Gospel Herald Obituaries - January, 1934

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Gospel Herald - Vol. XXVI, No. 40 - January 4, 1934, page 847

Sagister.-Brother Sagister was a member of the Mennonite church in Hannibal, Mo.; the last member we had there. Since work has begun there three of our members have passed away. Brother Sagister was of a mild disposition, and seemed to be very submissive to his children. He died at the Levering Hospital in Hannibal. Funeral was held at the O'Daniels undertaking parlor in charge of Harry R. Buckwalter and J. M. Kreider. He leaves four daughters and one son, a number of grandchildren, and many friends.

Brimmer.-Nancy Brimmer died Nov. 24, 1933. She was the daughter of the late Edward and Sarah Carlton. She was married to Casper Brimmer Sept. 4, 1884, who with her four children survive. The children are Frank, Chris, and John Brimmer, and Mrs. W. D. Chatfield, all of Palmyra, Mo. Two sons died in infancy. She also leaves a brother (Douglas Carlton of Marion Co.), a sister (Mrs. Susie Byrd of Center, Mo.), eleven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Funeral was held at the Little Union Baptist Church about eight miles west of Palmyra, where interment was made. Funeral conducted by J. M. Kreider.

Landis.-Henry M., son of Benjamin and Anna (Myers) Landis, was born in Lehigh Co., Pa., Nov. 27, 1860; died Dec. 18, 1933; aged 73 y. 21 d. He is survived by his widow, Emma K. (Yoder) Landis. He was a faithful member of the Swamp Mennonite Church. In his early years he was a school teacher, but afterwards took to farming on his father's homestead. Interment and services were held Dec. 23 at the Saucon Mennonite Church by Brethren John G. Gehman of the Swamp Church and Wilson Moyer of Blooming Glen. His friendly, loving and kind disposition was of unusual attraction to a large community of friends. Peace to his ashes. Text (found in his Bible), 1 Thes. 5:8-10.

Hershey.-Mary M., widow of Menno Hershey, was born July 17, 1856; died Dec. 4, 1933, after a illness of one week of pneumonia. She is survived by the following children: Bessie Senger, Samuel, Charles E., and C. Maurice; three grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, three brothers, and three sisters. She was for many years a member of the Mennonite Church at Paradise, Pa. Funeral services were held Dec. 7 at the home, conducted by Bro. Jacob H. Mellinger, and at the Paradise Mennonite Church, conducted by Bishops C. M. Brackbill and Abram L. Martin. Burial in adjoining cemetery.
"She has gone to join the blood washed throng,
And may thus our happy portion be ere long,
To join her in the singing of the everlasting song."

Laman.-Peter, son of Joseph and Mary Magdaline Laman, was born May 10, 1854; died Dec. 16, 1933, aged 79 y. 7 m. 6 d. He was united in marriage to Frances Fleming Dec. 22, 1875. To this union were born 10 children (Mrs. Saul Cremean, Mrs. Maggie Ridenour, Ben, Perry, Charles, Joe, Clifford, Mrs. Albert Waystaff, and Mrs. Tremper Riley). There are 26 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. Two brothers (Joseph of Elida, and William of near Scotts Crossing), and many friends survive to mourn his departure. About 13 years ago he was received into fellowship of the Pike and Salem congregation and lived faithful until the end. Funeral services were held Dec. 18 by Otho Shenk at the house, and Gabriel Brunk and Ben B. King at Salem Church. Interment in the nearby cemetery.

Transcriber's note: The obituary says there were 10 children, but only nine were named.

Landis.-Donald E., son of Bro. Clarence and Sister Anna Landis, was born in Strasburg, Pa., Feb. 28, 1932; died at the Lancaster General Hospital Nov. 24, 1933, of severe burns which he had received a week previous. He is survived by his parents and a sister (Dorothy). Due to his cheerful and pleasing disposition he was deeply loved by all about him. Although our hearts are touched by the parting, we know he is safe in the arms of Jesus. Funeral services were conducted at the home by Bro. Christian Brubaker, and at Strasburg Mennonite church by Brethren Frank Herr and Jacob Harnish. Text, Job 1:21. Burial in adjoining cemetery.
"There is beyond the sky,
A heaven of joy and love;
And little David, when he died,
Went to that world above."

Miller.-John D. Miller was born Sept. 12, 1847; died Dec. 6, 1933; aged 86 y. 2 m. 24 d. He was married to Fannie Lehman Feb. 4, 1872, living in matrimony 62 years. To this union were born 4 sons and 4 daughters (Daniel, David, Rudolph, Lydia-Mrs. Jacob Hostetler, Amos, Emma-Mrs. John Kauffman, Amanda-Mrs. Sam Kauffman, and Savilla). Daniel, Lydia, and Savilla preceded him in death. In Jan. 1931, his health failed. He suffered with dropsy all winter, but by spring regained sufficient health to do a little work. The first part of Sept. 1933, he became worse so that he could not lid down. He remained in a sitting position until his death. He leaves, besides his widow and three sons and two daughters, a host of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He united with the Old Order Amish Church in his youth and remained a member until death.

King.-Minta M. Blough was born in Ionia Co., Mich., April 2, 1886; died Dec. 22, 1933; aged 47 y. 8 m. 20 d. She was married Dec. 28, 1904, to Earl King. To this union were born two children (Norman E. and Helen B. who died at the age of 18 months). She leaves her husband and one son, an aged father (Josiah Blough), one brother (Titus) and a host of other relatives. She spent her whole life in Ionia Co., more than forty years in the home where she died. She was highly respected by all who knew her, and her many friends will miss her pleasant smile and cherry words. Funeral services were conducted Dec. 24 at the home and at Bowne Mennonite Church near Elmdale, Mich., by Bro. T. E. Schrock. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

"We miss thee so, O mother, dear,
Since thou hast gone and left us here;
But we will try, by the grace of God,
To walk the path that thou hast trod."

Petersheim.-Katie, daughter of the late Christian and Susan Petersheim, was born July 30, 1858; died Sept. 27, 1933, at the home of her niece, Mrs. Daniel Fisher of Millwood, Pa., with whom she made her home; aged 75 y. 1 m. 27 d. She was a member of the Millwood A. M. Church, and was always ready to attend when health permitted. It seemed to be her lot to be in poor health much of her life, but she seldom complained. She leaves 3 brothers (Christian of Atglen, Gideon of New Holland; and Rufus of Bellefontaine, O.) and a number of relatives and friends. Services were conducted at the Millwood A. M. church by Bros. John Kennel and Amos Stoltzfus. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

"Sister, dear, your wish is granted,
Sorrow, pain and grief are o'er;
By the grace of God we'll meet you,
Over on the peaceful shore."
By a neighbor.

Nolt.-Michael W., son of the late John and Esther (Wenger) Nolt was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Sept. 23, 1839; died Dec. 3, 1933, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Emma L. Myer of Leola, Pa.; aged 94 y. 2 m. 6 d. He was twice married. His first wife was Amelia Landis, who preceded him thirty-six years ago. His second wife, who was Hattie Weaver, died eight years ago. These children by the first marriage survive: Noah L., Bareville; Anna Mary, wife of George Musselman, New Holland; Mrs. Emma Myer of Leola, with whom he resided; Elam L., of New Providence; also a daughter-in-law (Mrs. Amanda Nolt, Bareville), fifteen grandchildren, and a number of great-grandchildren. He was a faithful member of the Groffdale Mennonite Church for 73 years and served as a deacon there for 38 years. Services were held at the home Dec. 7, in charge of Bro. John Sauder and at Groffdale Mennonite Church with Bros. Noah Mack and Benjamin Wenger officiating. He was buried in the adjoining cemetery, beside the loved ones who had gone before. We can say of him as is recorded of Abraham: He died in a good old age, an old man and full of years, and was gathered to his people."

"Thy sun hath set to us, but shines elsewhere,
In the heavenly light.
"The encircling gloom' is gone, and all is fair
In heavenly light.
Thy home is fair, thou dost not 'ask to see
The distant scene,' for it is near to thee."

King.-Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Christiana Miller, was born Dec. 9, 1864, in Lagrange Co., Ind.; died near Dodds, Alta., Dec. 14, 1933; aged 69 y. 5 d. In 1872 she moved with her parents to Cass Co., Mo., where she lived until 1918. In 1882 she united with the Amish Mennonite Church and enjoyed her Christian life until the end. On Dec. 8, 1885, she was united in marriage to Aaron A. King. To this union were born 2 sons and 5 daughters. Those left to mourn her departure are her loving companion; 2 daughters (Nora Stauffer and Christina King of Tofield), 2 sons (Joe of Chenoa, Ill., and Jacob of Tofield). Joe was not present at the time of his mother's death, but had been here a few weeks previous. She also leaves 17 grandchildren, 3 brothers (David, Jonathan, and Levi Miller of Garden City, Mo), 3 sisters (Mary Hartzler, Anna Yoder of Garden City, Mo., and Cassie Hostetler of Middlebury, Ind.). Those who preceded her in death are 3 daughters (Mary, Amelia, Emma), 1 son-in-law (Benjamin Stauffer), 1 brother and 2 grandchildren. In 1918 they came with their family to Tofield and moved on a farm near Dodds, where she lived she was called home. The cause of her death was cancerous tumors. She endured much suffering in her last days, but bore it patiently. Her desire was to meet her Savior whenever He saw best to call her home. Funeral services at the house were conducted by Bro. M. D. Stutzman and at the church by Bro. N. E. Roth. The text, Matt. 24:13, was chosen by the departed. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.

"All is over, hands are folded,
On a quiet and peaceful breast,

All is over, hands are folded,
And our Mother is at rest."

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXVI, No. 41 - January 11, 1934, page 879

Culp.-Joseph B. Culp, aged 77 y. 7 m. 21 d., died Dec. 4, 1933, after being bedfast 3 1/2 yrs. He is survived by his wife (Ettie Salathie Culp), niece and nephew (Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dubiel in the home), 1 sister (Mrs. Nancy Harrold), 4 brothers (William, Samuel, John and Isaac) all of Columbiana, Ohio. He was a member of the Midway Mennonite Church. Funeral services were held Dec. 6 from the home with Bro. E. M. Detweiler officiating. Text, Isa. 40:7. Burial in Midway Cemetery.

Zook.-JoAnn Ruth, daughter of Bro. Attrenis and Sister Lydia Miller Zook, was born Jan. 2, 1933; left his world after 16 hours illness of influenza-pneumonia; aged 11 m. 17 d. Surviving are the bereaved parents, 4 sisters, and 2 brothers (Dorothy I., A. Virginia, Robert D., Betty L., Gordon M., and Mary A.). Funeral services at the home by Bro. Elmer Martin. Text, Jno. 4:49-51. Interment in Mellinger's Cemetery.

"Go to thy rest, fair child:
Go to thy dreamless bed.
Shall love with weak embrace,
Thy upward wing detain?
No! gentle Angel, seek thy place
Amid the cherub train."
The parents.

Paff.-Thomas W., son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Paff, was born in Holmes Co., Ohio, Nov. 26, 1855; died at his home near Goshen, Ind., Nov. 20, 1933; aged 77 y. 11 m. 24 d. He united with the Mennonite Church when a young man, but at the time of his death he held his membership in the Beulah chapel church in Wakarusa. On Sept. 24, 1891, he united in marriage with Sarah Smiley. To this union were born 1 daughter (Ethel Roderick) and 2 sons (Ora and Clarence), all at home. He leaves his wife, 3 children, 1 brother (Stephen), 1 sister (Caroline Yoder), and other relatives and friends. Funeral at the Culp home at Goshen, Ind., conducted by Silas Yoder of Middlebury, Ind. Burial in Alwine Cemetery.

Hallman.-Joseph Hallman was born Aug. 20, 1856; died Dec. 15, 1933; aged 77 y. 4 m. On July 18, 1880, he was married to Louisa M. Thaler. To this union were born 7 sons and 3 daughters: Ephraim, Harvey, Violet (Mrs. Julias Muradske), Horace, Simon, Clara (Mrs. Clarence Klie), Joseph, Lloyd, Wesley and Lily (both predeceased him). One brother, Mr. Levi Hallman of Mannheim, and one sister, Mrs. Aaron Rellinger of Mannheim, also survive. He united with the Latschar Mennonite Church near Mannheim, Ont., 42 years ago, and remained a faithful member until his death. The funeral was held on Dec. 17, from his home and the Latschar Mennonite Church, in charge of Bro. Manasseh Hallman and Bro. Moses Brubacher. Texts, 11 Cor. 5:1; 1 Cor. 3:11. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Boyer.-Mary, daughter of the late Pre. Peter and Maria Basinger, was born Jan. 5, 1855, in Mahoning Co, Ohio, one of ten children; died at her home in Columbiana, Ohio, Dec. 27, 1933, after a brief illness; aged 78 y. 11 m. 21 d. Death was due to heart failure brought on by the severe strain of coughing incidental to an attack of acute bronchitis. In 1880 she was married to Solomon Metzler who died in 1885. In 1891 she was married to Christian Boyer who preceded her in death three years ago. In her early twenties she united with the Midway Mennonite Church, and was a faithful member. Surviving are 1 son (Aldine G. Metzler, Columbiana, Ohio) and 1 brother (John H. Basinger, Canfield, Ohio). Funeral services were conducted Dec. 30 at the home by Bro. E. M. Detwiler, and at the Midway Mennonite Church by Bro. David Lehman. Burial in Midway Cemetery.

Cressman.-Mervin N. Cressman, was born near Berslau, Ont., March 30, 1914, and was instantly killed by a fast train near his home on the evening of Dec. 21, 1933; aged 19 y. 8 m. 21 d. He accepted Christ in his early youth and was baptized and received into the Cressman Mennonite Church July 12, 1925. He lived an exemplary Christian life, taking an active part in Church work. His quiet, pleasant personality endeared him to all who knew him. "He being dead yet speaketh." Surviving him are his grief-stricken parents, 3 brothers (Alymer, Eben, and Cecil), 2 sisters (Ella and Ruby), besides a large circle of relatives and friends. We meekly submit to God's will. "All things work together for good to them that love God." Funeral services held Dec. 24, at the First Mennonite Church in Kitchener and burial in adjoining cemetery. Ministers, M. M. Brubacher and Oscar Burkholder.

Flickinger.-Margaret, daughter of Joseph and Anna (Nussbaum) Holdeman, was born Aug. 21, 1858, near Wakarusa, Ind., which was her life-long resident, except for five years. On Feb. 10, 1876, she was united in marriage to Cyrus Flickinger. She had been ill for over two years, and died on Christmas Day afternoon, aged 75 y. 4 m. 4 d. She is survived by her husband, a son (Joseph Flickinger, who lives on the same farm), 2 daughters (Mrs. Ira Brown and Mrs. Menno Weaver, both living near the home), 21 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, and a sister (Mrs. Anna Willard). A daughter (Alice) preceded he in death at the age of two years. Sister Flickinger was a member of the Holdeman congregation near Wakarusa for over fifty years. Funeral services were conducted Dec. 28, from the home and in the Olive church north of Wakarusa by Brethren Silas L. Weldy and Jacob K. Bixler. Burial in the Olive Cemetery.
"God in His wisdom has recalled
The boon His love had given,
And though the body slumbers here,
The soul is safe in heaven."

Kurtz.-Isaac M., son of John and Elizabeth (Mast) Kurtz, was born Aug. 12, 1844; died Nov. 16, 1933, at his late home in Morgantown, Pa., aged 89 y. 3 m. 4 d. To this union were born 5 sons and 5 daughters. One son and one daughter died in infancy. His life companion died March 29, 1903. The surviving children are: Henry, Elverson; Ezra, Gordonville; Levi, Morgantown; Barbara, married to David Kennel, Coatesville Mission; Isaac, near Morgantown; Amanda married to Michael Kauffman, Atglen; Lizzie and Elsie, at home caring for father. Also 1 sister (Mrs. Eli Fisher, Cambridge). 1 half-sister (Sarah Eshelmen, Lancaster), 18 grandchildren, and 2 foster-grandchildren survive. He was a faithful member of the Morgantown A. M. Church. His seat was seldom vacant when health permitted. He was remarkably blessed with a clear mind and good eye sight, and he could pass the time reading. Although he nearly reached the fourscore and ten mark, the time came that the Lord removed him from time to eternity, for which he had a great desire to be with Christ. Services were conducted from his late home by David Yoder, and at Conestoga A. M. Church by John A. Stoltzfus and John S. Mast. Text, Gen. 27:2. Interment in the Mast Cemetery.

Becker.-Sister Barbara Becker (nee Blosser), wife of Charles Becker was born near Harrisonburg, Va., Nov. 23, 1877, died at her home near East Greenville, Ohio, Dec. 29, 1933. On May 3, 1899, she was married to Chas. Becker. To this union were born 8 children, 3 having preceded their mother in death. Those who survive are Martin, Rittman, O.; Perry, Bowdil, O.; Anna Holdeman, Smithville, O.; Ruth Bechtel, Orrville, O., and Francis Becker at home; 3 brothers (Perry, Abram, and Solomon). 3 sisters (Mrs. Sarah Good, Mrs. Francis Dowling, and Mrs. Henry Hackman). She united with the Mennonite Church at Concord, Tenn., at the age of 16 years. Having moved in the vicinity of the Pleasant View Church near Bowdil, she was received into fellowship with that body, Aug. 6, 1933. She possessed those rare traits of character which introduced her to all as a loving wife, an affectionate mother, a kind neighbor, and a faithful follower of her loving Savior. Her husband, 5 children, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 14 grandchildren and other relatives and friends survive. Funeral services were conducted Jan. 2 at the Pleasant View church by I. J. Buchwalter (Text, "Behold thy mother" Jno. 19:25) and I. W. Royer (Jno. 12:24) assisted by E. F. Hartzler and P. R. Lantz. Interment in Pleasant View Cemetery.

Statler.-Anna, daughter of C. N. and Mary Stemen Statler, was born near Lima, Ohio, Jan. 27, 1864, died Dec. 21, 1933; aged 59 y. 10 m. 24 d. She leaves 6 brothers and 2 sisters (James, Charles, and Kathryn Statler of Lima, Ohio; Christian and Orvin Statler of Elida, Ohio; Mrs. S. M. Brunk of Delphos, Ohio; Timothy Statler of Pontiac, Mich.; and Samuel Statler of Northville, Mich.), besides many other relatives and friends. She became a Christian at an early age and remained faithful unto the end. About 30 years ago she volunteered for foreign missionary work and was sent to India under the auspices of the Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities. She spent about 20 years of her life in Central Providences, India, devoting much of her time to work among the girls in the Orphanage. Retiring from that work about 7 years ago, she spent most of her remaining time in Goshen, Ind., being a member of the Goshen College congregation. Three weeks prior to her death she was moved to her sister Kathryn's home near Elida, O. Funeral services were held in Elida, O., Dec. 24, conducted by Bro. M. C. Lehman, one of her co-workers in Dhamtari, India, assisted by Bros. D. D. Miller of Middlebury, Ind. (President of the Mennonite Mission Board, under which she worked) and Andrew Brenneman, of Elida, O. Texts, 1 Cor. 15:55; 1 Sam. 20:18. Burial in the Salem Cemetery.

Note: Statler, is probably Stalter - ddk

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXVI, No. 42 - January 18, 1934, page 894, 895

Onial.-Arthur, son of Charles and Emma C. Onial, was born on Jan. 17, 1878, in Jeffersonville, Ind., died at Wauseon Memorial Hospital, Jan. 1, 1934; aged 55 y. 11 m. 14 d. He accepted Christ s his personal Savior, was baptized Nov. 12, 1933, and united with the Central A. M. Church, near Archbold, Ohio. Bro. Onial was a patient sufferer of sarcoma cancer until the Lord saw fit to call him home. He came into the community of Stryker, O., about two years ago, not having any known relatives, but in this time made many friends. Funeral services were held at the Lockport Church, Jan. 3, conducted by S. D. Grieser, assisted by E. L. Frey. Text, Job 14:16. Interment in Lockport Cemetery.

Kreider.-Chester T., son of Emma H. Kreider and the late Tobias D. Kreider, was born Oct. 28, 1919; died Dec. 9, 1933; aged 14 y. 1 m. 8 d. For the past five years he was a student of the Penn Hurst State School near Spring City. Death was due to pneumonia. Besides his mother, he is survived by a sister (Mrs. Frank H. Witmer) and 2 brothers (Noah W. and Allen H., both of Bird-in-Hand). Services were held Dec. 12, conducted by Bro. Jacob Mellinger at the home, and at Paradise Mennonite Church by Bro. Abraham L. Martin. Texts, Psa. 23 and Rev. 5:12. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

"God whom wisdom never faileth,
Knoweth what is for the best;
He has borne our loving Chester
To his everlasting rest."
The Family.

Randall.-Onias Randall was born near Erbsville, Ont., Nov. 12, 1890; died in St. Jacobs, Ont., at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Isaac Clemmer, Jan. 4, 1934; aged 43 y. 1 m. 23 d. He has come to his home section from East Windsor, Ont., where he was employed by the Studebaker Corp., for a number of years, to spend the Christmas holidays. He contracted influenza, which no one thought especially serious but which suddenly proved fatal after two days' duration. He leaves 3 brothers (Jacob, of Breslau, Ont., Amos of Sawyer, Kans., Nathan of the Canadian Northwest), and 2 sisters (Lizzie, and Mrs. Abner Good of St. Jacob, Ont.). The funeral was held Jan. 7, at East End Mennonite Church, Kitchener, Ont. Ministers, C. F. Derstine and Oscar Burkholder. Text, Prov. 27:1.

Strite.-Ethel Irene, youngest child of Frank M. and Lydia Strite, was born April 12, 1912, near Maugansville, Md., died Dec. 28, 1933, at the Washington County Hospital, following an operation, after an illness of nine days; aged 21 y. 8 m. 16 d. She was a member of Reiff's Mennonite church. Her unexpected death came as a shock to her many friends. She is survived by her parents and the following brothers and sisters: Joseph H., Anna M., Martin, Daniel W., Ira C., Paul B., Susan A., Martha P., Earl T.; 2 half-brothers, Clyde L. and Frank S.; and 2 half-sisters, Mary K. and Fannie E. Funeral services were held at the home and at Reiff's Mennonite Church by Bro. Daniel Strite and Bro. David Lesher. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.
"We loved her, yes, we loved her,
But Jesus loved her more;
And He has sweetly called her
To yonder shining shore."
By the Family.

Sommer.-Magdalena Sommer was born on the Atlantic Ocean, Feb. 21, 1855, while her parents (George and Barbara Schertz, Lahn) were crossing from Germany to find a new home in the United States. They first located near Hamilton, Ohio. When Mrs. Sommer was 13 years of age her family removed to Gridley where she was married to Jacob Sommer, Feb. 10, 1877. They made their home on a farm near Washington, Ill., until 1899, when they removed to Manson, Iowa. Leaving there in 1921, they retired to the home where Mr. Sommer died. Surviving are 6 children (George of Lexington, Samuel of Bloomington, Anna, Mrs. Minnie Streid, Joseph and Lydia of Meadows), and 3 grandchildren (Ruth and Arthur Streid and Joseph Sommers). An infant daughter preceded her in death. She accepted Christ as her Savior in her girlhood and became a member of the Waldo Mennonite Church, to which she has remained faithful. Funeral services were conducted at the house by Bro Geo. Gundy, and at the Waldo Mennonite Church by J. D. Hartzler and D. W. Slagel. Text, Rev. 14:13. Burial in the Waldo Cemetery.

Herr.-Barbara K. Herr was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Sept. 8, 1861; died Dec. 18, 1933, at her home near Blue Ball, Pa.; aged 72 y. 3 m. 10 d. She was the last of her family to go, her brother Benjamin having preceded her only about six weeks. She had been failing for six months, at times very weak, and at other times able to go for short auto drives. We miss her smiling face, her helping hand, her loving sympathy, and gentle care. But, as for God, His way is perfect (Psa. 18:30). She was very patient and a faithful member of the Mennonite church. On Nov. 23, 1882, she was united in marriage to John Landis Herr, who with the following children remains to mourn her departure; Mary, wife of Nathan Z. Eberly; Rudolph, Jacob, Magdalena, Barbara, Daniel, David, Hettie, and Landis. One son John preceded her about 7 years. Twenty-five grandchildren also survive. Several texts had been suggested: 1 John 3:1, Rev. 22:14, and Rev. 14:13. Funeral services were held at the home and at the Weaverland Mennonite Church by the home ministry. Interment in Millersville Cemetery.
"Mother could not be in church to-day,
Because she was far, far away.
She has gone where she'll suffer not even a sneer,
Not like here, not like here."

Short.-Emma, youngest daughter of Christian C. and Magdalena Short, was born Jan. 23, 1890, in Fulton Co., Ohio; died Dec. 26, 1933; aged 43 y. 11 m. 3 d. Aug. 29, 1933, she underwent an operation at the Wauseon Memorial Hospital, and after two weeks she returned to her home, where she patiently endured great suffering with that dreaded disease (cancer) for fifteen weeks, after which she quietly fell asleep in Jesus. Sister Emma confessed her Savior in her youth and united with the Mennonite Church, remaining faithful to the end. She was preceded in death by her parents, two sisters, and one brother. She is survived by one sister (Arvilla of Archbold, Ohio), two brothers (George of Midland, Mich., and Andrew of Wauseon, Ohio), and many relatives and friends. Emma and her sister Arvilla lived together with a cousin, Ray Lantz, who was taken into the home when but a baby, and remained with them. During her sickness she often expressed her desire to leave this world and be with Jesus, and join the host of redeemed souls in that better land, where pain, sickness, and death are not known. Funeral services were held Dec. 29 at the Lockport Church in charge of Ed B. Frey, assisted by S. S. Wyse. Text, Phil. 1:21. Interment in Lockport Cemetery.
"'Tis hard to part with Emma dear,
No more to see, no more to hear,
But we are glad if God saw best,
To end her trouble, and give her rest."

Helmuth.-Daniel D., third son of John J. and Katherin Helmuth, was born May 6, 1866, in Davis Co., Iowa; died at the family home in Garden City, Mo., Dec. 30, 1933, after a brief illness of less than a day, caused by coronary embolus; aged 67 y. 7 m. 24 d. When yet a small child, he with his parents, moved to Hickory Co., Mo., and 18 years later to Cass Co., where he lived the remaining days of his life. In his early youth he converted and united with the Mennonite Church, being a charter member of the Bethel congregation, unto which he was faithful until death. On Dec. 25, 1889, he was married to Emma Hough and for 44 years they journeyed together sharing the joys and sorrows of life. Ten children were born into this home. Seventeen years ago, Beulah (aged 9) was called away. As a father he was kind and sympathetic, always interested in the welfare of his children. He was a good neighbor and his business made for him a wide circle of acquaintances and friends. The children who survive are: W. Earl and D. Roy of Garden City; Samuel L. of Kansas City; Mrs. C. S. Osech of Sycamore, Kans.; Mrs. J. V. Miller and Mrs. Omer Yoder of Garden City; Carrie, LeErma, and Gladys, at home. The brothers and sisters are: John J. and William E. of Garden City; Samuel D. of Harrisonville; Joseph D. of Roanoke, Ill.; Mrs. J. L. Kauffman, Mrs. Ed. Zimmerman and Mrs. Amanda Schrock of Garden City; Mrs. Katie Gerber of Redlands, Calif.; also Mrs. J. P. Smith, deceased. Funeral services Monday afternoon, at the home in Garden City, conducted by Bro. D. W. Britton after which the body was taken to he Bethel Mennonite Church were services were further conducted, by W. E. Helmuth and J. C. Driver, to a very large group of relatives and friends. Interment in Clearfork Cemetery.

Mishler.-George L., son of Joseph C. and Rachel (Livingston) Mishler, was born in Somerset Co., Pa., Nov. 15, 1857; died Jan. 1, 1934; aged 76 y. 1 m. 17 d. On April 13, 1880, he was married to Polly C. Eash. To this union were born 2 sons and 2 daughters (Levi C. of Shipshewana, Joseph E., of Elkhart, Mrs. Jesse C. Brandeberry and Mrs. Ammon Yoder of Shipshewana). A foster daughter (Mrs. Ira E. Yoder of Middlebury) was reared in the home from the time she was seven weeks old, as near and dear as the rest. At the age of 20 he accepted Christ, remaining faithful to the end. He was a member of the Mennonite Church at Shore, Ind. He was a patient sufferer from heart trouble for the past two years. Oct. 15 he attended church services for the last time. His place in God's house was seldom vacant when health permitted. He was a loving husband and a dear father. His home was open to many-his father, some of his younger brothers and sisters, and mother's parents found it such as he shared it with them. Father, mother, and we children never lived alone. A precious thought cherished by his loved ones is this: father is spending his "Happy New Year in Heaven." There remain to mourn his departure, our mother, 4 children, 1 foster-daughter, 10 grandchildren, 8 foster grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren, 37 nieces and nephews, 4 brothers, and 4 sisters (James J. of Shipshewana, Jake W. and Moses J. of La Verne, Calif., John J. of Middlebury, Mrs. Lucy Plank, and Mrs. Elizabeth Miller of Elkhart, Mrs. Susan Hershberger and Mrs. Jake Essig of Goshen), besides many friends. Funeral services were conducted from the Mennonite Church near Shipshewana, Ind., in charge of O. S. Hostetler assisted by the brethren, Y. C. Miller and Josiah J. Miller. Burial in Miller Cemetery.
Father's place is vacant now,
Since he has gone to rest;
But we our heads do humbly bow
And say, God thought it best.
By Mother and Children.

Blosser.-Henry, son of the late Abraham and Sarah (Brunk) Blosser, was born near Harrisonburg, Va., Aug. 21, 1853; died at Rockingham Memorial Hospital, Dec. 26, 1933; aged 80 y. 4 m. 5 d. Two weeks previous to his death he went out to his farm in the Garber's Church section, and in the evening while watering the stock he was attacked by an animal, which got him down and gored him. An employee who was about the barn, heard his cries, came to his rescue, and drove the animal away. The animal had always been peaceful, and after having been driven off, stood and looked on without showing any signs of being cross. Doctors and nurses did all they could to prolong life and restore him to health, but three days prior to his death pneumonia set in, although there was little hope of his recovery from the beginning. A member of the family heard him singing the chorus of the song, "I'm Going Home," on the same morning of the day on which the accident occurred. She said she was impressed when she heard him singing, and especially after the sad tragedy. He was willing to be restored, but said, "If it is the Lord's will, I am ready to go."
He united with the Mennonite Church many years ago, and was called to the office of deacon on April 16, 1899, in which capacity he served faithfully. He had the welfare of the Church at heart, and was an earnest, zealous, dependable worker. He did much work on the West Virginia mission field in the interest of the Church, and expressed himself as being ready to go over the field again. That he was an example of simplicity and humility is expressed in his own words. In a few statements copied from some writing he did in regards to his funeral arrangements, about nine years prior to his death. "Looking forward to the time of my departure out of this world into realms of the blessed, my desire is that everything connected with my funeral shall be simple and inexpensive, decent of course, but no extravagance nor display. Flowers are not wanted. As a rule they are expensive. The poor can't afford them, and the rich might spend their money to better purposes. Display is never pleasing in the sight of God, and doubly objectionable on funeral occasions."
On Feb. 3, 1876, he was united in marriage to Sophie Showalter. To this union were born 3 sons: Emanuel, Gabriel, and Peter. In Sept. 1913, his companion passed away. On May 6, 1914, he was again united in marriage to Sister Katherine Layman, who preceded him in death, July 17, 1932. Surviving are his 3 sons, 4 grandchildren, and an invalid sister, Fannie Barbe. Funeral services were held from Weaver's Church, conducted by Bro. S. H. Rhodes, assisted by Bro. C. K. Lehman. Funeral sermon was preached from the book of Daniel. Laid to rest in the cemetery near by.

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXVI, No. 43 - January 25, 1934, page 927, 928

VanZandt.-James VanZandt was born in Lancaster Co., Pa. Died in the Blair County Home Dec. 27, 1933. He united with the Mennonite Church in Altoona, Pa., June 20, 1924, and remained faithful until he fell asleep. Funeral services were held at the County Home Dec. 30, in charge of Joseph M. Nissley. Text, Jno. 11:11.

Stark.-Abraham L. Stark was born near Elizabethtown, Pa., Feb. 7, 1862; died at his home in Altoona, Pa., Dec .27, 1933; aged 70 y. 2 m. 10 d. He united with the Mennonite Church in Altoona March 8, 1925, and remained faithful until called home. Surviving him are his wife, 6 sons, and 1 daughter. Funeral services were held Dec. 31, in charge of Joseph M. Nissley. Text, Jno. 14:1-3.

Hertzler.-Emma Jane, wife of Nathaniel Z. Hertzler, was born Sept. 23, 1873; died Dec .31, 1933, at her home near Camp Hill, Pa.; aged 60 y. 3 m. 8 d. She leaves a bereaved husband, 2 sons (C. Arthur of Mechanicsburg, Pa., J. Leonard, Camp Hill, Pa.), 1 daughter (Margretta B., at home), 3 grandchildren, 5 sisters, 3 brothers, and a host of relatives and friends. She was a member of the Slate Hill Mennonite church for over 40 years, and lived faithful until death. We all miss her, but our loss is her gain. Funeral services were held Jan. 4 at the home with further services at Slate Hill Mennonite church, with Bro. Elias Kulp, Bally, Pa., and Bro. J. B. Seitz in charge. Burial in adjoining cemetery. The family.

Gunn.-Susie C., wife of Lucien E. Gunn, died at their home in Elkhart, Ind., on Jan. 6, 1934; aged 73 y. 9 m. 24 d. Ailing for several months, she was stricken with paralysis on Dec. 14 and had been confined to the bed since that time. She and her husband moved to Elkhart 14 years ago from a farm where they had lived since 1893. Previously they had lived near Edwardsburg, Mich., and Wakarusa, Ind.,-in the last locality nine years. Their marriage took place at Edwardsburg on June 19, 1881. There are no children. She was a member of the Bethel Evangelical Church at Elkhart, having been a Christian for many years. Funeral services were held Jan. 8, with a short service at the home conducted by G. W. Shaneyfelt, and further services at the Olive Mennonite Church, conducted by D. A. Yoder and C. A. Shank. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.

Troyer.-David D. Troyer was born in Holmes Co., Ohio, May 1, 1848; died in Mercer Co., Pa., Jan. 6, 1934; aged 85 y. 8 m. 6 d. He was married to Gertrude Miller, Nov. 17, 1868, who preceded him in death in 1929. He leaves 2 sons and 4 daughters (Daniel of Middlefield, Ohio; Jeremiah of Columbus, Pa.; Mrs. P. V. Yoder, Hadley, Pa.; Mrs. John B. Miller of Sugar Creek, Ohio; Mrs. Joni E. Miller, Millersburg, Ohio; Mrs. Daniel J. F. Miller, Columbus, Pa.) 40 grandchildren, 101 great-grandchildren and many other relatives and friends. He became a member of the Amish Mennonite Church in his youth and remained faithful to the end. He was taken to Stark Co., Ohio, and laid to rest beside his wife at the A. M. Meeting House near Hartville, Ohio, where funeral services were held by Jonas E. Helmuth and Samuel Lichty.

Steinman.-Moses, son of Christian G. and Veronica (Gingerich) Steinman was born in Perth Co., Ont., May 20, 1891, near Tavistock. He accepted Christ as his Savior in his youth, being baptized upon confession of faith by the late Bishop Jac. M. Bender in 1908 and received into fellowship of East Zorra A. M. Church, remaining faithful to the end. On Sept 24, 1818, he was united in holy matrimony to Catharine Zehr. They lived in matrimony 15 y. 2 m. 26 d. He passed away at his home in East Zorra, Oxford Co., Ont., of pneumonia on Dec. 20, 1933, aged 42 y. 7 m., leaving his bereaved companion, 4 sons, parents, and 3 brothers to mourn his untimely departure. Services at the home by M. Kipfer and at the church by Peter S. Zehr (11 Cor. 1:3, 4) and D. S. Jutzi (1 Pet. 1:3, 18, 19). Interment in cemetery adjoining East Zorra A. M. Meetinghouse.

Nafziger.-Catherine Nafziger Schweitzer was born in Ontario Aug. 4, 1862. Following her marriage to Andrew Nafziger, May 2, 1880, they lived in Nebraska a number of years, after which they established a home near Brunner, Ont. She died Jan. 9, 1934. Her husband predeceased her five years. She leaves a devoted and esteemed mother, 7 sons, and 2 daughters (Elia, Ezra, Aaron of Lancaster Co., Pa., Sarah Gerber, Lizzie Gascho, John, Rudy, Valley, Christian, all of Perth, Ont.), 3 brothers (David, Jacob, and Moses, all of Seward Co., Neb.). Her only sister (Elizabeth) died the same day that mother did. Funeral services were held at the Poole A. M. church Jan. 12.
"What is home without a mother?
Tender, oft-repeated thought:
Yet we know not half its meaning,
Until by experience taught."
The family.

Kreider.-Lydia R., daughter of Tobias R. and Ellen (Ranck) Kreider, was born May 27, 1902, entered into rest Jan. 9, 1934, at the age Rossmere Sanitarium after a long illness; age 27 y. 6 m. 13 d. She leaves father, mother, 4 brothers, and 4 sisters. She was a member of the Mennonite church. Lydia accepted Christ as her personal Savior in her young years and remained faithful until the end. She was conscious to the end, longing to go home, always cheerful and never complained. Brief services were held at the home Friday, Jan. 12 by Bro. Jacob Mellinger, and at the Strasburg, Pa., Mennonite Church by Bros. Frank Herr and Chris Brubaker. Text, Job 23:10. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.
"We loved her, yes, we loved her,
But Jesus loved her more;
And He has sweetly called her,
To yonder shining shore."
By the family.

Boll.-Bro. John H. Boll was born Sept. 15, 1864; died at his home very suddenly Dec. 27, 1933; aged 69 y. 3 m. 12 d. Beside his wife he is survived by his aged father (Pre. Joseph Boll Sr.), 1 brother (Pre. Joseph Boll Jr.), and 2 sisters (Mrs. Ella Moyer, and Mrs. Rolandus Kieth). Just five weeks before, his sister was buried. Our loss is his eternal gain. He was a faithful member of Erb's Mennonite Church, near Lititz, Pa. His place was seldom vacant. Funeral services were held at the home, Dec. 30 by Brethren William Heisey and Samuel Lehman. Further services were held at Hernleys church by Brethren Martin Metzler, Henry Lutz, and Abram Risser. Text, Mark 13:32 to end. Buried in Hernleys Cemetery.
"I cannot always know and understand the Master's rule,
I cannot always do the tasks He gives in life's hard school;
But I am learning with His help to solve them one by one,
And when I cannot understand to say "Thy will be done."

Peifer.-Daniel E., son of the late Christian and Elizabeth Peifer, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Nov. 14, 1842; died Jan. 8, 1934; aged 91 y. 1 m. 24 d. In 1862 he was united in marriage to the late Maria H. Huber. To this union were born 5 children of whom three survive (Monroe H. of Greenland, Pa., with whom he lived; Lizzie H., wife of Jacob C. Kreider, Roherstown, Pa., Daniel H., East Petersburg. Pa.; Harry H. and Phares H., deceased); also 9 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. He is also survived by 1 sister (Mrs. Mary E. Reist, Manheim, Pa.). He was a member of the East Petersburg, Pa., Mennonite Church for many years. He had been in his usual good health, when he was suddenly stricken with a heart attack and died immediately. Funeral services were held at the home of his son by Bro. David L. Landis and at the East Petersburg Mennonite church by Bro. John H. Gochnauer. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.
"Grandfather's rocker is empty,
His glasses lay idly near by.
God called him, oh! So sudden,
With no time to say, Good-bye."
A granddaughter.

Lesher.-Katie L., daughter of Abram and Mary Horst, was born near Chambersburg, Pa., Aug. 29, 1868. She united with the Chambersburg Mennonite church and was faithful until death. She was united in marriage to Peter Lesher, was a faithful companion and loving foster-mother to her niece, Fannie Frey, whom she took at the age of six, and cared for her until she married, also cared for her aged father until his death. Her loyalty and faithfulness to her Church was an inspiration to all about her. Memories of her loving influence will live on in the lives of all who knew her. On the morning of Jan. 11, 1934, she peacefully passed away at her home near Chambersburg, aged 65 y. 5 m. 12 d. She leaves her companion, three sisters (Mrs. Mary Slouthour, Mrs. D. D. Long, Mrs. P. C. Coble) and many relatives and friends. Funeral services were held Jan. 13. Service in home by Bro. Daniel Kuhns and at Chambersburg Church by Bro. John Burkholder (text, Psa. 17:15) assisted by Bro. Harvey Shank (text, Rev. 1:17). Burial in adjoining cemetery.
"Aunt Katie, you were kind and true
To your husband and all you knew;
Your deeds of love will ever teach
Faithful to God, truthful in speech.
We will follow your example sweet
Then in heaven we hope to meet."
By her nephew, Noah Martin.

Shantz.-Mary Elizabeth, wife of Charlie A. Shantz residing three miles south of Elkhart, Ind., died at the Elkhart General Hospital, Jan. 8, 1934; aged 67 y. 2 m. 10 d. She had been afflicted with arthritis for about six years, which was followed by jaundice. An operation was preformed Dec. 29, followed by a blood transfusion about a week later, but to no avail. Sister Shantz, who was the eldest daughter of Lewis and Nancy Kulp, was born Oct. 29, 1866, at Gardner, Ill. Her marriage to Bro. Shantz occurred at Cullom, Ill., on Thanksgiving Day, 1891. In 1892 they moved east of Elkhart, Ind., and in 1900 to their present residence. The survivors, besides the husband, are: Sarah (Mrs. C. N. Shaum) near Osceola, Ind.; Fannie, at home; Dora a missionary nurse in Dhamtari, India, and Bertha (Mrs. W. R. Roupp), who lives on the parental farm. One son (Lewis) died in 1903 at the age of six months. There are 7 grandchildren. There are also 3 sisters (Mrs. J. B. Moyer, Elkhart; Mrs. W. S. Gehman, Rush Lake, Sask.; and Mrs. A. L. Gilliom, Indianapolis, Ind.). Sister Shantz united with the Mennonite Church at the age of 18 and lived a consistent life since. Since 1892 she was a member of the Prairie St. congregation and was always in her place when health permitted. For the last year and half her health did not permit her presence at the house of worship, and so she had her devotions at home on Sunday mornings, consisting of songs, prayer, Scripture reading, S. S. lesson study, and the reading of the sermon and other articles from the Gospel Herald. She also appreciated services conducted at her home by ministering brethren. She had been confined to the house for nearly a year. The last few days she especially longed to pass over to her home beyond. Services were conducted Jan. 10, at the home and church by the brethren, C. Reiff, J. S. Hartzler, D. A. Yoder, and Jacob K. Bixler. Interment in the Prairie St. Cemetery, founded by her father.

Transcribed by Carolyn Hunnicutt, Indiana

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