Gospel Herald Obituaries - October, 1926

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GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. XIX, No. 28 - October 7, 1926 - pg 591

Rhone.-Betty Jane, daughter of Thomas and Mildred Rhone, aged about 5 months, died Sept. 18, 1926, in Pond Bank, Pa. She leaves a father and mother, a twin sister, two other sisters, and a brother. Services were conducted Sept. 29 in the Mennonite Church in Pond Bank by Harvey E. Shank. Text, Mark 10: 14. Interment in the cemetery in Pond Bank.

Detweiler.-Ella A., a twin daughter of Mahlon D. and Malinda K. Detweiler, died Sept. 16, 1926; aged 18 y. 2 m. 17 d. She united with the Rockhill Mennonite Church (Bucks Co., Pa.) at the age of twelve and remained faithful to the Church till the end of her journey. She is survived by her parents, a twin sister (Stella) and five brothers. Funeral services were held on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 1926, conducted at the house by Bros. Jos. Ruth and Jonas Mininger and at the Rockhill Meeting House by Bro. Edwin A. Souder and Bro. John Gehman. Text, Matt. 24: 44.

"Oh, that dear one, how we loved her,
Oh, how hard to give her up!
But an angel came down for her,
And removed her from our flock."

Wenger.-Stanley Frederick, son of John and Lucy Wenger, was born near Goshen, Ind., July 18, 1910; died Sept 19, 1926; aged 16 y. 2 m. 1 d. He leaves father, mother, one sister (Dorothy), one brother (Howard), and many relatives and friends. He united with the Mennonite Church at the age of 13 and held his membership until death. Stanley looked like a strong, healthy boy. He had only one good school year in his life and the last month of his life he was concerned about his salvation, and prayed for the church, ministers, and friends. Funeral services were held at the Clinton Frame Church, conducted by D. J. Johns and Silas Yoder. Interment in the Union Chapel Cemetery.

"All is over, hands are folded,
O'er a calm and peaceful breast;
All is over, pain is ended,
And dear Stanley is at rest."

Driver.-Joseph R., Jr., son of Joseph R. and Lizzie W. Driver of Waynesboro, Va., was suddenly called up higher on Sept. 4., 1926, at about noon. He was a few days less than three years old. He was a very healthy, promising little boy, but so soon the life went out. He was playing in the barn with his seven-year-old brother, who had left him only a few moments before. He fell out the barn door into the barn yard, a distance of about ten feet, and broke his neck, there being not a bruise anywhere on his body or head that could be found. He leaves parents, four sisters, two brothers, two grandmothers, and many other relatives, to mourn their loss, which is his gain. The funeral was largely attended on the afternoon of the 5th at the Springdale Church. Services conducted by the brethren, E. C. Shank, J. W. Hess, and A. P. Heatwole. Tet, last clause of Gen. 27: 2. By his aunt.

"Little loving hands are folded,
On a quiet, peaceful breast;
Little sparkling eyes are closed,
Unto everlasting rest." M. M. D.

Eash.-Lizzie Miller Eash, daughter of Yost and Rebecca Miller, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., March 18, 1881; died Sept. 10, 1926, in Michigan; aged 45 y. 5 m. 21 d. She was married to Samuel Eash of Shipshewana, Ind. To this union were born eight children. One preceded her. She leaves her husband, seven children (Clarence, Willis, May, Pauline, Theodore, Pearl Hart, and Clara), her parents four brothers, three sisters, and one grandchild. At the age of fourteen she united with the Mennonite Church. In 1911 the family united with the Congregationalists where she retained her membership until death. For a number of years she was a patient sufferer from asthma, which finally caused her death. She was a devoted wife and a thoughtful mother. Funeral services were held at the Forks Church Sept. 12, conducted by J. W. Yoder and Silas Yoder. Interment at the Miller Cemetery.

"Dearest Mother, we miss thee
Oh, how sad and lonely it will be,
When we to our home return,
There no more your face to see."

Nebel.-Amanda Nebel was born in Henry Co., Iowa, Nov. 1, 1897; died at the city hospital, La Junta, Colo., Sept. 17, 1926; aged 28 y. 10 m. 16 d. About three years ago, while attending school, it was discovered that she had tuberculosis, whereupon she went to the Mennonite Sanitarium at La Junta, Colo. After battling with this dreaded disease for several years she was pronounced an arrested case, which indicated that she had overcome it. She was ready to go to work again when she took suddenly ill with pancreacitis. In spite of all that medical skill and loving hands could do, she passed away peacefully early Friday morning, Sept. 17, 1926. She confessed Christ as her personal Savior on Jan. 15, 1910 and was baptized, united with the body of believers on March 4, 1910, and remained faithful unto death. Her mother was at her bedside during the last ten days of her life. She seemed to realize from the first that her end was near, speaking of her passing very calmly, and planned her mother's trip home. Her favorite hymn was, "Jesus is Mine." She often quoted Psalm 34: 7­"The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them." She leaves her parents, two brothers, a foster brother, sister, and a large number of relatives and friends to mourn her early departure. Services at the Sugar Creek Church near Wayland, Iowa, conducted by Bro. Simon Gingerich, assisted by Bros. Dan Graber and Amos Gingerich.

Yoder.-Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary Yoder, was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, Oct. 5, 1842; died Sept. 21, 1926, in Middlebury, Ind.; aged 83 y. 11 m. 16 d. She moved with her parents to Elkhart Co., Ind., March 29, 1869, and was united in marriage to Edward Yoder of near Goshen, Ind. Five children were born to this union. Two preceded her in death (Ellen and Daniel). Those surviving are her husband, one daughter (Fannie Kerlin) and two sons (David and Harvey), eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild; also four sisters and one bother (Mrs. A. H. Hostetler, Mrs. D. J. Johns, Mrs. W. Schrock, Mrs. N. Blough, and J. C. Yoder). In early life she became a member of the Mennonite Church and remained faithful until death. She was much concerned about the welfare of her Church (desiring that she remain faithful) and her home and family, especially that her grandchildren give their hearts to Jesus and remain true to His name. On July 13, she became seriously ill with pneumonia. Afterwards complications set in. She was very patient in her ten weeks of sickness, and had a longing to go home to Jesus. She fell peacefully asleep in Jesus on Tuesday morning. Funeral services were held at the Middlebury Mennonite Church, conducted by Earl Miller, D. D. Miller, and Silas Yoder. Interment in Alwine Cemetery.

"Rest on, dear mother, your labor is o'er
Your toiling hand will toil no more;
A faithful mother, true and kind,
No friend on earth like you we'll find."

Transcribed by Jan Wilbur, Utah


GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. XIX, No. 29 - October 14, 1926 - pp 622, 623

Harshbarger.-Mrs. Hettie M., wife of Bro. Joseph Harshbarger, Weyers Cave, Va., was born Aug. 23, 1857; died Aug. 13, 1926; aged 59 y. 11 m. 20 d. Her husband has been dead about 20 years. She leaves 5 sons and two daughter all of whom are in the West except one daughter who lived on the home place.

Rhone.-Gene E., daughter of Thomas and Mildred Rhone, was born in April; died Sept. 29, 1926; aged 5 m. 21 d. She is survived by her parents, two sisters, and 1 brother. Her twin sister died Sept. 18. A double sorrow has come to these young parents. May they find the Savior precious to their souls. Funeral services were conducted at the Pond Bank, Pa., Mennonite Church Sept. 20, by Harvey E. Shank. Text, Jno. 14: 2. Burial in the Pond Bank Cemetery.

Loucks.-Sarah Samantha, daughter of Jacob and Catherine Loucks, was born in St. Joseph Co., Ind., March 23, 1860; departed this life Sept. 11, 1926; aged 66 y. 5 m. 18 d. When but a young woman she gave her heart unto the Lord, settled the sin question, united with the Mennonite Church, worshiping with the Holdeman congregation remaining a very consistent member until called hence. She leaves one son (William), 6 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, two sisters (Mary Dills and Mrs. Ezra Shantz) 3 brothers (Henry, Oliver, and Jonas). Funeral services wee held at the Olive Church by the brethren David Yoder and Silas Weldy. Text, Psa. 17: 15. Burial in adjoining cemetery. God be praised for the good done by our dear sister. Surely she left us better by being in our midst. Peace to her ashes.

Erb.-Bettie Mae, daughter of Bro. John and Sister Ida Erb, Milford, Neb., died Sept. 25, 1926; aged 1 y. 3 m. 27 d. She leaves parents, one sister (Myrtle), one brother (Ardell), grandparents, and many other relatives and friends to mourn her sudden death which was caused by auto- intoxication. Funeral services by Bros. Geo. S. Miller and Jos. E. Zimmerman.

"O Bettie dear, 'twas hard to part,
It almost broke our aching heart,
To part with one we loved so well,
Our grief's so great no tongue can tell."

Ranck.-Miriam S., daughter of Ralph D. and Esther A. Weaver Ranck, died Sept. 30, 1926, at the home of her parents in Central Manor, Pa., aged 8 months. Although during her short stay here she was very patient, she had been afflicted for seven months. She is survived by her parents, a brother (R. Glenn), a sister (Evaleen M.), also her four grandparents. Funeral services were conducted privately in the home by Bro. John H. Mosemann and Bro. John K. Charles. Burial in the Strasburg Mennonite Cemetery. "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord."

"'Tis a weary world, at best,
This world that she will not know.
Would I waken her out of such perfect rest,
For its sorrow and strife? Ah, no!"

Hostetler.-Elton Maurice, son of Simon G. and Pearl Hostetler, was born near Hubbard, Oreg., Jan. 8, 1915; died at the home of his parents of heart trouble Sept. 19, 1926; aged 11 y. 8 m. 11 d. He leaves father, an invalid mother, 2 sisters (Emma Ferne and Nettie Pearl), and 2 brothers (Leslie Calvin and Harley Hilbert). One brother (Walter S.), preceded him to the spirit world. Two grandmothers, 1 grandfather and one great-grandfather (past ninety) also survives. He also leaves many relatives and friends. Elton made many friends wherever he went. He united with the Zion Mennonite Church in the Spring of 1924, to which he remained faithful and enjoyed his Christian service. Funeral service conducted by the home ministers, A. P. Troyer, E. Z. Yoder, and D. B. Kuaffman. Text, Acts 7: 60, latter clause. Remains laid to rest in the Zion Cemetery near Hubbard.

"A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled."

Miller.-Susie Ethel, daughter of Noah and Edna Miller, died Aug. 30, 1926; aged 6 y. 6 m. 12 d. She had been sickly for over a year with leakage of the heart, but had been gaining a little again­when her death came as a shock when she accidently fell out of the car and died instantly. Susie was a bright little child and always anxious to learn about Jesus. She was in bed 8 weeks this summer at one time. She did not complain. On that last precious day with her she was especially good and kind and happy. We know she is in a better home than we have on this earth. It meant much to give her up, but we want to calmly say, "Thy will be done." Our desire is to live so that we will meet her again. She is survived by her sorrowing parents, one brother (Freddie), one sister (Erma May), four grandparents, five uncles, ten aunts, 33 cousins, and many friends. Funeral service was held Sept. 2 at the Yoder Mennonite Church near Yoder, Kans., conducted by Oliver King and Harry Diener. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Oh dear Susie, we loved her,
Oh how hard to give her up!
But an angel came down for her,
And removed her from our flock." Her parents.

Myers.-Timothy Clinton, son of Noah and Nettie Myers, was born near Oakwood, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1891; died oct. 3, 1926, at his mother's home near Cloverdale, Ohio, aged 35 y. 9 m. 2 d. Besides his mother he leaves 1 sister, 3 brothers, and a host of relatives and friends. In 1923 he united with the Mennonite Church at Mt. Pleasant, near Continental being a member of the same until death called him home to rest.

Our beloved has gone to rest,
His sufferings here are o'er;
He is happy now among the blest,
And awaits us on the other shore.

Stutzman.-Noah Stutzman was born in Holmes Co., Ohio, Oct. 16, 1849; died near Wood River, Nebr., Sept. 16, 1926; aged 76 y. 11 m. He united with the Amish Mennonite Church in his youth and was faithful to the end. He was united in marriage to Barbara Stutzman. His wife and 2 sons preceded him in death. He leaves 2 sons, 3 daughters, 26 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 4 brothers, 2 sisters, and many relatives and friends. Burial in the Wood River Mennonite Cemetery Sept. 18. Services by the home ministers. Text, Heb. 9: 27.

"The room is quiet, all is still,
The bed is vacant, 'tis God's will;
So long you've waited for your rest,
Our blessed Lord knows what is best."

Buckwalter.-Emma S., daughter of Jacob and Marie (Sheaffer) Rohrer, and wife of John D. Buckwalter, was born May 20, 1863, near Lancaster, Pa.; died at the home of her son Enos, near Witmer, Pa., (where they lived at the time of her death June 8, 1926 from a lingering illness of 10 years); aged 63 y. 18 d. She united with the Mennonite Church shortly after they were married and remained faithful until death. At times her suffering was intense, but she bore it very patiently. Three daughters, one son, and one grandson preceded her to the glory world. She is survived by her husband, one daughter (Mary R. wife of Henry H. Landis) and one son (Enos R.), eight grandchildren, and these brothers (Abram S., Jacob S., and Aaron S. Rohrer). She was the youngest of eleven children­six boys and five girls. She is greatly missed by the family and all who were around her in time of sickness. Funeral services were conducted June 12 with a short service in the home of the son and at Mellinger's Mennonite Church by Bros. David L. Landis and Sanford Landis. Text, Psa. 55: 5. Burial in the Cemetery adjoining.

"Mother's suffering here, 'tis true, was great;
But God has called her home,
Where sorrow, sickness, pain, and death,
Shall never, never come." Daughter.

Horst.-Susanna Stella, daughter of Christian and Rachel Good (deceased), was born near Lima, Ohio, Sept. 7, 1895; died at the same place of residence where she had grown to womanhood, Sept. 16, 1926, aged 31 y. 9 d. She united with the Mennonite Church at the age of sixteen and was faithful in all that she knew, having the welfare of the Church at heart to the last. Dec. 31, 1920, she was united in marriage to Michael Horst of Peabody, Kans. To this union were born two children (Robert Ray and Mary Rachel). Besides these she leaves her husband, one sister (Ida Layman), two brothers (Irvin and Jesse Good) and many other relatives and friends. Funeral services at the Salem Church Sept. 11 conducted by Geo. Ross and G. H. Brunk. Text used by Bro. Ross, Matt. 24: 44. Interment in Salem Cemetery.

Herr.-Eli H. Herr of Florin, Pa., was born Sept. 8, 1877; died Sept. 26, 1926, at the Lancaster General Hospital of typhoid fever aged 49 years. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for 27 years. He is survived by his wife (who was Cora Witmer) four children (Roy W., Clarence W., Esther W., and Christian H.); also three grandchildren, his parents, (Mr. and Mrs. Christian Herr, Sr.), two brothers (Christian H. and Clayton H.). Funeral services were held from his late home in Florin on Wednesday afternoon with further services at the Mt. Joy Mennonite Church. Services were conducted by Bro. Amos Hess, Bro. Isaac Brubaker, Bro. Abram Hess, and Bro. Henry Lutz. Interment in Kraybills cemetery. Text, 1 Thes. 4: 13-18.

"We loved him yes we loved him,
But Jesus loved him more.
And he has sweetly called him
To yonder shining shore." The Daughter.

Martin.-John, son of Menno and Nancy Martin, was born near Elmira, Ont., Jan. 6, 1896; died Sept. 18, 1926; aged 30 y. 8 m. 12 d. On Dec. 14, 1921, he was united in marriage to Ida Bauman who survives him. Thus he leaves a loving companion, 2 brothers, 5 sisters, and a wide circle of relatives and friends to mourn his early departure. He was an employee of the Elmira Public Utilities Commission since Oct. 1922, and it was while engaged at this work, that he accidently came in contact with a live wire, which caused his immediate death. Little did he think that perhaps when he climbed the pole to make a few adjustments that in a few moments he would be let down by a rope, as one who made the change in the twinkling of an eye. One hand was severely burned and also three fingers of the other hand. The sad news came as a heartfelt shock to those who knew him best. He was well known throughout the whole community, and was possessed with a cheery disposition, always ready with a kind word and a smile. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church and was very much interested in the work of the Lord. It was his earnest desire to be a bright and shining light in this world. Funeral services were held on Sept. 22 at the Elmira Mennonite Church, and at the Old Order Mennonite Church which was nearby. Both houses being filled to their capacity. Services were conducted by Bro. A. B. Gingerinch and Bro. O. D. Snider at the one church, while at the same time Bro. Moses Brubaker and Bro. Jess B. Martin conducted the services at the other church. Texts, Amos 4: 12; Jno. 11:28; Jas. 4: 4.

"I can not say, and I will not say
That he is dead, he is just away
With a parting smile
And a wave of his hand
He has wandered into a better land,
And left us dreaming
How very fair
It needs must be since he lingers there
So think of him just as the same I say
He is not dead, he is just away."

Transcribed by Janice Wilbur, Utah


GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. XIX, No. 30 - October 21, 1926 - pp 638, 639

Blough.-Kerdella May Blough was born near Johnstown, Pa., and died Sept. 16, 1926; aged 18d. Services were held in the home of the grandparents by S. G. Shetler, where a number of relatives and neighbors were gathered together. Interment in the Stahl Mennonite cemetery.

Miller.-John B. C. Miller, son of Benjamin Miller, was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Dec 31, 1884; died near Shipshewana, Ind., Oct. 6, 1926; aged 77y. 9m. 6d. In 1887 he was married to Leah Roth, who preceded him in death Dec. 1, 1923. To this union were born 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls. One son, 2 daughters, 4 brothers and 4 sisters, preceded him to the great beyond. There remain to mourn his loss 4 sons, 1 daughter, 14 grandchildren, 1 brother, and 3 sisters, and a host of friends. Funeral Oct. 8, from the Forks Mennonite Church, conducted by Jacob P., and D. D. Miller, from Heb. 9: 27, 28. A goodly number were gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to one whom they had learned to love.

Kaufman.-Annie (Rummel) Kaufman was born in Somerset Co., Pa.; died at the home of her parents near Jerome, Pa., Sept. 24, 1926; aged 27y. 8m. 17d. She was married to J. Walter Kaufman. A continual ailment of her physical body marred the joys of the last few years of her life. She was a faithful member of the Church of the Brethren for eighteen years. Funeral services were conducted by J. M. Brougher, pastor of the Greensburg Brethren Church, and S. G. Shetler of the Mennonite Church. The services at the Maple Spring Church were so largely attended that not one half of the people could get into the church, except to view the mortal remains. Interment in the church cemetery.

Weaver.-Sarah, wife of Bro. Moses Weaver, was born Oct. 6, 1852; died at her home in Davidsville, Pa., Aug. 4, 1926; aged 75y. 9m. 28d. She was a member of the Lutheran Church for many years. She is survived by her husband, one son, one daughter and a number of stepchildren. Funeral services were conducted in the Davidsville Lutheran Church by W. I. Good of Johnstown and S. G. Shetler. Interment in the cemetery at Davidsville.

Kauffman.-Emery Kauffman was born in Johnson Co., Ia., July 9, 1887; died at Lincoln Hospital, Rochelle, Ill., Aug. 18, 1926; aged 39y. 1m. 9d. He was baptized in the Mennonite faith in 1908 and remained a member till death. On Jan. 20, 1910, he was married to Julia Miller and they were blessed with two daughters, Barbara and Lucile. They with the heartbroken wife and mother, his aged parents (Jerry Kauffman and wife), 3 sisters and 1 brother, besides a host of other relatives and friends, mourn his passing away. Bro. Kauffman was a baker by trade and because of his honesty and uprightness, was always beloved and respected by all with whom he came in contact in business or otherwise. He suffered much during his lifetime from ulcers of the stomach, and often expressed a longing to go and be at rest forevermore if it be the Lord's will. At last he expressed his readiness to go, and died testifying to the power of the blood of Jesus. The body was brought to his old home at Kalona, Ia., Funeral services were held at East Union Church conducted by S. C. Yoder.

"We shall sleep, but no forever,
There will be a glorious dawn,
We shall meet to part, no never,
On the ressurection* morn."
*Transcriber's note: Typed as printed.

Wenger.-Levi Wenger was born near Intercourse, Pa., Sept. 11, 1861; died at the same place Sept. 13, 1926; aged 65y. 2d. On Sept. 9, paralysis laid hold on his body and apparently he realized his condition because he asked the family to gather in the old homestead and at midnight an impressive prayer meeting was held, after which he admonished the family to put their trust in God, as there is none other to look to for help. All the children were at his bedside and while his desire was to stay with the family, he said he was willing and ready to go. He lingered until the following Monday when he said, "The time will not be long," and at 11:45 P. M. he fell asleep in Jesus, without a struggle. He was a lifelong member of the Hershey Mennonite Church and a faithful Sunday school worker. A large class of adults will miss their teacher, who while with them often studied until the midnight hour that he might bring something worthwhile to his class. Members of this class served as pall bearers. Our brother was a friend of friendless and needy children, and at various times sheltered those who were in need. Mother, children, and grandchildren will miss him, but if they are faithful to Him who has called father hence, they soon shall meet where parting is unknown. Those left to mourn their loss are; his bosom companion, Oliver H., Margaret L., (wife of Willis Kreider), Amos C., Catherine M., (wife of Benj. Kreider), Christian L., Mary E., (Wife of Irwin Groff), and Sarah E.

Funeral services were conducted at the house on Sept. 16, by Bro. John B. Senger and at the Hershey Mennonite Church by Bishop C. M. Brackbill. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

"Father dear has crossed the river,
He is with the angels now
He has laid aside earth's crosses
And the crown is on his brow.
He is clothed in clean, and white linen
And he walks the street of gold,
Oh, loved one, safe forever
Within the Saviour's fold."

Yoder.-Simon P. Yoder was born in Tuscarora Valley, Juniata Co., Pa., Aug. 6, 1847; died at Grace Hospital, Richmond, Va., Sept. 22, 1926; aged 79y. 1m. 16d. In 1854 his parents with their family moved to Mahoning Co., Ohio. In 1863 they moved to St. Joseph Co., Mich., where they died. He was not roust as a boy and as he grew to manhood his health failed and for about 10 years he was an invalid, three years of which time he was constantly confined to his bed. After regaining better health, he engaged in the printing business several years. In 1880 he married Mary Metzler of Mahoning Co., Ohio. In 1884 they moved to Mahoning Co., Ohio. In 1902 they moved to Denbigh, Va., where they resided since. Surviving him are his wife and four children; J. Harvey, of Denbigh, Va.; Homer A., of Glendale, Calif.; Amanda M. Shenk, of Newport News, Va.; and Alice M. Brunk, of Inwood, West Va. Of a family of 13, four survive: G. J. Yoder of Meridian, Idaho, Abi Miller, of Denbigh, Mrs. Jonas Smucker and Mrs. J. N. Yoder, of Wayne Co., Ohio. One daughter Ella E. preceded him in death. While having very little opportunity for obtaining an education in his youth, he eagerly studied the Bible and other good books and by study and observation acquired an education above the average for his day. He is known best to our readers as a writer of poems. For more than 50 years he contributed poems and articles to our church papers as well as to other periodicals. Most of his poems are of a religious order and in the writing of them he gave much study to the Bible. In 1916 he published his book, "Poetical Meditations and Thoughtful Paragraphs." His mind was clear and vigorous to the last, and a short time before his death he wrote his last poem. After and illness of nine weeks at the hospital, during which time he suffered greatly at times, having two operations, and his body being weakened by the long strain and old age, in the quiet hours of the early morning he peacefully fell asleep and his soul went out into the presence of hi Saviour, for which time he had long looked forward to, and of which he had spoken in so many of his poems. In reply to a visitor who sought to cheer him by speaking of brighter days he replied he was looking for his bright days on the other side. His companion not being able to attend services at the church, a short services was conducted at the home by Bro. Geo. R. Brunk. He had selected as his funeral text Jno. 14: 1-4, which text was spoken upon by Bro. Daniel Shenk at the Warwick River Church where his body was laid to rest on Sept. 24.

"O glorious thought, from death to rise
On angel wings to mount the skies
And be forever with the Lord."

(His words written many years ago.)

Transcribed by Janice Wilbur, Utah


GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. XIX, No. 31 - October 28, 1926 - pg 655

Davison.-Infant son of Abram and Lydia Davison was born at Kelso, Pa., Oct. 18, 1926, but God saw it best to have him in heaven. Funeral services were conducted in the home By S. G. Shetler, where a number of relatives and neighbors had gathered together. Interment was made in the Stahl Mennonite cemetery.

Shank.-Jacob Luther Shank was born July 18, 1870; died Oct. 14, 1926; aged 56y. 2m. and 26d. He was a f faithful member of the Mennonite Church for about 38 years. He leaves to mourn his departure, his wife (Mrs. Fannie Shank) and eight children (Ward D., Weldon M., Daniel G., Wilmer P., Mrs. M. R. Weaver, Mrs. J. C. Suter, Grace M., and Jacob Jr.). Funeral services were held at Weavers Church near Harrisonburg, Oct. 17, conducted by Bro. S. G. Shetler assisted by Bro. S. H. Rhodes. Burial in adjoining cemetery. Theme of funeral sermon, "Death Scenes of the Bible."

Kreider.-John H. Kreider of near Witmer, Pa., was born Feb. 2, 1858; died Sept. 14, 1926; aged 68y. 8m. He is survived by his wife, who was Fanny W. Rohrer before marriage; one daughter, Mrs. Jacob W. Root; three sons, Clayton, Benjamin, and Elmer; nine grandchildren, three great grandchildren. After a short illness of heart trouble, which he bore patiently, he was called to his home above. He was a member of the Mellinger Mennonite congregation for 45 years. Funeral services were conducted by Bros. Abram L. Martin and John Hess. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Earth has lost its look of gladness,
Heaven seems to us more bright;
Since the spirit of our dear Father,
Took its happy homeward flight.

Metzler.-Jacob B. Metzler of near Metzlers Mennonite Church, Lancaster Co., Pa., died at his home on Sept. 28, after an illness of 5 years. He was 65 years of age, and a member of the Mennonite Church. His desire was to leave this world and be with Christ. He is survived by his wife who before her marriage was Lydia Zimmerman, and two brothers and 1 sister; Henry Metzler, of Farmersville; Samuel, of near Ephrata; and Mrs. Samuel Bucher of near Lititz.. Funeral services were held Oct. 1 at Metzlers church in charge of Bros. Noah H. Mack. (Text Gal. 2: 20), and Benjamin Wenger (II Tim. 4: 7, 8). Gone, but not forgotten.

"Not now, but in the coming years,
It may be in the better land,
We'll read the meaning of our tears,
And there, some time we'll understand." By His Sorrowing Wife.

Birkey.-David Birkey, son of Valentine and Elizabeth Birkey, was born July 7, 1861, near Tremont, Ill.; died June 16, 1926, at his home in Tiskilwa; aged 64y. 11m. 21d. He was married to Miss Margaret Noder, Feb. 9, 1898. Mr. Birkey joined the Mennonite Church while a young man and remained a member until his death. June 19 (the day of the funeral) was to be the Birkey reunion, which he looked forward to with enthusiasm, but it was only granted to him as beloved relatives came to his side after death. He leaves to mourn his death, besides his wife, 5 sisters (Mrs. Katherine Albrecht, Mrs. Elizabeth Albrecht, Mrs. Fannie Schantz, Mrs. Mary Sutter, and Mrs. Anna Schantz) and 3 brothers (John, Valentine, and Joseph) and a host of friends. Funeral services were held at Tiskilwa where Mr. Birkey had been a resident for 18 years. The services were conducted y Mr. King, of Carlock, Ill. Interment was made in Mt. Bloom cemetery.

"All is over, hands are folded,
O'er a calm and peaceful breast;
All is over, pain is ended,
And dear brother is at rest." By His Sister.

Hartman.-Harvey Hartman was born at Callum, Ill., Jan. 5, 1887; departed this life Oct. 12, 1926; aged 30y. 9m. 7d. He grew to manhood in this community and lived here all his life except 2 years in the west. He was brought up by Christian parents, and although not having joined any church himself he was under conviction and desired to be a member of a church, but his health failed and he could not do so. He served in the army nearly two years during the World War and spent about ten months overseas. His health became impaired during his army service and on Oct. 23, 1923, he was taken to the State Hospital at Kankakee for treatment. In June of this year he was transferred to the U. S. Veterans' Hospital at North Chicago, at which place he passed away. He leaves to mourn his departure his aged mother, 6 brothers, 3 sisters, a number of nephews and nieces and other relatives and friends. Funeral services conducted at the Cullom Mennonite Church by A. H. Leaman and S. Joy Hostetler. The remains were laid to rest in the family lot at West Lawn cemetery.

Rest on, dear brother, your labor is o'er,
Your toiling hands will toil no more;
A faithful brother true and kind
No friend on earth like you we'll find."

Transcribed by Janice Wilbur, Utah

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