Gospel Herald Obituaries - September, 1929

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Gospel Herald - Volume XXII, Number 23 - September 5, 1929 - pages 479-80

White. - Sallie Z. White was born March 6, 1845, and died at the home of her son-in-law at Glady, W. Va., Aug. 13, 1929; aged 84 y. 5 m. 7 d. Over a year ago she was received into the Mennonite Church. Her husbands and only child preceded her in death. She is survived by 9 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Hiram Weaver on Aug. 14. Text, Psalm 132:14.

Stutzman. - Mattie Stutzman (nee Kuhns) was born April 16, 1865; died June 27, 1929, near Wood River, Nebr.; aged 64 y. 2 m. 11 d. She leaves husband, 1 son, 11 step-children, 52 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, 4 brothers, and 4 sisters, besides a host of friends. She united with the Mennonite church in her youth in which faith she died. She was united in marriage to Aaron Stutzman, March 6, 1906. Funeral services were conducted by Bros. D. G. Lapp, Nick Burkey, George Miller, and J. E. Zimmerman. Text, Psa. 90, Rev. 14:13.

"All is over, hands are folded
On a quiet, peaceful breast;
All is over, pain is ended,
Now dear mother is at rest."
-By father and children.

Lapp. - Annie M. Lapp, daughter of the late Benjamin and Christiana Lapp, was born Nov. 21, 1881; died Aug. 9, 1929; aged 47 y. 8 m. 18 d. Death was due to tetanus which resulted from stepping into a nail. She was taken to the Lancaster, Pa., General Hospital, where all was done that loving hands could do, but all to no avail. On Nov. 17, 1903, she was married to David Lapp. To this union were born 6 children, 4 sons and 2 daughters. One son died in infancy. She is survived by her husband and the following children: John B., Benjamin, Rachel, Elmer, and Anna Mary. The following brothers and sisters also survive: John P., Peter J., Elias B., Aaron S., Ben F., Mrs. Aaron P. Beiler, Abner M., Mrs. Jacob Patterson, Mrs. S. S. Boschnaugle. She was a faithful member of the Amish Mennonite Church for many years. She will be missed in the home and church. Funeral services were held at the house by John A. Stoltzfus and at Millwood church by John A. Kennel and George W. Beiler. Interment in Kurtz cemetery near Spring Garden.

"We miss thee from our home, dear mother,
We miss thee from thy place;
A shadow o'er our life is cast-
We miss the sunshine of thy face."

Krupp. - Deacon Henry C. Krupp was born in Montgomery Co., Pa., April 17, 1848; died at his home in Souderton, Pa., June 19, 1929; aged 81 y. 2 m. 2 d. Death was due to inflammation of the bowels and old age. He was twice married. His first wife was Elizabeth Nice, daughter of Pre. Henry Nice, Franconia, Pa. She passed away about thirty years ago. Later he was married to Lydia F. Hunsberger. He was the first deacon of the Souderton Mennonite Church and served faithfully in this office for thirty-eight years. He was at the head of the Sunday school for about thirty-five years. He was treasurer of the Eastern Mennonite Home, Souderton, Pa., from its organization till the time of his death. He is survived by his widow and 1 son (Benjamin N.) also 5 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and 2 brothers (Benj. C., and John C.). Funeral services were conducted at the home by Bros. Jacob M. Moyer and Elmer B. Moyer, and at the Souderton Mennonite Church by Bros. Jonas J. Mininger, Jacob M. Moyer, and Abram G. Clemmer. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8.

Far from affliction, toil, and care,
The happy soul is fled;
The breathless clay shall slumber here
Among the silent dead.
-His son.

Transcribed by Betty Ann Tyson, Massachusetts.


Gospel Herald - Volume XXII, Number 24 - September 12, 1929 - pages 511-12

Weaver. - Kenneth Willis Weaver was born in Clackamas Co., Oreg., Aug. 22, 1917; died at Nampa, Idaho, August 3, 1929; aged 11 y. 11 m. 12 d. He is survived by his father (A. L. Weaver), 4 brothers (Glen, harry, Maurice, and Virgil), and 2 sisters (Gladys and Ruth). His mother and two infant brothers preceded him in death. Death was caused by infection in a broken arm, from which he suffered less than a week. Funeral services were held at the Nampa Mennonite church in charge of Bro. Omar G. Miller. Text, Joh 14:1, 2. Interment in Canyon Hill cemetery, near Caldwell, Idaho.
A precious one from us is gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in the home,
Which never can be filled."

Bucher. - Fannie (Musselman) Bucher, widow of the late Pre. Jacob F. Bucher, Mummasburg, Pa., was born near Slate Hill, Pa., Aug. 18, 1855; died at the home of her brother, Harry Musselman, near Camp Hill, Pa., July 7, 1929; aged 73 y. 10 m. 19 d. While visiting her brother she fell and broke her hip about three weeks before she died. She was a consistent member of the Mennonite Church for about fifty years. She leaves three children (Edna B. Keener, Bela L., and Mary N. Shue), besides 11 granchildren, 6 brothers, and a host of friends. Funeral services were held in Lemoyne, Pa., by Bros. John Seitz and Samuel Hess, and at the Mummasburg Mennonite church by Bros., Amos Myer and Joh Mosemann. Text, Rev. 14:13, chosen by the departed one. Interment in cemetery near by.
-By the children.

Weber. - Hannah Martin, wife of Amos Weber, was born near St. Jacobs, Ont., Nov. 3, 1851; died July 30, 1929; aged 77 y. 8 m. 27 d. On July 14, she took a stroke which c9onfined her to her bed until she peacefully passed away. There survive a loving husband and nine children: Leah (Mrs. Daniel Cressman), Israel, Elias, Susanna (Mr.s Sidney Martin), Sidney, Mary Ann, Amos, Emanuel, and Hannah (Mr.s Aaron Weber). She also leaves 2 brothers (Jacob and Menno), 3 sisters (Mrs. Sidney Snyder, Mrs. Daniel Weber, and Mrs. Menno Bauman), 55 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the Martin's church, in charge of Urias Martin and Jesse Bauman of Waterloo, Ont., and Frank Horst, of Lancaster, Pa. Interment in the cemetery near by.

Fisher. - Katie Fisher, daughter of the late John and Salome Beiler, was born Jan. 28, 1850; died July 16, 1929; aged 79 y. 5 m. 18 d. On Dec. 9, 1875, she was married to Noah H. Fisher. Her husband preceded her in death five years ago. To this union were born eight children. Three preceded her to the life beyond. At an early age she joined the Amish Mennonite Church and continued faithful to the end. She had a kind disposition and will be greatly missed in the family. Funeral was held July 19, with short services at the Weavertown church by George Beiler and John A. Stoltzfus. Interment in Gordonville cemetery.
"Mother's chair is vacant now,
The voice we loved is still;
And tho' our hears are broke,
We know it is God's will."

Orendorf. - Anna Orendorf, wife of Simon Orendorf, was born near Grantsville, Md., April 4, 1878; died Aug. 16, 1929; aged 51 y. 4 m. 12 d. She was a daughter of Jonas J. and Anna Yutzy Beachy. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth and was a member at the time of her death. She was afflicted with cancer for a number of years. Although she was not able to attend services because of the nature of her affliction, she probably filled more fully the place of "mother" in the home than many who are blessed with a stronger nervous system and bodily health. She partook of the communion in her home about two weeks before her death. She leaves her husband, son (Paul), daughter (Ruth), aged father, two brothers (Edward and Elmer), and three sisters (Christena Unzicker, Mary Custer, and Kate Beachy). Funeral services were held at the Casselman church, conducted by Bros. N. E. Miller and M. B. Miller.

Kauffman. - Samuel, son of Samuel and Barbara Kauffman, was born at Ashland, Ohio, Nove. 17, 1853; died at his home near Goshen, Ind., Aug. 24, 1929; aged 75 y. 9 m. 7 d. When a boy his parents moved to Elkhart Co., Ind., where he lived all his life. At the age of twenty-seven he united with the Mennonite Church and remained in this faith until death. In 1875 he was united in marriage to Martha Stutzman; who preceded him in death nearly twenty-two years ago. To this union were born 6 sons and 2 daughters. He is survived by 6 sons (Noah, Vernon, Harvey, Leonard, Ora, and Clarence), 2 daughters (Libbie and Edna), 1 brother, 2 sisters, 23 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. Services were held at the home by Bro. Ira Johns and at the Clinton Brick Church by Bros. D. J. Johns and Silas Yoder.
"A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled;
A place is vacant in our home,
Which never can be filled."

Stauffer. - Philippina Stauffer was born in Bavaria, Germany, June 13, 1848; died Aug. 22, 1929, at the home of her daughter, near Milford, Nebr.; aged 81 y. 2 m. 9 d. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church in her youth and remained faithful until death. She came to America with her uncle and two sisters in the spring of 1868, coming to Washington, Ill. She was united in marriage to Jacob Stauffer, Nov. 3, 1872. After living in Livingston, Ill., four years, they moved to Milford, Nebr., where she lived until death. This union was blessed with 3 sons and 7 daughters. She leaves 2 sons, 2 daughters, 28 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. Her husband, 1 son, 5 daughters, and 1 grandson preceded her in death. Funeral services were conducted by Ben Schlegel, J. E. Zimmerman, and Joseph Rediger. Texts, II Cor. 5: 1-9; II Tim. 4:6; Rev. 14:13.
"All is over, hands are folded
On a calm and peaceful breast,
All is over, toil is ended,
Now dear mother is at rest."

Wagner. - John Henry Wagner was born at Piper City, Ill., July 6, 1869; died at his late home in Fisher, Ill., Aug. 30, 1929; aged 60 y. 1 m. 24 d. He grew up at Piper city and when a young man he moved to Metamora, Ill., where on Nov. 5, 1895, he was united in marriage with Lena Sommer. To this union were born 6 sons and 2 daughters. At the age of 24 years he accepted Christ and united with the Mennonite Church at Cullom, Ill., and remained a faithful member until death. With the exception of 5 years spend in Oklahoma, he lived his entire life in the vicinities of Piper City and Metamora, until 4 years ago, when he came to Fisher. His death, which resulted from diabetes and other complications, came as a relief to him and ushered him into the presence of his Savior. He leaves his wife, 8 children (Joseph, Raymond, Lester, Maurice, Walter, Elmer, Mary and Katherine), 5 grandchildren, 3 brothers (George, Frank, and Jacob), and 3 sisters (Mrs. Henry Berghouse, Mrs. Kate Keyster, and Mrs. Lester Hines). Funeral services were held at the East Bend Mennonite church with J. A. Heiser in charge. Text, I Cor. 15:55-57. Interment was made in East Bend cemetery.

Transcribed by Betty Ann Tyson, Massachusetts.


Gospel Herald - Volume XXII, Number 25 - September 19, 1929 - page 527

Handrich. - Edna Magdalena, infant daughter of W. J. and Marie Handrich, was born and died Aug. 15, 1929. Brief funeral services were held at the home in charge of Bro. Menno Esch. Interment in the Fairview, Mich., cemetery.
"Another little lamb has gone
To dwell with Him who gave;
Another little darling babe
Is sheltered in the grave."

Weaver. - Isaac M., son of the late Peter and Mary Weaver, died at his home near Martindale, Pa., Aug. 21, 1929; aged 74 y. 11 m. 8 d. His death was due to a complication of diseases. He was a faithful member of the Wisler Mennonite church since his youth. He bore his affliction with patience. His first wife was Elizabeth Burkholder. To this union were born 3 daughters and 8 sons. One daughter and four sons preceded him in death. He leaves the following children: Mary Martin, Reuben, Menno, Anna B. Martin, and Noah. One sister (Annie M. Weaver) also survives. His second wife (Mrs. Susanna Eberly) preceded him in death eleven years ago. Funeral services were held at the home and at the Martindale Church. Text II Cor. 4:16-18.
-By a son.

Kilmer. - Elnor Anna, daughter of Odessa S. and Orva. M. Kilmer, was born Aug. 9, 1914, near Suver, Oreg.; died Sept. 2, 1929, near Sheridan, Oreg.; aged 15 y. 23 d. She leaves father, mother, 5 sisters (Emily, Frances, Ruth, Irene, and Arline), 1 brother (Paul), besides many other relatives and friends. One brother and sister preceded her in death. She was converted and united with the Mennonite Church, April 18, 1926, remaining faithful until death. She suffered from heart trouble since she was four years old. The last five months she was sick most of the time and the last seven weeks she was confined to her bed. She was very patient and never murmured or complained of her lot in life. She said at the last that she was ready and willing to go. Funeral services were conducted by Bros. M. E. Brenneman and D. F. Shenk. Text, "Her sun has gone down while it is yet day." Interment in the Harmony cemetery near Sheridan.

Horst. - Daniel E. Horst was born in Washington Co., Md., Aug. 28, 1862; died suddenly of heart failure, Aug. 22, 1929; aged 66 y. 11 m. 25 d. He was united in marriage to Elizabeth Burkhart, Dec. 18, 1883. To this union were born six children. One son preceded him in death. He leaves the following children: Mrs. Clarence E. Horst, Harvey B., Daniel B., and Roy B. He also leaves 20 grandchildren, 1 brother, 4 sisters, and a host of other relatives and friends. He united with the Mennonite Church in the spring of 1885. He was called to the office of deacon in the Reiff's Mennonite Church, June 7, 1897. He filled this office faithfully until death. He was also a trustee of the Maugansville, Md., Church, a member of the Local Mission Board, and one of the main workers at the Old People's Home, Maugansville, Md. Funeral services were conducted by Bros. Moses K. Horst, John F. Grove, and David R. Lesher. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8.
-By the family.

Sellers. - Jonas W. Sellers was born Dec. 3, 1856; died at his home, Lancaster, Pa., Aug. 26, 1929; after an illness of four months' duration; aged 73 y. 8 m. 23 d. He was a son of the late John G. and Rebecca Waller Sellers, being the oldest of a family of nine children. Father, mother, two brothers, and one sister preceded him in death. He was married to Caroline Derringer who survives him. He also leaves 6 children (Rebecca Hurst, John, Mabel Schmidt, Alice, Walter, and Howard), 12 grandchildren, 4 sisters and 1 brother (Elizabeth Killheffer, Sarah, Emma Ament, Annie Ginter, and Davis). He was a resident of Lancaster for the past thirty-six years. He was a member of the Christ Lutheran Church. He was devoted to his family and always desired the welfare of others. He could not see to read or write for almost a year, yet he was always patient in his suffering and affliction. He was willing to submit to the Lord's will. Funeral services were held on Aug. 29, by his pastor. Text, Job 5:26. Interment in the Millersville Mennonite cemetery.
"One by one the links are severed
From the golden chain of love;
One by one may each be welded
In the Father's home above."
-By a sister.

Moyer. - Ella M., wife of Ulysses K. Moyer, was born July 28, 1889; died Aug. 12, 1929; aged 40 y. 14 d. In her younger years she united with the Towamencin Mennonite church. She was a kind wife and loving mother and had a smile for every one, and is greatly missed in the home, church, and Sunday school. Besides her husband, the following children survive; Mrs. Hannah Godshall, Lizzie, Norman, Ada, Harold, and Ezra, all at home; also her mother (Mrs. Hannah Landis) and grandmother (Mrs. Annie Metz), and the following brothers and sisters: Allen Landis, Mrs. Lizzie Ann Halteman, Mrs. Emma Mack, Elias Landis, Henry Landis, Dayton Landis, and Titus Landis. Three sons preceded her in death, one only three months ago. She began to fail in health a few years ago, but her condition did not become serious until about two weeks ago. The last three days of her life she suffered intensely, her death being caused by heart trouble and complications. Funeral services were held Aug. 17 at the home and Towamencin Mennonite church by Warren Moyer and I. C. Kulp. Text, John 11:6-8. Interment in adjoining cemetery.
We have lost our darling mother,
She has bid us all adieu;
She has gone to live in heaven
And her form is lost to view.
-By the family.

Transcribed by Betty Ann Tyson, Massachusetts.


Gospel Herald - Volume XXII, Number 26 - September 26, 1929 - pages 543-44

Meir. - Chester, son of James and Maria Meir, died at Cambria Fuel near Johnstown, Pa., Sept. 16, 1929; aged 4 m. 17 d. He is the first of the family to pass away, being survived by his parents, 6 brothers, and 2 sisters. Funeral services were held 7 o'clock in the evening, Sept. 17, and the next morning the little form was taken to Bloomington, Pa., to be laid in the family plot of the cemetery near Curwensville, Pa. The services were conducted in the home by S. G. Shetler.

Kreider. - Arlene N., daughter of Benjamin R. and Virginia (Nolt) Kreider, died Aug. 23, 1929; aged 6 m. 21 d. She is survived by her parents, one sister (Myrtle) and one brother (Elvin). A little blossom budded on earth to shed forth its fragrance in heaven. Services were held at the house, and E. Petersburg, Pa., Mennonite Church by Bro. Frank Kreider and Bro. John Gochnauer.
"How peacefully lay our darling, sleeping
Calmly upon our Savior's breast;
And we shall strive to cease our weeping,
For we know our baby is at rest."

Kuhns. - Allen Everett, son of Bro. and Sister A. W. Kuhns, of La Junta, Colo., was killed Aug. 29, 1929, near La Junta when struck by a truck, the wheel passing over the boy's head. Allen and another boy were riding bicycles along the highway, the truck coming up behind them, and Allen apparently became confused and turned into the path of the machine. The injured lad was rushed to the Santa Fe Hospital at La Junta for emergency treatment, but passed away before he was laid on the operating table. Allen was born March 23, 1915, and was aged 14 y. 5 m. 6 d. at the time of his death. At the age of 9 years he was converted and became a faithful member of the La Junta Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held Sept. 1, from the La Junta Church, Bro. Jacob A. Heatwole being in charge.

Wadel. - John Harry, son of Harry S. and Emma (Shetter) Wadel, Shippensburg, Pa., died of meningitis, Sept. 8, 1929; aged 1 y. 1 m. 21 d. He leaves father, mother, 1 brother (Ralph Ira), 1 sister (Grace Irene), and 3 grandparents, besides many other relatives. His grandmother Shetter died less than three months ago. He was permitted to stay with us only a short while during which time he endeared himself to all who knew him. We know he has gone to be with Jesus. He was ill only a short while, suffering very much the last two days. Funeral services were held at the Rowe church, conducted by Bros. John Burkholder and C. V. Martin. Text, Job 1:21.
"His little bed is empty now,
The voice we loved is still;
And tho' our hearts are broken,
We know it was God's will."

Kempf. - Marven John, son of Glen and Mae Kempf, was born near Wayland, Iowa, May 11, 1929. He came to gladden the home of his parents. Though a weakly child, he was given the affectionate and tender care of his parents. Their anxiety was especially aroused when he took sick a week ago with Meningitis. All that loving hands could do seemed of no avail and he fell peacefully asleep in the early morning of Sept. 9. He leaves his deeply bereaved parents, four grandparents, four great-grandparents, and a large number of other relatives to mourn his early departure. "Tis lonesome here without him, And sad the weary way. For life is not the same to us, Since he is called away." The funeral was held at the Sugar Creek Church conducted by the home ministers. Text, Mark 10:14-16.

Dahlgren. - Frances Caine Dahlgren was born at Ilomote, Newfoundland, Sept. 12, 1858; died July 12, 1929, at 823 W. 18th St., Chicago, Ill.; aged 70 y. 10 m. She was married to Hans Dahlgren at the age of 29 years, at St. Heliers, Jersey, England. To this union were born four children (Walter, Elvina, George Nelson, and Edward Gusta). She leaves the four children, three daughters-in-law, one niece and nephew (Mr. and Mrs. Purl Perry, and a large number of friends and neighbors. These have known her as a faithful wife, a loving mother, a good and kind neighbor, and a zealous and loyal member of the Mennonite Church. She became a member of the Church May 3, 1908, and continued to live an exemplary Christian life, ever seeking to walk closer and closer to Him to whom she had vowed allegiance until the day of her departure. She was loved by all who knew her, and will be greatly missed by all her friends, relatives, and acquaintances. We have the assurance that she has gone on to be with Jesus through all eternity.

Berkey. - Barbara Eash Berkey was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Sept. 24, 1849; died in their home near Johnstown, Pa., Sept. 6, 1929; aged 79 y. 11 m. 13 d. She was one of 11 children in the home of Daniel and Dena Mishler Eash and is the 10th of the children to pass away. She was married to Levi J. Berkey in the fall of 1879. To these were born 2 sons and 2 daughters. She is survived by her husband, 1 son, 2 daughters, 15 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. Her sickness (pneumonia) took a very firm hold, and she passed away at the end of one week after she first was affected. Funeral services were conducted in the home by S. G. Shetler and in the Stahl Mennonite Church (of which she was a member for many years) by S. G. Shetler and W. C. Hershberger. The services were very largely attended. Her body was laid to rest in the Stahl cemetery.
"Mother's chair is empty now,
And the voice we loved is still;
And though our hearts are broken,
We know it is God's will."
-Selected by her daughter.

Transcribed by Betty Ann Tyson, Massachusetts.

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