Gospel Herald Obituaries - December, 1935

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GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. XXVIII, No. 36 - December 5, 1935, pages 766, 767.

McGEARY. ­ Elizabeth, wife of Henry McGeary (deceased) was born March 19, 1871; fell asleep at the home of her daughter (Mrs. Mamie (McGeary) Murtiff of Altoona, Pa., Nov. 14, 1935; aged 64 y. 7 m. 25 d. She leaves to mourn their loss, 6 daughters, 3 sons, 3 step-children, a number of grandchildren, and 1 brother. She was a member of the First Mennonite Church in Altoona, where the services were held Nov. 17, in charge of Joseph M. Nissley and D. I. Stonerook of Martinsburg, Pa. Texts, Job 14:14; I Thess. 4:13-16.

YANTZI, ­ Jane Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and Manetta (Lehman) Yantzi, was born in Croghan, N.Y., Oct. 5, 1935; died in the Lewis Co., General Hospital, Lowville, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1935. She leaves her parents, 1 grandmother, 8 uncles and 9 aunts. Funeral services were held from the home of her parents by Bro. Jacob Gingerich. Text, Jno. 14:1-4. Interment in the A.. M. Cemetery, Croghan, N.Y.

"Oh sweet little flower, too tender to stay,
God in His mercy took Jane away;
Not out of memory, nor quenched is our love,
But to dwell with the angels in heaven above.

ALLEN. ­ Thamar Allen was born Mar. 1, 1870; died at his home near Lincoln, Mo., Nov. 24, 1935; aged 65 y. 8 m. 15 d. He was married to Annie Martin Mar. 9, 1895. To this union were born 6 children: Lola, Charley, Josephene, Thomas, Esther (deceased), John. He professed faith in Christ in young manhood. He seemed concerned for his family and neighbors, was much in prayer during his affliction (paralysis), and expressed peace with God and men. He leaves his companion, children, grandchildren, 4 brothers and 2 sisters, and other relatives and friends. Funeral services by the writer at the graveyard in the community near Lake View Heights. Text, Job 14:14.
J. R. Shank

MARTIN. ­ Barton, son of David and Lovina Martin, was born near West Lebanon, Wayne Co., Ohio, Oct. 17, 1888; died suddenly at the home of Christ Mani near Dalton, Ohio, Nov. 21, 1935; aged 47 y. 1 m. 4 d. On May 19, 1935 he was baptized and received as a member of the Pleasant View Church near Bowdil, Ohio, and remained faithful until death. He will be missed in the home, Sunday school, Church, and neighborhood. He leaves 6 brothers (Ralph, Clyde, Henry and Oscar of West Lebanon, O.; Wesley and Daniel of Michigan), besides many other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the Lutheran Church, West Lebanon, Ohio, Nov. 23, by I. J. Buchwalter, assisted by A. J. Wengard. Interment in cemetery near by.

KURTZ. ­ Calvin K., son of Henry and Eva (Kauffman) Kurtz, was born Mar. 9, 1906; died Sept. 23, 1935; aged 26 y. 6 m. 19 d. Calvin took sick Sunday, Sept 22, in the evening, and died Monday evening. He was in Sunday school in the afternoon. His illness was due to a complication of diseases. Funeral services were held at the home Sept. 27 and at the Morgantown Church, conducted by Bro. Christian Kurtz at the house, and Bros. John A. Kennel and John S. Mast at the church. Text, I Cor. 4:17.

"Passing through the verdant meadow,
Give me Jesus alone;
Or through Death's dark, gloomy shadow,
Give me Jesus alone;
Whether life or death awaits me,
Give me Jesus alone."

MOYER, ­ Abraham C. son of Pre. Henry B. and Mary Moyer, died at the Eastern Mennonite Home, Souderton, Pa., on Nov. 14, 1935; aged 91 y. 2 m. 9 d. Death was caused by apoplexy and hardening of the arteries. He was a guest at the Home for three months. He lived in Perkasie for the last thirty years, where he was well known and highly respected. He was born at Blooming Glen, Pa., where he spent the greater part of his life. He also lived at Vineland, Ont., for four years. He was married to Anna W. Moyer of Vineland, on Mar. 28, 1872, who preceded him to glory in 1910. Of nine children born to them, two survive (Leidy Moyer of Columbus, Ohio, and Granville Moyer of Philadelphia, Pa.); also two grandchildren (Anna Dorothea Graham and Paul Gordon Moyer, both of Philadelphia), and a brother (Henry C. Moyer) of Telford, Pa. He was a faithful member of the Blooming Glen Mennonite Church. Services were conducted at the home by Bros. ------- Moyer and Enos Wismer, and at the Blooming Glen Church by Bros. Wilson R. Moyer and Melvin Bishop.

HOLLCROFT. ­ Rhoda Jane, daughter of Charles and Elinor (Shepherd) Solon, was born in Iowa, Oct. 15, 1859; died of cancer, in the home of her son Harry Hollcroft, Stover, Mo., Nov. 20, 1935; aged 76 y. 1 m. 5 d. She was married to Tobias Hollcroft (now deceased) Sept. 2, 1877. To this union 10 children were born: Albert, Harry, Sarah (deceased), Nora, Lettie, Fannie, Maggie (deceased), Charles, Jasper, and Harvey. In young womanhood she united with the Baptist Church. Later she with her husband united with the Mennonite Church, in which she retained her membership until death. Her kindly life, her faithfulness to virtues, her faith in Christ, and her patience in suffering will remain in the memory of her friends and loved ones as a treasure for a pattern to those who live after her. Thirty grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, an aged sister, besides friends and relatives more distant remain to mourn her departure. Funeral in the home and at the Mt. Zion Church conducted by J. R. Shank, assisted by C. B. Driver. Text, Job 14:14. Burial in the Mt. Zion Cemetery.

KNECHTEL. ­ Sussannah, widow of the late Daniel L. Knechtel of Kitchener, Ont., died at her home Nov 13, 1935. She suffered considerably in her time, being at death's door a number of times. However, she bore all with the finest of Christian fortitude. Her perennial cheerfulness was one of her marked traits. Her steady faith in the Lord carried her through a multitude of hard experiences. She was the second oldest member of the First Mennonite Church of Kitchener. She was a faithful and highly esteemed member. Though frail, old, and her back bent to well nigh the thighs, she was loved and respected by the young, whose interests were always upon her heart. She will be greatly missed by pastor and members. She is survived by 4 sons and 1 daughter (Albert, Allen, and William, all of Kitchener; Jacob of Mannheim, and Mrs Albert Huffman of Kitchener); also 28 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren survive. Two services were held - one at her home church (Kitchener), the other at her church of earlier days (Mannheim). She was buried at the latter cemetery. The following brethren were in charge: C. F. Derstine, S. F. Coffman, and Manasses Hallman.

BETZNER. Veronica (Brubacher) Betzner, widow of the late Moses Betzner of Kitchener, Ont., died at her home Nov. 18, 1935; aged 92 y. 6 m. 4 d. Together they lived 186 years. The striking thing about both was that they died without disease, the body merely breaking down in general by old age. She was a faithful member of the First Mennonite Church of Kitchener. She was the oldest member, and member the longest number of years - 73 years. Grandma Betzner will be remembered for having been the last pioneer of the first settlers who came to Kitchener area in 1815. Her father, John Brubacher, came from Lancaster Co., and was among the first deacons of the Church. She will also be remembered for her good memory, and keen mind. This faculty she kept to within 8 months of her death. Her love for Christian song was also a marked characteristic of her life. In earlier days their home was the "soul of hospitality." Farewell, till we meet on that "Beautiful Shore," in the "Sweet-bye-and-bye," of which she loved to sing. She is survived by 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. The children are Mrs. E. B. Kolb, Mrs. Charles Quickfall, of Kitchener; Allen Betzner, Berkeley, Calif.; Mrs. B. B. Shuh, Guernsey, Sask. The services and burial were conducted at the First Mennonite Church by C. F. Derstine, whose wife was a granddaughter, and by Moses Brubacher, a grand-nephew.

BUSCHERT. ­ Norman Buschert was born Oct. 2, 1872, near Kitchener, Ont.; died at his home Nov. 16, 1935, near Carstairs, Alta.; aged 63 y. 1 m. 14 d. He left his native home and came to Alberta in 1899; taking up a homestead where he resided till death. On Dec. 2, 1903, he was united in marriage to Mary Weber formerly of Kitchener. To this union were born 6 children. He leaves his sorrowing widow, 4 sons (Earl, Lorne, Roy, and Gordon), 2 daughters (Myrtle and Mabel), 3 grandchildren, 6 brothers (Ira, Joseph, Ammon, and Chester of Ontario; Ivan of Cereal; Ephraim of Dogpound, Alta.) And 1 sister (Mrs Alexander Sherriffs of Carstairs). He united with the West Zion Mennonite Church on Sept. 15, 1901, the time when the church was first organized. He was ordained deacon in 1925, serving in this office till the Lord called him home.
About a year ago he suffered with a stroke, but had regained his health. Then about 2 weeks before his death he suffered with an inward stroke and the day before his death his one side was paralyzed. Death quickly followed. From the time he took sick he was unable to talk or show very little signs of recognition; but we have the consolation that he lived a Christian life. May he rest in peace. Funeral services were held Nov. 19 at the West Zion Mennonite Church near Carstairs. Interment in adjoining cemetery. Text, II Cor 5:1; "For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."

BIEHN. ­ Aaron Biehn was born April 3, 1855 near the village of Doon, Waterloo Co., Ont.; died Nov. 8, 1935; aged 80 y. 7 m. 5 d. On Oct. 24, 1882, he was married to Mary Bowman of New Dundee, Ont., who passed away Sept. 24, 1924. In 1889 he was ordained a deacon of the Mennonite Church for the Strasburg, Ont., field of labor. He leaves 4 sons and 1 daughter (Clayton, Freeman, Leander, Aaron, and Mrs. Clemens Snyder). He is also survived by 21 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. In 1905 he moved with his family to Guernsey, Sask., where he took up land and resided until his death. He served as deacon in the Sharon Mennonite Church till death. He was well preserved and was in good health. He had spent the summer months in Ontario, attending the General Conference, and returned home soon after Conference. He left home the day of his death to visit at Bro. B.B. Weber's home. Soon after dinner he took a walk, walking about a mile and a half. He seemed none the worse for his walk, and about 5:00 P. M. left Weber's to return home. No concern was felt at his non-arrival home that evening, it not being unusual for him to walk to homes in the neighborhood and at times to remain over night. About noon the next day inquiries were made as to his whereabouts, and as no one had seen the aged brother, a search was made and the body was discovered by Clemens Snyder about one-half mile from Bro. Biehn's home, 100 yards from the road as he had commenced a short cut across the field. The funeral was held Nov 12, with services at the home and at Sharon Mennonite Church, in charge of Bro. M. H. Schmitt and Bro. Burton Weber. Texts, II Tim. 4:6 8; Jno. 16:16. The body was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.

KREIDER. ­ Amelia R., daughter of Elias S. and Margaret (Rohrer) Kreider, was born near Wadsworth, O., July 17, 1867, in the home now owned and occupied by her brother Henry. In 1895 she moved with her parents to their new home in Guilford Twp., where she departed this life Oct. 20, 1935; aged 68 y. 3 m. 3 d. She was one of the family of 12 children, of which 3 brothers (Noah, David and Henry) and 1 sister (Mrs. Elizabeth Horst), all of near Wadsworth, O., remain to mourn the departure of their sister. She was preceded in death by her parents, a sister (Rosetta), and the following brothers: Abraham, Elias, and Benjamin, with three who died in infancy. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth and remained a faithful member unto the end, always desirous of attending church worship. She was much concerned about the welfare of others, and many were the deeds of kindness wrought in the home of her sister where she lived, as in many others in the community. During her sickness she often expressed her appreciation for the kindness and sympathy tendered her by her many friends. At one time in her sickness she called the family of her sister to her bedside and bade them all good-bye, and also said, "Say good-bye to all my friends, and tell them I hope we may meet in glory." Funeral services were held Oct. 23, conducted at the home by Bros. Daniel Witmer and Israel Snyder, both of Columbiana, O., and at the lower Mennonite Church by Bros. Abram Good of the home congregation, and Benjamin Good and David Wenger of Orrville, O. Text, II Cor 4:17, 18.

"One by one the links are severed
From the golden chain of love;
One by one may each bed welded
In the Father's home above.

Transcribed by: David W. Mann, Arizona


Gospel Herald - Vol. XXVIII, No. 37 - December 12, 1935 - page 798, 799

Cressman. - Allen Cressman passed away at his home in Kitchener, Ont., Nov. 26, 1935; aged 69 y. 8 m. 23 d. He died of a stroke. Jan 15, 1891, he was married to Mary Ann Eby, who survives. This union was blessed with one son (who died in infancy) and one daughter (Anlista, of Frazer Arm, Columbia). He was a member of the First Mennonite Church of Kitchener and an active witness for Jesus Christ. Funeral services were conducted by Bros. Jonas Snider and J. B. Martin. Texts, Col. 1:7; Gen. 5:24. The body was laid in the David Eby Cemetery near Waterloo, Ont., awaiting the resurrection.

Slaubaugh. - Lewis A., son of Henry and Magdalena (Miller) Slaubaugh, was born June 6, 1865, in Garret Co., Md.; died Nov. 30, 1935, at his home near Wellman, Iowa; aged 70 y. 5 m. 24 d. He was married to Katie Kempf of Kalona, Iowa, Jan. 26, 1899. To this union were born three children. One daughter died in infancy. Surviving him are his sorrowing widow, one son (Ura Lewis Slaubaugh of Wellman, Iowa), one daughter (Mary Shettler of Kalona, Iowa), seven grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. For many years he has been a member of the West Union Mennonite Church. Services at the home were in charge of Bro. P. P. Swartzendruber; in the church and at the grave site in charge of Bro. Edward Diener assisted by Bro. Abner G. Yoder. Interment in West Union Cemetery.

Garber. - John E. Garber was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Nov. 10, 1857; died suddenly of complications; Nov. 17, 1935, at his home in Mt. Joy, Pa.; aged 78 y. 7 d. He was a member of the Bossler Mennonite Church for many years. He is survived by 8 children. His wife and a son preceded him in death. He is also survived by 15 grandchildren, 1 brother, and 2 sisters. While our hearts are crushed and sorrowful, we feel an all-wise God "too wise to err and too good to be unkind." We submissively bow to Him and say, "Thy will be done." Funeral services were conducted Nov. 20 at his home, and at the Bossler Mennonite Church by Bros. Noah Risser and Henry Lutz. Text, Job 14:14. Burial in adjoining cemetery. "Oh Father dear, 'twas hard to part; It almost broke our aching heart To part with one we loved so well; Our grief so great no tongue can tell."
A Daughter

Hoffman. - Seloma, youngest daughter of Menno Hoffman, was born at Elmira, Ont., Sept. 24, 1914. After a lingering illness of several years she passed away at the home of her sister (Mrs. Levi Martin of St. Jacobs, Ont.), Nov. 26, 1935; aged 21 y. 2 m. 2 d. She gave her heart to the Lord when quite young, united with the Mennonite church, and lived a beautiful Christian life. In her illness she was very patient and always fully resigned to the Lord's will. She attended Sunday school and preaching services as long as she could, and her respectful and close attention to what was taught was always a help to both teacher and preacher. She leaves a father, 9 sisters, and 1 brother. Her mother, 2 sisters, and 1 infant brother preceded her. Funeral Nov. 29, at St. Jacobs Mennonite Church, conducted by Moses M. Brubacher. "Safe in the arms of Jesus, Safe on His gentle breast; There by His love o'ershaded, Sweetly her soul shall rest."

Newcomer. - Amos R. Newcomer died Nov. 5, 1935; aged 64 y. 10 m. 21 d. His death was caused by a fall from the porch roof while painting his house, causing a fractured vertebra. He was taken to Lancaster General Hospital, but died a few minutes after being admitted. Besides his wife he is survived by 5 sons and 4 daughters. One daughter preceded him in death. He is also survived by a number of brother and sisters. He was a member of the Millersville Mennonite Church, and was loyal to the church and to God until his death. Funeral services were held at the Millersville Church. Interment in the adjoining cemetery. "He sleeps, he sleeps, and never more Will his footsteps fall by the old home door, Nor his voice be heard in a familiar tone By the loved ones around his own hearthstone. However painful it may be to know that he is gone, The thought is sweet that we may meet him In that heavenly home."
By the Family

Stayrook. - Clemetine Catherine Stayrook was born Oct. 10, 1882; died in her home near Mattawana, Pa., Oct. 12, 1935; aged 53 y 2 d. She was confined to her bed only three days with pneumonia. She was the daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth Harshbarger, both deceased, and was the wife of Joseph Stayrook, who survives her with two daughters--Mary and Elmira. She also leaves one brother and four sisters--Francis Harshbarger, Mrs. Arthur (Elsie) Grassmyer, Mrs. Martha Moist and Hallie Harshbarger of Mattawana, Pa.; and Mrs. John (Nannie) Byler of McVeytown. Her death came as a shock to all, and she is greatly and sadly missed in the home as a devoted, loving wife and mother, as a kind sister and neighbor, and was respected and known by a large circle of friends. She was a member of the Church of the Brethren. All was done that loving hands could do to help her, but she kept telling those about her that she was going to leave, and asked if they could meet her in heaven. She was conscious until a few minutes before she closed her eyes and sweetly and calmly fell asleep. Funeral services were conducted Oct. 14 in the Mennonite Church by William Hanawalt (her pastor) and Milo Yoder, after which interment was made in the Pleasant View Cemetery.

Haverstick. - John M., son of the late Levi and Catherine Hostetler Haverstick, died Nov. 11, 1935, at his home, of a complication of diseases and infirmities of age, after an illness of some months; aged 80 y. 10 m. He was a well known gunsmith, having resided in that city for the past 19 years. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church for many years. His first wife, Elvina Warfel of Conestoga Center, has been deceased for 44 years. He is survived by a second wife (Mary Herr) a daughter (Clara M., wife of D. S. Warfel), 2 sons (Harry H. and Charles A.); also 7 grandchildren and 2 sisters (Mrs. Ceprus Hostetter of Manheim, and Mrs. John C. Habecker of Washington Boro). Brief services were held at the home on Thursday morning, with further services at Habecker's Mennonite Church near Mountville, Pa. Interment in adjoining cemetery. "He sleeps, he sleeps, and never more Will his footsteps fall by the old home door; Nor his voice heard in a familiar tone By the loved ones left 'round his own hearthstone. However painful it may be to know that he is gone, The thought is sweet that we may meet him once again."
His Companion

Fuss. - Lois (Graybill) Fuss was born at Scottsdale, Pa., June 6, 1911; died from complications at the Osteopathic Hospital Nov. 16, 1935, aged 24 y. 5 m. 10 d. She united with the Mennonite Church at Martinsburg early in her life and took an active part in the activities of the Church until the time of her death. On June 6, 1934, she was married to Donald K. Fuss of Lancaster, Pa., at which place she made her home until the time of her death. She is survived by her husband, an infant daughter (Janet Dawn), her parents (Bro. and Sister Clayton A. Graybill, Martinsburg, Pa.), and the following brothers and sisters: Carl, Sara (wife of Bro. E. Grant Herr), Elta, Leo, Myriam, Paul, Glenn, and Dorothy; also by her husband's parents (Bro. and Sister John F. Fuss of Lancaster), at whose home she and her husband resided for the last several weeks due to illness. Her sudden death was a distinct shock to her many friends and relatives who remain to mourn her departure. She has been preceded in death by two sisters, Pauline and Esther Marie. Short funeral services were held from the home of her husband's parents on Tuesday, 10:00 A. M. Nov 19. Bro. John F. Bressler of Lancaster had charge of the service. Immediately after the service the body was brought to Martinsburg where services were held from the Mennonite Church on Wednesday. Bros. Irvin Stonerook and John F. Bressler had charge of the services. Interment in the Mennonite Cemetery near Martinsburg.

King. - Aaron Alvin, son of Jacob and Catherine King, was born at Motville, Mich., April 23, 1863; died in Royal Alexandria Hospital, Edmonton, Alta., Nov. 4, 1935; aged 72 y. 6 m. 12 d. He underwent an operation on Nov.4 and passed away two hours later. Death was caused by gangrenous bowels. He was able to do his work until two days before his death. During these two days he suffered intense pain. On Dec. 8, 1885, he was married to Elizabeth Miller. This union was blessed with 2 sons and 5 daughters. Those who preceded him are his companion (who passed away Dec. 14, 1933), 3 daughters, 1 son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren. Those left to mourn his departure are 2 sons and 2 daughters (Joe of Chenoa, Ill.; Nora Stauffer, Jake, and Christina Bender of Tofield, Alta.); also 19 grandchildren, 6 nephews, 4 nieces, and many other relatives and friends. Of a family of five, Bro. King was the last one to pass away. When he was 3 years of age he moved with his parents to Cass Co., Mo. Here he lived until 1918, when he moved with his family to a farm near Dodds, Alta., where he lived until he was called to his heavenly home. When a young man he confessed Christ as his Savior and united with the Mennonite Church, remaining a faithful member to the end. His place at church was seldom vacant. His last wish was that he might go home to meet those gone before. Funeral services were conducted Nov. 8 at the home by Bro. J. B. Stauffer and at the Salem Mennonite Church near Tofield, Alta., by Bro. N. E. Roth and Bro. M. D. Stutzman. Texts, II Cor. 5:1-8; II Pet. 1:3. He was laid to rest by the side of his companion.
"He was toiling yet at sunset,
But his race was almost o'er;
God grant that we may meet him
On that bright celestial shore."

Jantzi. - Rudolph B., son of Michael Jantzi, was born at St. Agatha, Ont., Oct. 16, 1852; died at Baden, Ont., Oct. 23, 1935; aged 83 y. 9 d. He was united in marriage to Christina Miller of Baden, Oct. 17, 1877. To this union were born 2 sons and 3 daughters, 1 daughter having died in infancy. Two sons (Rudolph and Michael), 1 daughter (Christena>oMrs. Peter Nafziger), preceded him. His beloved companion died May 9, 1935. He leaves 1 daughter (Lizzie>oMrs. Noah G. Steinman) of Baden, 5 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, 2 brothers (Jacob of Atwood, Moses of Fergus, Ont.), 3 sisters (Mrs. John Litwiller of St. Agatha, Mrs. John B. Jutzi of Petersburg, Ont., and Mrs. Jacob Gascho of Michigan). Two grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 10 brothers, and 1 sister have also preceded him. He united with the Amish Mennonite Church in his youth and remained true to the faith till death. Six years ago he suffered from a stroke which affected his left side and since then had been unable to use his left hand; but he was able to get around fairly well. The last year his mind was failing. Twelve weeks before he died he broke his hip, which confined him to his bed. He gradually grew weaker till Jesus came to call him home. He was always glad for visitors, desiring them to read the Word of God and have prayer with him. He also very much enjoyed when someone sang for him. Although his mind was failing, he often repeated the Lord¡s prayer and sang, "I¡m going home to die no more." He was a kind and loving father, grandfather, and friend, and was respected by all who knew him. Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Christ Gascho at the home and by Bros. Christ Schultz and Dan O. Jutzi at the Upper Street Amish Mennonite Church. Burial was made in the adjoining cemetery. "Father, now your place is empty,
And your face we see no more;
But we hope again to meet you,
Over on the other shore."
The Children

Transcribed by: Debbie Flanagan, Florida


GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. XXVIII, No. 38 - Dec 19, 1935, pp. 814, 815

SMITH. - Sister Leah Smith (nee Bomberger), widow of Henry Smith, who passed away 23 years ago, was born Aug. 12, 1851; died Nov. 21, 1935; aged 83 y. 3 m. 9 d. She is survived by 2 sons (Isaac and Harry) and 1 brother (Henry Bomberger); also 9 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Their only daughter passed away at the age of 14 years. Shortly after, she with her husband became a member of the Mennonite Church. Funeral services were conducted Nov. 25 at Gingrich's Church, Lebanon Co., Pa. The following ministers took part: A. A. Landis, Martin Weaver, and Daniel Wert. Text, Psa. 71:9.

EBY. - Mary Bechtel was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., Dec. 30, 1857; died in the Kitchener Waterloo Hospital Dec. 2, 1935; aged 77 y. 11 m. 2 d. On Oct. 6, 1896, she was united in marriage with David Eby, who predeceased her Oct. 10, 1921. There remain to mourn her departure, 1 step-son (Addison of Kitchener, Ont.), 3 step-daughters (Mrs. M. W. Thoman and Mrs. Isaac Martin, Kitchener, Ont., and Mrs. Leo Myers, Wauseon, Ohio), also 6 grandchildren. She united with the Mennonite Church 53 years ago, and remained a faithful member until the Lord took her home. Funeral services were held Dec. 4 from the home of Mrs. M. W. Thoman and at the First Mennonite Church, Kitchener. Ministers in charge, E. Becker and Oscar Burkholder. Text, Rev. 2:10.

SNIDER. - Mary Carol, daughter of Stanley and Erma Snider, died Nov. 5, 1935; aged 10 m. 13 d. She is survived by her parents, 2 sisters (Miriam and Audrey), 1 brother (Paul), and by her maternal and paternal grandparents. She was ill for nearly 2 weeks, contracting bronchial pneumonia. Though her stay with us was short, she is greatly missed in the home, for her sweet smile shed a constant blessing about her. Funeral services were held Nov. 7 at the home and at the Latschar Mennonite Church near Petersburg, Ont., conducted by Bro. J. W. Witmer and Bro. M. Hallman. Text, Isa. 11:6. Her little body was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.

"A sweet little flower, too tender to stay,
God in His wisdom took her away;
Not from our hearts, not from our love,
But to dwell with the angels above."

KAUFFMAN. - Levi, son of Stephen and Kathryn Kauffman, was born Sept. 14, 1864, near Middlebury, Ind.; died after an illness of a few weeks on Nov. 28, 1935; aged 71 y. 2 m. 14 d. On Sept. 18, 1887, he united in marriage to Barbara Stutzman. To this union were born 7 children. Those who remain to mourn his departure are: Fred, Clara Sharp, Alice Reber, Charles, Kathryn, Frieda Troyer; also 27 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and 1 brother, Daniel M. Kauffman of Switzer, Ind. One infant son preceded him in death, also his life companion. He moved with his family to Fairview, Mich., in April, 1901, where he lived at the time of his death. They were among the first to settle here. He was a kind and loving father and will be greatly missed in the home and by his neighbors and many friends. He was always ready to help those in need. Services were at the Fairview Mennonite Church conducted by Frank Mitchell of Comins assisted by Menno Esch. Text, Rev. 3:8; Deut. 13:19. Interment in the Fairview Cemetery.

"Dear Father, thou hast left us;
We will miss you all the way;
But we are hoping for the better,
When comes the Judgement Day."

HARNISH. - Abram B., son of the late Levi and Leah Harnish, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Nov. 30, 1849; died Dec. 5, 1935; aged 86 y. 5 d. He was a member of the Chestnut Hill Mennonite Church for some fifty years. Left to mourn his departure, are his sorrowing companion, 3 sons, and 1 daughter (Clayton H. at home; J. Hiestand of Allenwood, Pa.; Abram H. of Chisholm, Minn., and Dora H.-wife of Roy S. Buch, of Lititz); also 9 grandchildren and 3 sisters (Mrs. Margaret Helman of Lancaster, Pa.; Mrs. Lizzie Witmer of Millersville, Pa.; and Mrs. Daniel Landis of Lititz, Pa.). Death came very unexpectedly of tetanus from an infection on his face. He entered St. Joseph's Hospital in Lancaster Dec. 4, at 8:30 A. M.; around 6:00 P. M. he was stricken with convulsions. We were called to his bedside but he never gained consciousness and he peacefully fell asleep the next morning. Brief funeral services were held Dec. 8 at his late home by Bro. Jacob Charles, with further services at the Landisville Mennonite Church by Bros. Henry Lutz and Hiram Kauffman. Text, Rev. 21:4. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

"'Tis hard to part with Father dear,
No more to see him here;
But yet we're glad if God saw best
To end his troubles and give him rest;
In heaven to reign with angels fair.
May our names too be written there,
Then we again may each other meet,
And walk with him the golden street."
The Daughter.

THALER. - William Thaler was born near Elmira, Ont., Aug. 3, 1871; died at his late residence, near Breslau, Ont., on Sunday morning, Dec. 1, 1935; aged 64 y. 3 m. 27 d. He was married to Catharine Schaefer on Sept. 14, 1898. There remain to mourn his departure, his sorrowing wife, 5 children (John, Allan, Aaron, Kate and Elizabeth, all at home), his step-mother Mrs. John Thaler, Walkerton, Ont.), 7 brothers (David of Waterloo, John of Niagra Falls, N. Y., Simon and Lincoln of Chesley, Ont., Frank of Clifford, Ont., Wellington and Emerson of Walkerton, Ont.), and 6 sisters (Mrs. John Jacobs of Niagra Falls, N. Y., Mrs. Geo. Hertzberger of St. Catharines, Ont., Mrs. Alvin Sternal of Walkerton, Ont., Mrs. Howard Dobbins, Lockport, N. Y., Mrs. John Blair, Hamilton, Ont., and Mrs. Geo. Bombay, Pembroke, Ont.). He was converted about a year ago and was baptized and united with the Mennonite Church on Dec. 21, 1934. His experience was clear and definite, and his testimony a tribute to the abounding grace of God. His last testimony to his pastor as to his faith in Christ, was, "I'll never give it up." We believe he has gone to be with his Savior. The funeral was held Dec. 5, at the Cressman Mennonite Church, Breslau, Ont. Ministers, ------ Zimmerman and Oscar Burkholder. Text, Heb. 7:25.

SWARTZENTRUBER. - Ralph Emery, elder son of Mr. And Mrs. John D. Swartzentruber, Elverson, Pa., was born Feb. 12, 1920; died of spinal meningitis Nov. 13, 1935; aged 15 y. 9 m. 1 d. Private services were held the following morning at the home. Interment in the A. M. Cemetery, Morgantown, Pa. Besides the parents, a brother (J. Eli) and 3 sisters (Esther, Mabel, and Kathryn) survive, with a host of relatives and friends. Two sisters (Mary and Martha) preceded him. Ralph went to school Wednesday morning in high spirits, and apparently in the best of health. Around 10 o'clock he was taken home by the teacher, a very sick boy. He grew steadily worse and the following Wednesday morning quietly breathed his last. His suffering was short, having been unconscious since Friday evening. He was upright and sincere, always willing and able to lift a lot of his mother's burdens in the last few years. His seat was never empty, having had perfect attendance records in both Sunday and day school for several years back. May the sudden call of our brother be a warning to the family and his young friends, for we know not the day, nor the hour, when we too may be called away.

"I am away and mother's chief inspiration was you, ­
It seems too impossible to be true.
We dimly see, but clearly understand -
That God needs you in the promised land."
A Sister.

SNYDER. - Veronica Shantz was born Jan. 5, 1843. She was married to John K. Snyder March 26, 1861. To this union were born 11 children (Ephraim, Ervin, Barbara, Emmanuel, Annie, Mary Ann, David, Veronica, Dilman, Herman, and Olivia). Emmanuel and David predeceased her. She died at her home in Wilmot Tp., Waterloo Co., Ont., Nov. 22, 1935; aged 92 y. 10 m. 17 d. She leaves 9 children, 26 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren, 3 brothers (David, Stauffer, and Herman Shantz), and a host of relatives and friends. She was one of the pioneers in the community in which she lived. They started their home in the woods, doubtless with many hardships, but as the years rolled by they were able to build up a nice comfortable home. In this same home she lived 74 years amid all the changes that come in life. Oct. 23, 1900, she was bereft of her husband and she lived a widow's life with her family for 35 years. She was a good mother, "a mother in Israel," always willing to do for others. She was wonderfully blessed with health and strength until the last few years of her life. Her thinking capacity, and finally her bodily strength began to fail, and for only two weeks she was confined to her bed-without sickness or pain, just faded away until she peacefully fell asleep in Jesus. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." Funeral services were conducted at the home of Dilman Snyder on Nov. 26 by Bro. Orphen Wismer, and at the Shantz Church near Baden, Ont., by Bro. Jonas Snyder (Text, Prov. 22:28) and Bro. Manasseh Hallman (Text, Jno. 17:24), where a large number of people gathered to pay their last tribute of respect to the departed. She was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.

"Beautiful toiler, thy work all done,
Beautiful soul, into glory gone;
Beautiful life, with its crown now won,
God giveth thee rest.
Beautiful spirit, free from all stain,
Ours is the heartache, the sorrow and pain;
Thine is the glory, the infinite gain,
Thy slumber is sweet."

BOOK. - Josiah, son of the late Samuel and Mary A. (Buckwalter) Book, was born July 17, 1855; died Oct. 20, 1935, at his home near Hessdale, Pa.; aged 80 y. 3 m. 3 d. On Sunday morning, Oct. 6, while he was preparing to attend worship at the house of the Lord, he was suddenly stricken with a stroke, from the effects of which he lingered in a semiconscious condition until two weeks later, when his spirit took its flight to the great beyond. Father was a member of the Mennonite Church for over forty years and his seat was seldom vacant at the house of God when health permitted him to attend. In June 1879, he was married to Cora M. Shirk, who died Sept. 24, 1896, leaving her husband and 5 daughters. In November, 1897, he was again united in marriage to Mattie Ressler who shared the joys and cares of life with him for almost 38 years. He is survived by his widow and 5 daughters as follows: Sadie S. (wife of C. B. Herr), Drexel Hill, Pa.; Anna M., at home; Phoebe S. (wife of W. A. Harding), Port Morris, N. J.; Ella F. (wife of Ira M. Eby), Gordonville, Pa.; Clara E. (wife of Ervin C. Rhoads) Quarryville, Pa.; also 16 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, 1 sister, and 3 brothers. In our hour of trial and sorrow we look to the One who comforts, knows, and doeth all things well. This loved one whom the Lord has called to be with Him in His home above is sadly missed by the family, but we patiently wait till we shall meet him again and say, "Thy will be done." Funeral services were held Oct. 22 at the home and at New Providence Mennonite Church, where a large number of relatives, neighbors and friends had gathered to pay the last tribute of respect to the deceased. All services were in charge of Bro. Abram Metzler. Text, I Sam. 20:18 (selected by the family). Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

"Father now your place is empty,
And your face we see no more;
But we hope again to meet you
Over on the other shore."
By the Family.

SHANK. - Ruth Yoder Shank, daughter of Charles and Crissie (Yoder) Shank, was born in Dhamtari, C. P., India, Feb. 25, 1916; died at the home of her grandparents, Bro. and Sister John A. Yoder, Smithville, Ohio, Nov. 29, 1935; aged 19 y. 9 m. 4 d. At the age of three years, following an illness, her heart was left in such a critical condition that it became necessary for the family to return to America. She acknowledged Christ as her Savior, united with the Orrville Mennonite Church July 31 1927, and proved a true and devoted Christian. The sacred fellowship of the Church, Sunday school and young people's meeting was always a joy to her and she welcomed every opportunity to participate in these various services. When not privileged to attend worship (frequently being confined to he bed for from four to six months at a time) she took delight in teaching her younger brothers and sisters the Sunday school lessons, Bible verses and stories, and numerous songs which the seven children later sang together on many occasions. If illness prevented her from sharing some religious activities, she a once would plan for opportunities which she hoped would come to her later. Six years ago the mother was called home; and although but thirteen years old at that time, Ruth willingly shared with her faithful aunt the duties and responsibilities of the mother whom she resembled in so many ways. Patiently, faithfully, and lovingly she ministered to the needs of the family. This year, while at the home of her grandparents, a yearly occurrence on Thanksgiving Day, happy with the rest of the family, she was taken suddenly ill with a heart attack about 3 P.M. Friday morning, at 8:15, she peacefully passed away. She leaves her father, 3 brothers (Paul, Ernest, and David), 3 sisters (Mary, Esther and Lois), 2 grandparents, besides many relatives and friends. One brother who died in infancy, as well as her mother, preceded her. Her patient endurance, cheerful disposition, and lovable character will continue to influence those who knew and loved her.

"Thou layest Thy hand on the fluttering heart
And sayest, 'Be still.'
The shadow and silence are only a part
Of Thy sweet will.
Thy presence is with me, and where Thou art
I fear no ill."

Transcribed by: Mona M. Mann, Arizona


GOSPEL HERALD - Vol. XXVIII, No. 39 - December 26, 1935, page 831

GOOD, ­ Martha Mae and Mary Ellen, twin daughters of Louis and Vera (Brunk) Good, were born Dec. 7, 1935, near South Boston, Va. Both died the same day, a few hours apart. Burial in the cemetery near the Ebenezer Mennonite Church. "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

BLOUGH. ­ Jemima (Thomas) Blough was born on May 28, 1881; died Nov. 4, 1935; aged 54 y. 5 m. 7 d. She united with the Blough Mennonite Church Oct. 8, 1898. She was united in marriage to Bro. T. L. Blough on March 12, 1905. To this union were born the following children, all of whom are living: Arthur Norman, Boswell, Pa.; Alda Barbara, Alverta, Almira, Arlene, Alvera, and Alvin at home. She is also survived by her husband and her father (John M. Thomas), a brother (Norman Thomas), and a sister (Mrs Isaac Hostetler), all of Conemaugh Tp. Her mother (Rachael Blough Thomas), preceded her to the grave on Sept. 7, 1919. An infant daughter also preceded her.

STRICKLER. ­ Victoria H., daughter of Hiram N. and Vera Herr Strickler, died Nov. 15, 1935; aged 12 y. 6 m. 24 d. She took sick Monday, Nov. 11, with pneumonia and all was done that loving hands could do, but God saw best to take her home. She is survived by her bereaved parents, 1 brother (Hiram H.), and 1 sister (Lydia H.); also her grandparents (Hiram B. Strickler and Mrs. Lydia G. Herr). Funeral services were held at the home by Hiram G. Kauffman, and at Salunga Mennonite Church by Earl Brubaker and H. E. Lutz. Text, II Kings 4:26. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

"However painful it may be
To know that she is gone,
The thought is sweet that we may meet
Her in the Heavenly home."

HOSTETLER. ­ Mary Magdalene, widow of Francis Hostetler, was born in Holmes Co., Ohio, Sept. 22, 1848; died at the home of her daughter (Mrs Arthur Cain) near Old Santa Fe, Ind., Nov. 7, 1935; aged 87 y. 1 m. 14 d. She was ill five years with complications. She was married Sept. 22, 1866, to Francis Hostetler, who died Sept 21, 1912. A few years after their marriage they moved to Howard Co., Ind., northeast of Greentown. To them were born 9 children, 2 daughters and 3 sons of whom are deceased. Survivors are 4 daughters (Mrs. Elizabeth Matlock of Flora, Ind.; Mrs Barbara Ridgway of Alva, Okla.; Mrs. Lillian Cain, Peru, Ind.; Mrs Minna McKinney of Ft. Wayne, Ind.); also 25 grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren; and 1 brother (Homer Lenhart of Seattle, Wash.). Funeral services were held at the Mennonite Church (of which she was a member since her youth) in charge of Niles M. Slabaugh and J. S. Horner.

SNADER. ­ Ruth L., daughter of Jacob Z. and Mary (Landis) Snader, was born Aug. 9, 1935; died Nov. 30, 1935, atg the home of her parents, East Earl, Pa., R. R. after a brief illness of pneumonia. She leaves her parents and a twin sister (Rhoda), her grandparents (Mr and Mrs. Harry M. Landis near Brownstown and Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Snader Sr., East Earl), a great-grandfather (Elam B. Landis, Ephrata, Pa.), and a number of uncles and aunts and cousins. Although we greatly miss our darling we could not wish her back in this world of pain and sorrow. Funeral services were held Dec. 2, at the home and at Weaverland Church in charge of Brethren John M. Sauder and John W. Weaver. Text, Rev. 21:1-7. Burial in Weaverland Cemetery.

"Oh, sweet little flower, too tender to stay,
God in His mercy took her away;
Not from our memory, nor quenched is our love,
But to dwell in the Heavenly Home above."
By the family.

AULT. ­ Elizabeth Ault was born in Marshallville, Ohio, July 22, 1844; died near Oronogo, Mo., Nov. 30, 1935; aged 91 y. 4 m. 8 d. She was married to Isaac Ault, who died in 1911. She was the mother of 2 sons and 6 daughters. One son (Harvey) preceded her in death. She leaves the following children: A. P. Ault, Dayton, Wash.; Abbie P. McChord, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; Effie Poundstone, Webb City, Mo.; Tena, at home; Alpha Visser, Shenandoah, Iowa; Florence Carmichael, Coin, Iowa; and Edna Mitchell, Oronogo, Mo.; also 16 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. They came to Jasper Co., Mo., 67 years ago, and after 6 months settled on the farm where she has since resided. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church. The quiet beauty of her life has been an inspiration to many. To enter her home was to feel the presence of the peace that passeth all understanding. In her death the Church loses a devoted member and the family a loving mother. On June 5 she suffered a paralytic stroke from which she did not recover. She was removed to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mitchell, where she spent her last four months. Funeral services were conducted at White Hall Church by Andrew Shenk. Burial in Weaver Cemetery. By request the following Scripture is appended: "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them"

BLANK. ­ Samuel H., son of the late Joseplh and Caroline (Hertzler) Blank, was born near Gap, Pa., Dec. 22, 1979; died Sept. 29, 1935; aged 55 y. 9 m. 7 d. In his youth he united with the Millwood A. M. Church and remained a faithful member till death; being the first of a class of nine to answer the summons. Dec. 10, 1907, he was married to Nancy Byler, who survives with 2 sons (Joseph and Sylvester), 2 sisters (Mrs. Emanuel Mast and Mrs. Tillie Stoltzfus), and a brother (Joseph H.). They are left to mourn the loss of one whose smile and handshake will be missed. A daughter preceded him in infancy. While helping his son, Joseph, to cut down a tree, for some unknown reason the tree fell the wrong way and being unable to get away, he was caught beneath it and badly crushed. He was taken to the Lancastrer General Hospital and after four days of much suffering God saw fit to call him home. We humbly bow to Him who doeth all things well. Funeral services were held from his late home near Gap by David Yoder, and at Millwood by John S. Mast and Amos B. Stoltzfus. Text, II Kings 6:15. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

"He sleeps, he sleeps, and never more
Will his footsteps fall by the old home door;
Nor his gentle voice with its tender tone,
Be heard again by his own hearth stone;
He has gone to that beautiful land afar,
Where all the saints and angels are."
-A Niece.

MILLER. ­ Delilah Kauffman Miller, daughter of Bishop Jonas and Rachael Yoder Kauffman, was born in Johnson Co., Ia., Aug. 9, 1861; died Nov 12, 1935, at the home of her daughter (Mrs. Joe G. Gingerich) near Kalona, Ia.; aged 74 y. 3 m. 3 d. In her youth she was baptized by her father, and received into the Amish Mennonite Church, in which faith she lived and died. On Dec. 22, 1878, she was married to John A. Miller. To this union were born 13 children, of whom 9 survive. Also surviving are her husband, 52 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, 1 brother, and 2 sisters - Jonas, Mrs Rebecca Mishler, and Mrs. Lena Belle ­ besides a large number of relatives and friends. The children are: Jacob and Savilla (wife of Joe G. Gingerich) of Kalona, Ia.; Mattie (wife of Jacob J. Yoder) of Picayune, Miss.; Rebecca (wife of John J. S. Yoder) of Middlebury, Ind.; Daniel and Solomon of Wellman, Ia.; Annie (wife of Ben Detweiler) of Keota, Ia.; Frederick of Thomas, Okla.; and Chriss of Weatherford, Okla. She was of a kind and loving disposition, and by her busy and devoted life of helpfulness, she won many friends outside the family circle, who will feel the loss of one whom they loved. Her immediate death was heart trouble. Funeral services were held at the home of her daughter (Mrs Joe G. Gingerich), where she had her home, conducted by Isaac Helmuth and Edwin Hershberger. Text II Tim. 4:6-8. Also a short sermon in English by A. C. Swartzendruber.

GOCHENAUR. ­ Harry, son of the late Absalom and Elizabeth (Groff) Gochenaur, was born Jan. 6, 1867; died in Strasburg, Pa., four miles from his home, Nov. 29, 1935; aged 68 y. 10 m. 23 d. His life's occupation was farming, but following the death of his eldest son almost 17 years ago he moved away from the farm, and has since done carpenter work. The past five months he worked with painters. It was while painting a barn roof that he was so severely stricken with a heart attack, that all life was gone before his fellow workers could get him to the ground. Grandfather had been under the physician's care for heart disease for the past three years, so we expected the end might come suddenly; but when he left home that day at noon, little did we think that no more would we see him or hear his footsteps about the home. The suddenness of it all testifies to the truth of the words, "There is only a step between me and death." and, "In the midst of life we are in death." May his sudden passing to God's other side be a loud call to others to "prepare to meet thy God." Brother Gochenaur was a member of the New Providence Mennonite Church for forty years and gave the past 18 years in service as trustee and 4 years as janitor in the church. He is survived by his wife (who before her marriage was E. Lizzie Hess), 3 grandchildren (Robert, Reba and Elva Gochenaur), 3 brothers, and 1 sister. Two sons preceded him in death. Services were held Dec. 3 in New Providence Mennonite Church and burial in the adjoining cemetery.

"I know not the form of my mansion fair,
I know not the name that I then shall bear;
But I know that my Savior will welcome me there,
And that will be heaven for me."

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