Gospel Herald Obituaries - November, 1934

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Gospel Herald - Vol. XXVII, No. 31 - November 1, 1934 - pages 675,676

Young. - Chanse G. E., son of Chanse and Amanda Young and husband of Alma Burk, was born Sept. 29, 1908; died Sept. 8, 1934; aged 25 y. 11 m. 21 d. He died at the home of his wife, living at Mill Run, Altoona, Pa. He confessed Christ Sept. 1, 1934. Surviving are his wife and child. Funeral services in charge of Joseph M. Nissley. Text, Heb. 9:27.

Frederick. - Matilda Wentland Frederick was born in Germany July 18, 1868; died in the Memorial Hospital, Johnstown, Pa., Oct. 19, 1934; aged 66 y. 3 m. 1 d. In 1888 she was married to John Frederick, who died Jan. 1, 1910. She was the mother of 12 children of whom 2 died in infancy. She is survived by 6 sons, 2 daughters, 25 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. She was brought up in the German Lutheran faith. Funeral services were conducted by S. G. Shetler, assisted by Hiram Wingard and J. Irvin Lehman. The services were conducted in the Weaver Mennonite Church and the body was laid away in the adjoining cemetery.

Stutzman. - Rex, eldest son of Ira and Mary Stutzman, was born near Woodriver, Neb., Sept. 18, 1920; died Oct. 15, 1934, in a Grand Island, Neb., hospital from the effects of appendicitis and peritonitis; aged 14 y. 27 d. Rex was one of a class of eleven converts who were soon to have been received into church fellowship, but God saw fit, after a few days of suffering here which was patiently and without complaint endured by him, to receive him into the Church triumphant. He leaves to mourn his early departure, father, mother, 6 sisters, 3 brothers, 2 grandfathers, 1 grandmother, 10 uncles, 8 aunts and numerous relatives and friends. Funeral services were held Oct. 17 at the Mennonite Church by the home ministers with burial in cemetery nearby.

"All is over, hands are folded
On a calm and peaceful breast
All is over, pain is ended,
Now our dear Rex is at rest."

Martin. - Amanda Martin (nee Bauman), wife of Norman G. Martin, was born Mar. 28, 1889; died Sept. 18, 1934 ; aged 45 y. 5 m. 21 d. On Dec. 9, 1924, she was married to Norman G. Martin who survives her; also 8 brothers and 1 sister: Onies of Elmira, Enoch of Breslau, Ira of Jerusalem Section, Daniel of Elmira, Abraham of Breslau, Nelson of Kitchener, Clayton of St. Jacobs, Clarence of Jerusalem Section and Mrs. Geo. Musselman of St. Jacobs. Sister Martin will be much missed, not only in the
home where she daily shared the toils and cares of her bereaved husband, but also in the various activities of the Church; always talking her place, helping along in the sewing circle, and last but not least a vacant place will have to be filled in the primary department of the Sunday school where she was one of the teachers. May God crown her with that crown of life for faithful service in the Lord's vineyard. Funeral services were conducted Sept. 20 by Bros. Oliver D. Snider and Moses Brubacher at the Elmira Mennonite Church. Burial in Conestoga cemetery.

Yoder. - Lois Eileen, infant daughter of Albert and Edna (King) Yoder, was born Aug. 10, 1934, near Kenmare, N. D.; died Oct. 19, 1934. She leaves father, mother, 2 brothers (Vernon and Clarence), 1 grandmother, 1 step-grandmother, 1 grandfather and a number of aunts and uncles and other relatives. One infant sister and two infant brothers, 1 grandmother and 1 grandfather and 2 uncles preceded her in death. She will be sadly missed by us all. We cannot understand why she should be taken away from us, but we know that the "Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord."

"A sweet little flower too tender to stay,
God in His wisdom hath taken away;
Not from our memory, not from our love,
But to dwell with the angels above."

Services were held at the Spring Valley church near Kenmare, by Brethren L. A. Kauffman of Surrey and M. Petry of Minot. Burial in adjoining cemetery.
By the Family.

Allgeir. - Veronica Allgeir was born April 1, 1873; died Sept. 13, 1934; aged 61 y. 5 m. 2 d. Sister Allgeir belonged to the family of the late Mr. and Mrs. Philip Allgeir of Woolwich Twp. of which one survives - Mrs. Amos Musselman of Elmira. Sister Allgeir was a member of the Mennonite Church and remained faithful to the faith she had accepted. She had her home with Bro. and Sister Levi Bawman of Elmira for the last few years where she greatly appreciated the care and kindness shown her until the Lord called her home.

"I cannot always see the way that leads to heights above;
I sometimes quite forget He leads me on with hand of love;
But yet I know the path must lead me to Immanuel's land
And when I reach life's summit I shall know and understand."

Funeral services were conducted on Sept. 15, 1934, by Bros. Oliver Snider and Moses Brubacher at Elmira Mennonite Church. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

Shantz. - Rebecca Musselman, wife of Bro. Elias Shantz, was born at Floradale, Ont. Lately she lived at Bloomingdale. She was seriously ill for three weeks, and then passed over Sept. 28, at the Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital; aged 69 y. 7 m. 14 d. She was a faithful mother and sister in the Church at Bloomingdale, and was widely known and respected in the community at large. Her quiet Christian dignity and demeanor will live on, in many lives. She was survived by her husband, 2 sons (Clayton of Waterloo; Irvin of Bloomingdale) and 7 daughters (Mrs. Horace Hallman, Williamsburg; Mrs. Roy Snyder, Waterloo; Mrs. Albert Schmidt, Kitchener; Mrs. Samuel Cressman, Blair; Mrs. Wellington Weber, Elmira; Mrs. Eugene Kraft, Kitchener; Mrs. Harold Gimble, Freeport). Three children predeceased her. She is also survived by her mother (Mrs. Joseph Musselman, Elmira), 2 sisters, 5 brothers and 43 grandchildren. The funeral services were conducted at the Snyder Mennonite Church, Bloomingdale, by Brethren H. W. Stevanus and C. F. Derstine. Text, "If I go." John 14:3.

Cump. - Charles Edward Cump of Chambersburg, Pa., died at the Lankenau Hospital, Philadelphia, Oct. 13, 1934; aged 54 y. 9 m. 25 d. He learned the carpenter trade with his father and for many years had been a successful contractor and builder in Chambersburg. His death came as a shock to many friends, as on the Sunday previous to his death he was at Sunday school and in the afternoon drove his car alone to the hospital where he was under observation until his operation, after which his condition became critical. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. In 1899 he was united in marriage to Leannah L., daughter of the late Philip Parret, former minister of the Chambersburg church. To this union were born the following children: Mrs. Russel Hause of East Orange, N. J.; Mrs. Damon S. Light of Lebanon; Earl L. and Charles L. and Dorothy L. of Chambersburg. He is survived by his widow, all the children named above, 4 grandchildren, his parents, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Funeral services were conducted at the home by __ Kohler and at the Chambersburg Mennonite Church by J. Irvin Lehman. Burial in the cemetery adjoining.

Lefever. - Fannie H. (Brubaker), widow of Pre. Christian H. Lefever, was born Feb. 8, 1864; died in Lancaster General Hospital, of complications, Sept. 18, 1934, after an illness of 5 weeks; aged 70 y. 7 m. 10 d. Her husband preceded her in death 14 years ago. She was a member of the East Petersburg Mennonite Church for many years. She was patient in all her suffering and often expressed her desire to depart this life. She is survived by the following children: Harry B. and Mary B., wife of Elmer B. Landis both of Lititz; also 2 grandchildren, 3 brothers and sisters: Mrs. Lizzie Brubaker, Rapho Tp.; Mrs. Barbara Herr, Harry Brubaker, and Christian Brubaker, all of near Lancaster; John and Amos Brubaker, Lititz; and Mrs. Aaron Buckwalter of Witmer. Funeral services were conducted Sept. 20 by Bro. Frank Kreider at the home and at the Mennonite church at East Petersburg by Bros. Henry Lutz and John Gochnauer. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

"Mother, dear, your wish is granted;
Sorrow, pain, and grief are o'er
But we hope some day to meet you
Over on the other shore."

Winey. - Ammon W. Winey was born near Richfield, Pa., Feb. 4, 1870; died of heart failure at his home near Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 8, 1934; aged 64 y. 8 m. 4 d. He was married to Ella Shelley Dec. 14, 1893. Surviving are his sorrowing wife and 5 daughters and 2 sons (Mabel, wife of Martin Clymer; Mary, wife of Eli Eby; Sarah, wife of Earnest Mast; Esther, at home; Dora, wife of Elvin Landis; John R., and Lloyd S.), 20 grandchildren, 1 aged brother (Amos S. Winey), 1 sister (Mrs. Henry Ferster of near Richfield), and many relatives and friends. Father was in poor health for a number of years, but was about until 1 week previous to his death. He bore it all very patiently and gave us all wonderful admonitions and repeated many scripture verses among which were II Tim. 4:7 and Matt. 25:34, used as a text. He was a faithful and active member of the Mennonite Church for many years and upheld the peculiar doctrines. How we sought father's wise counsel! "He being dead yet speaketh." Funeral services at the house by Bros. Elmer Martin and David Landis and at Mellinger's Church by Bros. David Landis and Abram Martin. Burial in adjoining cemetery. The Family.

Kurtz. - Sarah (Hooley) Kurtz, was born March 19, 1843; died Oct. 15, 1934, of the infirmities of old age; aged 91 y. 6 m. 25 d. She united with the Amish Mennonite Church in her youth, and remained faithful to her end. Her husband (John H. Kurtz) preceded her in death Feb. 12, 1884. Four step-sons, 3 step-daughters, and 1 daughter (Sarah) also preceded her in death. There remain - 1 son (David H. Kurtz, Westover, Md.), 3 daughters (Mattie, widow of John G. Swarey; Mary, wife of C. L. Kauffman; Lizzie (single), at home in Belleville, Pa.), 11 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren, a number of step-grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Short services were conducted Oct. 17 at the home by Simon Peachey (Psa. 90) and at the home of Stephen Zook, by John P. Zook, and John B. Peachey (II Cor. 5 and Rev. 20:11-15), when a large number of friends and neighbors had gathered to pay the last tribute of respect. Mother lived all her life in the vicinity of Belleville. The last eleven years, she and daughter Lizzie made their home with her daughter and son-in-law (C. L. Kauffman), where she was tenderly cared for in her declining years. Oct. 9 she suffered a light paralytic stroke, after which she failed rapidly until she peacefully passed away. Among the last words were of the beautiful home over yonder, and "Jesus, 0! Jesus." By a daughter.

King. - The beginning of the day Saturday, Oct. 20, 1934, was all that could be desired as a perfect day. The sun arose in the eastern sky over the earth, clothed in all its autumn beauty. Bro. Amos King and his two sons, Paul and Emmett, were busily engaged in shredding corn at their home near West Liberty, Ohio. Busy at work, the day proceeded in a regular, cheerful, and satisfactory manner. About two forty-five, in the afternoon, while preparing to stop work, the day's work was brought to a sudden close when father in the set of untying the blower -- for some unknown reason, lost his hold and fell to his death; aged 62 y. 2 m. 10 d. Little did we think when we gathered around the table for the noon-day meal that he had asked our Father's blessing for the last time, and his place would so soon be empty. But we feel that by his daily life and testimony, death even at such an unexpected moment as this found him, "watching, and ready to be called." Amos was the son of Jonathan and Salome (Zook) King, and was born Aug. 10, 1872. He was married to Nannie J., daughter of Levi and Nancy King, Dec. 22, 1895. Nearly thirty-nine years they traveled life's road together, sharing the joys and sorrows God permitted to come, knitting the bands of love around their hearts, tenderly drawing them closer one to the other. He gave expression to this only a few weeks ago when he said, "I wish we could both go together." This union was blessed with five children (Loren, who preceded him in death Jan. 22, 1921; Anna -- Mrs. Howard Shoemaker, Paul, Emmett, and Vernon at home). He accepted Christ as his personal Savior in his youth, and became a member of the Mennonite Church. He became an active worker for his Lord, serving Him in the various activities of the Church, to which he was called. He was conscientious and a man of conviction, manifesting a love for his Lord, Church, and fellowmen. He was interested in Sunday school work, and taught a class for thirty-five years, except a few years when he served its superintendent. For thirteen years he served as treasurer of the local Sunday school. Since 1912 he has served as secretary of the local board of the Lima Mission. We believe he consecrated his life in self-sacrificing service, faithfully filling the various capacities to which he was called, until his Master quickly snatched him from among us to live and rest with Him over on the beautiful hills of Glory. Besides his immediate family, he leaves to mourn his departure 4 grandchildren, 1 sister (Mrs. Jacob Detwiler), 1 aged
uncle (Joshua B. King of Stark Co., 0.), an aged aunt (Mrs. Katie Kauffman of Volant, Pa.), and a host of friends and neighbors whose loss is his eternal gain.

"'Father, now your place is empty,
And you now we see no more,
But we hope some day to meet you
Over on the other shore."

Funeral services were held Oct. 23 at the South Union Church. Tuesday afternoon, in charge of S. E. Allgyer, assisted by N. E. Troyer and Maurice O'Connell. The funeral was very largely attended.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXVII, No. 32 - November 8, 1934 - pages 706 to 708

Huber. - Infant son of Henry G. and Evelyn E. (Steffy) Huber of Intercourse, Pa., was born Oct. 27, 1934; died the same day from leaking heart. Buried Oct. 28, in Hershey Mennonite Cemetery. Beside the parents, he is survived by 1 brother (Henry Glenn), 4 grandparents, 4 great-grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. A bud on earth to bloom in heaven.

"His little crib is empty now,
The little clothes laid by;
Our darling is with the angels,
In the heavenly home on high."

Steckle. - Lydia Gingrich was born in Huron Co., Ont., March 12, 1902; died in the Seaforth, Ont., Hospital, Oct. 24, 1934; aged 32 y. 7 m. 12 d. In her early years she united with the Church of her choice, and was a faithful member until she was called home. She was united in marriage to Daniel Steckle Nov. 12, 1932. She leaves her husband and infant son, her parents, 2 brothers, 5 sisters, and many relatives and friends. The funeral was held on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 27, from her late home to the Mennonite Church, Zurich, Ont., and burial was made in the Mennonite cemetery, 2 1/2 miles south of Zurich. Ministers in charge, __ Burn and Oscar Burkholder. Text, I Cor. 15:49.

Detweiler. - Mary, daughter of Joshua and Rebecca Hertzler, born Feb. 25, 1857, near Bellefontaine, Ohio; died Oct. 22, 1934, at Attica, Kans., aged 77 y. 8 m. 28 d. She was married to Samuel H. Detweiler who preceded her in death Dec. 29, 1915. To this union were born 3 children (Amy W., who died Dec. 12, 1907, Ira of San Antonio, Texas, Urie of Attica, Kans.). She leaves 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. At the age of 13 years she was converted and united with the Mennonite Church, and was a true and faithful worker for the cause of righteousness to the end of her life. She will be missed by all who knew her. Funeral services were conducted at the Crystal Springs Church, Oct. 24, by J. J. Zimmerman. Text, Ecel. 8:8.

Ingold. - James Eugene Ingold was born in Champaign, Ill., July 20, 1930; passed away in the Burnham City Hospital, Champaign, Ill., Oct. 22, 1934, following an operation for ruptured appendix. He leaves to mourn his early departure his mother, grandparents, 7 aunts, 8 uncles, 22 cousins, and a host of other relatives and friends. It is a comfort to know Jimmie has gone to be with Jesus whom he was taught to love. Funeral services were held at the East Bend Mennonite Church with Bro. J. A. Heiser
in charge. Text, Matt. 18:14. Interment in East Bend Cemetery.

"Friends may think we have forgotten
When at times they see us smile;
But they little know the heartache
That the smile hides all the while."

Miller. - Moses J., son of Joseph and Elizabeth Miller, was born near Goshen, Ind., July 16, 1858; died Oct. 16, 1934, at the home of his brother Jerry of Middlebury, Ind.; aged 76 y. 3 m. He is survived by 2 brothers (Jonas of Hebron, Ind., and Jerry of Middlebury, Ind.); also nephews and nieces. He united with the Clinton Frame church early in life and remained faithful till he was called home. He will be missed in Sunday school and church, as his place was seldom vacant, if health permitted him to be present. He will also be missed by his many friends and neighbors, and most of all by his brother with whom he made his home the past four years. But our loss is his eternal gain. Funeral services were held at the Clinton Frame Church conducted by Silas Yoder and D. D. Troyer. Burial at the Clinton Union Cemetery.

Andrew. - Harold Richard, son of Harry W. and Sadie Brubaker Andrew, was born Nov. 4, 1933; died at the home of his parents at Groffdale, Pa., on Oct. 8, 1934, after one day's illness of convulsions. Besides his parents he is survived by 3 sisters (Helen, Edith and Ruth) and 1 brother (Mervin) all at home. His paternal grandmother (Mrs. Kate Andrew of New Holland) and his maternal grandparents (Jerome and Katie Brubaker of Ephrata). Funeral services were held Oct. 11 from the home and at New Holland Mennonite Church. Interment in adjoining cemetery. Text, Job 14:1,2. Ministers, Noah N. Sauder and Mahlon Witmer.

"We loved you and no tongue can tell
How much we loved you and how well;
Christ loved you too and thought it best
To take you home with Him to rest." Bereaved family.

Eash. - Jacob J., son of Jonathan and Katie Eash, was born March 21, 1858, in Somerset Co., Pa.; died Oct. 24, 1934, at his home in Middlebury, Ind.; aged 76 y. 7 m. 3 d. He came with his parents to La Grange Co., Ind., in 1865. He was married to Mary Mathilda Weaver, who with two infant children preceded him in death. He was later married to Clara Weaver, who with his five children survives. The children are Mrs. Wm. B. Philips of Fremont, Mich.; Mrs. Harry Shull, Berrier Springs, Mich.; Mrs. Foster Kinzer, Goshen, Ind.; Mrs. Ellworth Wilbur, Elkhart, Ind.; and Glen J. Eash, Topeka, Ind. He also leaves 10 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild, 4 sisters, 1 brother, and many other relatives and friends. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years, and a regular attendant at Sunday school and church services as long as he was able to attend. Funeral services were held Oct. 27 at the home by Silas Yoder, and at the Shore Church by D. D. Miller.

Yoder. - Sister Mildred M. (Hess) Yoder, daughter of Bro. and Sister Elmer D. Hess, was born in Chicago, Ill., Sept. 3, 1907; died at her home in Belleville, Pa., Oct. 22, 1934; aged 27 y. 1 m. 19 d. On Oct. 1, 1932, she was united in matrimony with Bro. Oliver M. Yoder, of Belleville. Sister Yoder confessed Christ early in life and for a number of years was active in the Belleville Mennonite Church and Sunday school. She will be greatly missed in the Church activities and in the community. Her quiet, unobtrusive disposition endeared her to her many friends. Her infant son preceded her in death. Among the many relatives and friends who were present at the funeral were Sister Yoder's grandmother Hess of Hesston, Kans., and her grandparents Musser of Lancaster Co., Pa. Services were conducted Oct. 24, by Brethren Aaron Mast and J. A. Ressler. Interment in the Locust Grove Cemetery near Belleville.

Schindler. - Christian Schindler was born at Signau, Canton Bern, Switzerland, Jan. 19, 1866; died Oct. _, 1934; aged 68 y. 9 m. 7 d. He was the son of Ulrich Henry Gottlieb and Barbara Witver Schindler. He grew to manhood in the land of his nativity, was married to Rosina Hofer Aug. 23, 1887, came to America in 1890, locating at Hartford, Kans., his wife and son John coming to America 18 months later, residing near Hartford 20 years. They moved to Harper Co., Kans., in 1911, where he since resided. Early in life he was baptized and confirmed a Lutheran. After coming to America he united with the Mennonite Church, about 1896, remaining a faithful member until the disorganization of the church at Hartford, Kans. After a lapse of a few years he united with the Crystal Springs Church whose fellowship he cherished to the end. He leaves his beloved wife and companion, 3 sons and 3 daughters (John, Sam, and Mrs. Fred Troyer, Jake, Mary, and Matilda at home) and 11 grandchildren; 2 infants having preceded him in death. He now rests in peace to await resurrection morning. Funeral services conducted by J. J. Zimmerman. Text, II Tim. 4 :7.

Hershey. - Andrew H. Hershey was born April 9, 1850; died Oct. 23, 1934; aged 84 y. 6 m. 14 d. He united with the Mennonite Church at Mountville, Pa., many years ago. He was used of the Lord in a large way, as he opened his hand to many needy ones. During his last illness, which lasted seven weeks, he was a patient sufferer. From the first he seemed to realize the fatality of the stroke with which he was afflicted. He said to Sister Hershey, "We must have Faith." The deeper spiritual qualities also were manifested in that be requested the singing of hymns, scripture reading and prayer; himself entering into prayer to the God whom he served. He was faithfully watched over and cared for by his wife and Sister Mary Young (a nurse), neighbors coming to show sympathy and help. But on Tuesday morning his oft repeated desire was granted, for he was taken to that heavenly home. Surviving are his wife (Selinda) 2 sisters (Mrs. Risser and Mrs. Reuben Kauffman of E. Petersburg), a number of nieces and nephews. Services at home in Mountville and E. Petersburg Mennonite Church. Burial in cemetery adjoining. Text, Psa. 132:14. Officiating ministers, John H. Mosemann and John K. Charles.

Hershey. - Frank B. Hershey was born Feb. 4, 1873; died at his home at Leaman Place, Pa., Sept. 15, 1934; aged 61 y. 8 m. 11 d. He is survived by his wife (who was Lydia Buckwalter before marriage) and the following children: Esther, wife of Aaron L. Kolb, Lancaster; Torrey B., Willow St.; Ruth, wife of Paul Denlinger of near Strasburg; Frank L., Lancaster; Mary L., Elmer N., Ada May, Reba E., Ephraim E., and Vera G. all at home; also 6 grandchildren and the following brothers and sisters: Ira L. Hershey, Mrs. Emma Wenger, Omer Hershey, Elam Hershey, and Jacob Hershey all of near Gap. He was sick about a year, during which time he suffered much but bore it patiently until the end. We feel we have lost a kind and loving father, but hope to meet him again on yonder shore. He was a member of Hershey's Mennonite Church where funeral services were conducted by Bro. Abram Martin and at the home by Bro. Martin Hershey.

"Beautiful rest for the weary,
Well deserved rest for the true;
When our work here is ended,
We shall again be with you." A daughter.

Forry. - Mary E., widow of Pre. Joseph S. Forry, was born June 22, 1860; died at her home near Longstown, York Co., Pa., Sept. 22, 1934; aged 74 y. 3 m. She was afflicted with a paralytic stroke 2 years ago, Aug. 13, that kept her bedfast for several weeks; but again rallied, that she could attend church services but was left partially an invalid. Sept. 19 she suffered another stroke, making her bedfast for only 10 days, when she peacefully fell asleep. Her husband preceded her in death only 9 months. Many times would she say she hopes it would not be long until she would be called home. She was a faithful member of the Stony Brook Mennonite Church until the end. She was the mother of 1 son and 3 daughters. Surviving are 1 son, 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren, 4 brothers, 3 sisters, and a host of relatives and friends. Funeral services were conducted from her home Sept. 25 by Bro. Harvey Lehman, assisted by Bro. Noah Mack and Walter Gable at the church. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

"Now the home is vacant,
Father and mother have gone to rest
But we our heads do humbly bow
And say, God thought it best." The daughters.

Kaufman. - John J., son of John I. and Margaret (Wingard) Kaufman, was born April 20, 1858; died at the home of his daughter Oct. 15, 1934; aged 76 y. 5 m. 25 d. He was married to Malinda Blough, who died in 1897. To this union were born 3 daughters and 2 sons. In 1900 he was married to Sarah Lehman. To this union were born 2 sons and 1 daughter. Christian, Jessie (Kaufman) Hershberger, Hettie (Kaufman) Wingard, and 2 infant sons preceded him in death. He is survived by his wife, 1 son (John B. Kaufman), 2 daughters (Minnie Gindlesperger and Nancy Baumgardner), 19 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, 2 sisters (Mary Giltner and Elizabeth Layman), 2 brothers (Isaac and Levi). He was a member of the Mennonite
Church for many years, always in his place at all services as long as health permitted. His health failed fast for more than a year and a half, spending the last 4 months in bed. Through all his sickness he was always patient, and during his last illness often expressed the desire of passing on to the home where there is no pain or sorrow. Funeral services were conducted at the Kaufman Church, Oct. 17, by L. A. Blough, Irvin Holsopple, and J. W. Hess. He was buried in the Kaufman Cemetery near Davidsville, Pa. L. A. B.

Oswald. - Peter, son of Peter and Anna Eichelberger Oswald, was born near Reyensburg, Bavierien, Germany, July 27, 1864; died at his home in Beemer, Neb., Oct. 8, 1934; aged 70 y. 2 m. 12 d. He had been in failing health for some time and was bedfast from Sept. 1 until death, which came after a lingering illness. He leaves his wife (Mary Litwiller Oswald), 2 sons (Chris and Ben of Beemer), 5 daughters (Anna - Mrs. Joe Oswald, Katie - Mrs. Dan Oswald, Leah - Mrs. Ben Oswald, Alma - Mrs. Ervin Stalter, all of Beemer, and Emma - Mrs. Levi Nofzinger of Illinois). A son (Joseph) and a daughter (Martha) preceded him in death. A brother (Chris Oswald of Shickley, Nebr.), 2 sisters (Barbara Nitzsche of Wisner, Neb., and Anna Eichelberger of Beemer, Neb.), 21 grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends also survive. In 1872, when yet a small boy, he with his parents moved from Germany to New Orleans, where they made their home until 1876 when the family moved to Hopedale, Ill. Living there until he grew to young manhood, they moved to Minnesota. In 1890 be was united in marriage to Mary Litwiller of Illinois, living in Minnesota from 1890 to 1901, when he with his family and also his parents, moved to Wisner, Neb. The last few years of his life he lived in Beemer. This home has lost a kind and loving husband and father. At the age of 17 he united with the Mennonite Church and in 1897 he was ordained to the ministry. In this office he labored faithfully until the end. Funeral services were conducted Oct. 11 by Dan Birky at the home and at the Mennonite Church by P. 0. Oswald and J. E. Zimmerman of Milford, Neb. Text, Rev. 14:12-14. Interment in Beemer Cemetery.

Alwine. - Mary Irene, daughter of John and Pearl (Thomas) Alwine, was born near Johnstown, Pa., July 25, 1915; died at her home Oct. 11, 1934; aged 19 y. 2 m. 16 d. Death was caused by acute toxtic nephritis, following an illness of about two weeks. She was working at a home in the community until 5 days before her death. She was a faithful member of the Thomas Mennonite Church since the age of 11. During the last few summers she taught in a number of summer Bible schools, a work in which she was much interested. She completed a four-year course at the Johnstown Bible School under the principalship of S. G. Shetler. She gave her service to the Sunday school, Young People's Meeting, and Sewing Circle work, willing to do whatever she was asked to do. Her absence will be felt by the home Church. In her daily work she made her task much easier for herself and others by singing songs thus praising her Master. She is survived by her parents and the following brothers and sisters: Walter Leroy, Leora Mae - wife of Ernest Kaufman, Naomi Kathryn, Reda Pauline, Edna Pearl, Amy Elizabeth, Ivie Faith and Ida Grace (twins), Lowell Thomas; also a niece (Esther Mae Alwine), a nephew (Dwight Leroy Kaufman), 1 grandmother, other relatives, and a host of friends. Funeral services were, conducted at the home by Bro. L. A. Blough and Sanford G. Shetler, at the church by Harry C. Blough, J. W. Hess, and L. A. Blough. Texts, the latter part of Jas. 4:14; Psa. 39:4,5; Dan. 12:13.

"Friends may think we have forgotten
When at times they see us smile;
But they little know the heartaches
That the smile hides all the while."

Mack. - Jesse H. Mack was born Sept. 25, 1865; peacefully fell asleep at his home near Yerkes, Pa., Oct. 17, 1934; aged 69 y. 22 d. He was the son of Bishop Andrew and Elizabeth (Halteman) Mack. He was married Dec. 4, 1886, to Mary Mensch, who survives him, and also the following children: John M. of Mainland, Elmer M. of Collegeville, Andrew M. and Jesse M. of Yerkes, and Elizabeth (wife of John Ehst) of Bally, Pa. Twenty grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild, and 1 brother (Bishop Noah H. Mack of New Holland, Pa.), also survive.
He was ordained to the ministry Oct. 30, 1900, at the Providence Mennonite Church near Yerkes, Pa. He was faithful in preaching the full Gospel and also in living it.
He lived to see all his children, and a number of his grandchildren unite with the church of his choice.
The text which was used at his funeral was Phil. 1:21, which he had marked in his Bible and which we believe he fully realized. He was afflicted with cancer for several months, but bore his suffering patiently, peacefully passing on to his reward. Funeral services were held at his late home by Brethren Irvin Landes and Jacob Landes and at the Providence Mennonite Church by Brethren Warren Bean and Arthur Ruth. Interment in adjoining cemetery. By one of the family.

Short. - Henry, son of Peter and Barbara (Lauber) Short, was born Dec. 6, 1858; died at his home near Archbold, Ohio, Oct, 8, 1934; aged 75 y. 10 m. 2 d. His health began to fail in June and gradually grew weaker until death came, which was due to leukaemia. He was patient during all his sickness. He was united in marriage to Anna Yoder May 29, 1879, and moved on his farm where he passed away. On Jan. 26, 1923, his life companion passed to the great beyond. This union was blessed with 6 sons and 5 daughters. He leaves 11 children, 22 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren, and 2 brothers (Sam of Archbold, Ohio, and Seth of Wauseon, Ohio), and a host of relatives and friends. Mother and 1 grandson preceded him in death. He gave his heart to God in young manhood and united with the Amish Mennonite Church, to which faith he remained true to the end. He was very much interested in Christian service. By his death the home has lost a loving father, one that was very much concerned about his children; the community, a kind and helpful neighbor; and the Church, a faithful brother. His place in the church was seldom vacant when health permitted. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours, and their works do follow them."

"Now the home is vacant;
Father and mother have gone to rest;
But we our heads do humbly bow,
And say 'God thought it best.' "

Funeral services were held at Lockport Church by F. B. Frey, assisted by S. S. Wyse. Texts, Gen. 49:33; II Tim. 4:6-8. Interment in Lockport Cemetery.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXVII, No. 33 - November 15, 1934 - pages 723, 724

Eby. - Amelia Ulmer was born Feb. 28, 1897; died at the Watrous, Sask., Hospital Oct. 7, 1934; aged 37 y. 7 m. 9 d. For several years she suffered from the effect of diabetes and complication of diseases, passing away very suddenly. She was married to Oliver Eby of Guernsey, Sask. To this union were born 2 sons and 2 daughters (Leo, Willie, Edna, and Gladys). She leaves a bereaved companion, the children, her mother, 6 sisters, and 8 brothers. Her father predeceased her 1 m. 3 d. Funeral services were held Oct. 11 at Sharon Mennonite Church near Guernsey, Sask., in charge of Bros. M. H. Schmitt and Henry Teowes. Texts, Job 14:10; Rom. 6:23. A short service was held at the house by the brethren. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Grieser. - Myrtle (Bellar) Grieser was born May 23, 1917, to John E. and Katie (Erb) Bellar at O'Neill, Neb. In 1924 her father was called home and she with her sister, two brothers and her mother remained at O'Neill until in Feb., 1926, when her mother was also taken from the family. Myrtle, at the age of 8, then went to make her home with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Erb at Bancroft, Neb. Later Myrtle, her sister, and youngest brother made their home at West Point, Neb. After her sister was married, Myrtle made her home with them until she finished school at Lyons, Neb. On March 24, 1934, she was united in marriage to Daniel Grieser of Beemer, Neb., at Burke, S. Dak. In August of 1934 they moved to O'Neill, where they have since resided. She passed away at the O'Neill Hospital, after the birth of twin sons, of E Klam sie poisoning, Oct. 30, 1934; aged 17 y. 6 m. 8 d. Her infant sons preceded her in death. At the age of 12 years she united with the Mennonite Church at Beemer, in which faith she died. She leaves her husband, her sister (Ruby Nelson, Lyons, Neb.), 2 brothers (Menno of O'Neill, and Manford of Beatrice, Neb.), her maternal grandmother (Mrs. Mattie Erb of O'Neill) and many other friends and relatives.

Glick.-Leah (nee Zook) wife of Isaac N. Glick, was born Aug. 15, 1890; died Oct. 15, 1934, at her home near Smoketown, Pa.; aged 44 y. 2 m. On Dec. 23, 1926, she was united in marriage with Isaac N. Glick who survives her; also 1 daughter (Dorothy), a son (Lewis) having preceded her into eternity. The following children also survive: Mrs. Aaron Riehl, David, Daniel, Mary, Aaron, Jacob Glick, all of Lancaster Co., Pa.; also her mother (Elizabeth Zook), 5 brothers (Eli, Amos, Jonathan and Daniel Zook of Lancaster Co.), and John Zook of Mifflin Co., Pa., and 1 sister (Mrs. Lydia Neuenschwander) of Burr Oak, Mich. She was a member of the Weavertown Amish Mennonite Church; had accepted Christ as her Savior in her youth, ever endeavoring to live faithful to His teachings. Leah had a smile for everyone and was of a quiet, unassuming disposition. She bore her suffering patiently, and expressed herself as being ready to go. She was a loving life-companion, and we feel the loss so keenly; but we believe it is her gain. and with His grace will humbly bow in submission to Him who holds our breath in His hands. Funeral services were conducted Oct. 17, at the home by C. L. King and Daniel B. Stoltzfus, and at the Weavertown Amish Church near Bird-in-Hand, Pa., by John A. Stoltzfus, Samuel W. Peachey, Geo. W. Beiler, and Isaac G. Kennel. Texts, I Cor. 4:16-5:1; Rev. 7:16,17. Her body was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.

"She sleeps, she sleeps!
And never more
Will her footsteps fall by the old home door,
Nor her voice be heard with its loving tone
By the lone ones left round her own hearthstone,
She has gone, - she has gone to her home afar -
To the beautiful land
Where the angels are."

King. - Forest Sylvan, son of Ora and Fannie (Burkholder) King, was born Feb. 26, 1905, near Orrville, Ohio; died Oct. 27, 1934, after a brief illness, very unexpectedly, aged 29 y. 9 m. 1 d. At the age of 2 he was bereft of his father's loving care and support. With his mother and only sister, Lucille, who survive him, he met the battles of life bravely and succeeded in completing his course in the Orrville High School, graduating with the class of 1925. For several years he continued his school work at Goshen College, after which he taught in the Baughman Township rural schools for three years. At the present time he was taking an extension course in Bible Study from the Ohio University. Upon the completion of this course and one semester's work at Goshen College, he would have completed requirements for his B.A. degree. In his youth he confessed Christ as his Savior, received Christian baptism at the hands of Bishop J. S. Gerig Sept. 23, 1917, and was taken into the fellowship of the Mennonite Church in which be continued faithful until death. He was a charter member of the Orrville Mennonite Mission Church where he regularly attended services and kept the ordinances of the house of God. He loyally filled his place in the mid-week prayer service and teachers' meeting. For a number of years he has been a teacher in the Sunday school. A week ago Sunday he was present with his class of Junior boys which he so much enjoyed and where he will be missed. His sudden departure leaves his mother and sister in deep sorrow, who will miss his many kindnesses and helpful ministries on every hand and especially so in their present affliction. He is survived by many relatives, friends, and neighbors who are sharing sympathy and lending their helpfulness in this time of bereavement. Funeral services were conducted at the home and the Orrville Mennonite Church, by I. W. Royer and P. R. Lantz, assisted by J. S, Gerig and I. J. Buchwalter. Burial in the Oak Grove Cemetery. Text, Rom. 8:28.

Blough. - Emma J., daughter of Jacob P. and Barbara (Weaver) Speicher, was born in Somerset Co., Pa., May 16, 1876; died in the DuBois Hospital, Clearfield Co., Pa., Oct. 27, 1934; aged 58 y. 5 m. 11 d. She was preceded in death by three daughters (Vera, Mildred, and Florence), her father (in 1882), her step-father (about a year ago), and a sister (Ellen Speicher Stahl). She is survived by her husband (E. J. Blough of Rockton, Pa., in charge of the congregation at that place), 2 daughters (Mrs. Alvin K. Rosenberger of Blooming Glen, Pa., and Margaret, at home), a son (Paul, at home), her mother (Barbara Weaver Lehman of White Cloud, Mich.], two half-sisters (Mrs. Iva Wilbur and Mrs. Glen Dunham, both of White Cloud, Mich.), a brother (Hiram Speicher of Long Beach, Calif.), a sister (Mrs. Marie Smith of Los Angeles, Calif.), 3 grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. She was admitted to the hospital Sept. 28 and underwent an operation for strangulated hernia. She recovered nicely from the operation, but was seized with a heart attack - a blood clot (embolus) caused either by flebitis or from the operation. She kept gaining strength until the morning of Oct. 27, when a second heart attack proved fatal in twenty minutes. The family hoped for her return the following week. Her husband spent a pleasant evening with her the evening before her death, and she looked forward to the following Sunday hoping to have a part in the communion. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church, and her passing is a distinct loss to her family and her church. Brief funeral services were conducted in the home at Rockton by Jason Holopeter, after which the procession started for Somerset Co., Pa., where further services were held at the Blough Church, conducted by L. A. Blough, Daniel Kauffman, Melvin Bishop, James Saylor, and Jason Holopeter. Text, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." Interment in Blough Cemetery.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXVII, No. 34 - November 22, 1934 - pages 739, 740

Heiser. - Delmar Dale, infant son of Jesse and Laura Heiser, Fisher, Ill., was born and died Nov. 2, 1934. Short grave-side services were held at tile East Bend Cemetery by Bro. J. A. Heiser.

Shank. - Helen Lois, daughter of Walter L. and Susan (Lindeman) Shank, died at St. Joseph's Hospital, Lancaster, Pa., Sept. 24, 1934, after a brief illness; aged 1 y. 6 m. 9 d. During her short stay with us she brought much sunshine into our home; but God saw fit to take her home to Himself. She is greatly missed by relatives and a host of friends. Besides her parents she is survived by a sister (Marian L.) and the paternal grandmother (Mrs. Katie R. Shank). Services were conducted at the home and at the Millersville Mennonite Church by Bros. Jacob Hess and Jacob Harnish. Texts, Matt. 9:18-26; II Kings 4:26.

"Helen has gone from our household,
Her voice that we loved is stilled,
Her place is vacant at our hearth
And never can be filled."

Bowman. - Daniel Ezra, son of E. C. and Alice (Hershberger) Bowman of Freedom, Mo., was born May 30, 1933. After two weeks of patient suffering with Colitis, he peacefully fell asleep at the home of his grandparents, Bro. Daniel Hershberger's, near Garden City, Mo., Aug. 20, 1934. He leaves parents, maternal grandparents, 6 uncles, 7 aunts, and a host of other relatives and friends. Daniel had an unusually cheerful disposition, endearing himself to all who knew him. He will be sadly missed in the home and community.

"A sweet little flower too pure to stay,
God in His wisdom took away;
Not from our hearts, not from our love,
But to dwell with the angels above."

Funeral services conducted at the Sycamore Grove Church, by Joe C. Driver and L. J. Miller. Interment in the Clearfork Cemetery.

Harter. - Miranda (Troxel), wife of William Harter, was born in St. Joseph Co., Mich., Nov. 20, 1873. They were married on May 14, 1898, and lived on the homestead in Olive Twp., until about a year ago, when they moved to Elkhart, Ind., at which place she died Nov. 2, 1934; aged 60 y. 11 m. 13 d. She had been in declining health for a number of years, having been afflicted with tuberculosis. She is survived by her husband and the following children: Della, at home; Mrs. Ella Taylor and Mrs. Cleo Shaffer of Elkhart; Mrs. Florence Britz of Mishawaka; George and Ira, on the farm homestead. Six children preceded her in death. Surviving also are 7 grandchildren, 2 brothers (Silas Troxel of Wakarusa and John Troxel of St. Joseph Co.), 2 sisters (Mrs. Eli Wenger of Harrison Twp. and Mrs. Lena Metzler of Sidell, Ill.), besides other relatives and a large circle of friends. Funeral conducted by Bros. J. K. Bixler and D. A. Yoder at the Olive Church near Elkhart.

Kling. - Isaiah M. Kling of Intercourse, Pa., was born Aug. 16, 1847; died Oct. 12, 1934; aged 87 y. 2 m. 26 d. He died of complications, being afflicted for about ten weeks, suffering from several strokes. He was partly paralyzed but bore it with patience, putting his confidence in the Good Physician. He was conscious until he fell asleep, never to awake here on earth. He was a member of the Mennonite church for
many years. His wife (who before marriage was Martha Denlinger) preceded him in death a year and a half. He is survived by 1 son (Victor D.), 4 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held from the home and at Hershey's Mennonite Church, conducted by Bros. Ira Hershey and Abram Martin. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

"Your life's work here is ended,
You're with those loved ones gone before,
May we all prepare to meet you,
Over on the other shore."

Slenker. - Mary Jean Slenker (aged 5 y. 3 m. 2 d.), Jaunita Faye Slenker (aged 4 y. 2 m. 14 d.), Clifford Franklin Slenker (aged 2 y. 1 m. 19 d.), all the children of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Slenker of East Lynne, Mo., passed away through the burning of their home Monday evening, Oct. 29, 1934. The oldest one perished in the flames. The two youngest were taken out of the flames but died in a few hours. The fire was caused by the explosion of an oil can in starting a fire in the stove. They are survived by their parents, grandparents, 3 great-grandparents, and a host of other relatives and friends.

"Where the lake of love is mirrored
Far beyond the sunset golden skies
Their footsteps sadly missed,
By other loved ones left behind."

Funeral services conducted at the Baptist Church in East Lynne by I. G. Hartzler (Text, Jer. 31:15-17), assisted by __ Bay. Burial in the Pitts Chapel Cemetery.

Transcriber's note: The above is the obituary of three children.

Frey. - Paul Herman, son of Harvey B. and Bertha H. (Short) Frey, was born Feb. 28, 1925; died Nov. 8, 1934; aged 9 y. 8 m. 10 d. Paul was the oldest of a family of 5 children, and will be missed very much, especially because of his friendly disposition and his tragic death. Being a very willing boy to help his parents, and having an especial inclination to be among horses, on the morning of his death he went to the field to bring the horses to the barn. He took a rope with him and put it around the horse's neck and evidently tied the other end of the rope to his right arm, leading the horse homeward, when suddenly the horse became fractious and dragged him to his death. He leaves to mourn his unexpected death his sorrowing parents, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 grandfathers, 1 grandmother (J. C. Frey and Harmen Short and wife), 1 great-grandfather (Christian Beck), and 1 step-great-grandmother (Katie Burkholder). Funeral services were held Nov. 10 at the Central A. M. Church near Archbold, O., conducted by E. L. Frey, assisted by S. D. Grieser. Interment in Pettisville Cemetery.

Koch. - Forrest Koch, son of David R. and Lovina Koch, was born near Conestoga, Ont., May 28, 1914; died at his home in Elmira, Ont., Aug. 19, 1934; aged 20 y. 2 m. 21 d. He is survived by his parents, 2 brothers (Elvin and Howard of Elmira), 3 sisters (Mrs. Henry Seiling of Elmira, Mrs. Noah Zeigler of West Montrose, and Lenora at home). One brother (Manly) predeceased him 7 years ago at the age of 15, now Forrest too at the age of 20 years has passed on to his eternal home. Just why two such promising young boys should be called from their loved ones so early in life we cannot understand now, but God knows best. Both were Christian young men; Bro. Forrest had accepted Christ 7 years ago and remained faithful until he was called home after an illness of 5 days, although he had not been in the best of health for some time. One of his last wishes was that he might soon be drinking from the fountain of living water in heaven.

"Weep not for me nor wish me back,
I now from pain am free;
And in my Jesus' arms I rest
Where I have longed to be."

Funeral services were held Aug. 21, at Elmira Mennonite Church by Bros. Moses Brubacher and Elmer D. Snider. Interment in adjoining Cemetery.

Longenecker. - Samuel E. Longenecker was born July 4, 1855, in Lancaster Co., Pa.; died at his home in Dauphin Co., Pa., Sept. 22, 1934; aged 79 y. 2 m. 18 d. In 1877 he was married to Susan Lehman of Chambersburg, Pa. To this union were born 8 children of whom 1 preceded him in death. He leaves his sorrowing widow, 4 daughters and 3 sons (Annie - Mrs. Allen Gantz of Elizabethtown, Pa.; Daniel and Pre. Harry from Middletown, Pa., Lizzie - Mrs. Mose Ebersole, Susie - Mrs. Henry B. Hess, and Samuel all of Elizabethtown; Sadie - Mrs. Arthur T. Givens, with whom he resided near Middletown); also 33 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren, 2 brothers (Abraham of Elizabethtown and John of Findlay, Ohio), and 2 sisters (Fannie Burkholder of Newville, Cumb. Co., and Anna Landis of Florin). He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for at least about 60 years, always tried to let his light shine where he went, and was active in church work in his younger days. He helped to start Sunday school at the old Stauffer Church near Bachmansville, Pa. He was sick only two weeks and just fell asleep, peacefully.

"Father, now your place is empty,
And you now we see no more;
But we hope some day to meet again
Over on the other shore."

Funeral services were held Sept. 26 at the late home of Arthur T. Givens by Bro. David Miller, at Stricklers church by Bros. John Burkholder and Noah Risser. Text, Rev. 14:13.

Frey. - Mattie, daughter of John and Lovina Anderson, was born in Newton Co., Ind., June 26, 1889; died at her home near Mt. Ayr, Ind., Sept. 14, 1934; aged 45 y. 2 m. 18 d. Death came after an illness from complications for a number of weeks of suffering and pain. On Jan. 9, 1910, she was united in marriage to Samuel Frey. To this union were born 7 children (Lydiann, now Mrs. Leroy Stutzman of Syracuse, Ind.; Sylvanus, Pauline, Elizabeth, Ada, Irma, and Josephine at home). She leaves her husband, the seven children, her aged mother (her father having preceded her in death), 5 brothers and 2 sisters (Simon, Menno, Albert, Noah, all of Newton Co.; Valentine of Kokomo, Ind.; Betty of Nappanee, Ind.; and Amanda of White Pigeon, Mich.), besides a host of relatives and friends. In 1924 she with her family united with the Mennonite Church, in which faith she died, leaving a testimony that she was ready to meet her Lord and Savior.

"Mother has gone to heaven,
Relieved of all her pain;
From all earthly cares riven
To live with Jesus again.
Dear mother, you are not forgotten,
Though on earth you are no more;
Still in memory you are with us
As you always were before."

Funeral services Sept. 16 at the home and at the Burr Oak Mennonite Church, in charge of F. W. Weaver and Homer F. North. Burial in Burr Oak Cemetery.

Landis. - Susan R., wife of David E. Landis. was born May 9, 1850, near Lititz, Pa.; died Sept. 24, 1934, at her home near Bainbridge, Pa.; aged 84 y. 4 m. 15 d. She was the daughter of the late Joseph and Catharine Bucher, being the fifth of a family of 12 children: 4 died when yet small, 8 growing to manhood and womanhood and having families of their own. She united with the Mennonite Church in her young days and lived a faithful life to the end. On Oct. 26, 1882, she was united in marriage to David E. Landis who had two children living by a former marriage. The daughter (Amanda Christophel) died 10 years ago, the son (David) living at Florin, Pa., survives. Six children were born to her (Katie, who preceded her in death 17 1/2 years; Joseph, near Middletown, Pa.; Barbara. wife of Eph Longenecker, Elizabethtown, Pa.; Annie, Lancaster, Pa.; Levi and Ada, at home). These children and her husband are left to mourn the loss of a dear wife and mother; also 8 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 2 brothers (Jacob R. and Henry R. Bucher of Lititz, Pa.), and 1 sister (Mrs. Daniel Snavely, Manheim, Pa.). On Sept. 25, 1930, mother fell and fractured her hip and was taken to a private hospital in Lancaster, Pa.. where she remained 8 1/2 weeks, being greatly loved by the doctors and nurses who remember her to this day as patient Grandma. She learned to walk again with a little help, but since Dec., 1933, her health began to fail. She fell 4 times and the last time, Aug. 8, she bruised herself severely. The shock being too great for her, she never recovered. She suffered much at times, but bore her affliction patiently. During the night of Sept. 1 she had cerebral hemorrhage, leaving her left side entirely paralyzed, unable to talk that we could understand her and almost entirely helpless during all her last sickness. After the hemorrhage she lay in a semiconscious condition most of the time until Sept. 24, when she peacefully fell asleep. She retained her good mind to a remarkable extent until her last sickness. She had often longed for this. She never got to church services after she was in the hospital, but always enjoyed services in the home and those who visited her always found her in a satisfied and patient spirit. We can pay her no better tribute than to follow her advice and example. Funeral services were held Sept. 27 at Good's Mennonite Church by Bros. Noah Risser, Ira Miller, and Simon Garber. Text, Phil. 1:21 and Psa. 17:15. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

"There lives and dwells in mansions far
Beyond the ken of erring mortals;
A soul whose virtues, like a star
Resplendent, shine beyond their portals."

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXVII, No. 35 - November 29, 1934 - pages 754,755

Martin. - Mattie E. Martin was born July 9, 1882; died Sept. 25, 1934, after 10 weeks illness; aged 52 y. 2 m. 16 d. She was a member of the Mennonite Church. She is survived by her mother, 4 sisters, and 2 brothers. Her father and 1 brother preceded her in death. Funeral services were held Sept. 27 at the Chambersburg, Pa., Mennonite Church by Walter Lehman, assisted by C. A. Neal. Burial in cemetery adjoining the church.

Martin. - Ruth, daughter of Dale and Ethyl Martin of near North Lima, Ohio, died Oct. 18, 1934, aged 4 y. 9 d. She had been in failing health for the past several months, but at times was able to go to Sunday school, which she enjoyed very much. She suffered much pain at times, but bore her suffering patiently. She was laid to rest close by her infant sister (Mary Ethel) in the North Lima Mennonite Cemetery. Funeral services were held in the Mennonite Church Oct. 20, in charge of Bishop A. J. Steiner, assisted by Bishop Enos Hartzler, uncle of the father. Besides her father and mother, she leaves 1 sister (Grace) to mourn her early departure. Text, II Sam. 12:23.

Gingrich. - Elizabeth Sherk, wife of the late Jacob B. Gingrich, was born July 27, 1845; died Nov. 12, 1934; aged 89 y. 3 m. 15 d. She became a member of the Mennonite Church in her early years. She was married to Jacob B. Gingrich in 1866, who was ordained to the ministry of the Mennonite Church 12 years later and who preceded her in death in the year 1920. To this union were born 10 children: Mary (Mrs. Martin Boyer), John (who died in infancy), Enoch, Norman, Dilman, Elizabeth (Mrs. W. K. Jacobs), Nancy (Mrs. Levi Hostetler), Jacob, Samuel (died in 1904), Barbara (died, 1911) ; also 24 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren living.

Wingard. - Levi P., son of the late Peter and Amelia (Yoder) Wingard, was born Feb. 19, 1860; died at his home in Cambria Co., Pa., Nov. 16, 1934; aged 74 y. 8 m. 27 d. He was the last one of a family of sixteen children to be called away. He was married to Lydia Hostetler of Indiana. Besides the companion, he is survived by the following children: William, Ervin, and Henry of Richland Tp., Margaret and Edna at home. Seven grandchildren survive and 3 grandchildren are dead. He was a faithful member of the Weaver Mennonite Church for many years. Funeral services were conducted in the home by Alex. Weaver and in the Weaver Church by Hiram Wingard, S. G. Shetler and Alex. Weaver. The body was laid to rest in the Weaver Cemetery.

Weber. - Sarah Sophia, wife of Bro. Allen Weber, Waterloo, Ont., was born Oct. 3, 1884; died Nov. 11, 1934; aged 50 y. 1 m. 8 d. She leaves her husband, 4 sons (Arthur, Oliver, Samuel, and George), 4 daughters (Alice, Matilda, Clara and Florence), her aged mother (Mrs. Ezra Martin), 5 sisters, 3 brothers, and a large number of relatives and friends. Sister Weber found her Savior in her teens, united with the Church of her choice, and remained true until death. Some of her outstanding Christian virtues were a devoted Christian mother, a careful keeper at home, a regular worshiper at Church, always ready to extend a helping hand. Bro. Noah Hunsberger conducted the service at the house. At the church Bro. Eph Snider conducted the opening service and Bro. J. B. Martin preached the sermon. Texts, Jno. 17:24; Acts 16:11-15. Interment in Waterloo Cemetery.

Horst. - Michael S., son of Isaac and Anna (Sensenig) Horst, was born in the vicinity of Shippensburg, Pa., Jan. 5, 1856; died at his home near Chambersburg, Pa., after a short illness, Nov. 6, 1934; aged 78 y. 10 m. 1 d. He was a lifelong resident of Franklin County and was a member of the Mennonite Church for many years. On Jan. 10, 1884, he was married to Lydia H. Lehman, who preceded him in death Feb. 3, 1923. To this union were born 5 children, 2 of whom died in infancy. Surviving are Samuel H. Horst and Isaac Horst, Chambersburg, and John L. Horst, Scottdale, Pa. He is also survived by 8 grandchildren and 3 sisters, as well as many other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held Nov. 9, at the home and at the Chambersburg Mennonite Church, conducted by Bros. J. S. Burkholder and D. E. Kuhns. Text, Psa. 127:2: "For so he giveth his beloved sleep." Interment in the cemetery adjoining the church.

Todd. - Abigail Todd, of Lima, Ohio, was born Sept. 29, 1860, in Butler Co.; died Nov. 12, 1934; aged 74 y. 1 m. 14 d. Her husband preceded her in death twelve years ago; also 1 daughter and 1 son two years ago. She leaves 4 daughters (Mrs. Olie Reser, Mrs. Cora Cullem, Mrs. Mollie Crawford, and Mrs. Mary Golden), 25 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. She was a member of the Mennonite Mission and was greatly loved by all who knew her. Four years ago the Lord received her heart, and through His love she was made a true and faithful member. Funeral service was held at the Mennonite Mission conducted by Maurice O'Connell and assisted by H. M. Mueller. Text: Rom. 6:23.

"You're not dead to us, dear mother,
Though in this world no more we meet,
We know you're waiting for us, Mother,
At the blessed Savior's feet."

Westfall. - There passed away in St. Jacobs, Ont., William Westfall - born Aug. 13, 1857; died Sept. 17, 1934; aged 77 y. 1 m. 4 d. In 1883 he was united in marriage to Catherine Sauder, living in matrimony over 51 years, sharing the joys and sorrows of life together. To them were born 10 children; 3 preceded him in death. He leaves his sorrowing widow, 7 children: John, Magdalena - Mrs. John Heer, Lucinda - Mrs. Simon Wilkie, Christina - Mrs. Norman Brubacher, Marion - Mrs. Nelson Martin, Amanda and Katie at home. He also leaves 24 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild, 1 sister and 1 brother; 2 sisters and 2 brothers preceded him in death. He had been in failing health for over a year. Heart disease and dropsy caused his death. He left bright hopes to those who mourn their loss by expressing his peace with God. The evening before his death he knelt before a chair in prayer. Ezra Martin and Urias Martin conducted the service. Text, Matt. 6:10.

"Surrounded by friends, we are lonely ;
In the midst of our joys we feel blue;
A smile on our face, yet a heartache,
Longing, dear Father, for you." By a Daughter.

Histand. - Hannah, daughter of Abram L. and Fannie (Good) Histand, was born in Doylestown Twp., March 9, 1926; died at the home of her parents Nov. 1, 1934; aged 8 y. 7 m. 23 d. She has been an invalid for about 4 years having spent the last two years in bed. She was of a loving disposition and was cheerful and content through all her affliction. She is greatly missed in the home, but we know she is safe in the arms of Jesus where she'll have no more pain or sickness. Two weeks before her death she contracted intestinal influenza followed by a night of convulsions. She lay 10 days in seemingly semiconscious condition, gradually getting weaker until she peacefully fell asleep. She is survived by her parents, 1 brother (Ernest), 1 sister (Rhoda), 4 grandparents (Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Good, E. Petersburg, Pa., and Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Histand, Doylestown), 1 great-grandmother (Mrs. Barbara Good, Spring City, Pa.). Funeral services held at Doylestown Mennonite Church by John E. Leatherman and Mahlon Gross. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

"Friends may think we have forgotten,
When at times they see us smile;
But they little know the heartache,
That the smile hides all the while."

Lapp. - Isaac J. Lapp was born July 15, 1856; died Nov. 13, 1934, at his home near Millwood, Pa.; aged 78 y. 3 m. 28 d. He was united in marriage to Nancy Petersheim in December, 1878. To this union were born 2 sons who preceded him in death. He leaves a bereaved companion and also many nieces and nephews. He was the last of the family. He was failing in health for nearly a year. In his youth he united with the Old Order Amish Mennonite Church and was a faithful member until he was called
home. He was a regular church attendant whenever health permitted. The funeral service was held Nov. 16. A short service was held at his home by Aaron H. Glick, with further services at the home of Jacob B. King by Chris Glick and Aaron R. Glick. Text, Rev. 20. His body was laid to rest in the Amish Mennonite Church Cemetery.

"He sleeps, he sleeps, and never more
Will his footsteps fall by the old home door,
Nor his voice be heard with its loving tone
By the lone ones left round his own hearthstone,
He has gone, - he has gone - to his home afar -
To the beautiful land where the angels are." By a neighbor.

Brown. - Carreno, daughter of the late John D. and Mary K. (Martin) Brunk, was born Jan. 18, 1901, at Bridgewater, Va. After over eight years of illness with tuberculosis she quietly fell asleep Nov. 5, 1934; aged 33 y. 9 m. 19 d. Her father, a baby sister and a brother preceded her in death. She moved with her parents to Goshen, Ind., in 1906. On Dec. 24, 1924, she was married to J. Howard Brown. In 1919 she graduated from the Goshen high school. She spent one year at Goshen College and in 1925 she was graduated from the American Conservatory of Music, Chicago. She, with her father, taught music in Elkhart from 1919 until 1926. She and her husband spent several years in New Mexico, and as her health improved she again took up her task of teaching music. After three years she returned to her home at Waterford, 2 miles south of Goshen, Ind. Everything was done that could be done for her, but as time went on she grew weaker and weaker until she fell asleep. She is survived by her husband, her mother, two brothers (J. Milton of Goshen, Niemann A. of Hagerstown, Md.) and 3 sisters (Hermion - Mrs. Dorsa Yoder of Ft. Wayne, Ind., Fanny Brunk and Mary Brunk of Goshen). She united with the Mennonite Church at the age of 12. At the time of her death she was a member of the First Methodist Church of Goshen. Funeral services were conducted at the home by L. G. Jacobs, assisted by C. L. Graber. The remains were laid to rest in the Violet Cemetery at Waterford.

"Beautiful rest for the weary,
Well deserved rest for the true;
When our life's journey is ended,
We shall again be with you." Mother.

Showalter. - Amelia, oldest child of Preacher Philip and Anna (Komhaus) Nice, was born at Sterling, Ill., Dec. 25, 1873. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth, remaining faithful to the end. In November, 1892, she was married at Roseland, Neb., to George Showalter of Lancaster, Pa., who died Oct. 8, 1909. To this union were born 10 children, 1 having died in infancy. They are Emma (Mrs. Noah Yoder) of Wellman, Iowa; Fannie (Mrs. Erlis Kinsinger) of Parnell, Iowa; William of Omaha, Neb.; George of Anselmo, Neb.; Ammon of Roseland, Neb.; Mary (Mrs. Clifford Roberts) of Oxford, Iowa; Alice (Mrs. Wm. Ehrman), Ada (Mrs. Isaac Grabill) of Roseland, Neb.; and Harry of Wellman, Iowa. Besides her nine children she leaves 2 brothers and 3 sisters (Mrs. William Ferry and Mrs. Daniel Frey of Sterling, Ill., Mrs. Ray Wetmore of Oklahoma City, Joseph Nice of Roseland, Neb., and Tobias Nice of Chicago). These with 13 grandchildren and many other relatives mourn her departure. From the time of her marriage until eight years ago she lived near Roseland, Neb. She was left a widow at the age of 36. For 17 years after the death of her husband she kept her family together, going through many hardships which only those who have had similar experiences can fully comprehend. For many years she suffered from diabetes, which developed a gangrenous infection that required the amputation of a foot. From then on she lived in Iowa with her two oldest daughters. She bore her suffering patiently, and expressed her desire to depart and be with her companion. Her last illness was of only a few days. Her end was peace.

"Dear Mother, your sufferings are o'er,
Your cold hands will toil for us no more.
And though we have bid you goodnight
And our sad hearts ache at parting,
We long to bid you good morning
In that land of eternal rejoicing."

After services at West Union the body was taken to Iowa City and thence to Roseland, Neb., Mrs. Showalter's former home, for burial.

Shank. - Joseph, son of the late Pre. Samuel and Catherine (Rhodes) Shank, was born July 3, 1857, near Broadway, Va.; died Oct. 26, 1934, of Encephetitis or inflammation of the brain cells and spinal cord (probably due to some injury of long standing); aged 77 y. 3 m. 23 d. He had received some injuries in an automobile accident several months before, from which he never seemed to have fully recovered, but was going about his duties. Rather suddenly he lapsed into a state of semi-consciousness in which condition he remained until he passed peacefully away. He was seriously ill only about a week. His wife, Emma (Showalter) Shank, preceded him in death by almost seven years, having passed away on Christmas Day, 1927. Also one son, Daniel, and an infant daughter passed on before. The following children survive: Mary C., wife of Wilmer Geil; Sallie, wife of Irvin Showalter; Samuel; Frances, wife of Abner Weaver; May, wife of Pete Blosser; Ezra, Sarah, and Ruth; and 25 grandchildren; also 2 brothers (Bishop Lewis Shank and P. E. Shank) and 1 sister (Mrs. Sarah Zigler). All of his children and grandchildren were present at his funeral except his son Ezra who sailed as a missionary to Africa a few hours after his father's death.
Bro. Shank's entire life was spent in the Broadway community, his farm home being not far distant from the place of his birth. He was a public-spirited man, always taking an active interest in whatever enterprises be deemed of real value to his community, and spent much of his time in his younger years in the building of roads and bridges and the construction of telephone lines. He was a lover of sacred song and served his congregation as chorister for many years previous to his ordination to the ministry. As minister he served faithfully from the time of his ordination in middle life to old age, readily accepting his full share of the hard tasks, and living and teaching full loyalty to God and the Church. His counsel was much sought, and he was frequently used on boards and committees. His memory is cherished and his works do follow him.
Funeral services were held Oct. 28 from the home and at Zion Church conducted by Brethren J. L. Stauffer, Joseph Geil, and J. H. Turner. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Transcribed by Carl Metzler, Indiana

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