Gospel Herald Obituaries - March, 1937

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Gospel Herald, March 4, 1937 - Vol. XXIX, No.49 - page 1038,1039,1040


Foss --Vivian and Violet, twin daughters of Theodore and Ruth Foss, were born Jan. 22, 1937. Vivian lived 10 hours and her sister followed her to their heavenly home on Jan. 23. Their funeral was held Jan. 25 in the Salem Mennonite Cemetery, near Tofield, Alta. They leave mother, father, 2 sisters and many relatives. Services were conducted by Bro. N. E. Roth.

Smith.-Sister Cathrine M., widow of Christian Smith, was born Dec. 17, 1871; died at her home near Rohrerstown, Pa., Feb. 16, 1937; aged 65 y. 1 m. 28 d. She is survived by 2 sons, 5 daughters, and a number of grandchildren. She was a member of the Mennonite Church at Rohrerstown. Funeral services were held Feb. 18, at the home by D. N. Gish and at East Petersburg Mennonite Church by Landis Shertzer, and Jacob G. Hess. Texts, I Thes. 4:13-18; Rev. 14:13.

Borntrager.-Amanda (Gingerich) Borntrager was born in Holmes Co., 0., Sept. 1, 1866; died in LaGrange Co, Ind., Feb. 7, 1937; aged 70 y. 5 m. 6 d. She was married to Joni M. Borntrager Jan. 4, 1900. To this union were born 1 son and 5 daughters. One daughter preceded her in death. She leaves a bereaved husband, 1 son, 4 daughters, 2 step-sons, 1 step-daughter, 15 grandchildren, 19 step-grandchildren, 4 brothers, 4 sisters, and a host of friends and relatives.

"Dearest sister, thou hast left us;
Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God that hath bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal."

By a sister.

Johnson.-Susan (Bechtel), widow of the late Henry Y. Johnson, was born Jan. 13, 1848; died Feb. 12, 1937; aged 89 y. 29 d. She is survived by 1 son, 1 daughter, 10 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. When health permitted, Sister Johnson was present in church services, being for many years a faithful member of Bally Mennonite Church. A little over 5 years ago she suffered a stroke which left her in a partly helpless condition, causing her to spend her time as a shut-in, at the home of her daughter-in-law, where she received kind treatment and the best of care. Immediate cause of death was a stroke from which she suffered one week. Funeral services at Boyertown Mennonite Church in charge of John S. Kreibel and W. W. Kulp.

Guntz.-Barbara Ann, daughter of the, late Pre. David and Magdalene (Halteman) Buckwalter, was born in Chester Co., Pa., Dec. 4, 1857; died in Montgomery Co., Pa., Feb. 15, 1937; aged 79 y. 2 m. 11 d. On Dec. 24, 1887, she was united in marriage with Henry 0. Guntz, who preceded her in death. In her early married life she with her husband united with the Vincent Mennonite Church and remained a faithful member till death. She was the mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter who survive her- John, Allen and Mary (Mrs. Joseph Hunsberger). Funeral services were held at the Vincent Church Feb. 19 conducted by Bros. Warren G. Bean and Henry G. Bechtel. Text, Job 14:14. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

Zehr.-Darwin Dean, infant son of Bro. Roy and Sister Opal (Smith) Zehr, was born in Morton, Ill., Jan. 13, 1937; died Feb. 8 at the St. Francis Hospital in Peoria, Ill., following an operation. He leaves his sorrowing parents, 1 brother (Daniel Duane), 2 grandfathers, 2 grandmothers, 1 great-grandfather, 1 great-grandmother, and many other relatives and friends. After having done all that loving hands could do, God thought it best to take little Dean home unto Himself, and we humbly submit to God's will. Funeral services were conducted at the home and church in Morton, Ill, by Bros. Simon. Litwiller and Harold Oyer. Burial in Mount Zion Cemetery near Deer Creek, Ill.

'Dear little hands, I miss them so,
All through the day, where'er I go;
All through the night, how lonely it seems,
For no little hands wake me out of my dreams."

Souder.-Lizzie G. (Bergey), widow of the late Christian D. Souder, near Morwood, Pa., was born Jan. 22, 1856; died Jan. 29, 1937; aged 81 y. 7 d. She had been in rather delicate health for the last few years, and suffered the effects of apoplexy for about a week. She spoke of her readiness to go, and peacefully fell asleep on the morning of Jan. 29. She is survived by 6 daughters (Mrs. Sylvanus Gehman, Mrs. Abram Landis, Mrs. Elias N. Erb, Mrs. Wilson Moyer, Mrs. Jonas Y. Mininger, Mrs. Horace L. Bergey) and 3 sons (Elvin, Menno, and Wilmer). Funeral services were conducted Feb. 3 at the home by Bro. A. Z. Derstine and at the Franconia Mennonite Church (of which she was a member) by Bro. A. G. Clemmer, Elmer Moyer, Jacob Moyer, and Arthur Ruth. Text, Prov. 14:32. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Romey.-Emil Romey was born in Canton Bern, Switzerland, Oct. 14, 1857; died of a complication of diseases and old age at his home near Kidron, Ohio, Feb. 16, 1937; aged 85 y. 4 m. 3 d. When one and a-half years old he emigrated with his parents to this country and in early youth joined the Reformed Church at Mt. Eaton, Ohio, remaining a member of the same until death. March 18, 1892, he was married to Mary Ann Moser. To this union 1 son was born. He leaves his companion, 1 son (Amos of Akron), 2 grandchildren, and 3 brothers (also octogenarians), all living in Indiana. Emil was a hard-working man, kind husband and neighbor, a faithful servant in his younger years, serving 20 years for one family. Funeral services were held Feb. 19 at the Sonnenberg Church by S. J. T. Flohr of Mt. Eaton assisted by Jacob Neuenschwander.

Martin.-Andrew G., son of the late Benj. and Susan (Good) Martin, was born Aug. 28, 1864; died Feb. 2, 1937, at his home in Martinville; aged 72 y. 5 m. 5 d. After a period of two years' illness when he was confined to his bed, for 15 weeks with convulsions, and being unconscious the last four days, he passed on. He is the last one of the family. Three sisters preceded him, also an infant son. He was a member of the Byerland Mennonite Church. He leaves his bereaved companion, 6 children (John; Fannie, wife of Howard Eshleman; Clayton; Frank; Benjamin; Norman) and 16 grandchildren. Funeral services were held Feb. 4 at the home and at Byerland Church by James Hess, Maris Hess, Jacob Harnish. Texts, I Cor. 15:35; Psa. 103; Phil. 1:21. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.

"In silence he suffered,
With a smile his pain he bore;
Until God's angel whispered,
'Come home and suffer no more.'"

Plank.-Adam, son of Solomon K. and Nancy (Hartzler) Plank, was born March 31, 1872; died Feb. 12, 1937; aged 64 y. 10 m. 12 d. He passed away at the Mennonite Hospital, La Junta, Colo. Death was due from a weak heart complicated with conditions brought on by influenza. On Jan. 7, 1900, be was united in marriage to Sophie Kunyen. To this union were born 3 sons and 1 daughter (Walter S. of Cheraw, Mrs. Rosie M. Evers of Rocky Ford, Elmer M. of Burl, Idaho, and Paul B. who preceded him in death); also 1 sister survives (Ellen Garber of Harrisonburg, Va.), and 6 grandchildren. He was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church from his youth, 30 years of this with the East Holbrook Church of Cheraw, Colo. He will be greatly missed in the home, church, and neighborhood, having always taken a great interest in. the church and her institutions, seldom absent from services, always showing a deep concern for every one. Funeral was held in the East Holbrook Mennonite Church, conducted by Bros. Aaron Leatherman and Jesse Kauffman.

Sensenig.-Anna L. Sensenig was born near Oregon, Pa., Dec. 8, 1860; died at the home of her nieces, Anna and Nettie Brubaker, Jan. 26, 1937, near Neffsville, Pa., where she moved to in July; aged 76 y. 1 m. 18 d. She was the daughter of the late Peter and Elizabeth (Landis) Brubaker. Death followed a four-day illness of complications. She united in marriage to Reuben B. Sensenig Aug. 30, 1923, who preceded her in death 8 years. Surviving are these step-children: Reuben Sensenig of Stevens, Pa., Isaac Sensenig of Rothsville, Pa.; Annie, wife of Samuel Wanner of Rothsville, Pa.; Mary, wife of Levi Stauffer of near Ephrata, Pa.; and 8 nephews and nieces. She was a member of the Landis Valley Church for many years and her seat there was seldom vacant. Funeral services were held Jan. 29 at the home of her nieces and at Landis Valley Church by Brethren Noah Landis and Ira Landis. Text, Prov. 14:32.

"Then at last we'll meet in glory,
Gather round the great white throne;
Be with Christ our blessed Savior,
With our loved ones and our own."

Cotterman.-Charlotte B., daughter of David and Elizabeth (Hoover) Garber, was born in Lagrange Co., Ind., Feb. 12, 1862; died on her birthday, Feb. 12, 1937; aged 75 years. While still young she moved with the family to Branch Co., Mich., and later to Mancelona, Mich., at which place she was united in marriage to G. L. Cotterman. To this union one son was born, now deceased. Her husband also preceded her in death nearly three years. At the time of her death she was at the Mennonite Home for the Aged at Mt. Lake, Minn., where she received tender care at the hands of those in charge. On the eve of Feb. 7, just after retiring, she had a stroke and on Feb. 12 her spirit departed to be with her Lord. In her youth she accepted Christ as Savior and united with the Mennonite Church, to which she was faithful till death. Of her immediate family only 2 brothers (L. H. and C. J. Garber) remain. A short service was held at the hospital in Mt. Lake, ____ Bartel officiating, after which the body was taken to Jackson. Funeral services were held there Feb. 15 at the home of Ed Garber, and at the church, Bro. Nick Stoltzfus in charge. Her body was laid to rest in the Riverside Cemetery beside her son and husband. She leaves a grandson (Urbane Glen) and many relatives and friends.

Witmer.-Esaias B. Witmer was born Aug. 26, 1856; died at his home at Brownstown, Pa., Feb. 18, 1937; aged 80 y. 5 m. 22 d. Death was due to heart trouble. He was a minister of the Grofsdale and Metzlers Mennonite church for 41 years. His seat was seldom vacant when health. permitted. In his 41 years in the ministry he missed conference once. He is survived by his companion (who before marriage was Annie G. Wenger) .and the following children:
Lizzie (wife of Cleaver Dillman) and Elam, both of Brownstown. He was preceded in death by 2 children, 1 son having died in infancy and 1 daughter ten years ago. Sixteen grandchildren and 1 great-grandson and the following brothers and sisters also survive: Levi of Lititz, Eli of Soudersburg, Abraham of Strasburg, Mrs. David Stauffer of near Farmersville, Mrs. Samuel Hernley of Lexington, Isaac of Lititz, Mrs. Samuel Zimmerman of Farmersvllle, and Mrs. Christian Stauffer of Lititz. The funeral was held Feb. 22 at his home at Brownstown, conducted by Bro. Noah H. Mack, with further services at Metzlers Mennonite Church by Bros. John Sauder and Amos. Horst. Text, II Tim. 4:7. Burial in adjoining cemetery.
"His chair long used is empty, time
His glasses laid aside;.
His Bible left to others,
He's gone with Christ to abide."

Bender, Catherine Ann. daughter of John L. and Barbara Stauffer, was born near Milford, Neb., Sept. 1, 1883; died at the home of her son (Elmer, with whom she stayed) near Tofield, Alta., Feb. 18, 1937; aged 53 y. 5 m. 18 d. She united with the Mennonite Church in her youth and remained a faithful member until death. On Sept. 17, 1903, she was united in marriage to Daniel S. Bender. This union was blessed with 2 sons (Mahlon and Elmer) and 1 daughter (Fannie). In 1910 she with her children and parents came to Tofield. She had diabetes for about 10 years, but it was not until the last 5 1/2 years that it affected her health very much. During this time she suffered much, and especially the last while, when her sight was failing so fast that we feared she would become totally blind. We are thankful that she was spared this trial. During the time of her ill health she often expressed a desire to go home. The immediate cause of her death was double pneumonia. Her death came as a shock to us because the seriousness of her condition was not realized until the day of her death. Besides her children, she leaves 2 daughters-in-law, her mother, 5 grandchildren, 5 sisters, and many other relatives and friends. Her father, 2 brothers 3 sisters, and 1 grandchild preceded her in death. She had a quiet disposition but was always very much concerned for the welfare of her children. Funeral services were held at the Salem Mennonite Church, conducted by Bros. N. E, Roth and M. D, Stutzman. Text, Phil 1:21. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

"Here your life was full of cares and troubles,
We have often wondered why;
God of love and full of mercy,
Now has called for You, 'Come home'."

Leaman.-Nathaniel B. Leaman, 76, died at his home in Lititz, Pa., Feb. 10, 1937, after an illness of more than two years, the effects of a stroke. He is survived by his wife (who was Annie Risser before marriage) and the following children: Mrs. Martin Moore, Lititz, Pa.; Mrs. C. K. Lehman, Lancaster, Pa.; Edgar, Houston, Texas; Mrs. William Rudy, Vineland, N. J.; Mrs. Harry Swarr, Lancaster; Henry, Mauch Chunk, Pa.; Mrs. Enos Huber, Landis Valley, Pa.; B. Frank, Allentown, Pa.; Paul, San Jose, Calif.; Mrs. Daniel Erb, Lancaster; Esther, New York City; Albert, Newark, N. J. Also these sisters and brothers: Mrs. Henry Keener, Mrs. Jacob M. Lead, Benjamin M. Leaman, all of Lititz. Services were held Feb. 18 at the Lititz Mennonite Church where a large number of relatives, friends and acquaintances had gathered. By pre-arrangement the sermon was preached by Bro. C. K. Lehman, a son-in-law. Text, Zech. 14:7. Brother Lehman said he feels somewhat out of place, but that it is hard to disregard a dying father's request. The sermon was spiritual, sympathetic, and constructive, and we believe well pleasing to the Lord He was buried in the Hess Cemetery. He was a member of the Mennonite Church for forty-eight years and actively associated with the work of the Church and its various interests. From its inception and for many years he was one of the trustees of the Oreville Mennonite Home for old people near Lancaster. He was was also one of the prime movers in the development of the Lititz Mennonite congregation in 1906, giving the choicest plot of ground from his farm for the church edifice and serving as one of the Building Committee, and subsequently for many years as a trustee. Whatever work was undertaken in the vineyard of the Lord, the workers were sure to find a ready helper and. a willing worker in Bro. Leaman.

Bowman.- Barbara, daughter of John and Mary(Wenger) Meyer, was born in Waterloo Co., Ont., May 12, 1849. She was the eleventh in the family of 13 children. She grew to womanhood on her father's farm near Kitchener (then Berlin), Ont., and on Sept. 26, 1867, was united in marriage to Benj. Brubaker and established a home on his nearby farm. Death entered Jan. 21, 1871, to deprive her and their two little sons of a husband and father. About four years later, March 28, 1875, she was married to Wendel C. Bowman of Kent Co., Mich. Eight children were born to this union, one dying in infancy. On June 17, 1902, death again entered, removing a husband and father. Following this, she and those of her children who were still unmarried moved to a farm which she had purchased in Barry County. Here, after nearly seven years, the family circle was again broken by the death of a son, Elias. Disposing of their farm in 1913, she has since lived with her daughter (Mrs. Elizabeth Hunsberger) at whose home she passed peacefully away on Feb. 5, 1937; aged 87 y. 8 m. 24 d. She was converted early and led a devoted, unselfish Christian life. By a kind Providence, her declining years were quite free of pain. Though continually thankful for this and patiently content to await her appointed time, she frequently expressed her willingness and, in the closing months, a strong desire to pass on to her heavenly home to meet with loved ones gone before. She leaves 1 sister (Mrs. Marian Freeland, Grand Rapids, Mich.), 1 brother (John W. Meyer, Peterborro, Ont.), 3 daughters (Mrs. Ada Long, Caledonia, Mrs. Nellie Cook, Kalamazoo, and Mrs. Elizabeth Hunsberger, Merritt), 2 step-daughters (Mrs. Mary Pender, Caledonia, Mrs. Luella Gale, Hercules, Calif.), 5 sons (Albert M. Brubaker and Josephus M. Brubaker of Orange, Calif., Ben B. Bowman of Hastings, Chester A. Bowman of Chicago, Ill., and Wendel O. Bowman of Merritt). She was preceded in death by her husbands, 10 of her brothers and sisters, 1 infant son, 1 son (Elias), and step-son (Elo G. Bowman). Funeral services were conducted at the Gaines U. B. Church by _____McCurry. Text, Heb. 4:9. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

Boyer.--Martin Boyer was born Nov. 2, 1848, near Biglerville, Pa.; died Feb. 5, 1937, at the same place; aged 88 y. 3 m. 3 d. He was ill four days with a sever cold which developed into pulmonary pneumonia. Before death he realized that his end was near, and he gave eager expression to his longings for heaven. Those of his family and friends who heard some of his last words and saw the heavenly smile on his face as he left will long remember his peaceful passing. "I am nearing the port;" are some of the whispers caught from his lips during his last hours. Sacred memories indeed are these, bringing joy to us even as we weep. A mechanic by trade during his life time, he did clean, honest business for which he was highly respected. From the age of 14 he operated a saw mill, and later added to his business the manufacture of chairs, wooden rakes, water pumps, apple barrels; and finally fruit crates. He became a member of the Mummasburg Mennonite Church at middle age and was ordained deacon there on Christmas day, 1903. He served in this work the remainder of his life. In religious work he nevertheless showed a quiet, sincere concern for the welfare of the Church and its young people. He occupied his usual seat in church the last Sunday of his life, the day before he became ill. He was twice married, first in 1870 to Mary A. Raffensperger. From this union the following children survive: John, Gettysburg; Clayton, Harrisburg; Anna (Mrs J. W. Matthews), Elverson; Katy (Mrs. Joseph Albert), Gettysburg. In 1897 he was married to Mary Ann Gingrich, who with the following children survive: Retta (Mrs. Coffman Shenk), Washington, D. C.; Elton, Millersville; Nancy (Mrs. D. D. Shenk), Washington, D. D.; Joseph and Warren, Biglerville; Ida (Mrs. Ernest Bontrager), Midland, Mich.; Cora (Mrs. J. Warren Martin), Fairfield; Charles and Lena (foster) at home. He is also survived by 35 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great-grandchild. Services were held Feb. 8 from the home with Bro. A. W. Geigley in charge and at the Mummasburg Mennonite Church by Noah H. Mack assisted by Brethren A. W. Myer and Roy Geigley. Texts, Rev. 14:13; Job 5:26. Interment in Mummasburg Mennonite Cemetery. The family

Transcribed by Don Kauffman, Alberta


Gospel Herald, March 11, 1937 - Vol. XXIX, No.50 - page 1070, 1071. 1072

Reesor.-Katie N., daughter of the late Pre. Martin and Barbara Nissley Reesor, was born' in Lebanon Co., Pa., April 18,1881; died at the home of Raymond. Good, in Elizabethtown, Pa., Jan. 15, 1937; aged 55 y. 8 m. 27 d. She was the last of her family. Her father passed away in 1926, her mother in 1915, and her only sister in 1900. She was a faithful member of Gingrich's Mennonite Church, and leaves many friends in both Lebanon and Lancaster counties. She was sick only five days, with a heart attack, and passed away very peacefully. Her only survivors are an uncle, an aunt, and a number of cousins. Funeral services were conducted Jan. 18, 1937, at Miller's Funeral Parlors, in Elizabethtown, Pa., by Bro. Noah Risser, and at Gingrich's church, by the brethren, Jacob Ebersole, Daniel Wert, and Martin Weaver. Texts, Prov. 14:32 and I Thess. 4:13-15. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.

Henry.-Nellie Henry was born April 28, 1871; died at her home in Westwood, Feb. 17, 1937,. after a nine day illness of pneumonia; aged 65 y. 7 m. 9 d. Three years ago she was received by baptism as a member of the Mennonite Mission in Coatesville, Pa., and was a faithful member to the end. She was of a quiet, unassuming nature, yet always had a smile and pleasant word for these she came in contact with. Her devoted, loyal life to her Savior and Church during the short time she has spent with us has been a help and inspiration to many. Her husband preceded her in death about five years ago. The following children survive: Mrs. Mae Fillmon, Mrs. Martha Millard, Mrs. Margaret Reeder, and 1 son Ellsworth. Short services were conducted at her late home by Bro. Isaac Kennel end at the church by Bros. John A. Kennel and Elias KuIp. Interment in Hephzibah Cemetery.

Mishler.-Anna Grace, daughter of Irva and Ollie (Gardner) Mishler, was. born near Middlebury, Ind., June 9, 1921; died at the home of her parents Friday evening, Feb. 10, 1937, after a long illness of tuberculosis; aged 15 y. 8 m. 10 d. She had accepted Jesus as her Savior and united with the Mennonite Church, holding her membership with the Clinton Brick congregation. She is survived by her parents, 2 brothers (Paul of Youngstown, 0., and Franklin of Middlebury), a sister (Mrs. Glenn Eash of Topeka, Ind.), 1, grandmother (Mrs. Mary Gardner), 1 grandfather (Jerry Mishler), 2 nieces, 2 nephews, and other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the Middlebury Mennonite Church, in charge of Silas Yoder, Amos Nusbaum, and Oscar Hostetler.

Kaufman,-Andrew E. Kaufman died at his home in Middlebury, Ind., Feb. 19, 1937. He was born in Elkhart Co., May 22, 1871; aged 65 y. 8 m. 27 d. He had been in poor health for the last number of years, and after being confined to his bed for five weeks he passed to his eternal reward. Death was caused by asthma and complications. At the age of 24 he accepted the Mennonite faith and remained faithful until death. On Dec. 2, 1898, be was united in marriage to Polly Hershberger of LaGrange Co. To this union were born 4 children. One died in infancy. His wife, 3 sons (Alvin and Cloyd of Middlebury, Floyd of Princeton, Ind.), 3 grandchildren, and 1 brother (Henry of Elkhart,. Ind.), are left to mourn his departure. Funeral services were held at the Mennonite Church in Middlebury conducted by Earl Miller, Silas Yoder, and D. D Miller. Burial in the Miller Cemetery.

"Father, our hearts are saddened because thou art leaving us here below,
Father, our hearts are gIaddened because thou didst the Savior know.
And father, we weep because thee we shall miss,
But our hearts rejoice to know that thou wilt be resting in that sweet bliss
Where, pain and sorrow and sin shall never be."

High.-Raymond Earl, beloved little of Samuel S. and Magdalena B. Eberly High, passed away Dec. 7, 1936, in the Temple University Hospital, PhiIadelphia, Pa. He was born near Leacock, Pa., Aug. 26, 1935; aged 1 y. 3 m. 11 d. He died of an unsuccessful bronchoscope operation. When his breathing became obstructed Dec. 6 he was taken to the Lancaster General Hospital. The X-ray showed a pale object in his right lung. He immediately was taken to the Children's Hospital in PhiIadelphia. There a kernel of a seed bean was found with the bronchoscope. Then suddenly the tide of recovery turned and his spirit winged its flight to the blest in glory. He is survived by his parents, 8 brothers and 2 sisters (Elvin L., Harvey L., Alice J., Esther B., and Samuel, Jr., all at home), grandparents (Mrs. Fannie High and Mr. and Mrs. David Eberly), and also 2 aged great-grandmothers (Mrs. Elisabeth Eberly and Mrs. Hettie Buckwalter). Funeral services were held Dec. 10 at the home by Bro. Noah Landis, and at the Groffdale Mennonite Church by Bro. Ira D. Landis. Text, Zech. 4 :10. The body was laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery.
How we loved to care for Raymond
And have him in our care;
But Jesus said, "'Tis, now long enough;
He is safer in my care."

Kindig.-Susanna, daughter of David and Magdalena Culp, was born near Wakarusa Ind., Oct. 6, 1857. A little over a year ago she began to fail and shortly after took her bed of complications and peacefully passed away at the home of her son, Harrison, Osceola, Ind., Feb. 8, 1937; aged 79 y,. 4 m. 2 d. She was united in marriage to Emery Kindig Mar. 29, 1877, who preceded her in death on Feb. 28, 1932 To this union were born 9 children, 7 of whom survive. They are: Harrison of Osceola, Charles of Harper Springs, Mich., Edward, Harvey , Mrs. Delia Bender, and Mrs. Harriett Bartholomew of Elkhart, and Mrs. Goldie Squint of South Bend, Ind. She is also survived by 28 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, 3 brothers (Ezra, Jacob, and Noah CuIp) and 4 sisters (Mrs. Francis Huffman, Magdalena Culp, Lucinda Wilson, and Kathrine Stouder). About thirty years ago she accepted her Christ and united with the Olive Mennonite Church, remaining faithful until death. Funeral services were held Feb. 10 at the Olive Mennonite Church near Elkhart, in charge of C. A. Shank of her home congregation, assisted by Ervin Weaver of the Brethren Church. Text, Jno. 14:1-3. Interment in adjoining cemetery.
"Sweet as the song which the robins sing,
Pure as the flow of a crystal spring,
True as your faith in the God above,
So deep are the depths of a mother's love."

Newcomer.-Alevia N., daughter of Samuel and Barbara Detweiler, was born June 2, 1852 near Columbiana, 0.; died at her home near Wadsworth, 0., Feb. 18, 1937; aged 84 y. 8 m. 11 d. On Dec 27, 1877, she was united In marriage to Henry H. Newcomer. To this union were born 4 children (Katie, Ira, Mabel, and Homer). In 1877 she accepted Christ as her Savior, was baptized, and received into the Mennonite Church in which she continued faithfully to the end. She also faithfully stood by her companion who served the Bethel Mennonite Church near Wadsworth as deacon for nearly 44 years. Bro. and Sister Newcomer celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary on Dec. 27, 1936. It may also he noted that during all these years there was no death in the family. Her death was due to the hardening of the arteries about the heart. She took sick quite suddenly on Saturday, Feb. 6, and passed away the next Saturday. She is survived by her husband, 2 daughters (Katie D. Neff of Millersville, Pa.; Mabel M. Lytle of Smithville, 0.), 2 sons (Ira of Rittman, 0., and Homer of Grand Rapids, Mich.), 11 grandchildren, 1 brother (John Detweiler of Salem, 0.) 2 sisters (Mrs. Katie Geisinger of Plains, Kans., and Mrs. Laura Knopp of Salem, 0.), with other relatives and many friends. Funeral services were held at the Bethel Mennonite Church, in charge of the brethren, S. D. Rohrer and 0. N. Johns. Interment in the nearby cemetery.

Burkey.-Charles Lewis, son of Jerome and Sarah Bachtel Burkey, was born in Harrison Twp., Elkhart Co., Ind., on Aug. 7, 1894. While attending a sale at the Henry Hochstetler home northwest of Nappanee on Wednesday, Feb. 24, he was seized with a heart attack and in a few moments he was gone. He had purchased a few articles at the sale and was in the act of making settlement when death came. His age was 42 y. 6 m. 17. d. He was married to Martha Brubacker on Jan. 14, 1928. The first few years they lived in the village of Locke and then moved to their present home having bought a farm northeast of Nappanee. Surviving him are his companion, his children (John, Grace Marie, and Loretta Fae), his father, stepmother, 1 sister (Mary at home) and 1 brother (George living northeast of Nappanee), and many other relatives and friends. He accepted Christ as his Savior in youth and united with the North Main Street Mennonite Church. He faithfully endeavored to serve his Lord and to be a true Christian example in the church, community, and neighborhood. He was a kind and loving companion, ever considerate of his children and often spending time with them in their play. He will be greatly missed in the home, community, and the church. Services were held at the home and also at the North Main St., Mennonite Church, conducted by Bros. Homer F. North, Ray F. Yoder, and Newton Weber. Burial in the South Union Cemetery.

Kauffman.-Frank, son of Christian B. and Catherine (Marner) Kauffman, was born May 14, 1896, in Johnson Co., Iowa; died Feb. 26, 1937, at the Iowa University Hospital; aged 40 y. 9 m. 12 d. Since Christmas eve, when he had an attack of influenza, Frank had not been well, but no one realized, even in his first suffering, that his life was so near the end. In 1903, when Frank was a boy of eight he moved with his parents to Michigan, and from there the family moved to West Liberty, Ohio, where Frank grew to manhood. Several years later he again came to Iowa, and on Feb. 12, 1922, he was united in marriage to Erma Fisher. To this union were born 3 children: Cearl Ellis (who died in infancy), Mildred, and Donald. Frank accepted Christ as his Savior in his youth, and united with the Mennonite Church in which faith he died. During his illness he was always cheerful and never complained even in his severest pain. Besides his wife and children, his father, 3 brothers (0tis, Milton, and Irvin of West Liberty, 0.), and a sisters (Mrs. Dora Hartzler of Denhigh, Va., Mrs. Mary Wickersham of Springfield, 0., and Stella of Goshen, Ind.), survive him. His mother preceded him in death eleven years ago. The funeral services were conducted by W. S. Guengerich and A. G. Yoder, March 1, at the West Union Church. Text, Psa. 39:4, 5. Burial at the nearby cemetery.
"Straight to my home above
I travel calmly on,
And sing in life or death;
'My Lord, Thy will be done.' "

Weaver.-Christian Peter, son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Musser) Weaver, was born in Elkhart Co., Ind., May 6, 1873. He was failing in health for about a year, which lately developed complications which he bore patently (expressing a desire to regain health and remain with his family, yet to be fully resigned to the will of the Father as He sees best) and on the morning of Feb. 9, 1937, he peacefully fell asleep in Jesus at his, home near Goshen, Ind.; aged 63 y. 9 m. 3 d. On May 13, 1894, he was united in marriage to Sarah Jane Martin. To this union were born 4 sons and 1 daughter. Surviving are his companion, 4 sons (Oscar M., Joseph Albert, and Paul F. of Wakarusa, Ind., and Norman P. of Nappanee), 1 daughter (Nora E.- Mrs. Arthur 0. Lehman of Goshen, Ind.), and 16 grandchildren. He was preceded in death by an infant grandson, and a granddaughter In his youth he was converted and became a member of the Yellow Creek Mennonite Church west of Goshen, of which he was a member until death. Bro. Weaver has always been an active member of his home church. For many years he cared for the adjoining cemetery and was also janitor of the church. He will be greatly missed, for his place at church was seldom vacant as long as health permitted. Funeral services were held Feb. 11 at the Yellow Creek Mennonite Church. Services in charge of Brethren Jonas Loucks, Virgil Weaver, and C. A. Shank. Text, Rev. 14:13. Burial in adjoining cemetery.
"Into heaven's mansions he's entered,
Never to sigh or to weep,.
After long years with life's struggles
Father has fallen asleep."

Hochstetler.-John D., son of Daniel and Sarah (Hershberger) Hochstetler, was born June 15, 1884, near Trail, 0.; died at his home near the same place, Jan. 29, 1937; aged 52 y. 7. m. 4 d. He became a member of the Walnut Creek Mennonite church in his youth and remained faithful until death. On Jan. 8, 1905, he was united in marriage to Mattie Mast. This union was. blessed with 2 sons and 2 daughters. They also adopted 1 daughter. His health was falling for about a year and he was bedfast for the last six months. During this long illness he suffered much pain, but he never complained and always greeted the family and his many friends with a smile. He leaves his companion, 2 sons (Wayne of Walnut Creek, 0., and Moses of Trail, 0.), 2 daughters (Mrs. Paul Gerber of the home and Mrs. Roger Horrisberger of Walnut Creek, 0.), the adopted daughter (Mrs. Lizzie Hawk of Canton, 0.), 4 grandchildren, I foster grandchild, 3 brothers (Alexander of Walnut creek, Noah and Ammon of Trail, 0.), 4 sisters (Mrs. Andy Hamsher of Walnut Creek, Mrs. Noah Mast and Mrs. H. W. Hershberger of Shanesville, 0., and Mrs. William Kandel of Trail, 0.), and many other relatives and friends. One brother (William) and 1 sister (Mrs. M. J. Troyer) preceded him in death. Funeral services were held at the Walnut Creek Mennonite Church, in charge of Bro, 0. N. Johns assisted by Brethren D. M. Friedt and Alvin Miller. Interment in the church cemetery.
"Tis hard to part with father, dear,
No more to see, no more to hear,
But yet we're glad if God thought best,
To end his troubles and give him rest."

Sutter -Anna Sutter (nee Reck), daughter of David and Marie Reck, was born near Wineburg, Germany, Dec. 11, 1863; died at her home near Milford, Nebr., Feb. 19, 1937; aged 73 y. 2 m. 8 d. Though she suffered more or less with diabetes for 13 years, death came after a short illness of intense suffering, from erysipelas. In November, 1880, she with her parents came to America and settled, near Bloomington, Ill. In the fall of 1886 they came to Milford, Nebr. On Apr. 15, 1888 she was married to Joseph Sutter. He preceded her in death Jan. 9, 1931. Not having been blest with children, they welcomed into their home 3 homeless children. She leaves. to mourn her departure these 3 children: Helen (Mrs. Dan Saltzman) of Shickley, Nebr.; Dollie at home, and a nephew, Howard Miller of Milford, Nebr.; 9 grandchildren, whom she dearly loved; 3 sisters (Mrs. John Dierberger, of Burwell, Nebr.; Mrs. Lena Springer and Mrs. Lizzie Miller of Milford Nebr.); 2 brothers (Will Reck of Big Springs, Nebr.; and David Reck of Douglas, Wyoming); and also many other relatives and friends. Her parents, 2 sisters and 2 brothers preceded her in death. At the age of 14 she accepted. Christ; was baptized and united with the Mennonite Church near Wineburg, Germany. In this faith she lived and died. Her seat in church was never vacant when health permitted her to be there. During her long illness one never heard her complain. The last several weeks she seemed to realize her life here on earth would soon be over, and she was fully given up to the Master's will. Funeral services by Joseph B. Zimmerman assisted by Jno. R. Troyer. Text, Jno. 16:22. Burial at East Fairview Cemetery.

Mother's chair is vacant now,
Her footsteps we will hear no more;
She crossed the threshold of this life
And landed safe on Canaan's shore.

Kauffman.-Bishop John B. Kauffman, son of Jared and Elizabeth (Esh) Kauffman, passed away at his. home near Mattawana, Pa., Feb. 19, 1937. He was born. Mar. 26, 1860, and united with the Mennonite Church in early life. At the age of 35 he was ordained minister and on Oct. 26, 1902, he was ordained bishop by Michael Yoder and John R. Zook of Lawrence Co., Pa. On Jan. 1, 1884 he was married to Anna M., daughter of Michael and Julia (Stayrook) Yoder. To this union were born 10 children, 5 of whom preceded him to the spirit world, also Sister Kauffman. On Jan. 27, 1907, he was again married to Mary N. Yoder. To this union. were born 3 children, He is survived by his wife and the following children: Ezra S., Harry B., Mrs. Wm. (Ruth) French, Mrs. Chas. (Anna) Hesser, Mrs. Wm. (Gertrude) Miller, Leah C., John M., Samuel J.; 35 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. He Is also survived by 3 brothers and 1 sister (Harry G. and Albert R., of Mattawana; Mrs. Clinton (Margaret) Pesch, Denver, Colo., and Charles of Canon City, Colo.); also 2 uncles (David and Noah Esh). He was a kind and loving father and will be sadly missed in the Church and community as well as in the home. Funeral services were conducted at his late home on Sunday, Feb. 21 by Bro. Chas. Herster, and at the church by Bro. John S. Mast of Elverson assisted by J. B. Zook and Aaron Mast of Belleville. Interment in Pleasant View Cemetery.

"Dearest father, thou hast left us,
Here our loss we deeply feel;
But 'tis God who has bereft us,
He can all our sorrow heal.
But again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life has fled,
When in heaven with joy to greet thee
Where no farewell tear is shed."
A Daughter.

Bender.-Elmer Edward Bender was born April 21, 1906, near Milford, Neb., died Feb. 25, 1937, in the hospital at Edmonton, Alberta; aged 30 y. 10 m. 4 d. His mother preceded him only 7 days, at which time he was recovering from a slight attack of the flu. Two days after her burial he suffered a relapse which developed into infection of the throat, resulting in strangulation. His early and unexpected death has touched the hearts of the entire community and awaken a deep feeling of sympathy in behalf of our sorrowing sister, who has been so suddenly bereft of her loving companion. When 4 years of age he came with his mother, brother, and sister to Tofield, Alberta, settling on a farm near Round Hill, Alberta, at which place he resided until his death. On Dec. 24, 1931, he was married to Erma Etta Stutzman. To this union were born 1 son (Omar Gene), who died in infancy, and 1 daughter (Donna Elaine), age 2 yrs. His departure is mourned by his companion, daughter, 1 brother (Mahlon), 1 sister (Fannie Mae), 2 uncles, 7 aunts, 1 grandmother, and many other relatives and friends. His father mysteriously disappeared when he was three years old and his whereabouts are still unknown. He gave his heart to the Lord when he was fifteen years old and united with the Mennonite Church, of which he was a faithful member at the time of his death. Many were the prayers that the Lord might spare his life; but we also prayed that God might do that which would bring the most glory to His name and prove the greatest blessing to His children. We accept this as an expression of His perfect will and bow in submission to it. Services were conducted at the home and church by Bros. N. E Roth and J. B. Stauffer. Text, Rev. 7:14. Burial in the Salem Cemetery.
Not among the dead we seek him,
For he dwells beyond the skies;
And if we but follow Jesus,
We shall sweetly with him rise.

Hartman-Stephen S, son of Henry S. and Elizabeth (Little) Hartman, was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., Jan. 13, 1883; died at Monterey, Pa., Dec. 20, 1936; aged 53 y. 24 d. He became a member of Stumptown Mennonite Church in his early life. His parents came to this country from Germany. He married Elizabeth E. Herman, Jan. 22, 1905. He lived all his life in the vicinity of Stumptown. He labored on farms, and later was engaged in the creamery business. A few years later he purchased a farm at Stumptown. He farmed until the spring of 1926, after which he bought the general store at Monterey. He conducted this business for nearly eleven years. He made friends with his customers, and was well known throughout the community. He leaves his wife and 3 children. Mabel-wife of Clayton W. Wolf, Henry S., Grace J., 1 grandchild, and a sister survive. His death was a shock to the family and community. On Dec. 16 he conducted his business in the usual manner. About nine o'clock in the evening he had gone to the barber shop. While there talking, all at once his memory became confused. He told the barber he was going downstairs and would return later. He told the family he didn't feel well. We noticed his memory seemed confused, so we called the doctor. Upon the arrival of the doctor he could not be aroused. He went into what seemed to be a sleep, and remained so until death. On the next morning the doctor consulted the family, and advised us to remove him to the hospital. On the afternoon of Dec 20 he passed into eternity. He is the first of the family to pass away. The funeral was held Dec, 23 with brief services at the home, and further services at Stumptown Mennonite Church. Interment in the adjoining cemetery. Services were conducted by Bros. David Landis and Elmer Martin. Text, Rev. 2:7.
"We can not say how sad we are,
Since our dear one has gone afar;
... part missing

Yoder --Peter K. Yoder was born Dec. 14, 1861, on a farm near Belleville, Pa.; died Feb. 24, 1937; aged 75 y. 2 m. 10 d. He was preceded in death by a son (Jesse Ray), by 3 brothers (Preacher Jonas D. Yoder; David Z. Yoder and Rufus Yoder), also 2 sisters (Lydia Peachey and Rebecca Smoker). On Feb. 19, 1885, he was united in marriage to Annie Kauffman. He leaves his wife, 5 children (John K., Samuel M., Elmer E., Mrs. Linda Zook, and Mrs. Mary King), 1 brother (Samuel R. Yoder), and 14 grandchildren. He had been suffering for some time with heart disease, but was up and about at his customary early hour on the morning of his departure. With the family he had gone to be present at the funeral of his brother, Preacher Jonas D. Yoder. He walked into the house, viewed his brother, was seated and in a few minutes he was taken suddenly ill and died. Those in attendance were shocked at the sudden death following so closely that of his brother. "God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform." He was a devout bible reader and had chosen the text for his funeral sermon, II Tim. 4:6-8. He was a faithful member of the Locust Grove Church, deeply interested in its maintenance and growth. His friendly disposition, charitable attitude toward others, kind and generous hospitality won for him a great host of sincere friends. He bore his affliction with great patience and deeply appreciated the loving care of his family as well as the interest and kindness of his many friends. He was a loving husband, a kind and affectionate father who greatly appreciated his children, and an honored and respected citizen. Funeral services were held in the Lost Grove Church Feb. 27, conducted by Emanuel Peachey, John B. Zook, and Aaron Mast.

"Farewell, dear father, your labors are over,
Your willing hands will toil no more;
Peaceful be the slumber, the rest be sweet,
Our circle is now broken, our home incomplete."

Yoder.-Preacher Jonas D., son of Jonas and Katie Yoder, was born Jan. 12, 1864, on a farm near Belleville, Pa.; died Feb. 21, 1937; aged 73 y. 1 m. 9 d. He was preceded in death by two brothers (Rufus and David Z. Yoder), also two sisters (Lydia Peachey and Rebecca Smoker). On Jan. 21, 1886, he was united in marriage to Leah Yoder who died March 21, 1936. Three children and one foster daughter survive the passing of a loving father, namely: Mrs. Katie Hostetler, Mrs. Fronica Smoker, Harvey Yoder, and Mrs. Harvey Hostetler; also 1 brother (Samuel R. Yoder), all of near Belleville. He had been in ill health for about three months, due to a heart condition, and hence was unable to attend worship in the Locust Grove Church where he served as minister for over 32 years. He was ordained to the ministry in 1904 by Bishop Solomon Swartzendruber of Pigeon Mich. With returning physical strength he had been visiting the sick and felt that he could again serve his Lord by proclaiming divine truth. So on Sabbath morning he was taken to church and assumed his place in the pulpit and announced a hymn, "Building For Eternity." After the singing he read the 62nd Psalm, and announced his text for the morning sermon (Mark 11:22) "Have Faith in God." After speaking a few seconds he collapsed in the pulpit, was carried outside the church and placed in his car, where in a few minutes death claimed this zealous minister of the Gospel. Since his ordination he has been a faithful servant of the Christ in whom he believed and whose life he preached from the pulpit and by example among his fellowmen. He always took a deep interest in Church activities of this and neighboring communities. He was widely known among the people of his denomination, for he traveled much visiting and preaching among the Mennonite churches of many states and Canada.
He had the satisfaction of seeing his labors blessed, for together with his fellow ministers a large congregation steadily growing in numbers has been built up. "Work done for God, it dieth not." He was a friend of youth, he encouraged all activities that tended to build up young people. One of his frequent admonitions was, "Be a Man." He was deeply interested in the welfare of his fellow man and in spreading the Gospel. He preached to the unfortunates in jail, almshouses, and rural missions. He was much concerned about "the sheep that have wandered." The Church and community have lost a gift, a zealous worker even to the very end, and a consecrated Christian example.
Funeral services were held Wednesday, Feb. 24, at the Locust Grove Mennonite Church. Many ministers of various denominations participated. A spirit of prayer and the fact of his being stricken while preaching made the occasion startlingly impressive.

"Now the laborer's task is over,
Now the battle day is past;
Now upon the farther shore,
Lands the voyager at last.
Father, in Thy gracious keeping,
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping."

Transcribed by Don Kauffman, Alberta


Gospel Herald, March 18, 1937 - Vol. XXIX, No.51 - page 1086, 1087

White.-The funeral services of Mary Rose White, infant daughter of Bro. and Sister Ralph White of Dalton, Ohio, were held in their home Mar. 4 by I. J. Buchwalter. Interment in Pleasant View Cemetery near North Lawrence, Ohio.

Zimmerman.-Fannie, daughter of Samuel and Anna Eashliman, was born near North Lawrence, Stark Co., Ohio, May 7, 1858; died Feb. 21, 1937, aged 78 y. 9 m. 14 d. On Jan. 6. 1881 she was united in marriage to Edward Hershey. To them were born two children: Clarence, who died at the age of 6 years and Earl at the age of 36 years. Her husband also preceded her in death. On Mar. 16, 1916, she was united in marriage to Frank Zimmerman who departed this life in December, 1934. She was a faithful member of the United Brethren Church. Funeral services were conducted at the Pleasant View Mennonite Church near her home on Feb. 24 by Sager Tryon, assisted by I. J. Buchwalter. Interment in cemetery near by.

Shantz.-Menno S., son of the late Moses and Susannah Shantz, was born near Waterloo, Ont., Oct. 11, 1852; died at the Kitchener & Waterloo Hospital Jan. 4, 1937; aged 84 y. 2 m. 24 d. On April 12, 1876, he was United in holy marriage to Lydia Bricker who remains to mourn her loss. This union was blessed with 3 sons and 1 daughter (Abner of Waterloo, Melvin of Detroit, Mrs. C. F. Gibbs of Toronto, and Pearlous who predeceased his father in death 26 years ago). 4 grandchildren also survive, along with 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He was baptized and received into Mennonite Church fellowship a few weeks before his death. We praise the Lord for his testimony of faith before he passed on. Funeral services were held at Ratz and Bechtel Funeral Home. Services conducted by J. B. Martin. Text, John 6:68.

Bowman.-Lydia Ann, daughter of Moses and Rebecca (Clemmer) Weber, was born June 2, 1878; died at her home Jan.. 23, 1937; aged 58 y. 7 m. 21 d. In her youth she accepted Christ, and joined the Mennonite Church of which she remained a faithful member till death. On Dec. 12, 1906, she was married to Henry Bowman at Guernsey, Sask. where they resided for 9 years, then moved to Waterloo Co., Ont., where she resided until the time of her death. To this union were born 6 children: Norman, Edna, Clare, Walter, Paul (who died in infancy) and Mervin. Besides her companion and children there remain her 2 brothers (Abram of Kitchener, Ont., and Alvin of Kiedelburg, Ont.) and 2 sisters (Mrs. Emmanuel Bowman, Floradale, Ont., and Mrs. Norman Shantz, Preston, Ont.). Funeral services were in charge of Bro. Noah Hunsberger, and Bro. J. B. Martin. Text, John 3 :16.

Snavely.-Sarah Falb Snavely was born Dec. 13, 1886 in Wayne Co., Ohio; died Feb. 25, 1937; aged 50 y. 2 m. 12 d. At the age of about 16 she was received into the Sonnenberg Mennonite Church upon confession of faith, and was faithful to the Lord unto the end. Oct. 29,1931, she was united in marriage to Walter Snavely, with whom she shared the joys and sorrows for only a few years. She leaves the bereaved husband, 3 step-children (Irvin, Howard, and Mrs. Pearl Bixler), 3 brothers (John, David, and Elias Falb), and 2 sisters (Mrs. Lydia Nussbaum and Mrs. Martha Baumgartner). Her parents, 1 brother (Samuel) and 1 sister (Mrs. Anna Kusier) preceded her in death. She always lived a quiet, unassuming life and was regular in church attendance whenever health permitted. Funeral services were held Feb. 28, at the Sonnenberg Church by Bee. A. J. Steiner, assisted by G. J. Gerber. Text, II Tim. 4:6-S. Burial in the adjoining cemetery.

Koch.-Solomon, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Koch, was born at Conestoga, Ont., Sept. 16, 1864; died Jan. 16, 1937 aged 72 y. 5 m; He was preceded in death by his wife and a daughter (Mrs. Noah Geil, Kitchener). Surviving are 5 sons and 1 daughter (Lincoln Koch, Conestoga; Earl, Lorner, Floyd, Walter, and Mrs. Lloyd Martin). Three brothers (Menno of Winterbourne, Charles of Conestoga, Norman of Kitchener), and 4 sisters (Mrs. Ben Musselman of Kitchener, Mrs. S. Stauffer of Glenallen, Mrs. Titus Hallman of Rochester, N. Y., and Mrs. George Reist of Rosedale) also survive. He was widely known in his community, and much used by his fellow citizens. It is to be appreciated, that at the end of a long life, he realized his need of a Savior, definitely received Jesus Christ, and was received into the fellowship of the Mennonite Church. The services and burial took place at Bloomingdale Church, Ont., in charge of Bro. C. F. Derstine. Message, "The Span of Life."

Zook.-Vernon LeRoy, oldest son of Ira .T. and Ethel (Detweiler) Zook of Gunn City, Mo., died of influenza, Mar. 4, 1937; aged 3 y. 2 m. 27 d. Through all his illness he was appreciative for all that was done for him, but with all the loving care and medical aid, suffering grew more severe until death relieved him. Only a few days before his illness he said, "Some day we are all going to heaven, and that will be our home." He leaves his sorrowing parents, 1 brother (Junior), his maternal grandparents (Mr. and Mrs. M, B. Detweiler, Kingston, Md.), his paternal grandmother (Mrs. Nettie Zook, Latour), a great-grandmother (Mrs. Salina Hartzler, Fairview, Mich.), and many other relatives that are saddened at his going. Funeral services were held at the home and at the Clearfork Cemetery by Bro. I. G. Hartzler. Texts, Luke 18 :16; Job 1 :21.

"Because you're gone, our little darling,
Our hearts are filled with grief and pain;
But we know that our great sorrow
Is to you eternal gain."

Lichty.-Benjamin W., son of the late Benjamin and Esther (Wenger) Lichty, was born Feb. 2, 1852; died Feb. 9, 1937; aged 55 y. 7 d. On April 16, 1911, at Guernsey, Sask., he was united in holy marriage to Sarah Ann Reist, and resided for the next 3 years at Drake, Sask. Coming East to Ontario again, they lived for 8 years near Floradale, for the past 14 years residing at German Mills where he was well known as the manufacturer of "Lichty's Famous Products." He leaves his sorrowing widow and 1 daughter (Eva) also 2 brothers (George of Elmira and Irvin of Breslau), and 1 sister (Mrs. Ephraim Snyder of Bellingham, Wash.) He was predeceased by 1 infant daughter (Mary Esther), 2 brothers (Henry of Elmira and Daniel, who passed away at the age of 12), also 2 sisters (Mrs. Josiah Weber of Elmira and Mrs. John Steiner of Drake, Sask.). He was baptized and received into the fellowship of the Mennonite Church as a young man. He was a lover of the Lord and of the deeper Christian life. Services in charge of the pastor, Bro. C. F. Derstine, assisted by Bros. 0. Burkholder and Simon Martin. Theme, "That they might be with me, to behold my glory."

Riehl.- Mattie Riehl was born April 5, 1854, at Greenland, Pa.; died Feb. 9, 1937, at the home of her niece and nephew, Mr. and Mrs, Amos F. Zook, near Zooks Corner, Pa., of complications. She had been failing in health for some time, but was ill about a week before her death, suffering a lot of pain at times. Her eyesight had been failing the last seven or eight years, and she was almost totally blind the last few years of her life.. She united with the Old Order Amish Church in her youth and remained a faithful member until death. She was unmarried, and a daughter of David and Barbara (Diener) Riehl who preceded her in death. She was also preceded in death by 1 sister and 3 brothers. She is survived by 1 older sister, Mrs. Lydia Smoker, Bird-in-Hand, Pa., who has been afflicted almost four years with rheumatism and complications and cannot walk, and spends her days on a wheel chair. There axe also a number of nephews and nieces and more distant relatives. Funeral services were held Feb. 12 at the home of a nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. David G. Stoltzfus near Bard's Crossing, Pa., conducted by Amos W. Glick and John Speicher. Burial in Beiler Cemetery, near Ronks. Age: 82 y. 10 m. 1 d.

Wiens.-Abram F. Wiens was born in Russia Sept. 25, 1868; died Jan. 10, 1937; aged 68 y. 4 m. 16 d. He was converted at the age of 14. On May 29, 1898, he was married to Katherina Krocker in Texas. He with his family came to Chicago to engage in Mission Work about 30 years ago. He was ordained to the ministry in October, 1906, and for a time assisted in the work of Mennonite Gospel Mission on 26th St. Later he founded two missions one at 3301 S.. Hoyne Ave., which today is The Brighton Mission Chapel. In 1917 the present Mennonite Bible Mission at 4221 S. Rockwell St. was opened, where he labored until he was suddenly called home. His death was due to heart failure. He leaves his faithful companion and 7 daughters, 4 of whom are active, with their mother, in the work which he laid down, and 3 are missionaries in foreign fields. They are as follows: Mrs. John Neufeld, whose husband has become pastor of the Mission; Mrs. John Thiessen, Birra, India; Mrs. August Evert, Hopei, China; and Helene, Sara and Esther at home; also 13 grandchildren. One brother (also a minister, John A. Wiens, Dinuba, Calif.), and 1 sister (Mrs. Aganetha Fast of Ontario) also survive. Funeral services were held Jan. 14 in charge of A. H. Leaman, and he was laid to rest in Fairmont Cemetery.

Felker.-Abram, son of the late Philip and Fannie Kauffman Felker was born in Peoria, Ill.; died at his home in Florin, Pa., Feb. 12, 1937; aged 66 y. 11 m. 15 d. Father had not been in the best of health for a number of years and always seemed to be very patient, and was glad for the warm summer months as he always felt better. In his last short illness he so unexpectedly fell asleep to be with his grandson who only one month before also passed away to be with his Savior. But we know that God doeth all things well. He is survived by his widow (Katie Gibble Felker) and the following children: Lloyd at home; Mrs. David M. Hostetter, Kinzers; Mrs. Abram Sload, Maytown. One son (Wesley) preceded him in death and also 5 grandchildren. The following brothers and sisters: Mrs. Amanda Lehman, Albert, Harry, and Mrs. Katie Stumpf all of Harrisburg; Philip, Chicago, Ill.; and Mrs. Christian Rohrer, Manheim. Private services at the home by Bro. Amos Hess, and public services at Mt. Joy Mennonite Church in charge of Bros. Henry Lutz and John Gochenaur. Text, II Tim. 4: 6,7. Burial in Kraybill's Cemetery.
"In silence he suffered,
With a smile his pain be bore:
Until God's angel whispered;
'Come home and suffer no more.'"

Hartzler.-Peter J., youngest son of Levi and Rebecca Miller Hartzler, was born near Smithville, Ohio, Nov. 18, 1861; died at his home in Smithville, Feb. 23, 1937; aged 75 y. 3 m. 5 d. On Oct. 31, 1894, he was united in marriage to Mary Anne Kurtz. Surviving him are his companion and 3 children (Sadie of Harrisonburg, Va., Grace of Wooster, and Melvin P. of Smithville). Two brothers (David and Joseph) preceded him in death. When a young man he accepted Christ as his Savior and became a member of the Oak Grove Mennonite Church. As long as health permitted, his place was never vacant. He was interested in the work of the church and was a worker in the Sunday school. Although since young manhood he had not enjoyed the robust health that many do, his disposition was always a kind, cheerful one. For the past year his strength had been failing, and for the, last two months was confined to his home. The family circle is broken here but a new one has been begun over there. Services were conducted by Bro. J. S. Gerig (Text, Heb. 11:10), assisted by Brethren Noah Hilty and Rudy Stauffer. Interment in Oak Grove Cemetery.
"Servant of God, well done!
Thy glorious warfare's past
The battle's fought, the race is won,
And thou art crowned at last?'

Eigsti.-Mary, daughter of Peter and Anna Kennell, was born in Woodford Co., Ill., Dec. 4, 1859; died at the home of her daughter (Mrs. Phoebe Hostetler near Shelbyville, Ill.); aged 77 y. 2 m. 29 d. On Mar. 16, 1879, she was united in. marriage to Christian Eigsti who passed away Apr. 1, 1928. This union was blessed with 14 children, 9 of whom survive (Lizzy Grob, Kalispel, Mont.; Peter, Mrs. Lena Ulrich, Joseph, Mrs. Barbara Yencer, Mrs. Emma Christner, Christ, and Mrs. Phoebe Hostetler of Shelbyvllle, Ill.; Mrs. Tillie Egli, Minonk, Ill.) Five of the children (Susie A. Reber, Mary, Katie, Johnnie, and Lydia) preceded her in death. She also leaves 57 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren and 3 brothers (John W. and Joseph J. Kennel of Roanoke, Ill., and Peter W. Kennel of Eureka, Ill.). Her parents and 2 sisters have gone on before. She accepted Jesus as her Savior and united with the Amish Mennonite Church in her early youth and was faithful until death. She had been in failing health for some time but bore her suffering very patiently, and was looking forward for the time when she would be called home above. On Feb. 25 she suffered a paralytic stroke which lasted until Mar. 3 when she fell asleep in Jesus. Funeral services were conducted Mar. 6 at Mt. Herman Church by Joseph Reber in German and Valentine Struhbar of Meadows, Ill., in English. Burial in Mt. Herman Cemetery.

Beck.-Christian, son of Gottlieb and Anna (Nofziger) Beck, was born near Archbold, Ohio, Jan. 14, 1853; died at his home in Pettisville, Ohio, Feb. 15, 1937; aged 84 y. 1 m. 1 d. On June 3, 1875, he was united in marriage to Mary Short, who died Dec. 9, 1915. This union was blest with 4 sons and 6 daughters; 2 sons and 1 daughter died in infancy. They also provided a home for an infant niece (Mrs. Harry Wyse) for 2 years. In his younger years he accepted Christ, united with the Amish Mennonite Church, and remained a faithful member until death. His place at church was seldom vacant until a little more than one year ago, when his health was such that he was unable to attend. For the last 10 months he was an invalid and required the help of his children who very cheerfully ministered to his needs. There remain 2 sons and 5 daughters (Mrs. Christ Miller, Mrs. Harmon Short, Ida, Peter, Mrs. Amos Burkholder, Mrs. William Lantz, all of the home community; and Samuel of Cederville, Ind.), 23 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren, 3 brothers and 1 sister, and a large number of near relatives and friends. Three brothers, 3 sisters, 4 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren preceded him in death. He was a father that was very much interested in the spiritual welfare of the family, and a kind neighbor always ready to help in time of need. Funeral services were held Feb. 18 at Central Church near Archbold, 0., in charge of Bro. P. L. Frey and Bro. B. B. Frey.

"Farewell, dear father, sweet thy rest;
Weary with years, and worn with pain;
Farewell, till in some happy place,
We shall behold thy face again.

Detwiler.-Magdalena, daughter of Bishop Benjamin and Magdalena Hershey, was born June 18, 1847, in Burda Co., Ont. She with her parents and other members of the family moved to the vicinity of New Paris, Elkhart Co., Ind. where they lived for a number of years. Later they moved to near Sterling, Ill. Here she was married to John G. Detwiler Aug. 16, 1867, where they resided until 1872, when they moved to Shelby Co., Mo. To this union 7 children were born: Mrs. Anna Johnston, Leonard, Mo.; Benjamin Detwiler, deceased; Laura Detwiler, deceased; Enos Detwiler, Eldorado, Kans.; William H. Detwiler, Wellman, Iowa; Salome Fortner, Dakota, Ill.; Noah Detwiler, Cherry Box, Mo. Aunt Martha, as she was familiarly known, united with the Science Ridge congregation of the Mennonite Church near Sterling, Ill., during her early married life. Alter moving to Shelby Co., Mo., she united with the Mt. Pisgah congregation near Cherry Box. When health permitted she was a faithful attendant at the services of her church. She, was a zealous Christian, a cheerful companion, and a loving mother. Since the decease of her husband (Oct. 13, 1930) she was tenderly cared for in the home of her daughter, Sister Johnston, until a short time preceding her death when she was moved to the home of her son, Noah, where she peacefully departed this life on the morning of Mar. 5, 1937, aged 89 y. 8 m. 17 d. Of the 7 children of her father's family, she was the last to depart. She leaves 5 children, 28 grandchildren, 42 great-grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends. The service at the house was conducted by Bro. Ira Buckwalter, and at the Mt. Pisgah Mennonite Church near Cherry Box, by Bro. Nelson B. Kauffman (text, Psa. 130 :5, 26) assisted by Bro. J. M. Kreider, Mar. 7, 1937. The service at the grave was conducted by Bros. J. M. Kreider and Harry Buckwalter. The burial was in the Mennonite and Brethren Cemetery south of Cherry Box.

Shetler.-Peter D., son of Daniel and Helena (Swartzendruber) Shetler (both deceased), was born near Wellman, Iowa, May 12, 1858; died Feb. 28, 1937; aged 78 y. 9 m. 16 d. On Dec. 28, 1884, he was united in marriage to Anna Hershberger. To this union were born 3 sons (Alva of Goshen, Ind.; Lloyd of Los Angeles, Calif.; Milton of Hesston, Kans.), 1 daughter (Ada, wife of Isaiah P. Yoder of Kalona, Ia.), 1 foster daughter (Blanche, wife of W. J. Brown of Wellman), and 20 grandchildren. His wife preceded him in death Feb. 3, 1925; also 1 grandchild. He was again married to Nancy Brenneman, widow of B. P. Brenneman, March 21, 1926. He united with the Amish Mennonite Church when a young man and later transferred his membership to the East Union congregation, to which faith he remained faithful to the end. He was nearly always in attendance at church when health permitted. He was in usual health until a month or so ago, when his heart began to fail him and gradually grew a little more severe until last Sunday noon on his way home from church he was again stricken with a heart attack. They stopped at a farm home (formerly known as the Dan P. Yoder home) where he died. He was a carpenter by trade when a young man. After marriage he took up farming and lived on the farm until 1910 when they moved to Kalona which has been his home until death. He was of a quiet, cheerful, unassuming disposition, kind husband and father in the home, an accommodating neighbor in the community where he lived, and a faithful brother in the Church, always ready to lend a helping hand and willing to sacrifice earthly things for the principles for which he stood. Funeral services were conducted at the home by D. J. Fisher and at the church by Joe C. Brenneman (Text, .11 Cor. 5:1), assisted by D. D. Miller.
"Our dear father and grandfather,
So suddenly passed to yonder shore;
Here on earth we shall greet him no more,
Though our hearts do ache till they nearly break,
For one whom Jesus saw fit to take;
But we humbly to God's promises cling,
Which to our lonely hearts do comfort bring."

Transcribed by Don Kauffman, Alberta


Gospel Herald, March 25, 1937 - Vol. XXIX, No.52 - page 1100

Diamond.-Robert Henry, son of Mrs. Laura Diamond, Altoona, Pa., born June 1, 1934; died March 8, 1937. He was sick with diphtheria three days. On account of the disease only a private funeral could be held at the house. Funeral in charge of Joseph M. Nissley. The child was a grandson of our deacon, Bro. Charles H. Weyandt.

Helmuth.-Robert Edward, second son of David and Ruth (Lapp) Helmuth, died Oct. 14, 1936; aged 13 d. His stay was very short on earth. He leaves his sorrowing parents, grandparents, 1 great-grandfather, a step grandmother, and many aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and relatives. One brother preceded him in death. Funeral services held at the home by E. J. Zook. Buried at the Maple Grove Cemetery near New Wilmington, Pa.
By his Mother.

Nissley.-Simon K. Nissley died in the Lancaster, Pa., General Hospital Feb. 22, 1937, from infirmities of age in his 83rd year. He had been a reader of the Church paper since the first publication. His mother subscribed for the Herald of Truth, in his name, when he was eight years of age. He is survived by his wife (who was Susan E. Hershey before marriage), also 1 son and 4 daughters. The funeral services were conducted by Bro. Stoner Krady of Lancaster. Text, Heb. 11 :10. Interment in the Landisville Cemetery.

Stacey.-Sister Hannah, wife of Donald D. Stacey, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Chipperfield, Altoona, Pa. She was born Nov. 29, 1903; died Feb. 17, 1937. Surviving are her husband and 3 children (Lois, Donald, and Ralph), her father, 6 sisters, and 6 brothers. She was received into church fellowship by water baptism Dec. 16, 1934. Funeral was held at the church Feb. 20, in charge of Joseph M. Nissley. Text, Jno. 11 :11.

Newgard.-Elizabeth, daughter of the late Samuel and Maria Newgard, was born March 10, 1874; died Jan. 12, 1937; aged 62 y. 10 m. 2 d. She had just returned to the home.of her sister, with whom she was staying, from attending church services and very suddenly passed away. She is survived by 3 sisters, 1 brother, and 6 nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held Jan. 16, from Miller funeral parlor, Elizabethtown, Pa., and from Risser's Church, of which she was a member. Funeral services were conducted by Noah Hisser and Walter Oberholtzer. Text, Rev. 22 :12. Interment in adjoining cemetery.

Guntryman-Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Harry B. Guntryman, was born March 24, 1868; died Jan. 28, 1937; aged 68 y. 10 m. 4 d. She was ailing with heart trouble and an attack of pneumonia. She is survived by her sorrowing husband, 4 brothers, 1 sister, also a number of nieces and nephews. She was a member of Risser's Church near Elizabethtown, Pa. Her expressions of faith and the hope in Christ give assurance and comfort to the many relatives and friends who are left. Funeral services were conducted Feb. 1 from the home and at Rissers Church by the home ministers Noah Risser and Walter Oberholtzer. Text, II Tim. 4:6-8. Burial in church cemetery.

Plank.-Gaylord, son of George and Bernice (O'Niel) Plank, of near Newaygo, Mich., died Mar. 2, 1937; aged 2 y. 7 m. He is survived by father, mother, a little brother (Leonard), all four grandparents, and a large number of aunts, uncles, and cousins who greatly mourn his loss. The funeral (private because the family had been quarantined) was conducted by T. U.. Nelson who spoke to a large gathering of relatives, from the porch of the residence. Burial in Newaygo Cemetery.
"Darling Gaylord, you have left us,
Those sunny curls we will see no more;
But we know that we can meet you,
Over on that shining shore."

Gantz.-George E. Gantz was born June 16, 1555; died Feb. 27, 1937 (dropped dead while talking to a friend on the street, due to a heart attack); aged 78 y. S m. 11 d. He is survived by his wife (who was Mary Risser before marriage) and the following children: Blain Gantz of Milton Grove, Pa.; Mrs. Allen Hoffer, Manheim, Pa.; also 1 sister (Mrs. John Snavely, Manheim, Pa.). A brother (Daniel) died just two weeks before. He was a member of Risser's Church for many years. Funeral services were held March 3 from his late home and at Hisser's Church by Brethren Noah Risser and Walter Oberholtzer. Texts, Rev. 7:14; Rev. 21:4. Burial in Milton Grove Cemetery.

Oswald.-Albert W., son of Daniel and Susan (Hershberger) Oswald, was born Nov. 5, 1866, near Millersburg, 0.; died at his home at the same place March 10, 1937; aged 70 y. 4 m. 2 d. He was a member of the Walnut Creek Mennonite Church and remained faithful until death. On June 2, 1898, he was united in marriage to Sevilla Troyer. This union was blessed with 3 sons and 2 daughters. He was sick only 3 weeks and during his illness he bore it all patiently. He will be greatly missed. He leaves his wife, 2 daughters (Mrs. Clifford Gilson of Millersburg, Mrs. Russell Sheneman of Winfield), 3 sons (Oscar of Farmerstown, Archie and Woodrow of the home), and 9 grandchildren. His parents, 1 brother, and 1 sister preceded him in death. Funeral services were held at the Walnut Creek Mennonite Church in charge of A. J. Levengood and A. W. Miller. Interment in the church cemetery.

Livingstone.-Christina (Kauffman) Livingstone was born April 23, 1853, in Somerset Co., Pa.; died March 3, 1937; aged 83 y. 10 m. 8 d. She came with her parents to Michigan and settled in Kent Co. In 1870 she was united in marriage to Hiram Livingstone. To this union 8 children were born, 3 dying in infancy. There remain to mourn their loss 1 daughter (Alice Swanstra of Gladwin, Mich.) and 3 sons (Walter and Austin of Clarksville and Charley of Nashville, Tenn.). One daughter (Louisa Buell) died in 1919. She also leaves 24 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, 1 half sister (Polly Custer), 1 half brother (Jerry Kauffman), and a host of relatives and friends. She united with the Mennonite Church in 1873 and was a very faithful member until death. Funeral services were held March 5, at the home and at the -Bowne Mennonite Church conducted by Bro. T. E. Schrock. Text, Jno. 3:7. Burial in adjoining cemetery.

Swartz.-Dora Frances, daughter of the late Gabriel and Rebecca Rhodes, was born Aug. 13, 1877; died at the Rockingham Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg, Va., Feb. 25, 1937; aged 59 y. 6 m. 12 d. She was sick only a few days, of pleurisy and pneumonia, which followed an operation for inward goiter. She united with the Mennonite Church early in life, continuing in this faith to the end. On Jan. 12, 1899, she was united in marriage to G. Ben Swartz. To this union three daughters were born. She was a kind affectionate mother and neighbor and was loved by all who knew her. Little did we think that mother would be taken from us so suddenly, although .we realized that she was very sick. The Lord's ways are not our ways, so we say, "Thy will be done." We had a real mother. The thirty-first chapter of Proverbs describes her life. Surviving are her husband and the following daughters: Vada (Mrs. Wade Shank), Waynesboro, Va.; Mary, (Mrs. Robert Coffman), Dayton; and Frances, (Mrs. Earl Layman), Pottstown, Pa. She is also survived by 2 grandchildren, 1 brother (John A. Rhodes), and nieces and nephews. Two grandsons preceded her in death. Funeral services were held from the Bank Mennonite Church, conducted by Brethren J. L. Stauffer and S. H. Rhodes. Teats, Psa. 23 :1; Rom. 8:18. Interment in the adjoining cemetery.

Wilhelm, Lincoln Willhelm was born Sept. 19,1860, at Dayton, O.; died at Streetsboro, O., March 4, 1937; aged 76 y. 6 m. 15 d. When young in years he gave his heart to the Lord and united with the Sycamore Church near East Lynn, Mo. On Jan 15, 1891, he was united in marriage to Emma Yoder of Garden City, Mo. To this union were born 1 son (Ervie of Streetsboro) and 2 daughters (Elsie Scheffel also of Streetsboro and Lela Miller of Auburn, O.). In 1913 they moved to Portage Co., O. Two brothers and 4 sisters comprised the home circle. Both brothers and one sister preceded him in death; also 9 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, with the above remain. He had the happy faculty of making friends wherever he was known. It can truly be said of him that enemies he had none. For a long term of years he was the overseer of two cemeteries. He was his own timekeeper and about the last work he did was to dig a grave for a neighbor. When health permitted his accustomed place in church was occupied. In the home he leaves an aching void. The children left the parental roof and erected homes of their own, leaving his bereaved companion alone--yet not alone, for He who doeth all things well says, "I'll never leave you." Just before he finally became unconscious his granddaughter Ruth came to him asking, "How are you now? His reply (and it proved his last expression), "not very well." Soon after he lapsed into a state of coma and calmly fell asleep. Funeral services conducted by the home ministers at the Plainview Church near Aurora, O. Text, II Kings 20:1. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

Barnhart.-Sophia A., daughter of the late bishop Martin, and Rebecca (Shank) Burkholder, was born near Harrisonburg, Va., June 15, 1860. After a lingering illness of seven months, she died of complications at her home in Dayton, Feb. 24, 1937; aged 76 y. 8 m. 6 d. She was the last surviving member of a family of nine children. Her suffering was intense at times, but she bore her afflictions with Christian fortitude. She was a faithful member of the Mennonite Church since girlhood. She attended church services regularly when health permitted, and did not neglect her spiritual devotions after she became ill. Almost her entire life was spent in serving others. She was of a kind, unselfish disposition, and had a great concern for the welfare of many, often helping to minister to the needs of afflicted ones in her community. Her life was one of simplicity and humility. On Sept. 8, 1896, she was united in marriage to John H. Barnhart. To this union 1 son (Samuel Howard) was born, who preceded her in death a little more than 37 years. For a little more than forty years they shared the joys and sorrows of life together, having their share of the latter. Surviving is her sorrowing companion and the following step-children: Catherine (Mrs. Truman Hertzler), Elverson, Pa.; Effie (Mrs. Calvin Heatwole), Dayton; A. P. Barnhart of Winchester, and Charles G. of Dayton. She is also survived; by 11 step-grandchildren, and 12 nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held from Weavers Church, conducted by Bro. S. H. Rhodes, assisted by Bro. L. H. Jones. Her body was laid to rest in the cemetery near by.
"When loved ones fade and pass away,
And left alone, on earth we stay,
To cheer our hearts this hope is given,
We'll meet in yon sweet borne in heaven."

Transcribed by Don Kauffman, Alberta

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