. Funeral services were held at the Middlebury Mennonite Church, Bros. Silas Yoder and John Garber officiating. Interment was made in the Forest Grove Cemetery.
"Now the sun is sinking, sinking,
Gone! Its tints far in the west;
And old age lays down its burden,
Dust to dust, at peace, at rest."

Umble. - Lillian Byler Umble was born near Belleville, Pa., March 31, 1900; died near Atglen, Pa.; aged 26 y. 1 m 13 d. She united with the A. M. Church in her youth and remained a faithful Christian until death came and relieved her of her sufferings and pain. She peacefully fell asleep in Jesus. Funeral services were held at the Millwood A. M. Church. Interment in cemetery nearby. Services were conducted by Amos Stoltzfus (Text, Matt. 11:28), and Eli Kanagy. She leaves her husband (Emanuel Umble), father (Jacob Byler), and two sisters (Mrs. Corinne Plank and Mrs. Florence B. Lauver, missionary in South America), and many other relatives and friends. Her favorite hymn:
"There's no disappointment in heaven,
No weariness, sorrow, nor pain;
No hearts that are bleeding and broken,
No song with a minor refrain.
The clouds of our earthly horizon
Will never appear in the sky,
For all will be sunshine and gladness
With never a sob nor a sigh." By her aunt.

Snider. - Grace Magdalena, beloved daughter of Nathaniel and Malinda Snider, was born August 19, 1907, at Preston, Ont.; died at the home of her parents at Strasburg, Ont., on May 12, 1926; aged 18 y. 9 m. 20 d. She had been ailing for about two years with nephritis, but her end came rather unexpectedly. She leaves her sorrowing parents, two sisters, four brothers, and a host of friends. One brother predeceased her 27 years ago in early childhood. Sister Grace united with the Mennonite Church at Strasburg nearly five years ago, and by her own testimony leaves the assurance that she was at peace with God and her fellowmen. She lived an exemplary Christian life. Her pleasant smile and cheerful attitude will always be cherished by all who knew her. Funeral services were held May 15, at the First Mennonite Church, Kitchener, by Jesse B. Martin and C. F. Derstine.
"The lights are out
In the mansion of clay,
The curtains are drawn,
for the dweller's away.
She silently slipped
O'er the threshold by night
To make her abode
In the city of light."

Bauman. - Susanna, eldest daughter of Ananias and Mary Bauman, was born near May City, Iowa, April 23, 1904; died at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Stauffer, near Ephrata, Pa., May 4, 1926; aged 22 y. 11 d. When she was 9 years old her parents moved to Stanton, Mich., where she grew to womanhood. Last November she with two younger sisters went to Pennsylvania to visit and spend the winter and had planned to come home May 1, when only a few days before she took sick with typhoid fever, having contracted the disease at a place she worked a week to help out the sick. She gave her life that others might live, but both sick patients died also. She is survived by her parents, 2 brothers, and 3 sisters (Noah, Lydia, Esther, Amos, and Anna). She always had a smile and a cheering word for everybody. She was buried at the Pike Mennonite Church near New Holland, Pa. Services at the house by Jacob Stauffer and at the Church by John A. Weaver and Elam Martin. Text, Jas. 4:14, 15. She died in the bloom of life.
"A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled."

Stoll. - Elizabeth (Swartz) Stoll was born in Stark Co., Ohio, Feb. 4, 1845; died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Anna Kauffman, Jasper Co., Ind., April 14, 1926; aged 81 y. 2 m. 10 d. Her parents died when she was but a small child. She then made her home with Crist Graber of Allen Co. She united with the Old Order Amish Mennonite Church in her youth. In 1864 she was united to John Stoll of France. To this union were born 10 children, 3 of whom preceded her in death. Those surviving are: Joseph, Peter, Victor, Mrs. Barbara Miller, Mrs. Katie Miller, Mrs. Lena Overholt, and Mrs. Anna Kauffman; also 58 grandchildren, 58 great-grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. Her husband passed to the Great Beyond in 1902. Since that time she has been making her home with her children. Death was due to the infirmities of age. She was up walking about the house a week before her death. The last few days she slept most of the time until at last she fell asleep in Jesus, which she longed for so long. Thursday afternoon there were funeral services held at her daughter's home, conducted by Bros. David Helmuth and Albert Anderson. Thursday night the remains were taken to Loogootee, Ind., for burial. Burial was made Sunday, April 20. Services conducted by Bros. John Graber and Abraham Knepp.
"The room is quiet, all is still,
The chair is vacant, 'tis God's will;
So long you waited for your rest,
We know God does just what is best." By a granddaughter.

Bender. - Margaret (Hansen) Bender was born near Kalona, Iowa, Jan. 28, 1899; died at the University Hospital at Iowa City May 10, 1926; aged 27 y. 3 m. 12 d. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church at the age of 13 years and remained true to the faith, always attending services when possible and willingly taking any part that was required of her. On Dec. 31, 1925, she was united in marriage with Daniel C. Bender. She leaves her sorrowing husband, her mother (Harriet Hansen), one brother (Samuel Norwood), her father and his children, as well as a host of relatives and friends. Margaret took sick April 30, and on the following Wednesday was taken to the hospital, where she again gradually gained strength until Saturday evening when a form of paralysis, which was a mystery even to the best men of science, began its work, spreading so rapidly that within the short period of 38 hours it had covered the entire body to the extent that life could no longer exist. She prayed to God for help to endure patiently the suffering He saw fit to lay upon her if thereby His name might be glorified and expressed her peace with God which hope she visibly manifested to the end, quietly and peacefully falling asleep. The body was removed to the home of the husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bender, and the funeral held on Ascension Day, May 13, at the Lower Deer Creek Church, conducted by J. L Hershberger, W. S. Guengerich and J. Y. Swartzendruber. Text, Psa. 73:23-26.
"Dearest husband, weep not o'er me
For I am going on before;
God alone can guide and keep thee,
Till we meet on yonder shore."

Burkholder. - Mary Bucher was born in Fayette Co., Pa., Jan. 10, 1837; died May 14, 1926; aged 89 y. 4 m.14 d. When about five years of age she moved with her parents to Ohio, and when a young woman came to Elkhart Co., Ind. On Sept. 27, 1863, she was united in marriage with David Burkholder who preceded her in death 3 years ago. On Nov. 10 of the same year she and her husband moved onto the farm where they spent the remainder of their natural life except the few years in which they lived in Nappanee. They both united with the Mennonite Church in 1865 and became members of the Yellow Creek congregation. Later when the congregation was organized at Nappanee they transferred their membership to that place. The Nappanee congregation was organized with 11 members, Sister Burkholder being the last of the charter members. She was a faithful member of the Church until death, although in the later years she was often unable to attend the services. She and her husband lived together for nearly 60 years, but both have now gone to their reward. She is survived by an only daughter (Mrs. Nelson Maust), 3 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, 1 brother (Samuel Bucher), and many other relatives and friends. The daughter and her husband have lived on the farm for a number of years, and during the last 3 years Sister Burkholder has been living with them. Her health has not been good for several years. On May 14, she got up as usual, ate breakfast, and was mending some clothes when at 8:30 she became suddenly ill and passed peacefully away at 10 o'clock. She was a kind and loving mother and grandmother, and her absence will be greatly felt in the family and the Church. Funeral services at the Nappanee Church on Sunday afternoon, conducted by A. B. Christophel and J. S. Hartzler. Text, John 11:25, 26. Burial at Yellow Creek.

Miller. - Sam J. Miller, son of John C. and Fannie (Hochstetler) Miller, was born in Johnson Co., Iowa, Aug. 24, 1894; died at the Mercy Hospital, in Iowa City, April 24, 1926; aged 31 y. 8 m. At the age of six years he moved with his parents to Reno Co., Kans., where he grew to manhood and where on Oct. 14, 1914, he was married to Barbara C. Miller and to whom five children were born (Henry, Oleta, Fannie, Esther, Alice Elizabeth -deceased- and Ora Clayton). In March, 1925, he moved with his family back to Iowa, near Kalona, where all who learned to know him learned to respect him for his kind and cheerful disposition and his Christian life. On Tuesday, April 20, he left his home apparently in usual health to help his brothers deliver some cattle to market, and during the forenoon he suddenly became very ill, with gastric ulcer of the stomach. He was hastily taken to the hospital and was operated on at once. All that human skill could do failed to give ground for the hope of his many friends that he might recover. On Saturday evening he peacefully fell asleep to wake where pain and suffering and death shall have no more power. Samuel was the youngest of a family of nineteen children, of whom ten brothers and four sisters survive, and together with his loving companion, and four children, and a host of relatives and friends, remain to mourn the loss of a devoted husband, a loving father, a faithful brother, and a kind neighbor and friend. His brothers and sisters were all present at the funeral but his two oldest brothers. He accepted Christ as his personal savior a number of years ago, united with the Mennonite Church and lived a faithful Christian life to the end, leaving a bright testimony of peace with his God and faith in his Savior. Funeral service was held at the East Union Church. Laid to rest in the East Union Cemetery.
"Dearest loved one, we must lay thee
In the peaceful grave's embrace;
But thy memory will be cherished
'Til we see thy heavenly face." By his loving wife and children.

Transcription by: John Ingold, Indiana

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